The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad

City of Angels

Chapter 26

"I've never flown before," Zak admitted as he sat in the back seat of the van beside Aidan. At the last minute his mom had given in and was allowing Zak to accompany the boys to LA for the recording session and tour of the city.

The original plan had been to cut the CD earlier in the spring, but do to production problems at the studio, the recording session was moved to late May. And so two days after saying goodbye to all their friends at school the boys were on their way to sunny California.

"It's sort of scary, but fun too. Sort of like when we rode that big roller coaster at the amusement park. Remember how scared you were as we went up the big hill, then when we came down you were too busy having fun to think about that."

"You mean, the plane is gonna go up real high then come down real fast?" Zak asked with wide-eyed terror.

"No, silly. Once it's up there it will level out and fly that way till we get to California, then it will come down slowly at a slight angle. Then before you know it the wheels will touch the ground and we coast to the end of the runway. It's no big deal really, safer than riding in a car actually."

"Too bad we can't just drive there," Zak muttered and even Jaden laughed at his brother's boyfriend.

Unfortunately Jimmy's mom had gotten some bad news at the last minute and she and Jimmy had to go up North to his grandma's funeral and he was not able to go with them. Jaden took the news well, figuring he'd be too busy to miss his lover, but at the moment his thoughts were with Jimmy and he missed him dearly.

"Too bad Jimmy couldn't come," Jeremy said as if reading Jaden's mind. He and Isaac were sitting with Jaden in the back row, pressed together tightly in the bench seat, but no one was complaining.

"Yeah, it sucks, but family comes first," Jaden said sadly.

"Yeah, I get that. If it was my grand that died I'd wanna be there too."

As if Jimmy was on the same wave length as Jaden, he chose that very minute to text Jaden.

Jimmy: hi how r u

Jaden: fine you? sorry bout your grandma

Jimmy: yeah thanks she was nice

Jaden: I miss you

Jimmy: stop you'll make me cry i miss you to

Jaden: sorry I'll text ya every day and we can skype

Jimmy: yeah..just don't go fallin' in love with some surfer dude out there lol

Jaden: no way i only love you

Jimmy: aww...i love you too

Jaden: i wish you could join us after the funeral and all

Jimmy: me too but we really can't afford the plane ticket and stuff

Jaden:  yeah i understand, but it sucks

Jimmy: yeah..hey sorry but mom is calling me...gotta go, text me when you can

Jaden: okay love ya, miss ya

Jimmy: love ya more, miss ya more

And with that he was gone.

"Was that lover boy?" Jeremy asked grinning.

"Yeah, now I really miss him."

Mrs. Reynolds had been listening to bits and pieces of the boys' conversations as she rode shotgun up front, while her husband drove them to the airport. His job made it impossible for him to accompany them to California this time, but in a week or so he would be joining them, using two weeks of his vacation. Mrs. Reynolds however would be accompanying them, riding herd over them, and hopefully keeping them out of trouble.

"Jaden honey, I know you miss Jimmy, but what if..." and she gave her husband a questioning look, "Jimmy came out with dad when he comes out later on?"

Mr. Reynolds gave his wife a little smile, but didn't protest. He was as kind hearted as his wife and as easy going as any man could be.

"Really? You mean it? Oh man, that would be so cool. Can you call his mom when they get back and see if she'll go for it?"

"Yes, dear we'll handle all the details. Meanwhile it's probably best you don't mention it to Jimmy, just in case his mom has a problem with it."

"Okay, but I bet she'll be all for it. She was gonna let him go with us before her mom died...right?"

"Yes, but she might need Jimmy at home with her now, we'll just have to wait and see what she says."

"Okay, but I bet she says yes," Jaden said happily.

The rest of the trip was a pleasant one, although Zak still seemed to have misgivings about flying. He didn't want to appear to be a wuss in front of his bf and friends so he put on a brave face and just kept quiet.

