The Perfect Family

Written by Renly Baratheon -

Characters and scenarios developed with Aaron Smith -


This story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed are entirely fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Please be aware, this story depicts sexual activity involving minors. The author implores readers to check on the legality of accessing this type of written content in your area before proceeding. This work of fiction is designed for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to advocate or promote the actions of the characters; particularly and especially in relation to any illegal activities.



"Don't go charging through the house please boys!" I called from the car as our little monsters piled out of the car towards the house. To their credit, the twins paused by the back door as Jake and I unloaded the bags and the tent. Once we had everything out and ready to be taken inside, Jake unlocked the back door and together we all brought the bags inside to the utility room.

The boys looked comically small as they tried to haul the massive backpacks inside; it reminded me how young they still were despite them acting so mature a lot of the time. I grinned at Jake as we watched the Noah and David struggle for a minute before stepping in and helping them.

Jake always seemed to benefit the most out of our semi-regular camping trips. I certainly enjoyed them as well, and the twins had loads of fun playing together and exploring the nearby forest, but Jake thrived out in the untouched nature. He always looked rejuvenated after a weekend away, like his batteries had been recharged.

Occasionally Tommy accompanied us on our camping trips; he had long since become the twins' best friend as they were in the same grade at school as well as being neighbors. But this time it had just been the four of us. Of course when Tommy was present, it limited the chances we all had for certain `activities', but there was usually plenty of that to be had at home. That being said, there was something particularly sexy about being able to be naked all together in our large tent, open to all sorts of `possibilities.'

We had introduced Noah and David to the exquisite pleasure of oral sex several months ago and they had soon decided that 69ing was their favourite thing ever. Barely a day went by when either Jake or myself wouldn't discover the boys engaged in mutual blowjobs in their room, or sometimes if we were lucky, on the couch in the living room. So far however, we the twins had been only using their mouths on each other's boycocks; we had decided to introduce them to man/boy sex very slowly. Most of our fun came from watching the boys making love together, or sometimes making love to each other in the boys' presence. But now that they were nine years old, I felt that our sons were ready to be taken further. And the urge to make love to my sons was growing seemingly by the day.

It was this thought that drove me to make the suggestion I made while we stood in the utility room, all of us feeling grimy and dirty from a whole weekend without a shower.

"I don't know about you boys, but I need long, hot shower!" I said enthusiastically. I shot a smirk over at Jake; I knew he could sense one of my plans in the offing.

"Yeah!" The boys cried in unison, leaping into the air.

"Papa, can we..." Noah said, his initial confidence fading to shyness in space of three words. "... Can we maybe all use the shower in your bedroom?"

I had dangled the carrot and our horny boys had gone for it, just like I'd hoped they would. The shower in mine and Jake's en suite was less a shower cubicle and more of a chamber, plenty big enough for several people to share, as Jake and I often did.

I looked over at Jake as though searching for his approval and he played along admirably. He knew what I was driving towards, and I could see that he wanted it too.

"Well..." Jake said, a convincingly reluctant tone in his voice. "We just spent a whole weekend together boys, are you sure you wanna spend more time with your dads?"

"Uh huh!" David replied emphatically for the both of them. Both of them were bouncing on the balls of their feet in anticipation.

Jake sighed, "Okay then."

And as if his words had released a pair of coiled springs, the boys leapt into action. They tore through the house at lightning speed, heading for the stairs.

"How do they always have so much energy?" I chuckled, Jake and I following in the twins' wake. I guessed we were leaving the unpacking until later.

As we meandered through the house, we came across articles of clothing strewn all over the place, like a tornado had passed through our home.

"They must be eager." Jake noted with a snicker, as we ascended the stairs, avoiding Noah's jeans and David's superhero t-shirt.

By the time we got to the landing and turned towards our bedroom, we were stepping over socks and eventually the cute little briefs that the twins wore along with both of Noah's hearing aids right by the door to our bedroom.

So they're already naked. I thought, somehow finding the thought incredibly sexy, despite nakedness around the house having become a lot more commonplace for all four of us over the last half a year.

