The Perfect Family

Written by Renly Baratheon - Copyright 2019

Characters and scenarios developed with Aaron Smith -


This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed are entirely fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Please be aware, this story depicts sexual activity involving minors. The author implores readers to check on the legality of accessing this type of written content in your area before proceeding. This work of fiction is designed for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to advocate or promote the actions of the characters; particularly and especially in relation to any illegal activities.



I sat in the warm, friendly-looking office, foot shaking with nervous energy, Jake's hand in mine. This was the fourth time we had been sat here waiting to meet our potential adoptive offspring. None of the previous `candidates' had worked out quite right; we just hadn't clicked together. But I had a good feeling about this time.

We were due to meet a pair of five year old boys called Noah and David who had immediately stood out to us when we were sent over their file by the adoption agency we had been working with for nearly a year.

Jake and I had enjoyed a little over three years of our lives as newly-weds before we had started having a serious discussion about having children. We were living in Pennsylvania so that we could be near the nature that Jake loved so much. I didn't mind at all, it was a beautiful part of the world, though I did occasionally miss my old family home and my parents that I had left on the west coast.

I was working at a mid-sized architecture firm in a junior role that had real prospects once I had spent the requisite few years `paying my dues' in the lower positions. We had a mortgage, a beautiful house, two cars and even a cat (a lovely little rescue that stole our hearts despite both of us preferring dogs in the main). In most senses we were living the dream, but both of us were starting to get that nagging feeling that something was missing from our lives; the very human instinct to want to raise children.

We had settled on adoption early on, as together we were of the opinion that it was selfish to bring another child into the world when there were plenty of kids in need of a home and loving parents.

We had both voiced our concerns about how we would handle our attractions to boys while raising a boy of our our own. I think we only really considered having a boy; girls weren't really on our radar at all. Together we swore that we would keep each other in check. We agreed that there would be no sexual contact unless initiated by our son and that we would use our best judgement to decide whether he was mature enough to handle what he was beginning. We told each other that wouldn't change our lifestyle though, which meant a lot of casual nakedness around the house, open doors and plenty of sex. I think deep down both of us expected that at some point we would have a sexual encounter with any boy we adopted, either individually or together. But I also think that neither of us wanted to admit it to the other.

Those thoughts excited me and I'm sure it did Jake as well. Several times after spending a few hours going through file after file of potential adoption candidates we fell into each other's arms for a rough and passionate fuck right there on the couch. Apparently even if it was just adoption profiles, looking at mugshots of cute boys got us both horny.

I was snapped out of my reverie by the sound of the door to the office opening. Mine and Jake's head's whipped round to see Carol, the adoption worker that had been looking after our case for over ten months, entering the room flanked by two little blond angels, holding onto their hands, one on either side.

For a fleeting moment there was that cliché thought that I was seeing double, but this quickly passed and I started to notice the differences between the pair. One of their noses was slightly smaller and wider, one's light blue eyes were minutely farther apart, one had a few more freckles scattered across his cheeks and nose than his brother. After no more than a few seconds of examining them I was sure I would be able to tell them apart forever.

But the most obvious giveaway as to the differences between the twins though were the hearing aids that the boy holding Carol's right hand wore in both his ears. I knew this was Noah from the profile I had read from the adoption agency. He had been born with a sensorineural defect in his ears that had left him with moderate hearing loss in both of his ears. Luckily Noah had received excellent post-natal care and his hearing problems had been identified before the twins were two months old, more than likely helped by having his brother David as a comparison. Noah had been wearing hearing aids ever since, and would have to his entire life.

The notes about Noah's condition were what first caught my eye when reading the twins' profile. But as I delved deeper I found myself drawn to the boys and their story. They had been born to a single mother who had gotten pregnant from a one night stand -- presumably with the Ancient Greek god Apollo, to have produced such beautiful offspring, we joked to ourselves. Unfortunately the boys' mother had dropped dead of a heart attack at twenty-six when they were not even a year old and with no other family that could take them in, the boys had been placed into the care of the state. They had been bouncing from foster home to foster home for four and a half years, never quite settling.

