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Just in case, part one is here:

Cast of Characters

Dale Brach-- Bisexual leaning toward gay, versatile top. 45 years old, 6' tall, 225 pounds, hairy body, 8", thinning grey hair. Works at family owned motel in rural Kentucky. First me Wes when his mother stayed at the motel.

Wes Walsh -- Gay, but does dabble with mom's pussy sometimes. Prefers to bottom for now. 9 years old, 4'4" tall, 60-65 pounds, 3" cocklett, blond hair was shaved short on 1/3 of his head while the rest was long enough to cover his right eye. Beautiful ocean blue eyes.

Andy Brach -- Bisexual, in the middle, dominate with women, sub bottom boy with men. 22 years old, 5'10" tall, 175 pounds, blond shaggy hair and green eyes. He's my nephew that was fucking Brooke in the last story.

Josh Walsh -- Bisexual, in the middle, Top with women, versatile with men, top with boys. Wes' Uncle -- 50 years old, 6'3" tall, 230 pounds, full head of black hair, Hairy body, but keeps his pubes and balls shaved. Been sexually active with Wes for 3 years.

Brooke Walsh -- Straight, will submit to a dick when it's near her mouth or pussy. Wes' mother -- 30 years old, 5'8" tall, 168 pounds, mid back length blond hair, blue eyes, nice set of tits and an ass that, if I were totally straight, I'd tap in a heartbeat. I thought I'd mention her, even though she won't be a focal point in the story.

Mike Todd -- Gay, totally submissive to any cock. Works at the condo as valet and delivery boy -- 18 years old, 5'5" tall, 120 pounds, close cut blond hair, hazel eyes, smooth body, including pubes and pits.

Now to the story!

The Boy in Room 102

Part 2


Nifty Silver Bear

Recap: Brooke Walsh and her son, Wes, were having car problems near the hotel I worked at. After I got them a room, Brooke went to find a cocktail bar and called the motel letting me know she found some cock as well. Little did I know, she had set up for her little gay boy to seduce me. And seduce me he did. We spent the night in all sort of perverse behavior, including watersports. I was also informed that Wes' uncle John has been sexually active with Wes and his mom for 3 years and they were moving to NY to be with him. When Brooke arrived the next morning, I found out my nephew, Andy was her cock for the night. Andy is also bi and we all had fun the next 5 days till they had to head to NY. Two weeks after they left, we got a Facebook Video request from Wes. He told us that his uncle was sexually excited by our encounter and wanted us to come to New York for an incest orgy to beat all. I asked the owners of the motel for some time off and it was granted, so Andy and I started packing immediately.

And now, the continuation...

I sent Wes the following message on Facebook as we were boarding the plane.

Hey, Buddy. Just wanted

to let you know Andy are

I are boarding the plane

in a few moments. We'll

see you soon!

YAY, can't wait to see you

and I know mom can't

wait to see Andy again. ;)

Well be there in about 3 &

Half hour. Be good!
Love you! <3

Love you too. And I'm

Always good, except when

I'm not! Hee hee

Andy and I boarded the plane in Nashville at 6:45 am on Sunday morning and landed in NYC three hours later. We saw Wes and Brooke waiting for us with signs with our names on them. When we cleared the security area, we were met with Walsh clan, hugging and kissing us like long lost relatives. Wes hugged me and Brooke hugged Andy. After some time of greetings, we went out to the baggage drop off and got our bags. Brooke led us to the exit and called Josh on the cell letting him know we were here.

5 min later, a 2017 Lincoln Town Car pulled up and Josh got out. I wouldn't say he was knock out gorgeous, but he was a looker. Wes, Andy and I got in the back seat to leave room for Brooke in the front, but was told she couldn't be here because of her job. They were sending her to Austin to help set up a new office for her job. Andy seemed so disappointed. So, it'd just be us boys for part of the week. As we drove, Wes was a nonstop chatter box showing us sites we'd only seen on TV before, including Ground Zero of the World Trade Center. We finally made it to a nice condo building and pulled into the underground garage. An 18 year old named Mike ran over to the car and greeted Josh, saying, "Good morning, Mr. Walsh. I'll be careful with your car." Josh gave Mike the keys and a $20 tip.

