By Pink Panther

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April 1961

The following Monday, Alex returned to school re-energised and relishing the challenges that the new term would present. Since returning from his parents' house, he'd had sex twelve times in as many days, and had fucked five different boys: Bradshaw, Pennington, Noel, Whitney and Holdsworth. He found it remarkable that he'd got himself into a position where he was able to do that, but having done so, he'd taken full advantage of his opportunities.

Alex had no sports coaching commitments during the summer term, which gave him a little more free time. Even so, with all his classes preparing for important examinations – O-level for the fifth year, A-level for the upper sixth and internal school examinations for the others – the pressure was at its most intense. He wouldn't be able to slacken off until the examinations were completed.

But he certainly wasn't complaining. He loved teaching. Getting the boys to produce their best when it really mattered was almost as satisfying as sex. He wouldn't go short of that either. With the prep schools also having started their summer term, he could look forward to more assignations with some of the most delightful boys that he could ever hope to meet. The life he'd spent years dreaming about had become a reality.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Wednesday afternoon. Michael arrived home a little before quarter past four. On most days, he changed out of his school uniform straightaway, but Ford, whom he usually called Mr Brown, was due to visit him. Ford had agreed to make himself look really young, so that anyone seeing him come to the house would not think anything off it. But how exactly would he do that, Michael wondered?

He headed up to his bedroom. Having removed his shoes and socks, he hung up his blazer before taking off his tie and his school pullover. With several minutes to kill, he pottered around, closing the curtains and making sure everything was ready. He was looking forward to it, his cock straining against his skimpy briefs. He didn't have to think of it as role-play. He and Ford were going to have wild, uninhibited sex in a way that suited both of them.

At twenty-five past, the doorbell rang. Michael hurried downstairs to answer it. As he opened the door, his eyes widened. Ford was wearing the uniform of Woodchurch Boys' Grammar School, with the blazer and tie complemented by a white shirt, charcoal grey trousers and black shoes.

Michael's penis twitched with excitement. His new schoolfriend looked absolutely gorgeous. He swallowed hard. What a fuck this was going to be!

"Hello Ford," he said, smiling. "Come in! Good to see you!"

"Thanks!" Ford responded, stepping inside.

"Would you like a drink or anything?"

"No, I'm okay, thanks"

"Right, let's go upstairs."

Realising that it was up to him to take charge, Michael led the way to his bedroom.

"Nice place," Ford commented.

"Yeah, it's okay. A double bed would be better, but we'll manage. Okay, shoes and socks off, and your blazer and tie."

Michael licked his lips as he watched the lad remove his outer clothing.

"Okay, come here!" he instructed.

Gently and sensuously, Michael began to undo the buttons on Ford's shirt. Carefully extricating it from the waistband of the lad's trousers, he helped his friend take it right off, leaving him naked from the waist up.

"You're beautiful," Michael whispered.

"May I take yours off?" Ford asked.

"Of course!"

Ford quickly reciprocated. "You're not bad yourself," he commented as Michael's chest came into view.

Without another word being spoken, they undid each other's trousers, which fell to the floor. As soon as they'd been kicked off, Michael stepped forward, running his hand over the front of Ford's briefs.

"Okay, let's get these off!"

Holding the elastic of Ford's underpants, Michael quickly pulled them down, exposing his friend's stiff five-inch cock. There was still not a trace of hair to be seen.

"Do you want to do mine?" he suggested.

"Please!" Ford responded before removing Michael's briefs. "Ooooh! You've got a beautiful cock!"

"You want it up your bum, don't you?"


"Okay, but there's no rush. Let's get on the bed."

As they snuggled up together, Michael initiated a kiss. Michael was encouraged that although not passionate, Ford was more responsive than he'd been on the previous occasion. Over the next twenty minutes, Michael worked his way through what had become a well-practised routine, the things he most often did before he fucked a boy. They spent several minutes in a sixty-nine, only stopping when Michael was close to cumming. After another kiss, Ford got onto all fours, allowing Michael to lick him out and finger-fuck him.

"Ooooh!" Ford panted. "I want your cock now!"

Michael took one of his pillows. Having placed it below Ford's stomach, he covered it with the old towel that he'd left on the bedside cabinet.

"Okay," he said quietly. "Lie down."

Rather nervously, Ford got into position, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Being penetrated like this was going to hurt. It always did. But he wasn't going to object. Whitney was everything he'd ever wanted in a boyfriend. Not only did he want to please him, he knew that once he'd got through the initial pain, he'd be rewarded with the most wonderful feeling possible.