Jake and I stripped off our own clothes hastily and threw them on the floor of the bedroom. I marvelled at Jake's tall lean body that still retained a lot of its twinkish charm. I had filled out some over the last few years through fairly regimented visits to the gym, but Jake retained his slim and coltish figure despite having the more physically active job of the two of us. I watched the cheeks of Jake's sexy butt bobbing up and down as he strode to the door of the bathroom and opened it.

The room was already filling with steam from the powerful spray of hot water from the large shower head at the centre of the glass-walled booth. Our sons were stood underneath the waterfall and were already wrapped in each other's embrace, making out passionately. Jake and I wasted no time in joining them.

The booth was large enough to accommodate the two children and us two adults fairly easily but still somehow managed to feel cosy, probably because of the warm water and the steam. The boys noticed us step in to join them and broke their kiss, big shit-eating grins on both their faces.

Noah extracted his arms from round his brother's wet body and signed to us, "Sorry! We were just too horny to wait!"

When we had adopted them the boys had already learnt some basic sign language for Noah's benefit, and Jake and I had continued the teaching whilst simultaneously teaching ourselves. We were now all basically fluent in ASL and often used it whenever Noah didn't have his hearing aids in. Without his aids and with the loud spray of the water from the shower, Noah had no chance of hearing regular speech at the moment, so I followed his lead and signed back a reply.

"That's okay sweetie. I can see how horny you both are." I grinned and pointed at the twins' hard little boycocks that were rubbing and sliding over each other as the boys shifted around. I glanced over and could see that Jake's thick seven inch cock was now at full mast, as was my own eight inch rod.

Noah blushed slightly and glanced over at David. I saw the furtive look that passed between them. It looked like our sons had a scheme of their own in the works. Noah looked back at me and signed, "Can I play Papa?" Before pointing at my engorged cock that was aimed right at the boy.

I hesitated for only a moment before nodding enthusiastically. Noah reached out his small hand and firmly grasped my cock. Almost immediately he started to jerk me off slowly, seemingly enthralled by my dick that was so much bigger than his own or his brother's.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw David signing to Jake and I presumed he was asking the same question. I don't know why, but the fact that David was using sign language even if he didn't really need to when addressing Jake or myself filled me with pride. He really was such a considerate boy, especially where his brother was concerned.

I turned and looked at Jake, a big grin on my face as my nine year old son manipulated my incredibly hard cock. Jake's expression mirrored my own now that David had his hands on his cock. My horniness got the better of me. I placed a hand firmly on the back of Jake's head, my fingers snaking through his dark wet hair and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Jake seemed to reflect my passion back at me and soon we were making out like a couple of horny teenagers, our tongues snaking around and over each other. I could feel the eyes of our sons watching us as they each played with one of their fathers' cocks, and that amplified my horniness even further.

After a few minutes of making out, I felt a tap on my thigh to get my attention. I broke the kiss with Jake and looked down at Noah. He still had one hand wrapped around my cock and his other hand quickly returned to his own throbbing cocklet. David however was not using his free hand to jerk himself off and had instead reached over to Noah's ass. From the high angle I had over the boys, I could see that David's middle finger was partially buried in his brother's hole and was sliding in and out with seeming ease.

Well we certainly didn't teach them that. I thought as my cock gave a pulse at the thought of the twins experimenting with anal play all on their own.

Noah tapped my thigh again to snap me out of the reverie. "Papa, please can I suck you?" The boy signed.

I was taken aback. I had been expecting to have to ask the boys to service us orally rather than the other way round.

"Sure sweetie, just take it slowly. I'm a lot bigger than your brother." I replied. Noah grinned up at me and immediately dropped to his knees. David's finger popped out of Noah's ass as he knelt down with an audible squelch.

David had seen my response to Noah and so didn't bother to ask Jake the same question, knowing what the answer would be. David knelt down next to his brother, both boys sitting on their haunches to ensure that they were at just the right height for their mouths to line up with our cocks.

The twins shot each other a furtive grin before approaching their fathers' cocks in unison with looks of excited disbelief on their faces. The whole shower booth felt like it was crackling with anticipatory energy. Noah's tongue darted out and make contact with my cockhead for just a moment but immediately it felt like electricity flowing through me. Noah's tongue returned to lick all around the purple crown. A shiver went up my spine and I let out an involuntary moan. The months of practice that Noah's tongue had had on his brother's cock had prepared him exquisitely for his first adult blowjob.