We made our way to the elevators and Wes pushed the 14th button. Up we went till the elevator stopped. The computer voice in the elevator said, "Room 14102." Josh looked at me, wondering why I was laughing. I explained that when I first met Brooke and Wes, the room they were assigned was 102. He understood and laughed as well. He explained that he knew the room number and Wes wanted the voice to say the floor and then room 102, so he had it done.

The door to the elevator opened and when we entered the condo, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The enormous entry led to a living room that was larger than my double room at the motel. I was given the grand tour and found out there were 9 bedrooms and 10 full sized baths, each bath with a garden tub and separate shower. Each of the bedrooms were master baths with large walk in closets. HUGE kitchen, pantry, dining room, library and a balcony. <GASP> the balcony was huge with a wet bar, gas grill and seating for at least 20 people. Josh saw the look on my face and told me he owned the building. He had inherited it from an uncle he didn't even know he had. He also inherited close to $800,000 on top of the building and stock, bonds, etc.. I later found out he was worth over $1.3 billion. He hadn't told his sister-in-law or nephew about it until they arrived in NY.

Andy and I were shown to our room, even though we knew we wouldn't spend much time there. By the time we saw the sights, the condo, the balcony and put away our clothes, we were starving. We walked out of our room to see Josh and Wes completely naked. Josh said, "The house rule is no clothes. Only a robe if you feel the need to cover, but pants, shirts and undies are a big no no." Andy and I turned around to our room and disrobed. Josh had already ordered delivery service and soon, Mike from the garage was ringing the bell. Josh said, "Ready to make Mike squirm?" and went to the door completely naked with Wes in tow. Mike was already blushing when the door slid opened and was invited in. He wheeled in a service cart with several plates covered with a dome. He was looking at the floor, the cart, the ceiling...wherever he could look instead of our nudity. Josh signed the bill and left and tip. As they walked toward the door, he smacked Andy on the ass. Andy just laughed and left the room. "I'm always forgiven, especially with the large tips I leave him. Jesus, Dale. Wes was right, you don't shave that thing at all, do you?"

"Nope, I prefer all natural. If we were meant to have it smooth down there, we'd be smooth."

We all agreed to disagree with that and sat to eat. Steak and lobster tail was a treat for me, especially for lunch. By the time we were finished, Wes had a look in his eye. He whispered something to Josh and Josh nodded. Wes looked right at me and started dribbling the butter sauce for his lobster all over his body, including his boy bits. What was left, he poured into his hand and moved it to his rear and inserted his fingers. He laughed as I was ogling him. "What's wrong, Dale? Don't you want your buttery desert? You can lick every drop off me."

I asked, "So, where do you want to do it?"

"We're all guys here. And we ALL know what's going to happen over the next few days." He pushed aside plates and glasses and got up onto the table, laying on his back. His little pecker was rock hard under all that buttery goodness. He said, "You can have your desert right here at the table."

I was hard as hell, and looking around, I could see Andy and Josh just as hard. I stood up and walked over to Wes and started licking his face and neck. His nipples were next and he raised his arms to reveal his pit also had butter in them. He giggled and squirmed as I cleaned under his arms. I proceeded to his belly and navel where the butter had pooled. After I cleaned that out, the only thing left I could reach right then was his cocklett. He grabbed my head when I sucked it in and held on for dear life. I sucked him to 3 dry orgasms in the span of 15 minutes. He finally let go of my head and I went for my prize. I lifted his legs to his chest and gazed at the beauty that was his boypussy. It winked at me and I knew I had to have it. I dove in, licking, probing and chewing on his pucker like and man possessed. I know he popped off another 2 times while I was rimming him. When I was sure his hole was butter free, I stopped and looked at him. Wes' eyes were rolled up into his head and his hair was plastered to his face with sweat.

That's when I heard Andy moan and looked to the couch. He was ass up, head down and Josh was going to town eating his asshole. I stood up to find the table was the perfect height to fuck someone on. I asked if he was ready for round 2 and he just nodded with a lop-sided smile. Using a bit more butter as lube, I greased up my cock and placed it against Wes' hole. He looked at me with those ocean blue eyes and begged, "Please!" I pushed in and he moaned with total delight. He wrapped his legs around my ass and pulled me closer into him. When I bottomed out, he reached up and grabbed at my neck. He pulled me close to his face and said, "Fuck me like you've never fucked anyone before in your LIFE!"

