After reading your stories "Chad and Jeremy's Little Bro" I thought I would try to catch up with you and share some of my childhood.

I have a hard time in pinpointing my age at different points.

I was the youngest of 4 boys. Timmy was 2 years older, then Bruce being 3 years older than Timmy and Greg being 2 years older than Bruce. I was born in 1961, if that helps set the stage.

Growing up in the country, I had plenty of opportunity to act up. I was a very horny little boy too. I found my little willie when I was around 9.

How ever, I did enjoy the closeness of all of my brothers, when they weren't kicking my ass. Sometimes they would draw straws to see who I would sleep with at night. Sometimes they would let me choose. Who ever wasn't the meanest to me that day, is who I would sleep with. Up until I was 12, I seldom slept in my own bed. It was just a cuddle thing. They would spoon with me and rub my back and belly until I would fall asleep. I loved their warmth and closeness.

The first time I can remember being sexual with another person, I was around 10.

4 cousins. 2 boys and 2 girls. We were playing in my basement. The oldest boy was the same age as me, 10. His younger sis was like 9. His next younger sis was 7. And their youngest brother was 5. The older boy talked us into playing doctor, which wasn`t a hard thing to do. There was a large blue cushion in the rec-room. We all took turns getting naked and lying on the blue cushion. We all took turns looking and exploring each other's sex. I found both sexes intriguing. The older boy convinced me to lick his sisters' pussies and suck the boys' peckers, all in turn. They all took turns sucking my little stiffy too. We all played doctor a few times. After that, me and the older boy and his youngest sister often played sexually together for many years, but only it was either me and him or me and her. The group thing didn't happen again. I played with these 2 cousin as much as we could get away with it until I was 17.

Soon after that, I think in the same year, I introduced another younger boy cousin to play naughty with me. He was 6. We also played for several years. Sometimes we would suck each other and some times we would just fondle each other for long periods of time under covers watching T. V. or in bed together during sleepovers.

Even at such a young age I would have orgasms.

I played with this cousin off and on until I was 17.

During the same year, I seduced the neighbor boy into sex play, he was the same age as me, 10. Our sexual relationship lasted until we were 19.

I seduced a couple of school boy-friends during this early period but they weren't interested. So I only played with them a couple of times each.

Here are some snippets from my childhood. Not necessarily in order.

Once I learned how good it felt to have my dick sucked, I learned that my new puppy liked to suck my little wiener, like he was sucking his mama's tit. Oh how I loved that puppy! I always had a male dog of some kind. I would let them lick my dick and I would jack them off. I had one dog that I would let fuck me. (sick, I know) I even sucked a couple of these different dogs dicks. I can't believe I never got sick. We also had girl dogs from time to time. I would play with their pussies and on a couple of occasions I even tried to fuck them.

Also around my age of 10, after that first time of playing doctor, I offered to suck my older brother's dick, he was 12. He let me a couple of times. I don't think he could cum then but he enjoyed my affection. I asked him to suck me but he wouldn't reciprocate, so I didn't offer any more and he never asked.

Around this time, we boys trapped muskrats. Bruce found an old trap that had lost a spring that was worthless to use, yet would still snap closed. We 3 younger boys played dare, no truth to the game. We took turns in setting the trap and setting it off using our boners to press the trip. It hurt and swelled my dick where it bit but did no damage. Duh?

I was a little nudist boy. Mom had a hard time keeping clothes on me. I often played outside nude. I guess besides being a nudie boy, I was a bit of an exhibitionist too.

I guess it was the summer I was 11. I was really horny and I was naked in our front yard. I had my hard, boy-boner on. There were pine trees that went across between the front of our yard and along the road. The lowest branches laid on the ground. I laid under the lower branches with my naked body, from my neck down exposed to the road for passer-bys to see. I laid there and let 6 or 8 cars go by. I was thinking, maybe a little girl would be looking out of the car window and see my little boner. I can't believe someone didn't call the sheriff!

I watched my first porn when I was 12. My next older brother, whom I was closest with and whom kicked my ass the most of the 3, found some old 8mm porn films in our parent's bedroom. The film was called Deep Throat, with John Holmes. We watched it on our bedroom wall. Boy... did that ever leave an impression in my young mind! When the black man cum on the white woman, I thought it looked like melted mozzarella cheese coming out of his monster cock. And he cum a bucket full.

I heard a joke about a guy fucking a knot-hole in a tree. I searched and searched until I found the right tree. The knot-hole was just the right height and size. Like the joke went, I pushed a stick in the hole to make sure nothing was in it. Then I stuck my hard little pecker in it and went in and out. It didn't feel very good and scratched my dick up. I'm glad no one saw me do that.

