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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 17

Life isn't always fair

"Hey, bro did you understand what chapter we were supposed to read?"

"Oh, hi...yeah," Aidan said smiling at the cute black boy who had stopped him just outside Mrs. Evans' English class, "I'm Aidan by the way."

"Oh, hi...sorry," the boy said sounding embarrassed, "I'm Jeremy. So...what chapter did she say? I sort of zoned out toward the end," he chuckled.

"Chapter 3, and she said take the quiz at the back."

It was late September, the summer was long gone and the boys were settling into a new school year. There were lots of new faces as well some old ones and Jeremy was one of those new faces.

"Okay, thanks man...uh Aidan...right?" Jeremy said offering his fist to bump, "Cool dude."

"You're new here, right?" Aidan said stating the obvious.

"Yeah, me and my family just moved here from Georgia. My dad's the new manager at the new Dick's out by the mall."

Aidan almost choked when he heard the word Dick, but Jeremy didn't seem to get the sexual innuendo and Aidan managed to contain himself.

"Oh, yeah...I saw the construction going on when we went to the mall. I didn't know it was open yet."

"It's not, but my dad is helping get it set up now. He was an assistant back in Georgia and got promoted. He's making a lot more money, but it sucks that we had to move and all. I miss my friends and our old house."

"I know it's tough, but there are a lot of cool kids here, I bet you'll make some new friends before too long."

"Maybe I already have," Jeremy said giving Aidan a killer smile. 

Aidan smiled back and looked the cute boy over. He was an inch or so taller than Aidan and maybe a few pounds heavier, but the extra weight seemed to be all muscle. His chest was covered by a loose pullover but his arms showed some muscle definition and his body looked sturdy and powerful.

He was cute, with the typical Negro features, but his skin was more of a caramel color rather than black. His eyes were deep pools of chocolate that seemed to sparkle with mischief and his smile showed off perfect white teeth and his lips were plump and soft looking, just right for kissing, Aidan thought.

"Oh, who?" Aidan teased, then when she saw the smile fade from Jeremy's cute face he couldn't keep up the charade, "I'm teasing Jeremy. I would love to be your friend, but I have to warn you...I come with a lot of baggage."

"Oh, do tell," Jeremy said as they walked toward their next class.

"First I have a twin, Jaden, and a gang we hang with a lot."

"A gang? Jeremy asked looking amused, "I didn't know white boys had gangs," he teased.

"Okay, maybe group is a better word. There's John and Jimmy and Chris and Pete and well...a few others."

"Think they'll like me?" he said looking worried.

"I think they will love you," Aidan said then smiled, "But there's something else I should probably tell you...just in case you have a problem with it...Aidan and I are gay and so is Jimmy and John. In fact John is my bf and Jimmy is my brother's bf."

Jeremy looked a bit surprised but he hid it well, "Are all the guys in group, gay?"

"No, there are a few others. See we sort of watch out for guys who might be the target of bullies or whatever and we offer them a safe place to eat lunch and stuff. Not that there is that much bullying goes on here. Our school has a zero tolerance for that stuff and the kids help by reporting anything that gets too serious. I mean it's not like we go around ratting out everyone or anything. As long as someone isn't hurting someone else or destroying the school's property we mind our own business."

That was a lot to take in, but Jeremy wasn't bothered by anything he'd heard so far. "I guess I'm in then. But I'm not gay...just in case you're curious...I mean me being so fly and all," he said grinning.

"I promise I won't hit on you then, but I can't guarantee you'll be safe from the others," Aidan teased.

"Well, I guess I'll take my chances," Jeremy laughed,  "So...I guess I'll see you at lunch then," Jeremy said stopping at the door to his next class, Algebra.

"Yeah, absolutely. Just look for four of the cutest boys in school and that's our table," Aidan giggled.

"Bout' to be five when I get there," Jeremy said then he waved as he stepped into the open classroom door.

Aidan was in a good mood the rest of the morning, but he decided to save Jeremy for a surprise and so he didn't mention his new friend to any of the others he had classes with, not even Jaden.

At lunch he met up with John and the two joined Jaden and Jimmy and headed to the cafeteria. Today was taco Tuesday and along with the slightly soggy tacos with their mystery meat there were chips and watered down queso and a sugar cookie. 

None of the boys had brought their lunch since school began, but they were beginning to regret their decision to eat the cafeteria food. They had felt that packing a lunch was too juvenile, but the food was at best edible and at worst atrocious.

They grabbed a carton of milk and sat down and soon their table began to fill with other kids. Some were old friends, some new kids that had gravitated their way once they discovered the safety and welcoming atmosphere the other kids provided there. 

This year there were even a number of girls, some very cute and Jaden had begun to notice one of them in particular.

Her name was Deana and she was a petite little girl with dark hair and hazel eyes and a face so cute it should have been in a teen magazine. Her body was still a little undefined, and in fact she looked almost like a boy from certain angles. Her breasts were small and her legs and arms slender, but there was that swell at the hips that said she was a girl and her voice and mannerism made that fact even clearer.

She was a sweet girl and got along well with everyone in the group, but she'd had her share of trouble in the beginning because of her social status. Her father was unemployed and though her mother worked two jobs money was a scarce commodity at their house. Unable to dress in the latest fashions, most of her clothes came from thrift stores or Walmart and she was very self conscious.

Of course there are always those vicious girls who enjoyed making sport of less fortunate girls, and though it never turned physical, the emotional bullying she endured took it's toll on her. Fortunately one of the group, Peter, noticed what was happening, and though he didn't approach her himself, he send Emily, one of the regulars, to invite her to their table.

That had been the first week of school and now Deana was part of the group and the changes in her were quite evident when she smiled. That smile was what had first attracted Jaden and he found himself staring at her often now. He liked her smile, her eyes, her lips, even her hair, which was shorter than most of the other girls, but mostly he liked her personality. She always had something kind or good to say about everyone she met and even the girls who had tormented her were no exception.

The group had been seated about five minutes when Jeremy finally showed up looking nervous and carrying an insulated lunch bag. Aidan stood and motioned him over and when Jeremy saw him he headed their way, his stomach full of butterflies.

