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The Reynolds Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 18


The changes in Aidan were sudden and dramatic and since Jaden was closest to him he'd noticed those changes first. He considered discussing it with his parents, but that felt too much like tattling, and he and Aidan had never once tattled on each other. Not even when they were younger and hadn't been quite mature enough to understand the code of boys and brothers didn't include ratting each other out.

But this was different. It wasn't like he would be tattling to get Aidan in trouble, no..he was worried about him and if things didn't level out soon he might have to violate the bro code and seek help.

Their friends had noticed the change in Aidan too. Gone was the easy going, fun loving boy they'd all known and replacing him was a brooding unhappy boy who sometimes snapped at them over the smallest things.

It was of course obvious to everyone what the problem was: Aidan missed John and he wasn't dealing with his loss as well as he'd thought he would. All his brave talk about nothing lasting forever, and moving on were just words. When John left, Aidan suddenly found himself facing the reality of being alone once more, and in his own words, Once you have a boyfriend you never want to be alone again, kept biting at him.

Unfortunately he was too miserable to see that there was someone who cared, someone special, watching him and thinking about how to help him. And even though that person didn't consider himself to be gay, he found Aidan attractive, and had come to like him as a person in the short time he'd known him. The Aidan that he was seeing now might not have been the same one he saw at the beginning, but he still cared and it hurt to see Aidan in such pain.

"Hey A, wait up," Jeremy yelled as he jogged to catch up with Aidan. 

Aidan stopped in his tracks and turned to watch the smiling boy approach. Despite his pain he managed a weak smile for the cute black boy and waited to hear what was on his mind.

"Hey, how's it going?" Jeremy said then blushed. He knew how it was going, Aidan was suffering and no amount of comforting seemed to help, "I was wondering...if, if you would like to come over to my house after school and work on that science project together?"

"What, oh...that. I haven't even started," Aidan mumbled.

"It's due next week. Why don't we go ahead and knock it out in the next few days and it'll be done. One less thing to stress about," Jeremy said, then wished he'd chosen better words.

"Like missing John, you mean?" Aidan sighed, but at least he didn't sound mad, "Okay, I'll come over, but I'm not sure how much help I'll be. And...hey, thanks. I know I've been a bitch lately, and I appreciate your hanging in there....especially since we haven't known each other that long."

"'s no big deal. I know how you feel, well not exactly, but hey, a guy is entitled to his feelings."

Aidan smiled again, "Well, gotta get to class. I'll have mom drop me off after school if that's okay."

"Or you can ride with me, my mom will be picking me up today."

"Okay, cool. I'll tell J and he can tell my mom when she picks him up."

The rest of the day went as usual. Aidan was quiet most of the time, staring at  the wall or his desk or the teacher but not really participating. The teachers had begun to notice too and were concerned since Aidan had always been such an outstanding student and eager to raise his hand when a question was asked. So far they hadn't said anything to his parents, some of them knew the situation, and whether they agreed with the kind of relationship John and Aidan had, they were more or less sympathetic.

That afternoon as the twins walked to the pick-up area, Aidan barely spoke, but Jaden had come to accept that lately. Ever since John had moved away, Aidan had been like a stranger to him and it hurt him physically to see what he'd become.

"I'm going over to Jeremy's" Aidan said finally, "Will you tell mom?"

"Yeah, sure," Jaden said perking up. He was happy to hear that Aidan was going to do something besides brood in his room and he hoped the old Aidan would soon make a comeback, "Are you guys going to do anything fun?" Jaden said then wished he's kept his mouth shut.

"Is that all you think about, sex?" Aidan huffed.

"Bro, I didn't mean that. I meant like video games or basketball."

"For your information, we're working on our science project,, nothing fun."

"Oh, yeah...I almost forgot about that. Well, good luck. There's mom, I'll see ya at home bro."

"Yeah, later," Aidan muttered, then seeing Jeremy approaching he stopped and waited for him to join him.

"Come on, mom always parks over there," Jeremy said, "she doesn't like waiting in the pick-up lane. She's afraid someone will scratch her precious Lexus," he chuckled.

Aidan smiled half-heartedly and suddenly wished he'd never agreed to this. He'd been to Jeremy's twice before, but with John or Jaden both times and he wasn't sure he'd be very good company. Still he needed to get the science project done, and he figured Jeremy would do most of the work anyway.

"Hello boys," Jeremy's mom said, "And which twin do I have the pleasure of meeting today?" she laughed.

She was a pretty woman, light skinned for a Negro, with a body that looked as if it belonged in the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, and was friendly and had a good sense of humor.

"I'm Aidan ma'am. I hope it's okay, Jeremy and I are going to work on our science project together."

"I think that's fine Aidan," she said smiling, "I'll fix you boys a snack and you can take it to Jer's room then work on the project. It's not dangerous or doesn't involve mice does it?" she teased.

"No mom," Jeremy said jumping in, "just mold and fungus," he teased back.

"Well, there's probably plenty of that in your room," she laughed.

", you know I keep my room clean...most of the time."

"Uh huh, and by the way, I changed your sheets today. They were getting a little rank," she said causing Jeremy to blush, "You really should be more careful when you eat in bed."

Whew, Jeremy relaxed. For a moment he was afraid she was going to mention the cum stains on his sheets. Even though most times he was very careful, occasionally a squirt would go astray and hit the bed.

"Oh, and did you remember your doctor's appointment tomorrow?"

Jeremy interrupted her before she could elaborate, "Yes mom. I remembered, let's not talk about that okay?"

His mother took the hint. She assumed this boy didn't know about Jeremy's condition and she certainly didn't want to embarrass either of them by saying too much. It bothered her that Jeremy was so sensitive about  his disability, despite the fact that he'd overcome it physically and was as active as any other boy, he still had some emotional scars that just wouldn't heal.

Aidan had barely noticed the exchange between the two, instead gazing out the window and wondering what John was doing at that moment.

They'd kept in touch so far, mostly texting, and they'd Skyped a couple of times, but seeing John had almost been too much for Aidan. Especially when he saw the look on John's face. He didn't seem to be hurting or sad or to miss Aidan as much as he missed him. In fact he talked excitedly about his new home, his new dad, even school, which had turned out to be much more laid back than he was afraid it would be. He'd even made a new friend, a kid named Alvin, and that actually angered Aidan.

"Alvin," Aidan had smirked, "What is he...a chipmunk?"

John had just laughed, not picking up on Aidan's animosity at all, and then went on to talk about the classes they shared and the teachers and how big the school was.

When they ended the call that night, Aidan was more hurt and confused that ever. It was as if he was the only suffering from their separation and it wasn't fair. Now the texts were shorter and farther between and eventually Aidan quit initiating them. If John texted he'd reply, but even that was tapering off slowly. 


"Uh, what?" Aidan said coming out of his funk.

"Come on, we're here."

Jeremy led Aidan inside and Aidan looked around. Jeremy's house was nicer and bigger than his own, but it had a austere and antiseptic look to it, like no one really lived there and it was just for show. He preferred his own house with it's lived-in look and the feel of family all around.

Jeremy's mother poured the boys orange juice and fixed them a plate of fruit and crackers with turkey and cheese and they packed it up to Jeremy's room. At least Jeremy's room looked lived in. It wasn't really messy, just a teenage boys room with  the usual clutter and lived-in feel much like his own.

Jeremy sat the tray on his computer desk and pulled up two chairs and they sat and ate their snack while discussing the project. Aidan seemed more enthused about the project now and was actually a little excited about working with Jeremy on it.

In fact if he hadn't been in such a funk over John he might have thought it was kind of sexy to be alone with the cute black boy in his room. After all, a boy's room was his most private space. Aidan could only imagine what went on in that bed and suddenly he remembered what Jeremy's mom had said about this sheets and he suppressed a smile. He knew what Jeremy was thinking, because he and J had faced that same kind of situation with their mom. 