It wasn't long before Noah had taken the whole head of my cock into his small mouth and began to slide his lips up and down my shaft as far as he could. His tongue continued to whip around from inside the warm, wet cavern of his mouth, stimulating my cock in ways that I could hardly comprehend.

By the sounds of it, Jake was having just as good of a time with David. Each son was pleasuring their particular father exceedingly well. I looked down and saw that Noah had his pale blue eyes locked on my face as he slid my thick cock in and out of his cute mouth. Whether it was because he wanted to watch the pleasure on my face or because he was looking out for me signing to him I wasn't sure, but I decided to answer him on both fronts.

"That feels amazing sweetie!" I signed. I saw Noah smile despite my cock stretching his lips wide; his eyes brightened and his enthusiasm for sucking seemed to double. I reached down and caressed his cheek and ran my fingers through his wet hair.

Then, I felt Noah gag. He had tried to take my cock too deep into his mouth and my cockhead had touched the back of his throat. He wasn't used to such a large invader in his mouth; David's small boycock didn't get close to the his throat.

"Be careful sweetie!" I signed, "Don't try and go too deep."

Even under the deluge of water from the shower, I could tell that his eyes were watering. Without taking my cock out of his mouth, he nodded that he understood and continued.

Knowing that my orgasm was approaching, but not being able to resist my curiosity, I dared a glance over at the other couple in the shower, my husband and my other son. David looked like he was struggling slightly with the girth of Jake's cock, but he was making up for it with sloppy, wet enthusiasm. I also noticed that David was furiously jerking his own hard little prick, whereas Noah was totally focussed on my cock, his own throbbing member seemingly forgotten for the time being. Jake and I had already started to notice the differences in the twins' sexual development, but it was becoming starker with every day. Noah was blooming into a full-blown bottom boy, whereas David was hungry for seemingly any sexual encounter, a true vers if ever I saw one. Discovering and understanding the boys' differences made me even hungrier to explore more and more with them.

I looked back down at Noah and our eyes connected again. I could see the love in the boy's eyes as he made love to my cock with his mouth. I was close now. Very close.

"Your mouth or your face?" I signed to Noah. There was a split second of confusion that passed over his face until he realised what I was asking. He and David didn't have to think about such things when they played together as both of them were still shooting blanks. During one of our frank discussions we had all together, Jake and I had ended up providing a practical demonstration to the boys of what a man's semen was like. Jake had sucked my cock right there on the couch in the living room as the boys watched in awe to either side of me. Just as I was about to cum, I had pulled back and then let loose shot after shot of thick cum all over Jake's face as well as a shot or two into his open mouth. Up until today, that had been the hottest experience of my life, but now I had one of my beautiful nine year old sons passionately swallowing as much of my cock as he could, desperate to get me off.

"Mouth please, Papa." Noah signed clumsily up at me, determined not to let my dick go until he got his prize.

Just knowing that my son wanted to swallow my cum was enough to push me over the edge. I felt the torrent of cum surging up from my balls. It exploded into Noah's small mouth in several powerful shots. I let out a powerful groan and threw a hand out to steady myself against the glass of the shower. My head was swimming, my mind was racing but also felt blank at the same time. I saw stars as I fed possibly the biggest load of my life to my young son.

Despite knowing it was coming, the poor boy was still taken off guard by the sheer volume of semen I was producing. I could see Noah's throat swallowing as fast as he could but despite this, droplets of cum appeared at the sides of the boy's mouth which grew until they dripped down onto his smooth chest and were washed away by the spray of hot water.

I heard Jake moaning and I knew he was cumming as well. I managed to get my eyes to focus enough to look over at David. He had taken Jake's cock out of his mouth but was aiming it so that every volley of Jake's of cum landed right on his extended tongue and slithered down his throat. I could also see that David's small hand was vice-like on his throbbing cocklet, his whole body shaking from the dry orgasm that was wracking his young body. If I hadn't have been in the middle of a spectacular orgasm already, that sight would have made me blow my load all over again.