One day I went to my friend's horse farm after school. We rode a mare out to pasture and there was a stud horse within a fenced area. We rode the mare back and forth and the stud let his cock out. I had never seen a horse cock before. It was as long and thick as my arm. My friend knew that the mare was in heat and that the stud would show us his cock. WOW!

I truly learned (all by myself) how to successfully masturbate and cum the summer of my 12th year. I didn't even have pubs yet. That started later that winter, more towards by 13th birthday in February.

I guess I was a sucker for a joke. Timmy told me a joke once. The punch line was "I'm a 60 second sex fiend... got a minute?"

I learned I could jack off and cum in less than 60 seconds. I timed myself. My Right hand was-a-blazin.

My new-learned skill "Concentration!" came in handy on more than one occasion.

Around this time, I took notice of my mom's Kotex in the bathroom closet.

I studied the instructions on the box. I knew what they were for, I thought it was gross. But I loved how soft they were against my little boner and my small, smooth sack of balls.

I would carefully fold one over my dick, balls and butt-hole and put on my tight cut-off jeans. I would walk around like that. Even go outside. But no one would be home when I did such daring things. I would rub the smooth Kotex against my crotch and cum into it. I would save the Kotex and use it several times, until it started to smell rank. Then I would ware it for a long walk, cum into it and throw it in the weeds some place.

It must have been my 13th summer. I don't recall how I came up with the idea. A joke or maybe some porn I had read. I wouldn't do my homework, but I would read any porn lit I could get my hands on. Some things never change.

The idea, was to make a hole in the mud near a creek and fuck the muddy hole. There was a creek that ran the back of our property. I found just the right place and used a stick to make the hole. Being the smart kid that I was, I put a little creek water in the hole first. I laid on the ground and pumped my little ass up and down, with my dick fucking the hole. It worked. I cum! Needless to say, I went back to that hole quite a few times.

My oldest brother went into the Navy right out of high school. I was 12. I was sad and missed him.

When I was 13, he and a navy buddy came to our house on leave. They had a dump-truck full of water melons. (no shit) They parked the truck on the brim of the road in front of our house. The truck stared to lean over into the ditch. They couldn't get the truck started to move it, so we started to throw water melons on the ground as fast as we could to lighten the load. There was water melons everywhere. We eat water melon heart for a week. During this time the older boys told a joke about fucking water melons. You guessed it. We had lots of water melons!

I fucked water melon until my cock was raw. Oh... I cum. Not to be compared to the blow jobs I was getting from other boys at the time.

I guess every boy has wished he could suck his own dick. Sometimes I would jack off with my legs over my head and cum into my own mouth. My dick was sooo close to my mouth, I wished I could suck it. Not that I had a long dick, I was just a limber kid. The more and more I tried, the closer I got. After about a week of truly, trying to suck myself, I could touch the tip of my boner with my tongue. After another week of ruthless work-outs, I could actually get my lips around the head of my prick. I could run my tongue around the head as I sucked on the end of it. I could suck the head of my cock and play with my balls and I would cum into my own mouth. It wasn't all that great. I liked it, but being scrunched up in such a tight ball, it wasn't all that pleasurable. I sucked myself off about a dozen times before I decided I was better off just having the neighbor boy blow me.

On another of my brother's leaves at home, he told a story about a woman in a bar he saw that picked up a beer bottle with her pussy. Hummm?

With all the porn I had read I knew about anal sex. Or I thought I did.

I explored with a pop bottle, and other things like a hair brush handle. I wasn't sure what to make of it. It felt nice but was uncomfortable at the same time. Later that winter I would learn what it felt like to have a real boy's dick in my butt. I liked that a lot better!

Me and the neighbor boy were heavy into sucking each other. We were sucking each other off, almost every day after school. One day on the school bus ride home after school, we were fondling each other like we did a lot, in the back set of the bus. I zipped him down and bent down and sucked his "Big Teen Dick" into my mouth. I bobbed up and down sucking several times before he stopped me. He told me I was being too naughty, that we would get caught. I laughed and let him zip back up. Our stop came and we got off the school bus. With-in 20 minutes of getting off the bus, we were in the woods near home, taking turns blowing each other.