The fact that Jeremy had professed to be straight really didn't bother Aidan any. He knew even straight boys could be tempted to mess around since most girls wouldn't do the things they wanted. But that was just sex, and Aidan wanted more. He wanted a boyfriend again, but he'd only just admitted that to himself. That was one reason he was in such a funk, he knew he needed to move on, just like John seemed to be doing, but somehow he felt betrayed that John was finding it so easy to do that while he still struggled.

"Earth to Aidan," Jeremy giggled.

"Oh, hi. When did you get here?" Aidan teased. What was it about being with Jeremy that made him feel better?

"You okay dude, you're not trippin' out on me are ya'?"

"Naw, just teasing. Ready to start working on the project?"

"Yeah, just need to use the bathroom first, be right back."

The bathroom was across the hall, off Jeremy's brother's room, and Jeremy was gone quite a while. Aidan got bored after a minutes and started looking around, not really snooping, just admiring Jeremy's posters and trophies, model cars and such. Then noticing the closet door was slightly open he peeked inside to see what kind of clothes Jeremy had and got the surprise of his life.

Leaning in one corner was what looked like an aluminum leg with a foot on it and a shoe. Aidan stared at it a moment before realizing what it was and then a million questions popped into his head. Why would Jeremy have an artificial leg in his closet? Was it part of some project he was working on, was he an inventor, did it belong to someone he knew? 

As far as he knew Jeremy was just like all the other kids. He didn't limp or walk funny or act any different so there was no way it was his, but still it was very strange to find something like that in his closet. Then suddenly he remembered his mom reminding him of his doctor's appointment and how Jeremy had cut her off and changed the subject suddenly. Was it possible that the doctor's visit had something to do with the leg?

Aidan was so engrossed in thought that he didn't hear Jeremy return till he was right behind him.

" you know," Jeremy said sounding defeated, "Go ahead, ask me all the stupid questions kids always do when they find out."

Aidan turned and looked at Jeremy with a deer in the headlights look, "Uh, what are you talking about?"

"Don't fuck with me Aidan, I know that you saw spare leg. I knew this was a bad idea bringing you up here. We should've worked on the project downstairs."

"Jeremy...why are you so mad? I didn't mean to see it or to snoop. I was just bored and looking around."

"Well, now you know. Are you gonna spread it around all over school now?"

"No, of course not. Jeremy...we're friends..right?"

"I guess," Jeremy mumbled.

"This doesn't make any difference to me. I still like you and maybe now I sort of understand you a little better. I won't ask any of the dumb questions you talked about, but if you ever want to tell me what happened or what this is all about, I promise I never tell anyone else. Not even Jaden and we share everything."

Jeremy sighed, "Sorry I got mad. It's just that as long as no one knows, everyone will treat me I'm normal and not a cripple."

"You seem pretty normal to me," Aidan said softly, "You're not a cripple. In fact I think you're probably stronger than most of the rest of us, just because of this."

"Can't say it huh, can't say, because I only have one leg?"

Aidan frowned, "Why are you so mad at me?" he asked again, "I don't care about that..about you only having on leg, I like you as a person and maybe even more now."

"Yeah, cause now you feel sorry for me," Jeremy smirked.

"No, not really. In fact right now you're starting to piss me off," Aidan said grinning.

Jeremy relaxed a bit and sighed, "Sorry, I guess I'm just a little sensitive. Back at my old school everyone knew about...about the accident, and when I came back to school everyone treated me different, like they felt sorry for me. They were always trying to help me like I couldn't do anything on my own anymore. I got so tired of it, that's one reason I decided when I moved here that no one would ever know I was...that I had a prosthetic."

"You know just looking at you, I'd never have known. You seem as active as any of the rest of us and all the girls and a few guys think you're hot," Aidan chuckled.

"Oh yeah, what girls? Uh, what guys?"

Aidan smiled, "One of those guys is lookin' at you right now."

Jeremy blushed, "The cutest boy in school too. Damn, too bad I ain't gay."

"Well, the fact that you're not disgusted  gives me  hope," Aidan teased.

It was good to see Aidan laughing and happy again, and despite his earlier annoyance at Aidan finding out his secret, Jeremy felt better about things.

"Naw, not disgusted, flattered maybe. Come on, we're wasting time, let's get started on the project."

They worked for over an hour on the project, mostly getting things organized and some pages printed out on Jeremy's computer and pretty soon it was time to go. Jeremy and Aidan sat in the back of the Lexus again, only this time Aidan was more animated and the two were actually giggling and having fun by the time they got to Aidan's house.

"Thanks Mrs. Wilson," Aidan said as he climbed out, "for the snack and for the ride."

"You're welcome Aidan, any time," she said smiling. She was glad Jeremy had made such good friends so quickly, though she still worried about his attitude toward his disability.

"Hey A!" Jeremy said jumping out and running up behind Aidan who was almost at the front door now, "I...I wanted to say...I'm sorry I acted like a chump back there. I know you're a good guy and won't tell anyone about what you saw, but it's okay if you tell Jaden, I know he's a good guy too."

"Thanks," Aidan said smiling, "Cause that was weighing on my mind a little."

"Okay, well...see ya tomorrow...and thanks for coming over."

Jaden met Aidan at the door and was encouraged to see he looked a little better than when he'd left him earlier at school.

"Did you get lots of work done?"

"Yeah, we need a few more sessions to get it all finished, but we made a good start on it."

"Great, uh...want to go throw the ball around?"

"Sure, let me change and I'll be right out."

That was really encouraging since Aidan hadn't been in a very playful mood lately and Jaden thought maybe Jeremy might have had something to do with Aidan's improved attitude. As far as he knew Jeremy was straight, but we was super sexy, and if anyone could lure him to the gay side it was Aidan. He smiled as he thought about that and then headed out to the kitchen where his mother was cooking supper.

"Aidan and I are going to play  catch," Jaden said grinning.

"Good, he needs to get out of the house more. Did he say how it went at Jeremy's?"

"Apparently good.  He almost looks like his old self."

"Oh? Is there something I should know about?"

"Nope, not yet. I just think he needs a friend right now."

Aidan came noisily down the stairs then and Mrs. Reynolds smiled, "Well hello son. I guess everything went all right at your friend's house."

"Yeah mom. We got a lot of work done. Come on J, before it gets too dark to play."

Jaden gave  his mom a wink and a smile and the two twins bounded out the door and before long their mother heard the happy sounds of laughter and she smiled. Maybe she had her boy back sooner than she'd thought possible


The boys met twice more that week and by Thursday they were almost finished with the project. Jeremy suggested Aidan sleep over on Saturday night so they could finish the project then go with his folks to the Aquarium on Sunday and to his surprise Aidan agreed.

Now that Aidan knew his secret, Jeremy wasn't worried about having overnight company, and even though he didn't plan on flaunting his disability, he wouldn't have to worry about hiding it anymore. He was conflicted about the sleeping arrangements at first, but decided to quit stressing over things and let Aidan decide. There was the guest bedroom or he could put an air mattress on his floor for Aidan, or..and this was certainly the most nerve-wrecking choice of all, Aidan could share his queen size bed with him.

Aidan hadn't told Jaden about Jeremy's secret that first night, but had worked himself into it slowly. Jaden's reaction was pretty much what Aidan had expected although Jaden had seemed more curious and wanted more details as to what had happened, but of course Aidan couldn't share what he didn't know.

As he packed the morning of the sleepover Jaden began teasing him.

"Don't forget the lube," Jaden giggled.

"Jaden, I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that," Aidan said trying to sound mad, but failing.


"J...I'm warning you....grrrrr..."

"Chill out, I know it's gonna be strictly oral at first."

"J, we are not gonna do sex, we're just gonna work on the science project, watch a movie or play some video games then go to bed."