"Boys, this is Daniel and Jake." Carol said warmly to the boys. I gave both of them the biggest smile I could, but the natural shyness of children meeting new people took over and both the boys hid themselves behind Carol's legs.

"Nice to meet you boys." Jake said from the chair next to me.

Carol gave the boys a little nudge in our direction and, even though they still seemed a bit unsure of the situation, they took a few steps closer to us.

I held out my hand to David, who was the closest to me. At first the boy wrinkled his nose at me, not understanding the gesture. Then, after a moment a spark of realisation lit his eyes and he timidly extended his own hand. I took his tiny hand in mine and gave it a firm shake. His skin was warm and soft in my grip. I suddenly never wanted to let it go.

"Hi. I'm Daniel." I said, trying to be as friendly and non-confrontational as possible. "You must be David." A little smile broke across David's beautiful face and I knew this could be love.

As Jake and I left the adoption center two hours later after a lengthy session chatting and playing with the twins. I think we both had made our decision about the boys independently, but as we were walking down the steps back to the car we turned to look at each other and grins broke across our faces.

"They're the ones aren't they?" I said to Jake barely containing my excitement.

"I think so." Jake replied, returning my enthusiasm.



The adoption process took nearly nine months from our first meeting with the twins, all the various background checks and documentation seeming to take forever. By the time all the pieces were in place and they were ready to move in, it was the height of summer and the twins were nearly six. When the four of us walked down the steps of the county courthouse for the final time as an official family, Jake and I knelt and pulled our two sons into a rib-cracking hug that we never wanted to release them from. Within a minute, all of us were sobbing with joy. I'm sure getting some weird looks from pedestrians walking past, but none of us noticed or cared.

We put together a special `welcome home' and `happy birthday' combined party for the boys, that was about a week before their actual birthday. As the school year hadn't started for them yet they hadn't made many friends their own age but both pairs of new grandparents showered the boys with love and affection, and of course presents. There were so many things that they could buy for the boys seeing as though they had so little to call their own as they came to us.

There were a couple of other kids from the neighbourhood there as well, mostly so it wasn't just a room full of adults with the twins. Most of the invited kids were a little older or a little younger than Noah and David, but there was one boy that caught my eye. I later learned his name was Tommy Avery. I had seen him playing outside of a house a few doors down and noted before how cute he was. He seemed like the polar opposite of our boys, with dark hair, a tanned complexion, and a solid, well-built frame (even for a six year old). I hated to admit it to myself, but the main reason he'd attracted by attention was because he was so cute and sexy. Even now as I was adopting two young boys, I couldn't always switch off that part of my brain.

Both of the boys seemed to latch onto Tommy immediately, and before the party was over they were running round the garden yelling and play fighting like they'd been friends for ages. To his credit, Tommy didn't make a big deal out of Noah's hearing aids even though they must have been new and strange to him. I actually started to tearing up and grabbed Jake into a tight sideways hug when I realised that our boys actually had their first real friend.

Jake and I had arranged for several months of leave from our jobs. I had been stunned but elated to discover that we were entitled to up to a year of paternity leave when adopting just like if we'd have been having a newborn baby of our own. After some deliberation, both of us had decided that we didn't want to be away from the jobs we loved so much for a whole year. So we provisionally settled on six months, depending on how the boys were settling in, which would have us back at work just after the new year.

Having the parental leave was a godsend though. It meant that both of us could be with Noah and David basically every minute of every day during the remainder of the summer before they started first grade in September. We tried to spend the time in the best way we could; we took the boys camping a couple of times, we went a water park, we even took them on a trip up to Niagara Falls over the border in New York state (a four hour drive we swore we would never repeat). But it wasn't all excursions and trips, we spent plenty of time with the boys at home, just playing in the backyard, or snuggled up on the couch watching a movie.

