Spy Cam


Bernie Clark


This is an adult story, which will have gay and/or incestuous sex. If you are not an adult, or if it is illegal for you to read this where you live, and/or if you are not into this kind of sex, then please leave. Consider yourself warned... and all the usual disclaimers apply.


It was the last class of the day, my multimedia class, and I loved the class. Truthfully, it was my favorite class here at the university.

"Class, your assignment is simple; you are to make a video of your choice. It's got to be the minimum of thirty minutes and no longer than an hour in length," Professor Jameson says. "Now for those of you that may be thinking that all you have to do is walk around the campus with your camcorder... wrong. This has to be a meaningful film, and it's going to count as your final exam," he says and we students groan.

The class bell rings and we file out into the warm spring sunshine, and whip off our shirts to work on a tan.

"Damn Clark, I haven't a clue as to what to do for my video," I say to my best friend.

Clark Williams and I have been friends since forever. We met in first grade and grew up together. He even followed me to college. He was hot looking sitting there on the campus green with his shirt off. He was not what you would call a jock but he did workout daily in his home gym. His dad had built a wicked cool gym in their basement, Clark and I worked out every morning down in it. Clark stood about five-ten and went around one-sixty, and his body was hard and muscular. Not the Arnold type but well defined and a tight six pack. His hair he kept longer and had a mind of its own, more cowlicks than one could imagine. Therefore, he just applied gel and let it take its own course on his head. With it being auburn red and with his green eyes he made a total stud package.

Now me, Andy Bennett, that's a very different story, I stand six-four and go close to two hundred pounds of tight muscles. My hair is blond and eyes blue, like ice, and lashes that the girls were so jealous of and yes I was totally gay and in lust of my buddy.

"So what are you going to do for your video Andy," Clark asks as he stretches out on the cool grass.

His body is just laying there and I so want to pounce on him and have my way with his gorgeous body, but I don't because the dude is so fucking straight. He's so straight that he'd make a ruler look curved, and although years ago we experimented together, with wanking off, it never moved beyond that...wanking off.

"Maybe I'll do a porn, what do you think," I ask, and he smiles at the thought.

"That would be wicked cool bud, can I be the one fucking the girls in it?" he asks and my mind goes in a very different direction.

"I would love to be the one fucking his tight bubble ass, recording every moan, and groan that he made as my cut seven-inch cock slid in and out of his sweet ass," I was thinking.

"Sure bud," I say, but figured it never happen. "Can you see Professor Jameson's face, when he turns on the film?" I ask.

"Dude, he would be totally wanking his cock, or maybe one of his gay students would be blowing him," he says and we both laugh.

"Well it was just a thought and I don't know what I want to do for my project," I tell him.

We lay there on the grass just soaking up the warm afternoon sun, and running through my mind what to do for my project. It was then that I got the idea: my sixteen-year-old brother Adrian would be my subject. He was the total package, a football jock at my old high school, and a body that drove all the girls crazy. He had longish brown hair and just a dusting of chest hair forming. I knew that he was no virgin, because he bragged about the sex that he was having in his room when no one was home. Now the big question was... how do I record his sexploits?

"Wanna go grab a bite at Burger Palace Andy," Clark asks, as he brought me from my thoughts. "Dude what the fuck are you thinking about, you are so fucking sporting a rod," he says and I look down at my crotch. Sure enough, my cargo shorts are tenting out as if it was circus day under the big top.

"Just thinking about my porno bud," I tell him.

"Well that had better not be from thinking about my ass man," he says, and we get up to leave.

"You fucking wish buddy," I say, knowing it was me that fucking wished it were true. "Come on, I'm starved," I tell him as we head to the student parking lot.

Once I got home that afternoon, I went right to work setting my plan in motion. I found the perfect place to set up the two spy cams to record it all for my video. I had stopped on the way home and bought a couple of spy cams to set up in Adrian's room, and I was going to link them directly to computer. Since our rooms were beside each other, and especially the closets, it made it the perfect setup for me, who is a technology wizard as my dad says. I set up the cams to alternate every so often between them for recording. No one was home yet, especially my brother, so I set up the small cams and made sure that they were well hidden. I had one aimed directly at his bed looking at it from the foot of the bed up towards the headboard, and the other set up to grab a side view. I had just finished installing everything when my brother got home, and he stopped by my room.

