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The Boy in Room 102

Nifty Silver Bear

My name is Dale and I work at a small, family owned motel off I-65 in rural Kentucky. I'm 45 years old, 6 feet tall and weigh 225 pounds. I was also "blessed" with a thick mat of body hair. I'm an on-site employee and do all kinds of tasks from fixing a leaky toilet to checking in travelers. My room is right next to the office, so I get woke up at all times of the night with tired people looking for a place to sleep. I was just about to go to sleep one hot evening when the bell alerted me to someone trying to check in. I walked into the office and buzzed a mother and son into the lobby. The mom was a looker, blond hair, blue eyes, nice set of tits and an ass that, if I were straight, I'd tap in a heartbeat. The son was a shorter, flat-chested version of his mother. His blond hair was shaved short on 1/3 of his head while the rest was long enough to cover his right eye. His stunning blue eyes were the color of the waters off of Barbados. I would guess his height right at 4 feet and he didn't seem to have any baby fat on his body.

"I'm so sorry to be checking in so late, but my car's been acting up for the past few miles and I didn't want to risk driving any further until someone can look at it." According to her driver's license, the mom, whose name was Brooke Walsh, was 30 years old and I'm guessing the boy was anywhere from 8-10 years old.

I replied, smiling, "No, problem. I was getting ready for bed, but not quite there yet. If you wish, I can recommend a good mechanic. His prices are reasonable and he had really good reviews on Yelp. However, since tomorrow is Sunday, you're going to be hard pressed to find anyone who's open, at least till after 1:00."

She laughed, "Oh, that's fine. I feel like I've been driving forever. Austin to New York is taking a toll on me. And I'm sure Wes, here is dying to be out of the car."

I looked at the cutie, "Wes, huh? How old are you, Buddy?"

"I'm 9, sir." Wes replied.

"So, not old enough to help drive yet, huh?"

"No, sir. I wish I was."

Impressed by his manners, I decided to compliment him to his mother, "Mrs. Walsh, I have to say, you have one of the most polite kids I think I've ever met working here."

"Thank you. He's always been this way."

"Well, you're all checked in. Your room is actually very close by. You're in room 102, just outside, through the hallway, first room on your left. If you like, I can help you with your bags."

"That would be kind of you. My arms and back hurts so much, I doubt I could lift the large suitcase."

I locked up the lobby and showed Brooke where to park and waited at the door. I helped her with her VERY large suitcase while Wes followed with his own. I opened the door and showed them how to run the A/C and where the remote was. I told her my room number was 101 and if she had any problems, just dial 101 from the phone on the night stand. I told them good night and went to my room, which was directly behind theirs.

I had just stripped and was about to watch a quick porn and jack off, thinking about Wes, when my phone rang.

"Dale, this is Brooke Walsh. I'm sorry to bother you so quickly, but I was wondering if there was a cocktail lounge nearby. It's been a long drive and I'm dying for a few drinks to wind down."

I gave her the name of several place she may enjoy. She said she'd be gone for a few hours and if Wes could call if he needed anything, even though he's probably just watch TV and go to sleep. I told her that he could, no problem.

I was half way through a porn of a twink getting pounded by a bear when there was a knock on my door. "What the fuck?" I mumbled as I closed the laptop and grabbed my robe. Wes was outside my door looking nervous. He was wearing his shorts from the trip, but had removed his shirt. I could hardly speak looking at his pale, smooth body.

He said, "Mr. Dale. I want to get a bath and soak, but there isn't any plug for the tub."

After what seemed to be an eternity, I brought myself back to reality. "Let me check to see if I have one in the office, I'll be right there, okay?"

"Okay." His smile made my cock twitch under my robe.

I got put on a pair of shorts and stumbled in the office storage till I found a plug. I knocked on his door and heard a voice aske, "Who's there?"

"It's Dale." I replied. "I found a plug for the tub."

He opened the door and my cock was tungsten steel. He was only wearing a towed around his waist. He's shoes were off, displaying some really cute feet and toes and his short and undies were in a pile near the bed.

I handed him the plug and he asked if I could get the water right. "The handle's not like the one at home and I can't get it right."

My mind was screaming at me, "Hand him the plug and get the fuck out of there." But my dick was screaming, "Get the fuck in there and plug him."

