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     I was bored out of my skull and I was in real need of candy, eye candy. I decided that I would go to the mall and set by the door into the food court and watch the cute young things come in. The advantage of this entrance was that The Rainbow Room—you know that place with the clown and the golden rainbow arches—, the twenty screen multiplex theater, plus a big national records and games chain store were there.
     I arrived at about nine thirty and sat at a table right across from the ATM machine. I am amazed at how many young teenagers come in talking on their cell phones and use their ATM cards before heading into the mall. Most of the cute one's took out cash and headed for an egg Mc Muffin and milk.
     I sat there for a little over a half an hour before I became aware of myself being on someone's radar screen. He was a real nice piece of eye wash. He stood about five five. A little on the thin side. He wore the baggy shorts that don't give up anything and a tee shirt with some popular music group on it. His shoes are what really caught my attention first. They were steam boats. No, take that back, steam ships. They were huge. They were at least a size nine or larger on a little thin leg. My wrist is bigger around than this little ankle was. The ankle and calf above it were covered in a fine dusting of pubescent blonde hair.
     I raised my gaze to stare into a pair of piercing steel blue eyes that were locked in on me. I scanned the whole head. It was crowned by a mop of dirty blonde hair that hadn't seen a pair of hair clippers in at least nine or ten months. The ends curled up all the way around giving the impression that a ball cap would usually be seen perched atop this bird's nest.
     Under the low hanging, straight cut bangs were just visible a pair of light blonde eyebrows that told me that this moppet really needed a shampoo. Then the lad's aroma hit me and I wanted to go buy him a bar of soap. "Please sir could you buy me a sausage biscuit. I'm really hungry."
     I saw a security guard singled in on the kid and headed our way. "Quick kid what's your name?"
     "Sean Michael, sir."
     "Your last name's Dickson. Got it? Dickson, don't forget."
     "Okay son, I told you last week that you couldn't hang around in here without your parents. Let's go," the rent a cop had hold of the boy's elbow and was pulling him away.
     "You want to let go of my grandson's arm and tell me what your problem is." I snapped.
     Still pulling the boy out of his chair the rent a cop snapped back, "These street kids come in here trying to mooch meals and money everyday. I'm sorry he bothered you."
     I picked my cane up off of the table and firmly placed it against the idiots wrist. "Like I said, take your hands off of my grandson or I will have you up on charges. He is here to meet me for breakfast and a movie then I'm taking him shopping, but you are about to convince me that the mall three miles west of here would be a better place to shop. However I will talk to John Matelon about the treatment we're getting here."
     The idiot let go and backed up. "Let me see some ID. If he is your grandson then your names will be the same."
     I reached for my billfold. "I am going to show you this and then I am going to bring you up on charges." I saw a uniformed police sergeant walk in the door. "Officer, my I have your assistance please." He came over to the table as I handed the rent a cop my driver's licence. I told Sean to show the man his school ID as I explained to the city policeman the problem and that I wished to file charges. I then looked at the rent a cop and said, "He wouldn't have the same last name as me if he were my daughter's boy, would he?"
     The security guard handed Sean his ID card, "I'm sorry Mr. Dickson." He turned to hand my ID to me, "Pardon me Mr. Dickson, I have run this kid out of here before..."
     "Let's talk over here." The cop guided him away, "Do you want to press charges?" he said to me. I nodded yes as I stared at Sean.
     I had my bill fold in my hand and I pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Sean, get me a big breakfast with black coffee and a cup of ice water and get whatever you want. Please don't let them forget my hash browns." The boy's eyes popped and his smile lit up my world. I knew right there that this was going to be a very unique day.
     The police officer took my information and the security guard's captain arrived. In a few minutes John Matelon arrived. I told them how the guard was not willing to listen but charged right in making assumptions that in this particular case were unfounded. I told them I understood the need for security and was pleased to know that the customer's of the mall were being watched over but that this man had not given the boy or myself any leeway in explaining our situation. They moved off in a little knot as Sean came back with a tray piled with food.
     This boy was one hungry dude. I asked him if he liked the big breakfast and he nodded. I told him that I would trade it for one of his sausage biscuits. I explained that I was not a big eater and this early in the morning food was the last thing I wanted to think of.
     I stared at Sean as he devoured a big breakfast, two orders of hash browns, two sausage biscuits, and a large coke. I reached over and picked up his ID card which still lay on the table. I had a warm fuzzy passing all though my body and I wanted to jump up and grab this kid and hug him until his eyes bulged out.
     "So you're Thomas Anthony's son." He looked at me with bewilderment in his eyes. I opened my billfold and pulled out my little packet of pictures. My kids are all grown but I still carry their grade school and highschool pictures in my billfold. I opened the plastic carrier to a picture of his dad at fourteen. It looked like a picture of Sean. I laid it down for him to look at. I did lay it back a bit from the food. I was afraid that in his feeding frenzy he would devour the pictures in error.