"Oh...your home," he says, surprised to see me so soon, and I heard the front door bang shut.

"I'm home," my dad yells upstairs to us.

"We're in my room," I yell back and he appears at the door.

"How was school today, boys," he asks, pulling off his tie.

Looking at us Bennett boys, you would ask just where we got our hot looks. However, once you saw my dad you would instantly know... he was fucking hot for a man of thirty-seven. He had short brown hair and green eyes, and his cheeks had dimples when he smiled. I got the same dimples and I inherited his ability to build muscles. Dad worked out everyday in our gym, and his body was cut and well defined. I would have killed to see him naked, just once, because I fantasized about what he looked like naked while I wanked my cock. He was tall and stood the same height as me, and when he walked into a room, heads turned in his direction. He had a presence that demanded you look at him, but he never once acted as if he knew it.

"It was good dad, and my professor assigned our final exam project today. I have to make a short thirty or so minute video on whatever subject I want."

"Have you gotten any ideas yet," he asks and he seems to be staring at Adrian an awful lot with his angry look.

"Not yet dad, but I will soon," I tell him as he now looks again towards Adrian.

"I need to speak to you Adrian," he said once I had finished talking, and I knew from his tone he was not happy with my brother. "Well I have to head over to Clark's house so we can discuss our projects, so I'll be home around six," I tell dad.

"Make sure you call if you bring him back with you, I don't need your mom coming down on me about extra mouths to feed at the last minute," he says, which I found strange because she never minded Clark being around for dinner.

He leaves and heads back to my brother's room, with Adrian in tow. I check the program that I had set up on the computer before I leave, and with today's technology, I have the program set up to record whenever there is motion in my brother's room.

"Cool, I can see later just what dad was mad about," I thought as I headed over to Clark's house.

The drive over to Clark's house, found me thinking about my brother, and how he was getting his ass chewed out by dad. He was always doing something stupid that got him in hot water with the `rents, so I didn't want to be around to listen, but seeing it later on camera was so fucking different.

"Hey bud, wanna go to the Burger Palace and see whose there," I call out to Clark, as I pull up into his driveway.

He is sitting on a chaise lounge in just a very short pair of cutoffs soaking up the late afternoon sun, and I could see the tip of his hot cock poking out of the frayed end.

"Yeah...sounds good bud, give me a minute to change," he says and heads inside to change.

"Fuck, I would love to watch him change, because I know that he was going commando under those shorts," I thought to myself.

We meet up with several of the old gang at the restaurant, and we talked about our projects with them. They loved the porn idea and all the guys volunteered to star in it, but the girls thought the idea was gross. Around five-thirty, Clark and I leave because the owner was giving all of us the eye, because no one was buying food, and I wanted to be home in time for dinner.

"Wanna eat over Clark," I ask and he jumps at the invitation.

"Sure, but will your mom mind," he asks.

"She knows us boys well enough now, and she makes extra because we are always having someone over. Besides, I wanna show you what I did for the video," I tell him about what I did.

"Adrian is so going to kill you Andy," Clark says and he laughs at the thought of Adrian finding out.

"You can't say a word bud or even let on that something's up, ok," I tell him.

"No problem man, as long as you share the video with me," he says.

He calls his mom and tells her that he's eating over my house, as I call my mom to give her the head's up about Clark.

"Hey mom," I say as Clark and I come through the back door, and I give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Mrs. B," Clark says, and gives her a kiss and a hug, and he thanks her for letting him stay for dinner.

"Clark you are always welcomed, besides you are here more than not," she says hugging him back.

We head upstairs, and when passing my brother's room, he is sitting at his desk reading. He is just in a baggy pair of cut off sweatpants and he looks hot with just the tip of his ass crack showing.

"Hey bro," I say as I pause at the door, and he looks up from his book. "Did you get into big trouble with dad," I ask softly so that dad or mom can't hear me.

