Ray Boys


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Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between teen boys.
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The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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     The boys tears had begun to dry as they clung together, each afraid to let go of the other. What were they to do? It was all over and they knew it. Only an hour ago pandemonium had beset upon them as their father, full of rage, had struck out again and again with his fists, a belt, his feet, anything he could find to inflict pain on his deviant sons lying naked on the floor before him.
      It had been a long time coming. The boys crept into the other's bed each night. They waited until they were sure that their parents were sound asleep. Once asleep nothing could awaken their father and their mother...She had more sedatives than the corner drug store. The woman lived to inflict pain but when it came to having so much as a hangnail she would swallow fists' full of pills.
      Sex had been a fascination for the brothers for almost six years. Twelve year old Ricky had learned about hard ons and hand jobs during a boy scout camp out. He could not keep his hands away from his cock. At the time Grandma Esilia had taken the center bedroom that now belonged to the youngest of the Ray boys. She was weak and frail. Her daughter and family had graciously taken her in where she lived out her last days. By the time she passed Ricky was fifteen and Richy a rambunctious thirteen.
      The separation of the two boys into their own rooms did nothing to deter their desire for sex with each other. The parents, sure that the boys needed and wanted their own space were quite smug with the ability and resulting decision to provide the boys the extra space and privacy. By this time the boys were well aware of the parental sleeping habits and simply moved between bedrooms with ease. It did usually occur that Richy made the move to Ricky's room because Ricky's room was the farthest from the parents bedroom. That and the fact that the boys enjoyed laying in Ricky's big bed and looking out of the large expanse of windows into the freedom of the world beyond.
      Richy had received a good education in self manipulation as well as mutual gratification from his older brother. One of the things that Ricky had learned at scout camp was that the hands of another on his most private of places was much more stimulating than his hands alone could ever be. He also, but at first denied it, discovered that he enjoyed the feel and, shhh, the taste, of another boys cock.
      Being the dutiful older brother it was his job, no his calling, to see to it that ten year old Richy was well versed in the art of masturbation, not his own wee willy but Ricky's. Richy must be taught to make his brother feel wonderful. The youngster was all too willing to be taught but within moments of the beginning of his learning cycle the sibling had turned the tables and had the older boy demonstrate the proper technique. It would have been horrible, in the lad's mind to have done something wrong. What better way to learn exactly what Ricky wanted than to have him show his brother the precise method of the stimulation he desired.
      As it was, Ricky was not all that reluctant to demonstrate. After enough protestation to assure his brother that this was all in the name of instruction he had taken the wee willy of his sibling on its first oral plunge. Both boys found something that they enjoyed doing together. They had always been close but age had begun to pull the siblings apart. By taking each other's cock into their mouths, simultaneously, they had found a new way to connect to one another..
      This connection had lasted until this, the eve of young Rich's sixteenth birthday. Yes, as with his older brother, Rick, Rich would drop the child's name and be called by the more grownup man's name of Rich on his birthday. The boys had long awaited this fateful day. They had dreamed and spoken of the day's events as the pinnacle of their sexcapades. They were going to do the nasty on the anniversary date of the sixteenth year of Richard Allen Ray's first breath.
      Unwilling to wait the twenty four hours necessary the boys had decided that Rich was actually born at three o'clock in the morning. A head start of six hours would not be a problem. The boys parents had already had their requisite evening argument and had slammed their bedroom door several hours earlier. Mom's pills had quickly done their work and dad would pass out the minute his head hit the pillow.
      Rick had purchased a tube of KY jelly at the corner drug store. He had always heard that this was the best thing for anal sex. He read the directions on the tube each time that he had gone into the store and he knew that it was water soluble. He looked that word up and found out that it meant that they could clean it up with water. "Great," both boys had cried. They had played around with vaseline and some hand lotions in the past but these had been messy and most difficult to clean off of their bodies.
      The boys were terribly in love, one with the other. They had tried to make the acquaintance of others with disastrous results. Rick had been outed to a group of jocks. It was a fluke that the outer was outed by another boy who had been with the big mouth in junior high school. After that word of knowledge was revealed no one believed anything the guy said and Rick was in the clear.