"Yeah, it's the going to bed part I want details on...later."

Aidan threw a pillow at his twin and stomped out of bedroom while Jaden's laughter could be heard all over the Reynolds house.

Mrs. Reynolds drove Aidan to Jeremy's house, but Jaden was expecting Jimmy at any moment and didn't tag along, which was fine with Aidan. He didn't know why he was so nervous, it wasn't like he'd never slept over at a friend's house before. He supposed part of it was because of learning Jeremy's secret, that he only had one leg, but that wasn't all of it. 

Usually when Aidan spent the night at a friend's house there was some sexual tension, but with Jeremy it was different. Aidan knew Jeremy confessed to being straight and that was fine with him, in fact it actually make things easier, put less pressure on him, and gave him a bit of breathing space. 

Since John had left he hadn't even had sex with Jaden. At first Jaden had seemed a little hurt or at least surprised, but as time went on and he began to see the other changes in Aidan he began to understand what was really going on.

All the way to Jeremy's house Aidan was quiet and Mrs. Reynolds picked up on his mood right away.

"Are you okay son?" she asked giving him a sad smile.

"Yeah, really fine," Aidan said trying to sound upbeat, but he wasn't sure whether he was trying to convince his mom or perhaps himself.

"I know things have been tough for you lately, but I think getting out and spending time with your friends will be good for you."

"Yeah," Aidan said softly, "It will be fun."

Mrs. Reynolds patted his leg and turned her attention back to the road and soon they were pulling up in Jeremy's driveway. He met them with a big smile as they pulled in and Aidan felt some better. How could he be depressed with a cute boy like Jeremy so glad to see him?

"Just call me when you're ready to come home," Mrs. Reynolds said then when Aidan opened his door she called to Jeremy, "Hi Jeremy, thanks for having Aidan over, and thank your folks for me."

"Yes ma'am I will, thanks for bringing him. We're going to the Aquarium tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about that. We used to go to the one  back home, but I've heard this one is even better."

"Yes, it's pretty amazing. Well have fun boys," she said at last and Aidan gave her a one armed hug then slid out to join Jeremy.

"Come on, I have everything all laid out and I figured we could knock this thing out in a couple of hours then we'll have the rest of the day to do whatever we want."

Jeremy grabbed sodas for the two of them then led the way upstairs and Aidan couldn't help but stare at Jeremy trying to see if he could tell which leg was which. He had to admit he was more curious than ever, but so far Jeremy hadn't told him the whole story. He didn't want to nag Jeremy about it, but he hoped that eventually Jeremy would tell him everything, once he trusted him enough.

The project went well and by four they were finished. Jeremy fell down on his bed and Aidan fell down beside him and looked over at him.

"That was easier than I thought it would be, thanks for helping me...and for inviting me over. I haven't been out of the house except for school since...well, you know..."

"Hey, I've enjoyed having you over. You're a cool dude and anyway I had an ulterior motive."

"Oh, what's that?" Aidan said grinning.

"Well, I haven't made that many friends outside of school and know I couldn't get too close to any of them because know, well...since you already know now I can finally have someone over that I trust."

"Don't worry, I won't tell a soul, but I think you're underestimating the guys we hang out with. Everyone of them is a cool dude, oh and the girls too," he said rolling over to face Jeremy and propping his head up on his arm.

"Like Deane?"

"Yeah, like Deane. Oh, by the way...did you know she and Jaden went out on a date?"

"What? No, wait...I thought Jaden was gay?"

"Bi, probably, but you know labels are just...well, labels. At our age there's no need to put ourself in a box and say, this is who I am, or this is what I like, cause things change...we grow up and some things that seemed good or important before might not feel that way anymore."

"Yeah, I guess. So...does that mean that you think I might not be as straight as I say I am," Jeremy said grinning.

"I don't know Jeremy, I'll be honest with you, I don't think of you that being straight or gay or whatever. For the first time I have a friend that's just...well, just a friend, and that's pretty cool."

Jeremy felt a little twinge, but he wasn't sure if it was disappointment or relief.

"Well, truthfully I've only had sex once, and that was with a girl, so...I guess I think I'm straight cause it was really bitchin' and all."

"I've only had sex with boys, but lots of it," Aidan said frowning, "I hope you won't think I'm a whore or slut or something because of that."

"Naw, boys can't be sluts or whores. Dudes just wanna' get a nut and that's cool. I kind of envy you, having so much experience and all."

"You do?"

"Yeah, not saying I want to try all that stuff, but I got no problem that you have." 

"Thanks, so...what shall we do now?"

"Dunno. Hey, I was wondering...did you tell Jaden know my leg?"

"Yeah, not that night, but later. He was cool with it and asked me a million questions. Of course I couldn't answer them."

Jeremy smiled sadly, "I'm not quite ready to tell everything. I hope that's okay."

Aidan reached out and placed his hand on Jeremy's arm, "I understand, but if you ever decide you're ready, I'll respect your privacy and keep your secret."

"Come on let's go grab another soda and see what the rents are up to."

They found Mrs. Wilson watching TV in the family room while leafing through a cookbook, but Mr. Wilson was still out at the new sporting goods store helping with the setup and training new employees.

"Your father will be home around 7, can you boys wait that long for dinner? I considered ordering pizza, but I wanted this to be a special occasion so I'm making Lasagna. Do you like Italian cooking Aidan?"

"Yes, ma'am. Lasagna is about my favorite thing, next to pizza."

"This one is a seven cheese masterpiece, I think you will like it as much as we do...right Jeremy?"

"It's my favorite thing to eat," Jeremy said rubbing his firm flat tummy and practically drooling.

"Thanks for going to so much trouble," Aidan said sincerely, "usually at our house we just order pizza or mom makes finger food."

" eat fingers?" Jeremy joked.

Aidan rolled his eyes then laughed and the two headed out to the kitchen to find a snack. With a can of soda and some chips in hand they went back up to Jeremy's room and started playing a video game. Before long they were engrossed in the game and almost didn't hear the knock on the bedroom door.

When Jeremy finally acknowledged it, the door swung open and a tall slender black boy who looked a few years older than Jeremy stepped in.

"What's up bro?" Jeremy said. 

So this was Jeremy's brother Isaac. Up until now Isaac had been gone the few times Aidan had visited and he'd only heard stories about him. In fact Aidan was beginning to doubt he even existed, but now here he was in the flesh, and oh what flesh that was.

Tall, slender, but well muscled, he had a handsome face with a million dollar smile that displayed perfect white teeth. His eyes sparkled with mischief and Aidan found himself liking the boy immediately. 

"Just hangin' with my main man A. Aidan this is Isaac, by brother. Isaac, meet one half of  the Reynolds twins, Aidan."

Isaac bumped fists with Aidan and when he leaned down Aidan got a good look at his crotch and almost gasped. Either the guy was fully hard or very well hung, because something was straining at the fly of his pants.

"Nice to meet ya' bro. So, twins huh, that must be fun. Do you ever swap places and fool people?"

"Sometimes," Aidan said smiling, then went on to give him some examples of when that happened.

"Man, that sounds like fun. Well, I'll let ya' guys get back to your game. I just wanted to say hi. I'll be around all evening if you wanna hang."

When he was gone Aidan looked at Jeremy and smiled, "Isaac seems nice."

"He's a good brother and a cool dude. He's busy a lot though, he's in band and helps the teacher a lot. He's really a good musician too."

"Cool, what instrument does he play?"

"In band he plays the clarinet, but he can play keyboards, guitar, and drums. Man, he can play about anything you can throw at him."

"Does he sing too?"

"Oh yeah, he's got a really good voice, sexy like, and the girls go wild for him."

"Nice, so I guess he's straight," Aidan teased.

"Why, you crushin' on my big bro?" Jeremy laughed.

"No," Aidan said blushing, "Just askin' that's all."