"Hey Andy, Clark, and not too much, but things are ok now," he says.

"So what did you do that had dad so upset," I ask, and he gets this `I'm thinking' look on his face.

"Ah...I got caught cutting school," he says and I wonder why he lied to me, because I knew school was something he loved, I know weird huh.

"Oh well shit happens bro," I say, and we head to my room.

"He lied to me bud," I say to Clark once my door is shut. "Adrian never misses a day. He has even gone to school sick, so he can maintain a perfect attendance," I say.

"He was probably too embarrassed to tell you the real reason," Clark says as he flops on my bed.

"Hey, wanna see my set up," I ask Clark, and he sits up and watches me head over to the closet.

I show him the cam peaking through my closet wall at his bed, and I then the computer program to record it all. I notice that the counter has recorded already and I wondered what it recorded.

"I wanna watch it, maybe we can see what your dad chewed him a new asshole about," he says, as I turned on my television because I had the computer linked to it so I could watch it on the big screen.

Once I have everything ready to watch, I hit play, just as mom yells up that dinner is ready.

"Fuck what timing," Clark, says all disappointed.

"After dinner we can watch it," I tell him and we head downstairs for dinner.

We all talked about different things including my idea of doing porn as my project, and we all laughed about my idea for my video. Well everyone did but mom, she scolded me over choosing to do porn, I brushed it off as just a joke, and she got over it. Once we cleared the table, Clark and I head back upstairs to view what my program had recorded. We were just about to watch the video, when dad popped his head into my room.

"Your brother and I are taking your mom over to her mother's house for the weekend. We'll be back around ten," he says.

"Great, now we can have no interruptions," I say after dad leaves.

We hear the front door close, and I watch out my window as they drive off to my grams.

"Finally, they are gone," I say as Clark and I sit on my bed, leaning against the headboard.

I hit play on the computer, and the video begins. We watch as Adrian walks into view, and he begins to undress. He is looking directly at the side cam as he slowly does a little dance as he strips.

"He's acting like someone is watching him," Clark says looking at me. "This had to be after your dad chewed his ass out and left," he says.

Once Adrian had finished his striptease, he climbed onto his bed and began to wank his cock.

"Damn bud, are all you guys hung like that," he asks shocking me with his comment.

"Not really," I say pausing a bit. "I'm bigger," I say and he laughs.

"Yeah right, just jealous I'd say," he says and I look at him not believing his comments.

These comments were coming from my straight friend and he sounded like he was challenging me to prove him wrong.

"I'd prove it, but then you'd have to suck my cock," I said calling his bluff.

"Now you are wishing," was all he says, as we keep glued to the screen.

Adrian is wanking his cock and then we get the shock of shocks... my very naked dad climbs onto the bed with my brother and gives my brother a hot kiss. Clark sits up straight and looks at me in disbelief of what we are seeing, and says.

"Holy fuck Andy, that's your dad kissing your brother," Clark says in shock.

"Fucking-A man, my dad and brother gay," I say and my cock gets hard watching them kiss.

I hit stop on the computer and Clark yells out at me...

"What the fuck bud, I wanna watch them get it on," he says and I notice that his cock is pushing against his shorts.

"But that's gay shit Clark, and you want to watch it," I ask him and he looks at me.

"Duh... sex is sex and besides don't you wanna see what your old man has been doing with your brother?" he asks.

"Only if you keep this secret Clark," I say looking at him. "My dad could go to prison for this, and just think how that would ruin my family if it ever got out," I tell him.

"Clark, we have been best friends since grade school, I would hope that trust was one thing we had between us," he says looking at me.

I give it a minute to sink in what he just said, and I hit the play on the computer. We watch dad and my brother kiss and dad slowly kisses his way down Adrian's body. He sucks on his nipples, and gently bites them, as Adrian moans loudly.

"This is fucking hot," Clark says and I notice that his cock is hard.

"It must be, `cause you have one hell of a boner going there," I say and he just looks at me.

"Wanna wank off like we use to when we were kids," he asks and I know that his cock must be aching.

"Yeah... my cock needs some serious attention," I say as we both get up.

