The Colt in The Tanglewood

Normally, Jordan would sit with his coworkers during lunch...but today, he excused himself, saying he needed to take some messages, and sat off by himself. He certainly wasn't hungry...with his heart in his throat and trembling fingers, he opened the mysterious, threatening email.

It started out, "I know what you did. If you don't want your mom, dad, boss, friends and pretty new wife to find out, then follow my instructions. Tomorrow, at 9 AM, go to the toilets north of the tennis courts in the Old Municipal Park. Enter the Ladies, go to the far stall, go in and strip naked, then kneel and wait for 4 loud knocks on door. Open the door, and I will take you to my place. You will suck my cock, eat my butthole, and I will fuck your virgin ass. You'll love it, I guarantee." Attached to the message was a poor quality photo that still clearly showed Jordan...going down on a hard cock.

Sweat was on his palms and forehead, and he honestly felt like he was going to throw up, he was so rattled. Who was this guy? How did he even know his email address? How dangerous was this stranger? Was his family even safe? What the fuck is he going to do? The one thing he didn't question is, how did he get that photo.

For much of his young adult life, Jordan was curious about sex with men. He'd look things and whatnot...on line, mostly...but he never so much as touched another dude. If anything, he became a bit prudish about even seeing other men naked, for he was troubled by his thoughts. Looking on line, he discovered a wooded area known as `The Tanglewood' supposedly was a cruising ground of men looking for anonymous blow jobs. He scoped the area out for a week, first driving by, then walking around in the daylight, when it was basically empty, then observing from the bushes as night fell and, indeed, some men would start to mill about...eventually, he saw it; a young blond guy on his knees, bobbling his head into the crotch of a older guy with longish, dark hair. His dick felt like it would rip out of his pants...he knew he had to try it!

He intended to get a blow job...and being a good looking, young man with a big bulge, he was quickly sized up by several hopefuls. He made eye contact with a guy who looked to be in his 30's...okay build, okay face, and somehow `safe' looking. He nodded his chin at the guy and rubbed his crotch. Soon the stranger was on his knees, giving Jordan his first gay hummer...Jordan was so on edge and horny he blew his load very quickly...probably in 30 seconds. The guy sucking him off actually chuckled a bit, rubbed Jordan's thighs and said something about a `hair trigger'.

He wasn't sure how to feel about the experience...excited, ashamed, scared, relieved, turned the fuck on...different levels of all of these. He knew he wanted to try again, and made to put his cock back in the guy's mouth, but the man stood up and placed a hand gently but firmly on Jordan's shoulder. He wanted to say he wasn't gay, that he just wanted to receive, but his body seemed to betray him. Slowly, but with no resistance, he went to his knees, and looked up at the smiling stranger, who had taken his own hard dick out of his pants, and proceeded to move it towards Jordan's slightly open mouth.

It was a good cock for a beginner...just the right size. The head pushed past his lips, and soon he was sucking and licking the hard, meaty shaft. Jordan was lucky, the cocksman realized he had a virgin on his hands, and was patient and experienced...he'd whisper warnings, compliments and suggestions, like `watch your teeth, babe', 'just suck on the head now' and `play with my balls' as he lightly fingered the short hair on the back of Jordan's head. Not pushing, just guiding. The faint gamy flavor was odd, but not unpleasant. Jordan beat his own cock while he suckled, shortly receiving his second orgasm, spitting out the cock as he gasped and leaned his forehead against the man's stomach.

The stranger, still amused (and rather excited) by Jordan's rapid orgasms, took his own tool in hand and, with a few pumps and a loud groan, gushed out a palm full of silvery cum, just a few inches from Jordan's panting, staring face. The bleachy smell filled his nostrils. The cocksman made as if to bring the hot seed up to Jordan's mouth, but the younger man suddenly panicked. He stood up, hiked up his pants, awkwardly mumbled a `thank you', and bolted out of the area...leaving the other guy to smile, shake his head in bemusement, and feed his load to a sudden hungry volunteer.

Unseen by Jordan as he scampered off, the guy who sucked up the cum was big, with close cropped hair and rugged good looks...probably in his late 40's. He smiled at the man, cum and spit shining on his lips, as he pulled out a 20 dollar bill and pressed it into the guy's spit soaked palm. The cocksman looked at the cum-eater with a confused expression, but the other man just grinned and softly said, "think of it as a treated him pretty gentle...good on you."