Check-in was slow, but soon they were in the waiting area, and no one had to be subjected to a strip search or worse by TSA. The boys sat together on chairs facing the big glass window looking out on the runway, occasionally getting up to watch a plane arrive or depart, while Mrs. Reynolds sat nearby checking her phone. Mr. Reynolds had left them in the lobby out front and after hugs all around and a kiss for his wife he had departed. Mrs. Reynolds was almost as sad as Jaden, knowing she would be apart from the man she loved, but as an adult she was better equipped to handle such things. Still it was the first time they'd been apart for that long since they were married, and she already missed her man.

Getting up and sitting down by his mother, Jaden looked at her and smiled, "Miss dad already?"

"How did you know?" she said giving her son a tender look.

"Cause you have a pic of him pulled up on your phone," Jaden chuckled, "when did you take that one?"

"Last night. I wanted a current picture to remind me that as he's gotten older he's gotten handsomer and more desirable," she laughed.

"Mom, do you think dad is sexy?" Jaden said grinning.

"No, I don't think so, I know so," she said grinning back, "He's the only man I've ever truly loved and I love everything about him."

"I hope it's like that for me and Jimmy some day," Jaden said thoughtfully, "but if not him, then someone. I want what you and dad have, and to be in love with someone forever."

"I'm sure you'll find it. You're a dear and wonderful young man and Jimmy is very lucky to have found you. You're both still young and things could change, but for now I think you two are on the right track."

"Yeah, I miss him as much as you miss dad I bet."

"Then we'll just have to make each other forget about that," she said patting her son's hand, "you can be my date till our men arrive," she teased.

"You're on mom," Jaden said giving his mom a hug.

Their flight was right on time and thirty minutes later they were boarding American Airlines flight 2424 to LAX.

Zak was trying hard not to show the panic he felt creeping up on him as they walked down the narrow aisle in search of their seats, but Aidan could almost smell his fear, and laying a reassuring hand on his shoulder he guided him into the window seat on their row.

"It's easier if you can see outside," Aidan said knowingly, "my first time J had the window seat and I kept bugging him to let me see," he laughed.

"O...okay, but I'm fine...really?"

"Good, cause I just know you are going to love flying once you see how easy and safe it is."

Beside Aidan was Mrs. Reynolds on the Aisle seat and across from her sat Jaden, Jeremy, and Isaac who had claimed the window seat. The plane filled quickly, but not quickly enough for the boys, and then there was the long wait to taxi out to the runway for the takeoff, but eventually they were lined up and cleared for take off and the fun began.

"Here we go," Aidan said taking Zak's  hand in his, "We're gonna go really fast and when the plane gets to take off speed you'll feel us start to go up, and up, and then we'll level off and it will be easy peasy from there on out."

"Oh, okay," Zak said, but about then the plane began to accelerate and the shaking and noise of the wheels on the tarmac squelched any other words he might have considered speaking.

Eyes wide with fear, a death grip on Aidan's hand, Zak waited for the plane to either take off or burst into flames, and when it was the former and not the latter that happened, only then did he relax some. But now a new fear hit him, what if the plane couldn't pull out of their  upward climb, would they eventually wind up in outer space and explode from lack of oxygen?

Then just when he believed his worse fears were coming true the plane began to level out and soon they were making a lazy circle changing their heading to due West, California bound.

"See, wasn't that fun?" Aidan said grinning at Zak and squeezing his hand gently.

"Yeah, piece of cake," Zak said grinning back, "I wasn't nervous or scared at all," he lied, but both of them knew better and suddenly they both broke out in laughter.

"How long does it take to get there?" Aidan asked of his mom who had been observing the two with a smile.

"Less than two hours, but then there's the wait to taxi to the terminal, and waiting for everyone to get off the plane. We should be in our hotel rooms by noon or one o'clock though. Then we'll have lunch."

"Yeah, and tomorrow we report to the studio for our first session," Aidan said excitedly.

"To think my two boys are going to be rich and famous," she sighed, "I just hope you don't let it go to your head.

"Aww, mom we won't. We're still gonna be the same perfect little angels we always were," Aidan laughed.

"Angels, no, perfect, no, but sweet and lovable, yes," she said grinning, "and I am very proud of both of you, actually of all of you," she said including the other boys present.