As I came down from my orgasmic high, I looked back down at Noah who was now suckling my cock, seemingly to extract as much of my cum as he could. I stroked his hair and let him continue until I became too sensitive. As tenderly as I could, I pulled back from my son's warm mouth before pulling him to his feet and embracing him tightly. Noah pressed himself against me, wrapping his arms around my hips and burying his face in my stomach. I looked over and saw that David was on his feet also and was entwining himself around Jake.

Jake smiled at me and spoke out loud, as his arms were occupied with hugging David, "Well that was incredible!"

"Yeah it was!" I replied. "Why did we wait so long to do that?" We both chuckled.

I reached for the soap to start getting cleaned up as we had originally planned to do. Once all four of us were clean and fresh, both of our boys would be deserving of some special love and attention, especially Noah as he was the only one of us who hadn't had an orgasm yet. Plus, I was eager to wrap my lips around his sweet little boycock.



As our family life progressed, it seemed that we were collectively discovering more and more ways to enjoy each other's bodies. Our fourth Christmas as a family was the first one where we were sexually active with the boys and so Jake made the suggestion that, as well as the regular presents one might buy for nine year old twin boys, we get some sexy toys for our sons. We also decided on one special present we were going to give the boys just after Christmas. Although it could be said that they were going to give us something special.

We decided we didn't want to go overboard; we would just get a couple of things, and they wouldn't be too advanced or scary for the boys. I personally was of the opinion that both David and Noah were way more adventurous than we liked to admit and so would probably have relished some crazy sex toys, but we were still trying to be good dads at the same time and moderate their growing obsession with sex both with us and each other.

More and more time at home was being spent with all of us naked or close to it and impromptu sucking sessions would break out seemingly at random. More than once, I had gotten home from work and was practically pounced on by one of my sons, directed to one of the armchairs in the living room so that I could be given an enthusiastic blowjob. If you've never unwound after a tough day at work by having a sex-crazed nine year old boy use his warm wet mouth on your painfully hard cock and bring you to a spectacular orgasm, I can highly recommend it as an effective stress reliever.

None of us seemed to have a particular preference for another. I never got jealous seeing Jake playing with David because Noah was likely right next to me eager for the same treatment. I loved both of my sons equally and uniquely, as I did my husband. Each of them had their differences and their similarities and I counted myself lucky that I had three lovers that were so unique.

In making plans for Christmas itself, we made the decision that thanks to our new `family paradigm' it would be better for us to spend Christmas Day itself at home with just the four of us; there would be time for visiting the grandparents later. Once the Christmas break started, Jake and I tried to be at home as much as our jobs would permit. It seemed that regardless of what our plans were, the twins would gang up on us and soon the entire day devolved into debauched man/boy sex from morning till night, with breaks for watching cartoons or playing video games. Seemed to me that that was a pretty perfect existence.

Being together more or less all the time did make it difficult to effectively shop for the boys' presents, both sexy and regular. Jake and I had had to come up with increasingly far-fetched excuses for errands we had to run in order to get some time out of the house to do our shopping. Of course the internet was definitely our friend when it came to finding the more unusual gifts we were buying the boys.

And then before we knew it, Christmas day was upon us. Jake and I had stayed up late into the night wrapping all the presents knowing that if we did it any earlier we risked the twins discovering them. We always tried to be reasonably strict with the boys about getting out of bed too early, but anyone who has tried to do the same with kids of their own can guess at how effective that was. And so as it was, Noah and David careened into our room like excitable puppies at about 7:30am.

"Come on Papa! Daddy! Time for presents!" Noah yipped as he bounced on his knees at the foot of our bed. They were both wearing what they usually slept in, a pair of loose fitting pajama shorts that provided plenty of `peek-a-boo' moments when the the boys were lounging around in the living room. The legs of the shorts were also wide enough that they could easily accommodate a fatherly hand reaching up to do some fondling.

"Okay boys, okay! We're up!" I said groggily, reluctantly throwing the bed covers back. I'd barely managed to sit myself up before getting pounced on by David. He hugged me tightly around the neck before leaning back and kissing me passionately on the lips.

"Happy Christmas Papa! I love you!" David said, a huge smile on his face.

I laid my hand flat against his smooth bare chest. I could feel his heart beating in his ribcage.