At dinner time Aidan was seated between Jeremy and Isaac while the two adults sat across from them. Mr. Wilson was a big man, over six feet tall, and broad shouldered. He wasn't fat, just big, and well muscled. He had an infectious smile and bubbled over with good humor as he talked about his day at work. 

The new store was coming along quickly and would soon be opening and then Mr. Wilson said he would be a stranger for a while till things settled down. Apparently being the store manager was harder work than Aidan would have thought and took up a lot of his time. He was glad his own father didn't work so much and that he spent as much time as he did with them, even if Aidan didn't always appreciate his efforts.

"So, Jeremy says you play guitar," Aidan ventured, "I don't suppose you know would be interested in teaching someone to play...would you?" Aidan asked then blushed.

"You wanting to learn?" Isaac asked looking amused. He'd picked up on Aidan's vibe immediately but thought it was just boyhood curiosity and maybe a little hero worship, what with Isaac being older and more interesting than the boys he was used to.

"Well...yeah. I actually have a guitar that I got for Christmas last year, but I've never had lessons. I like to sing and I thought it would be cool if I could accompany myself on the guitar. I've even posted a few videos on Youtube."

"Cool, maybe later you can show me...the videos. I sometimes help our band teacher with the younger kids so I'd be glad to try to help if I can."

"Thanks," Aidan said grinning, "they're not very good, the videos, but I got a new mic for Christmas and I'm gonna make some  new ones. It would be nice if I could play along too instead of using a soundtrack."

Jeremy was watching the two interact with a coy smile on his face. He knew Isaac was a sexy dude and that a lot of girls swooned over him, but Isaac had never brought one home or even showed interest in any one girl in particular,  Until now Jeremy had just played that off to Isaac being shy and busy with his music. Now watching him interact with Aidan he began to wonder if the reason Isaac didn't show much interest in girls was that he liked boys better. But still Aidan was two years younger and when you're 16 that's a big age difference to overcome. Not that he thought anything would come of them being friends, but still finding something in common might  be difficult, only it seemed they already

Even the adults seemed to notice the interaction between the two, but didn't think it odd. They knew Isaac was an outgoing young man and worked well with the younger students in the band. Besides that Aidan seemed to be a friendly and good-natured boy, and even though they weren't aware of his situation with John, they had noticed some changes in him, but tonight he seemed to be happy and enjoying himself. They liked to think that associating with their sons was part of that change in attitude.

Aidan complimented Mrs. Wilson several time on the Lasagna and was even more appreciative of the Italian cream cake that she served for dessert. By the time dinner was over the boys were comfortably, full for the moment, and even offered to help with the cleanup. 

Mrs. Wilson thanked them but said she could handle it, although Aidan noticed Isaac remained behind and started clearing the table. Aidan had hoped he would come up with them and maybe invite him into his room to show him his guitar, but he supposed Isaac was just trying to be helpful and maybe later there would time for that.

"Your brother is pretty cool," Aidan said as Jeremy closed the door to his room behind them.

"He's a good bro, but I don't see much of him these days. It seems like band takes up most of his time."

"Ummm...does he have a girlfriend or anything?" Aidan blurted out suddenly then blushed bright red.

Jeremy laughed, "No, in fact he doesn't even date, that I know of. I think he's just too busy. He's really smart and already knows what he wants to do with his life. He's going to become a music ed teacher, just like Mr. Norton, his band teacher."

"That's know what he wants to do this early. I have no idea, does sound like fun. Only I think I'd rather be a rock star," Aidan chuckled.

"Well, you got the looks for it. Hey, how about letting me see your Youtube videos?"

It didn't take much convincing for Aidan to agree and using Jeremy's laptop he signed into his account and played the first video. It was his cover of Roller Coaster, which Alex B had made famous, and Aidan's version was uniquely his, but still true to the spirit of the song. 

When it was finished Jeremy looked at Aidan with a surprised look on his face. "Dude, that was amazing. I you could be a professional singer or something. Oh man, Isaac has to see this."

"You really think so?" Aidan said unsure if Jeremy was just being nice or was serious.

"Wait here, I'm gonna go get my bro, maybe you'll believe  him."

Jeremy returned a few minutes later with Isaac who was smiling and looking very interested in what Jeremy had to show him. Aidan replayed the video and as it progressed Isaac sat down next to Aidan and kept watching him as much as he was the video.

When it ended Isaac sat staring at Aidan for a moment then smiled, "Do  you read music?"

"Uh, a little why?"

"Because I definitely want to teach you to play the guitar now, because you already got the singing part down. Man, that was amazing."

"That's what I said," Jeremy laughed, "but he wouldn't believe me."

"Are there more?" 

"Yeah, a couple more. This one is sort of cool, it's about a boy who builds a robot. It's called I Built a Friend, and it was originally done by Alec Benjamin. Our voices sort of sound the same, so I just sang it pretty much like he did."

When the video was finished Aidan didn't wait for more praise, instead he started the next one, which was one of his favorites and had come to have special meaning since John had moved away. It was called Heart Like Stone and was originally done by Grayson Chance, who Aidan had a huge crush on.

Aidan couldn't help but sing along and after a few minutes found his eyes full of tears. Still he managed to continue, the mark of a good vocalist, and the emotion in his voice seemed to touch the two brothers deeply.

When the video ended Aidan looked up, and wiped a few tears from his eyes, "I...uh, can I use your bathroom?"

"Yeah, man...go ahead," Jeremy said smiling encouragingly.

When he was gone Isaac turned to his brother and smiled, "That dude has a lot of talent. Did you see the way he got into that last song. It was almost like he was feeling the words and living them."

"He sort of is," Jeremy said, "but I really shouldn't talk about this without his permission."

"Ah, girl trouble?"

"Well, romance trouble. love moved away and he's taking it pretty hard."

Isaac frowned, "Bro what are you trying to tell me? Was it a dude? Cause if it was, you know I'd be cool with that."

Jeremy shrugged, "I know, but it's still private and personal and I only know cause, well cause he invited me into his group and we share everything."

"Poor kid. Well, I can tell you one thing. If he wants to pursue a career in music he certainly has the talent and I'd like to help him...if he's interested."

"Oh, I think he's interested," Jeremy giggled.

"What do you mean?"

" he comes."

"Hey, Aidan. As I was saying..dude, you've def got talent and I would  be very interested in working with you. Maybe we could even make a video together. I could play guitar or something and you could sing."

"Really? That would be cool," Aidan said forgetting his sadness for once.

"Now, lets see the rest of those videos."

They watched the rest of the videos, then Isaac insisted on seeing the first one again. 

"I like that one a lot, I've never heard that song before, but it's fun and sort of makes you want to dance. We need to find more stuff like that, and some stuff that just uses keyboard too."

Jeremy felt kind of left out as the two boys discussed music and the videos and bounced ideas off each other. They finally starting watching other videos on Youtube to get some ideas and Jeremy finally excused himself and went downstairs to get something to drink.

"Where's your company?" Mrs. Wilson asked when she saw Jeremy was all alone.

He rolled his eyes and laughed, "Isaac and him are discussing videos and music. They're talking about making a video together and posting it on Youtube. Aidan already has a bunch there and he's really good."

Mrs. Wilson smiled, "And that doesn't interest you?"

"Well, some, but you know...Isaac is the music nut."

"But all those years of piano lessons shouldn't go to waste," she laughed, "I don't suppose you mentioned how good you are?"

"Naw, it's their thing," he said sitting down at the breakfast bar with a soda, "What I really want to do is get involved in sports again, but...well, you know how that goes."

"There's absolutely no reason why you can't, but you have to be willing to let the school know about your prosthetic. They can accommodate you if they know. I think it's a liability issue or something."

Jeremy sighed, "Yeah, I know and that sucks. I don't want the coaches to treat me differently than they do the other players. I can run and jump and do just about anything anyone else can."