     Sean's face was a cacophony of emotion. He looked at me. He thumbed through all of the pictures and then looked at me. Tears formed in his eyes. He smiled like a light house showing pure white straight teeth. His face twisted up and the tears rolled again. He sat and stared at me. He wiped his mouth on his wrist. I passed him a napkin. He wiped his face and dried his tears. He looked at me. He stood up and took the tray of trash from a demolished breakfast and threw it away. He came back to the table and sat down beside me. He put his arm around me and held on tight as the tears ran. I handed him my driver's licence.
     I opened the pictures to one of my wife and I and all three of our children. "Your grand mother Silvia, your aunt Samantha at nineteen, your aunt Susan at seventeen, and your father at fourteen."
     "And you." Silence. Nothing but silence as he looked at the pictures. A solid ten minutes passed. "I've seen this picture at grandma's. She has it on the wall in the hallway. Why have I never seen you before?"
     "Your dad apparently didn't want us to know of each other. I only know that you were born on June eleventh in nineteen ninety one. I have never seen you. I didn't know your middle name until today. I didn't know where you were or how you were doing. I guess the Good Lord had it in his mind that we should meet. Now what are we going to do about it? But first of all I know we told the guard that we were going to the movies. All of the features start in like fifteen minutes what do you want to see?"
     "I just want to be with you. We can do what ever you want."
     "Okay, Fantastic Four starts today. War of the World's is on. Batman The Beginning and Star Wars III are still on. Would you like to see all of them?" His eyes lit up. "We're looking at over ten hours of movies, you up to it?" I pulled the schedule out of my shirt pocket. "When I come to the movies I see more than one. This theater is easy to float but you'll have to do exactly as I say so they don't ask to see your tickets and throw you out. Let's see Batman first. That let's out with five minutes to go til Star Wars. Then we have like five theaters to catch Fantastic Four and three theaters for War of the Worlds. We should get out of here around ten thirty tonight. What time do you have to be home?"
     He got a sad face again. "I ran away. I can't go home."
     "Bull shit! Opps, sorry. You can always go home. Come on we'll make a day of it so you'll have something to remember while you're grounded." I grabbed his hand and limped as fast as I could wiggle my cane for the ticket counter.
     We took our seats and watched the first two movies and took a break for some ice cream in the lobby before tackling Fantastic Four. Batman the beginning has to be the best Batman movie I have ever seen. Star Wars III, well let's just say that George Lucas doesn't know how to make a bad Star Wars movie. The only problem with III is that it is the last of the six episodes. I will buy this DVD the day it is released so that I will have all six of the movie series. We had almost thirty minutes before the next feature started so we sat and talked.
     He looked down at his sundae. I waited. He looked up at me. He had a resolve to him until he looked into my eyes and I saw it melt and the tears came. I sat and waited. "It's just me and you today and I want to get to know you but you're going to hate me."
     "Try me."
     "I'm gay."
     "I'm telling you, I am gay." I stared at him and shrugged my shoulders. "Don't you care that your grandson, your namesake is a fag boy?"
     "Yeah I care. It let's me know that he has a pair of balls and is not afraid to tell the truth, even when he thinks the truth might hurt someone else. I care. I care very much for the young man that I am looking at. As far as the label that he is putting on himself I don't care. Why should I care if he has the balls to admit what I won't admit. Okay, you want to out yourself then so will I. The reason your dad hasn't let us get together is because he thinks that I am queer. He's right but he doesn't know that for sure so he has kept us apart. Now what else you got in your craw?"
     Around the table he came and his arms entwined me again. A kiss on the cheek came with this PDA and I returned the affection. We got up and headed for the far back row of the theater where we could cuddle closer. We chose a row of seats where the arm rests could be left up or down as we wanted. We left the one between us up as Sean wanted to sit very close. We enjoyed the movie but I had to remove his hand when he tried to rest it in the wrong place. I told him this was not the time or place and I was not the one he should do this with. He sat with his head against me all the way through the movie and held hands, his right to my left. We opted out of War of the Worlds until two weeks from now. We'll hope it is still on when Stealth comes out and we will see it then.
     We headed for the parking lot. The police were putting a boy about Sean's age into a police car. "Sean, man. Take care of my shit." The cop pushed the boy inside and looked around to see who he was talking to. Sean had slid in front of me and I shielded him from view. My car was parked next to a van. I pushed Sean in between the two vehicles and unlocked the door for him. He showed me where to go behind a wall and he got out and retrieved two backpacks.
     It suddenly hit me, I have a teenage boy in my car. Teenage boys are walking talking eating machines and all he had eaten since his mighty breakfast was junk. I drove to a mom and pop diner that was on the way to my place. We got their roast beef dinner with a pile of mashed potatoes and he got beets, I had cole slaw. This dinner comes with coffee, tea, or pink lemonade for four dollars and twenty five cents. I ate a little of the roast beef with good gravy and ate the cole slaw and of course their famous homemade hot dinner roll. I don't eat much. Usually one small meal a day but I ate to be polite to my company. I feel it to be rude to sit and stare at someone while they are eating and all I wanted to do was to stare at this beautiful creature with me. The emotions ran through my body as I realized that this was my grandson and not just some cruel joke...I sucked on my iced tea, I couldn't handle coffee this late without serious heartburn. Oh, the ravages of age. I'm not all that old really. I'm only sixty one but I let my health go years ago and I am paying for it. If I do nothing else in my life I am going to ride Sean mercilessly and teach him how to take care of his beautiful body as I sat there lusting after him, my own grandson. Sick, huh?