Me, my dad, his brother and his son went for a ride one Saturday to scope out some new deer hunting places a few hours drive away. At one point we stopped. My dad and his brother got out of the car to talk to a farmer. Me and my cousin had been playing with each other as much as we thought we could get away with during our trip. We were both hard. As soon as our dads got out of the car, we zipped down and started to jack each other's kid dick. It felt great, but our dads came back too soon and we had to put our raging boy cocks back into our jeans. Later on down the road, we stopped at a new state lake. Me and my cousin pretended to be sleeping and our dads got out of the car to check out the lake. We took turns watching out the side window, for our dads as we took turns sucking each other off in the back seat of my dad's station-wagon. As we drove home, me and my cousin were happy to go to sleep, laying against each other like two puppies, with the taste of each other's cum in our mouths.

It must have been my 14th summer. Me and the neighbor boy got caught 69ing beside the creek, by 2 older boys. They saw us from the other side. They looked to be 16 or 17. I didn't recognize them. The neighbor boy didn't either. They threw rocks and sticks at us and called us queers. We jumped up naked, grabbed our clothes and ran away. The older boys didn't follow us. After we ran a couple hundred yards we stopped in a sapling thicket. We were still naked. After we caught our breath we laid back down in our 69 and finished blowing each other.

Most of my boy sex was outdoors or in the garage or in the tool shed.

Me and the neighbor boy, even in the winters, with snow on the ground, would go ice skating and sled riding and blow each other.

I guess this was when I was around 14 also. I had come home from the city pool. I was horny as hell. I went out to my dad's pick-up camper in the drive and was up on the big over-head bunk with my shorts off jacking away, when my mom opened the door. She caught me dead to rights. My fist slamming away. She thought I was in there smoking. Boy... did she get a surprise! I tried to cover my cock with my hands but she had seen me. I stuttered and told her, I did a belly smacker at the pool and I was sore down there and I was LOOKING at it. She asked me if I was alright. I assured her I was, and she left. I finished jacking off.

Also during this time, my brother Timmy came up with 3 paper-back books of porn literature . I have no idea how or where he got them. They were all about incest. A man, his wife, their son and daughter. All by the same author. 1 book was called "Her" another was called "Him" and the third was called "Us"

I read all 3 of those books in that camper in the drive. I jacked off a million times reading those books.

I wish I could find copies of those books today!

Even though I liked my pubs, I missed the feeling on being smooth. I guess I was about 15. It was winter and I had shaved all my new pubic hairs from my pubic area. There wasn't that much. I liked it. I still like to shave my pubic hair off sometimes. Any-ways, one Saturday I walked to town to go to K-Mart to buy a model and paint. By this time in my life I had started to "Not" ware underwear. The cold, winter winds cut right through the zipper of my jeans and froze my wienie. I was near in tears when I walked into K-Mart. I went straight into the restrooms to see if I had a dick left. I could only see the very tip peeking out. I was all red and wind chapped on my fresh shaved pubic area. I took several paper towels and stuffed them in front of my privets and zipped up. I bought my model and paint and walked home. No one noticed the large bulge in my pants. I though on the way home... If someone had thought I was stealing something in my pants and had stopped me, how would I explain being shaved down there with no underwear on?

I could go on and on about sexual things I did as a kid. Most was very good! With 4 young, willing partners I enjoyed a childhood of great kid sex. No man ever tried to molest me and until I was 19, I had never had sex with another adult.

4-quick reviews of the best sex I had with each of my 4 young sex partners.

Youngest boy cousin; He was 13, I was 17. I sucked him off at the edge of a hay field. It was Great! It was the first, and only time he shot cum for me in my mouth. I was sitting on the ground and he was standing. I had to catch him from falling over backwards when he had his orgasm. He jerked and convulsed. Hehe! It was better than cuming myself. Just to watch him get off like that. And me making it happen. =-)

Youngest girl cousin; So many... I guess it was in her bedroom. I'm thinking I was 13, that would make her... 9. We were alone on her bed and she sucked on my dick a little and I licked her pussy some. We were both totally naked. I crawled between her legs and used my hand to rub my hard, dick head up and down her slick, wet pussy lips. I shot my load on top of her pussy lips and onto her tummy. She got a kleen-ex and wiped up my sperm and then I showed her how to French kiss. We made out hot and heavy for near 30 minutes, with me dry humping her. =-)

Her brother, my age; Again so many to chose from... I guess it would be when we were 15. We camped in a tent in his back yard, really it was next to a horse shed out back. We smoked dope, drank wine and fucked and sucked each other all night long! =-)

The neighbor boy; Again, way to many times to pick the best... I guess we were 14. Being country boys and all, it wasn't nothin to play in the woods and fields all day. We spent most of a Saturday together roaming around and blew each other off 5 times. It wasn't like 5 quickies, it was like 5 love making sessions. We were wore out when we got home. =-)