By Pink Panther

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January 1961

With Bradshaw safely back at home, Alex sat down to relax. He'd had a quite splendid weekend, as good as any he could remember. At six o'clock, he picked up the phone and dialled Gordon's number.

"I thought you might have called yesterday," Gordon said after the usual introductions.

"Sorry, but I was going to my young lady's establishment for dinner. I was a bit pushed for time."

"Young lady?" Gordon queried, sounding horrified by the idea.

"Don't worry," Alex said soothingly. "It's entirely platonic. She doesn't want anything more than that and neither do I, but the fact that I do have a young lady and we're often seen together stops the tongues wagging. And she is very good company. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. I know that in the sort of cloistered environment where you are, it doesn't matter. Out here, it's important."

"Yes, I can understand that. So how did you meet her?"

"At the choral society. We've been going out together for nearly a year. Anyway, I imagine you're wondering how yesterday went."

"Of course!"

"I'm pleased to sat it went very well. Whitney had him lying face-down on the bed, which he obviously enjoyed. Then I taught him how to sit on my lap with my cock up his bottom. He found it quite testing to start with, but once he got used to it, he was fine."

"Excellent! So are you still going to see them again next Saturday?"

"Yes, but I'm confident that with one more session he'll definitely be ready. Have you done the deed with van Kerkstraat yet?"

"Yes, twice in fact. The first time, it took ages for him to sit right down, but he managed it eventually. And once he was there, he was as happy as a sandboy."

"Was it just the two of you?"

"No, I had the other two here as well. Once Van Kerkstraat had got himself comfortable, Southcott sucked him off while Holdsworth fucked Southcott's bottom."


"And how is Bradshaw coming along?"

"Oh, he was here earlier on. I told him about next Sunday, and I got him sitting on my cock, just as I had with Long. He took it very happily."

"So, I'll be meeting Bradshaw next Sunday and Long the following Saturday. That really is a most enticing prospect. Holdsworth's just as keen as I am, of course. Martin tells me that Bradshaw gets on well with Arrowsmith?"

"Yes. So do I, for that matter. I know Arrowsmith can be a handful, but he's very intelligent. He likes the fact that Bradshaw will stand up to him. The first time they met, Arrowsmith started going on about kissing being girly. Bradshaw squashed that idea in five seconds flat."

"Oh, I see! As you might imagine, Southcott doesn't care for Arrowsmith because the lad's equipment's not big enough."

"That sounds about right," Alex concurred, laughing. "Okay. I'll let you go. We'll see you and Holdsworth next Sunday, around ten past three."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex breezed through the next three days. There were no further confrontations with Mr Needham. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Under-12 football training was no different. Buoyed by the successes of the previous two weeks, the lads were working better than ever.

They finished with a practice match, team attackers and reserve defenders on one side, team defenders and reserve attackers on the other. Anticipating a pass from Monk, Bradshaw sprinted into space. Suddenly, he pulled up, hobbled a few steps and went to ground, pulling off his right boot without bothering to undo the laces.

Alex ran across to him. The lad was clearly in a great deal of pain.

"What's the problem?" Alex asked.

"It's my heel sir. I was trying to get away from my marker and it just went."

"Okay, take you sock off."

With the sock removed, Alex looked at Bradshaw's heel. There was no sign of any bruising. And why would there be? After some recent rain, the pitch had softened considerably. The boy hadn't been doing anything to cause a bruise.

"Is this the first time you've felt it?"

"No sir. I felt it a bit towards the end on Saturday, but it's been okay since. It only hurts when I run."

Alex was mystified. If the lad had hurt his heel the previous Saturday, four days on, any bruising would have been clearly visible. In any case, if it was a bruise, it would hurt all the time. He began to feel the affected area. Touching the underside of the heel produced no reaction at all. He moved his fingers around to the side.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Bradshaw gasped, jerking away from him.

"Okay lads," Alex said quietly. "We'll have to leave it for today. Wade and Sanderson, help him back to the changing room."

Alex's mind was racing. Bradshaw, one of the team's key players, was injured and he didn't have a clue what was wrong with him. Of almost equal concern was how the team would fare in Bradshaw's absence. The defence had improved immeasurably, but where were the goals going to come from? Monk and Sanderson needed the ball played into them. It was Bradshaw's ability to win the ball and beat defenders that had created most of their goal-scoring opportunities.

The match scheduled for the coming Saturday was one he'd expected them to win comfortably. That was looking far less likely now. The following Saturday, they would play their home fixture against Northridge. Alex had expected at the very least to give these toughest of opponents a good game. Unless Bradshaw recovered very quickly, they could forget that too.

"Okay lads," he announced. "Into the showers!" He turned to Bradshaw. "Not you; you can have a bath when you get home. Can you get your school shoes on over your football socks?"

"Yes sir, I think so."

"Do that then. Don't bother getting changed. Put on your blazer and your coat and put the rest of your clothes in your bag. If anyone asks, tell them I told you to go home like that."

As the other lads made their way through the showers, Bradshaw got himself ready.

"Okay," Alex told him. "Just sit there until the others are ready to go."

He strode across to Thorpe who was just putting on his underpants.

"Are you available for Saturday?" he asked quietly.

"Yes sir."