Though Jeremy had always been friendly and made friends easily he felt like a fish out of water here in the new school, and meeting Aidan was a real relief. He wasn't bothered in the least by the fact that he'd be sitting with a bunch of gay kids. Back in Georgia his school had a GSA chapter and he knew several gay kids and got along well with them. He wasn't even bothered that once or twice he'd gotten hit on by a boy, after all wasn't that the most sincere form of flattery?

"Over here..." Aidan said smiling warmly, then to Jaden and the others he said, "I found a new friend for our table."

"Hi," Jeremy said sliding into the empty seat Aidan had reserved for him.

"Hi, hey everyone this is Jeremy, that's Jaden, John, Jimmy, Peter, Emily, Deana, Chris, Billy, Doug and Paul. Sometimes we have more, sometimes less. Kids come and go as they please, but everyone is welcome at our table, right guys?"

"Right!" everyone said then, welcoming Jeremy with enthusiasm.

Aidan started the conversation and got Jeremy to open up and tell them a bit more about his old life and to fill the others in on why he'd moved. Once he got started Jeremy was surprised at how easy it was to talk to these new kids and he felt a whole lot better about things now.

There were even a couple girls, but he didn't know if they were a couple or gay or just some of the bullied kids Aidan had talked about. He sure wanted to know though, because he thought Deana was really cute. She was just the kind of girl he liked, petite and not too flashy and so cute it hurt. 

He noticed that she smiled at him a lot, but then she smiled at everyone and he figured she was just being polite. Still he decided he'd ask Aidan about her next chance he got, without being too obvious.

Meanwhile across the table Jaden was paying Deana a lot of attention as well. He loved her smile and it was so easy to get lost in those eyes. He liked her ears, the way the little silver hearts she wore hugged that cute little hangy down part, and the way her hair curled around them. He loved her delicate neck and wondered what it would feel like and taste like to plant little kisses there like he sometimes did with Jimmy.

Jimmy, he thought frowning, I shouldn't be thinking about a girl like that when Jimmy and I are boyfriends. Still it wasn't like he wanted to have sex with her or even kiss her lips, well...maybe that part, but still it was disturbing to have these feelings.

At one time he had thought the boy sex thing was a phase and he'd thought that when the opportunity arose and the right girl came along he'd leave that far behind and direct his passions toward her. Then Jimmy had come along and what had seemed like just fun suddenly became serious and deeply emotional.

"Jaden?" Aidan repeated.

"Huh, oh...sorry. Just thinking."

"I said you and Jeremy have next period together."

"Oh, Now that I think of it I remember you from class,"  Jaden said looking thoughtful, "you sit by Russ Mitchell."

"If that's the red headed kid, then yeah."

"Yeah, that's Russ. We call him Rusty cause of his rust colored freckles," Jaden laughed, "but he's cool with it."

Jaden jumped into the conversation then and forgot about Deana for a while, but in the back of his mind he knew he had some thinking to do.


At home Aidan fell down on his bed and sighed dramatically, "I am sooo tired, but it was a good day. I really like Jeremy. What did you think of him."

"He seems cool. Um...can I ask you a personal question though?" Jaden said, then continued without waiting for Aidan's permission, "Does him being black have anything to do with you making friends with him?"

"Jaden, I'm surprised you would ask that. Actually he approached me and asked me about a homework assignment and we got to talking and he was the one who said he hoped he had made a new friend."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything bad by it, but after California I figured you were going to go looking for some black friends."

"It does seem strange that we don't really know that many black boys. I mean it's not that we're prejudiced or anything. Maybe the gay thing keeps them away."

"You think there aren't any gay black kids in this school?"

"I'm not saying that, but I do think if there are they are probably more...ummm...closeted."

"Hmmm...any vibes from Jeremy that way?"

"No, in fact he was staring at Deana the whole time we were eating. I think he has the hots for her, but he's probably unsure whether she's gay or not," Aidan chuckled.

"Oh, you think so? Did he say anything...?"

"Not yet, but I'm sure he will. Didn't you notice the looks he was giving her?"

No cause I was too busy looking at her myself, Jaden thought miserably, "Uh, no...guess I missed that."

"Come to think of it, you've been staring at Deana a lot yourself. OH, brother...are you crushing on Deana?"

Jaden blushed three shades and Aidan's eye flew open and he stifled a giggle, "You are. Does she know, does Jimmy know?"

Jaden fell down on the bed next to Aidan and sighed. He knew it was useless to deny his feelings to Aidan. They were so close that keeping a secret from one another was practically impossible, not that they tried much.

"I'm so confused," Jaden said covering his eyes with his arm, "She's just cute and so sweet and I like everything about her. I know it's crazy. I love Jimmy and I like what we have, but...I can't help how I feel about Dee."

"You know, you always said you were just messing with me and other boys till you could find a girl. Maybe Deana is that girl."

"But what about Jimmy?"

"Well, first of all, you don't even know if she's interested in you that way. I mean as far as she knows you're a gay boy with a boyfriend and she probably hasn't gotta clue you are interested in her."

"I don't know what to do bro," Jaden sighed, "and anyway this new kid might beat me to her."

"I have a suggestion if you're interested."

"Of course I'm interested," Jaden said uncovering his eyes, "Shoot."

"Why don't you ask Deana out on a date?"

"What? A date, would I take her?

"Oh, I don't know, maybe the mall or a movie. You know mom will drive you wherever you need to go."

"But what about Jimmy, how could I explain that to Jimmy?"

"Well...we've always said truth was the best policy when we were dealing with these, maybe you need to have a talk with Jimmy."

"Oh man, that would be sooo hard. I don't want to hurt him. I'd rather just forget the whole thing than to hurt him. I...I love him A."

"That's why I suggest you ask her out first. Then you can see if it's just a crush or if there is something really there. If there's nothing there then you don't have to worry about it, but if there is...then you and Jimmy need to have a serious talk."

"Oh man, I don't know what to do," Jaden said sighing dramatically, "I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't."

"Sorry bro, but that's life."

"It's so easy for don't have to worry about liking a girl and messing things up."

Aidan shrugged, "Well, maybe so, but there's always the danger of liking another boy..."

"What? Is there another boy?"

"No, just could happen. We're young and lots of things could happen as we grow up. I never really thought John would be the only boy I loved."

"Really? Well, now that you mention it, I guess I never saw myself with Jimmy forever either."

"The thing is...they might find someone else too. We can't let ourselves get too caught up in all this romance stuff. It's cool now, and the sex is fantastic, but it's probably not going to last forever."