"I love you too sweet pea. With all my heart." I replied softly, giving him a heartfelt look, staring right into his ocean-blue eyes. And in the blink of an eye, the moment had passed and the thoughtful, serious David was replaced by a coiled spring in the form of a small boy. David practically leapt out of my arms, grabbed his brother's hand and the two of them tore out of the room downstairs.

"Boys! Don't open any presents until we get there!" Jake called, the stern tone in his voice would mean the boys knew he was serious. I threw Jake a little smirk; I knew why he had said that. Both of us wanted the twins to open some specific gifts first so that we could all start enjoying them straight away.

Jake and I dragged ourselves downstairs, not bothering to dress beyond the pajama pants we wore to bed.

"Coffee?" Jake asked veering towards the kitchen. I replied with a nod and a grunt of ascent before heading into the living room to keep Noah and David occupied for the few minutes it took for the coffee to brew and Jake to join us.

When Jake came in from the kitchen, I was engaged in trying to fend off a tickle attack from both of my little monsters at once, and I was doing an admirable job, until David made a grab for my admittedly half-hard cock.

"Papa's got a boner!" David exclaimed.

"Well, what do you expect?!" I shot back, slightly defensive. "When I get tackled by two nearly naked little boys whose beauty makes me weak at the knees." I finished in a warm, sultry tone.

I got the exact reaction I knew I would; both boys did their shy little giggles that I loved so much and their cheeks turned faintly pink.

"Papa!" Noah giggled, looking at Jake for support.

"Hey don't look at me, I agree with Papa!" Jake chuckled, handing me my black coffee.

I hauled myself off the floor, being careful not to spill my coffee and then flopped down onto the couch, Jake joining me a moment later.

"So boys," Jake began, "Papa and I wanted to buy you some special presents this year now that we have started doing more... sexy things together."

The boys grinned at each other and I could see the start of two boners in their loose shorts. It didn't take a lot to set them off nowadays.

"Which is why we got you guys these." I said, reaching down the side of the couch where we had hidden the four small wrapped packages, two solid boxes, two with something soft and squishy inside. Noah and David's eyes lit up when they saw the extra presents without even knowing what they were.

I put the soft presents down on the couch between Jake and I and held up the two wrapped boxes. "These first?" I asked Jake, who nodded.

I held out two boxes to the boys, they both snatched them greedily and tore off the wrapping paper to reveal two identical white boxes with the image of a black, vaguely conical object on the front that curved smoothly from a wide, flat base to a pointed top, bulging slightly in the middle.

Noah wrinkled his nose and looked up at us. "What are they?"

"Come here and I'll show you." Jake said, a vague smile on his face.

Noah stepped forward in between Jake's wide open legs as Jake leaned forward slightly. With practised ease, Jake reached round behind Noah and slipped his hand down the back of the boy's pajama shorts, middle finger sliding down the Noah's buttcrack and gently rubbing the his hole.

Noah closed his eyes and whimpered slightly as Jake said, "They go in here Noah."

When David saw this, he couldn't contain his excitement and did a little bounce on the balls of his feet and asked me, "Really Papa?! They go in our bums?!"

"That's right pumpkin. They're designed to feel way better than a finger and they can stay up there for a long time." I said with a sly grin on my face.

No sooner had I finished speaking than David had whipped his pajama shorts off so fast that I almost didn't see them disappear. What I did see however, was David's gorgeous little stiffy staring me right in the face and bouncing slightly from it's energetic exposure.

I saw Jake look over at David's swift movements and helped Noah follow suit by tugging his shorts down too. Our beautiful sexy boys stood in front of us naked again, as they had so many times before.

Jake reached into his pocket and extracted a small bottle of lube that he must have grabbed from the bedside table before we came downstairs.

"Well?" Jake said, looking expectantly at the twins. "These buttplugs won't fit in your holes if they stay in those boxes!"

Needing no more prompting, Noah and David ripped the boxes open like wild animals. After no more than thirty seconds, the boys were holding the plugs in their hands gingerly like they might suddenly burn them or something. The plugs were just a bit longer than the boys' hands and the wide, bulbous portion no thicker than three of their small fingers.

It seemed that Jake and I had ended up being `assigned' a boy already as Noah was still stood in front of Jake and David in front of me. Jake opened the bottle of lube and squirted some into my outstretched hand before doing the same to himself. I then held out my hand to David and he handed me his buttplug, a huge grin on his face. I liberally coated the plug with lube before looking back at David.