"We couldn't have done it without you and dad, you know that, right? You taught us to do our best and to never give up on our dreams," Aidan said looking very emotional, "and of those dreams may be coming true."

"I'm very happy for you dear, and you know your father and I will do everything we can to help that dream come true, as long as it doesn't interfere with your education."

"It won't. We'll make it work, you'll see," Aidan assured her, then he turned his attention to Zak and the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds outside the window.

"It's like being in Heaven," Zak said in awe, "I love flying. I wish I'd known it was this cool, I'd have never been worried or afraid."

"Well, everything is a little scary the first time, but once you try it you realize that all your fears were just because it was the unknown."

"Yeah. Hey Aidan, thanks for talking my mom into letting me come with you guys."

"My folks had a lot to do with that, and believe it or not, your brother Jason had a hand in it too. He made your mom see how important it was for you to go out and see some of the world and be on your own for once. Well,  not completely on your own, but you get what I mean?"

"Yeah, thanks. Jason is a good, but it wasn't always like that. Tommy has been good for him. I feel like I have two bros now, three counting Jaden."

"And another family too, my family is your family," Aidan said picking up Zak's hand and kissing it as if  he were royalty.

Zak giggled, "Better stop or you'll get us thrown off the plane."

"Yikes, I hope not, it's a long way down," Aidan said, and they both laughed.

Brad Turner was there to greet them at the airport and after they'd recovered their luggage he directed them to a gleaming white Limo which was waiting to whisk them away to the hotel.  A uniformed driver stowed their luggage as the boys and Mrs. Reynolds climbed in the car and soon they were on their way.

"Wow, a limo," Jaden whistled, "I hear these things even have mini-bars in em'," he said climbing in and looking around.

"This one has soft drinks, sports drinks, and milk shakes," Mr. Turner said grinning, "we equipped it specially for you guys. It will be yours to use as long as you're here in LA, courtesy of the record company.

It didn't take long for the boys to make themselves at home in the luxurious ride and soon they had a drink in hand as they talked excitedly and gawked at the scenery outside the tinted windows. Jaden was first to notice the sunroof, and after opening it, he stood and stuck his head out and began to yell at the passing motorists who seemed to be used to such behavior. Soon the other boys joined him, and what a sight they must have been, five teenage boys laughing and enjoying the warm California sun as they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Hotel was only a short drive from the airport, and as they would learn the next day, an even shorter drive from the studio where they would be recording the CD. The record company had thought of everything and provided not only four star accommodations, but transportation, as well as planned entertainment for the group.

"Wow, this place is pretty fancy," Jeremy said as they rode the glass elevator with it's view of  the four story lobby to the top floor, "What do you suppose a place like this costs for one night?"

"Probably more than my allowance for ten years," Jaden said, "but I bet they get a deal since they use this place for their stars all the time."

"He's right," Brad Turner said with a smile, "We actually own several of the suites on the top floor and when we're not using them we get a grand a night for them."

"Wow, we're staying in a place that costs a thousand a night?" Zak said, his mouth falling open in shock.

"Yep buddy, nothing but the best for our stars," Mr. Turner said, amused at the innocense of these fresh-faced boys.

The suite contained four bedrooms, three full baths, a kitchen, a sitting area with a wall of sliding glass doors leading out to a huge balcony, and a formal living area with a TV so large it covered almost all of one wall.

"Wow, all this for us?" Jaden said looking around, "Look at the size of that TV," he said wandering into the living room.

"Yes, all yours. There should be plenty of room for the six of you, and meals will be provided in the restaurants downstairs, or you can call room service. There's also a full kitchen if you want to do some cooking of your own. Just let the hotel desk know if there's anything else you need. The hotel provides maid service daily, unless you tell them otherwise."

"This is wonderful," Mrs. Reynolds said, as much in shock as the boys were, "It's almost too much to take in all at once. Thank you so much for your hospitality."

"No problem at all, it's how we like to treat our stars. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do back at the office, so I'll leave you to get settled in. You have my number if you need anything, otherwise I will see you tomorrow morning at 8. The limo will be out front about 7:30."