Somehow, as we hadn't decided on it or even discussed it before, Jake ended up becoming `Daddy' to the boys and I became `Papa', the boys seemed to just settle on it by themselves. Either they'd talked about it at night when they were supposed to be asleep (an inevitability of them sharing a bedroom), or it had been through the slightly spooky `telepathy' that so many pairs of twins seem to be able to use to come to a consensus on something without ever discussing it.

We had established a long time ago that David was the more boisterous and commanding of the two, while Noah seemed quieter and more reserved, his hearing aids likely being a contributing factor. That's not to say they couldn't both be raucous when they wanted to; once pulled out of his shell by David, Noah would be as loud and energetic as his brother. By the same token, Noah seemed to always be able to calm David down when the moment called for it, if he was being unreasonable or was upset. They seemed to be the perfect pair together, and we loved them both equally, even more so for their differences than their similarities. In fact, we joked that they were probably the easiest pair of twins to tell apart ever because of their such different personalities and of course Noah's physical differences.

Inevitably, with Jake and I in full on `Dad'-mode, our sex life suffered somewhat. Where previously we used to have the house to ourselves and could fuck anywhere we pleased (and often did), we now had Noah and David to consider. Gone were the evening love-making sessions on the couch or the shared showers before work that led to a frantic fuck. We were still affectionate with each other, whether with the boys or not, so there were plenty of kisses and hugs and butt grabs, and I'm sure the boys picked up on it. Also gone were basically any opportunities to watch any of the boy porn the Jake and I both still enjoyed watching every now and again. That, we decided between us, was a risk we couldn't take and it was a sacrifice we were more than willing to make for the sake of our sons.

Our bedroom was still our own domain (apart from the occasional time we got woken up by one or both of the twins when they'd had a bad dream), and the fact that we really truly had a proper family now seemed to make me more lustful for Jake and him for me. I made love to Jake the loving father as opposed to Jake the smitten newly-wed, or Jake the horny college kid, and it was some of the best sex I had ever had. And, though I didn't admit it to Jake, images of Noah and David's cute little naked bodies that I inevitably saw at bath time often popped into my thoughts during sex. This was going to be a battle of willpower for sure.



It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon in March when I got home from work and was accosted by Jake the moment I stepped through the door. He had been working early shifts recently so that he could pick the boys up from school and be at home with them. The early starts and long days had left him a bit exhausted, so to see him so animated was a bit of a shock.

"Daniel!" Jake hissed at me. "Daniel, come quick!"

"What is it?!" I say in a slightly panicked whisper, mirroring Jake's low voice without really knowing why. Instead of answering, Jake tip-toed towards the stairs and beckoned for me to follow, so I did, dropping my bag and coat quietly at the bottom of the stairs.

We both crept upstairs and towards the twins' bedroom, the door of which was slightly ajar. As we approached I came to the realisation that Jake was probably keeping quiet in order to catch the boys red-handed in some sort of illicit activity.

Despite feeling a little wrong for eavesdropping on our sons, I snuck up as close as I dared to the bedroom door and listened intently.

"Noooo David, that's not how Papa did it!" I heard Noah hiss at his brother.

"It is! Daddy was laying like that, and then Papa did this with his peepee!" David replied.

I turned to Jake with a look of shock on my face. The twins were doing something sexual with each other! And it sounded like they were trying to emulate me and Jake!

"Holy shit!" I mouthed silently to Jake.

He flashed me a look that meant `Uh, yeah!'

"We have to do something!" I whispered, barely forming any sounds for fear that the boys would overhear. In that moment I was in full Dad-mode and was only thinking about my innocent children becoming corrupted by their lewd, incestuous actions together.