Sitting back on his haunches, Michael smeared K-Y over his penis. He admired his prize, silky smooth and beautifully proportioned. He was going to enjoy this! Lowering himself carefully, he moved into position, guiding his cock onto Ford's anal ring. He pushed hard. After a second's resistance, the head of his cock slipped inside.

"Oh Whitney!" Ford gasped. "Aaaarrgghh!"

"Just relax," Michael said soothingly. "Get used to me being there."

After a few seconds, he pushed in a little deeper.

"Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!" Ford panted.

"You're wonderfully tight," Michael whispered. "Just relax as much as you can. Very soon this is going to feel really good."

After another pause, he pushed down again, reaming Ford's tight, velvety tunnel. He encountered the lad's prostate.

"Ohhhh!" Ford exclaimed, his hard prick twitching against the pillow.

Moments later he was fully impaled, Whitney's pubic hair squished up against his bottom. The fucking began quite gently, the teenager's penis withdrawing just an inch or two before pushing back in. As the minutes passed, his whimpers of pain turned to moans of pleasure. This was what he wanted. To be fucked by a slim, smooth, good-looking teenager with a really nice cock had been his fantasy since he was ten years old. There was no other feeling like it.

Sensing that Ford had completely relaxed, Michael began to increase the length of his strokes, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in again.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" he demanded.

"Oh yes!" Ford whimpered. "Please Whitney! Fuck me hard! I want your spunk up my bum!"

Redoubling his efforts, Michael fucked the lad as hard as he possibly could.

"Ohhhhh!" Ford gasped. "I'm going to cum!"

Moments later, Michael felt the boy shuddering beneath him, the lad's anus spasming around his prick. It had the same effect that it always did, his fully-buried penis jerking into action. Three big ropes of teen spunk spurted deep into Ford's bottom, followed by several smaller ones.

With his orgasm finally at an end, he collapsed onto his friend's back, his heart thumping against the lad's spine. It had been a wonderful fuck. As his breathing began to recover, he carefully withdrew.

"Well?" he enquired. "Did you enjoy it? It sounded like you did."

"Oh, yes! It was fantastic! Unbelievable!"

"It was for me too," Michael told him.

Without bothering to visit the bathroom, Ford began to pull on his clothes, just as Pennington had done the day before. As soon as they were both dressed, Michael showed him out.

"I believe you're going to see Mr Smith on Saturday," Ford said quietly, "so I'll see you next week."

"Sure," Michael responded. "I'll look forward to it."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

For Alex, the first week of term went swimmingly. All his classes had covered the work that would be tested in the upcoming exams. The next few weeks would be spent building confidence by working steadily through questions of the type that they would have to tackle. Accordingly, his approach was a little more relaxed than previously. Although he wouldn't allow any slacking, he needed the boys to feel good about themselves so that they would go into their exams in a positive frame of mind.

On the Saturday, he spent a relaxed morning at home before taking Whitney to Mr Smith's house in the afternoon. They were joined by the irrepressible Southcott. Although their host still had misgivings about his charge's penchant for being spanked, they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as they invariably did.

And so it came to Sunday afternoon. During their maths tutorial, Bradshaw was as good as gold, concentrating fully on the task in hand. But with the lesson at an end, he became restless, a mixture of nerves and anticipation. For sure, he could hardly wait to meet ten-year old Long and to fuck the lad's bottom, but suppose he wasn't able to do it? That would be mortifying.

"Why are you so anxious all of a sudden?" Alex enquired, smiling. "You're not having second thoughts, are you?"

"No sir, it's not that."

"So what is it, then?"

"It's hard to say, sir."

"Come on, spit it out!" Alex insisted.

"Well, sir. Suppose I can't, you know . . ."

"Can't perform as expected? Oh, we all worry about that the first time. It's natural. Trust me; you'll be absolutely fine."

"How do you know, sir?"

"I can't explain it without giving you information you shouldn't have," Alex said gently, stroking the lad's silky blond hair. "I wouldn't talk to other boys about what you do when you're having sex. It wouldn't be right. And by the same token, I won't tell you about them. I've asked you to trust me, and that's what you'll have to do. Understand?"

"Yes sir. Sorry sir."

"Don't worry about it. Like I said, it's only natural for you to be nervous at this stage."