"Good! We're going to need you. Bradshaw's not going to be able to play."

"Okay sir. I'll be here."

Five minutes later, most of the other boys, including Pennington, were almost ready to leave.

"Right," Alex said, addressing himself to Bradshaw. "Let's see if you can stand up."

Very gingerly, Bradshaw got to his feet.

"How is it?" Alex demanded.

"Not too bad, sir. Not as bad as it was, anyway."

"Are you going to be able to get home? I'll take you if you need me to."

Bradshaw took a few exploratory steps.

"I'll be okay sir. Lawton and Slater go on the same bus as me. We can go together."

"Fair enough!" Alex said approvingly.

A couple of minutes later, with the boys on their way home, he locked the changing room and headed for the car park. As Pennington had had a start on him, he drove straight to the Kings Head to pick the lad up.

"What's wrong with Bradshaw?" Pennington asked as the drove towards Alex's flat.

"I wish I knew," Alex told him.

Back at the flat, Alex gave the boy a good fucking, just as he always did, but in truth his heart wasn't in it. He was too concerned about Bradshaw. The worst part was not knowing what the problem was. He needed to find out. Later that evening he wrote to a friend from his days at Cambridge, a medic who was going on to specialise in sports injuries, describing Bradshaw's symptoms as accurately as he could. Maybe that would provide him with some answers.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Predictably, Bradshaw didn't take any time off school. From what Alex could see, the lad seemed to be walking okay too. He was more mystified than ever, but with a class of over thirty to look after, he didn't have time to investigate further. And like Monk, Bradshaw wasn't the type to want people making a fuss.

On Friday lunchtime, Bradshaw arrived for his maths tutorial.

"How is it?" Alex asked.

"It's okay, sir. It's fine as long as I don't run. Last night, Mum took me to the doctor's. He sort of squeezed my heel from either side. I almost hit the ceiling! Then he told me that at the moment the bones in my heel are fusing together. He said that because I run around so much, the soft tissue between the bones that are trying to join together had got stretched, and that's what was causing the pain."

"Oh, I see," Alex responded, nodding sagely, impressed by how clearly the lad had explained what the doctor had said. "Well, it's not something I've ever heard of, but it does seem to make sense. Did he suggest any treatment?"

"He said all I could do was rest it, and it'd get better on its own. Until it does, I'm not to do any running and definitely no jumping."

"Did he give you any idea how long it was likely to take?"

"I've got to go back in three weeks. He said if I did as I was told, there was a good chance I'd be able to start playing football again then."

"So that's what you're going to do, isn't it?"

"Yes sir."

"Actually, on Wednesday evening I wrote to a friend of mine, someone I played rugby with while I was at Cambridge. He was a top medical student, and now he's going on to specialise in sports injuries. I described your symptoms and asked him if he could suggest what it might be. We'll see if he agrees with what your doctor told you."

"Thanks, sir!

"And you'll be okay for Sunday afternoon?"

"Yes sir! I don't want to miss that!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On Saturday morning, the under-12s' football match went as badly as Alex had feared. The Woodchurch defence performed stoutly, repelling one attack after another, but in Bradshaw's absence, they no longer had anyone who could take the ball past the opposing defenders. As a consequence, their attacking threat simply evaporated.

They were reduced to hoofing the ball upfield in the hope that Sanderson would either bring it down and score himself, or lay it off to Monk for him to score. Unfortunately, these hopeful kicks upfield were not accurate enough. Sanderson beat the defenders to the ball on only two occasions, and even then, he found himself unable to control it.

The match ended with Woodchurch having lost by one goal to nil. The boys were very disappointed. But there was little they could have done, Alex told himself. Having lost Bradshaw right at the end of their training session, they'd had no time to work out a plan for playing without him. After a wash and a change of clothes, he sat down to eat lunch. At their next training session, he resolved, they would have to find a more effective way to play than they'd managed on this occasion.

Whitney arrived at five to two.

"Is Mr Brown bringing Long over sir?" he asked as he entered the flat.

"Yes," Alex confirmed. "Mr Brown would have called if there'd been a change of plan."

"So how d'you want me to have Long today?"

"I thought you and Mr Brown could give him a chain-fuck, like you did with Pennington."

"Oh yes, sir! I really loved that!"

"Yes, I could tell. To use your expression, it looked like you'd been plugged into the electric. I have to say that for a boy who doesn't like sport, you are remarkably physical."

"Yes, sir, but I do cycle quite a bit. During the Easter holidays, Newton and I are planning to visit a couple of stately homes. Before then, Mum's going to buy me a new racing bike. The one I've got at the moment is too small for me."

"Excellent," Alex said approvingly. "I'm pleased to know that you do get some proper exercise."

"Sir, are you sure it's alright for me to have Long like that? I mean, he looks so . . . , you know."

"It should be okay. I'm pretty sure Arrowsmith will have fucked him in that position. Just make sure he can open his legs wide enough for you to get down between them without hurting him."

"Okay sir. So how are you going to do him?"

"With him lying on his front. If he can deal with that, he should be okay to meet Mr Smith."

"I'll look forward to watching you, sir!"

Alex smiled appreciatively. He'd realised a few months earlier that Whitney loved to watch him fuck the younger boys, especially in that position.