That night...his first and only blowjob...was obviously when the photo was taken. Jordan did remember sensing others watching from the if the pair were putting on a show. He didn't recall seeing a camera, or anyone using their cellphone to snap a pic, but he was pretty distracted at the time...he could easily have missed it.

This was a week ago. He hadn't been back since, but the event played through his head constantly. He was ashamed, but excited about what happened as well. The urge to do it again appeared the very next day, but he tried to deny it...he did it that once, and he would have to be satisfied. He had Jen to consider...his beautiful wife who he actually did love, and she was pregnant with their first child. True, in this last trimester she didn't feel like putting out at all...which clearly added to his decision to try out dick for the first time. He was ashamed of `cheating' on her, though...he was such a dirty, cocksucking cad.. Yet now, here he was, getting bit in the ass for his exploration by this...this predator. The email arrived in his in-box that was titled "Tanglewood". It shattered his world. Still...despite his misery and guilt and embarrassment and worry, he just couldn't figure out WHY his cock was rock hard in his pants as he sat there!

He was so pale and clearly shaken, that Dutch, the big, burly dude who owned the roofing business he worked for, came over and asked if he was okay. Dutch was known to have a great bullshit detector, but one look at Jordan and he completely believed him when he told his boss he was feeling sick and probably should go home and take the next day off.

"Damn, look like you've seen a ghost or something. Maybe go to the doctor, yeah? Feel better, okay kid?" Dutch said kindly, his concern obvious.

Jordan thanked his boss and went out to his pickup truck. It felt like a million butterflies were swirling around in his gut, and he continued to feel nauseous. He closed his truck door, and rested his head on the steering wheel...dismayed, yet oddly...excited?

He decided to drop by his parents' house...knowing his dad would have something strong to calm his nerves. He thought his folks would be out, but his dad's car was in the driveway. As he walked in the kitchen, he found his dad sitting at the table, drinking coffee and reading the paper.

"Hey, son! Good to see you, boy! To what do I owe this privilege? I'd have thought you'd be at...oh, damn, son...what's wrong?" His pop stood up and walked over to his oldest son, worry clearly written on his face. "Is everything okay with Jen and the baby?"

"Uh...yeah, dad...don't worry. Everything's just fine. Um...I'm not...I'm not feeling well is all..."

Jordan's dad had just as good a bs-detector as Dutch, but he knew his son a lot better. He didn't appear to buy it. "Colt, what's the matter...I want you to really tell me. Is it about being a new dad? I mean, I was a nervous wreck when you were about to one would blame you if you felt jangled by it all. You got me and your mom and your brother behind you 100%. Jen's amazing, and we all love you guys...I'll be okay, trust me. No matter what's stressing you, Colt, it will BE OKAY!"

`Colt' was his dad's personal nick-name for him, one he used his entire life. Hearing his dad say it, and the concern in his voice, combined with the incredible stress was a bit much for the guy. If his family knew his dirty secret, that he sucked the cock of a complete stranger, what would they think? Fuck, maybe Jen would leave him...take the baby! He tried holding it back, but tears welled up in his eyes, then spilled down his face.

"Aww..come here, kid," his dad soothed, taking him in his arms and rubbing his back as son wept on his dad's broad shoulder. After a minute, Jordan pulled back from the hug, wiped his face with his hands, and took a deep breath. He was worried Dad would feel his hard cock if he hugged much longer.

"Thanks, Dad," he said, finally looking up and smiling at the man. "I guess I AM just really stressed out, but you taught me to be a man, and I know I can do this. I know what I gotta do."

Dad nodded and put his arm around his son's shoulder. "Yeah, Colt, I know you do...I know you do. So, how about a shot of something stiff. We got some whiskey...tequila...what?"

"Yeah...thanks...a whiskey would be great, Dad." Oh, yes...he knew what he had to do...


Jordan got to the location nearly 2 hours early. He just couldn't sleep that night, and Jen had been up because she was so uncomfortable. She noticed his mood, but was so preoccupied with her own immense discomfort she couldn't do much to help him. He decided, once she got to sleep, to go out early. He sat in his truck, looking out at the old, unused tennis courts and the concrete block of toilets at the far end. He was so confused and terrified. At one point, hot tears again flowed down his handsome face...but his cock never deflated.