      Rick had tried to make a name for himself with girls. He was turned off to the point of total frustration but was able to find solace in the arms of his brother at the end of a nerve rattling evening. Rich had covered his ass with a little more success when he was actually seen with his hand under a girl's skirt and her boob in his other hand. He became a hero to the sex starved youth of his highschool and the one to look to for all of the worldly knowledge needed for making it with a girl.
      The boys had learned to sixty nine the first evening of their journey together. It was a little less than two years later that Ricky had his first wet orgasm. It was a fluke that at that very moment he did not have his cock in Richy's mouth. Ricky had been studying about the prostate in his sex education class and the boys were trying to see if they could find the gland on each other. When Richy's finger stabbed at the small butt nut of his brother they received the reward of a fountain of young boy ejaculate that covered both of them in copious amounts of thin, almost clear liquid with thicker and whiter globs intermixed in.
      Ecstatic with this obvious sign of manhood both boys had to try first the taste, then to do it again. Rick did manage a second ejaculation, this time into his little brother's sucking mouth. Rich, ever the clever one, shared his sweet reward in a snowball with his older sibling. It was during this exchange that the boys began rubbing their erections against each other and their minds were moved to other, and more erotic directions.
      It needs to be said here for clarification's sake. The Ray family were not large. I'm talking stature here. Their father could, and often did, be mistaken as a lad himself. His five foot seven, thin build did nothing to reveal to the world a man. Added to this family trait was the lack of hair, facial and body hair to be precise. Mr. Ray had taken to wearing a mustache, which he and his wife hated with a passion. It was this piece of personal expression that tended to make people realize that the person before them might be older than he appeared. Until he opened his mouth. The man's voice had barely progressed above a pubescent temblor. One almost expected to hear the cute cracking of a youngster as they spoke with the man.
      Mr. Ray was a sharp business man and had done well by his family. He had built himself a very large client base and owned one of the top producing life insurance brokerages in the state. He had the ability to staff his office with only the top producers and had, at the time, eight members of the million dollar round table, a worthy goal for any agent to seek, on his staff. His agency was currently producing fifteen to twenty million dollars a year in premium sales, netting an income for the Ray family of just over a million a year in commissions.
      Mr. Ray had learned to program a client's personal needs and fund those needs through innovative options with life insurance as the base. He had three very expert stock brokers and a well qualified commodities broker working with him. Along with the leaders of local banks and other investment opportunities he could virtually guarantee a client a safe and secure financial future.
      Mr. Ray had one major weakness. He had a love affair going. It was a secret affair from almost everyone but his wife. This was the cause of their evening arguments and his ability to sleep thru a runaway freight train in his living room. His lover was none other than Jack Daniels. Jack was brought into the house by the case. Mrs. Ray was careful to hide the bottles from her sons. The last thing in the world she wanted was for them to find the chink in their father's armor.
      The time had come. It had been two hours since any sounds had been heard throughout the house. The boys were worked into a sexual frenzy. They had sucked and finger fucked each other to the very edge all evening and had held back, not allowing the other to pop his load. They had done two out of three, rock, paper, and scissors. Rich had won with his rock breaks scissors, twice in a row. Rick had prepared his precious brother's ass with all of the love and knowledge that the two boys possessed.
      It started with Rich laying on top of his hero with the larger than life six inch fuck pole of his older brother set solid within the recesses of his mouth. Rich loved to suck the thick cock of Rick and feast on the copious amounts of seminal fluid which poured from the tiny slit in the glans as he raked his finger tips back and forth over the taught butt nut only a couple of inches inside the older boys anal opening.
      With Rich stretched to his full length atop him Rick enjoyed the heat and weight of his brother. He had pushed the boys legs open wide and had his face buried deep in the hot, sweaty cleft of the tight bubble shaped glutes. His nose was smashed flat as he inhaled the phemerones exuding from the very pores of this sweet youngster. His tongue had become a raging missile as it plunged again and again past the now open rectal guardian, Rich's anal sphincter muscle.
