The Best Is Yet To Come Chapter 1


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The Beginning
My dad is super busy all the time. He is an emergency room doctor and he is rarely home when we are. My mom says his job is important and he saves lives everyday and we should be proud, but mostly I just wish he would spend time with me. I know, pathetic boy pining for a father figure- typical. Well, whatever. That's what I say to the haters. Boys need daddies, or they may fall victim to all kinds of problems. I know I did.
The year doesn't matter, the location isn't important, the people are the story here- so let me describe them for you. My mother met my father at university, he was in med school and she was getting her PhD in some ridiculous topic that I am unsure I will ever understand (at least until my brain is fully developed). They saw each other at the campus library and struck up a conversation, the rest is history (hooray cliches!). After they graduated, both toward the tops of the classes, they moved in together and got engaged and started settling into their new successful adult lives and careers. It wasn't until they were both 32 that my mother even brought up the idea of children. My father truly loved her and would do anything for her, so whatever she wanted- she was going to get. One year later, I was born. Max Peters, that's me. My mother took an early retirement, after developing some very lucrative technology or something, so she could become a stereotype. When I turned five, my brother was born. Mom said she wanted any pregnancy out of the way before they were 40... so, two kids was it. My bro is called Brian, and he is pretty cool as far as a little brother is concerned. I helped mommy raise the baby, because daddy was now the sole breadwinner (even though my mother had a stupid amount of "bread in the oven" from cashing out at her retirement, so to speak). By the time I was ten and Brybry (as I called him) was five, I was more of a father figure than a big brother to him. 
Dont get me wrong, my dad loves all of us and we love him. It's just that we only see him a few hours a week or during the few weeks of vacation he takes spread throughout a given year. This just meant that our time with him was precious, and both us boys were left wanting daddy's attention. That's how we ended up where we are.
As I just mentioned, I was the father figure for brybry the majority of the time. This meant that he came to me with all his boyhood questions about his little penis getting hard and when his tummy felt bubbly after he rubbed it or grinded it into a pillow. I had learned the basics from daddy last year, and knew very little about boners and even less about jerking off - as I had heard it called on the playground at school. Brybry asked me about his little peepee while we were showering together, as we have done since he was born, and we have done it by ourselves for the past year when mommy decided I could be a big boy and look after her baby by myself.
"Maxi (only brybry was allowed to call me this), why is my peepee sticking out like this? It does this sometimes when I take a nap and feels really good to rub it on a pillow or like this..." He proceeded to rub his little cocklet between two fingers while the water cascaded over our smooth naked bodies in the large shower we shared. At ten years old, I was an average sized boy of about four feet in height and maybe 70 pounds in my soaking wet state. I had dirty blond hair and blue eyes, with a tight but soft tummy and pink dime sized nipples. The v shape from my lower abdomen pointed to my circumcised boy dick which was now a fully hard two inches as I watched my little brother masturbate in our shared shower space. I tugged on my smooth marble sized balls which were tightly nestled in my little sac. Brian was a mini version of me, same hair and eyes and soft boy tummy- his with a little more baby fat still left, and his little dick was identical to mine... like IDENTICAL. He was five years younger and already his boy boner was the same size as mine. I don't remember clearly, but I was fairly sure mine had grown at least a tiny bit over five years.
I found that I enjoyed watching him pleasure himself in front of me, it felt like I was watching my own dick get rubbed. I sat on the built in bench of the shower and responded, "that is normal for boys to get hard like that, see mine?" And he nodded, as he had already been staring at its growth while he was rubbing his own boyhood. I continued, "and you're  right, it feels really good when you rub it"- my own hand rubbed down my smooth wet tummy and pinched my little spike between my thumb and pointer and began to match my baby brothers actions. We were both watching each other intensely as we mutually masturbated our young cocks during our special brother bonding time in our shared shower space. We continued our fun for a few minutes, until brybry started to bite his lower lip and throw his head back-"maxi, it feels soooo good, uuuhhhnnnn..." and he started shaking a little. My own tummy was tingling as I watched my bro get his boygasm and I released my little prick, not knowing the pleasure I was denying myself. He was panting by now, with his softening cocklet now also released from his soft little hands. We finished the shower and dried off together and then went  to our shared bedroom to put on jammies for the night. That was how it started...
The Progression
The shower fun was repeated several times over the next couple months, not everyday or even every week- but it happened semi regularly. Eventually, brybry wanted to rub mine for me and I obliged- the best decision of my young life. He stroked my stiff boyhood past the point where I would normally stop or taper off and I enjoyed my first full boygasm by his smaller but skilled young hand. Sitting on the shower bench with my legs splayed wide, brybry was on his knees between my legs concentrating on his little fingers vigorously jerking my boy boner. My stomach got the familiar tingles and he kept going, it was my turn to throw my head back. My jaw went slack as I was sat there, mouth gaping and head tilted- my hands gripped the shower bench and my back arched. I suddenly lifted my hips up like a shot, into my kid brothers jerking fingers- my butt cheeks clenched and a little moan escaped my throat. It was amazing, and the best feeling I had ever had up to that point. My brain was rewiring, inside it clicked that I wanted more of this and I wished I could feel like that always.