"You like that, don't you?" he suggested.

"Yes sir. I liked what we did last week too. Seeing how much you'd stretched Long's bum-hole made me so horny! It didn't seem possible."

"Oh, we'll have to do that again," he said quietly, nuzzling the teenager's ear. "Anyway, time to put the kettle on. They'll be here soon."

Ten minutes later, Alex, Whitney and the two guests were drinking tea and chatting, Alex pleased to note that Long looked even more relaxed than he had the week before. As they moved to the bedroom, he went across to Whitney.

"I've had a word with Mr Brown," he whispered into the teenager's ear. "He says it will be fine to do as I suggested."

Michael grinned and nodded. This was going to be another exciting session!

For the next fifteen minutes, they each reprised what they'd done the previous Saturday. Finally, Whitney and Long were ready to bring matters to a conclusion.

"Okay," Michael instructed. "Roll onto your back."

As soon as the youngster had done as requested, Michael picked his legs, pushing them right back, the ten-year old's knees almost touching his shoulders. Long grinned up at him.

"Have you taken it like this before?" Michael enquired, smiling back.

"Yeah! Arrowsmith's done me this way a few times."

It wasn't unexpected. It would have happened when the two of them were at Mr Brown's flat. Michael reckoned that Arrowsmith would probably have had the kid lying on his tummy too. Having coated his penis with K-Y, he shuffled in close, guiding it onto Long's boy-hole. He pushed steadily. After a second or two, the ten-year old's sphincter opened up and he was in.

In front of him, Long was smiling beatifically, his scrawny chest rising and falling. There was no need to wait, Michael concluded. Instead, he maintained his steady pressure, his cock disappearing centimetre by centimetre into the youngster's bum until the lad was completely impaled.

Very carefully, Michael bent at the waist, pressing outwards on Long's thighs as he lowered his upper body between them. There was absolutely no problem, the scrawny boy's legs opening wide to accommodate him, their lips meeting in a delicate kiss. At that moment, Michael became aware that Mr Brown was kneeling behind him, the choirmaster's prick probing his boy-hole. Using all his experience, he relaxed. Within a few seconds, it was right inside him, the man's sparse pubic hair tickling his bottom.

Instinctively, he began to fuck, in, out, in, out, the sensations quite indescribable, the intensity building with every stroke. But despite him thrusting and withdrawing with maximum power, it didn't develop into the sort of frenzied assault to which both Holdsworth and Pennington had been subjected. This time, Michael was able to maintain control, the tightness of the younger lad's boy-tunnel holding him in check.

Suddenly, Long bucked wildly, his fingers grabbing at the mattress, his feet flailing uncontrollably. As the youngster's anal ring tightened sharply around Whitney's invading cock, it set off the wished-for chain reaction, the thirteen-year old pumping several ropes of spunk into the lad's tight little fuck-tube. As the final link in the chain, Martin was only seconds behind. As Whitney's sphincter went into spasm, he thrust in hard, depositing a sizeable load of semen in the teenager's bottom.

Alex licked his lips. Once again, Whitney had performed admirably, far better than one would have expected from such a bookish young man. Long, he judged, would now be ready for the final stage of his `preparation'.

After an appropriate pause, Martin carefully withdrew.

Michael immediately followed suit. "I'm just going to pop to the bathroom," he said, getting off the bed.

"Don't worry," Alex assured him. "You won't be missing anything."

With Whitney out of the room, Martin retired to the armchair, leaving Alex to join Long on the bed. Alex immediately drew the ten-year old to him, his fingers roaming sensuously over the lad's slight physique. Long responded eagerly. Pressing his lips against Mr White's, he pushed his tongue into his host's mouth.

Returning to the bedroom, Michael parked himself on Mr Brown's lap and prepared to enjoy the show. Noticing the teenager's return, Alex whispered into Long's ear. The youngster quickly snaked around. Lowering himself onto his host, his steel-hard prick disappeared between the man's lips. Holding the base of Mr White's penis between thumb and forefinger, he licked it like a lollipop before taking it into his small mouth. He began to suck. Michael was impressed. Although the lad wasn't going all the way down, he was taking as much as Van Kerkstraat had been able to manage.

After a few minutes they moved again. With Long down on all fours, Alex knelt behind, his tongue lapping at the ten-year old's anus. He pushed it inside and began to draw out Whitney's spunk. Long emitted a series of gasps and squeaks, practically begging for more.

"You love having my tongue up your spunky little bottom, don't you?" Alex challenged.

"Yes sir!" Long admitted.

"And now you're going to get my cock!"

Sitting back on his haunches, Alex smeared K-Y over his penis. Long was as ready as he was ever going to be. After retrieving the lad's underpants, he placed one of the pillows in front of the youngster's knees, just as Whitney had done the previous week.

"Lie down," he instructed. "There's a good boy!"

Despite knowing that the entry would be painful, Long didn't hesitate, stretching himself out, one pillow under his head, the other beneath his hips, his legs spread apart, his recently violated anus clearly visible.

For Alex, the sight was intoxicating; the cute, slightly-built ten-year old waiting to have his boy-hole severely ravaged. It was the ultimate act of submission. He did not waste time. Holding the base of his cock, he lined it up on the youngster's rosebud. With one well-practised thrust, he pushed it in.