Just at that moment, the doorbell rang. Leaving Bradshaw in the lounge, Alex went to answer it. He returned half a minute later. As soon as Bradshaw saw the lad who followed his mentor into the room, his face lit up. At four feet eight, the slightly-built lad was a couple of inches shorter than him, with sparkling blue eyes, fair wiry hair and near-perfect features. But Bradshaw's eyes were drawn to the youngster's legs, almost fully exposed below his rather brief grey shorts. The boy wasn't just cute, he was sexiness personified. Getting to his feet, Bradshaw extended a hand.

"Hi, I'm Bradshaw," he said, smiling warmly, his penis hardening in his underpants. "You must be Long. Good to meet you."

"Good to meet you too," Long responded, confidently accepting the handshake.

"And good afternoon to you, sir," Bradshaw said, smiling at Mr Brown.

As the two adults disappeared into the kitchen, the boys parked themselves on the sofa.

"Arrowsmith told me I'll have a good time with you," Long whispered, grinning mischievously, his thigh pressed tight against the twelve-year old's.

"Yeah," Bradshaw answered, his hand stroking the younger boy's leg. "I hope you will. You are so sexy!"

"That's what everyone says," Long quipped, provocatively licking his lips. He placed his hand on the front of Bradshaw's shorts. "That feels nice!" he breathed. "I can't wait to have it in my boy-hole!"

"Look at you two," Martin commented, returning to the lounge. "Straining at the leash! Just be patient for a few minutes!"

"Would you like a drink?" Alex asked.

"Please!" the boys chorused.

Ten minutes later, with their drinks consumed, the boys led the way to the bedroom. Having pulled off their shoes and socks, Long sauntered across to Mr White, who was sitting on the bed, while Bradshaw stood submissively in front of Mr Brown, seated in the armchair.

As his remaining clothes were carefully removed, the twelve-year old revelled in the sensuousness of the young choirmaster's touch. It was making him hornier by the second. In less than a minute, he was stark naked, his prick delightfully clasped between Mr Brown's eager lips. After a short while, the man let him go, looked up and smiled. Bradshaw knew what was expected. Kneeling down, he undid Mr Brown's flies, reaching inside to extract the man's rampant cock. Holding it around the base, he carefully took it into his mouth, steadily sucking his way down.

Seated on the bed, Alex ran his fingers through Long's wiry fair hair. The youngster was sucking him quite beautifully, gradually taking it deeper and deeper into his mouth. It soon became clear that the lad was taking it right down his throat.

Alex could hardly believe it. For a ten-year old to perform in that way was quite extraordinary, especially as neither he nor his associates would have coaxed the boy into taking it so deep. The only conclusion he could draw was that the lad enjoyed doing it.

"You'd better stop now," he advised, "or I'll cum in your mouth, and I've got other plans for where I want my spunk to go."

Long carefully eased away. He licked his lips, grinning seductively.

"Mr Brown," Alex intoned. "I think it's time these boys got to know each other properly."

Vacating his position on the bed, Alex sat down on his office chair, watching eagerly as the boys snuggled up together. Within a few seconds, they were kissing passionately.

"I like your weewee," Long said, breaking the kiss, his fingers running up the length of Bradshaw's penis. "It's really hard, isn't it? Can I suck it?"

"Yeah, of course!" Bradshaw responded.

Alex realised immediately that he'd forgotten to tell Bradshaw about Long's use of little boys' talk, but it didn't seem to be an issue. Bradshaw hadn't tried to correct the lad as some older boys would have done. For his part, Bradshaw was delighted. Although Long lacked Whitney's finesse, the scrawny ten-year old was giving him a wonderful blow-job, sucking him right down to the root. After around a minute, Long let him go.

"D'you want to suck mine now?" he asked.

"Sure. D'you want to do a sixty-nine?" Bradshaw queried.

"Yeah! Come on then!"

A couple of seconds later, they were lying top-to toe, each boy's mouth working wonders on the other's penis. Gently pushing the younger boy's legs apart, Bradshaw slipped his hand between Long's thighs, his index finger homing in on the ten-year old's rosebud.

"Oh yeah!" Long exhaled. "Push it in!"

Rising from his chair, Alex picked up the tube of K-Y, carefully smearing some over Bradshaw's index finger. He then watched intently as the slicked-up digit was inserted into the ten-year old's anus until it was in as far as it would go.

"Can I lick your bum?" Bradshaw enquired, eagerly finger-fucking the lad.


"Get on all fours then!"

Long quickly got into position. This was the part of the build-up that he most enjoyed, shivering with excitement as he felt the older boy's tongue lapping at his boy-hole. It wasn't the best he'd experienced. It seemed that Bradshaw's tongue wasn't long enough to push into him in the way that Whitney's and Mr White's did. But it didn't matter. He was hot to take the twelve-year old's penis.