"Thanks again," Mrs. Reynolds said shaking his hand.

"Yeah, thanks," the boys added almost in unison.

When Mr. Turner was gone the boys began exploring the suite and staking claim to their sleeping spots. As expected they left the master bedroom with it's huge bath and sunken tub for Mrs. Reynolds. There were two bedrooms sharing a common bath and a fourth bedroom which had it's own bath, and while not as big as the master bedroom it was still quite luxurious. Jeremy and Isaac wound up with that bedroom by mutual agreement, while Jaden took one of the two adjoining bedrooms, and Aidan and Zak took the other. In a week or so when Jimmy joined them they'd share the room, but for now Jaden would be sleeping alone.

After unpacking,  the group went downstairs to check out one of the two restaurants in the Hotel and ordered a late lunch. The boys had hamburgers and fries, except Aidan who had a chicken sandwich, while Mrs. Reynolds had a salad with grilled chicken and cranberries.

The food was good and once the waiter found out that the group was staying in one of the suites owned by the record company, the level of service seemed to improve. No mention was made of paying, however Mrs. Reynolds was asked to sign the bill for their records before it was whisked away. Mrs. Reynolds couldn't help but notice how much the food cost and she wondered once again how the record company could afford to treat all their up and coming stars so graciously. Then after leaving a generous tip Mrs. Reynolds led the boys out of the restaurant.

"A hundred bucks for burgers and fries?" Jaden said once they were back in the room.

"And chicken, and salad," Aidan reminded him, "besides, who cares, we're stars now and the record company is paying for it all."

"You're not a star yet young man," Mrs. Reynolds chuckled, "but if they insist on paying, who are we to question that?"

After lunch they decided to change clothes and see a little of the city, and while the boys changed into shorts and tee shirts, Mrs. Reynolds called the number she'd been given for the Limo driver and was surprised to hear that he would be there in ten minutes.

"Hurry guys the Limo will be out front in ten minutes," she said rushing to her room to freshen up and change.

"Don't worry mom, we're ready," Jaden said as the boys came into the hall, "it's you who needs to hurry up," he chuckled.

The Limo driver was a young black man named Irving and he knew every inch of the city and in fact most places in the state. Before becoming a limo driver he had been a truck driver who did short hauls all over the state and knew the territory like the back of his hand. 

As they rode along the boys chatted excitedly when they weren't popping their heads out of the sunroof, and oohing and ahing at all the cool sights. 

"Is there a mall nearby?" Jaden asked leaning in the open window between the driver and the back passengers. 

"Yes sir, Hollywood and Highland is the place to go. It's quite a place, and from the upper level you can see the Hollywood sign and the Dolby Theatre is located there. That's where The Academy Awards and America's Got Talent is hosted."

"Can we go mom?" Aidan begged, jumping into the discussion.

"I don't see why not, drive on Irving," she laughed.

Even Mrs. Reynold's wasn't prepared for the grandeur and sheer immensity of the mall and she felt like a kid again as they wandered the place, finally signing up for a tour of the Dolby Theatre, which inspired more oohs and ahs from the group.

Afterwards they stopped at a little cafe for refreshments before finally heading back to the hotel. This had only been their first day in LA and already they were in love with the city.

They showered and dressed for dinner around five and went down to the other restaurant in the hotel, and after a short wait were seated at a long table near the back. The waiters here wore black slacks, white shirts, and red vests, even the females, and the atmosphere was much more formal than they were used to. Back home when they went out for dinner it was usually fast food or family friendly restaurants, and this was a novelty to all of them, even Mrs. Reynolds.

"Wow, look at the prices," Jaden said wide-eyed, "Can I have the lobster?" he said grinning, "since the record company is paying."

"Order whatever you want," she said easily, "I think I'll have the filet mignon. I've always wanted to try that."

Zak seemed most out of place, his idea of eating out being a hamburger or tacos, but fortunately Aidan helped him order and saved him from being too embarrassed. They settled on grilled chicken on a bed of rice with roasted vegetables lining the plate, while Jaden and Jeremy ordered the lobster, and Isaac had a steak and baked potato.

