By Pink Panther

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March 1961

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, just as the weather forecast had promised. With his football team due to play an away match against Lakefield Grammar School, situated some twenty miles from Woodchurch, Alex was delighted to see the improvement in the weather. In the home fixture the previous November, the Woodchurch team had narrowly beaten Lakefield, though neither team had played particularly well. Since then, Woodchurch had improved considerably, but recent results suggested that Lakefield had too.

With a long journey ahead of them, the team gathered at school at quarter to nine. Several parents had offered to drive there and take other members of the team with them, which meant that they would not need to use the bus, which would have taken them much longer. As Alex drove, he reflected on the previous encounter. It was a day that he wasn't likely to forget, not so much for the football but for the way that Pennington approached him afterwards.

The match began in ideal conditions. It was soon clear that both teams were playing far better than when they'd met previously. The game ebbed and flowed, but as it wore on, Woodchurch began to get on top, finally winning by three goals to two. Teamwork had been key, Alex reflected. The Woodchurch team had been better organised, and in the end, that had made the difference.

For Alex, driving back in the spring sunshine, life seemed very sweet. He would spend the afternoon entertaining Whitney, Long and Mr Brown. It could hardly have been better.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

By Sunday lunchtime, it was not only sunny, it was warm for the time of year, and with the fine weather predicted to continue right through the following week, it seemed that spring had finally arrived. Driving to the Kings Head, Alex felt on top of the world. As usual, Bradshaw was there waiting for him.

"Hi sir!" he said smiling. "You won't need to pick me up anymore. Mum's getting me a bike. It's only a second-hand one, but it's been well looked after, and it's got five gears and dropped handlebars."

"Oh, that's excellent news," Alex said smiling. "But do be careful, won't you? We don't want you getting hurt."

"Don't worry sir, I will. Sir, I'm really looking forward to seeing Holdsworth again."

"Ahhh! I'm afraid there's been a change of plan. Holdsworth's got a bad cold and has been confined to the sick-bay."

"So will it just be us today, sir?"

"No, Mr Smith will be bringing another boy with him. His name's Southcott."

"What's he like, sir?"

"Actually, you have a lot in common. He's the same age as you and about the same size. He's very intelligent and he loves sport, only he plays rugby rather than football. He is a bit wild though. He likes to take on dares, things that most of the other boys wouldn't even dream of doing."

"Like what, sir?"

"Well, I think his wildest exploit was to steal a pair of the school captain's underpants, climb up onto the roof, and hang them from the flagpole."

"Sir, that really is wild!" Bradshaw responded, grinning from ear to ear. "I think I like him already!"

"He got caned for that one. From what I've been told, he's been caned quite a few times. It doesn't seem to stop him. He often plays rugby against boys who are quite a bit bigger than he is. He doesn't care, he goes flying into tackles. It's not easy to rugby-tackle a boy who weighs nearly twice as much as you do."

"But it's like football, isn't it, sir? If he's going to tackle them, he has to go in really hard or he'd get hurt."

"Yes, that's quite right. Still not easy to do though. And he gets tackled too, of course, so he gets dumped on the ground quite a bit. It doesn't bother him at all."

"He must be pretty tough then."

"Oh, definitely! A bit like you, I'd say!"

"And he likes . . . , you know?"

"Very much so!" Alex assured him.

"Wow, sir! I can't wait to meet him!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For all Bradshaw's excitement, when they arrived at the flat, he immediately settled down to work. For the next forty minutes, he was completely focused on using the sine and cosine rules to solve non-right-angled triangles.

"Right, that's enough for today," Alex announced finally. "You've got plenty to keep you busy till I see you on Tuesday." He checked his watch. "They should be here in the next ten minutes. Let's go into the lounge and relax for a bit."

After strolling through, they sat together on the sofa.

"You're a very special boy," Alex said quietly, stroking the lad's thigh. He glanced down. "Hmmm! You're hard already!" he whispered. "You really are looking forward to this, aren't you?"

"Yes sir!" Bradshaw acknowledged, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Around five minutes later the doorbell rang. Alex went to answer it, leaving Bradshaw in the lounge. Moments later the lounge door reopened and a boy appeared. Bradshaw was out of his seat in an instant, eager to meet him. As he approached, he noticed that the boy had a bit of a swagger about him.

"Hi!" the lad said, extending a hand. "I'm Southcott. You must be Bradshaw."

"Yes, pleased to meet you!" Bradshaw answered, accepting the proffered handshake.

"Pleased to meet you, too!" Southcott said, smiling. He turned to his host, who had followed him into the lounge. "Nice place, sir!"

"Thanks," Alex responded. "I was forgetting. You've not been here before. Would you like a drink?"


"Tea or lemonade?"

"Lemonade please!" the boys chorused.

"I'll have a cup of tea, please," Gordon added.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

With their drinks consumed, Bradshaw led the way to the bedroom. As their teachers sat down, the boys pulled off their shoes and socks and began to undress each other. With everything else removed, they stood facing each other, wearing only their underpants.