     We got in my car and headed to my apartment. I called his dad using *67 to block caller ID. I told Sean to tell his dad that he was okay and well. He was reluctant but he did as he was told. I listened in on the computer. Tom told him that he needed to think about his decision. He told him that he was glad he called but he wasn't ready to talk yet. I picked up the phone. "Your son is with me. I met him at the mall today and we recognized each other."
     There was silence on the phone. "Dad, I...I never intended to keep you..."
     "Please let's not go there right now. You know that I love you. I am not willing to have the happiest day in many years be ruined. I am simply asking you if you are okay with Sean staying with me tonight or do you want him home?"
     "Are you going to.."
     "Probably not. I'm not as bad as you think. If we do...What do you want to do?"
     "I love you, daddy. I guess Sean needs to get to know you. We'll do lunch tomorrow. The three of us." He hung up. Sean and I just looked at each other. Somebody needs to take a shower. Sean giggled as only a teenage boy can. I led him by the hand and showed him the bathroom. I explained in long detail how a shower worked and running my hands all over his still clothed body I explained the intricacies of washing the human body. He was ticklish and I reveled in this new found knowledge.
     I finally got him to get naked and into the shower and I gathered up some really stinky clothes. Boy sweat is a great fragrance but super concentrated it can curl the nose. I opened both back packs and removed the filthy clothes in them being sure to check the pockets. I made a point of not looking at or judging anything that was in the packs. I didn't know which belonged to Sean and which one belonged to his friend. There were some eye opening items in both of them. I took the clothes to the machine and doffed my own in my bedroom slipping into an old pair of gym shorts that I lounge around in. I am usually nude but I keep this pair of shorts close at hand in case the door bell rings or when the maid comes in, etc.
     I peeked into the bath just as Sean looked around the curtain. "Granddad, I don't understand what you meant about how this should be washed. Can you show me again." Lech that I am...I doffed the shorts and stepped in with a body of flesh that I wanted to assimilate. He was tall and gaunt. His naked skin was such a beauty to behold that I had a lump in my throat. His five foot five frame was barely covered in enough skin to hold his tiny ribs and pelvis in check. I could count every rib in his thin chest. I stood him on the scales after the shower and found him too only weigh a hundred pounds. I had to get some meat on this boy. No, I didn't mean mine. However, that would be nice but he was my grandson not the catch of the day.
     I took the soap from him and ran my hands over his pronounced shoulder blades. I couldn't resist, I lay my face against his back and rubbed him deep. I let my hands range over his entire torso avoiding some spots. I wasn't sure how he would react and I wanted the boy to love me for who I was and not get it cluttered with lustful sex. I washed down his back and deep cleaned his crack only doing a cursory wash of his back door. He pushed toward my hand as I grazed his pucker but I kept moving sending a clear signal that I was here to cleanse him not play with him.
     I moved back and sat down on my shower seat. I pulled him to me and continued to wash down those long thin legs. I wrapped my thumb and middle finger around his ankle. They met. I can just touch the ends of these two digits around my wrist. He was just too skinny. I know he had just turned fourteen and hadn't hit his real growth cycle, but he was someone I loved more than I thought possible. I never thought I would care about anyone else like this again. I have virtually given up on life and am so complacent I just sit and watch life go by.
     I turned him around and was slapped in the face with much more meat than I had dared to dream of on this little guy. A good solid seven incher plus was standing at attention before me. He was uncut. The skin was stretched tight over his dick. It was shiny it was so tight. It was back on his glans just far enough to reveal his slit. I pushed his skin back and he jerked in pain. "Don't do that. I can't get it back." I smiled at him and soaped him up then pushed, hard. The smell was horrific. I scooped up a big piece of cheese and held it under his nose.
     "This is disease that can cost you your life."
     He licked my finger. He wiped the head of his dick with the palm of his hand and licked it clean." Tastes good though."
     "Sean, listen to me. This is smegma. It is called head cheese. It's sweat, piss, cum, and if you're butt fucking somebody there's probably some shit mixed in. This stuff can cause a serious infection." I was moving his foreskin around and checking his dick out very closely. "If you have a cut or even a pimple on your cock and this stuff gets into your blood stream it can kill the surrounding tissue. You have what is called Phimosis. That is the inability to retract the foreskin. If you let this go you will have to be circumcised. You could even loose the use of this, the most useful tool you have."
     He was serious now. "I try to clean it but when I'm hard I can't get the skin back. When it's soft I can get my finger under there and try to wash it out."
     "I am going to help you, if you'll let me. I don't want you to think that I am playing with your dick. This is not about sex. This is about keeping you healthy. I have had phimosis. It is not pleasant. I have some medicines that are designed to loosen the skin. They have to be put on and rubbed in several times a day. I will put a few drops of Clotrimazole™ on you and rub it in all over your foreskin. This will loosen the skin and help it to become more elastic. You will pull the skin back each time you piss and then take a piece of toilet paper and wipe the head of your dick dry. Within a few days we should have this under control."