      Rick was in wonderment at the tastes and the sensations his brother shared with him. Rich was in ecstasy as he felt the never ending pleasure brought to him by this harder than steel oral lance that plowed, encircled and laved his nether region with such passion. He was at the edge of his limit as he held back, trying to withhold the climax of climaxes. He had been so close for so long, he had to cum soon or burst. He was not doing his brother any favors, though. He had kept him from ejaculation for just as long.
      Rich looked at the clock radio beside his brother's bed. Eleven ten. It must be now. Without a word being spoken, Rich reached out and picked up the shiny tube of lube as it lay beside the clock on Rick's night stand. He passed the tube to Rick. Rick opened the tube and applied a half inch long line of the clear jell to his forefinger tip. Reluctantly he let his tongue leave his favorite dinner spot with one last long swipe around the entire area. He placed his lube covered finger into the gapping hole that hadn't quite closed all of the way.
      The hole enlarged again as the iris of a camera lens. From his vantage point Rick could see directly into the dark confines of his soon to be cock sheath. A shudder of desire flowed through his body like a wave of warm water. His cock flexed and he gave up his seed. Disappointed but undaunted Rich swallowed every drop offered to him. Not wanting to miss out, Rick lifted his brother's tiny body so that his seven inch cock swung down and slipped into his own hungry mouth and filled him with the nectar of the ages.
      Yes, tiny, little, in moments to be, sixteen year old Rich was the man of the clan. He stood five foot five and one half inches short. He weighed one hundred and fourteen pounds. His body was rock hard and his cock was the flagpole of the nation as it stood proud at a full seven inches with a huge thickness of five and five eighths inches of circumference. A mouthful in itself, but nothing to compare with the abundance of the creamy concoctions that the young testicles attached to it could produce, time after time after time.
      Knowing that his time would quickly pass, Rick applied more of the lube to his fingers and quickly pushed two of the digits into his brother's still spasming orifice. Reluctantly removing himself from any further cock honey he twisted his body to get into the position necessary for penetration. As he moved from underneath he flipped Rich to his back. In an instant he was between his brother's stretched out legs and had his lube covered fist around his turgid cock. Aligning his still sensitive glans to the still spasming rectal opening.
      Without delay or any preliminaries the boys were joined as one. Rick held his position as he stared into his lover's beautiful face. Rich's eyes opened. The pupils rolled back into view as they returned from their glance into the inside of the boy's head.
      Rich looked up at Rick and smiled, so sweetly, "I love you bro. You have no idea how good this feels. You may make love to me all night long." Tears ran down Rick's face as he felt the love in himself pour out to the man below him. Rich would always be a man to him. He was the strong one. He was the leader. He was the tower of strength between the two. He began his menstruations. Long and slow was the way they had agreed to start out. They had done their research and read every porno, homo, story they could find. The internet was a root of knowledge and information for their exploits.
      All of their training and expectations were nothing to what Rick was experiencing at the moment. The boys had sucked as hard as they could. They had applied pressure to pleasure the other. They had learned to grip and squeeze to the point of pain on the other's penis as they attempted to bring about more and ever more intense pleasure one for the other. The sphincter muscles gripped Rick's cock at its base with such an intensity that he was sure he would die of pleasure before this session was finished. The velvety softness and extreme warmth of the inside of Rich's opening bathed his shaft and glans in such luxury that their were no words in his vocabulary to describe it.
      He moaned and crooned his love for his young sibling as he continued to ride him, long and slow. Rich was ready to move on to the next level. He had reached such a sexual frenzy within himself that he was becoming a sexual animal. He was hissing at Rick to go harder, go faster. He was getting more and more verbal as passion awakened deep inside his soul. He had never known such feelings could exist. No amount of reading or preparation had revealed the lust that was building within him. He had to have his brother's cock, all of it, more of it, faster, harder, deeper.
      Rich could no longer contain himself. He was at the very edge. His body tensed, testicles roiled in their velvety sack like home. His toes curled under. His hands tingled. Suddenly he erupted. His juice flew into the air. It went higher than Rick's head then arched back down. Rich moved his head, quickly and caught the first shot directly into his open mouth. He yelled out for his brother to fuck him stupid.
