Showering with my Straight Brother

by Andrew J

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Dan walked into the bathroom just as I was soaping up.

“Hey buddy, I’m gonna be late for my date with Jen,” he said as he stripped out of his briefs and got into the shower with me.

He stepped under the stream of water, right up against me, and nudged me aside. I had no choice but to move away, even though I was still covered with suds.

Irritated, and getting soap in my eyes, I said, “Couldn’t you wait a few seconds until I was done?”

“Wow this water’s hot,” he said, ignoring me, and adjusting the temperature of the water. He vigorously rubbed himself all over, making sure he got wet everywhere. His head, his chest, and then, spreading his legs a bit, his buttcrack and crotch.

No matter how annoyed I was with my big brother, I couldn’t help but think he was the most beautiful man in the whole world. We were identical in height, complexion, hair patterns (smooth chest and hairy legs), and even our cocks were identical. People often mistook us for identical twins, even though, at 26, he was 3 years older than me. This was always the biggest compliment anyone could pay me.

His body glistened as the shower water cascaded over it. His chest muscles and abs looked rock solid. The water moved over his chest and converged down over his pubic patch. The stream then flowed down the length of his flaccid cock shaft, and over his legs, matting the hairs down along its course.

“Happy to see me, little guy?” Dan laughed as he nodded down at my rapidly stiffening cock.

Embarrassed, I tried covering it up. Then I said indignantly, “Could you hurry up? I need to finish my shower. I have soap in my eyes.”

Dan just stood there facing me. The corners of his mouth slowly curled up into a mischievous smile, and his eyes twinkled. I knew he was up to something.

“I have to pee real bad. You better get out of the way, buddy.”

Stupid, annoying, irritating, idiotic big brother! My eyes were stinging, my cock was standing out in front of me, and I was wet and cold. And now, this. “Where the fuck do I move? I can’t even –”

Too late. I watched as a steady stream of piss emerged from my big brother’s cock, which he took hold of, and pointed in my general direction. His piss, which was colorless but for the slightest tinge of yellow, and mostly odorless, splashed over my knees and legs. He raised his aim slightly so it was pointed straight on my cock.

I was furious. “You asshole! Stop it!” I shouted.

Dan was enjoying himself too much to stop. He took a step closer to me, and, grinning, said, “Your dick likes it even if you don’t.” He squeezed his cock a bit to prolong the flow.

I looked down. My cock was standing straight out at full attention, and bobbing up and down of its own accord. Dan’s piss felt warm as it tricked down the hard shaft. It was ticklish and warm on my smooth, recently shaved balls and perineum, and made me feel vaguely uncomfortable, like I was wetting myself. But the whole experience was having an intensely arousing effect on me at a subliminal level.

I stared down at us, intently watching as my big brother pissed on me. Eventually, his piss stream started slowing down. When the stream finally ended, he let go of his still dripping cock. I had to resist the urge to grab it and give it a few rigorous shakes.

“Buddy?” Dan was looking straight into my eyes.

“Huh?” I said weakly.

“Kneel for me.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I got down on my knees. The soap suds that covered me were beginning to dry and get sticky. My cock was steel hard and grazed Dan’s leg. He took hold of his cock and gently shook it. Small droplets of piss went everywhere, landing on my back, my head and my chest. As he shook, his cock started growing erect.

I moaned as Dan grabbed hold of my head and pressed me against his side. His fingers pressed into my skull as he closed his eyes and started jacking off. I felt him withdraw into the world of his own private heterosexual fantasies. I submissively held his leg and felt my own cock throb freeform, occasionally grazing his leg. The slightly pungent smell of Dan’s urine hung in the air as he jerked himself off at eye level to me.

The shower water streaming down Dan’s back and sides made our body contact slippery. My head slid against the side of his waist where he held me, and I tried to keep my stubble off of his skin. His legs, when they made contact with my chest and cock, were slippery and warm.

Dan’s body tensed up in impending orgasm. With a grunt, he let go. His face contorted and his body shuddered as he shot his load. Long ropes of his thick, white jizz landed on my shoulder and back, hot where they touched my skin. He shot about 6 times before his orgasm subsided.

With a few quick strokes of my own cock, I brought myself to orgasm as soon as Dan’s orgasm subsided. My cum landed in a puddle at his feet, and was quickly washed away with the shower water.

Dan held me against his side, stroking my hair for a few seconds. Then I stood up and tried to get under the water with him. This time he shared the stream with me.

“Whoa, you should wash up buddy. You’ve got soap all over you. Might get in your eyes.”

I just rolled my eyes. Taking the little towel Dan handed me, I washed his back for him. Big brothers could be so dense sometimes.

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