"Okay what?"

"Okay, I'll ask her out," Jaden said grinning. "She probably won't like me that way anyway and then I can just go back to the way things were."

"And stare at her every day at lunch," Aidan laughed.

"Is it that obvious?"

"To me it is, I can't say what the others see, but I know you so well."

"Think Jimmy has noticed?"

"It's possible, but I doubt he would mention it. He's sort of insecure you know and that's the reason I wouldn't bring it up until you're sure there is a reason to."

Jaden sighed again, "Damn, why is life so complicated?"

"Just think about all the good things and the complicated parts make sense. There are no easy answers, but you have to admit, compared to most kids we got it made. Our rents are cool, we have cool friends, a good school where we're safe to be who we are."

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I forget how good things are sometimes. Well, I'm gonna go call Deana, the sooner I get rejected the better."

Aidan laughed, "Such confidence. Go getter' killer. I bet she says yes."

Aidan left Jaden to make his call and wandered downstairs to see what his mom was up to. She was just taking something out of the oven that smelled delicious.

"Mmmm...what's that mom?"

"Lasagna, I'm making one to eat and one to freeze for later. Would you be a dear and make a salad. We're eating dinner a little early tonight. Your father and I have a meeting to go to at 7."

"What kind of meeting?" Aidan said as he began to dig in the fridge for the salad makings.

"It's a school board meeting actually," she said vaguely.

"What about, is something going on at school that we don't know about?"

"It's nothing bad, we're just there to represent...well, some of the more progressive parents. We want to make sure every student is represented by the school administration."

"Is this about that lady who complained about the GSA?"

"That's part of it, but I don't want you to worry. There are plenty of parents who feel the same way we do about the subject of diversity in our schools."

"Maybe...maybe we should go too."

"I think that would be fine, if that's what you both want. You certainly have a right to be there since this affects you and your friends."

"Maybe we should all show up there, just to show them we count."

Mr. Reynolds smiled, "That would certainly give the school board something to think about."

"Think you can finish the salad? I have some calls to make."

"Go ahead sweetie, and good luck."

Of course Jimmy and John were all for the idea and he enlisted their help in contacting the rest of their group plus a few kids that they knew would be interested. All together there were twenty kids, 15 boys and 5 girls in addition to the twins and their boyfriends.

After a quick supper the boys helped Mrs. Reynolds clear and load the dishwasher. On the way to the school they picked up John and Jimmy as well as two girls Tammy and Sharon who were both gay, and a couple.

"The parking lot was half full by the time they arrived and more cars were coming even as they parked. There were several adults as well as students lingering out front and by the time the boys and their parents made it to the front door many more had arrived.

"Wow, this is a lot more kids than we called," Aidan said wide-eyed.

As it turned out many of the kids had called their friends and those friends had called other friends until the count had swelled to almost a hundred kids plus almost as many parents. The meeting was quickly moved to the auditorium to accommodate the swelling crowd and was about 15 minutes late getting started.

The first items on the agenda were the usual boring fare and the kids zoned out during those. But finally the chair recognized one of the parents named Martha Miller. She was a single mom with both a son and daughter who attended school there and she had lodged a complaint against the school district for promoting and glorifying (her words) indecent and immoral behavior (being gay) and wanted the GSA disbanded and all mention of homosexuality removed from any teaching materials.

"It is bad enough that we live in a Godless world that promotes and condones abominations such as homosexuality, but we must not expose our children to this immoral behavior. This GSA, is nothing short of a dating service for students who want to practice these sick, disgusting and immoral sexual acts. By allowing these types of organizations in our school we are promoting this type of behavior and normalizing it...and let me tell is not normal. It is an abomination before God and those who practice it will surely burn in Hell.

For that reason I demand that the school district abolish the GSA and no longer recognize, promote, or normalize these sick and disgusting behaviors."

Next it was time for the school board Chairman, Mr. Flint, to reply.

"Mrs. Miller may I remind you that the GSA is strictly chaperoned, and fully sanctioned by the school board, which is made up of members of our community and of course parents of the children who attend here, as well as clergy and the medical community. In the short time this organization has been on campus we have reduced the number of attacks on LBGQT youths as well as given those students a safe place to meet and express their concerns and issues. It is not, as you said, a dating service for those students who are members. In fact many of the members consider themselves to be straight. Those brave students offer strength and solidarity to these at risk youths and in exchange learn about diversity first hand.

You seem to forget that this school board has a responsibility to make sure all students, including those who identify as gay or any of the other variations of human sexuality, have a safe and nurturing environment in which to learn. That being said I will open the floor for discussion. Is there anyone who agrees with Mrs. Miller?"

When no one spoke Mrs. Reynolds approached the table and introduced herself and began to speak.

"My husband and I are the proud parents of two sons, twins actually, who identify as gay or bi. Although my husband and I consider ourselves to be open and supportive, our boys still had a hard time coming out to us. Fortunately we had seen some signs along the way and it was not the shock that it might have been otherwise. The fact that they are different does not make them sick or bad and to us they are still the same two wonderful sons that we love with all our hearts. They trust us and we respect them for who they are. They are happy and healthy, they do well in school, and they are decent human being who care about others,  and that is all we can ask for as parents.

Because of their differences they are especially sensitive to others who are different. Not just the kids who are struggling with their sexual identity, but those who are bullied because of social or economic differences, looks or social skills. My boys have, with the help of some of their friends, initiated a safe table in the lunch room. The teachers and staff have commended them on their efforts to give every student a safe and nurturing environment at lunchtime, and I am very proud of all of those students responsible.

The GSA was born of this concept to provide a safe place for any student who feels they are different and need a stress free environment where they can gather and be heard. The GSA isn't just about kids who are conflicted about their sexuality, the GSA is for anyone who wants to belong, to share, to laugh, and learn and celebrate diversity. To do away with this important organization would send our school backwards and harm not only those who are members, but the very spirit of our school.

These are my sons, she said motioning Jaden and Aidan to her side, and these are their friends and fellow students who all support the GSA." she said motioning to the hundred students milling around,  "I could not have asked for a better way to express  how this school and it's students feel about this issue than to have them show up here to offer their support. 