But then I heard a small moan of pleasure from what I thought was David and suddenly I found that my cock as incredibly tight in my pants. Like a leviathan being awoken from deep inside me, my boy-loving dark side rose up as I imagined what was going on on the other side of that door. I pictured our eight year old sons naked on one of their beds, rolling around together, rubbing their hard little boycocks against each other. Suddenly, I wanted to intervene, but for entirely different reasons.

I motioned for Jake to step away from the door. We retreated a few paces as Jake looked at me with equal parts curiosity and fear at what I was about to do. I glanced down and noticed a large bulge in his pants too. That decided it, Jake would be onboard with my plan. I took a deep breath before calling out,

"Noah! David! Papa's home!" I started striding towards the boys' bedroom door, purposefully not giving them enough time to react to my voice. "Are you boys doing your homework?" I called, pushing the door open with force and purpose, still somewhat dreading what I was about to see.

What I saw was a flurry of bare skin as two small boys scrambled to untangle themselves and cover up their nakedness. They had both been laying face down on Noah's bed with David on top of Noah. David had been humping his crotch into Noah's butt; whether there was any penetration going on, I wasn't sure.

The angle at which the beds were facing in relation to the door had afforded me a perfect, split-second view of David's pert little bottom rising and falling and, glimpsed through his slightly parted legs, David's smooth ballsack resting snugly against his brother's.

"Papa!" Shrieked Noah as I stormed into the room. He had pulled the bed covers over himself as best he could in the moment of panic, but his smooth lower legs and cute little feet were protruding from the bottom end of the covers. David had leaped, cat-like from on top of his brother and landed on the floor, making a grab for a pillow that lay abandoned there to cover his naked body. He ended up, his legs folded under him, near the head of Noah's bed, the pillow doing a decent job of covering his crotch but leaving it very obvious that he was naked underneath.

I glanced round at the door and noticed that in the few moments of madness, Jake had taken up station by the door to the boy's bedroom, with myself a few paces further in.

"Just what exactly are you boys doing?" I ask sternly, trying not to ogle my nearly naked sons too much.

"Papa! Daddy! I'm sorry!" Noah whined. "It was David's idea!"

Noah had always been easy to break under questioning, he was too honest for his own good.

"It wasn't all me Papa!" David interjected, an indignant tone in his voice. "Noah said he wanted to do it too!"

"Do what exactly?" Jake intoned, making it clear that he was just as involved as I was in the situation.

Noah was the one to respond, "Daddy... We- we saw you and Papa doing stuff together naked in your bedroom and... And it looked like you were having fun so..."

Noah trailed off, so David, despite being scarlet with embarrassment picked up where his brother left off, "We thought we could copy you."

"And was it?" I asked quietly. Both boys looked at me, confusion on their faces. "Was it fun?"

The twins shared a momentary glance at each other before looking down in what appeared to be shame. I thought that they were maybe contemplating their little uncut dicks whose erections had surely shrivelled away by now.

"It felt weird, but good." David replied in a quiet voice.

"Please don't be mad..." Noah croaked. I looked at my beautiful son to find that he was on the verge of tears.

"Oh baby." I said, as I stepped over to Noah's bed and sat myself down next to my partially covered son. "Papa isn't mad, and neither is Daddy."

"Of course not sweetie." Jake said, following me and kneeling down next to David. "We were just worried about the two of you."

I reached out and stroked Noah's soft blond hair and the smooth skin of his face.

"What me and Daddy do in bed is something that usually only grown-ups do, but it's one of the best feelings in the world, especially when you do it with someone you love." I explain, the sternness all but faded from my voice, my gaze moving from Noah to David and back again.

Jake picked up on where I was directing the conversation and continued, "We want the two of you to be happy, and of course you're very mature for your age." I had to hold back a snort of laughter when Jake said that. Our little monsters could be the complete opposite of mature a lot of the time. Jake glanced at me, as though asking for permission to carry on, even though it was mostly for show. "If the two of you want to play around like Papa and I do, I suppose it's best that you do it with each other because you love each other right?"