"Turn around and bend over sweetie."

David didn't hesitate, bending at the waist until his hands were grasping his calves. I saw Noah doing the same, but I did my best to focus all my attention on `my' boy.

David's hole was nestled deep in the crevice between his perfectly round buttcheeks. I could only just see it even now as the boy was bent over, but it was a lovely pale pink colour and looked tiny.

"Hold this for a second bud?" I asked, handing the plug to David so I had both my hands free. Then, with one free hand, I spread David's cheeks apart, revealing his asshole further. "This might be a little cold sweetie." I said before rubbing some lube on the boy's tight ring. Despite the warning, David let out a little yelp as the viscous fluid made contact with his warm skin in his most intimate place. I made sure to spread it round as much as possible, prepping his hole for the biggest object it had ever had inside it.

Once I was satisfied, I held my hand out so that David could hand me the plug back. I pressed the tip against his hole but didn't apply any pressure at first. I looked over at Jake and Noah and Jake was already pushing the plug into Noah; his hole had already swallowed half the plug, all the way up to where it widened out. Noah had his eyes closed, as he often did when his bum was being played with. He had a look of slack-jawed amazement on his face. He must be loving this! I thought.

Turning my focus back to David I said, "Okay sweetheart, here goes. Just take long slow breaths and let me know if it hurts at any point."

"Yes Papa." David responded, the tiniest note of fear in his voice.

I started to push the plug into David's hole and, surprisingly, it didn't put up much resistance. Presumably through a combination of physiological and psychological factors, David's asshole was relaxed and malleable; the boy clearly felt safe and in control. David let out a low moan that I could feel more than I could hear. The black silicone was stretching his boyhole in a different way than either his own or his brother's fingers had ever done.

David and I quickly caught up to Noah and Jake. This is not a race! I had to remind myself. The boy's well-being and pleasure had to come first. Jake seemed to be taking his time teasing Noah's hole and the boy was clearly revelling in the new exciting sensations in his bum.

I looked over at Jake and our eyes locked. We both had our boys at basically the same spot, just ready for the final insertion of the widest portion of the plug. Jake gave me a slightly evil looking grin and we silently counted down from three. On zero we gave both boys' plugs a firm push, forcing their holes to swallow up the bulge and close up again on the narrow neck before the flat base. As predicted, the twins gave small yelps at the sudden invasion, but to their credit they didn't move from their bent over positions.

"Well done boys!" Jake said, genuine approval in his voice. "You both handled that so well!"

Noah and David both stood back up, moving slightly gingerly now that they had new intruders in their bums. David did a little hop from one foot to another while Noah reached back and felt his bum and the flat base of the plug nestled in between his cheeks. As the boys turned, I saw that their cocklets were incredibly hard, probably the hardest I'd ever seen them.

"How do they feel boys?" I asked, knowing the answer I would get.

"Feels kinda weird Papa. But good!" David said, still bouncing on the balls of his feet.

"Mhmm." Noah agreed, hand still on his bum, apparently pressing on the end of the plug trying to push it deeper into his hole.

"I'm glad you like them. We're gonna see if you can keep them in for a while... possibly all day." I said, watching the twins' eyes bug out of their heads when I said that.

"Oh my gosh Papa! That'll make us so horny!" David said, a grin cracking across his lips.

"That's the idea." I returned David's grin.

Without warning David pounced on me like he had earlier in the bedroom, except this time he was naked and very horny. I was smothered with kisses and David's small hands roamed around my body with impunity. It didn't take long before he started humping his hard little cock against my tummy. Not wanting the boy to have an orgasm just yet and ruin the fun, I put my hands under his arms and lifted him off me, standing him back up; his hips continued to hump gently.

"Okay, okay David, that's enough. You've still got another present to open."

The childish excitement of the prospect of Christmas gifts broke across both Noah and David's faces. In all their enthusiasm in trying the buttplugs, they'd clearly forgotten their other gift we'd gotten them both.