"I know that honey, but sometimes you have to be willing to compromise. Whether the other players know or not will depend on the coaches and yourself of course, but those in authority have to know."

"I'll think about it," Jeremy said looking thoughtful, "well, I guess I'll go see what they're up to."

"Why don't you take them something to drink,  and maybe they're let you play," she laughed.

Jeremy just shook his head, but he was smiling as he climbed the stairs with sodas in hand for the other two. They weren't in his room but the sound of a guitar coming from Isaac's room told him where they were. When he arrived the door was open and Isaac was strumming the guitar and showing Aidan a few basic chords.

"I brought you guys a soda," Jeremy said as way of announcing his appearance.

"Ah, cool bro," Isaac said accepting his and popping it open and taking a deep swallow.

"Hey, look I don't want to cut into you guys bonding time," Isaac joked, "but hopefully we can find some time to work on this stuff. I'll make time if you can let me know in advance."

Jeremy thought that was especially nice of Isaac since he seldom ever made that offer to anyone, not even his own brother. It wasn't that he was jealous of how well they'd hit it off, it was somehow more complicated than that. 

He'd begun to have some disturbing feelings for Aidan, but when Aidan seemed to be paying more attention to Isaac he felt as if maybe Aidan didn't find him as interesting or well...desirable as his older brother. Not that he wanted to be more than friends, but he wanted to get closer, especially since Aidan knew his secret and there was no longer the need to protect that part of him from scrutiny.

"Okay, I will...and thanks, both of you," Aidan said smiling. I'm sorry I took up so much of your time though Isaac. I guess Jeremy and me should go watch a movie or something and let you have some time to yourself." Aidan had taken to Isaac very quickly and really enjoyed his company, but he felt a little guilty for ignoring Jeremy.

"Hey if you guys are gonna watch a movie, would it be okay if I watched too? It's been ages since I sat down and watched a good movie."

"Sure, why don't we go to the game room and watch something on the big screen?" Jeremy said enthusiastically. He didn't mind sharing Aidan with Isaac or was it sharing Isaac with Aidan? Either way as long as it was all three of them doing something together that was cool with him.

The game room was in the basement and ran almost the entire length of the house and all of the depth. There was a small kitchen area and wet bar, a full bath, a small dance floor complete with sound system and a piano, a theater area, and of course the game area. There was a pool table, air hockey table and a foosball table, and the theater area featured two gaming systems for playing games on the 55" flat screen TV.

"Wow, this is amazing," Aidan said open-mouthed, "Do you guys ever have parties here?"

"Not really, but my folks are planning on it...once dad get the store open and things settle down. 

"A dance floor? Man, you guys should have a party for all your friends. I bet you'd be the most popular kids in school."

"Well...we really don't know that many kids...yet," Jeremy said shrugging.

"Hey, I could help with that. I know almost everyone there and I bet I could pack this place."

They microwaved some popcorn and got more sodas from the fridge in the small kitchen and decided on a Transformers movie and piled down on the huge comfortable couch, side by side, and enjoyed the movie and each other's company.

When the movie was over, the boys took a turn in the bathroom ridding their bladder of multiple sodas then considered what to do next.

Aidan has wandered over to the dance floor and was hammering out a few chords on the piano. He'd had one year of piano when he was 10 and still remembered a lot of what he'd learned.

"Hey Isaac, can you play something for us?"

"Well, I can, but Jeremy here is really the keyboard expert," Isaac said smiling at Jeremy.

Jeremy blushed, but shrugged, "After the accident I had a lot of time on my hands and mom suggested I take piano lessons and well...I found out I liked it a lot, and I guess I'm pretty good at it."

"You guess?" Isaac laughed, "Why don't you show Aidan just how good you are?"

"It's been a while," Jeremy said as he sat down, "but here goes." 

Aidan stood in awe as Jeremy began while Isaac grinned like a mad man. Jeremy ran through a couple of complex rifts then progressed into a complicated musical piece that Aidan had never  heard before  but thought was amazing.

When the last note sounded, echoing through the room then fading away slowly, Aidan began to applaud and Isaac joined him.

"I think I already found my keyboard player," Aidan said grinning, "I mean if you'd like to help me out."

"I don't know, I'm awful busy kicking butts with my artificial leg," Jeremy teased. 

"Aww..come on, don't ya' want to be famous and have all the cute girls after you?"

Jeremy raised an eyebrow comically, "Well...they mostly already are, but wouldn't hurt to have a few more I guess."

"In fact," Aidan said looking thoughtful, "we could have keyboard and guitar," he said turning to Isaac."

Isaac laughed, "You know we could probably make a pretty good video right here in the game room. The acoustics are good, I spend a lot of time down here practicing. You say you got a new mic, and I assume you have an HD camera, but if not we have one."

They talked excitedly about the video and each threw out ideas and before they knew it was pushing midnight. Isaac was the first to yawn and of course it was contagious and before long they decided it was time to turn in for the night.

When they were upstairs they each took a turn at the bathroom. Isaac went first, then Aidan, and lastly Jeremy. Aidan peed one last time and brushed his teeth and while Jeremy took his turn Aidan got ready for bed. 

During the video game earlier they'd discussed sleeping arrangements and Aidan had said he just assumed they'd share the bed since that was what he and his other friends usually did. Jeremy was relieved that the decision had been made, but was still a little nervous about being so close to Aidan, especially considering his condition. 

Having Aidan know he was less than whole was one thing, but to have him see it up close was quite another. He still felt self conscious around strangers when it came to his disability, and though he knew Aidan would be cool about it, he also knew that for some people it was quite a shock and sometimes uncomfortable for them.

Aidan usually slept naked, especially when he was with John, but tonight he decided some modesty was probably called for and he kept his boxer briefs on before slipping into bed. He wondered what Jeremy wore to bed and if he slept with his prosthetic or if he took it off, and if so did he have to put it back on if he had to pee, things like that. He was much more nervous than he knew he should be, but this was all new to him. 

Eventually Jeremy returned, still dressed, and sat down on his side of the bed and turned off the bedside lamp. Then slowly he pulled off his tee shirt while Aidan stared at this muscular back and shoulders in the dim light. 

Next he slipped of his jeans and folded them and placed them on a chair at his bedside. From where he lay Aidan couldn't see much but suddenly Jeremy swiveled and laid down next to him. 

Even in the dim light Aidan could see Jeremy's artificial leg and it was nothing like the one in the closet. While the one in the closet had been more of a rod than a leg, this one he wore now looked more like the real thing. 

The leg began at Jeremy's knee and there appeared to be some sort of sock running up his leg that held it to his body. As Aidan watched Jeremy began to roll down the sock and then remove the leg. Aidan couldn't see much in the dark, but he assumed from some research he'd done on the internet, that the stump rested in a socket of the leg and that the sock held the two parts together.

"I guess you'd like to see it," Jeremy said suddenly pulling Aidan's eyes from his leg to his face which was only inches away.

"It's up to you," Aidan said, "I don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything."

"What about you, are you uncomfortable?"

"Not really, nervous maybe. did some research online after I found out about  prosthetics and there were some pretty graphic pictures on some of the sights."

Jeremy laughed, "Well, the injury was a long time ago, when I was 10, and it's healed of course and not that bad to look at."

"I...uh, don't suppose you want to tell me what happened," Aidan said softly, "I mean if you don't that's cool."

Jeremy sighed and suddenly began to speak in a low steady voice that sounded far away.

"Like I said, I was ten. I'd just gotten a new bike for Christmas and I was so happy. I finally had some freedom and I rode that bike everywhere. I was careful and stayed out of the street and my folks trusted me and eventually they let me ride it to school. 

Our school was only about four blocks from our house and there were no busy streets on the way so it was pretty safe. I mean Isaac had ridden his bike all those years and never had any problems. Then one day, it was near the end of the school year, and I was riding my bike just like usual when up ahead I saw this garage door go up.