I put my lips to his and we exchanged kisses while I worked up speed. Pretty soon, you could hear my balls slapping his ass with each thrust. I fucked him for 20 minutes before I started feeling the tingle. Wes was on his 5th orgasm of the fuck and the 8th since lunch when I seeded his ass. I don't think I've cum that much in my life. Wes was shaking and groaning with his ass getting filled. That's when I felt my bladder ready to pop.

"I need to go the bathroom and take a leak."

Wes almost screamed at me, "DON'T...YOU...DARE!" He said, "Uncle Josh won't play watersports with me. He says it's gross."

I laughed and then picked up Wes from the table. With my cock still buried in his boypussy, I carried him to the bathroom in my room. We stood in the shower and I unloaded in his ass. At least half a gallon of piss was filling his guts and his tummy started to grow. Andy came into the bathroom while I was still plugged into Wes. "What's going on, guys? Josh got done fucking me and you two had left."

"Josh, you like my piss, right?"

"Uncle Dale, it's nectar from the gods."

"You need to get on your knees and be ready to eat Wes' ass. It's flooded with cum and piss."

I didn't have to tell Andy twice. He was under us, licking my balls waiting for the cork to pop out. He was so quick, hardly any hit the floor. I could hear his gulping as my piss and cum poured from Wes' ass.

When Wes was empty and Josh was full, we heard Josh at the door. "Good grief. Wes said you taught him about watersports. DAMN that's gross."

"What's gross about it? It's just urine. Some doctors say urine is actually healthy to drink. You eat ass, that's where people shit from and urine is cleaner than even a clean asshole."

He thought about it and said, "That may be true, but it's the flavor I can't stand. I tried it ONE TIME with an ex and it was putrid."

"What color was his piss?"

"A dark orange."

"He probably had an infection. That IS nasty, but the majority of the time, urine that is clear or even a light yellow is perfectly safe. Also, Andy is the only drinker here, so far. Except that one time Wes drank from the tap."

By this time, Wes had completely come to his senses and told his Uncle he liked the taste of my piss. "Just let me drink one time, Uncle Josh. You'll love it and I'll love it too."

"Well, I do need to drain the lizard. Come here, boy. Let's see if you like this old man's piss."

We watched as Wes fell to his knees in front of Josh and covered his cock with his lips. As the stream flowed, Wes' little throat gulped down every drop. When he was full, Wes got up and wiped his mouth with his hand. "Fucking hell, Unk. That was good to the last drop. As good and Dale's even. Just think about it. You'll never have to get out of bed to piss in the middle of the night or when we're on a long drive. Just let me drain you."

"You have a point there, buddy. Anytime you want a drink just let me know."

Wes looked over at Andy, still on the floor of the shower. "Do you need to piss, Andy?"

"Not right now. I actually pissed on myself when I was drinking from your hole."

Sure enough, Andy was covered with his own piss.

We all showered and dried off. The balcony was private and the weather was nice, so we all went out there to relax. Josh brought out a bottle of whisky and a few soda's for Wes. The rest of the after was so relaxing with a suck here, lick there and a fuck almost everywhere. Even Wes got to fuck Andy and loved it. He said it was better than Brooke's pussy and we should never tell here that.

We decided to go out to dinner. We got dressed and went downstairs. Traffic was bad, so Josh decided to get a cab. It took 40 minutes to get to Kat's Deli and I'll tell you the food was FANTASTIC. I got the Kat's Pastrami Hot Sandwich with fries and pickle spear. I could only eat half and decided to take the rest back to the condo.

When we got back, Mike was still in the garage. Josh, I could tell, was crushing on Mike and made small talk till the elevator dinged. He asked Mike if he had plans for after work and Mike shook his head. "When you get off work, come on up. We're having a boy's night and the more the merrier. We'll have a few drinks and just chat. What do you think?"

"Will I have to be nude?"

"Well, for my long term guest, it's the rule, but I think we can break it for you, this time."

He smiled and said, "Okay, I get off at 9."

With that, we made our way into the elevator. By the time the voice said, "Room 14102" we were all naked. We left our shoes in the entry and carried our clothes to our rooms. Wes showed me his new game console and big screen TV, his posters of pop stars he thought were cute and his other nick nacks he had round his room. We all sat back on the balcony and talked like we'd been lifelong friends when the door bell sounded. Looking at the clock, we realized it was 9:10pm and Mike must be in the elevator. Mike pushed a button on the wall and the elevator door opened. He hollered into the condo that we're on the balcony and to please remove his shoes. Mike came out on the balcony and Josh ushered him into a chair. "What would you like to drink?"