"Ooooh!" he moaned. "I want your weewee now!"

Sitting back on his heels, Bradshaw carefully lubricated his steel-hard prick.

"Are we doing it like this?" Long enquired. "Or are you going to lie on your back and let me do the work?"

"I'd rather do it like this."

"So would I! Come on, then!"

Somewhat apprehensively, Bradshaw manoeuvred himself into position, the head of his penis probing the younger lad's anal ring. He pushed hard, but his cock slipped off its target, sliding harmlessly down between the youngster's thighs.

"You need to hold it till you've got it in," Alex advised.

Bradshaw tried a second time, using his thumb and first two fingers to keep his penis in place. He pushed again. This time, the younger boy's sphincter muscle opened up for him. He was in! It was everything he'd dreamed about, but one hundred times more, the velvety tightness of Long's boy-tunnel like nothing he'd ever experienced.

"Get it right in!" Long urged.

Holding the youngster around the thighs, Bradshaw pushed forwards, his cock sinking deeper into the ten-year old's rectum. It passed over a hard, knobbly spot.

"Ohhh!" Long exploded, his penis twitching like crazy.

Moments later, Bradshaw was in as far as he could go, his pubic bone pressed tight against the youngster's bottom. He paused for a moment, savouring the tight little sheath that was gripping his prick. He'd never realised anything could feel as good as this.

"Come on!" Long urged. "Pump it into me! Do it hard!"

Bradshaw did not need to be asked twice. Never one for half measures, right from the off his penis jack-hammered into the ten-year old's bottom, thrusting repeatedly over the youngster's sex-button.

Long was ecstatic. Although he was accustomed to taking much larger ones, Bradshaw's four-inch penis was a perfect fit in his tight little boy-hole. Better still, the twelve-year old was pounding into him as though the world was about to end. Almost before he knew it, Long found himself gasping for breath. In the next instant, he began to shudder, his three-inch boy-prick swelling and pulsing of its own accord.

The younger lad's anal spasms sucked Bradshaw's penis right in. It jerked harder than he could ever remember, three jets of watery boy-juice squirting powerfully into the youngster's rectum. For several seconds, he knelt on the bed, his cock still buried in the ten-year old's bum, the room swimming around him. He was elated, his sense of accomplishment overwhelming. He'd shot his spunk into the bottom of a very cute younger boy. It was, unquestionably, the best feeling he'd ever had. Nothing else even came close.

Finally, he carefully withdrew, his penis so sensitive he couldn't bear to have anything touch it. He lay down on his side, his chest still rising and falling. Long flopped down too, turning to face him.

"That was super!" he said, grinning. "Southcott's pretty wild, but even he didn't bum me as hard as you just did. So did you like it?"

"Wow!" Bradshaw panted. "It was incredible! The best thing ever!"

"Well I loved it!"

"Was it better than doing it with Whitney or Mr White?"

"Oh, that's different," Long asserted. "They've got big ones. It hurts when they go in, but it gets really exciting when they start doing it."

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"I'll be getting Mr White's next. And you're going to get spit-roasted."

"Spit roasted?" Bradshaw queried.

"Yeah, I'll be sitting on Mr White's lap with his weewee up my bum. You'll be down on all fours with my weewee in your mouth and Mr Brown's in your boy-hole."

"Oh right! I've sort of done that before, during the Easter holidays. Myself, Whitney, Pennington and Holdsworth met up at Whitney's house. Pennington and I were lying on the carpet doing a sixty-nine. The other two got down behind us. They next thing I knew, Holdsworth was giving it me up the bum while Whitney did the same to Pennington. It was wild! We all came within a few seconds of each other."

"Sounds fantastic! I'd love to try it! I met Pennington once."

"Really? When was that?"

"Easter Saturday. Whitney couldn't make it for some reason, so Pennington was there instead."

"Did he bum you?"

"Yeah, well sort of. He said he'd never done it before, and I could tell he was nervous about it, so I knelt astride his chest. Then I reached back and held his weewee while I sat down on it. It went right up me, so I bounced up and down till he spunked in my boy-hole."


"It was easy. I've taken Mr Brown's like that lots of times. Anyway, after we'd done it, Pennington got spit-roasted, just like you're going to be. Afterwards, will you lick me clean?"

"What d'you mean?" Bradshaw demanded.

