Spirit Day

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All characters are fictional; this is pure imagination. Disclaimer: If fictional sexual stories involving consensual sex between adult men and teenagers offend you or are illegal for you read because of your age or location, do not read. Do not read if sexual relations between family members offend you or are illegal to read about where you are. This story is the property of the author, and is published on Nifty under its standard non-exclusive license.

Peter sat at the kitchen table, drinking his coffee and idly scrolling through the news on his phone at the family dining table. He was wearing his tight, white jock strap and a short gray robe, that barely covered the top of his thighs. His substantial bulge poked out from beneath his robe, but that wasn’t an issue in his household. Peter was very open--he didn’t even need to be wearing a robe around, and was comfortable being nude around the family. It was his prerogative, as the husband and father.

“Boys!” Jenny yelled. You’re going to be late if you don’t hurry up!

From upstairs a voice came down. “Tim won’t leave me alone!”

Another voice rang after his, this one just laughing. “Ha ha ha ha ha.”

Loud footsteps echoed down the stairs, and then as Peter looked up he saw his 14-year-old son, Tim, bound into the dining room. He was wearing a tiny red singlet, but neither of the shoulder straps were on, so they were dangling down low and Tim was effectively wearing only a pair of boxer briefs. Tim’s upper body was mostly hairless, except for a dark brown treasure trail that started at his navel and went down toward his crotch. In fact, the pubic hair that he had was fully visible, as the singlet was riding pretty low. Tim ran past through the dining room into the kitchen area, and Peter saw the that half of his ass crack was uncovered, peeking above the drooping singlet. Peter noticed the tan line showing on his son’s ample ass, and wondered how much his son had been tanning over the summer. “I’m hurrying, Mom. It’s James who’s taking his time.” He gave his mom a peck on the cheek, then grabbed a plate and put eggs on it. He darted back toward the dining room just as James walked into the room.

James was holding up a hand towel in front of his penis, wearing nothing else. James, at 6’ tall, was now as tall as his father and was impressively muscular and platinum blond. This summer, he’d taken full advantage of the backyard pool, and nearly every day when he’d come home from work Peter would find James sitting on a lounge chair in next to the pool, often wearing only a tiny swimsuit or jockstrap and working on his tan. At the moment, Peter could see the blond pubes above his son’s cock, as well as the heavy pink testicles hanging down below. There was also a prominent bulge where his son’s penis apparently was. Then Peter gulped, then looked up at his older son, who was looking at him with a face of annoyance. “Daaaad,” James began, “Tim stole my uniform.” Tim, who had just sat down with his plate of eggs, looked to his dad.

“Nuh uh. This is my uniform,” then reached down, while looking his dad in the eyes, said, “It fits me better,” then reached down and grabbed his crotch, which Peter noticed had something of an erection. Peter gulped. James started to walk toward Tim, and Tim rose from his seat and moved his ass over to sit on Peter’s lap. Peter almost dropped his coffee, then, to steady himself, reached round his son, placed his hand on the boy’s lower abs, then pulled his son back while simultaneously leaning forward. Tim instinctively ground his ass against his father’s lap, where he could feel the beginnings of an erection. Tim turned around and placed his arm around his dad, bouncing his ass up and down on his dad’s lap. “Don’t you think I should wear this uniform, Dad?”

Peter smiled at his son, then pressed down on his son, thinking he could get him to stop bouncing. He did indeed stop the bouncing, but in doing so he felt his hand slip into the singlet, and realized that his hand was on his son’s 7″ cock, which was more hard than soft and the moment. Peter swallowed. He hadn’t meant to do that. Still, jerking his hand away too quickly would make it obvious. The wood table covered his hand’s position, so neither his wife nor his older soon could see where it was.

He was still staring at his younger son and thinking about his hand on his cock when he heard his wife’s voice. “Why are you standing there without any clothes on, James?” At this moment, James turned toward his mother and Peter saw that his ass was bare, and that it was perfectly tanned, without a line anywhere to be seen.