While they waited for their food they munched on bread and butter and talked about the things they'd seen so far.

"Wish Jimmy was here," Jaden said looking sad, "he would have loved the Dolby Theatre, he loves AGT and American Idol."

"Yes, your father would have enjoyed it too," his mom said understanding Jaden's funk better than the others.

"We'll go back when they get here," Jaden said brightening some.

The food was delicious, even if somewhat overpriced, but the portions were decent, and the boys had no problem putting away everything on their plates. After everyone had finished their meal, a waiter brought over a dessert cart and the boys each chose a gooey delicious treat, while Mrs. Reynolds chose a small dish of sherbet.

After signing the check, Mrs. Reynolds led the group back to their room to recuperate from their meal.

The boys headed for the balcony and were enjoying the view while Mrs. Reynolds went to her room to call her husband.

"Wow, look at the view," Aidan said breathing in the night air. Fortunately it was a clean-air day and he didn't get a lung full of smog.

"Yeah, I wish we could move California," Jaden said excitedly, "Hey, maybe if we make it big, dad can quit his job and be our manager and we can move here."

"J," Aidan chuckled, "aren't you kind of getting ahead of yourself? We haven't even made the CD yet. What if it's a flop? What if we don't make it?" Aidan said airing some of his deepest concerns.

"How can we fail?" Jaden said placing an arm around his twin, "the girls are gonna love  us, not to mention the gay boys," he chuckled.

"I hope so," Aidan said, "anyway we need to go over some of the numbers for tomorrow. Are you guys up for it?"

"Yeah, come on, we can enjoy the view later," Isaac said taking charge.

In addition to the keyboard Jeremy had brought,  both Aidan and Isaac had their guitars, and they had brought a digital recorder/playback unit and tons of back up music for rehearsing.

"I  hope we don't get thrown out of this place for making too much noise," Jaden laughed as they set up their equipment.

"Brad said that only two of the other suites were occupied and they're on the far side, so you should be okay," Mrs. Reynolds said joining them then, "mind if I hang around and listen to you boys rehearse?"

"Heck no mom, we can use all the advice we can get," Aidan said smiling, "have a seat and prepare to be wowed, "Okay guys, let's do the new one we've been working on."

Despite the lack of accousitcs and a full size keyboard, drums, and sound system, the boys got into the music quickly, and Mrs. Reynolds was more impressed than ever. The new number featured Jaden and Aidan taking turns singing the lead vocals with Jeremy and Isaac singing backup.

Zak sat with Mrs. Reynolds, his eyes on Aidan the whole time as he listened to the words, imagining that they were being sung just for him. He was so in love with Aidan that it was sometimes frightening for him. Why else would he give in and agree to fly to LA, when he had feared flying all his life, and had sworn he would never let his feet leave the ground?

"That was awesome," Zak said jumping up as he clapped loudly.

"It was very good," Mrs. Reynolds said, her clapping a bit more subdued.

"Thanks mom, thanks Zak. It will sound better in the studio with all the equipment and stuff, but it's a good number for the live shows too."

"I see you've already started  planning ahead," Mrs. Reynolds said grinning.

"Yeah, we've pretty much got our entire show figured out," Aidan offered, "but there will probably be some changes once the production team put together the lighting and such."

"I can't wait to see what they come up with," his mother said smiling, "but even without all that, you boys are amazing."

"Thanks mom. Okay guys, let's do As Long as You Love Me, J you okay with the rapping part?"

"Yeah, I been practicing," Jaden said grinning.

"Okay, Zak, this one's for you baby," Aidan said as they began.

Long as You Love Me by Justin Bieber, featuring Big Sean. Imagine our boys, Aidan and Jaden doing the vocals. (click the link to hear the song)

Zak jumped up as soon as the song had finished and threw himself at Aidan and kissed his face, seemingly oblivious of the others around him. When he had finished he turned a reddening face to Mrs. Reynolds and apologized profusely.