"Well, Whitney always licks the spunk off my legs and out of my boy-hole. Pennington did too. Mr White asked him to. He didn't want to at first, but Mr White told him he ought to try it, so he did. I think he liked it."

"Okay, I'll do it if Mr White asks me."

"Are you ready then?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Okay, I'll leave you to it," Long said, giving the older lad a little peck on the lips. "I'm going to sit with Mr White."

He climbed off the bed, allowing his music master to take over the empty space, while Alex took the opportunity to move to his armchair. As soon as he was settled, Long parked himself across the naked man's lap, the lad's three-inch prick sticking straight up.

"So did you enjoy having Bradshaw's weewee inside you?" Alex whispered.

"Yes sir. It was super!"

"And now you've got his spunk in your boy-hole."

"Yes sir."

"And you like that too, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"Ooooh!" Alex breathed. "You are so sexy!"

"You ought to stop saying that, sir," Long admonished. "It might go to my head."

"Which head would that be?" Alex countered, expertly fondling the lad's throbbing penis.

"Sir, that is very naughty!"

"Yes, it is, isn't it? Now stand up and we'll do something even naughtier."

Long got to his feet, turning to face his host. Leaning forwards, Alex devoured the youngster's three-inch erection. He sucked it eagerly, his tongue flicking out to massage the boy's cute little balls. Sliding his hand between Long's thighs, he tickled the lad's perineum. Finally, he pulled away.

"Your turn now," he said quietly.

Within a couple of seconds, Long was kneeling on the floor, taking the man's large cock right down his throat. Alex gently ran his fingers through the lad's hair. He basked in the wonderful sensations, reflecting that ten-year olds didn't come any hornier than this one.

"Okay," he instructed. "Stand up, turn around and bend over."

Knowing exactly what was coming, Long did as he was asked, his hands resting on the bed. With his nose between the lad's bum-cheeks, Alex lapped eagerly at the youngster's recently-violated starfish.

"Ohhh!" Long squeaked. "Oh sir!"

Encouraged by these expressions of pleasure, Alex pushed right in, encountering the slight tanginess of Bradshaw's boy-cum. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

"You naughty boy!" he hissed, quickly coating his fingers with K-Y. "You're full of Bradshaw's spunk! Now just stay where you are!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Seeing Long move off the bed, Martin moved across to take his place.

"Well," he asked quietly. "How was your first fuck?"

"It was incredible, sir!" Bradshaw admitted, running his fingers along the man's penis. "I never knew anything could feel as good as that!"

"So I take it you'll be hoping for some repeat performances?"

"Definitely, sir!"

"Well, I'm sure Long will be agreeable. Hard was what he asked for, and that was exactly what you gave him."

"Yes sir," Bradshaw responded. "He said it was super." He paused for a moment. "Sir," he asked tentatively. "What's happened to the hair round your prick?"

"Oh, I shaved it off," Martin said casually. "I do that sometimes. I like it. It makes my cock look bigger."

"It makes you look about sixteen, sir."

"Oh, I'm not worried about that," Martin said, dismissing the subject. "Did Long explain what's going to happen now?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay then!" Martin said, coating his index finger with K-Y.

Resting his head on Bradshaw's stomach, he went down on the lad's prick, sucking it right into his mouth. Pushing his hand between the boy's thighs, he inserted his slicked-up finger into the twelve-year old's anus. As always, Bradshaw took it without protest.

"You like this, don't you?" Martin asked, taking his mouth off the youngster's prong.

"Yes sir," Bradshaw responded.

Martin looked across. Sitting his armchair, Mr White had two fingers in Long's bottom.

"Right," the young choirmaster instructed. "Get on all-fours. Kneel across the bed so that you're facing them."

As Bradshaw moved into position, he watched, awestruck, as the ten-year old began to lower himself onto Mr White's cock. He found it hard to believe that the slightly-built youngster would be able to accommodate such a large intrusion, but the evidence was there before his eyes, as inch by inch the man's penis disappeared into the lad's bottom.

As soon as Long was sitting right in the man's lap, he lifted his feet, placing them against the side of the bed, his toes sticking up above the mattress. Bradshaw swallowed hard. He now had a perfect view of the ten-year old's boy-hole stretched around his mentor's prick. Had he not seen it for himself, he would have thought it impossible.

"Okay," Martin said, guiding his prong onto the twelve-year old's anus. "Just relax for me. You know what to do."

A moment later, Bradshaw felt the choirmaster's penis sliding into him.

"Good boy!" Martin cooed. "Now get your mouth around Long's weewee."

Lowering his head and shoulders, Bradshaw's lips closed over the younger lad's three-inch prick.