I paused the video while we stripped down, and I couldn't believe how big Clark's cock had gotten since I had last seen it when we were thirteen or so. We get back on the bed, and both of us are nervous about touching our cocks. I hit play again and we watch dad do his sucking on Adrian's cock now, but neither of us are touching our cocks.

"Wanna do it like we use to bud," he asks looking at me, and I just nod my agreement.

He reaches over and takes my cock in his hand, and slowly begins to stroke it. I do the same to him, and I am in heaven with his hand on my cock. We sit there wanking our dicks as we watch my dad blow my brother. It isn't long, and our breathing gets shallow and rapid. We both turn towards each other, and it seems like an eternity as we stare into each other's eyes.

"Wanna," is all he asks and I nod yes again.

He slides down on the bed, and he takes my cock into his mouth. I can't believe that my best friend is now sucking my cock. My eyes alternate between the television screen and Clark sucking my cock. His mouth is hot on my cock and if he doesn't stop soon, I'm going to cum, I am thinking. It was just when I was about to pop a big load, that dad sat up between my brother's legs.

"Holy fuck Clark, dad's going to fuck my brother," I say and Clark pulls off my cock.

"No fucking way," he says turning to watch the screen.

Dad grabs the lube from Adrian, and he works a big glob into my brother's rosebud. Once he had him ready, he applies a glob to his cock.

"Ready for daddy's power tool," we hear him ask my brother.

"Yeah daddy, fuck your baby boy," my brother says, as he puts his legs on my dad's shoulders.

We watch dad move closer to Adrian's rosebud, and slide his cock in with one shove.

"Ooooh fuck yeah daddy, now fuck your boy good," Adrian says.

"Damn Andy, your brother never flinched while your dad slid that monster cock of his into his ass," Clark says. "I wonder what it feels like," he says watching dad now power driving his cock into Adrian's ass.

"Wanna find out," I ask, hoping he says yes.

"As long as you promise not to hurt me with that cock of yours," he says and then turns on his stomach.

"I'll be gentle bud, I promise," as I climb between his legs.

I place my two pillows underneath him, and then spread his gorgeous cheeks. There, hidden deep in his ass's valley is the sweetest rosebud that I have longed to see. I lower my face down to it, and run my tongue all around it.

"Fuck bud, where the fuck did you learn that," he asks, pushing his ass up to my tongue, and looking back at me.

"By eating pussy and this is your pussy," I tell him, but I knew I learned it from watching gay porn.

"That's fucking hot babe," he says and that's the first time ever that he's called me that.

"Babe... you just called me babe," I say, and he looks back at me again.

He rolls over on his back, looks directly at my eyes, and says.

"Andy, I have been in love with you ever since we first did jerking off together," he tells me, and I hit pause on the computer.

"Clark, I can't tell you how many times I have jerked off fantasizing about you. Remember today when you noticed that I had a hard on when we were laying on the grass," and he nods his head yes. "I was fantasizing about your ass and how I would love to fuck it," I tell him, and lean down to kiss him.

Our first kiss was dynamic, as our tongues intertwined in our mouths. His hands were all over my body as I ground my cock against his. I kissed my way down to his nipples, and I gently nibbled on them.

"Oh fuck yeah babe," he moans out as he holds my mouth to his hard nub. "Suck my nipples Andy," he says as he guides me over to his other one.

I suck and nibble on his nubs, until he can no longer take it.

"Stop Andy, they are way too sensitive now," he says, and I kiss and lick my way down to his cock.

I lick off the precum that is oozing from his cock's piss hole, and then engulf it fully down my throat. His ass flies off the bed as he shoves his entire seven inches into my mouth. I use my throat muscles to milk his cock, and he's moaning like a bitch in heat.

"Yeah babe... suck my cock," he moans, and I suck it hard.

I work his cock for all I am worth, as I fondle his hairless balls. I can feel them pulling up so I drop his cock, and suck his balls into my mouth. I work them around and soon he is crooning that he is so very close to cumming. I drop them and shove his legs onto my shoulders, as I lick my way down to his pussy. I skip licking around his pussy and shove my tongue into it, and his ass lifts off the bed. I fuck his ass with my tongue, and he's howling like crazy. I wet my finger and shove it into his hole, and he moans when I hit his prostate.