“Tim stole my uniform because I’m supposed to wear it for Spirit Day. He came into the bathroom and opened the shower door and started teasing me as he was putting it on. When I tried to grab him, he ran away and grabbed my towel. The hand towel was all I could grab!” At this, he lifted up the hand towel slightly to demonstrate what he was holding, the hand towel, forgetting that his penis was fully visible underneath. Peter could see that, although it wasn’t hard, neither was it totally flaccid. It had been a while since he’d seen his son’s penis naked, and it was much larger than he ever recalled.

“Oh!” cried Jenny. Then she lifted her hands to her eyes. “I almost saw your, your--.” She broke off.

“Penis, dear,” said Peter, his hand still on Tim’s, which was now fully hard. Peter squeezed it, involuntarily, and ran his index finger along the tip. It was moist. “Our sons aren’t dressed properly for you, dear. Why don’t you just go jump in the car now and grab breakfast along the way to work?”

At this, she turned. “Okay.” She stepped toward the garage entrance. “You boys need to behave better. Remember, you should treat your mother like a lady.”

Tim pushed his ass hard into his dad’s crotch, which was now fully hard. “Sorry, Mom. I’ll do whatever Dad says.” He started squeezing his ass cheeks together against his father’s robust erection.

“Sorry, Mom,” said James. “It was Tim’s fault.” He was now holding one hand in front of his cock, instead of the hand towel, since his mom couldn’t see it any more. His hand was covering the tip of his penis, but the full length of it and the balls were still visible. It was still getting harder, stick out almost more than it was hanging down.

“Go on, Jenny.” Peter said. “I’ll take care of the boys.” She turned, her eyes shut tight, waved at her sons and husband, then turned back around and walked out through the garage.

“Now,” said Peter, “What’s going on?”

Tim ground his ass against his father’s crotch. “It’s not fair that James gets to wear his uniform to school. I should get to something fun like that to school.”

“No, Dad,” James said, now talking to his dad with hands. He was now fully naked in front of his father, with a semi-erection. “I have to wear the uniform to school. It’s Spirit Day. If Tim makes wrestling team next year, he can wear the uniform then, but I have to wear the singlet today.”

Peter admired his elder son’s body. He’d been working out hard, and it showed. He had massive pecs, hairless, and an impressive set of abs. His shoulders were rounded and impressive above massive triceps and biceps. His son’s penis, 8″ long, was nearly as big as his, and it was getting harder slowly but perceptibly. Peter squeezed the cock of his younger son, then said, “Stand up, son,” bringing up both hands to his younger son’s ass. Tim rose, the singlet barely hanging on him. In fact, Tim’s hard cock was doing most of the work to keep it up.

“Aww, Dad, he’s getting it wet!” James immediately saw that his younger brother was completely hard, and that there was a wet spot at the head of Tim’s penis. Instinctively, James reached his fingers over and rubbed them along the wet spot, where his younger brother’s cock head happened to be. “He’s precumming!” James brought his fingers up to his nose, smelled them, then, without thinking licked them.

Peter stood up, and suddenly James could see what Tim had been feeling, Peter’s 9″ cock was poking up through his underwear and sticking out from between the break in his robe, with a full 5–1/2″ showing, the tip glistening with precum.

“Tim, it’s your brother’s uniform and he has to wear it today. Let him have it.” James and Tim were both staring at their father’s cock. They’d seen it around. Naked, even. But never so hard. He stood there, letting his sons look at his cock for a few moments. “James,” Peter said, “why don’t you take your uniform. Tim, let him take it.”

With that, Tim understood what his father meant. He turned to his older brother and said, “You can take it.”

James looked at his brother, whose cock was prominent and hard in the uniform. Then he looked at his father, whose cock was sticking out of his robe. “Go ahead,” Peter said. “Take your uniform off of him.”