"Right!" Alex ordered. "You boys keep nice and still. Mr Brown and I will do the work."

The action began immediately. With his prostate being stimulated by Mr Brown's cock and Long's prick pumping rhythmically into his mouth, Bradshaw became increasingly aroused, his penis throbbing with his heartbeat. He was sure that if he hadn't ejaculated in the younger lad's bum just a few minutes earlier, he'd have squirted onto the bedclothes. Instead, the intensity continued to build until it was almost unbearable. Suddenly, Long began to thrash around, the youngster's prick pulsing and jiggling in his mouth.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" Alex growled. "Now I'm going to fill your lovely little boy-hole!"

"And I'm going to fill yours, Bradshaw!" Martin added, before depositing his man-cream in the twelve-year old's bottom.

After a suitable pause, they carefully disengaged. As expected, spunk was running down the younger boy's slender thighs.

"Bradshaw," Alex suggested. "Would you like to clean Long up before going to the bathroom?"

Bradshaw shrugged and grinned. As the ten-year old bent over in front of him, he knelt down and began to lick, savouring the taste of his mentor's spunk, maybe mixed with a little of his own. Moving from one leg to the other, he gradually worked his way upwards until his tongue was just below the lad's still-dilated anus.

A little spunk was dribbling out. Taking a deep breath, Bradshaw plunged his tongue right in, continuing to lick until the youngster's sphincter finally closed up, pushing him out.

"Well done!" Alex congratulated. "Okay, you two! Off you go!"

As the boys made their way out of the room, he smiled with satisfaction. Not only had Bradshaw performed well up to expectation, he'd clearly revelled in the experience. He'd undoubtedly want to put his stiff prick into other cute little boy-holes. Things could hardly have worked out better.

The only thing that puzzled him was the change in his associate's appearance. It seemed very strange that Martin should want to make himself look even younger than he normally did. But it wasn't his business and he knew better than to ask questions.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

During the summer term, when taking first-year games, Alex had the task of supervising one of the four forms as they worked on various athletic field events. And so it was that the following afternoon, he found himself looking after 1-Green, the form that Samuel Okikiolu was in.

They began with the long jump. Most of the boys jumped somewhere between ten and twelve feet. A few of the weaker ones couldn't even manage that far. Then it was Okikiolu's turn. He accelerated along the runway, hit the take-off board perfectly and sailed out into the sand-pit.

Alex's eyes widened. He'd never seen a boy jump like that. With the assistance of Johnson, who was excused games because his left forearm was in plaster, he measured the jump at fifteen feet ten inches. It was a quite magnificent effort, much further than any of the other boys had managed. Alex was more than impressed. As a footballer, Okikiolu was one of the best in the year. As an athlete he was in a league of his own.

After each of the boys had taken a second jump, they moved to the shot-putt circle. On the way, Alex noticed Pennington, patrolling the boundary of the cricket pitch. The batsman struck the ball firmly, a few yards to the lad's right. Having scampered across to cut it off, Pennington picked up the ball neatly and threw it straight back into the wicket-keeper's gloves, a distance of around fifty yards.

Alex was impressed with that too. For a twelve-year old, it was a very good effort, the pick-up neat and efficient, the throw both accurate and powerful. It seemed that Pennington was far better at cricket than he was at football, just as he'd said.

After giving his group a few demonstrations, Alex set them to work. While they had all been able to long-jump to some degree, several boys were completely unable to putt the shot. In fact, none of them did well. Even Okikiolu, who was tall and willowy, found the heavy iron sphere difficult to control.

They were just finishing their session when a cry of "Catch it!" emanated from the nearby cricket pitch. Looking up, Alex spotted the ball, which had gone high into the air. Trotting around, Pennington positioned himself right under it. Catching the ball directly in front of his eyes, he drew his hands down onto his chest, sinking down onto one knee to absorb the ball's momentum.

Alex knew how difficult it was to take a catch like that. Cricket balls are hard and heavy. Travelling at speed, they sting like hell and can easily pop out. But by allowing his hands to ride with the ball, Pennington had made the catch look easy.

Was the lad a natural, Alex wondered, or had he been very well coached? He suspected it was a combination of the two. During his own school days, he'd been taught what to do. But it depended on perfect timing, allowing your hands to drop just as your fingers closed around the ball. Along with many of his contemporaries, he'd never quite managed it.