I found a middle ground and walked into the bathroom. I showed him how to use the one handle and when the water was just right for him, I plugged the tub and turned around. The little fucker had dropped his towel and was standing in front of me as naked as the day he was born. Everything, from the top of his head to his 10 little piggies was PERFECT! Including his circumcised boy cock.

He replied, "Thank you, Mr. Dale." I was sitting on the tub edge and he leaned in and gave me a hug. I was shirtless and the feel of his smooth flesh against my hairy chest and belly was electric.

I returned the hug, quickly and told him I had to get going. He let go and turned from me to get his shampoo from his bag. Oh my god...THAT ASS! Smooth, plump and white was new fallen snow. When he turned around, his cocklett was standing straight up. The grin on Wes' face told me he was scheming.

"Mom won't be back for several hours and I have the hardest time washing my back. Would you help me?"

The internal war in my mind was raging on. Should I plug the tub and go or stay and plug the boy?

Even if I didn't get to plug him, it would be my wildest fantasy come true to touch this boy with a soapy cloth, or even my hands. He got into the tub and started soaping up his hands. I watched while he washed his face and body. His little tube never lost its hardness as he washed it and his tiny nuts. I'm sitting on the toilet watching my show when he said, "Can you get my back, now?"

I reached for the soap and lathered it up in my hands. He stood up so I could get his back and I started at his neck, rubbing in circles. Lower and lower the circles went and finally stopped at his lower back.

He said in a seductive tone, "You can wash lower, if you want. I know you want to. Your dick is proof."

Where did this kid learn that voice, and how does he know what I want from him?

I started washing his ass and he leaned over and spread his legs so I could reach his pucker. As my finger slid over his boy hole, he let out a moan. I had to get out of there before I did something I would regret...in jail!

I stood up to leave and Wes looked at me with sad eyes. All of a sudden, he splashed water and it drenched my shorts. Only wearing thin material basketball shorts, my cock was clearly visible through the fabric. His wide eyes narrowed in on my cock and he said, "Mr. Dale. Your cock looks happy to see me wet and naked. Would you like me to take care of it for you?"

"Wes, how do you know what to do with a man's cock?"

"My uncle and I have been bath buddies since I was 5. I started sucking him at 6 and he started fucking me last year. I fucking love his cock in my ass. He got transferred to New York a few months ago and now we're moving there to be with him. I know he's been fucking my mom since dad took off last year with some bimbo. Mom and I share him."

"Wait, wait, WAIT!!! Your mom KNOWS your uncle is fucking you?"

"Oh yeah. She's watched us before, then I watch them. She told me she would be out very late tonight because she wants to find some guy, or guys to fuck her hard. She also told me to see if you're willing to fuck me also."

My mind was going a million miles a second. As I stood in thought, Wes reached over and unbuttoned my shorts. As they fell to the floor, he gasped. "Mr. Dale, your cock is beautiful. I love it all hairy. My uncle shaves his cock and balls."

He reached and held my balls in one hand while the other drew circles around my piss hole. He got out of the tub, turned me to sit on the toilet. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Have you ever had a boy before?"

I shook my head no and he replied, "You're as long as my uncle, but thicker. I'm going to enjoy this."

He kissed my cockhead and used his tongue on my piss lips. The feeling was overwhelming. He started bobbing up and down and within a few minutes, I felt his nose against my pubes. This boy...this beautiful young boy was taking 8 inches of this cock all the way down his throat. I couldn't even find too many full grown men who could do that with such ease. He looked up at me and grinned around my cock, then he started humming. Thank the stars I had popped of my balls just a while ago, or I'd be filling his tummy with seed. He would pull back and bob some more before giving me a humming deep throat. When I felt like I was going to cum, I pulled him off. I carried him to his bed and tossed the giggling boy on it. I crawled up on the bed, opening his legs and licking from his feet to his balls on each leg. I raised his legs and saw the object of my fantasy. His little boy hole was winking at me. I dove in and started eating like a man's last meal. He was squeaking and squealing like crazy. Luckily, there were no room occupied nearby. After a while of eating, Wes ordered me to put it in him. When I looked up at him, the little fucker had produced a tube of lube. I took it from him and jellied up his hole and my cock.

He asked, "Can I ride you?"

"Of course you can, dear boy. Anything you want to do."