     "How about when I jack off?"
     "I like to pull the skin all the way back and stoke the naked head. It sends chills all over my body. I like to use the skin instead of lubricant but sometimes I like to torture myself and work the head dry." We both giggled at this information. I finished washing him and stepped out of the tub.
     "Don't dry off. Follow me." I grabbed two towels and headed out of the bathroom. He followed me. "Be very quiet. I don't want the neighbors looking out to see what we're doing." I opened the kitchen door and led him into my backyard. He saw the spa tub and smiled. We both got in and settled back.
     I don't like this apartment much but I love the small backyard. It allows me to have my own washer and dryer and a spa. I keep it covered and buried so that the management doesn't know that it is here but I use it most every night. We cuddled close and I had my arm around him, "Can we talk?" He nodded.
     "How long have you been on the street?"
     "Since the day after school was out."
     "About five weeks?"
     "Yeah, I guess."
     "Where do you stay?"
     "I have a place under the mall. It's like a drainage ditch or something."
     "Or something. It is a drainage ditch and it one of the most dangerous ones in the city. Your dad used to live a mile north of the mall. That ditch opens up into an arroyo and runs above ground about two blocks north of the mall.
     "One time your dad and I were standing on the bridge by his house. It had been raining about five miles south of town earlier that day. As we stood there we saw a wall of water coming down the arroyo. It was two blocks away and I hit my stop watch. I looked at your dad and said you are down there on your bike. You just saw the wall of water. Where are you going?
     He looked at me and opened his mouth. The leading edge of the water hit the bridge and in an instant water was over the bridge and running across the road. I clicked my stop watch. Your dad and I ran over to his apartment complex and got up on high ground. By now the arroyo was overflowing and the street was flooded to the top of the curb. I showed him the stop watch. From when we first saw the water two blocks away until it hit the top of the bridge was thirty one seconds.
     "Sean, it was dry and sunny where we were. That arroyo drains several square miles of desert and most of the Air Force Base plus several square miles south of the mall. You never know when it has rained ten or fifteen miles away and if you're in that wash you don't stand a chance of living. If you watch the news you know that three children were swept away in that same wash the first of June. Two were rescued by their father's best friend. But the friend drowned trying to save the twelve year old boy who also drowned. Stay out of the washes. Do you hear me?"
     Sean's eyes were locked on mine. He nodded his head and hugged me.
     "So where were we. You have been living under the mall in the wash. How do you eat?"
     "I cruise guys." This was expected. I have read about this but had not met anyone who had to do it. I asked him to tell me all about it. He looked at me and I said that I wanted to hear details. He told me that he would hang around the restroom at both malls and also at two of the big electronic stores near the malls. He would take a urinal next to them and show his big dick. With his small body and boyish looks he was a banquet to the eyes of a molester. He called his prey Chester. I was familiar with the term Chester the molester so I nodded.
     I asked what he did for them. He said they usually just wanted to suck him but sometimes he had to suck them. Some of them wanted to fuck him. He told me that he always used protection, "always," he restated. He got ten bucks if they sucked him. Twenty if he sucked them and twenty five for both. If they fucked him it was fifty up front, in cash.
     I asked him about fucking. He told me it was what he lived for. He tried to get fucked at least twice a day. Sometimes he got it four of five times. I asked for details and he told me that it was better than drugs. He knew kids who smoked refer and did crank or horse but he got such a high with a big dick up his ass that he didn't need that shit ruining his body and his mind.
     I asked him about his grades. He told me he was honor roll. He liked school and wanted to finish. He wants to go to college. He thinks that he would like to get into para-medic or maybe be a doctor. I was happy. I told him that my dad was a doctor and that his Aunt Sam is a doctor. He knew that and said that she had gotten him interested by talking to him about it. I was proud of her. I hadn't seen her in nineteen years. She was almost nineteen when she moved out to live with a fifteen year old girl. She thought that I would not approve of her so she never came around. I have no idea where she is.
     I then wanted a history of the boy. I asked him to tell me about himself. Sometime during our talk he had rolled up on top of me. I was stretched out with the jets working on my back and one up between my legs doing a number on my balls. He was laid out on top of me with his head on my right shoulder and our dicks kissing each other. I can't remember being this hard in a long time. I had no reason to get it worked up. If I needed relief I could get off without getting fully hard. I would just take matters in hand and in a few minutes I would roll over and sleep comfortably.
     "I first found out about sucking cock when I was nine. I had been living with Amber for two years." I knew that Sean was my son's love child. Amber was my son's live in and the mother of Heather, my eleven year old granddaughter. "My mother was getting married and decided she didn't want to raise me. Dad travels all of the time so he moved me into Amber's house. She's my step mother but she treats me nice and I like being there. I am the older brother and I really like Heather and Rodney."
     "Who's Rodney?"
     "You don't know about Rodney? He's your grandson too. He is nine and he is a fireball. I love him to death. He is so cute and he and I get along so well. He loves me as much as I love him but I can never see him again."