"Nice!" Southcott breathed, running his fingers over the hard bulge in Bradshaw's briefs.

With one quick movement, he pulled them down. Bradshaw immediately returned the favour. Alex was entranced. Although the same height as Bradshaw, Southcott was a little more muscular, his boy-parts slightly larger. Neither boy had so much as a trace of pubic hair. Spontaneously they got onto the bed, bodies touching at the shoulder, each boy fondling the other's penis.

"Can you cum?" Southcott asked.

"Yeah, just about," Bradshaw answered. "A blob sort of pops out of the end."

"It always starts like that," Southcott informed him. "That's what I was doing just before Christmas. But I'm squirting now, not very much, but it squirts right out. So what d'you like doing?"

"Everything, just about."

"Do you kiss?"


"Cool! Come on then!"

They snuggled right up, their mouths meeting in a full-on lip-lock, their hands roaming everywhere. After a couple of minutes, they broke the kiss, grinning mischievously at each other.

"Mr White told me about some of the things you get up to," Bradshaw whispered, "like stealing one of the other kids' underpants, climbing up and hanging them from the flagpole."

"Yeah!" Southcott acknowledged. "That was my best one."

"He said you got caned afterwards."

"Yeah. Did he say we get caned just in our underpants?"

"No! That must really hurt!"

"Yeah, stings like hell. Have you ever been caned?"

"I was once, when I was at junior school."

"So what happened?"

"This bigger kid started picking on one of my mates."


"When I told him to stop, he started laughing, so I punched him in the balls. I got caned because I kicked him while he was on the floor. Well, he was bigger than me. I wasn't going to let him get up."

"Wow! I didn't used to mind getting caned. It always gave me a hard-on, so it was quite fun in a way. But the last couple of times, I had a dry-cum. Well, I can squirt now. I know what'd happen. Think about it. I'd cum in my pants! That'd be far too embarrassing! And I'd have to go round in spunky underpants for the rest of the day. So I've stopped doing things I'd get caned for. D'you know about sixty-nines?"


"D'you want to?"


"Okay! Move down the bed."

As Bradshaw shuffled into position, Southcott snaked around, swinging his feet towards the top of the bed. Turning onto his side, his mouth enveloped Bradshaw's prick. He sucked it right down to the root. Within a couple of seconds, Bradshaw followed suit.

From his vantage point by the desk, Alex was enraptured. The boys' sucking seemed so spontaneous, and they fitted together so beautifully, one dark haired, one blond; the sight was wonderfully erotic. As he watched, Southcott's hand slid between Bradshaw's thighs, his index finger quickly locating the boy's rosebud.

Taking the tube of K-Y from the bedside cabinet, Alex unscrewed the top and squeezed some onto Southcott's fingers. Grinning mischievously, the lad inserted his well-lubricated index finger into Bradshaw's anus. Instinctively, Bradshaw cocked his right leg over Southcott's side to give his new friend better access.

Not one to turn down an invitation, Southcott pushed right in and began to finger-fuck. After a couple of minutes, Bradshaw took his mouth off Southcott's dick.

"Do you want to stick it up my bum?" he mouthed.

"Is that okay?"

"Yeah. Have you done it before?"

"Yes, Since I've been able to squirt, I've done it a few times," Southcott whispered. "There's this younger boy at school, Van Kerkstraat. I do it with him. The last two days have been super. With Holdsworth in sick-bay, I've had him all to myself, well, except for Mr Smith, of course. You'll probably meet him once you can squirt properly."

"Wow! I'd love that!"

"You know Mr Brown, don't you?"


"Well there's this kid at their school called Long. He's nearly as tall as us but really skinny. Last weekend, I did it with him. He loves having it up his bum!"

"That sounds super!" Bradshaw breathed. He nodded towards the tube of K-Y. "Okay, put some on your cock."

As Southcott smeared lubricant over his joystick, Bradshaw got onto all fours, head down low, knees apart, bum pushed well back. Moments later, he felt the head of Southcott's penis probing his boy-hole. He pushed out, allowing it to slip inside.

"Oh yeah!" he breathed. "That feels good!"

Within a few seconds, his new friend's cock was pistoning in and out. Though the smallest one he'd taken, it was perfectly big enough, jabbing repeatedly over his knobbly little prostate. The tingling in his prick built rapidly until it was almost unbearable. He was desperate for release, but Mr White had told him not to touch his dick, and he knew Southcott wouldn't.

Suddenly, Southcott started gasping for breath. "Oh fuck!" he swore. "I'm going to cum!"

Gripping Bradshaw around the thighs, he held on tightly as his boy-spike swelled and jerked, pumping little jets of cum into the blond lad's bottom. After a few seconds, he eased his way out.

"Wow!" he panted. "That was wild! Are you okay?"

"Yeah!" Bradshaw responded, rolling onto his back. "That was super! I hope I'll be able to do that soon!"

"You will," Southcott assured him, giving the lad a conspiratorial grin.

For a couple of minutes they lay quietly together, each with an arm around the other's shoulder.