The boys looked at each other shiftily, a shade of pink returning to their cheeks. David wriggled uncomfortably on his bum. Eventually they both nodded in agreement.

"It looked like you were trying to copy something pretty advanced." I said with a hint of laughter in my voice and a smile on my face, but their was fear in my heart. This was the moment of truth. Would our sons decide that their dads were weird and strange for wanting to get this involved in what they had been doing in private? Or would they embrace the sexually active lifestyle that both Jake and I dearly hoped they would? "Maybe you two would be best trying something that still feels really good but is a bit easier for you to learn. What do you think?"

The air felt thick and still. I suddenly felt hot under the collar waiting for the boys' response. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jake's foot shaking as it often did when he was nervous. The boys looked at each other for a long moment and I couldn't shake the irrational thought that they were having another one of those wordless conversations that twins sometimes have.

David was the one to turn back to Jake and I and respond. "Okay Papa, we want you and Daddy to show us how to feel good together."



Jake looked at me with wonder in his eyes. I hardly dared to grin. Could it be that both the dream that both of us shared of being true boylovers was coming true right this second?

"Okay then..." Jake said, clearly a little unsure of how to proceed. "Well, firstly, the most important thing when you're having sex is--"

"Is that what we're doing Daddy?!" David interrupted, incredulity in his young voice. Now that they were sure that they weren't going to be punished, the boys seemed more animated. Noah actually sat up in bed, still partially under the covers, but now exposing his smooth hairless chest.

"I-- I guess it is David. Sex comes in all sorts of different types, and different people enjoy it in different ways." Jake responded, caught slightly off guard by the question. "But the most important thing is that everyone involved is having a good time and that they agree to everything that is happening. That's called consent. Trying to do sex stuff with someone who doesn't want to is called rape, and that's very bad. So you must both always ask each other if they want to do something before anything happens okay?"

"Yes Daddy!" The twins sang in their high excited voices. Somehow, Jake's serious explanation of consent hadn't dampened the mood at all, if anything it had made all of us more excited.

"Okay boys, I think first we need to get a good look at you naked." I say, trying not to make it obvious that I was rubbing my crotch.

Of course we'd seen both boys naked plenty of times when giving them baths or helping them get changed, but somehow this was different. They were exposing themselves to us in a totally different way than before.

Naturally, daring David went first throwing his protective pillow aside and leaping to his feet. He stood in front of the three of us, hands placed proudly on his hips, a slightly nervous grin on his face. David had a slim, lean frame but wasn't overly skinny. His ribs could be seen outlined slightly down his side. Both of the boys had very accentuated V shapes on their hips, leading down towards their crotches that I often admired but didn't get to see the full extent of very often.

David's `V' led my eyes down to his exposed cock and balls which were, without exaggeration, the most beautiful I had ever seen on a boy. The first night we had seen the twins naked when bathing them for the first time, Jake and I had had some of the most passionate sex of our lives. But now, David's cute uncut cock was growing before my eyes from it's soft inch and a half to a respectable two and a half at full mast. His foreskin peeled back as his dick rose until it was pointing ever so slightly upwards and his piss slit could just be glimpsed. His balls were small, the size of acorns, but hung surprisingly low for a boy his age. I could see them moving slightly inside his hairless unwrinkled sack.

I'm not sure how long I stared at David's beautiful naked body, but I was snapped out of my daydreaming by Noah jumping up from his bed. Clearly not wanting to be outdone by his brother, he knelt on bed, the covers falling away from his body to reveal his naked form as well.

Noah's body was almost identical to his brother's. Noah had maybe the tiniest bit more puppy fat around his tummy, which I thought was incredibly cute. He also had a small mole that was little more than a tiny patch of darker pigmentation just above his crotch, almost like a little star guiding the way to his precious treasure. And what a treasure it was; Noah's cocklet was basically identical to David's, his ballsack was maybe slightly tighter to his body, but otherwise they were an exact match.