I'm almost done, just one more thing, these students you see before you and the hundreds of others who attend here are our future. It is our responsibility to prepare them to go forward and meet life head on. If we try to protect them from diversity, we are doing them an injustice. Now is the time to make sure that those who will go on before us understand that diversity is a way of life and that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, social status, physical issues, or any other difference are just as important as anyone else and deserve our respect and support.

In closing, I ask that every parent here to do the right thing for our kids. Support the GSA and diversity and allow our children to grow up healthy and balanced and to become decent and rounded human beings. Thank you Mr. Chairman."

The applause that followed was thunderous and left no question as to how the other parents present felt about the GSA and the diversity issue. Mrs. Miller hurried off in a huff and the following day withdrew her son and daughter from school and informed the faculty that they would be home schooled from that day forward. She or her children were never heard of again.

In the van on way home the boys were bubbling over with good feelings, but Jaden just had to tease his mom some.

" realize that you outed us tonight mom?" he said trying to sound serious.

"Well, all I can say if everyone didn't know before tonight they're all dense," she laughed.

"Maybe, but now even those kids that we didn't know will know we're both gay."

"Well, maybe that will help you expand your circle of friends," she chuckled, "If you're trying to make me feel bad for outing you forget it."

"I know mom, I was just teasing. We're out and proud, right Aidan?"

"Queer and here!" Aidan laughed.

"Homo and home...." Jimmy laughed, "or something like that."

"Eww..bad one," John teased, "Fag and stag,"  he added cracking up.

"You're  not stag," Aidan reminded him, "you got little old me."

"Keep it legal back there," Mr. Reynolds teased.

"Yes sir, John put your pants back on," Jaden teased.

All of them laughed then and they chattered the rest of the way until they dropped off the two other boys.

Once they were back home the twins excused themselves and went up to shower and get ready for bed.

"Wanna shower with me?" Jaden offered.

"Sure, I could use a good back rub."

"That all?"


Jaden laughed, "I have a special treat in store for you."

"Hey, you never told me...did you call Deane?"

"Yeah, actually I did," he said but didn't elaborate.


"In the shower, come on."

Once they had the shower adjusted and were wet Aidan asked again, "So...what did she say?"

"We're on for Saturday. We're going to see the new Star Wars movie, who knew she liked Star Wars?"

"Are you gonna make your move?" Aidan giggled, "Popcorn surprise or something?"

"Naw, I'm gonna take it slow. This is new territory for me...heck, for her too. She said this is her first real date."

"Uh, did she ask about Jimmy?"

"No, fortunately...or I might have froze up. Maybe she thinks we have an open relationship or something."

"I doubt that, but she might think you guys are just really good friends, butt buddies maybe," he said cracking up.

"Speaking of butt buddies...." he said running his soapy hands across Aidan's little butt.

"Ummm...that feels nice. Want some of that?"

"Yeah, assume the position boy," he giggled.

It had been awhile since they'd shared this particular sexual act, but they soon got into the swing of things. Before long both boys were moaning in pleasure as Jaden pounded Aidan's hot tight insides with his slick hard pole. For both boys this was a very special intimacy, a joining that was more a religious experience than a sex act. Being twins and being so close they could almost experience each other's pleasure as the act of love continued.

"This is so good," Jaden said tenderly as he nuzzled his brother's ear.

"Mmmm....I think I'm gonna come soon," he moaned.

"I'm right there with ya bro," Jaden panted.

Aidan came first splashing his boy seed against the tiled floor and as his sphincter tightened and spasmed he pushed Jaden over the edge causing his orgasm to hit hard. As he spilled his seed inside the hot tight confines of his brother's guts he sighed contentedly.

They remained coupled long after their orgasms had died away and all that lingered was the tired contented feeling that mutually fulfilling sex brings. When at last Jaden pulled away he lovingly washed Aidan's puffy red hole and finished washing the rest of him. Aidan returned the favor and soon they were clean and ready to dry off and get dressed.

In their room, clad in boxer briefs and ready for bed, they talked quietly about their day and what was to come. Surprisingly Jaden didn't seem as excited about his date as Aidan thought he should, but sometimes Jaden was hard to read despite their closeness. He was much more confident than Aidan and most people picked up on that right away and respected him. In face he felt like some people were intimidated by Jaden's cocksuredness.

"So, what are you going to tell Jimmy? I mean if he asks what's going on this weekend."

"I haven't figured that out yet. Any ideas?"

"Well, why don't you wait and see if he asks first. Maybe he has plans of his own, or maybe his mom has something for him to do."

"Okay, I'll play it by ear I guess."

"Are you sure this is what you want to do? Dating a girl I mean."

"Yeah, really sure. I like Deane a lot, and it's not like with Jimmy. I mean with Jimmy it pretty much started out as physical, right from the start. With Deane it's more like getting to know her and just having fun...with our clothes on, " he said chuckling at the last part.

"I guess I see that," Aidan said settling into his bed at last. Then yawning he turned out his bedside lamp, "that shower tired me out I guess," he said softly.

"Yeah, me too. Night bro, love ya'."

"Love ya' back and J...I hope this all works out for you like you want it to."

"Thanks, me too."

Jaden's date with Deane was nice and they got along well, but Jaden didn't really get any vibes from her as to how she felt one way or another. At lunch the next day they talked more than usual, but Jaden thought it was too soon to worry about things. They had only just begun to get to know one another and he didn't want to worry Jimmy over what might be just a crush.


The next few days were uneventful, that is until Friday. The twins had just gotten to school and were waiting in front of the school for John and Jimmy when Suddenly they heard someone shout "Fags" loudly. Both boys turned to see who had shouted and who they were shouting out, but other than a few kids milling around by the door there was no one in sight.

"What the heck do you think that was about?" Jaden said looking around once more.

"I don't know, but remember, we're out now...completely, whether we like it or not."

"And? We were pretty much out before and no one said anything."

"We didn't go around announcing it, so there had to be a few kids who didn't know for sure, and maybe now that mom outed us some of those kids are gonna be a problem."

"Only problem is gonna be theirs. I won't put up with that kind of crap and most kids know it."

"Which is probably why who ever it was didn't hang around. I doubt they're brave enough to do anything anyway. It's just someone who doesn't know better. I mean after all the school has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to that sort of thing."

"But only if they know about it. Come on, there's our bf's, let's fill them in on what happened."