     I was lost in a haze. I had another grandson. I was speechless.
     Sean went on to tell me about his boy friend, Brad. He had made friends with a boy across the street. He was the youngest of four boys. When he was nine Sean spent the night with them. At bedtime the oldest brother, who was fourteen at the time spoke up. "I want to play tonight. Will he keep his mouth shut?" he indicated Sean. Brad told his brother that he would. He told the older boy that Sean wanted to see his dick. The older boy told his brother that it was his night so he might as well show his buddy what was what.
     Sean was excited. He had wanted to see the older brothers naked for some time and Brad had told him what they did together. Sean was ready. Sean and Brad took off all of their clothes and got into bed with the older boy. Brad pushed the sheet back so Sean could see. He took his brother's big cock and began to play with it. He let Sean feel of it and Sean was hooked. Brad took the dick in his mouth while Sean had his hand around it. Sean lay his head on the older boy's stomach so he could watch. Brad took about four inches of it in his mouth and began to go up and down on it. Sean wanted to try it. Brad pulled off and Sean took it into his mouth. He loved the feel. He worked at it and in a few minutes he had the entire six inch tool all the way in his mouth. He was going up and down like Brad had done. It felt so good in his mouth. He turned around to get a better approach on it when the older boy grabbed him up and lifted him on top of himself. He took Sean's little dick into his mouth. Sean was able to get all of the big pole down his pie hole. Sean had never done anything this exciting or daring before and he loved it. In no time at all the older boy was cuming. No one said anything to him and he didn't know what to do. The older boy kept saying, "yeah, take me." Brad was coaxing him on saying, "yeah swallow. Man, you are doing good." Sean swallowed load after load and was proud because the other two were so excited.
     When the older boy finished he pushed Sean away. Sean sat up and saw the twelve year old with his hard dick sticking out. It was about the size of a good cigar. It was around four and a half inches long and about a half inch wide. Brad told him he could suck this one two if he wanted. Sean and the twelve year old got into a sixty nine and started sucking. In a few minutes the older boy told him to turn over. Sean was now on his back with the older boy over him and the oldest brother was between his brother's legs with his dick hanging over Sean's head. Sean watched as the fourteen year old slowly worked his cock into the ass of the twelve year old and began to fuck his little brother as he sucked Sean and Sean sucked him. In no time the twelve year old was cumming and suddenly Sean felt a sensation work through his body like none he had ever had. He shuddered and shook and his body went stiff as he had is first ever orgasm while the twelve year old continued to suck him.
     Sean sucked the ten year old who's dick was no bigger than his or Brad's but he enjoyed it. He and Brad sucked each other. He was fucked by all four boys and he fucked all of them. They got very little sleep that night but they began an entanglement that has lasted almost five years.
     "So why aren't you still at Amber's house?"
     "Brad and I were getting it on one day. I was on my back and Brad was fucking me full bore. The bedroom door opened and there stood Rodney with mom right behind him. He couldn't get the door shut before she saw us. Rodney knows what we do and he does it too. But mom was right there and she looked in the open door and.....
     "She freaked out. She covered Rodney's eyes and made him go watch tv. She told me to get my shit together and get out of her house. She told me she was not going to have a faggot around her son. Brad pulled his pants on and was trying to get out of the door. She told him that she was going to talk to his mother and that he was never to come near her house or her children again.
     "I threw some clothes in my back pack and I was headed to the closet to get my cash. I have nearly a thousand dollars hidden in a safe spot in the closet but she told me to get out. She told me she would pack my shit and I could come get it sometime after she cooled down. I went to Brad's house. His oldest brother was coming out of the door. He pushed me toward his car and told me to get in, quick. He took me to the mall and told me that he would try to find me in a few days to stay low. He said that his mother was on the phone with mine and they were mad. And that's it. You know the whole story of my fucked up life. I am a faggot who is butt hungry and I have no home and no one who cares."
     "Don't you believe it. I do care. I am going to do everything I can to give you a place to live. If you want, it might be right here. I do have one question though." He looked at me. "When did you get my dick up your ass and why didn't I know it." Sometime while he was talking he had lowered his ass onto my raging member and I was nestled full length inside his hot little chute.
     He giggled and wiggled, "feels good."
     "If I am going to have to have sex with you I need to enjoy it too. Let's go get in my bed and see what straightens out between us." He giggled his little boy laugh and slid up my dick sending signals throughout my body that I had not felt in twenty six years. That's how long it has been since I fucked anybody. I have had some oral encounters but I have not had my dick encased in flesh.
     We dried off and turned off all of the lights. I put the cover on the spa and turned off the pump. When I got to bed he had folded the covers all the way back. He put a pillow at the bottom of the bed and pulled the other down away from the head board. He was laying with his feet to the top of the bed and his head on the bottom pillow. I told him that I wanted some more of his tongue in my mouth first. He said we had enough foreplay now he needed my cock. Who can argue with logic like that.