I was on the sidewalk and I knew whoever it was could see me coming if they looked, and I was in a hurry and didn't think about stopping. I was just crossing the driveway when suddenly the car came flying out of the garage so fast I couldn't avoid it.

The car ran over my right leg and pinned it beneath my bicycle. The doctor said if just the tire had hit it, I would have probably kept the leg, but the bike basically cut it off at the knee and there was too much damage to reattach it.

The lady who ran over me had a heart attack and this lady passing by actually called 911. I almost bled to death before they got there, but fortunately the lady who called 911 put a tourniquet on my leg and I guess she sort of saved my life.

I was so scared A," his voice was thick with emotion and Aidan reached over and laid a hand on his shoulder in an effort to comfort him.

"Anyway, they finally got me to the hospital and by then mom and dad were there and I wasn't quite so worried. I guess the reality of what had happened hadn't sunk in yet, and I guess I just thought they'd patch me up and I'd be fine again. I guess it's true what they say about kids thinking they're invincible or something," He said with a sad laugh, "Like I said the lady that ran over me had a heart attack and that's why she hit the gas and ran over me, and well...she died that day.

I guess I wanted to hate her for what happened, but how could I? She didn't do it on purpose and if I'd been paying better attention I might have avoided her car. The insurance paid for everything and I even got enough for college out of it, but I'd skip college if I could have my leg back."

"I'm sorry," Aidan said sincerely, "and I want to thank you for trusting me enough to share what happened, but I promise it won't change how I feel about you. I'm still gonna' give you heck when you least expect it," he added grinning.

"You better, or I'll kick your butt with my new metal leg."

" you feel better now?"

"Actually...yeah. Thanks for listening and being so cool about it. Oh, and you can tell Jaden too, I know he won't tell anyone."

"He will probably give you more heck than I do though," Aidan said grinning.

"Hey, just so you know, if I have to go pee in the middle of the night I'm gonna have to wake you up and have you carry me," Jeremy teased.

"Hmm...I think it would be easier if I just brought you a bottle to pee in," Aidan laughed.

"Just bustin'' your balls bro. I have a big bladder and I never have to go after I go to bed."

While they were talking Jeremy had removed his artificial leg and leaned it against the nightstand. Aidan notice he seemed to be massaging his upper calf to restore the circulation and he offered to help.

"You just want to get your hands on me right? Especially so close to my junk," Jeremy teased, but he accepted Aidan's offer gratefully.

"Oh, man your hands feel good," Jeremy sighed, "but it's kind of causing a problem in my boxers."

"I hadn't noticed," Aidan lied, the tent was hard to ignore and Aidan could see that Isaac wasn't the only one in the family who well endowed.

"Dude, I may have to put my leg back on just to go take care of that," Jeremy said squirming some.

"Hey, this is your bed and I'll go and let you have some privacy if you like, can just do what you need to and ignore me. I'll just lay over here on my side and face the wall and not giggle or gasp or anything," Aidan said laughing softly.

Jeremy groaned, "Dude, don't tease me. I may have to do just that."

"I'd offer to help out, but I know how you straight boys are," Aidan teased.

"Uh, how's that?"

"You get all flustered if you give in and let a gay boy handle your junk and you stress about it for weeks, till the next time that is," he laughed.

"I wouldn't know...since I never had that happen," Jeremy said softly.

"So you never even messed around with your buddies or...with Isaac?" Aidan asked then blushed.

"Well, with a few buddies when I was a kid, but not with Isaac. I mean I guess some brothers do that, but I would have been too shy to ever start anything and he never did so..."

"A hand is a hand, and a mouth is a mouth," Aidan said casually as he continued to rub Jeremy's thigh, his hand only inches from the snake dancing in Jeremy's boxers.

"Dude, are you offering?" Jeremy said breathlessly.

"What kind of friend would I be to let you suffer?"

"Hmmm...I don't know dude..."

"Hey, no pressure. I won't nag, just offering a helping hand."

"Just a hand?" Jeremy asked then blushed.

"Well, metaphorically speaking," Aidan laughed.

"Huh, is that the right word?"

"Dunno, sounds right though. Is that enough rubbing...on your calf?"

"Yeah, it feels a lot better, thanks."

"You're welcome," Aidan said laying back down again, "Well...goodnight."

"Uh...goodnight," Jeremy said sounding as if he wanted to say more.

Aidan smiled as he rolled over and faced away from Jeremy. He knew it was cruel to tease Jeremy, but if he really wanted his help he'd have to ask.  After all it was just as one friend helping another. He wasn't ready for anything more, but sex was just sex, and even though he didn't want a boyfriend right now, some sex sounded good. Even if it was only one sided.

Jeremy stretched and sighed dramatically and adjusted his boxers, but that only made the problem worse. Sighing again he reached inside his boxers and wrapped his hand around his hard pole and began to work it slowly hoping Aidan wouldn't notice, or at least wouldn't mention it.

On the other side of bed Aidan was grinning and listening to Jeremy's ragged breathing and the unmistakable sounds of masturbation. In addition the bed was moving rhythmically with each pull of Jeremy's rod in his hand.

"Need a sock or a towel or anything?" Aidan said after a few minutes.

"Smart ass," Jeremy growled, "get over here and help me out."

"Please..." Aidan laughed.

"Okay, please," Jeremy all but begged.

"Okay, but for now I'm only gonna use my hand so do you have a towel handy by chance?"

"Under the mattress on your side," Jeremy said sounding excited.

Aidan managed to find the towel and keeping it nearby he rolled over onto his side to survey the area of need. Then taking charge he pulled Jeremy's boxers down letting his hard cock spring free. Jeremy yelped but didn't object as Aidan looked his prize over.

"Gosh, that's a big one," Aidan said whistling.

"You should see Isaac's," Jeremy said before thinking about it, "I mean, I've seen it a few times and it's way bigger than mine."

"Hmmm...still quite a handful. Got any lube or should I use spit?"

"Here, use this," Jeremy said handing Aidan a bottle of special lotion he used on his leg to prevent dryness."

"Nice, okay. Just lay back and relax and let me do all the work. When you're close let me know so I can get the towel ready."

"Uh huh," Jeremy said as his eyes rolled back in his head and he felt Aidan's small soft hand envelope his most private part. Then sighing deeply he relaxed into Aidan's loving care.

Aidan knew all about edging, but he didn't know if Jeremy was up for that right now. Still he didn't want to be over in six strokes, so he paid some attention to Jeremy's balls first earning him a few guttural moans.

"Oh man, that...that feels wicked. Is this what gay boys do?"

"Just the tip of the iceberg, but a gay boy can give a better hand job than anyone else I guess."

"Mmmm...I thought this would seem really weird or awkward, but it feels so damn good..."

"Well, wait till I'm done, sometimes that's the awkward part. Some guys even feel guilty after they come, but I don't get that part. It's just fun and no big deal. No worse than having your best friend scratch your back."

"Well, I do have an itch down there," Jeremy chuckled, "and your hand seems to have hit the spot."

"Any thing special you like?" Aidan said looking up at Jeremy, "might as well make this special while we're at it."

"Um...well, I usually rub my nipples while do it."

"Yeah, lots of guys do that," Aidan said reaching up with the hand he'd been fondling Jeremy's nuts with and gently squeezing his right nipple.

"Uh, yeah, like that. Careful though, I'm gettin' pretty close."

"Trust me, I know how to slow things down," Aidan said slowing  his hand movement and then once again moving back down to Jeremy's nuts, "you have a nice set of balls," Aidan said grinning, "I bet you shoot a lot, right?"

"Yeah, a lot, and it's been a few days so...gonna be a big one tonight. Plus your hand feels a whole lot better than mine does."

"Imagine what my mouth would feel like," Aidan teased.