I looked at my two boys standing their naked and proud and then over at Jake. He turned to his head to look at me and I saw he had the biggest, cheesiest grin on his face.

"I think we might be the luckiest guys in the world." Jake said as he turned back to our eight year old princes and beaming at them. "You boys are so beautiful and sexy, you know that?"

Both of the boys seemed to wilt from their proud stances to one of shyness in an instant, soft giggles emanating from both of them. Noah looked at Jake with a pink face.

"Really Daddy? Are we really sexy?" Noah asked.

I cut in before Jake could answer. "Noah, you and your brother are the sexiest, most gorgeous people me or Daddy have ever seen."

David and Noah's confidence seemed to be bolstered by my reassurance and their faces lit up with the radiant smiles that Jake and I first fell in love with.

"Okay, ready for some fun then boys?" Jake asked, clapping his hands together as a sign of wanting to get in to the action.

"Yeah!" They cried in unison. Noah bounced up and flopped down onto the bed like a dolphin leaping into the air and back down into the water. He then stretched out on the side of the bed closest to the wall, propped his head up on one elbow and looked down at his brother expectantly. In that moment Noah looked like a pin-up model on a two page spread in some fictional magazine featuring sexy little boys posing naked and hard. I swear I could feel a bead of precum leak out of the tip of my cock as I drank in the sight.

David crawled up from the floor and joined his brother in bed, mirroring his pose so that they were facing each other, faces and hard little dicks only a few inches apart. They both looked at us expectantly, ready for instruction.

Jake looked at me for guidance as to where to begin. I stammered for a moment as I tried to come up with a plan of action. Clearly neither Jake or I had properly planned what we would do if our sons were to agree to being tutored in the art of gay sex by their dads.

"So, erm, probably the best place to start you boys off is something simple like masturbation." I say, a little uncertainly. I suddenly felt like some perverse teacher addressing a class. I shook off the feeling and pushed on. "Masturbation is when you use your hands to make your dick feel good, or someone else's. Have either of you done something like that before?"

David thought for a moment before responding, "Maybe Papa, it depends what you mean."

I sat myself down at the foot of the bed and laid a hand gently on David's ankle. I slowly ran my fingers up his smooth leg until I reached his hip, where I changed course towards his crotch. I hesitated for a fraction of a second before firmly grasping hold of his eight year old cocklet. It felt blazing hot like the whole of his being was concentrated in that two and a half inches of flesh. It was soft and smooth to the touch but at the same time incredibly rigid. I heard David let out a small whimper and, looking up at him, I could see that he had his eyes screwed up tight and his lips pressed together like he was trying to hold back sounds from escaping his lips.

"Does that feel good David?" I said in a low breathy voice.

"Yes Papa!" David managed to moan.

"Now you need to watch sweetie." I said, a slight chuckle in my voice.

David forced his eyes open and looked down at my large hand wrapped around his small boycock. I glanced over and saw that Noah was enraptured as well. I moved my hand so that my fingers slid down David's silky smooth shaft, dragging just enough to pull his foreskin back slightly, revealing more of his pink cockhead. David let out another low whimper as I moved my fingers back up, allowing the boy's foreskin to cover the head back up. I repeated the motion several times until I was slowly jerking off my son with his twin brother and my husband watching.

I felt Jake move round behind me and perch himself at the end of the bed next to me. He reached out and repeated the same move on Noah's leg as I had done with David. Noah looked down the length of the bed at Jake and smiled at his Daddy.

"Yes please Daddy!" Noah said, answering the question that Jake hadn't even asked.

Soon, the two of us were sensuously masturbating our two boys. Their small hips gyrated and bucked and small whimpers and moans escaped each of their lips as we worked their hard little cocks. Unsurprisingly, due to their age, neither boy appeared to be producing and precum so I figured it was unlikely that they would be producing any actual cum. But Jake and I could still bring them to a spectacular dry orgasm, so that was what we would aim for.