The searing pain was almost too much for Long to bear, far worse than when the man had fucked him the week before. But he was determined not to cry out. If he did, Mr White would stuff his underpants into his mouth and fuck him just the same. More than that, he knew that once his host got started, the pain would soon be overtaken by the magical feelings that he always got while taking it up his bum.

Through gritted teeth, he emitted a sustained gasp, the man's penis advancing steadily into his boy-hole. It touched his sex-button, causing his prick to twitch against the pillow. A second or two later, Mr White was right on top of him, the man's body pressing down on his bottom.

"You're so beautifully tight," Alex growled.

After a moment to steady himself, he began to fuck, pulling well back before thrusting in again. Gradually, he increased the pace, the boy's quiet squeaks and whimpers fuelling his lust. Pretty soon, he was giving it everything he'd got.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" Alex panted.

"Oh, yes sir!" Long responded.

From his position on Mr Brown's lap, Michael's eyes were riveted to the sight in front of him. Watching his form master's cock pistoning in and out of Long's anus was making his prick almost painfully hard. He loved to watch Mr White fucking boys in this position, and this was a bravura performance. The kid was being pounded into near-oblivion.

As the seconds ticked by, the sounds began to change, the ten-year old's little squeaks and whimpers giving way to moans of pleasure and gasps of excitement. Michael licked his lips, knowing exactly what was going to happen. Moments later, Long began banging his head on the pillow, his feet waving in the air. Michael inhaled sharply. The lad was having a dry-cum, his second in barely fifteen minutes.

"Oh, you sexy boy!" Alex groaned, feeling the youngster's anus going into spasm. "Oh yes!"

Michael grinned. Mr White had fucked him two days earlier and wouldn't have cum since. He'd be filling the kid's bottom with lots to spare.

Finally, it was over, man and boy lying in an inert heap on the bed. After a lengthy pause, Alex lifted himself clear and retired to the chair by his desk. A few seconds later, Long got up onto all fours. Getting up off Mr Brown's lap, Michael knelt down behind the lad, who was leaking even more profusely than he had the week before. Undaunted, Michael began to lick up his form master's semen. Moving from one thigh to the other, he worked his way upwards until his tongue was lapping at the ten-year old's anus, until there was no more cum that he could reach.

"Okay," he said warmly. "Let's go to the bathroom."

He ushered the younger boy out of the bedroom and along the hallway. As soon as they were in the bathroom, Long sat on the toilet, even more spunk running out of him.

"Want me to give you a blow-job?" he asked, eyeing the teenager's erect penis.

"Or would you prefer me to fuck you again?"

"Sure, only last week you said your weewee was too sensitive."

"Yeah, well I've had a bit longer to recover this week. You know it'll take a while, don't you?"

"Yeah, that's okay, I'm used to it. D'you know Mr Green?"

"I know he's one of Mr Brown's friends, but I've never actually met him."

"Well, he always takes ages," Long said, positioning himself over the toilet. "At least ten minutes; longer sometimes."

Michael moved in behind. The kid's boy-hole was still slick with spunk, and had been opened up by Mr White's man-sized appendage. There was no need for lube. In fact, Michael considered, they'd be better off without any. He simply thrust his teen cock right in and set to work. Five minutes passed. He wasn't even close.

"Play with my weewee!" Long begged.

Michael ignored him. He'd leave that till he was good and ready. Another five minutes went by. Tired though he was, Michael was not going to let up. At last he felt the stirrings of an impending orgasm. Reaching down, he wrapped his fingers around Long's cute little spike and began to wank him. The effect was almost immediate.

"Ohh! Ohh! Oooooohhhh!" Long gasped, his boy-cock swelling and pulsing in the older boy's hand.

Feeling the youngster's anal ring flaring and tightening around his penis took Michael right over the edge, three jets of teen cum spurting into Long's bottom. After a few seconds, he carefully withdrew. His balls were aching. Long immediately stood up.

"Thanks!" he said, grinning. "That was super. Come on, we'd better get going."

"Aren't you going to use the toilet again?" Michael queried.

"No," Long said casually. "You haven't cum that much. I'll keep it inside me."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following lunchtime, Alex drove to the Kings Head, somewhat apprehensive about the afternoon ahead. He'd prepared Bradshaw as well as he could, but how well would the lad cope with Mr Smith's not inconsiderable endowment? Whitney had managed okay, but he was bigger and far more experienced when it came to taking it up his bottom.

Having collected his protégé, he set off back to the flat. Conversation proved a little awkward. They usually talked about the previous day's football match, but as Bradshaw was out of action and hadn't even been there, Alex was reluctant to say too much.

As soon as they arrived, they settled down to work. The atmosphere changed immediately. They were studying trigonometry which Alex had introduced a few days earlier. Once again, it was the same topic that he was working on with his third-year class.

Bradshaw was in his element. Alex marvelled at the boy's capacity to focus so completely, even though he knew that in under an hour he'd be having sex with two people he'd never met. By the end of the session, they had covered all the work that would keep 3-Red occupied for the whole of the following week.