"Aww...don't even say that.. I might come just from thinking about it."

"Maybe next time, if you're not too weirded out by all this."

" it some more, with your hand," Jeremy moaned, "it's okay if you want to make me come...I'm ready."

"Okay, just relax and close your eyes and think sexy thoughts," Aidan said softly, "Think about all those cheerleaders at school with their short little skirts and tight sweaters. Just imagine Suzy or Beth or whatever has her pretty little hand wrapped around your cock and is jerkin' it for all it's worth," then  in a sexy girly voice he added, "Oh,'s so big."

Jeremy would have laughed, but he was too close to the edge and ignoring Jaden's teasing he concentrated on the feel of his soft hands working his body. Then instead of picturing some girl, he opened his eyes and watched the cute boy work his magic on his cock.

 "Now!" Jeremy managed to squeak out and Aidan barely got the towel in place before the first volley of thick white spooge shot out of Jeremy's dick and arched upwards, splashing down on his washboard stomach. 

"Uhhhh....oh...mannnn...." Jeremy moaned, then the second volley erupted and was almost as strong. There were three more substantial spurts, then two small ones before Jeremy's cock burped out the last of his ball juice.

"Oh, man that was a lot of cum," Aidan said dabbing at it with his finger.

"I thought you was gonna catch it with the towel," Jeremy said panting and trying to get his heart to slow down.

"I was, but it was like a fountain and I just had so see it," then as Jeremy watched he brought his finger to his tongue and tasted the thick white boy sauce, "mmm...sweet."

"Dude, you didn't just taste my spunk..."

Aidan giggled, "Like you've never tasted your own before."

"Well, yeah, but not some other dude's."

"Okay, tasted okay..right?"

"Well, yeah...what's your point?"

"Did you like the taste and want more?"

"Uh, well...yeah, I guess."

"So, stands to reason if you like it then someone else might like it too."

"I guess I just don't understand how you gay boys think, yet," Jeremy chuckled.

"Yet? Are you thinking of joining us?"

"Naw, well..not planning on it anyway, but after tonight I have a whole different feeling about things."

Aidan was mopping up the cooling cum from Jeremy's body while they talked, but what he really wanted to do was lick it from the sexy boy's chest and stomach.  

"There, all clean. Are you tired now and ready to go to sleep?"

"Yeah, but I feel kind of bad now..."

"Ah, the guilt thing setting in?"

"Naw, well not that kind of guilt. I feel guilty cause I got my rocks and you didn't."

"Oh, don't worry about me. I've had enough sex in my life that missing one night won't hurt me," Aidan chuckled.

"Okay, thanks then...and goodnight," Jeremy said yawning, his eyes already beginning to close.

"You're welcome dude, it was fun actually. It's one of the things we gay boys like, helping another dude get off. Good night, see ya in the morning."

Aidan lay there for some time wishing he was as relaxed as Jeremy. While he'd been helping Jeremy with his little problem, he had been aware of his stump and was surprised that he wasn't the least bit uncomfortable about it. He supposed to Jeremy and his family it was just a way of life and no big deal, and Jeremy certainly didn't let it get him down. No, Jeremy was every bit as good as any other kid his age and Aidan respected his strength and spirit. Overcoming something of that magnitude couldn't have been easy, but Jeremy had done it and hadn't let it ruin his positive outlook on life or destroy his sense of humor.

Aidan smiled as he thought about the sexy black boy next to him and he felt his cock jump a little when he relived those final minutes of his handjob. Maybe next time, he thought to himself, I'll give him something a whole lot more intense, like one of my famous blowjobs.

The next morning Aidan awoke to the bed shaking and slowly opened his eyes to find Jeremy fitting his prosthetic leg on .

"Good morning," Aidan muttered sleepily, "is it time to get up already?"

"Only if you're hungry. Mom is fixing waffles and you ain't had breakfast till you taste my mom's waffles. There's all kinds of stuff to go on em' too, like strawberries or blueberries and whipped cream of course. Or good old maple syrup if that's your thing. Then there's hash browns and scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage..."

"Okay, okay...I'm getting up. Hey, did you sleep good last night?"

"Like a baby. Man, I was so relaxed."

"Hmm..I wonder why, see I had this crazy  dream, but you being straight and all I'm sure it was just a dream," Aidan teased.

"Yeah, I think I had that dream too. It was a good one though."

They took turns in the bathroom and got dressed and by the time they made it downstairs Isaac was already there with his parents and the table was set and the food ready to be dished up.

"We serve breakfast buffet style, I hope you don't mind," Mrs. Wilson explained, " On Sundays it's usually our biggest meal of the day and so there's a lot of food, too much to pass around."

"It smells yummy," Aidan said sniffing the air like a hound dog, "Thanks so much for going to all this trouble just for me," he teased.

"Yeah, we usually just have dry cereal or toast," Isaac teased back, "NOT!"

Aidan loaded up a plate with bacon and sausage, hash browns and eggs, then one with waffles topped with both strawberries and blueberries and took the same seat he'd had the evening before. He waited till the others were seated to begin and then dug in like he was starved.

"Your waffles are amazing," he said between bites, "I wish my mom could make them this fluffy."

"I'll send her my recipe," Mrs. Wilson offered, "my grandma passed this recipe down to me and my sister."

They ate in silence for a few minutes then they began to discuss the upcoming trip to the Aquarium and the excitement grew. When breakfast was tucked away and the mess cleaned up, this time with all three boys' help, they split up and got ready for their outing.

They rode in Mr. Wilson's Escalade since it was roomier than his wife's Lexus and on the way to the Aquarium the boys talked excitedly about their proposed group effort on a video. Aidan had several song choices in mind and they discussed which ones would work best with a guitar and keyboard. 

Up front the Wilsons listened with interest. They were happy to see their boys making new friends, and that Jeremy seemed to have suddenly taken an interest in his music again was encouraging. They knew both their boys had amazing musical talent and had always encouraged them to pursue their dreams. 

They had both taken an immediate liking to Aidan and felt he was a good influence on Jeremy as well as being a polite boy who seemed to fit in well with their family. He even seemed to have a sense of humor similar to theirs and they enjoyed sparring with him.

The Aquarium was busy that day and Aidan pointed out several kids from their school, though neither Jeremy or Isaac knew them. They rested half way through and bought souvenirs and got a drink at the snack bar and the boys sat at once table and talked while the Wilsons sat at another.

"Those three are certainly getting along well," Mr. Wilson said smiling.

"Well, they're all good boys and seem to have a lot in common."

"What do you think of Aidan?" Mr. Wilson said taking a sip of his lemonade.

"I think he's a nice boy, witty and polite, why?"

"Oh, just wondering if you picked up on the same things I have," Mr. Wilson said watching the three boys interact.

"Such as?"

"Oh, it might be nothing, but I never hear him talk about girls and yet he's a fine looking young boy and no doubt in the throes of puberty."

"Oh, that. Well, as far as I'm concerned they're all too young for that stuff," Mrs. Wilson laughed, "but I'm smart enough to know they still have...desires and are curious."

"Hmm...his brother...what's his name?"

"Jaden, Jaden and Aidan, cute huh?"

"His brother seems different, more out going, less...well feminine. Oh, maybe that's not the word, maybe I just mean less tough."

"What are getting at dear? You are beating around the bush so hard I'm afraid you'll wear a path out.." she laughed.

"Oh, nothing," he said dropping the subject.

Mrs. Wilson frowned, but didn't pursue it and presently they finished their drinks and continued their tour.

By four they had seen everything they wanted to see and some things twice and now all five were tired and hungry. The Wilsons offered to take the boys out for dinner, but Aidan reluctantly declined saying he'd promised to be home for dinner with his family.

"I understand, family is very important and meals should be eaten together as a family as often as possible. I think that's one reason our family is so strong, and I see strength in your family as well," Mrs. Wilson said.