Jimmy seemed more upset than John about the name calling, but then he had once been one of those who had hurled such insults and felt a need to make up for his past sins. 

"I bet I can guess, and I'm gonna go find out for sure," Jimmy said seething.

"Calm down Jimmy. Don't go off half cocked, we don't really know who it was or...even if they were yelling at us. It could have been someone just using that word in anger or something," Aidan said trying to diffuse Jimmy's anger.

"You said that the kid said fags, right? Not fag, or you're a fag, or something like that. Naw, I think they were yelling at you guys cause your mom outed you the other night."

"Still we don't know for sure who it was, no one was there when we turned around."

"I'm pretty sure it's not Mike or Buddy," Jimmy said ignoring Aidan, "but I have a good idea who it was."

"Just don't go alone," Jaden said at last, "if you go after this kid, take me with you."

"Okay, no problem."

John, who had been quiet the whole time, suddenly spoke up and he looked pale and ready to cry. 

"Guys, I have something I need to tell you."

Suddenly Aidan felt a sense of dread pass over him. The way John looked and the tremble in his voice actually frightened Aidan.

"What is it?" Aidan said quickly moving to his boyfriend's side.

"Not here okay...inside."

The three followed John inside and to the common area. There were a few kids milling around but they were able to find a bench away from the noise and confusion. John had the other three sit down while he stood before them looking nervous and ready to break down at any moment.

"John...what is?" Aidan asked as his heart thudded in his chest.

"This is really hard to talk about," he sighed.

"Come on, you're scaring us," Aidan prompted, "Just tell us."

"Well, you know my mom has been seeing this guy named Russ, and well...they've decided to get married."

"That's good right? You'll have a dad again. You like this guy...right?" Aidan said excitedly.

"Oh sure, he's cool and all, but the thing is...he...he wants us to move to California. See he has a job offer out there and it's a really good job and he'll make lots of money and stuff..." John said as his face began to sag and soon the tears started.

Aidan was white as a sheet and his tears weren't far behind, "When...uh, when will you be going?"

"A month maybe. They're gonna get married in a couple of weeks and then take a honeymoon and then we're gonna start packing and stuff. The good news is I might be able to stay with you guys while they're on their honeymoon, if you want me that is."

"Of course we do." It was Jaden who spoke up then seeing the look on his brother's face and feeling some of the pain himself.

"Thanks," John sighed, "I...I'm gonna miss all of you so much," he said then the waterworks really began. 

Surrounded by his friends John managed to get himself under control by the time the first bell rang. As the boys trudged off to their lockers and then homeroom the mood was somber and didn't get much better as the day went on.

At lunch Jeremy joined them again and worried that the gloominess was somehow caused by him, but it was Deane who finally brought up the elephant in the room.

"Okay you guys. What's going on? You all act like someone pooped in your corn flakes."

The others looked to John and he nodded, "I guess you should all know. My mom is getting married and in about a month I'll be moving to California."

"What? No way! Who is this guy, when did all this happen?" Deane wanted to know.

"His name is Russ and my mom's been seeing him for a while. At first she kept it kind of secret, then she finally brought him around and...well, he's actually a pretty nice guy. He doesn't even care that...that I like boys and not girls. He's cool about that stuff, but see he got this really good job offer in California and so now...we're gonna be moving."

"That sucks," Chris said, "and I bet they didn't even ask you what you thought. Man, parents are so selfish. They make us do whatever they say and never ask what we want, they just say they're doing this for our benefit or something. It's so unfair."

Chris seemed to be more agitated than sad about John's moving, possibly because he had experienced a similar situation before moving there. He'd been living in Texas when his dad suddenly picked up the family and moved them  without any discussion.

"We talked about it," John said, "Russ even offered to turn down the job, but my mom said it would be good for us to make a new start in another city, another state."

"What did you say? Did you tell them how you feel?"

"How could I? My mom is so happy and maybe she's right, maybe we do need a new start."

"I thought you were happy here...with us, with me," Aidan said sounding hurt.

"I am, happy I mean, and well...Aidan you're the best friend anyone could ever have, but I really don't have any choice in I?"

There really wasn't much more to say and soon the conversation turned to happier subjects, but John stayed out of it for the most part. Across from the two boyfriends, Jeremy sat watching Aidan and found himself sympathizing with his situation. 

He didn't think of himself as gay or even bi, but he had to admit he had really taken to Aidan and found him attractive in a casual sort of way. Not that he thought of him as sexy, but he knew cute when he saw cute, and both he and Jaden were cute boys. He knew Aidan would need a friend more than ever now that he was losing John, but he didn't want to confuse him and make him think he was looking to replace him in that way. He wasn't so much opposed to the sex as he was the romantic part. After all he considered himself straight and even though he'd never had a girlfriend, he'd had sex with an older girl once and thought it was great. 

And then there was the other thing, the thing that no one else knew. Not even the girl  he'd had sex with knew, because he'd kept his pants on the whole time and just opened them enough to fish out his equipment. She didn't think it was strange since they were in a hurry and in danger of getting caught, and he'd just raised her skirt and discovered she wore no panties beneath and he'd banged out his first piece of pussy just like that.

It was funny really when he thought about it, at home around his family he didn't think much about his difference and he wasn't shy at all about being in shorts or even his boxers. At school he'd managed to avoid gym class because of his condition, but the truth was he'd have rather participated, because despite his condition he was physically able to do almost anything any other boy could do. It was just that he didn't what to deal with the stares or the kids who felt sorry for him. That was the worst thing, kids who felt sorry for him, he'd had enough of that at his old school and it sucked. He didn't want their sympathy, he just wanted to feel like a normal kid. 

If he really thought about it, he supposed part of his unwillingness to get too close to other kids was because he didn't want to expose himself to their pity. If he could just find one kid that treated him like he was normal and not a cripple or something, then maybe he'd feel differently about things, but he supposed that would never happen and so he was destined to be just a casual friend.


That evening at home, the twins shared John's news with their parents and got the expected response. First shock, then worry about what it would mean to the twins, especially Aidan. Mr. Reynolds seemed to have the best take on it though.

"You boys knew there was always a chance something like this would happen. You're barely teenagers and there will be many friends come and go in your life. I'm not diminishing your feelings Aidan, I know you and John are very close, but because of your ages you really don't have much control over your lives. This is no doubt a wonderful opportunity for John's family and he'll eventually come to realize that. It may be a little hard and lonely for him at first, but he's a nice boy and he'll make new friends and make a new life for himself."