"What the fuck did you just touch," he howls and I gently rub his love nut.

"Just shut up and enjoy the sex," I tell him as I slip another finger in.

I am working his sweet ass and he's howling loudly, as I put a third finger in. I work his ass and soon he's yelling...

"I'm gonna shoot man," and I bury my mouth on his cock.

He shoots several long ropes of sweet cum into my mouth, as I finger fuck his ass.

"Don't stop sucking bud, I have tons of cum to give you," and I swallow as fast as he shoots.

I continue to suck until his cock goes soft, and I sit up, pulling my fingers from his ass, as I look down at him. I lay on him and we softly kiss, as I feed him a taste of his cum.

"Mmmm, sweet," he says looking deep into my eyes. "Now fuck me Andy," he says.

I reach over to my nightstand and grab my gel, and I work several globs into his ass. I turn him sideways on the bed, putting two pillows under his ass. I hit play again on the computer and up pops dad, and he's fucking my brother hard and deep. While Clark watches dad doing his thing, I slowly shove my cock into his tight ass.

"Fucking stop Andy," he yells out, and I knew that he was in pain. "You promised not to hurt me man," and I lean down to kiss him.

As I kiss him I slowly shove more of my cock into his ass, and finally I bottom. I give him a few moments to adjust to the invasion, before I stand up and start fucking. His legs are resting against me, as my cock is balls deep in his ass. I slowly pull out to just about all the way, and give a gentle push back in. I do this several times until he is thrusting back against my pushes and then I aggressively attack his sweet pussy.

"Yeah Andy... aaaah... fuck me... harder bud," he moans out in stages because the sensation is leaving him incoherent.

I pound that boy's ass as he watches my dad plow my brother's ass, and I still can't believe that I'm getting to fuck my best friend. Just as my dad yells out that he's gonna cum, I feel Clark's ass contract around my cock.

"I gonna blow," he yells and his cock erupts, and he grabs it and wanks it hard and fast.

His cum is flying all over him, as I feel my own climax approach.

"Cumming," is all I can say as I explode deep into his ass, and I pound it like a jackhammer attacks cement. "Fuck my cock buddy," I yell out and he shoves up faster now.

We are both shooting our cum when Adrian explodes on the screen and his cum is flying just like Clarks from his young boy cock. My rhythm is taking over as I continue to fill my friend's ass, until I'm finally spent. I lay on his cum covered chest and kiss him lustfully and hard, as we hold onto each other tight.

"God I so wanted to fuck you Clark," I say gasping for breath, and he smiles at me.

"I guess this means we are boyfriends now," he says as his eyes cloud up with tears.

"What's the matter babe," I ask with my cock still deep in his ass.

"You can't imagine how long that I have wished for this very thing," he says as his fingers tweak my nipples. "I love you Andy," he says.

"I love you also Clark," I tell him and bend down to kiss him again.

"Are you serious about us being lovers and boyfriends Clark," I ask him.

"Yeah and besides I have your hot cum in me to seal the deal," he muses and I can see his cock getting hard again.

"Wanna fuck me boyfriend," I ask as I stroke him to hardness.

"Nah...but fuck me again," he says. "I like being your bitch," he says chuckling, and we notice that the video stopped. "What are you going to do about your brother and dad," he asks.

"Nothing, because I have my lover at the end of my cock," I say, as I begin to fuck his sweet cum filled ass again.

I pull back and this time there's no going slowly, as I fuck his ass like a stallion fucking its mare. I am pounding that boy's ass and he is pinching my nipples as I feel my cum inside him. It takes me a while to get up another load, but eventually his tight ass brings me to the brink again.

"Ooooh fuck bud... cumming," I howl as I fill his ass with another load.

"What the fuck is going on in here," my dad says, standing in my bedroom doorway, and we jump as his voice breaks us from our afterglow. "Get you fucking asses dressed and get downstairs," he yells.

"Fuck Andy, we're in deep shit now," Clark says as I pull my spent cock from his ass.