Back in the changing rooms, he watched with interest as the boys from 1-Blue headed to and returned from the showers. The red-headed Thorpe was delightfully unselfconscious, standing there stark naked as he chatted to a couple of his classmates. He was beginning to develop a little too, Alex observed, the youngster's boy-parts noticeably larger than they'd been a couple of months earlier.

Alex felt his cock beginning to stiffen. Thorpe would make a valuable addition to his stable, he speculated, and even though the lad seemed oblivious to his attention, Alex was sure that he'd be able to seduce him. But prudence dictated otherwise. He already had as many Woodchurch boys as he could safely deal with. To take on another one would be asking for trouble. As far as Thorpe was concerned, he would look but not attempt to touch.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The rest of Alex's week passed off in the same agreeable fashion. The attention that he'd paid to his weaker pupils was really starting to pay dividends. With the exception of the fifth-year boy Jones, every boy he taught was performing up to or above the expected standard, even fourth-years Dodd and Townley.

Getting those two working properly had required a great deal of effort and unshakeable determination. It was his proudest achievement. As a consequence, the other boys were eating out of his hand more than they ever had. It made teaching a real joy.

By way of a reward for his labours, he had sex with Bradshaw on Tuesday, Pennington on Wednesday and Whitney on Thursday, while on Saturday afternoon, Whitney came to his flat, where Mr Brown and twelve-year old Jessop visited them. It was everything he could have wanted.

Finally, it was Sunday afternoon. For the first time in several weeks, Alex picked up Bradshaw from outside the Kings Head, the lad having made an excuse to his mother as to why he wasn't using his bike. The real reason was that Mr Smith and Van Kerksraat would be visiting. Alex didn't want his protégé to have to cycle home with a sore bottom.

"So which exam will I be doing then, sir?" Bradshaw enquired as they drove towards the flat.

"We're going to give you the exam that the regular fourth-year classes are going to do," Alex explained. "They'll do their O-level exam next summer, so you've done all the work. It will take a bit of organising, because there are two papers, each of an hour and a half, so you'll have to do the second paper when the other boys in your form don't have an exam. But don't worry about it. We'll sort it out later."

At ten to three, with their maths class completed, they sat in the lounge, waiting for their guests to arrive. Unlike the previous week, when he'd been quite nervous, Bradshaw was calm and confident.

"Looking forward to it?" Alex asked quietly.

"Oh yes sir! Whitney says Van Kerkstraat's even better than Long!"

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. As Alex went to answer it, Bradshaw was on the edge of his seat. The moment Van Kerkstraat appeared, he was on his feet, eager to greet his beautiful new friend. The twelve-year old's arousal was clear for all to see. He was almost drooling at the prospect of what he was about to do.

But things were not to be rushed. Having driven for an hour, Mr Smith wanted a cup of tea. Accordingly, the boys spent the next fifteen minutes sitting on the sofa, chatting and eyeing each other. Finally, they were allowed to go to the bedroom, discarding their shoes and socks as the two teachers sat down to watch.

They began to undress each other. Within a minute, they were down to their tight white briefs. Bradshaw was awestruck. The near naked eleven-year old was stunningly beautiful. Reaching out, he carefully skinned the younger boy's underpants down his perfectly proportioned legs. He was surprised that the youngster's boy-parts were so small, the lad's erect, uncut penis no more than two and a half inches long and very slim. Although Whitney had told him that the blond beauty only had a tiny cock, actually seeing still came as something of a shock.

As soon as Van Kerkstraat had returned the favour, they got onto the bed. For the next ten minutes, they kissed, fondled and sucked each other, building things up to the inevitable coup de grace. Finally, Van Kerkstraat got onto all fours, allowing Bradshaw to lick him out and finger-fuck him.

"Okay," Van Kerkstraat instructed. "Now stick your thingy up my bum!"

Having coated his penis with K-Y, Bradshaw guided it onto the younger boy's anus. Holding it around the base, he pushed hard, surprised to find that it slid right in. After spending a few moments savouring the lad's warm, squidgy boy-tunnel, he began to fuck.

Immediately, he sensed something wasn't right, the sensations far less intense than when he'd fucked Long the week before. Van Kerkstraat's reaction was more muted too. Although he squeaked appreciatively in response to each inward thrust, there was no hint that he might have a dry cum. Eager to give the lad the same pleasure he always enjoyed, Bradshaw redoubled his efforts, his cock pounding ferociously into the youngster's bottom. It had little effect. The problem was that he was barely touching the boy's sex-gland.