I was sitting with my head against the headboard and he straddled me. He reached under him and lined up my cock and began sitting down. His face showed concentration and a touch of pain, but he shook his head when I said we should stop. Inch by inch, he lowered himself on my cock until he started giggling.

"Your hair is tickling my ball and ass!"

I reached up and touched his cheek and he leaned toward me and kissed me. It had been a couple of years since I was kissed like that. I felt the warmth of his body against mine. He began to raise his body up and down, fucking himself on my cock. The entire time, his lips were locked with mine, his tongue was licking mine and his cocklett was rubbing against my bear belly.

The boy never seemed to tire. He bounced and kissed for almost a full hour. He had a boygasm after the first 10 minutes, another 15 minutes later and the third was 45 minutes into the fucking. I was trying to save off my orgasm when all of a sudden he pulled away from my face, his eyes opened wide and he screamed like someone was pulling the flesh from his body. His whole body was shaking, his eyes rolled up into his head and his cocklett was twitching like someone had a massage wand under it. His 4th dry orgasm sent me over the edge. I grabbed his hips and fucked up into his body and unleashed my seed into his ass. We both collapsed, breathing like we'd never breathe again. 10 minutes later, my cock was lodged in his ass.

"Mr. Dale. I have to piss." he said.

"Me, too, buddy."

I kept my cock in him and carried him to the bathroom. I had an idea, but wanted to know if he was okay with it.

"I'm going to step in the tub. I want you to piss on my belly while I piss in your ass. Is that okay with you?"

His reply was only..."KINKY!!!"

As soon as his warm piss hit my belly, I started to unload my bladder in his hole.

He cried out, "Oh my god, I can feel it. It's awesome."

We pulled ourselves apart I sat him on the toilet to expel the piss and cum I'd planted up in there. We showered to get clean and was just sitting on the bed when his cell rang. He put it on speaker.

"Hi, mommy."

"Hello, Love. I'm going to be very late getting in. I found a nice young man who's going to take me him and fuck me crazy. I tried to call Mr. Dale to see if he'll keep an eye on you, but he's not answering his phone."

"Mr. Dale is here, mom. He's sitting on the bed with me."

"Did he fuck your pretty little ass already?"

"Yes, mommy. And his pissed up my ass also. That felt incredible."

"A piss enema, huh. I may have to see if this stud here is up for that. Dale, since you've already been inside my boy, I assume you don't have any problem watching him for the rest of the night...and maybe most of the day tomorrow? I've decided to get the car fixed on Monday."

"Brooke, it'll be my pleasure to watch him. I'm off work tomorrow, so keeping an eye on him would be no problem. You take all the time you need."

I went back to the office and transferred the phone line to room 102. When I got back to the room, Wes was laying on his belly, showing off that beautiful ass of his. I feasted on his ass, then moved us into a 69 position. He feel asleep with my cock in his mouth and I did the same with his ass in my face.

When I woke up, Wes was nuzzling my cock. I told him I had to piss and he said, "Let it go." He put his mouth over my cock and, using my hand to control the stream, I gave Wes his liquid breakfast in bed. He thought it was yummy.

We got a real breakfast and went back to his room. At around 3:00 pm, the door opened and his mother walked in. She saw us and went, "Aww." She brought the "young stud" back with her and couldn't see him because of the light streaming through the door. All of a sudden he shouted, "Uncle Dale?"

It was my nephew, Andy. He said, "I never knew you were a butt fucker, especially and young butt fucker!"

Needless to say, it was and interesting afternoon. I found out my nephew was bi, same as me.

It took 5 days to "fix" Brooke's car and by the end of that time, we had taught Wes the thrill of bi sex with his mother. We all were in each other's bodies. At one time, Brooke was on the bed, sucking on her son's cocklett while Andy was fucking her and I was fucking Andy.

When Brooke and Wes were getting ready to leave, we exchanged phone number and Facebook pages. We promised to keep in touch. Andy moved into my room at the motel and we're fucking on a regular basis.

Two weeks after they left, we got a Facebook Video request from Wes. He told us that his uncle was sexually excited by our encounter and wanted us to come to New York for an incest orgy to beat all. I asked the owners of the motel for some time off and it was granted, so Andy and I started packing immediately.

We booked a flight and headed out the next day. My humdrum life was so filled with excitement now, ever since I saw the boy who stayed in room 102!