     His foreskin was all the way back. His cock looked like prime meat. I lay opposite him and my cock was engulfed before I got laid down. I pulled him on top of me and took his tool right down my throat. I had not had cock in six years but it felt natural as it settled into my throat. I wrapped my arms around his tiny body and loved him. His skin was silky smooth. I caressed his back and his butt as we slurped on our meaty sticks. He was loving me as much as I was loving him.
     I reached back and got hold of his thighs just above his knees. I pulled his legs toward his body then began to lift him up and down. He caught on that I wanted him to fuck my mouth and took over. I held my tongue tight against the bottom of his dick and pressed the top of his dick against the roof of my mouth. I applied as much suction as I could as he began to fuck in earnest. He had my cock buried all the way down into his throat. I have nine and a half inches of thick man meat. It is just shy of two inches in width, at just six inches around. No one has ever throated me. They usually have their hand just a little above the middle of my dick and suck maybe three almost four inches. This boy was a cocksucker who loved his work and he had all of me and was doing a number with his long strokes.
     At my age it takes awhile to get off. He popped a load of the sweetest nectar I could hope for but continued on me. I knew he would be tender so I let him pull out of me and let it lie on my chest as I spread his legs and rimmed him. His ass was wide open. I had just had my dick in there but I was sure that he should have closed down a little by now. I didn't argue. I have only rimmed one youngster in my life and that was in nineteen sixty nine. I have wanted to do this so bad for so many years.
     Yeah, I know. I don't get much sex. I stay at home and watch tv. I was a workaholic for most of my life and never had time or energy for sex. I always wanted sex with a hard bodied boy but I have a real fear of prison so I occupy myself with diversions that take my mind from what I can't have. Yeah, I can't have. I had my tongue as far up Sean's ass as it I could get it to stretch out of my mouth. Damn, I wish I could lick my eyebrows then I could give this boy the tongue lashing we both want.
     I blew my wad. I never felt it coming. It was there. It pulled everything from every part of my body. Sean rose up and stuck his dick back into my throat and blasted the scar tissue where my tonsils had once resided as I continued to shoot wave after wave of pent up pleasure into his sucking mouth. I have seriously not cum like this in...forever. I was totally draining my body of all its juices as he continued to replenish me with his youthful elixir. We drained each other for several minutes then tried our best to get our breath. Neither of us went soft but we had a serious oxygen depletion. We gasped for breath and sucked each other's dick then took another breath. I rolled to my side as we continued to suckle each other and breathe heavy.
     Somewhere in there I fell asleep. When I awakened his hard dick was still in my mouth and he was lightly snoring around the head of mine. I let him slide all the way in my mouth. I loved this dick and wanted to get all of it that I could while I could. I was sure that his dad would want to make other arrangements in the morning. The night was mine. Sean began to hump in his sleep. I lip locked on him. He fulfilled my greatest desire with his greatest asset. His boy juice was sweet with just a hint of saltiness. I let him drain himself and laved every foot of his young manhood getting cum, sweat and anything else he might share with me into my system.
     He went soft and pulled back. "Fuck me, please." I decided I would try it. He had me in him earlier with no problem and I had always wanted to try a boy's butt...Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their sexy boy. I dived on his ass with my mouth. I soaked him. I wanted him as slick as I could get him without having to resort to grease. He rolled to his back and I got to my knees between his raised up legs. I loved the sight below me. I have never looked down on a thin hard bodied boy that was so willing and waiting for me.
     I pulled my foreskin all the way back. The head of my dick looked huge beside his tiny little ass but his hole was opened and I felt like it would go in without any pain. I was right. I pushed in and his sphincter opened to let me pass. I was overwhelmed at how warm and tight it felt. I was torn by emotions. I was so much in lust with what I was doing. I was so much in love with whom I was doing it. I was so much in guilt ridden panic about whom I was doing it with.
     "Ohhhh, God, granddad. That feels so good. I have never had anything this big in me before. You are reaching a place deep inside that I have never had touched before. You are so big around that I feel like I am going to burst but I will burst with happiness. Please fuck me with long slow strokes." I complied as best as I could.
     I took a position that allowed me to work long and slow with a minimum of pain on my aged and wracked body. His soft velvet insides were so much better than any girl I had ever been with. Most girls have a problem with my girth. They can stop my length but I stretch them so wide that they don't like it. Sean's grandmother had been one of those. I can count the number of times that we had sex over the twenty two years of our life together. She had to be really horny to try and take me on. I was not surprised when I found out that she had chosen to take a female lover a few years after we split. What a family I had.
     Sean was rolling his head back and forth under me. He was sucking his thumb and moaning softly. I looked down at his face as he opened his eyes. They told volumes about what he was feeling. He reached for me and leaned forward. He rose up to meet me and we locked our lips together. I snaked my tongue in his mouth and tied it off so I could get the leverage and began to hump and pump my beautiful little boy's perfect butt.
     His moans became louder as I began to piston fuck him using long stokes. I was pulling almost all the way out. I could feel his tight ring as the head of my cock pulled back and would reverse direction, pounding him hard as I went back to the bottom. We could hear my balls slap against his tight little cheeks each time I bottomed out. He was beside himself in ecstacy. He was clawing at my back. His heels were digging into my ass cheeks trying to pull me further inside him. I kept up this assault for nine minutes, according to the digital clock beside my bed.