Even so, the tingling in his penis increased steadily. His orgasm hit him like a runaway train. Hanging onto Van Kerkstraat's thighs, he pumped his clear boy-juice into the eleven-year old's rectum. After a few seconds, he carefully pulled out, still gasping for breath. He flopped down onto the bed, reflecting that at least his climax had gone the way it was supposed to. A moment later, Van Kerkstraat lay down too, turning to face him.

"Was that okay?" Bradshaw asked apprehensively.

"Yeah, it was good!" the eleven-year old responded. "You did it really hard!"

"But it didn't seem you got close to having a dry cum."

"I quite often don't. I still like having it up my bum though."

"Whitney said you had a dry cum when he fucked you."

"Yeah, but he's got a real beauty, hasn't he?"

Bradshaw gritted his teeth, Van Kerkstraat having just confirmed what, deep down, he already knew.

A couple of minutes later, he went to sit on Mr Smith's lap while Mr White joined Van Kerkstraat on the bed. He knew he'd be expected to sit on the man's large cock. He'd done it twice before and it wasn't a problem. But on those previous occasions, he'd been sucked off at the same time, once by Holdsworth and once by Southcott.

He hoped that the same might happen this time, but it didn't. Instead, while Mr Smith's cock was thrusting steadily into his bottom, Mr White got Van Kerkstraat bent over his office chair. Having licked him out, he fucked the lad as though it was going out of fashion.

From the noises the eleven-year old was making, Bradshaw could tell that the youngster was getting very worked up. Finally, the lad bucked and shuddered as a dry orgasm swept over him. It was a bitter blow. Bradshaw had wanted to make that happen but hadn't been able to. But Mr White had done it, and from what he'd been told, it seemed that Whitney had too. He found it hard to take.

Mr White's orgasm followed almost immediately, Mr Smith's a minute or so later. Finally, the choir director lifted the twelve-year old clear of his penis, setting the lad's feet on the floor. Van Kerkstraat was still bent over the chair, leaking prodigiously.

"Come on," Mr White urged, turning his protégé. "You know what to do."

With an air of resignation, Bradshaw knelt down and began to lick the spunk from the younger boy's legs. Unusually, he couldn't raise much enthusiasm for it. He'd been unable to bring Van Kerkstraat to a dry cum and his bottom felt like it was on fire. After a promising start, the afternoon had been a major disappointment.

Twenty minutes later, Van Kerkstraat and Mr Smith were on their way back to school. After seeing them out, Alex returned to the lounge, seating himself on the sofa next to Bradshaw.

"Right," he said quietly. "Now tell me what's wrong."

"Nothing sir," Bradshaw said, trying to shrug off his mentor's questions.

"Bradshaw," Alex remonstrated. "I know you better than that. Now what is it?"

"I wanted to make Van Kerkstraat have a dry cum, but I couldn't. For one thing, his bum's nowhere near as tight as Long's was. But the main reason was that I'm not big enough. My cock was barely touching his sex-gland thingy."

"You shouldn't expect to have that happen every time. With some boys, even ones who love sex, it takes a lot of work to get them off. I expect VanKerkstraat's taking Mr Smith's three or four times a week, so it's not really surprising that his bottom isn't as tight as you expected, but that's not your fault. And you did cum, didn't you?"

"Yes sir. It's just that I thought he would too. When I get fucked by one of the older boys, I cum almost every time, and even when I don't, I get very close."

"You, young man, are exceptionally horny," Alex said gently, ruffling the twelve-year old's hair. "Anyway, would I be right in thinking that you're not especially keen to see Van Kerkstraat again just at the moment?"

"Not really, sir. I mean while I was sitting on Mr Smith's cock, I didn't even get sucked off."

"But you'd only just cum. I thought your prick would be too sensitive to have someone suck it so soon afterwards. I'll be happy to arrange it if that's what you want. But I'd suggest that you leave Van Kerkstraat for now. The good news is that your cock will keep growing. By the time we're back at school after the summer holidays, it should be quite a bit bigger than it is now. I can ask Mr Smith to bring him over then, and we'll take it from there."

"So what's going to happen for the rest of this term, sir? Will Mr Smith bring his other boys over?"

"Yes, he can bring Holdsworth or Southcott."

"That's super, sir. I love doing it with them. And I'll still be able to fuck Long, won't I?"

"Oh, of course! On the basis of what I saw last week, I'd say he'll be looking forward to that as much as you are."

It had been an interesting exchange, Alex reflected. He admired Bradshaw for having such high expectations of himself, but he hadn't expected the lad to react so negatively when, in quite a small way, he failed to meet them. They'd need to work on that.