At this, James reached down and started pulling the uniform off of his brother. He put his right hand at the back and began pushing down, feeling his brother’s ass crack with his knuckle. With his left hand, he pressed his palm against his brother’s abs then pressed down, running into his brother’s cock. He felt the slimy tip of the cock, then gradually came to his knees, pulling his uniform of his brother. By this point, James’ cock has entirely hard, and sticking up in front of him, and Tim’s was just inches from James’ face. James had never looked at his brother’s cock so closely, although he’d notice the bulge. It was pretty damn big. And it was drooling.

James stuck his tongue out and started to lean forward, to take his brother’s cock in his mouth, but Peter said, “No, James.”

James, confused, turned his head to look at his father. As he did, Tim pressed his cock out further and smeared some of his precum on his older brother’s face. Peter ignored it, and continued, “Tim was breaking the rules, but he wanted to wear a fun outfit today.” Tim turned to look at his Dad, and Peter noticed a little stream of precum hanging from James’ face to Tim’s cock. Tim was smiling devilishly. Peter addressed him, “Do you feel bad for trying to steal your brother’s uniform?”

Tim smirked, then grabbed his balls and stroked them. “Yes, Dad.”

“Good, son. Then you can wear something fun today. How about my underwear?” At this, Tim’s ears perked up and he looked over at his father and his cock, sticking through the robe.

“You boys come over here and help me with it.” Tim and James looked at each other. Tim pushed his crotch forward again and James stuck his tongue out, and so licked the tip of his younger brother’s cock. “Wait, no, no James. No, Tim. Not yet. Come over hear and help me with this.” James looked forlornly at his brother’s cock, but then focused on his father’s and rose to walk toward him. Tim also quickly turned and began walking over.

Peter looked at his two nude sons, one 17, the other 14. Both fully erect. James’ cock was now leaking as much as Tim’s, and both boys had their eyes glued to their father’s cock.

“Tim, help me.” In a flash, Tim knelt down and reached out hungrily for his father’s cock. His hands were pulling down the jock strap and at the base. Tim’s mouth was on his father’s cock and licking sucking hard on the head. James also knelt down, and as Tim was sucking on the tip, moved his head in to lick the balls and the shaft. He pulled the jock strap down the rest of the way.

“Uhnhnhnhhhhhhhhhh,” Peter moaned. “God, boys, you’re so good.” Then he reached around and grabbed the back of Tim’s head, and forced his cock up into Tim’s mouth. He moaned, then instructed James, “Lick my asshole, son.” James, who’d been focusing on his father’s balls, moved around the back, then stuck his tongue up between his father’s ass cheeks, which were covered with a light dusting of black hair. He’d never eaten an asshole before, but after he spread the cheeks and stuck his tongue up there, he found he loved the slightly metallic flavor of his father’s ass. He took to his task with relish.

Tim was gagging on his father’s cock when his father reached down and pulled him up, bringing Tim’s lips to Peter’s. Peter hungrily stuck his tongue in Tim’s mouth. “God, my cock tastes good in your mouth, doesn’t it, boy?” Tim just moaned.

To James, Peter said, “Come around front boy, it’s your turn.” James took his tongue out from between his father’s ass, then moved around to the front. He maneuvered between Tim’s legs so that Tim was practically sitting on top of him. “Now James, Tim broke the rules, so he doesn’t get to taste my cum today. That’s your privilege. I’m close, so suck hard, Jimmy.” James did as he was instructed, with his father and younger brother making out above him. Suddenly, Peter lifted Tim off of James and put him on the side. “Lick my nipples, Tim. Imma finish face-fucking your big brother.”

And with that, Peter grabbed James’ head and forced it all the way down onto his massive 8″ cock. Then he thrust his cock in and out. And in. And out. And in. And out. Then Peter let out a roar, and James felt his father’s seed wash down the back of his throat. Tim was furiously masturbating and twirling his tongue around his father’s nipple, and James was just luxuriating in the feel of his father’s cock in his mouth, and the taste of the spunk in his mouth and throat. As the cock finished pumping, Peter lifted his older son off the ground and brought James’ lips to his. As they were making out, Peter placed one hand on Tim’s, the one that was stroking his 14-year-old cock.