This was not a total surprise. Although 3-Red was a very good group, it contained four or five boys who didn't find maths easy, and it was one of Alex's priorities to ensure that they were not left behind. Teaching Bradshaw one-to-one, he had no such constraints, but the lad's exceptional progress did leave him with doubts as to how best to proceed.

"Well, you've done it again," Alex said, smiling, his fingers gently stroking Bradshaw's exposed thigh. "You're not just up with my third-year class; you've overtaken them. I'll need to talk to Mr Fleming because I'm not quite sure what we should do next."

"But we don't have to worry about it now, do we sir?" Bradshaw said provocatively, his penis stiffening within the confines of his shorts.

"No, of course we don't," Alex assured him.

"What time will they be here, sir?"

"I've told them ten past three, but unlike Mr Brown, they'll be on time rather than ten minutes early. They do have a little further to come."

"I understand, sir."

"Well, as we've got at least ten minutes to kill, why don't we go and relax in the lounge?"

They made their way through, sitting together on the sofa.

"You are the most remarkable boy I've ever met," Alex said quietly, his arm around the lad's shoulder. "Mr Smith is very lucky. Because the music education that the cathedral school provides is among the best in the country, he gets to work with outstanding musicians all the time. Teaching maths is rather different. Woodchurch does provide excellent maths teaching, but so do lots of other schools. I could go through my entire teaching career without meeting another boy as talented as you are."

"Before I started at Woodchurch, sir, I never thought I was anything special. I thought that when I got there, there's be lots of boys as good as me, maybe even better."

"Yes, well I've only told you this because I know you won't let it go to your head," Alex said, drawing the lad towards him. "You don't talk about it. You just get on and do it."

They sat in silence for a couple of minutes, Alex basking in the warmth of the youngster's affection. Despite the circumstances, the lad seemed calm and confident. Alex knew that this confidence was built on trust, a trust that he wouldn't put the boy into a situation that he'd find difficult or unwelcome. And that, Alex reflected, was the biggest responsibility of all.

"Okay," he said quietly. "I'm going to put the kettle on. They'll be here soon."

It was almost ten past three when the doorbell rang. As Alex welcomed his visitors, it struck him that although Holdsworth had visited the flat several times, this was the first time he'd been accompanied by Mr Smith. Alex shepherded them into the lounge. Seeing them, Bradshaw immediately stood up.

"Mr Smith," Alex announced. "This is Bradshaw."

"Delighted to meet you, young man!" Gordon said warmly, shaking the boy's hand.

"Pleased to meet you too, sir," Bradshaw replied politely.

"And this is Holdsworth," Alex continued, turning to his protégé.

"Good to see you," Bradshaw said, smiling as he shook Holdsworth's hand.

"Likewise!" Holdsworth responded, grinning back.

Alex looked on approvingly. It seemed that the boys had taken to each other immediately. He quickly ushered Gordon into the kitchen, leaving the youngsters to get to know each other. Bradshaw and Holdsworth flopped down on the sofa.

"I guess Whitney will have told you quite a bit about me," Holdsworth ventured, casting a lustful eye over the younger lad.

"Is that Mr White's second-year boy?" Bradshaw enquired. "Actually, we've never met."

"Really? Why?"

"I probably shouldn't say this, but from what Mr White said, he doesn't want to. And Mr White reckoned it would be difficult to arrange during school term, something about him having other things to do on Saturdays and Whitney not being able to come here on Sundays."

"Oh right," Holdsworth answered, looking non-plussed. "I hear you're a maths genius."

"I love maths and I am pretty good at it," Holdsworth admitted. "But I don't like words like genius. Before I got to Woodchurch, I'd expected there to be lots of boys as good as me. It's only because of Mr White that I realised I could be really good if I worked hard. He's been fantastic. Before I met him, nobody took much interest in me. Oh, my mum did, of course, but she's useless at maths."

"What about your dad?"

"He was killed in a car crash when I was a baby. Mum says he was very good at maths."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. I never really knew him. As far back as I can remember, it's always been just me and mum."

Holdsworth was impressed. The outstanding students he knew from the cathedral school were either a bit strange or rather full of themselves. By contrast, Bradshaw came across as open, friendly, and totally unassuming, and with his silky blond hair and intense blue eyes, he was good-looking too.

For his part, Bradshaw was quickly warming to the older boy. Holdsworth didn't appear in the least bit posh or snobbish. Instead, he was engaging, with a ready smile which drew him in. A few inches taller than he was, and a little broader across the hips and shoulders, the lad clearly had a beautiful body, and with his blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin, they could have been mistaken for brothers. Better still, Holdsworth was clearly `interested'. The prominent bulge in his shorts bore testimony to that, Bradshaw's penis stiffening in response.

A couple of minutes later, the two teachers reappeared.

"I've just made some tea," Alex said, addressing himself to the boys. "Would you like a cup?"

"No thanks, sir," Holdsworth answered, smiling angelically. "I'm fine."

Alex looked across at Bradshaw, who was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. The signal could not have been clearer. All his young guests wanted to do was go into the bedroom and get to know each other properly. As soon as he'd finished drinking his tea, he glanced across at Mr Smith, who smiled approvingly.

"Okay," Alex said, turning to the boys. "You two have been champing at the bit for the past five minutes. Let's go!"