"So are you ready for part two?" Southcott asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"You've sat on Mr Smith's cock before, haven't you?"

"Yeah. It was okay. I just had to take my time. Are you going to do what Holdsworth did?"

"Yes, and it's going to be wild! I've done it before, but today it'll be Mr White fucking me. He'll give me a right seeing-to; he always does. And he'll probably spank me first."

"Really? He's never spanked me."

"But I like it, so that's what he does. Okay, if you're ready, you know what to do."

Climbing off the bed, Bradshaw went over to Mr Smith, who was sitting naked in the armchair. "Thanks for allowing Southcott to indulge himself," he said, fondling the lad's penis. "It's all very new to him. He does get quite excited."

"That's okay sir. I liked it."

"And it seems you're something of a street-fighter. I wouldn't have thought that."

"You have to be where we live, sir. Mr Wallace who lives next door told me that the bullies will leave you alone if they know you'll fight back."

"I see!" Gordon said, nodding. He licked his lips. "Mmmm, you've got a beautiful little cock!"

Leaning forwards, he took it into his mouth. He sucked it lovingly. Instinctively, Bradshaw stroked the man's hair urging him to continue. After a minute or so, the choirmaster pulled away.

"Your turn now!" he instructed.

Kneeling down, Bradshaw held the choirmaster's penis around the base, carefully guiding it between his lips. Very slowly he began to suck his way down. He couldn't only get around two inches past the head, just over three inches in total, but Mr Smith seemed to like it, appreciatively running his fingers through the lad's silky blond hair.

"Okay, you can stop now," he said quietly.

Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Bradshaw let him go, flexing his jaw to relieve the strain it had been under. Mr Smith passed him the K-Y.

"Why don't you get me ready?" he suggested.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As soon as Bradshaw moved out of the way, Alex joined Southcott on the bed.

"Well, young man!" he said, snuggling up to the lad. "It seems you enjoyed stuffing your cock into Bradshaw's bottom!"

"Yes sir! It was fantastic!"

"I'd say you and Bradshaw got on really well."

"Yes sir. I think he's super! He's got a real spark about him, hasn't he sir?"

"Yes, just as you have. I think the two of you have a lot in common."

"Holdsworth says he's really clever, but he never talks about it, does he? That's really cool. I hate kids who talk about themselves. They're a pain in the arse!"

"Quite so!" Alex agreed, smiling. "I believe you met Long last weekend?"

"Yes sir! It was super. I fucked him silly! His bottom's really tight, isn't it sir?"

"It certainly is. It's because his bone structure's so small."

"It was scary when Mr Smith fucked him though. Someone as small as he is shouldn't be able to take something that big!"

"But he can. He likes it too."

"You're going to stuff yours into me soon, aren't you sir?"

"Of course!" Alex glanced across the room to where Bradshaw was lubricating his associate's cock.

"You will spank me first, won't you sir?"

"If that's what you want. Only a couple though. We don't want Mr Smith getting squeamish, do we? Okay, get into position."

Southcott got onto all-fours, just as Bradshaw had done earlier. Moving around behind, Alex licked up and down the youngster's crack before homing in on the lad's boy-hole. After lapping at it for a few seconds, he pushed inside.

"Oooh sir!" Southcott gasped.

Pulling away, Alex's tongue was quickly replaced by a well-lubed finger, which he worked around to loosen the lad's anal ring.

"You like this, don't you?" he demanded.

"Oh, yes sir!" Southcott panted.

As Alex withdrew his finger, he looked up. In front of them, Bradshaw was carefully lowering himself onto Mr Smith's penis.

"You're a naughty boy, aren't you Southcott," Alex rasped.

"Yes sir!" Southcott responded, almost pleading to be spanked.

He was not to be disappointed, Alex's hand striking him powerfully on the buttocks.

"Oh, fuck!" Southcott wailed.

"What have I told you about your language?" Alex demanded, before delivering an even harder smack.

"Yeowww!" Southcott exploded.

"Naughty boys like you get their bottoms fucked!" Alex announced, before driving his cock into the lad's anus.

"Okay, Southcott," Mr Smith said firmly. "You know what to do."

Southcott looked down. Bradshaw was sitting in Mr Smith's lap, his boy-hole stretched obscenely around the choirmaster's penis. Southcott lowered his shoulders, his lips closing over the lad's prick.

"Okay, boys!" Mr Smith instructed. "You keep still. Mr White and I will do the necessary!"

Thrusting his hips upwards, he drove his cock hard into Bradshaw's rectum, forcing the youngster's prong deeper into Southcott's mouth. Alex immediately joined in, pounding the young risk-taker's bottom with all the force he could muster.

Southcott was ecstatic. He'd been spit-roasted on two previous occasions, once by Holdsworth and Van Kerkstraat, and subsequently by Mr Brown and Long. This was far more exciting. Not only was Mr White bigger than either Mr Brown or Holdsworth, he fucked harder too, and as an added bonus, Bradshaw would cum in his mouth. The sheer intensity of it surpassed anything he'd ever experienced. The end was explosive. Suddenly, Bradshaw's cock reared up against his palate, the lad's tangy boy-cum coating his tongue. Southcott's response was immediate. His penis jerked of its own accord, two little jets of watery spunk spraying the bedclothes.