"Just coke, sir. I'm only 18."

Josh brought a coke for Mike and Wes and refilled the rest of our glasses with whisky. We just chatted about thinks like Mike's high school life and what college he was going to. When Josh asked him if he had a girlfriend, Mike shook his head.

"Between school and work, I don't have time for a relationship. Besides, as you may have guessed, I'm not exactly straight. No time for a boyfriend, even."

"What kind of guys do you like?"

"Well, sir. Guys my age are so immature. I'd prefer to date and be with someone who's older and more established."

"Someone like...ME?"

"You are very handsome, sir. But I'm afraid that if I showed you my interests, you'd think I'm a gold digger. I don't want someone to pay my way thought life."

"Well, Mike. I AM interested in you. And I'm not looking for a charity. I could help you out with school and life, but I would expect to be compensated." By the look on Mike's face, he thought Josh was talking about making him a whore. "I'm not talking about THAT kind of compensation. I need help around the condo. A personal assistant, so to speak. I know you know a lot about this city and could use your experience for my advantage. Let's just have a bit of fun now and see how it goes."

Mike was very quiet, but you could see the lust in his eyes when he said, "Yes, sir. I do have to tell you, though, I've never been sexually active with anyone. Only the dildo I bought last year and my own hand."

Josh chuckled, "Well, my boy, I'm a patient and gentle lover, at first. Once you're accustomed to me, then we can take it farther. Why not remove your clothes and let's see what you have hidden for me."

Mike stood up and removed his tie and shirt. Josh just sat, staring like Mike was a piece of art. His areolas were dime sized and his nipples were hard as ball bearings. Mike then removed his pants, leaving his boxer briefs on to remove his socks. When he finally hooked his thumbs in his underwear to remove them, all eyes were glued to his actions. He slowly pulled his undies down to reveal a smooth pubis area and a 4", thumb thin hard circumcised dick. He covered himself and turned 20 shades of red.

Josh walked over to him, hooked his finger under his chin and raised his head to look in his eyes. "Why are you covering up?"

"I'm so embarrassed. I'm so fucking small and I have no hair. I look like a little boy."

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I love it. I think it's perfect. "Looking around at us, "What do you think, guys?"

Wes spoke up first, "Mike...you're beautiful. I love your dick. Turn around for us."

Mike turned around and we all gasped at the beauty that was shown. Mikes ass was sculpted from marble. As much as I loved Wes' ass, Mikes looked like it belonged in a museum. High and tight with dimples in each cheek. Josh was almost teary eyed when he reached down and felt them. "MY GOD, Mike. If you were a hustler, you'd never be without a John. That ass is in-fuckin-credible. May I?"

Mike smiled and nodded. Josh dropped to his knees and mumbled something. When Mike asked what he said, Josh told him he was offering a prayer of thanks. After all, that's what you're supposed to do before you eat, right?

Mike leaned over and Josh spread his cheeks to show a puckered, pink hole. Josh started eating with abandon and Mike's grunts, groans, squeaks and moans told us he was ready for this to happen. Wes moved in front of Mike and asked if he could suck his dick. Not being able to form proper words, Mike just nodded. Wes dropped and started sucking. Between Mike's ass and dick being orally treated, I thought we may have to call 911 at some time in the night. All of a sudden, Mike groaned that he needed to pee. Josh and Wes increased their oral attack on the boy and Mike started grunting like a pig in slop. (I'm from rural Kentucky, I use country similarities) Wes started gulping, smiling like he was tasting fine wine. Mike had done something that he'd never done before. He pissed and came at the same time. Wes' tummy was full with piss and cum and I don't think he could have been happier. When Josh pulled away from his eating, Mike moaned in disappointment.

Josh said, "Don't worry, son. You'll be filled soon enough. Lay back on the lounge."

Mike was on the lounge, feet in the air in record time. Josh asked, "What are you willing, or not willing to do?"

As long as I can get cock, I'll do almost anything."