Bradshaw and Holdsworth were off the sofa in an instant, heading purposefully to the bedroom, Alex and Gordon following behind. The boys began pulling off shoes, socks and pullovers before the door had been closed behind them. As their teachers sat down to watch, the horny pre-teens began to undress each other, so wrapped up in what they were doing that they were scarcely aware of the adults' presence.

For Bradshaw, being undressed by another boy was a new and exciting experience. Although he'd become used to being undressed both by his mentor and by Mr Brown, this was different, Holdsworth's touch much lighter and more sensuous. In addition, he was expected to reciprocate, which he did by simply mirroring what the older lad did to him. It was a quite magical experience. He was getting to like Holdsworth more with every passing second.

In a little over a minute, both boys were down to their white cotton briefs. Alex smiled. Just a few months earlier, briefs had been a rarity. Now, it seemed, almost all the boys were wearing them. As far as he was concerned, it was a more than welcome development. Boys looked far sexier in briefs than they did in loose-fitting underpants.

"You go first this time," Holdsworth whispered into his new friend's ear.

For moment, he was a little nervous. He'd have nothing to copy. Only he didn't need it, did he? He knew how Mr White did it to him, Mr Brown too for that matter. And that's what he'd do. Taking a deep breath, he placed his thumbs inside the waistband of Holdsworth's briefs, drawing the elastic away from his new friend's body before skinning the skimpy garment down the boy's legs.

His eyes widened. Although Holdsworth wasn't as tall as Arrowsmith, the blond lad's penis was both longer and thicker, pretty much the same size as Mr Brown's.

"Wow!" he breathed. "You've got a beautiful cock!"

"Thanks!" Holdsworth acknowledged, giving the boy a smile that could have lit up an entire town. "Right, it's my turn now!"

He quickly and sensuously returned the favour.

"Yours is really nice too," he whispered. "Can you cum yet?"

"Not properly. The last couple of times I've been with Mr White, a drop of clear sticky stuff came out, but it's not squirting yet."

"That's super!" Holdsworth said, gently guiding him onto the bed.

Instinctively, they snuggled up, their lips meeting in a sensuous kiss. Unlike Arrowsmith, who was a recent convert to kissing, Holdsworth was an expert performer, and by nature far more affectionate than the curly-haired rebel. Bradshaw found himself transported to a world he never knew existed, a cocoon of the subtlest sensory pleasures, with himself and Holdsworth as its only occupants. Much as he'd enjoyed having sex with the other people he'd been with, this experience surpassed it without even trying, and it was only going to get better.

They moved into a sixty-nine. Although Bradshaw had enjoyed this routine with all his previous partners, for reasons he couldn't explain, this one was incomparably better than any that he'd experienced before. The sensations created by Holdsworth's lips and tongue as they worked on his penis were simply breathtaking, and the older lad's fingers delicately stroking his perineum were driving him almost delirious.

After a few minutes, a well-lubed finger was inserted into his anus. It advanced steadily into him, probing and caressing, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings. A second finger joined it. There was nothing rough or forced about this additional intrusion. It was done with such care and delicacy that it simply heightened the already wonderful sensations.

Finally, they were ready. Holdsworth handed Bradshaw the K-Y, allowing the younger boy to coat his impressively large cock.

"How are we doing it?" Bradshaw asked.

"Can we do it with you lying on your back, with your legs up so your knees are by your shoulders?"

"Sure!" Bradshaw answered, with a grin that said he'd have done it hanging from the lampshade if Holdsworth had asked him to.

They moved into position. Holdsworth looked across at Mr White, gesturing for him to join them. Alex smiled and shook his head. His presence in Holdsworth's bottom would be required later. If he joined in the proposed chain-fuck, he'd fill the older lad's bottom, leaving him unable to perform adequately when it was actually needed. In any case, at that moment he was happy to watch.

Holdsworth quickly got back to the task in hand, guiding his ramrod onto his younger friend's rosebud. Slowly and carefully, he pushed it in.

"Oh, yeah!" Bradshaw exhaled.

His smile said it all. This was the fourth cock he'd taken. None of them had felt as perfect as this one.

"Are you okay?" Holdsworth asked, looking down at him.

"Yeah! Do it!"

"Okay! Just a mo!"

Bending at the waist, Holdsworth carefully lowered his upper-body between Bradshaw's legs, their mouths meeting in a sensuous kiss. A moment later, he began to fuck. Once again, Bradshaw found himself transported to a magical world where the normal parameters simply didn't apply. He couldn't explain it. Arrowsmith had fucked him in this position, but it hadn't felt anything like this!

The intensity built steadily. Bradshaw's orgasm struck first, a drop of watery fluid emerging from his pee-hole before dropping onto his tummy. Holdsworth was a mere second behind, three jets of boy-cum spurting into the younger lad's bottom.

For several seconds, they stayed where they were, savouring the moment. After one last kiss, they disengaged.

"Do you need the toilet?" Holdsworth asked.

"No, I'm fine, thanks!"

"Okay, go and join Mr Smith. Just sit across his lap for now."

Somewhat nervously, Bradshaw got off the bed. He stood by the naked Mr Smith who was sitting in the armchair. He looked down at the man's penis. It was the biggest he'd seen. What would it feel like when it went up his bum? He wasn't sure, but his mentor had been confident that he'd be okay, and that was good enough for him.