"I know," Aidan moped, "but it's just sudden. I mean neither of us...I mean none of us have had time to think about it really. It's like some bad dream."

"You two can stay in touch, what with texting and Skype and all those social media apps you can still be friends, even if it's only long distance." Mrs. Reynolds added.

Aidan had thought about that a lot since hearing the news, but he worried that he wouldn't be able to stay friends once John found another boyfriend, and  he was pretty sure that would happen eventually. Once you've had a boyfriend, he thought sadly, you can never go back to being single. 

"I know. I just wish...I wish his folks could just stay here. It's gonna be hard for John, changing schools and making new friends. I hear it's tough out there in California. My friend Jeremy is from there and he says kids aren't quite so nice in some schools."

"Kids are the same wherever you go," Mr. Reynolds said, "and you'd think California would be even more progressive and open to diversity than our state."

"I don't know," Aidan said lowly, "I'm not very hungry, may I be excused?"

Mrs. Reynolds looked at her husband and he nodded, "Yes dear, I'll save your dinner in case you get  hungry later."

As soon as Aidan was gone Jaden laid down his fork and sighed, "I should go talk to him."

"Finish your dinner first," Mrs. Reynolds said. She didn't have much of an appetite now either, but she knew she had to try to keep some sort of normalcy in the family if possible.

Jaden ate quickly, took a big gulp of water and excused himself to go check on Aidan. He found him laying on his bed with his phone in hand  scrolling through his pictures of John and the two of them taken over the last year. Tears stung his eyes, but so far he hadn't broke down completely.

Jaden slid in beside him and rolled onto his side and hugged his brother tightly, "I know it's tough, but you'll get through it somehow, I'll make sure of that."

"Thanks, I just That's why being a kid sucks, you gotta do whatever your folks say and go wherever they want you too and you don't have any choice in the matter. What if someday mom and dad decide to pack up and move half way across the country?"

"Is that what you're worried about? That it will happen to us too?" 

"Maybe, I don't know. It could happen."

Jaden actually laughed, "Mom and dad would never do that to us. If they thought we needed to move they'd talk to us and ask our opinion. We'd make the decision as a family, and everyone would agree or it wouldn't happen."

"I guess," Aidan sniffed, "but John didn't get to choose and he's gone."

"Not yet, and you need to make the best of the time you have till he does go."

"I know, but not today. I need to think about all this, then tomorrow I'll put on a smile and pretend my heart isn't breaking." At this point Aidan broke down completely and Jaden wrapped him up in his strong arms and let him cry, a few of his own tears mixing with his brothers.

They were still hugged up, all cried out, and sleeping soundly when their folks checked on them before heading to bed. They felt a tug at their heart as they watched their two boys comforting each other even in slumber and quietly closed the door.

"They're such good boys," Mrs. Reynolds said hugging her husband, "Just like their daddy."

"And their maw," Mr. Reynold chuckled as he wiped away a few tears, "they're strong, they'll get over it. They're kids and kids adapt easily. I just hope Aidan doesn't let this sour him on future relationships."

"What do you mean dear?"

"I mean he may be reluctant to get close to someone again if he fears they'll be torn away from him like John will be."

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that. Well, we'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen."

"I hope we can. We'll need Jaden's help as well and I suggest we have a talk with him as soon as possible."


The next two weeks passed quickly and the day of the wedding, Dec. 26, Aidan and Jaden, in matching tuxedos fidgeted nervously as they waited for the ceremony to be over. John was Russ' best man and he looked especially cute in his black tux and red cummerbund. 

Aidan thought he looked happier than he would have imagined, but in the last two weeks he and Russ had gotten closer and John was actually excited about having him for a dad. His mom was happy too and it showed in her actions and on her face and Aidan had to admit, they did make a nice looking couple and family.

His heart still hurt but he felt some better about the situation, especially since John would be staying with them for a week while the couple honeymooned in Hawaii. The fact that it coincided with Christmas break was even better since the boys would be out of school the whole week.

The wedding reception was held in the banquet hall of the church and there were piles of gifts, a  huge cake, and two big punch fountains that the boys thought were awesome. The adults had champagne and the boys were even allowed a sip, just a sip, but it made them feel a bit more grown up. There was finger food and several cakes to supplement the beautiful wedding cake with it elaborate decorations and two tiny figures atop it.

After the reception the couple climbed into Russ' SUV, now decorated with streamers and shaving cream, and amid a shower of bird seed, they waved goodbye and headed off to begin their new life together.

"That was actually pretty awesome,"  Jaden said expressing what everyone felt.

"Yeah, Russ is a good guy. I'm gonna like having him as a dad. He's nothing like my old one. He believes in God, but he doesn't think God hates gays or anything. He's been really cool about me being gay. I think mom made it clear up front that if he had a problem with me, he had a problem with her. But I think that's just how he is."

"That's cool," Aidan said grinning, "Since we're gonna be having as much sex as they are the next week."

"Gross, don't talk about my folks having sex," John laughed, "but I'm looking forward to having lot of sex myself....with you."

Back at the Reynolds house the boy's changed into their regular clothes and handed their rentals to their mom to return. She and her husband left after a few minutes to return the rentals and suddenly the boys were alone.

"Let's get naked," Aidan said as soon as his folks were out the door.

"At three o'clock in the afternoon?" John giggled, "What if they come back before we're done?"

"Oh, we're definitely locking the door," Aidan said eyeing Jaden who crossed to the door and latched it, "but this won't take long lover. This is just a warm up for later."

"Lover," John said sounding melancholy, "but not for long."

"But for this week we have to forget all that bad stuff and just enjoy each other, okay?"

"Yeah," John said perking up, "Sorry, I'm okay now." he quickly began to undress by the time he was down to his underwear Aidan was naked. 

"Uh, do you want some privacy guys?" Jaden asked studying the two closely and adjusting his hard cock through his jeans.

"What do you think John, can you handle two of us?"

"I think so, come on AJ, just like old times."

For the next hour or so the three boys did just about everything three horny teenage boys can do and when they finally fell down side by side, exhausted and happy, they talked quietly about everything except what was going to happen in a week.