We get up and find Adrian standing in the doorway now, and his eyes are about popping from his head.

"What the fuck you looking at homo," I say, angry that he never told me about him and dad.

"What the fuck are you yakking about ass swipe, I'm not the one that was balls deep in his buddy's ass," he snaps and leaves the room.

Clark and I get talk and instead of going down to dad, I yell downstairs to him.

"Yo pops, get your fucking ass upstairs now, and bring peckweed with you," I yell down at him.

"I'm going to beat that boy for disrespecting me," I can hear him yell, and I dash for my room.

Clark and I are still naked and sitting on the bed, when dad and Adrian come rushing into my room.

"What the fuck did you just say to me," he yells, and Adrian is smiling behind him.

"I told you to get your fucking ass up here and to bring that peckweed that is smiling behind you with you...Andrew," I say, calling him by his first name.

"How dare you show such deliberate disrespect to me," and he slaps me across the face.

"Hit me all you want pervert," I shout at him, as Clark hits play again on my computer.

He hits me again, and this time with great force and I fall off the bed to the floor. He bends down and grabs me, and is just about to hit me again, when Adrian says.

"Ah...dad, you had better look at this before you do that again," and he turns to look at the TV screen and his mouth falls open.

"What the fuck..." he says and then turns back to me, speechless as to what to say.

"I thought that it would get your attention Andrew," I say, as I wipe the blood from my face. "Clark get dressed we're leaving," I say as I throw on a pair of shorts.

I grab a shirt from the floor, and with Clark, we leave.

"Andy wait son, I'm so fucking sorry," he says as he follows us down the stairs.

"You might have thought of just what you and Adrian were doing behind mom's back, before you got so judgmental on me," I shout as I turn to face him, and now my eye is swelling.

"I'm sorry Andy, please don't leave like this," he says, as he puts his fingers to my bruised eye.

"Don't fucking touch me pervert, go back upstairs and fuck brother dear," and I walk out of the house.

He is standing in the doorway, as I back out of the driveway, and I can see the tears on his face. He slowly closes the door, and I know that I am no better than he is, for the way that I treated him. We get as far as the end of the street, before Clark says to me...

"You know Andy, he is your dad," he says, "and you didn't exactly handle it right back there," Clark says.

I take Clark home and I promise to call him later, and I hurry back home to sort things out with dad. I find dad and Adrian crying together in Adrian's bedroom, as I appear at the door.

"Andy, please forgive me," dad says holding out his arms, and I rush into them.

"I'm sorry dad for the way I handled this, forgive me please," I ask.

He pulls Adrian into his arms also, and the three of us hug each other tight. Dad tells me how he and Adrian are in love, and Adrian tells me how it all began.

"It started last year Andy, I came home early from school, and found dad jerking off in his room. I went into his room, and when he saw me standing there, man did he jump. He got up from the bed and he stood there apologizing, and he cried because I had caught him jerking off," Adrian says.

"I didn't know what to do or say son, there I was naked and I had this gay porn playing on the TV."

"I knew that I was attracted to dad, so I knelt down and began to suck his cock. He did pull away and try to tell me that it wasn't right for us to be having sex. But I told him that I was gay and that I loved him, so I pushed him back onto the bed and blew him."

"That Andy is essentially how it started," dad says. "Now I guess you must hate us," and they both began to cry.

"I don't hate you dad, but I'm gay also, and my lover is Clark. So if you'll both excuse me, I need to go see my man."

"So you're not going to tell mom," Adrian asks.

"No Adrian, I am not saying a word. So go do your thing men," and I left them hugging and kissing each other.

As I went downstairs to go over to my lover's house, I opened the door and there he was standing there.

"I need to be with you babe," he says falling into my arms, and we kiss passionately in the living room.

I take him by the hand, as lead him upstairs, and when we go by my brother's room dad is already balls deep in Adrian's ass.

"Have fun bro," he calls out to me, as I give him the thumbs up and leave.

"Fuck babe, your dad has one hell of a hot ass," Clark says as we strip down and get into bed. "Now I know where the Bennett boys get their hot looks," and I slide my cock into his willing ass.

The End

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