After that shower, things were overtly sexual almost all the time. Whenever we wrestled, we would inevitably end up grinding our crotches together. At night, brybry had started sleeping in my bed with me so we could spoon. We also started sleeping naked, and walking around the house naked too. My mother asked about it the first time we did it, after a shower... "well, I see two clean boys- but where are your Jammie's?" To which I replied, "we don't feel like wearing them, can't we just go bare around the house? We like how it feels being naked." She giggled and smirked while she said, "I'll bet you do. And yes, if my boys want to be nude in our house then so be it! I'm sure your father will join you at some point too..." She trailed off giggling, and went back to whatever task she was working on.
That was the first time I even thought about daddy being naked with us. He was a boy too, and we had seen him naked before- he was hairy down there and his thing was big. I started to wonder if his got hard like ours, and if he rubbed it like we did. Then I thought about what it might feel like if he rubbed mine like brybry does (he gives me a hand job on a regular basis now, of course we didn't know it was called that). Then I thought about what it might be like to rub his big thing myself! A whole new world was open to me by a simple comment from mommy. Things were going to get interesting... and they definitely did, two days later.
It was the weekend, and daddy had the time off. My mother had filled him in on our new dress code for the house, and had also mentioned that she thought it was a good time for father-son bonding. She told us that she would be visiting her mom for the weekend and it was boys only for two whole days. We were very excited, as this was a very rare treat- so much time with daddy and just us boys! She left on Friday when daddy got home and said she would see us on Monday before he had to go to work. It was summer, so we didn't have school to worry about, everything was going to be relaxed. 
We we were already naked when dad walked in and kissed mom goodbye on her way out. She had already kissed us and said goodbye and she turned to us all to say, "hope you boys all have a wonderful time together!" And she turned to leave while saying to daddy, loud enough for us to hear, "and you be sure to keep these naked cherubs clean!"
With that, boys weekend started and we followed daddy to his room where he began to undress. We both hopped on his bed to watch, and brybry was absent mindedly fiddling with his boycock. Daddy pulled off his top and tossed it in the hamper, we looked at his exposed chest- me with fresh eyes, suddenly perversely curious about his manly body. He was a god to me, but in reality very average. He had a patch of hair on his chest and belly which trailed into his pants, but not super hairy otherwise. His pecs were defined, and stomach relatively flat with a slight belly bulge revealing how long it had been since he was at the gym. He hooked his thumbs into his bottoms and pulled them down swiftly, taking his underpants at the same time, so as he tossed them in the hamper he stood completely naked in front of his two naked boys on his bed. I drank it all in. He was hairy around his crotch and upper legs, but it tapered off as you looked lower. I would find out later that he kept it trimmed (by mommy's request), as his pubes were very short and they looked perfectly symmetrical. I zeroed in on his daddy cock, which I was now also seeing in a new light (I mentioned we had seen each other naked plenty of times, but this was the first time since my sexual awakening). It was cut, like ours, and was hanging down about 4 inches over egg sized balls dangling in his trimmed sac, it looked to be as fat as a sausage. Daddy reached down to tug on it after it was released, and he also scratched his balls. I continued to stare, and it started to grow longer- I was entranced. "So, mommy said we should stay clean, and I know I need a shower- what about you two?" We both said yea, and got up to follow him into the bathroom. He started the shower and warmed it up and scooted us in, following behind. We all started soaping up and kind of minding our own business, every once in a while I would glance over to watch him lather that big daddy dick- which was now semi hard and sticking out much more. Both brybry and myself were rock hard, as we almost always were in the shower now that we engaged in our escapades on a regular basis in this setting. Brybry turned his back toward me and out of habit I started washing his back while he fiddled with his boy boner. 
We were perpendicular to daddy, so he had a good view, and he sat down on the shower bench. "Such a good big brother you are, washing bry like that. I have two good boys, don't I?" We both turned and smiled at him as he watched me soap up his baby. He seemed to relax even more, leaning back on the bench and allowing the water to fall over him- his hands were in his lap, occasionally tugging his balls or still semi hard man cock. His head was also leaned back and his eyes were closed, seemingly just trying to wind down at the end of a hard work week.