Like a nervous cat, he got out of his truck at 10 of 9. He repeatedly swept his gaze over the area...but he saw absolutely no one. He harbored a tiny hope that this was all some sick prank, but he decided he had to go through with it.

Cautiously approaching the Ladies restroom, he went inside. It was so forlorn, leaves had actually piled up in one corner. The dingy white sinks were streaked with green from the minerals in the pipes. Two stall locks were broken. He entered the last stall, as instructed, and closed and locked the door. With heavy heart, he stripped off his hoodie, t-shirt, work boots, jeans, socks and boxer briefs. He shivered, from both the cool air and from the circumstances, but broke out in a sweat nonetheless.

Kneeling on the dirty floor, he shimmied back enough that the door would easily open without hitting his knees. With a full body shudder and deep sigh, he waited. Part of him really wanted to just bolt, but he couldn't risk that the guy wouldn't make good on his blackmail threat. THAT thought scared him more than anything! Any second now, it would begin...his fully erect cock throbbed and stood straight up, oozing precum.

As 9 o'clock finally arrived, he strained to hear some sound that would indicate the mystery man was there...nothing. 5 minutes later, still nothing...the tension was really getting to him...WAS it just a sick prank? 10 minutes past...15 minutes. Come ON Jordan thought to himself...was this another cruel way of tormenting him? This place was pretty abandoned, but certainly it wasn't impossible that some third party person...some lady, he reminded himself...might come in and catch him. Being exposed as a naked perv lurking in the women's' toilet would look almost as bad on the nightly news! Then...he definitely heard a sound.

The sound of footsteps approaching...they sounded heavy. There was no mistaking that someone was now inside the room with him. He inadvertently made a whining noise and he felt his eyes misting up. With a bead of sweat dripping down his neck, and his heart in his throat, he watched as a pair of big work boots appeared under the door in front of him...then...





Each knock brought a small whimper or gasp from Jordan, as well as causing his throbbing cock to twitch and push out a new drop of precum...silver threads of it dripped down from his fuzzy, pendulous balls to the floor. With a gulp and a severely trembling hand, he reached out and undid the latch. The door opened just an inch, then paused. Jordan found he couldn't even breath.

The man spoke in a loud, gruff whisper, "Good, you're here...put your hands behind your head, and look down at the NOT look up at me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Jordan replied weakly, mortified that his voice sounded high pitched and cracked a bit. The door opened fully, and the man entered the stall. He stood just a few inches away from Jordan,who trembled piteously on the floor, a tear dripping down his flushed cheek. The man just stood there for a moment...probably just 10 seconds, but it felt like an eternity. Then, Jordan heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down. Even without looking, it was obvious his tormentor was pulling his own cock out of his jeans. The toe of his big boot moved out and barely, gently grazed Jordan's nut sack.

"Good...good...oh, you're so fucking sexy fucking Colt..."

WHAT?! It felt almost like a hard kick in the gut! Despite his previous orders, Jordan couldn't help darting his wide eyes upward...into the face of his own father! It was just too much for the poor guy!

"DaaaaddDDYYYYY?!?!?" He yelped as his dick exploded into a hands-free orgasm! A thick volley shot almost straight up, dropping down mostly on Jordan's forehead and nose. A second spurt hit him on the chin, frosting his beard, while the next few either painted his torso or just plopped onto the floor. Each jolt causing him to shudder and loudly gasp. He never broke eye contact with his dad the entire orgasm. His dad continued smiling down with a leering grin, slowly shaking his head.

" poor, frisky Colt...we need to do something about that `hair trigger' of yours!" he chuckled. He then put his right hand out and sort of caressed the side of his son's panting, sweaty face. Still locking eyes, but almost as if in a trance,, not Jordan...COLT...pressed his cheek and chin into the rough, calloused palm. Like a dog leaning into his owner's touch. The thick fingers scooped up some of the cum on Colt's face, including a dollop hanging from the end of his nose...then rubbed against his son's lips. Colt opened his mouth and suckled his dad's fingers...mewling as he tasting his own cum for the first time. Grooming for more cum from his son's bearded chin, Dad brought his fingers up to his own mouth and sucked them with an approving grunt.