After a few more minutes of quietly jerking the boys off, I looked at Jake and we silently decided that it was time to move on. I let go of David's cocklet, for which I got shot a look of extreme annoyance from the boy.

"Why did you stop Papa?"

"I think it's time for you to try out masturbation for yourselves." I reply.

David reached for his own throbbing dick but I grabbed his wrist and said, "Nuh uh, not with your own cock, with your brother's."

I guided David's hand over to Noah's little cock and as soon as David's fingers came in contact with his brother's shaft, he automatically wrapped his little fingers around it. Jake helped Noah take hold of David's cock in the same manner. They glanced at each other with a touch of embarrassment in their faces, but once they started sliding their small hands over each other's cocks the embarrassment was gone and they were back into the groove. Jake and I watched in awe as our twin boys jerked each other off with wild abandon.

Because of the position of their arms to the rest of their bodies, the boys naturally moved closer to each other and soon their faces were so close to each other on the pillow that I was sure that they would feel each other's warm breath on their faces.

I was just about to speak when Jake beat me to it, voicing the same idea I had had.

"Boys, why don't you give each other a kiss?"

Without breaking their rhythm, or even acknowledging that they had heard us, Noah and David brought their lips together like they were drawn together magnetically; they didn't even open their eyes. The boys' soft red lips met and they shared a slow sensual kiss. But after a few moments it was over.

"No boys, kiss like Daddy and Papa do." I said, knowing the boys had seen us making out plenty of times. "Open your mouths and use your tongues."

And again, the boys acted upon the instructions without hesitation. They locked lips and then opened their mouths. I could see the boys' tongues moving around and wrestling with each other, saliva sliding over and around their tongues and lips.

"That's it boys, you look so sexy doing that!" Jake said excitedly. I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was openly rubbing his crotch now and I started doing the same. I didn't want to break the twins' flow by moving around to get my own hard cock out, so I contented myself by rubbing it through my pants.

David and Noah were increasing the pace of their jerking and their making out was becoming more wild and passionate. I looked round at Jake and smirked; they were getting close.

"Keep going boys!" I encouraged, though I was sure that nothing would have stopped them now. "If you keep going, those good feelings will get better and better!"

And then, only a few moments later, it happened. David's orgasm hit him a second before Noah's did. They both moaned almost in unison, their kiss breaking apart as their concentration broke down and their entire mind became obsessed with the wonderful feelings rushing through their bodies, emanating from their throbbing cocks. Noah bucked his hips, while David did his signature wriggling as the two of them struggled to keep control of themselves as they rode out these unfamiliar new feelings.

After what felt like hours of watching the twins squirm and moan through their first orgasms despite it only being twenty seconds at most, the two of them seemed to calm and settle. David rolled onto his back, putting one hand behind his head in a supremely relaxed gesture, while Noah rolled onto his belly and buried his head in the pillow. His perfect little bubble butt looked so soft and inviting. I knew I would need to get a piece of that soon.

"That felt soooooo good!" David said hazily and Noah mewed quietly in agreement.

I looked at Jake again and gave him a wholesome smile, like I had just seen our sons perform at their first piano recital. Everything was going to be different from now on.


Author's Note: Thanks for reading the second part of my story! I'm sorry it's taken longer than I had originally hoped, but other commitments kept dragging me away from writing. Hopefully you'll all appreciate the time taken to build up the non-sexual elements of the story. It's my hope that it enhances the story and particularly the sex, now that it's finally materialized! There's plenty more on the horizon!

Also, thank you so much to everyone that got in touch and shared all your kind words about the first part I posted. It really means a lot that people liked my story enough to e-mail be about it. It's honestly one of the main reasons I've kept going with this story.

Please do drop me an e-mail with your comments and critiques; I really want to continue to hear from everyone about what you enjoyed and what you think could be improved. As I mentioned last time, I have a pretty clear idea of where the story is going, but if you have suggestions, then I'd love to hear those too.