"Would you like me to sit on your lap, sir?" he asked.

"I'd like that very much," Gordon replied. "You and Holdsworth seemed to be getting on extremely well," he added as the boy sat down.

"Yes sir. He's really nice."

"Indeed! Did you cum just now?"

"Yes sir."

"Then I'd better leave that for a few minutes. Just relax! We've got plenty of time."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Getting up from his chair, Alex joined Holdsworth on the bed.

"I'd say that went rather well," he commented.

"Yes sir. Bradshaw's really nice."

"And I'm sure he'd say the same about you. I've not seen you in that role before. You seemed to put a great deal of effort into making sure he was enjoying himself."

"Well, that's what you have to do, isn't it sir? After all, the more he enjoys it, the better it is for me."

"Quite right! A lot of people forget that."

"Sir, why didn't you come and join us?"

"As I'm sure you know, I'll be required in a few minutes time. Because I cum so much, I simply can't perform twice in quick succession."

"Yes, Whitney mentioned something about that. So I guess you're going to fill my bum again."

"I expect so."

"Sir, is it right that Whitney doesn't want to meet Bradshaw?"

"Well, he's certainly not keen on the idea."

"Why sir?"

"That's a difficult one. For most of last year, Whitney was the only boy in the school that I was having sex with. He got used to the idea of being my number one boy. He can see that Bradshaw's going to take that away from him and he doesn't like it."

"But he's okay with Pennington."

"I don't teach Pennington, so we're not that close. The other thing is that Whitney is very conscious of not being one of the stars. He does pretty well because he works hard. Now Pennington's a beautiful boy, but he's not a star either. He trains with the football squad, but he'll never get selected for the team. And in class, he doesn't do as well as Whitney does, mainly because he doesn't push himself hard enough. Bradshaw, on the other hand, definitely is a star. He's one of the best mathematicians the school's ever had, he's the best footballer in his year and won the first-year cross-country championship, not that he'd tell you any of that."

"No sir, he didn't say much about himself at all. That's one reason I like him."

"Well, anyway, Whitney sees Bradshaw as a threat to his position, if that makes any sense."

"You mean Whitney's jealous of him?"

"I suppose you could put it like that."

"But we all have to move on, don't we sir? Surely Whitney must understand that?"

"At schools like yours, it happens automatically. In September, you'll start at your public school and that will be that. Whitney, on the other hand, could be at Woodchurch for another five and a half years, and unfortunately, he seems rather reluctant to let go."

"But he's got a boyfriend, sir. I met him once."

"Yes, Newton, really nice lad, and very bright. A few times I've suggested to Whitney that he'd do well to take that more seriously, but he won't listen. He thinks he can have a boyfriend but carry on having sex with other people. It can't last. Sooner or later, Newton will meet someone else and Whitney will lose him."

"Yes sir. It's a shame. I like Whitney a lot, but sometimes he can be very difficult to talk to."

Alex looked across the room. Bradshaw was kneeling in front of the armchair. He was sucking Mr Smith's cock. He couldn't get down more than an inch past the large bulbous head, but Mr Smith obviously liked it, appreciatively stroking the lad's silky blond hair.

"Hmmm!" Alex said quietly. "It seems things are about to happen. We need to get ready."

"Yes sir," Holdsworth responded. "You will lube me up well, won't you? I haven't taken it since Tuesday. Now that he's got two younger boys, Mr Smith doesn't really need me."

It was ironic, Alex reflected. While Holdsworth, who was still a very attractive boy, accepted the need to move on with equanimity, Whitney, whose boyish charms were rapidly disappearing, was fighting against it.

"Oh, I'm sure Mr Smith won't neglect you completely," he responded. "I know I wouldn't. Okay, get on all fours. You know how this starts."

With Holdsworth in position, Alex began to lap at the lad's anus. As his probing tongue pushed inside, Holdsworth gurgled contentedly. After a couple of minutes Alex pulled away. Having coated his index finger with K-Y, he inserted it into the youngster's rear entrance. After pushing it right in, he began to finger-fuck.

Still kneeling on the floor, Bradshaw was smearing lubricant over Mr Smith's appendage. On seeing this, Alex immediately removed his index finger from Holdsworth's anus, applied K-Y to his first two fingers and pushed them both in. Finding little resistance, he gave the lad another cursory finger-fucking and took them out again.

"Okay, you need to get me ready now," he said, squeezing some of the slimy jelly onto Holdsworth's fingers, allowing the boy to coat his rampant prong. As he looked up, Bradshaw was on his feet, his back to Mr Smith. He began to lower himself onto the man's large penis.

"Right," Alex whispered to Holdsworth. "You'd better move into position. They're nearly ready."

For Holdsworth, it was a familiar scenario. Over the previous year, he'd been spit-roasted by a variety of men and boys. But he'd never done it with these two before, and that made it exciting. Turning to face the armchair, he shuffled forwards until his hands were resting on the edge of the mattress.

Bradshaw's anal ring was now in contact with Mr Smith's cock. Taking a deep breath. He pushed down. It didn't go in. Repositioning himself slightly, he tried again, pushing down even harder. Suddenly his sphincter muscle relented and the head of his host's prick went into him. There was a sharp stab of pain, making him wince.