"Sorry, I just got carried away," he said taking his seat once more.

"I think it was very sweet," Mrs. Reynolds said sincerely, "that was simply amazing boys. Jaden I had no idea you could rap so well..."

"Thanks mom, I been practicing. If these guys are gonna insist on me being in the band I want to do my part."

"You are a big part of this band,"  Jeremy said putting an arm around Jaden's neck, "the five of us are gonna go straight to the top, you'll see."

They did a couple more numbers before they decided to take a break, and while Mrs. Reynolds went in to the living room to watch some TV, the boys sipped soft drinks on the balcony.

"Man, LA, city of Angels," Aidan said sighing, "I never dreamed we'd make it this far this soon. I mean I've known for a long time that this is what I want to do with my life, the music, I mean, but I guess I thought it would be after college when I was grown up some."

"It was bound to happen A," Jaden said then, "your YouTube channel has a gozillion followers and the record companies are crazy for that stuff. Look how well it worked for Matty B and all those other boy singers."

"Yeah, YouTube is awesome. Well, tomorrow we'll find out if we really have what it takes I guess."

"Hey, nervous?" Jaden said laying an arm around his brother's neck and bumping heads gently with him, "Not to worry little brother, we're gonna' knock em' dead."


The boys were up and showered and dressed before seven and after a quick breakfast of sweet rolls and oatmeal they brushed their teeth and did some last minute primping before heading down to meet the Limo.

The boys were a bit more subdued today than they had been the day before. They were nervous and anxious, but excited as they thought about what lay ahead. Zak had remained behind with Mrs. Reynolds, but in a way Aidan was glad. He really didn't need any distractions at this point.

They were led into a conference room as soon as they arrived and there they met the production team and the president of Argosy records, Phil Michaels. 

Mr. Michaels was surprisingly young for someone in such a position, and thus had a firm grasp on today's music trends. He assured the boys that he and the production company would do everything they could to make sure they were a success. Then wishing them well, he left them to do what they'd come to do.

The production team was used to working with fresh talent and had the boys feeling very at ease before too long. As they went over every aspect of the recording process they seemed impressed with the boy's understanding of everything. The boys' experience making videos for YouTube was a big factor in that, and before too long they were ready to get to work.

The first thing they did was decide what songs were to go on the CD. While the record company had some ideas about what they wanted, they were flexible, and by the time the final selections were made, most of the boys favorites were included. A couple of the new selections were ones the boys wouldn't have thought of otherwise and were anxious to give them a try.

By then it was lunch time and the studio had lunch brought in and they dined in a small dining room in the office area of the record company. The boys used the time as a question and answer period, picking the brains of the production crew, who were even more impressed with the boys afterwards.

At one they began work on the first number, the one Aidan and Jaden had performed for their mother and Zak the previous night, and to their surprise got it right in one take.

"That just never happens guys, "Gus, one of the guys on the boards said, "a take in one is as rare as a four leaf clover," he chuckled. "That will save us a ton of time later on, let's just hope we have that kind of luck on the rest of the numbers."

They worked on two other numbers that afternoon, but by four they were all tired and with only one track sewed up they decided to call it a day.

They were back at the hotel shortly after five and when they arrived both Mrs. Reynolds and Zak greeted them and wanted to know how things went.

The boys took turns telling all that happened that day, and when they were finished Mrs. Reynolds congratulated them and filled them in on her and Zak's day.

"I've made reservations at an Italian restaurant for seven, I thought you boys might want to celebrate a bit," she said smiling.

"Does that mean we can  have Champagne?" Jaden asked hopefully.

"Maybe a sip, but later, in the room. I don't want to get arrested for serving alcohol to underage boys," she laughed.

"All right mom!" Jaden said hugging her, "Come on guys, lets get showered and changed for our night out on the town."

Day two the boys nailed two more takes and by the time 5 o'clock rolled around they were exhausted.

"Who knew this would be such hard work?" Jeremy said, looking ready to crash as they headed back to the hotel.