Eventually they showered and and were just getting dressed when the twin's parents returned with two pizzas. After all the sexual activity the boys were hungry and snarfed down the pizza greedily. The adults had a pretty good idea what had gone on while they were away, but they had long ago adopted a don't ask, don't tell policy when it came to the boys. From  the look on their faces they decided the boys had had a good time and no one was harmed in the process and that was all that mattered.

After dinner the boys surprised the adults by staying downstairs and watching a movie with them. It was not the first time they had done so, and in the early days John had seemed especially happy to share time with the whole family, perhaps because of his own family situation. Now that John would be leaving soon they figured he was trying to relive those feelings and make as many memories as he could.

After the movie John thanked the Reynolds once again for allowing him to stay while his folks were on their honeymoon and Mrs. Reynolds gave him a quick hug and kissed the top of his head.

"You will always be welcome in our home, and always be a part of our family, no matter where you are."

Everyone got a little teary-eyed then and Jaden decided it was up to him to break up the pity party.

"Come on you guys, there's no time for whining or crying. Let's go play some video games. We can stay up as late as we want since there's no school for the next week.

The boys had received several new video games for Christmas and they were anxious to try them out and soon they were busy pounding their controllers as  they reverted to boys just having fun.

Eventually they grew tired of the games and a little hungry and wandered downstairs in search of a snack. The adults had long since gone to bed but they'd left a light on in the hall and the kitchen knowing the boys would come foraging for food eventually.

Mrs. Reynolds had laid out some packaged chips and cookies and  there was soda in the fridge. As the boys gathered up their snack they giggled and bumped together, and since they were clad only in their underwear they soon began to become aroused.

"Hey, just balance that can on my tent pole," Jaden giggled as he thrust his crotch out to display his prominent boner.

"Or hang a towel on it," John laughed.

Once back in the twins' room they piled down in the floor and began eating their snack.

"Have your folks found a house yet?" Jaden said crunching on a chip.

"Not a house exactly, it's an apartment, but it's pretty big. The real estate guy emailed us some pics and it's pretty nice. Plus there's a pool and a big courtyard to play in."

"That's good...I guess," Aidan said feeling a little sad. His moods lately had been swinging from sadness to acceptance and today there was some of both.

"Hey, we'll keep in touch. We can Skype and text and follow each other on FaceBook."

"I know, I know, but I can't hold you or kiss you or...or make love to you," Aidan said as his bottom lip quivered.

The sadness had come over him so quickly that he hadn't seen it coming, but suddenly it was consuming him like a flame. He'd lost his appetite and was afraid that at any minute he'd break down and ruin everything. He had to get away to compose himself, even if only for a minute.

"I have to go...use the bathroom...bad," Aidan said standing up quickly.

"Ewww...TMI," Jaden teased. But he had seen the change in his brother's mood and it worried him.

"He okay?" John asked when Aidan was gone.

Jaden shrugged, "This has been tough on him."

"I know. Hey, it's not easy for me either, but there's nothing I can do about it."

"I know that," Jaden said laying his hand on John's thigh, "but I think it's always harder on the one left behind. I mean you have a new family and a new apartment and a new school and city and lots of adventures ahead."

"Don't you think that might be a little scary for me," John said looking perturbed.

"I know, well...the school thing for sure could be scary, but's different than what J's feeling."

"What can I do?" John said sighing in exasperation.

"Nothing really, just make sure he know how you feel and that you'll miss him as much as he's gonna miss you I guess. And this week, fuck his brains out," Jaden grinned as  he added the last part and John laughed.

"That's not a problem. I want to do that all we can, cause for a while it's just gonna be me and my hand."

"Are you...I mean are you gonna look for another boyfriend right away?" Jaden asked then blushed.

"No, I'm not gonna look at all. If I do find someone it will be because it just happened. I mean it's gonna take some time to get over losing Aidan. I...I love him...a lot," John said wiping a few tears from his eyes.

Jaden leaned in an hugged the boy and felt him shudder, "It's okay. I'm sorry that was a dumb question. I love you too you know? You're like a brother to me."

"Yeah, an incestuous brother," John giggled.

"Hey incest is best," Jaden said leaning back and grinning.

"I don't want A to see me cry. I want this to be a happy time," John said wiping at his eyes again.

Jaden nodded, "There will be time for tears later."

In the bathroom Aidan peed and washed his hands and face and felt some better. He didn't want to bring the other two down by being all sad and down in the mouth, so he put on his happy face and headed back to the bedroom.

"What did I miss?"

"We made mad passionate love while you gone," Jaden teased.

"Awww...without me, now you both owe me a bj then."

"Don't threaten me with a good time," Jaden laughed.

"A double hummer. Yeah, we'll both work on your D, A," John giggled.

Aidan felt more like eating now and grabbed a handful of chips and leaned back and studied John carefully, embedding his face and body in his memory. Sure he had dozens of pics of John and would take more before he left, but he wanted a solid visual memory to remind him of the boy he loved so much.

John caught his eye and smiled seductively, "Hey, scoot over here by me."

Aidan smiled and moved closer and they joined hands. 

"Remember the first time we held hands?" John said wistfully.

"Yeah, in the back of mom's van," Aidan chuckled, "and later, after we came out to her, she told me she'd seen us holding hands a few times and even kissing once."

"Your mom is so cool...and your dad too. I'm gonna miss them a lot too."

"Hey  you guys, no more sadness. Finish your snack and let's watch some porn."

The boys' parents had never imposed any parental control over their computer, instead trusting them to be sensible and careful, and Jaden had learned over time which sites were safe and which were not.  One of his favorites featured mostly twinks 18-25 in just about every situation imaginable. Jaden especially liked the older muscle guys, while Aidan preferred the younger smooth guys. John liked both and his mouth hung open most of the time as they sampled the videos there.

Needless to say it didn't take long till they were sporting erections and soon the underwear came off and the fun began in earnest. John and Jaden made good on the double bj as Aidan laid back and enjoyed the attention. He had a lot on his mind, but sex usually took his mind off things and tonight was no exception.

When Aidan was thoroughly rested from his massive orgasm, he rolled onto his side and offered himself to the other two boys, and as in some of the videos they'd watched, he soon had a hard cock in both holes. Sucking Jaden as John gently took him from behind he felt a since of rightness and belonging in their love making. He loved both of these boys beside him and was happiest when in their presence.