"Oh, you sexy boy!" Alex growled. "Oh yes! Now take my spunk!"

Thrusting in as deep as he could, he deposited a prodigious quantity of semen into the youngster's bottom. Mr Smith was just seconds behind, delivering his more modest offering into Bradshaw's rectum.

After a suitable pause to recover their composure, they carefully disengaged.

"I thought you said you didn't squirt," Southcott said, grinning at Bradshaw.

"I don't," the blond boy answered.

"Felt like you did to me!" Southcott told him.

Without waiting to be asked, the boys headed to the bathroom, spunk running down Southcott's legs.

"Well!" Gordon declared when the boys were out of earshot. "That was quite extraordinary!"

"Yes, Alex agreed. "Southcott came without me even touching him, the sexy little bugger!"

"Oh, things tend to be like that where he's concerned. I have to say, Bradshaw isn't the most cultured of your pupils."

"He lives in one of the poorer areas of town," Alex explained. "I guess he's had to learn to stand up for himself."

"Actually," Gordon said. "There's something I need to ask you. Are you looking for jobs at the moment?"

"No," Alex said. "I'm not planning to leave Woodchurch yet."

"Hmmm," Gordon responded. "When you joined our little circle, my understanding was that you would find a job in a suitable prep school as soon as it was practical for you to do so. I was thinking two years. If you found any boys in the meantime, they'd be younger ones and you'd leave before they got too old."

"The thing is," Alex explained, "I've undertaken to get Bradshaw through O-level maths and additional maths by next summer. I suppose I could leave then though. Bradshaw will have finished what we started, and next year I'll be taking the fourth-year top set. They'll do their O-level next summer alongside my fifth-year class, so the only group I'd be leaving mid-stream would be my Lower Sixth pure maths class. That would be okay."

"Your commitment to your pupils is commendable," Gordon sighed, "only it doesn't fit very well with our arrangements. But I suppose we can stretch a point. I'll give you one more year. After that, you'll have to find a more suitable place to ply your trade or we will have to exclude you. Otherwise, things will become far too difficult. You'll have older boys at the school who know what you're up to. That's too big a risk."

"What does Martin think?" Alex queried.

"What Martin thinks is neither here nor there," Gordon said firmly. "He'll do what I tell him to do."

Alex wondered what his mentor would make of the rather odd relationship that seemed to be developing between Martin, aka Mr Brown, and Whitney, but decided that this was not the time to raise the matter. The fact was that he on notice. He either had to find a job in a prep school, like his associates, or he'd be out.

It was not a prospect he relished. He loved teaching at Woodchurch, and leaving would mean abandoning Bradshaw, the boy he cared about more than anyone in the world. He could cope with everything else, but leaving his protégé behind would be very hard.

Just at that moment, the boys reappeared, smiling and laughing, clearly very happy in each other's company.

"That was quick!" Alex commented.

"Well Bradshaw had only just cum," Southcott explained, pulling on his underpants. "And I'd cum twice, so we just got cleaned up and came back. We're not robots, you know!"

"Hmmm!" Alex countered, verbally sparring with the lad. "I was surprised to hear you'd be embarrassed by cumming in your pants when you got caned. I wouldn't have thought you'd be embarrassed by anything."

"Sir, that's gross!" Southcott protested. "Anyway, if the other boys found out, they'd think I was weird."

Alex smiled and nodded. The lad was quite a character, there was no doubt about it. Five minutes later, Southcott and Mr Smith were on their way home.

"I was surprised to hear you got into a fight while you were at junior school," Alex said, returning to the lounge.

"This bigger kid was picking on one of my mates," Bradshaw told him. "I hate bullies. I don't let anyone push me around, or my mates."

"But you kicked the boy while he was on the floor. That can't have been right, surely?"

"He was a lot bigger than me, sir. I wasn't going to let him get up. I might have got hurt."

"So how did he come to be on the floor in the first place?"

"Well, I told him to leave my mate alone. He laughed and said, `What are you going to do about it?' Then he sort of turned away, so I hit him in the balls, and while he was staggering around holding his nuts, I tripped him up, dumped him on his arse."

"I see. No half measure then?"

"No sir. It's like football. If you're going to go in, you have to go in hard. I wouldn't have got caned, but the idiot went crying to the teachers about it."

"And that makes him an idiot?"

"Well sir, the story came out, didn't it? When they found out he'd been picking on other kids, he was in more trouble than I was. He got six; I got two. And that wasn't the end of it. They wrote to his parents and his dad gave him a belting."

Alex winced. With his middle-class upbringing, that sort of harsh parental discipline wasn't something he was used to.

"Did they write to your mum too?" he asked.

"Yes sir. She gave me a telling-off, but she understood why I'd done it."