"It wasn't that bad," Aidan said still sounding perky. Of all the boys, he was the most energetic and pumped about the whole thing, "We have three tracks down and from what Doug told me, that's actually ahead of schedule."

"But we still have 11 tracks to go," Jaden said looking out the window as an expensive sports car pulled up beside them, "Hey, suppose that guy is a movie star or something?"

"Who knows? Seems like everyone here is rich and drive cars like that," Aidan said.

"Yeah, well...pretty soon we can afford cars like that, even if we can't drive yet," he laughed.

"We're gonna bank our money to pay for college, remember bro?" Aidan reminded him.

"Yeah, well...we get to spend some of it, just sayin'..."

That night they were too tired to go out and dined in the smaller restaurant downstairs and then retired to the hotel room. The boys rehearsed one of the new numbers the record company had provided for them as Mrs. Reynolds and Zak watched.

It wasn't their usual type of music, but they adapted quickly, and by the third take they pretty much had it down. Mrs. Reynolds listened with an open mind, but when they had finished the first take she voiced her opinion.

"It's not like your usual stuff, I'm not sure I agree it's right for you boys. What do you  boys think?"

"At first we didn't like it, but once we ran through it, we sort of saw what they saw, that it was different enough to get us noticed."

"Yeah, it's not typical Alternate Love stuff, but it's a good tune and it will make a good number for the road shows too."

"Well, you boys know best, I'm just a fan," his mom said smiling, "What do you think Zak?"

"I think...I think Aidan could make Mary had a little lamb into a hit," he said giggling, "he's soooo sexy...oh sorry..." he said blushing.

"Not the word a mom wants to hear to describe her son, but I have to agree that Aidan and the boys have the kind of raw talent that can make a hit of any song," she said including the others so as not to make them feel left out.

"Well, we're not quite ready to record this one yet, and tomorrow we're working on some of the stuff we put up on YouTube so it will be a snap."

"That's good, tomorrow is Friday and you guys have the weekend to rest up before you hit it again on Monday. We have plans all weekend and that will help you get your mind off things for a while."

"Awesome mom. Okay guys, let's do Roller Coaster..."

As the boys got into the number Zak jumped up and began dancing and Mrs. Reynolds smiled at his enthusiasm. As the boys morphed into the next tune the music filled the room and the boys forgot all about their fatigue and did what they loved best, making music.

Friday the boys were able to get one more track down before the production crew called it an early day. By four they were back at the Hotel and ready for a weekend of fun.

That weekend they visited Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Santa Monica Pier, as well as taking an unscheduled drive past some of the famous celebrities homes, among which was Ellen's home.

"Oh my God, I love her sooo much," Aidan said, "I want to be on her show so's like...the best thing that could ever happen to us."

"Well, maybe now that we're famous..." Jaden began.

"I hope so, that would be like the best thing ever."

They ate at the Cheesecake Factory that evening then toured Rodeo drive and went on a drive to see the lights of the city, including the HOLLYWOOD sign. The next day they had plans to go to the beach, where Brad Turner had a beach front home, and then to a Luau given in their honor that night on the beach. 

Mrs. Reynolds was right, it was a busy weekend.

The next day the boys donned swimsuits in the dressing room near the pool at the beach house and headed toward the beach. It was the first time Zak had ever seen the ocean and  he seemed a little apprehensive at first.

"It's so big. Are there sharks?" he said looking out at the sparkling blue water.

"A few, but all you gotta do is punch em' in the nose and they won't bother ya'," Jaden teased.

"Huh uh, they'd swallow my whole arm if I did," Zak said frowning.

"As far as I know there are no sharks nearby, but if there were they'd warn us. Look, lots of kids out there splashing around, even some guys boarding. Come on, let's at least wade in up to our hips so we can say we've been in the ocean," Aidan offered.

Once Zak got into the warm water he soon forgot his fears as Aidan had hoped, and was swimming and playing around with him and the others. Mrs. Reynolds even came in for a short time wearing a one piece bathing suit that wasn't too revealing, but the looks the men on the beach gave her said she was still a sexy looking woman.