He then reached out and grabbed a fistful of the short cropped hair on top of his son's head. Firmly, but rather gently, he pulled/helped Colt up to his feet. Somehow, it felt even stranger standing face-to-face with his dad then when he was kneeling at his feet .Colt finally broke eye contact, and looked down, not knowing WHAT to think. He could feel the sobs starting in his he did the only thing that seemed to make sense...he began to cry.

" sweet Colt...come here," his dad shushed as he took his distressed son in his strong a tableau almost identical to the one from the other day. "I know it seems like this is a dirty trick...a cruel, cruel joke of some kind...but I did it because I love you and I was so worried about you. Until I saw you at the Tanglewood that night, I never knew you were a dick-hungry slut." Hearing that, Colt sobbed louder, causing his dad to shush him gently and stroke his back.

"You may be a husband and father yourself, but it was clear to me you had an insatiable hunger for cock. Son, you are far too naive and innocent to be going out there sniffing for cock on your own. There are a lot of dangers you don't even think about. Diseases, cops waiting to arrest you, thugs who'll rob you or worse...I knew, after I licked up that dude's cum from his hand, that I had to corral my young Colt and train him right!"

"Also, this has all been a sort of punishment. You should have come to your Daddy right away when you felt this hunger for cock. Such a hunger, left's like an evil addiction, You know you could, and should, come to me no matter what, right? You're 22 now...why, we could have been enjoying each other, pleasing each other for years if you had been more forthcoming. I admit, I got angry about your reckless, selfish behavior...but it's okay now...the worst is over."

After a minute or two, Colt's sobs subsided. One thing that didn't subside was his hard on, which was now crushed up against the equally hard cock that made him. Dad's rough hand traveled down his son's back and cupped his firm ass cheek. The finger tips moved inwards, gently playing with the hairy crack and then rubbing against the rubbery, sweaty hole they found. Colt shuddered, and pressed back slightly, allowing his dad's middle finger to push past the ass lips. A loud gasp escaped Colt's gaping mouth, his eyes scrunched shut, and he threw his head back at the minor invasion of his tight anus.

"Ah...good...I see you're an ass-slut too! I'm glad I got to you while you're still a virgin. A dad should always be responsible for something as important as taking his son's cherry. Now Colt, let's get out of here. I made sure your Mom was going to be out of the house for the day...that's why I was late, actually. We'll go to my den and I'll show you a whole world of pleasure."

"Yes, Daddy," Colt said breathlessly, as his dad pressed their lips together. Their tongues entwined like snakes...Colt whined piteously while Dad answered with a hungry growl. Grasping the sides if his son's head, Dad licked the last traces of cum and tears from Colt's face before once again plunging his tongue back into his mouth. As they broke the kiss a minute later, a string of saliva connected their lips.

Colt reached to pick up his clothes and put them on, when his dad stopped him with a wagging finger and cluck of his tongue. "Boy, did I SAY get dressed? No, I didn't. We're going to have a lot of fun, but you also clearly need discipline and training. Normally we'll be `Dad' and "Jordan"...everything will be completely normal...but when we're together like this, I'll exclusively be "Daddy' and you'll be "Colt' it? Now, Colt must treat Daddy as his master, and always wait for directions.

"I WILL be punishing you today...first, you looked up when I told you not to, then you came without permission. I owe your sweet backside a good tanning! I can't wait to see those buns redden and jiggle! Nothing like rimming then hard fucking a just spanked virgin ass! I think we'll have to record it, so we can both watch me taking your cherry together later. Don't worry, son, I'll get you on track quick enough. Let's go.

Holding his clothes, his plump cock still bobbing semi-hard, the naked son meekly followed his Daddy out of the dingy, concrete building. He noted with relief that his Daddy stopped him before they actually went outside, looking about to see if the coast was clear...looking out for his wayward, naked boy. Colt followed him to his car, parked right next to his own truck.

As they pulled away, Daddy smiled over at his boy and placed a hand on his hairy thigh...rubbing back and forth. Colt sighed and returned the smile...finally feeling safe under his Daddy's strong hand.