Alex nodded his understanding. Like Southcott, Bradshaw was a strong character. He wouldn't go looking for trouble, but he wouldn't shy away from it either. That was who he was.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At Monday morning break, Alex waited in his classroom. A couple of minutes later, Newton arrived.

"You asked to see me, sir?" he asked, his tone studiously respectful.

"Yes, come and sit down," Alex said brightly, indicating the chair by his desk. "It seems that when I asked you why you'd decided to join the cross-country team, you didn't give me the whole story. I thought at the time that there was more to it than you were saying, and it seems I was right. The fact is that at least part of the reason you joined was that you'd met someone that you'd taken a shine to."

He paused to see if there was any reaction. Newton remained impassive.

"Now before I go any further," he continued. "Let me say that Whitney gave me not the slightest indication as to who that might be, exactly as you made him promise. And as I want you two to remain friends, I wasn't going to jeopardise that by asking him to betray your confidence. But there are other ways of skinning a cat. I understand that since joining the team, on Sunday mornings you've been going to Ferris's house so the two of you could train together."

"Yes sir, and that's what we did," Chris responded. "We went out running. And yesterday, he came to mine and we ran from there."

"Of course you did!" Alex countered, "not least because Ferris's parents might have suspected something if you hadn't. But that wasn't the whole story, was it? He invited you because he felt a certain stirring in his loins, and you accepted because you had a similar feeling in yours. Remember, I spent ten years at boarding school. I know how these things work. And as for yesterday, it was sunny and unseasonably warm. Now, from what I was told last summer, it seems that you are not averse to a little outdoor activity. And so you called Ferris and arranged to run from your house, which, of course, you did. Along the way, you'd have passed through the woods close to where you live. And before returning home, you took a little intermission, somewhere where nobody could see what you were up to."

There was a long pause, Alex's eyes boring into Newton's skull, watching the wheels turning in the boy's head.

"Sir," Newton finally acknowledged.

"Well?" Alex enquired.

"The day of the cross-country races, Ferris came over to me to lend me a pair of spikes. He said that they were too small for him, but they'd probably fit me. I noticed straightaway how good looking he was, and he seemed really nice too. Later on, when I saw him in his running kit, I could hardly take my eyes off him. After the races, we had to wait for the presentations. He came to talk to me again, telling me how well I'd run and saying he hoped I'd start training with them. The thing was, he wasn't pushy about it. He didn't say I ought to or anything like that, just that he hoped I would. Well, I started wondering, you know, if he might be interested. And when he asked if I'd like to go running with him, I pretty well knew he was. So I said yes. And yesterday was just like you said. When we went running, we came back through the woods. We turned off the path and snogged for a bit. Then we sucked each other off."

"So did you get him into kissing?"

"Yes sir. It took me all of thirty seconds. But I still don't know how you worked it out, sir."

"Like I said, I was at boarding school for ten years. I did very similar things when I was your age."

"This isn't just about sex though sir. Ferris is really good to be with. Whitney and I have quite a bit in common, you know, reading and that, but I always had to take the lead. It's different with Ferris, I'm ahead in a few things, like the books I've read, but in other areas he's way ahead of where I am, especially science. He told me he's hoping to go to Cambridge to read mathematical physics."

"And with maths and physics being two of your strongest subjects, that'd be right up your street."

"Yes sir. During the Easter holidays, we're hoping to go to London to visit the science museum, if our parents will let us, that is."

"Very good. Whitney's pretty upset, of course."

"Yes sir, but I've known for while that it wasn't going to work."

"You let it carry on though?"

"Yes sir, I mean it was okay. The sex was pretty good. But I knew it wasn't going to last. I think Whitney's always going to want to be having sex with several different people, a bit like you, sir."

Alex almost swallowed his tonsils. He might have regarded the lad's observation as a gross impertinence had it not been so perceptive.

"Ouch!" he said, giving the lad a wry smile.

"Sorry sir," Newton apologised. "I didn't mean to be rude."

"Well, let me say I think you've made an excellent choice," Alex responded. "Ferris is a thoroughly nice lad and an excellent student."

"D'you know Ferris then, sir?"

"I should do," Alex said, smiling. "I've been teaching him for as long as I've been teaching you."

"I bet you fancy him too, don't you sir?"

"Well, he's getting a little tall for me now, but let me tell you a little story, in confidence of course. When I first started here, he was in 2-Red. I thought he was gorgeous. When I went around marking the boys' work, I'd put my hand on his shoulder, just as I did with you. Initially, he seemed to quite like it, but on maybe the fifth or sixth occasion, he suddenly squirmed away from me. I didn't understand it at the time, but when I learned that you two had been seeing quite a lot of each other, it all made sense. You see, he was `interested', as you put it, but I was not what he was looking for."

"So you sort of suspected he might like boys rather than girls?"

"Yes, pretty much. I've never been keen on coincidences. In my experience, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, as it was here."

"Yes sir, I understand now."

"At the risk of being nosey, may I ask how far your relationship's gone?"