"Good boy!" Gordon purred, holding the lad below his armpits. "Now take your time. Don't rush it."

Bradshaw had no intention of rushing. Taking several deep breaths, he relaxed his sphincter muscle, just as he did with Mr White. As the pain subsided, he pushed down a little further.

"You're doing really well," Mr Smith cooed.

With a series of pushes and pauses, Bradshaw slowly sank further and further down. With around half an inch to go, Gordon placed his hands on top of the lad's thighs, pressing down to ensure that the youngster was fully impaled.

"Well done!" he congratulated. "That's wonderful!"

Without waiting to be asked, Bradshaw lifted up his feet, placing them against the side of the bed, his toes just reaching the top of the mattress. Kneeling in front, Holdsworth had a perfect view of the younger boy's bum-hole stretched around the music director's cock. Although he'd seen a number of boys in this position, it still amazed him that boy-holes could stretch as much as they did.

Right at that moment, Alex thrust his cock into Holdsworth's bottom.

"Okay," he said. "You know what to do."

Lowering his head and shoulders, Holdsworth obediently took Bradshaw's steel-hard prick into his mouth.

"Okay boys," Gordon instructed. "Just keep as still as you can. Mr White and I will do the work."

They immediately set to it. Holdsworth was taken completely by surprise. Although he'd been spit-roasted numerous times, on those occasions, he'd been fucked by Maitland, Mr Brown or Mr Green. Mr White's cock was bigger than any of theirs, and he fucked harder. The sensations were unbelievable, his penis throbbing for release. He'd have liked to ask Mr White to play with it, but his mouth was otherwise occupied. As it was, it was all he could do to keep his teeth away from Bradshaw's four-inch prick as it jabbed repeatedly against his palate.

It wasn't long before the youngster's weapon sprang into action, a drop of tangy boy-cum landing on Holdsworth's tongue. Alex was mere seconds behind. With his cock buried as deep as it would go, prodigious quantities of semen spurted powerfully into the older boy's bottom. Thirty seconds later, it was Gordon's turn to deposit his own more modest offering in Bradshaw's rectum.

After a short pause. Alex carefully withdrew. Spunk immediately began leaking from Holdsworth's anus, Alex massaging it into the lad's thighs and buttocks. Holdsworth was desperate to cum, but now he had an even more pressing need. As soon as Bradshaw was lifted clear of Mr Smith's cock, Holdsworth took the lad by the hand.

"Come on!" he urged. "Let's go to the bathroom!"

"Give him a bath if he wants one," Alex told him. "You know where everything is."

He watched them go.

"I think that went rather well," he said, turning to Gordon.

"Oh yes! Bradshaw was a delight. I could tell straight away what a bright lad he is. And he took it beautifully!"

"And he really took to Holdsworth. Mind you, I thought he would. I loved seeing them together."

"Oh, absolutely! I have to say that I'm really being pampered at the moment; Van Kerkstraat last week, Bradshaw today and Long to look forward to next Saturday. I hope he'll be as good as the other two."

"Well, he's the tightest of the lot, of course. You'll need to be very patient, but he'll be fine. And he's an unbelievable fuck once you are right in there."

"Yes, I can imagine."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As soon as they reached the bathroom, Holdsworth sat on the toilet, allowing the remainder of Mr White's spunk to rush out of him. After wiping his bottom, he moved aside allowing Bradshaw to take his place.

"Would you like a bath?" he asked, carefully washing his penis.

"Well," Bradshaw admitted. "My bum is pretty sore."

"Okay then," Holdsworth said, smiling. "I'll run it for you."

In the event, he did a great deal more, washing his new friend and shampooing his hair. Finally, he helped the lad out of the bath and gently towelled him dry.

"Does that feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah! Much better, thanks!" Bradshaw responded. He paused for a second. "Your cock's been hard all afternoon," he commented, reaching out to run his fingers over the older boy's shaft. "Would you like me to suck you off?"

"Do you want to?"

"Don't be silly," Bradshaw said, grinning as he knelt down on the bathroom floor. "I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having said goodbye to his guests, Alex strolled back to the lounge. Bradshaw was sitting on the sofa, a contented smile on his face.

"So did you enjoy this afternoon?" Alex enquired, flopping down next to him.

"Oh yes sir! It was incredible!"

"You really seemed to take to Holdsworth?"

"Yes sir, he's super! I've never met anyone like him. Having sex with him was the best ever! I mean, I like doing it with you, sir, and with Mr Brown and Arrowsmith, but . . . I can't really explain it. With Holdsworth, it just felt even better!"

"Just think about it for a moment," Alex urged. "Why d'you think that was?"

"It's hard to say, sir. I think it was that he really tried to make sure I was enjoying everything we did. He never seemed to think about himself. I think he did enjoy it, but he didn't seem bothered about that."

"I think that's absolutely right," Alex said gently. "To be honest, I think he enjoyed it as much as you did, but part of the thrill for him was that you loved every second of it. Do you think there might be a lesson for you there?"

"Yes sir. When I meet a younger boy, that's what I'm going to do."

"Wonderful!" Alex purred. "Well, I think it's time I got you home."