He released his lips from James’ and said, “No, Tim. No masturbating.” Then he winked. “Not just now.” Then he turned back and kissed James again for a couple moments. “You either,” Peter finished.

“Now let me help you both out.” Peter knelt down in front of James, and took his cock in his mouth. He sucked it, hard, but only for a few moments. “Here,” he said, grabbing the red singlet and holding open one of the legs for James to step into. The son stepped in one, then the other, and Peter lifted the singlet up onto his son’s body, grinding against his son’s cock with his own, which was mostly flaccid after the recent excitement. He leaned in and kissed him as he finished lifting the straps over his son’s arms, then reached down and tweaked his son’s nipples, which were showing. This was a very deep cut singlet. As Peter stepped back, he could see his son’s cock, fully erect, and see the veins on his son’s cock. He reached out and squeezed it. “You’re going to be popular at school today, son.”

Then Peter turned to his younger son. “Timmy, come here.” Tim’s cock was also hard, and still dripping. He knelt down, and took this son’s cock in his mouth, sucking it hard. He reached around and played with Tim’s asshole, just for a couple moments. Then he grabbed his white underwear on the floor, and held them out for Tim to put his legs in. He lifted the underwear up, and licked Tim’s cock once more before covering his package. He squeezed Tim’s cock through the underwear. “There, now you’re wearing something fun.”

Tim leaned up and kissed his father on the lips. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Now boys, today you’re going to go to school and be very hot and bothered. You were both loud and rude to your mother this morning, so that’s your punishment. James, you’ll drive your brother to school today. And Tim, you’ll have to wear just this jock strap--,” at this, he reached around and grabbed his son’s ass, “--under those little blue shorts you wear.” Tim knew exactly which ones Peter was thinking of. A tiny blue pair of track shorts he’d worn last year in junior high. At this point, Tim would wear them as pajamas, and they would usually ride up his ample ass. They pulled down so low in front that his pubic hair would be visible. “Wear your track tank top too.” This was the matching white and blue tank top, again a little small. Peter was effectively sending his younger son to school in a uniform nearly as tight as James‘, and basically as revealing. Both sons’ cocks were still hard in their shorts, and Peter’s was slightly stiff, hanging down below the robe that he put back on but didn’t tie.

They were so focused on each other that none of the three heard the garage door open. Thus, they were all a bit surprised when Jenny opened the door to the kitchen. “You boys are still here? I forgot my report for today. And oh, you boys, why are you, um--.” Jenny stammered, seeing her sons’ cocks hard in their clothing.

“Hard?” At this, Peter reached down in front of his wife and squeezed each of their penises, sticking his hand into Tim’s underwear and James’ uniform. “Oh, honey, they’re just young men. They get hard at any old thing, even their old dad helping them fix a fight and get dressed in the morning.” He squeezed again, then removed his hands and walked over to his wife. “I had to let Timmy wear my jock today, so that he can be like his big brother.” He lifted his hands to cheeks and kissed her. She caught a whiff of the man smell on his hands.

He turned to the boys. “Timmy, you go finish getting dressed. And boys, because you’ve been so unhelpful and disagreeable this morning, I’m going to make you have lunch with each other today.”

At this, Tim smiled, and so did James. “Okay, Dad,” they said in unison. Tim turned and ran up the stairs, and his mother noticed his ass hanging out of the jock strap.

“Put your shoes on, James,” said Peter. James smiled, turned, and left, and Jenny saw that he wasn’t wearing any underwear under the singlet. “Honey, I think we can be very proud of the men are sons are growing into. I think they appreciate how manly your husband is, and I’m going to keep working to show them how men are supposed to be.” At this, reached down and scratched his balls.

“Okay, dear,” was all she could say in response. Then she grabbed her report off the counter, kissed her husband goodbye, and walked out.

The boys left soon after, erections barely subsiding in their clothing. Peter squeezed each of their cocks once more and deeply kissed them, before they left. “Be good, boys.” Tim copped a feel of his dad’s balls once more.

“Okay, Dad,” they said in unison.