"Well, we haven't gone all the way yet, sir. Ferris has never been with anyone before so I didn't want to rush things."

"I have to say that I do find that remarkable. When I was at school, even the ten-year olds had a fair idea what went on. By the time we got to your age, there was hardly a boy who hadn't had some experience, even if it was only a bit of mutual wanking."

"But that was at boarding school, wasn't it sir? It's not like that for us."

"No, it quite clearly isn't," Alex conceded. "But you will go all the way, because it'll be what you both want."

"Yes sir," Newton agreed. He leaned towards his form master. "He's got a beautiful cock, sir," he whispered.

"I suspected that he might have," Alex said, smiling. "But as I've never taken his year group for games, and the cross-country team use the gym changing room rather than the pavilion, I've never had the pleasure."

"It's like Whitney's but a bit thicker," Newton confided, grinning mischievously.

"With which he will no doubt keep you very happy," Alex responded. "Well, let me wish you all the best. And thank you for not cutting Whitney off completely. Being friends with you has helped him a great deal and I'd like to see that continue. He's feeling a bit sorry for himself at the moment, so please be patient."

"You don't want me to tell Ferris about this, do you sir?"

"No, I think it's probably best if you don't." Alex cautioned. He checked his watch. "Goodness me, it's almost time for the bell! I'd better let you go!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was the end of the afternoon. Following first-year games, Alex was in the master's changing room getting ready to go home. Suddenly, Richard Needham appeared.

"Ah! I need to talk to you," the games master barked. "I'm just sorting out who'll be taking the football teams next season. I've decided you won't be taking the under-13s. I don't think you're the right man for the job. At their age, they should be working on individual skills. All this teamwork stuff can come later. I've asked Gerry Forbes to take them. I can give you the second eleven if you still want to be involved."

Alex could tell from the tone of the man's voice and the glint in his eye that Mr Needham was looking for a fight. But he had other ideas.

"Oh, that'll be fine," he said casually. "Neil's asked me to take the fourth-year top set. I'm keen to do it, but it involves one hell of a lot of work. Taking the second eleven will suit me nicely!"

"Oh! Right!" Mr Needham said, the wind having been unexpectedly taken from his sails, and promptly disappeared again.

Alex allowed himself a smile. He'd just avoided a fight he didn't need and almost certainly couldn't win. He'd miss checking out the boys then they showered after training, but that was a very minor consideration. The important thing was that he'd wrong-footed the man who was rapidly becoming his nemesis.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At break on Tuesday morning, Alex was surprised to see Gerry Forbes striding into his classroom.

"Hello," he said brightly. "We don't often see you in these parts. What can I do for you?"

"I'd just like a word," Gerry said, looking somewhat embarrassed. "It's just that I hope you don't think I had anything to do with Richard taking next year's under-13s off you. When he told me that I'd be taking them, I was as surprised as you must have been. He said something about needing to concentrate on individual skills, but I couldn't see it. You've got them playing so well. Oh, you had some disappointing results when Bradshaw was injured, but that was to be expected. Since then, they've been excellent. Richard gets a bee in his bonnet sometimes."

"Well, it's not an issue," Alex said casually. "Neil's given me the fourth-year top set, which is a good opportunity for me, but will involve a great deal of work. Taking second eleven football will suit me perfectly."

"Oh," Gerry responded. "I thought you must have had an argument about it. Richard's been in a foul mood this morning. He's been barking at everybody, me included."

Alex somehow managed to keep a straight face. He knew exactly why the senior games master was angry. He's gone looking for a fight and Alex had refused to give him one. He'd expected Alex to object, and to complain to the head when he refused to change his mind. Mr Cope, being both fair and thorough would have called the games master in to ask for an explanation.

Alex knew that would have been Mr Needham's opportunity, not to accuse him of anything in particular, but to say: `I also thought he seemed to be getting too close to some of the boys, and I thought it would be better if he didn't coach them anymore,' or something to that effect, which might have sown doubt in the headmaster's mind. But as there was no dispute, the opportunity would not arise.

"Nothing to do with me," Alex disclaimed. "He told me what he wanted me to do and I agreed."

"I know it sounds a bit cheeky," Gerry continued, "but would you be able to explain how you had them line up and the system you taught them to play? I'd like to build on what you've started. Given how well they've been doing, I think it would be stupid not to."

"Yes, that'll be fine," Alex said, smiling. "We'll sit down sometime and I'll lay it out for you."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At seven o'clock, Alex arrived at the Assembly Rooms to rehearse with the choral society. With Easter less than two weeks away, their first performance of the year was coming up. On Good Friday, they would sing The Crucifixion, by John Stainer. It was much less demanding than the work they'd undertaken the year before, and as the accompaniment was to be played on the organ, they would perform it, not at the Assembly Rooms, but in the Parish Church.