Where the plugs had been identical, the other gifts were specific to each boy, so they had been wrapped in different paper. Jake handed each of the boys their particular gift and we watched as they tore at the packaging. What emerged were two scraps of silky fabric, forest green for Noah and ruby red for David. The twins felt the material, manipulated them in their fingers until they understood the geometry of them and held them up the right way round. They were holding matching thongs in their favorite colors.

We had scoured the internet high and low to find sexy underwear small enough to fit the boys, and we had agonized over the style of underwear we wanted but eventually had settled on a very skimpy thong design that would show off their cute little butts and only barely cover up their boycocks.

"Well? Don't just stand there! Try them on!" Jake chuckled as the boys gawked, wide-eyed at their new articles of clothing.

Not needing to be told twice, Noah and David leapt into action. In only a few moments, feet were through the leg holes and the skimpy undies were being pulled up into place. I could already tell that we had chosen well; the underwear hugged the boys' bodies perfectly. I could see the outlines of their stiff little cocks pointing up at their belly buttons clearly through the silky fabric and the V's in their hips drew the eye down seductively to the now concealed crotches.

Noah was the first to do a little spin for us. As we had been hoping, the underwear did nothing to cover up our young son's ass. Instead, the back narrowed to such a thin strip that it nestled itself in between his buttcheeks; we could even see a hint of the black buttplug underneath.

"You guys look incredible!" I exclaimed.

"Absolutely! Very sexy!" Jake agreed. "You like `em?"

"Yes Daddy! They're amazing!" Noah said, beaming. "I think this is the sexiest I've felt, like, ever!"

David put his hands on his hips and struck a pose like some sexy young superhero. "Best Christmas ever! Thanks so much!"

"You're welcome sweetheart." Jake said with a smile.

"Now, Daddy and I get our present." I said with a smirk. "We get to watch you two open the rest of your presents wearing just your new underwear while you try and contain your horniness!"

And so it was that for the next hour or so, Noah and David set to the task of opening all of their `regular' presents, action figures and video games and books and a few bits of more conventional clothing, while Jake and I watched from the couch, both of us lazily playing with our cocks.

Once the twins saw that their dads were enjoying just watching them, they started to put on a bit of a show. They would purposefully get down on their knees to open presents, their little asses high in the air and wiggling. Or they would find a reason to lay on their backs with their legs spread wide, showing off their stiff cocklets straining at the front of their thongs. I don't think the four of us lost our erections at any point.

By the time all the presents had been opened, all of us were so incredibly horny that we couldn't focus on anything else. The twins dropped to their knees in between our legs and gave Jake and I the most enthusiastic blowjobs we'd ever had from the boys. Before long, we were feeding the twins a protein-rich breakfast of cum straight from their dads' cocks.

Then, to repay the favour, we swapped positions so that the boys were up on the couch with Jake and I nestled in their crotches, the difference being that David and Noah had their legs spread nice and wide, giving us easy access to their plugs. We spent nearly an hour sucking their cute little cocks and teasing their tight boyholes with the plugs and brought them to several back-to-back dry cums.

Once we were all `orgasmed out', we snuggled and relaxed together for a while before dragging ourselves to the kitchen to make our traditional Christmas breakfast treat of Eggs Benedict that we all loved so much. None of us bothered to put any clothes on, they'd only be taken off again sooner or later. As we cooked, the boys danced round the kitchen, their little boners bouncing and their cute butts wiggling. The buttplugs remained in their holes for the rest of the day.

I had to agree with David; best Christmas ever!


Author's Note: Thank you again so much for reading this next part of the the adventure for Daniel, Jake, David, and Noah. I have to apologise again for the length of time it's been since I last published anything. Other parts of my life have been kicking my ass recently and it left me a bit demotivated when it came to writing.

The story is progressing a lot slower than I thought to be honest, which I'm certainly not complaining about; I am enjoying spending plenty of time on individual scenes. It also means that there is still plenty to look forward to as I've got a lot of ideas and scenarios mapped out for the family as well as supporting characters to bring in.

Thank you again for all the kind words you've all been sending via e-mail; it's really motivated me to keep on writing and I'm sorry again for how long it's taken for this next part, I know a lot of you were clamouring for more. Please do keep e-mailing me with comments, critiques and suggestions, I love hearing them all!

I'm going to do my best to get the next part done in less time than it's taken me to finish this part, but honestly, no promises! Haha!