Josh whispered to all of us and soon we were in positions. Josh had the head of his cock lined up to Mike's asshole. Wes was raised above Mike's dick. Andy was straddle Mike's chest looking at Wes. I had my cock in Andy and my ass was right above Mike's face. On the count of three Josh shoved in, Wes sat down and I lowered my ass. Mike's tongue slithered up my ass and I rocked back and forth fucking Andy, Wes and bouncing like he was on springs and Josh was rutting in Mike. The entire time, Mike was making sounds like a man who was either close to death or close to heaven. Wes was first to cum, but he still bounced on Mike's dick. Andy was next, and he stayed latched to my dick. Mike announced through my ass that he was about to cum. Wes wanted to taste it and jumped off to suck it out of Mike, but Mike came before a mouth could attach and Wes as covered with cum as it sprayed all over. I filled Andy at the same time Josh filled Mike. We all just crumpled where we were gasping for breath and Mike called from under the bodies that we were crushing him. Laughing, we all got up and helped Mike to get up. He was dizzy from all the excitement, but was smiling more than I'd seen anyone smile in a long time. Suddenly, his face got very serious. "Mr. Walsh, if the personal assistant job is still open, I accept."

We all chuckled and Josh and Mike went into the condo to "finalize" details. We found out Mike had a salary of $65,000 a year, plus health benefits, plus "other" benefits. His job description ranged from running errands, setting up meetings, collecting rent from those renting condos, hiring out maintenance for those jobs too large for in site to take care of. We found out Mike's mother threw him out when she found out he was gay and had been living in a shelter or with friends for almost two years. One of the bedrooms was immediately turned over to Mike and he was told to decorate it anyway he wants and to buy any furniture he wanted. Josh handed him a credit card and Josh started to cry. "I thought I'd just stay with you."

"You will, MOST of the time. But if I have investors or a party, we need to keep up a professional appearance." Josh accepted this.

Then, another bombshell. "Dale, I can see you love young Wesley more than anything, am I correct?"

"How can anyone not love him? But, yes. He was a very important place in my heart."

"Well, Mike can hire out maintenance for those job too large for onsite maintenance, which now is everything since I don't HAVE onsite maintenance. So, I'd like to hire you as my number one maintenance guy. The job pays $65,000 a year including benefits and a place to live. You'll also need an assistant, so I was thinking Andy could use $50,000 a year including benefits. He'll also have a place to live. So, here's what I'm thinking. Six bedrooms for six people, and I know only three will probably be used at a time. The other two bedrooms for VIP guests. I know you and Wes will be a couple, Mike and I, and Brooke has fallen in love with Andy, so she'll snatch him up. Our coupling will be fluid and I know all of us will be fucking each other, except Mike who is 100% gay. After talking it over, I decided to call the motel in Kentucky and let them have my notice.

Mrs. Ross' heath wasn't very good and she had a stroke yesterday. She would be in the hospital or hospice until she died and Mr. Ross was planning to sell the motel since he would be devoting his time to his love. He had been agonizing on how to tell me I would have to move and find another job since a large chain hotel had bought the property and would start demolition in one month. I would fly back to say my goodbyes and collect a few things that were important to me in a day or so.

When Brooke arrived home from Houston, she was in for a surprise. Andy met her at the elevator door, naked, of course with a hard on from hell. They went into the living room and started fucking on the couch, joined by Josh, Wes and myself. When we were all finished, she saw Mike standing in the doorway naked.

"Oh, my. Is this little one for me also?"

Josh laughed, "No, he's all mine. There's been some changes since you've left. We are ALL a family now. You, Wes, Dale, Adam, Mike and myself will all be living here and be a happy little fucking community. Mike is the only 100% homo here, so he won't join in with you, but is happy to watch the action. You and Adam have a room, Dale and Wes, and Mike and I.

My life would never be the same after that point. I was allowed to hire mechanics and maintenance people to do the jobs that needed to be done. So I spent 90% of my time traveling NY, or just hanging naked in the condo with my dick in someone.

As time went on, Andy and Brooke got married and had a son. Mike and Josh got married and as soon as Wes is old enough, I'm going to pop the question to him. He's 14 now and popular at school. He has boys and girls both hitting on him. Once in a while he invites a boy to the condo to spend the night in "his" room and I get all excited watching them though the CCTV we had installed. His body belongs to himself to do with as he pleases, but his heart is mine.

My name is Dale Branch. I was a lonely old man, wasting my life away until I met a boy who'd change my life. The boy in room 102!

The End

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