Their director had called an additional rehearsal for the Thursday evening, but as Alex was required at the first-year parents' evening, he'd be unable to attend. Alex was unconcerned, confident that he was already note-perfect.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As the week progressed, the fine, sunny weather continued, each day a little warmer than the one before. For Wednesday's under-12 football training, it felt more like June than March. Alex was careful not to over-work them. There was no need. With their final match of the season coming up on the Saturday, they showed confidence, assurance and understanding that had been so notably absent when the team had first assembled.

After the boys had hurried through the showers, Alex, still dressed in tennis shorts and a polo shirt, left school to drive to the Kings Head. As he approached the pub, Pennington was waiting for him. Standing there in the sunshine, the twelve-year old looked sexier than ever. Alex pulled up to the kerb, allowing the lad to get in.

"Sir, are we going to your flat?" Pennington asked, grinning conspiratorially.

"Yes, why?"

"I know somewhere else we could go, sir. It'll be quicker and you won't have to take me home afterwards. I can show you the way, sir."

Alex was intrigued. Taking the lad to the flat was the safe option, but it was always a bit of a rush. Perhaps it had become a bit predictable, he speculated, so was it time for a little adventure? If it was, they could hardly have picked a better day.

"Okay," he said, flashing the boy a smile. "Let's give it a try."

Driving directly to the leafy suburb where Pennington lived, they turned onto a side-road, coming to a halt outside a large park.

"Where to now?" Alex asked.

"We've got to walk from here, sir," the lad told him. "It's not far. Sir, can I leave my things in the car? I can walk home from here. It'll only take me a couple of minutes."

"Yes, that should be fine," Alex agreed.

They got out of the car and Alex opened the back door. Pennington placed his bag under the cover, next to his teacher's. He then peeled off his blazer and his tie, putting them in there too. Alex was just about the lock the car when he remembered something. Opening his bag, he quickly located the tube of K-Y, stowing it in his shorts' pocket.

With their belongings secured, they headed into the park. After a couple of minutes, they passed through a gate and into some woods. Fifty yards further on, Pennington led the way off the main path and into a thickly wooded area. A few twists and turns later, they were completely hidden from view. Pennington stopped and smiled.

"Is this it?" Alex enquired.

"Yes sir."

Alex looked around, noting that it was the sort of place that only kids would know about. Obscured from the path, on one side the land rose sharply, forming a bank around two feet high. He could see immediately what that might be used for.

He recalled his penultimate year at school. The most desirable younger boys `belonged' to prefects and school sports' captains, and were off-limits to him and his Lower Sixth contemporaries. He and his friends would have to wait a little longer to be granted the status that would allow them to have a boy of their own. In the meantime, however, there were other youngsters who would oblige them.

If he found one of these boys unoccupied, in the warmer weather he would take him to the wooded area adjacent to the school grounds. There was no question of hiding. The woods were not dense enough for that. But as all the boys who frequented the place were there for the same purpose, it hardly mattered. While escorting his boy of the day to a suitable location, they might see another of these younger lads kneeling on the ground, sucking a sixth-former's cock, or bent over, his hands resting against a tree, while one of Alex's classmates fucked his bottom.

"Have you used this place before?" he asked.

"Yes sir," Pennington confirmed. "Last summer, after I came back from my cousin's, I used to come here almost every day to have a wank. And a couple of times, when it was really hot, I took all my clothes off and did it naked."

"But you've not been here with anyone else?"

"No sir. I wanted to, but I didn't know anyone."

"Well," Alex said, grinning, "There has to be a first time for everything."

Kneeling on the ground, he undid the clip and the top of the youngster's grey school shorts and pulled down the zip. Giving a little shimmy so that they fell around his ankles, Pennington pulled up his shirt.

Needing no further invitation, Alex ran his fingers over the hard bulge at the front of the twelve-year old's briefs. Then easing the elastic away from the lad's stomach, he quickly skinned them down his legs. He drank in the sight, his cock straining to escape the confines of his shorts. In his eyes, the way the sun reflected off Pennington's silk-smooth skin made the lad irresistibly beautiful.

Instinctively, Alex plunged forwards, his lips enveloping almost four and a half inches of steely hardness. He sucked it hungrily, his tongue working overtime on the small shiny head. Slipping his hand between the youngster's legs, he stroked the boy's thighs and tickled his perineum. Finally, he eased away, admiring the lad's uncut penis glistening in the sunshine. He looked up.

"Your turn," he said, smiling lasciviously.

They changed places. Quickly undoing the fly-buttons of his teacher's shorts, Pennington extracted the man's erect penis. He took it into his mouth, steadily sucking further and further down. Alex gently stroked he lad's wavy brown hair, revelling in the wonderful sensations the boy was giving him. `He's not just gorgeous,' he told himself. `He's a real slut.'

"You can stop now," he instructed.

Pennington expertly let him go, sitting back on his heels to await Mr Faulkner's next instruction.

"Okay," Alex said, gesturing towards the raised ground. "Stand up and face that way."