I finished soaping brybry's back by squeezing his creamy smooth bubble butt, one cheek in each hand. He made a soft moan, which pulled daddy out of his trance. He opened his eyes and glanced down at his naked sons, his ten year old boy standing right behind his five year old who was bent forward at the hip with one hand bracing the wall while the other playing with his little cocklet (both boys with raging boy boners) and he just caught the end of the bum squeezing. Daddy smiled at me, and I saw his dick twitch and grow harder. He was now rubbing it slowly as I just openly stared at his nearly fully hard daddy cock inches from my face. I reached down to rub my own while I watched, and looked up to see daddy making full eye contact with me. We both stared into each other's eyes as we rubbed our hard pricks at the same time.
Brybry was the one to take things further, as he finished rinsing the soap off and the went onto his knees between daddy and me and started rubbing my little stiffie for me (as was our somewhat regular routine). Daddy's eyes got a little wider, but he reacted very casually, "and what a good little brother, helping his big brother like that. Such good boys I have!" 
I reached down to rest my hands on his head while he stroked my boycock as our daddy stroked his own manhood. After a minute or two, Daddy said I should sit next to him on the bench- so I moved over next to him. We sat so our thighs were pressed together and I felt his hair tickle my smooth boy legs. Brybry moved over to us, still on his knees, and Daddy took one of his hands and placed it on his 7 inch rock hard man boner. Brybry giggled and looked at us both as he slid his small hand up and down the big daddy dick, unable to reach his whole hand around the thick shaft. 
Daddy sighed and leaned back again, as I usually do in his position while my baby bro serviced me. "Such a good boy, you are very good at that" Daddy encouraged. He placed one hand on his youngest boy's head and the other on his oldest boy's naked thigh and rubbed upward until he had my own little nail pinched between his big thumb and pointer finger. It was my turn to sigh and lean back while closing my eyes. It felt nice to have his big man hands on my smooth body and I just relaxed into it.
He soon broke our trance though, "Bry- you are making daddy feel so good, why don't you give it a kiss?" A confused Bryan gave us another giggle and smile as he leaned forward to kiss his father's cock, now leaking profusely. Still gripping the base, bry moved his head back and a strand of precum (as I later learned it was called) stretched from the daddy dick attached to his bottom lip. Daddy moved the hand that remained on Bryan's head down to stroke his cheek and tell him, "you look so cute down there baby, do you like doing this?" The strand was still attached to his lips and he used his little tongue to lick it away as he replied, "yes daddy, it's fun playing like this and when maxi does it to me it feels really nice!"
The man was in a sort of trance as he continued to fondle his ten year old boy while smiling down at his youngest who was gripping the base of his now throbbing cock. "I'm glad to hear that, I think we should finish up now- but we will definitely be playing like this again!" We both cheered, yay!, and smiled at each other. With that, he released my boy nail and reached down to hook both hands under Brybrys armpits. He lifted the boy up as he stood and turned, placing him down on the bench next to me- switching places but now standing directly in front of both his boys. He was leaning toward us and put a hand on the wall behind us as the other hand gripped that big dick and rubbed it very quickly. We watched intently, now rubbing our own little pricks. He bit his lower lip and mumbled a bunch of stuff we couldn't really understand, but after a few more minutes he spoke-"the best part is about to cum boys, daddy is gonna squirt soon, watch this... when you both get older you will be able to do what I'm about to do and it feels even better than you do now after you rub it for a while... mmm nnnn... here we go..." we both quickly glanced at each other and then stared at daddy's dick being furiously rubbed in his clenched fist, unsure what to expect. He groaned and took the hand off the wall and reached to hold his big fuzzy ball sac, and squeezed it. Then suddenly he was squirting this creamy looking stuff onto brybrys face! It came out like a shot and hit Bryan right on the nose, then another hit his cheek. Then daddy pointed it at me and another shot hit my chin and yet another hit my chest. Still more came out, but they landed on the floor and eventually it slowed down and seemed to dribble out onto his hand. The shots that hit us were now falling down our smooth wet bodies like the water droplets on the shower door. I reached up to touch my chin and chest and it felt slimy. I looked over at brybry who was already looking at me, and it seemed like he spilled some ice cream on his face. Some was leaking down over his lips and he again licked it off, and when daddy saw this as he was catching his breath, he told us "that's right son, lick up daddy's mess, that is what it's for- helping boys grow up big and strong!"
Hearing this I quickly leaned over and eagerly licked the rest right off his face, while Bryan laughed saying it tickled. He then returned the favor, licking my chest and chin, causing me to laugh and agree that it was ticklish. Daddy joined us laughing and reached to stroke our cheeks at the same time telling us that we were his special boys. 
"Now boys, this is a fun game that we can play when we are alone, but it must be a secret from anyone else- even mommy. This is a game for boys only. Can you both promise not to tell anyone about this?" We both quickly shook our heads agreeing to keep the fun a secret. "Excellent! Well, let's finish rinsing off now and get some food in our bellies- I'm hungry!" So, we did just that...
THE END... ?
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