Afterwards they cleaned up and rested, John and Aidan cuddled up, while Jaden scrolled through his phone and checked his social media. He took a few pics of the two boys cuddled up and placed them in his protected file and then took a selfie including all three of them.  He knew these pictures would be worth their weight in gold when John was gone....for good.


The week passed much quicker than the three boys would have liked, but they hadn't wasted a moment of it and the mood had been light and loving all week. Each night they shared their love and made lasting memories. They took lots of pictures and even a few videos (gp ones) and even spent time with the twins' parents. Jimmy joined them as often as possible and even a few of their other friends stopped by occasionally and there was fun every day.

It was a good week, but too soon it ended and though John was happy to see his mom and new dad, there was a sadness in him as well. As he sat in the backseat of his new dad's SUV staring out at the twins he touched the window and tried to hide his grief, but inside he felt as if he were dying.

Aidan felt much the same way, and even though John and his family wouldn't be moving for a while yet, he felt as if the end was already here. Putting on a fake smile he waved until they were out of sight then he and Jaden went inside.

John continued to attend school after the holiday, while at home his mom and dad packed and got ready for the move. The furniture was being sold and they were only moving what they absolutely needed so the packing wouldn't take long. They had to wait till the apartment was vacant and ready for them and that bought John another few days, but by January 15, the time had come to say goodbye...for good.

The two families had dinner that night at the Reynolds' house and there was a cake and a celebration of sorts of the friendship and love the group had shared, especially the boys. Russ was a bright and personable man and everyone took to him easily and it was obvious that John had already accepted him as his new father.

After dinner and after the cake was cut and everyone had time to eat and visit the boys went up to the twins' bedroom so they could say their goodbyes in private. 

"I worry about taking John away from his friends and all," Russ said frowning, "but I hope he will adjust to the move quickly and make some new friends. I can't thank you enough for letting him stay with you while we were away. I think he really needed that....time to say goodbye to his friends and make some lasting memories."

"We enjoyed having him. I'm sure he'll be fine, but for a while I'm afraid we're both going to have a very sad boy living with us...well, two in our case," Mrs. Reynolds said somberly.

"They're young, they'll adjust," John's mom said, "I think this will be good for all of us in the end...a new life, a new start. I'm sorry that we're pulling the boys apart, but they're young...maybe too young to be that serious about one another."

"Love is love," Mr. Reynolds said speaking up and looking very serious, "we can't discount what they feel simply because of their age. First love can be very powerful. I still remember mine as if it were only yesterday."

"I agree," Russ said smiling, "I think what the boys feel is very real and I respect that," then looking wistful he added, "I remember my first love, her name was Shelly."

John's mom slapped at Russ playfully and laughed, "I don't want to hear about your old girlfriends."

"I was ten," Russ laughed, "I don't think you need to worry."

Upstairs the boys sat side by side on Aidan's bed, with John in the middle, and talked softly. 

"Promise me you'll text me every day."

"I promise, and I'll send selfies too."

Aidan nodded, "I don't want you to worry about me...okay?"

John looked at Aidan with tears in his eyes and nodded back, "Okay, don't worry about me either. We'll be okay. We're tough," he added with a sad laugh.

"Guys, do you want some privacy?" Jaden asked gently.

"Naw, I just want us to hold each other till it's time to go," Aidan said wrapping John up in his arms.

"Can I get in on that hug?" Jaden said trying to sound upbeat.

They sat hugging John for a long time, but eventually Mrs. Reynolds came to tell John it was time to go. They disengaged slowly and stood and John and Aidan held hands as they trudged downstairs. Tomorrow morning the Taylor family would load up their car and begin the long drive to California.

Mrs. Reynolds pulled out her phone and insisted on getting a picture of John and Aidan, then one with Jaden as well, and one with the new family. Aidan appreciated her stalling the inevitable, but too soon it was time to say one last goodbye.

The air had turned colder but Aidan barely felt it as he walked John to his car. They held hands as they walked along and lingered at the car. Neither boy knew what to say. There were no words to express the sense of loss they both felt, and suddenly the reality of the situation overwhelmed them.

"I...I'll miss you," Aidan chocked out.

The adults had held back and were watching the boys with tender eyes and wiping a few tears away.

"I'll miss you too....every day. I..." John looked up to see if anyone was watching or if they were close enough to hear, but it really didn't matter in the end. He felt no shame in what he felt. "I love you, I guess I always will." Then leaning in he hugged Aidan and kissed him gently on the mouth. When he broke the kiss he climbed into the backseat of the car and closed the door slowly.

Aidan stood there for some time staring at John then turned and walked away, past the adults and into the house without saying a word. Jaden sighed and followed him, pausing only long enough to wish the newlyweds luck and to say goodbye.

"He'll be fine," Mr. Reynolds said hugging his wife gently, "Jaden will make sure of that."

She nodded and they said their goodbyes to the Taylors and went inside.

"Aidan," Jaden said gently, "are you okay bro?" 

Aidan was sitting on his bed staring blankly at the wall. So far there were only a few tears clouding his eyes, but Jaden felt like a waterfall was on it's way once Aidan realized that John was gone...for good.

"Sure, fine," Aidan said sniffing back a tear, "I'm gonna go to bed. I'm awfully tired."

His voice sounded strange, almost mechanical and that worried Jaden a lot.

"Want me to lay with ya'?"

"It's okay, I'm fine, but I won't kick you out of bed if you do."

Jaden chuckled, at least he was making jokes.

They stripped down to their undies and took care of there bathroom duties and then piled into Aidan's bed side by side. Jaden switched off the bedside light and moved a little closer to his brother.

"Hold me J."

"Okay...just relax, I got ya' bro...I got ya'."

"Thanks, I love you."

"I love you too...good  night bro."

"Night," Aidan said so softly Jaden could barely hear him.

Jaden lay awake holding his brother till he was sure he was asleep then he allowed himself to drift off to sleep as well. It had been a day mixed with joy and sadness and loss, but they still had each other and somehow they'd make it through.

End Chapter 17

Well,  I survived Christmas and I'm back at it again. Did you see this coming? Poor John and Aidan pulled apart by circumstances beyond their control. John has a new dad and a  new life in California and Aidan is left behind to carry on. Will Aidan get over John's loss or let it sour him on life and future loves? 

Kewl Dad           


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