Getting to his feet, Pennington shuffled around. With his feet as wide apart as his shorts would allow, he bent over submissively, his hands resting on the bank. Kneeling behind, Alex prised apart the youngster's bum-cheeks. The lad's pink rosebud looked untouched, almost virginal. `He can't have been fucked since I did him last week' Alex reflected. An idea occurred to him. He stored it for later.

Leaning in, he swiped his tongue over the boy's anus. It twitched provocatively. Placing the tip at the very centre of the lad's entrance, he began to push, steadily working it inside.

"Oh sir!" Pennington purred. "Ohhh!"

"You love that, don't you Pennington?" Alex demanded.

"Oh, yes sir!" the boy cooed.

Retrieving the K-Y from the pocket of his shorts, Alex squeezed some onto his fingers. Removing his tongue from the youngster's boy-hole, he replaced it with his index finger. It slid in easily. Alex pushed in his middle finger as well. Though tight, it went in without protest. Alex smiled, feeling himself getting even hornier. Despite appearances, the boy could open up whenever he needed to. And he needed to now.

Alex stood up. He couldn't explain it, but there was something almost primal about having sex out in the woods, the sunshine, the gentle breeze, even the slight danger of discovery all contributing to his excitement. It was almost as though he was seventeen and back at school, having sex with one of those younger boys, teenage hormones coursing uncontrollably through his body. But he wasn't seventeen, he was twenty-four, bigger and stronger than he'd been then. And he was with a beautiful twelve-year old, not an ordinary-looking lad around two years older. He was consumed by lust. He was going to fuck the boy into near-oblivion. That was why they were there and that was what would happen. Right at that moment, nothing else mattered.

"Turn around," he ordered.

As Pennington turned to face him, Alex squeezed some K-Y onto the boy's fingers, the lad casually smearing it over his teacher's rock-hard penis.

"As you were," Alex told him.

With Pennington back in his previous position, Alex pushed the boy's shirt up to his armpits. Moving in close, he guided his cock onto the youngster's rosebud. With one hard, well-directed thrust, he penetrated him.

"Oh sir!" Pennington gasped.

On other occasions, Alex would have paused to allow the boy to get used to the intrusion. Not this time. Holding him around the thighs, he pushed further in, steadily reaming the youngster's velvety boy-tunnel. He thrust over the lad's prostate.

"Ohh!" Pennington squealed, his penis twitching involuntarily.

Moments later, Alex had the boy fully impaled, his pubic hair squished up against the lad's buttocks. With barely a pause, he set to his task, pounding the youngster's bottom with long, powerful thrusts.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Pennington squeaked.

Alex simply fucked him even harder, rooting him, ravaging him, giving it everything he had.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" the boy repeated, the mixture of pain and pleasure almost too much for him to bear.

"Oh, you love this, don't you Pennington?" Alex rasped. "You love having my big cock up your bottom!"

"Oh! Oh! Ohhh!"

Feeling himself getting close, Alex reached down, wrapping his fingers around the boy's throbbing prick. Pennington bucked violently, his muscles wracked by uncontrollable spasms. A moment later, his penis swelled and pulsed, little jets of boy-cum spraying the bushes.

The boy's anal contractions sucked Alex in even deeper. "Oh yes!" he growled. "This is what you want!"

With his balls churning, his cock jerked repeatedly, rope after rope of creamy spunk spurting deep into the youngster's rectum. After several seconds, he slowly pulled out, suddenly shocked by the savagery of what he'd just done. He lad's anus looked very puffy, the area to either side badly chafed.

Pennington immediately squatted down, his teacher's spunk running out to make a pool on the ground.

"Good god!" Alex declared in between gasps. "I obviously had plenty to give you."

Plucking a couple of dock leaves, Pennington tried to wipe his bottom, wincing when he realised how sore it was. Getting to his feet, he pulled up his pants and shorts.

"I'm sorry I was so rough with you," Alex said quietly. "I got carried away."

Pennington didn't answer. He didn't know what to say. He liked Mr Faulkner and loved having sex with him. Most of the time, he loved having the man's cock inside him, especially when the spunk squirted into his bottom. This time, Mr Faulkner had fucked him much harder than usual. It had hurt, but in a strange way, he'd still enjoyed it. By the end, he'd been so excited, he'd cum all over the bushes.

With their clothing in place, they headed back the way they'd come.

"Am I right in thinking that you hadn't had sex since last Wednesday?" Alex asked.

"Yes sir. You've been too busy."

"There might be another possibility," Alex suggested. "Whitney's split up with his boyfriend, so like you, he's at something of a loose end. The boyfriend, as was, used to cycle to Whitney's house after school on Tuesdays and Fridays. I wondered if you'd be interested in taking this lad's place."

"I might be, sir. Whitney's okay, isn't he? And he's got a super cock!"

"I'll be seeing him tomorrow afternoon," Alex said quietly. "I'll mention it to him. Come and see me Friday morning break. I'll let you know what he says."

They reached the car. Pennington collected his bag and donned his blazer, putting his tie into one of the pockets.

"I'll see you on Friday morning," Alex said, smiling.

He stood and watched as the boy walked a little awkwardly towards his house.