Back in Jeremy's room as Aidan packed to go, Isaac came in to say goodbye and to give Aidan his cell phone number so they could stay in touch. When he left Jeremy gave Aidan a big smile and felt a lump in his throat as he spoke.

"I'm really glad you came over. I had a really good time and I hope you did too."

"It was great, most fun I've had since...well, since John left."

"The other thing was fun too and well," Jeremy blushed then, "I promise it will be our secret."

Aidan laughed, "Like I care who knows. I'm out now that my mom went before practically the whole school and announced it. Oh, by the way, were your folks there that night?"

"No, my dad was working and mom didn't feel like she knew enough about what went on at school to get involved since we haven't been here that long. Why?"

"Cause maybe they don't know...about me being gay then," Aidan looked worried then, "Do you think they'd still want us to be friends if they knew?"

"What? Well, folks are cool. They might not let us sleep together again," he said looking serious, then he laughed, "I'm just bustin' your balls, they would be cool."

"I hope so, cause I really like your rents and well...both you guys, and I think we can be really good friends, especially since there's no sexual pressure on us like with some of my other friends in the past."

"So, does that mean no more handjobs?" Jeremy teased.

"Oh, that's no big deal, just two buddies having fun."

"Good, cause that was awesome."

"Well, I think I got everything. Mom should be here any minute, wanna' walk me to the door?"

"Yeah, but first...can I give you something?"

"Uh, yeah, what is it?" Aidan asked grinning.

"This," Jeremy said moving forward quickly and giving Aidan a big lingering hug.

"Wow, yeah...definitely...any time. I like hugs, especially form sexy dudes like you...and by the way, I could feel that flashlight you got in your pocket," he laughed.

Jeremy grinned and blushed once again, "Sorry, sometimes it just happens."

"Boy do I know it," Aidan said adjusting himself for show, "Well, come on let's go before something really embarrassing happens."

Isaac came from out of nowhere as they entered the hall and Aidan wondered if he'd been close enough to  hear their exchange or witness the hug, but he didn't stress on it. Isaac seemed like a cool guy and not the kind to freak over a bro hug and some sexy talk.

Aidan thanked the Wilsons again and when his mom arrived the two brothers walked him to the van. Aidan insisted on introducing Isaac and he and Mrs. Reynolds chatted for a few minutes while Jeremy and Aidan said goodbye once more.

"Well, see ya' at school tomorrow. Thanks for having me over. I bet our project will be the best one there on Wednesday."

"Hey, I had fun. Thanks for coming. See ya' bro," Jeremy said offering his fist to bump.

Jaden had elected to remain behind with his dad and Aidan slipped into the front seat next to his mom and waved as they backed out of the driveway.

"Have fun?"

"Yeah, I really did. Thanks for letting me go."

"You're welcome son. I was just glad to see you take interest in something again. I know having John move so suddenly has been hard for you, but you'll see, things will get better."

"I know, but maybe I don't want that to happen yet," Aidan said frowning.

"What do you mean sweetheart?"

"I mean maybe I want to suffer some more. I mean...if I just said, Oh well he's gone and that's that, wouldn't it be like saying what we had wasn't important or worth anything?" Aidan said sniffing back a few tears.

"I suppose you're right, but I don't think John would want you to be so unhappy."

"Huh, what does he care?" Aidan said clouding up, "He doesn't seem sad at all when he texts. He has his new home, his new dad, and a cool new city. He even likes school there and he made a friend named...get this, the fricking chipmunk."

"Language young man," Mrs. Reynolds scolded trying not to laugh.

Aidan huffed out a breath, "I didn't say the f word."

"I'm sorry if I upset you Aidan. I wish I'd chosen my words more carefully. Why don't we start over?"

"Fine." Aidan said sounding cool to the idea, or anything she had to say.

"Isaac seems nice," she offered, "he said something about a video..."

That was all it took to get Aidan to open up again and soon he was relating all that had happened musically, especially Jeremy's piano skills.

"That's wonderful. Will that new microphone we bought you be of any use?"

"Yeah, it's gonna make the new vids sound even better and with Isaac on guitar and Jeremy on keyboard we might go viral."

Mrs. Reynolds smiled, "Well, we'll help anyway we can, you know that."

"Thanks mom, sorry for being a poopy pants earlier," he said ginning. Poop pants was what his dad had always called the boys when they pouted.

She burst out laughing and patted Aidan gently, "I'd forgotten how your dad used to use that phrase to rile you boys up."

Aidan's tummy took that moment to rumble and he laughed, "What's for dinner mom?"


Jaden met them as they came in from the garage and the twins went upstairs to visit while Mrs. Reynolds put the finishing touches on dinner.

"So, was it a balls to the walls sex fest?" Jaden said lewdly.

"No, but it was fun anyway. He knew he'd eventually tell J about the handjob, but not yet, maybe tonight while they were doing a little sex play of their own, "And...I did find out all about what happened to Jeremy's leg."

"Oh, do tell," Jaden said sitting down on his bed and patting the spot beside him.

"First you gotta promise, you can't tell anyone else, not mom or dad, or Jimmy, no one."

"Sure, problem. You know my word is like gold."

"I know that, I just  had to make sure you understand how important it is to Jeremy for people to treat him like a regular kid. He's afraid if kids at school know they'll feel sorry for him and treat him like a cripple or something."

"Some might, but most wouldn't, at least not the ones we know, but it's his choice. Now, what happened?"

Aidan related Jeremy's tale as precisely as he could remember with Jaden interrupting him a few times to ask questions and when he was through Jaden seemed to be taking it all in before speaking again.

"Did you see it, the stump, I mean?"

"Yeah, but it wasn't gross or anything. That was a long time time ago and of course it's healed and toughened up." Aidan didn't volunteer that he'd been so close to the stump because he'd been giving Jeremy a handjob, that could wait till later.

"And his legs, he has more than one?"

"Yeah, the one he was wearing then was what he calls his dress leg," Aidan laughed, "and the one I first saw in the closet is for sports and stuff. He says when he stops growing he will probably get one of those carbon fiber ones that are kind of curved."

"Wow, that's kind of cool. I mean this is so unexpected. Just looking at him you'd never know."

"Yeah, and that's important to him. He's a really nice guy J, but he's sensitive about his leg and how people treat him."

Jaden gave his brother and inquisitive look, "You crushing on him little bro?"

"No," Aidan said frowning, "but I like him as a friend and I care about his feelings." Aidan was beginning to have second thoughts about telling J about the handjob now since it would only fuel his suspicions that there was more to their relationship than he was saying.

"I like him too. He's a cool dude, maybe even cooler than I thought. Hey, what's his bro like?"

So Aidan went on to talk about Isaac, the music, and the proposed video and Jaden could hear the excitement and joy in his voice. He was glad that Aidan was coming alive again and healing after his loss, but he knew he still had a ways to go and anything could set him back.

"Too bad I can't sing as good as you, think how cool it would be if there were two of us."

"Hey, you're not that bad and now that you mention it, what if you sang backup? Then I wouldn't have to overdub and add my own voice to parts that run on together."

"Sure, I don't mind. Maybe I'll get friendly with Jeremy's big bro and see what's in his pants."

"'re incorrigible," Aidan laughed.

"Oooo..big word, been reading the dictionary again?"

They were interrupted by their dad calling them to dinner and raced down the stairs to see who could get there first. As they came bounding into the dining room Mrs. Reynolds looked up and smiled and for once she didn't scold them for running in the house. It was just nice to have both her boys back, even if they were ornery and barely house broken.


End Chapter 18

Greetings readers. There's a new Aidan coming our way and I hope you like the changes. He's making new friends and  pursuing new interests and becoming a more rounded person. But in the process is he pulling away from his old friends and maybe even his own brother.? Well, lots more ahead, so hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

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