     My toes took on an all too familiar tingle from my long distant past. This is a cherished feeling that I have longed for for twelve years or more and I was really enjoying it. The pins and needles were crawling up my legs and my chest tightened and my head began to spin. I was beginning to black out as I realized that I was holding my breath. I sucked a big breath and blew a wad of cum out of the head of my dick that I really expected to see come out of the top of Sean's head or at the very least out of his mouth. Another volley followed the first as I felt myself cum like I had not cum in decades. Our mouths broke apart as we both sucked huge mouths full of air. Another volley went up the chute. "Oh, granddad. I can feel every pulse of your cock. I have never felt it like this before. Cum in me. Oh, please keep cumming." I let loose with another round as strong as the first three. After six hard shots I began to wilt but more cum was rolling up my cock to coat the inner depths of the most cherished person ever to be in my arms.
     I thought I loved his father but I never had sex with him. I loved my grandson. I wasn't happy about the sex but it made me feel things that I have never felt for anyone before. I love my wife with everything in me, even though we are divorced, but I have never loved her like I was loving this boy. I was ready to release my life force and let it flow up through my dick head and strengthen this boy with my very essence. I would gladly die right now to give this boy everything I had and knew.
     The last drop wiggled out and my dick drooped. I fell aside and felt my heart going a hundred miles an hour. He wrapped his arms around me and yelled, "Yes. That was the best fuck I ever had. I feel so good, so fulfilled. I'm not lying, granddad, that was the best ever." I told him that I was tired so we spooned together and fell asleep.
     I awakened to the phone ringing. My dick was up inside my boy again and I had my hand around a very hard young dick. "Hello."
     "Dad, what apartment number are you in?" I told him. "I'm here. I'll be at the door in a minute." I jumped up and told Sean to get up. I ran to the bathroom to piss off my hard on. Only I did it in the shower as I rinsed the night off of me. I jumped out and Sean took my place. I grabbed my gym shorts and a tee shirt. I ran to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee. I turned the tv onto CNN and opened the door as Tom and another guy in a dark three piece suit walked up. God, I'm good.
     I greeted Tom. He introduced Mark to me. Mark was much older. His hair was more gray than dark. His face was lined with age. If I had to guess I would place Mark's age in the late fifties. They sat down and I offered them coffee. Sean walked in and handed them each a cup then seated himself beside me.
     "Dad, son, what I have to say is not easy. I have been a nervous wreck all night and I really hate to have to do this." Tom took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eye. He let a strange expression cross his face as he looked at Sean. "Sean, I have talked to your step-mother and she told me what happened. I can understand why she does not want you back in her house. Sean, Heather and Rodney are all she has. I love them too, they are my children and you are my son..
     "Sorry, dad, I should have told you about them long ago," he said to me. "Anyway there is no way that we can allow the type of activities that you were engaged in to continue in their presence. I guess Amber talked to Brad's mother and they feel that this has been going on for some time. I had no idea that you were like that. I can't tell you how I feel." He paused and took a long breath.
     "Dad, we have a long history. I have always thought that you wanted young boys and I fear for Sean's safety."
     "Daddy, granddad would never...."
     "This is very difficult for me son, please just listen. I know what I have to do. I have to look out for your best interests before anything else. I have to place you in an environment where I know you will be safe, nurtured and loved. I have an obligation to you and to the law to see to it that you are in a safe place."
     Here it comes. He is going to put Sean in some sort of group home or something. Mark looks like a cop or child welfare worker. "Where is that place? It is not with Amber. It cannot be with me. I would rather die than see you in a foster home or anywhere in the state's system. That only leaves me one choice."
     "Daddy, why can't I stay with granddad? You say it can't be with you. Why not?"
     "That is what is so hard. I have to admit to myself and at the same time admit to you and it is tearing me apart. I have a secret that I have never admitted and now I have to. Dad, Sean, Mark is my boyfriend." Another long breath and tears came to his face. "We have been together for five years and he makes me very happy. We have never told anybody about us. We work together and travel on business. He shares my big house with me. What no one knows but the four of us is that he shares my bed.
     "I am having trouble here. I am outing myself and I have never admitted that I am gay. I love Mark. I can't imagine life without him. We talked until late in the night last night and he does not want anyone else in our house. He does not feel like he would like to have a teenager around him. We do travel, a lot. We sell up and down the west coast and are gone three or four weeks at a time. I can see the folly of having a young son at home. Who would take care of you while I am gone? And I can see where Mark is coming from. It would cramp our life style having you around.
     "Dad, if you will I will give you guardianship of Sean. He can stay with you. I will pay child support to help you financially. He will be legally your responsibility. If, as I suspect, you are having sex with him I probably should not know about it. I love you both and I want you both to be happy." With that Mark rose and went to the door. He turned and watched Tom. Tom rose. He gave Sean a cursory hug and shook my hand then followed Mark out of the door.
     Sean and I watched the two men as they went to their cars. They stood beside a BMW and argued for a minute. Tom cowed his head and stepped back. Mark got in the BMW and drove away. Tom walked to his Z71 extended cab. He looked at us. Sean and I walked out and Tom stood still. We walked up to him.