      Rick's face was a chasm of emotions. He was in ecstasy, he was joyful. He was tense, he was excited. His own climax was at hand and he let loose the most intense ejaculation that he could ever recall. His whole body seemed to follow his cock as he plunged into the spread body of the most amazing lover in the world. He was pumping shot after shot into Rich's poop chute as Rich fired load after load between their body's. Rick watched as his brother maintained amazing altitude with his shooting cock even able to shoot two shots into his waiting mouth. The cum was now leaving streaks of white across the taught torso below him as his own climax began to dribble to an end. The crushing spasm of Rich's anus had ceased and Rick's cock was sliding with ease as he milked the last of his seed deep into the dark recesses of his just fucked lover.
      The bedroom door burst from its hinges as their father stood before them. He had never appeared so large as he looked upon the scene before him. His whole body bulged and turned to a deep shade of red as rage overcame him and he yelled out, "What the fuck are you two faggots doing?"
      After a beating neither boy ever expected their father to deliver had been dealt out their mother had entered the fray. She was none too happy with the scene before her. She seemed to hold her rage in check as she dragged her husband from the room. The boys clasped at each other. No matter what they would remain with one another. Would they be kicked out of their home? If so they would go together.
      Rick was of age. He would graduate from highschool in two more weeks and he could then be legally on his own. He would take Rich with him. Could the police get involved? The boys didn't know. They were pretty sure that if the police came it would be their dad who would be in trouble. They looked at one another and managed to make it to the bathroom. They both had black eyes and bloody lips. Rich's ribs hurt and there was a large bruise forming on his side.
      Rick stopped to puke blood into the toilet. The boys, bandaged as well as they could, helped each other as they made it back to Rick's room. They found their sleeping shorts and slipped them on. They were holding each other in the darkened room when it was lit up by the flashing of blue and red lights.
      A loud knock at the door frightened the boys. They rose as one and entered the living room as the knock came again. Rick opened the door to two police officers standing there. "Is this the Ray residence?"
      The boys nodded. The officer asked to come in. He asked the boys who they were. They told the man as he asked if they could turn on a light. When the light came on both officers were struck in horror. "What happened to you?" they demanded.
      Rich, always the bold one, "Our dad kicked the shit out of us."
      "Why?" Neither boy answered. The other officer called for the paramedics. After both boys had been checked over the police told the boys why they had come by. The boys parents had gone done the street. Witness said they appeared to be arguing, though no one knew about what. The wife was driving the car as they pulled from the traffic light. A eighteen wheeler was going to fast for the road and ran a red light. His truck had gone over the top of the boy's parents car killing both of them instantly.
      Rick and his little brother were transported together to the hospital to be checked out. Rick had a ruptured spleen. It was minor enough that surgery was able to repair it. Rich had two broken ribs. The boys had to spend several days in the hospital but they were allowed to stay in the same room in the pediatrics ward. They steadfastly refused to reveal the cause of the family fight that had led to the boys being beaten. The toxicology reports revealed a blood alcohol level in their dad of two point four, a deadly level.
      The mother's blood showed that she had Darvon and Valium in her system. The boys were questioned at length about their father's drinking habits. Credit card receipts and a statement from the corner drug store showed three to four cases of Jack being delivered to the house each month. A check of the garage revealed several cases of empty bottles. It was assumed by the police to be a family dispute. The drunken father had broken in the bedroom door where his sons had been hiding. He had beaten his family and the wife had dragged him from the house to protect her sons. The boys were silent on the subject.
      Rick was still in a wheelchair when graduation day came around. Rich pushed his brother across the stage to receive his diploma as the entire graduating class, black arm bands in place for their classmates' loss stood in silent respect.
      Being of legal age and of considerable means, Rick was granted custody of his brother. Grandmother Esilia had left a very large trust fund for the two boys as well as property and other holdings.
      A senior agent took control of their dad's business as the boys tried to decide what to do. The house was paid for as was their dad's car by the life insurance that their parents had in place. The trucking company insurance companies were trying to reach a settlement with the now orphaned boys.
      The boys have remained on their own and to themselves. Several relatives have tried to horn in but they have no legal standing with Rick being of the age of majority. It is our wish that they have a long and very happy life. Oh, and Rick is pregnant..........., not.

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