     "I'm sorry, guys. I love him."
     "Love is blind, son. A man will turn his back on everybody he knows to hold on to his love even when he knows in his heart it's wrong. I will continue to pray for you." With that Tom rushed to me and hugged me, tight. He hugged Sean then he looked at both of us and told us he loved us. He got in his truck and drove away.
     Sean and I put our arms around each other and walked back into the house. He shut the door as I headed to my recliner chair. He climbed into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck and we both sat there and cried.
     I have known men who were pussy whipped but dick whipped? What did Mark have that Tom was so willing to turn his back on his own son? We both just sat and asked each other time and time again, "Why?" Of course we had no answers. We both love Tom, me as a son. Sean as a dad. We were stuck. We were happy that we had each other. I had a serious obligation to this boy and I had to meet that above all else. I loved him but I needed to rear him to be a part of society. I couldn't be his sex partner. If I was to have any authority in the future I had to start now. As lovers he would not respect me. I know that when he gets older and begins to question authority I will be on the losing end if I try any discipline. Tom had just pulled a number on both of us. He gave us what we wanted. Why couldn't he be stronger than I was?
     I took the clothes from the dryer and Sean and I had separated his from his friend's. His friend's clothes were in terrible shape. Sean's could pass, for rags. He needed clothes. Sean and I went back to the mall. I had promised him a shopping trip yesterday. Yesterday, it seems so long ago. So much has happened since this Penis in blue jeans walked into my life. We took the other boy's pack with us just in case. The first place we headed was to the underground drainage ditch. His friend was there. We led him out and took him to the food court. Sean gave him his back pack.
     We got food from our favorite poison pit. I opted for egg rolls and a soda. The boys loaded up on burgers and fries. We took a table. A man in a suit approached. I recognized him as being with John Matelon, the mall's general manager, yesterday.
     "Pardon me, Mr. Dickson. Mr. Matelon wanted to apologize to you for the incident yesterday. We would like for you to accept this with our sincerest apologies. We welcome you and your grandson to our mall and hope you return often." he handed me an envelope and left. I opened it up and it was a five hundred dollar gift certificate. It was clothes for both of these boys.
     Food consumed we headed into the mall to shop. I took Sean to a famous jeans store and bought him three pairs of Levis. I bought his friend a pair also. I bought both boys underwear and socks. Tee shirts were their favorites. I wanted a pair of dress pants and shirt for Sean and he needed a second pair of shoes. All of this in hand I decided for one more stop. There was a Pay Less Shoe Source in the mall so I took the boys there and bought shoes at the two for one sale. I got Sean a cheap pair of dress shoes and his friend a decent pair of trainers. The gift certificate was nearly depleted.
     His friend was overwhelmed and very grateful. He wanted to repay me. Sean told him that I had a nine inch dick and it was as thick as his ankle. The boy wanted it. He begged for it. I was not all that sure. Sean convinced me that as a street whore the boy would loose face if he accepted the clothes without at least giving me a blow job. I knew he was lying and he knew I knew. But we played the game. I took his friend home and gave him a shower. Actually Sean did. They played for quite awhile in the shower.
     Clean and fresh the two boys came in to me naked and waving their flag poles. Freddy was not as big as Sean. He had a five inch cock with a very thin crown of hair. I told the boys that Freddy was kind of underdeveloped for an eighteen year old. The two of them started whispering and then both agreed that Freddy had not hit his growth spurt. They knew that at eighteen Freddy should be much further along but they attributed it to not eating a proper diet while living on the streets for the last five years.
     I assured Freddy that he had no obligation to me. I told the boys that I was very tired and was going to lay down for awhile. I told them to do what they wanted to be sure to protect everybody properly.
     Freddy had never imagined anyone having a cock so big. He choked himself trying to take it all in his mouth. Sean taught him how it was done and he eventually made it. He seemed to enjoy himself. Sean told him that he could get more of me in if he would lay on top of me and anchor his cock in my mouth. That way he would not move around so much. Sean then told him that he would help to hold him down. He donned a condom and mounted the boy. I watched as Sean's seven and a half inch cock slid into Freddy's ass with no resistance whatsoever.
     Freddy was now in a good position and he continued working until he had all of my cock into his little throat. He was slightly smaller than Sean but he was eager. He took my load with ease and fed me a very nice load in return. He was a little acid but not to bad. He lay and nursed me as Sean worked him up for a second round then he wanted me to fill him up. It was fun being on the receiving end of their efforts to get a condom on me. With the condom on Freddy sat down on me. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as I passed his sphincter. He slid on down a few inches before he stopped to get his breath. He took his time and finally sat on my pubes. He was grinning with a look of satisfaction and accomplishment on his young face.

     I made Freddy call his grandmother. As I figured, she was worried sick about him. They talked and cried awhile then she agreed that he could come live with her. I took him to her house and dropped him off at the end of the block. Sean and I watched to make sure that he went inside then we headed off to start our own lives. Who knows what will happen. I just know that I have an obligation to the neatest kid in the world.

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