Though the twins didn't like to think of their mom that way, they could appreciate the fact that she stayed in shape and had that effect on men, especially their dad, who in their eyes was just as sexy.

At lunch time they had sandwiches and soft drinks, but didn't eat too much since there would be a big feed that night. Afterwards they swam some more and soon a couple of teenage boys  joined them.

"Hi, I'm Sean, that's Miguel. You guys live here or just visiting?" the blond, blue eyed surfer asked flashing a perfect smile.

"We're here to make a CD," Jaden said jumping right in. He thought the kid was drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell, "Our band is Alternate Love and the beach house belongs to one of the guys from the record company. Oh by the way, I'm Jaden and that ugly kid over there is my twin Aidan, and that's Zak, and Jeremy, and Isaac."

"Cool, have I ever heard any of your stuff?"

"Dunno, Aidan has a YouTube channel. That was before we took the name Alternate Love, it's just under his name there...Aidan Reynolds."

"I may have seen some of your videos. I thought you  looked familiar, only I guess it was your brothers face I was remembering," he laughed.

"I think you are very....cute," the other boy, a dark eyed Hispanic boy said causing Sean to laugh.

"Don't mind him, he says that to all the boys on the beach hoping to get lucky."

"Oh, are you...?" Jaden asked.

"He is, I'm bi," Sean said casually, "best of both worlds. Never have a problem finding a date that way," he chuckled.

"Aidan and I are Gay," Jaden said not revealing how the other three identified sexually. 

"I'm gay too," Zak volunteered, "and Aidan is my boyfriend,"  he said grinning.

"Wow, you make a cute couple," Sean said.

"You are both very cute," Miguel said, "too bad you are taken."

"Damn Miguel, chill out, I didn't bring you over here to shop for boys," Sean chuckled, "You guys up for some volleyball? We got a game starting in a few minutes."

Speaking for all of them, Jaden accepted the offer, and they joined a few other kids, boys and girls, for a rousing game of beach volleyball.

One of the girls, Polly, kept smiling at Jeremy and it was all he could do to keep his head in the game. She was pretty and blond and had a nice body to boot, much of which was revealed by her skimpy bikini. If he hadn't been happily attached to Dee he might very well  have dipped his pen in her ink, as they say, but instead he just lusted in vain. She didn't even seem to be put off by his prosthetic leg, which was in plain view now that he was wearing board shorts.

Jaden was experiencing some lusting of his own, but it wasn't a girl who had caught his attention, it was Sean, the blond haired surfer dude. He knew it was pointless but he couldn't help but look and lust, even if he knew there was no way he would cheat on Jimmy. If only Jimmy were there, he mused, maybe Jimmy would go for a three way, but that was silly. He didn't even know if Sean was interested in him that way. He'd said he was bi, but what did that really mean? Would a golden boy like him be interested in two kids from the sticks? 

Aidan and Zak seemed to be enjoying themselves, bumping into one another and giggling like little kids, and the others soon figured out that they were a couple. No one gave it a second thought however, they were all open minded and had had their share of experiences with both sexes. The three girls were probably the straightest of the bunch, and did their share of looking and lusting at the young studs with their junk bouncing around in their trunks.

When they tired of the game they decided to break for drinks and split up to grab a soda or sports drink from one of the coolers scattered around the beach. As the boys sat down on their blankets to chill for a moment Sean and Miguel came ambling over and joined them.

"Polly likes you," Sean said suddenly, looking at Jeremy and laughing, "She was wondering if you wanted to hang out some with her."

"I uh, I have a girlfriend back home," Jeremy said, obviously wishing at the moment that he wasn't attached.

"So? What she don't know won't hurt her," Sean said simply.

"I don't cheat on my girl," Jeremy said stubbornly, "But tell Polly thanks and that she's awesome."

"Tell her yourself, here she comes," Sean chuckled, "Might be harder to say no than you think," he added staring at the bulge in Jeremy's board shorts.

"Hi you guys," Polly said smiling a million dollar smile.

"Hello," Jaden said grinning, "have a seat," he said moving so she was forced to sit by Jeremy who gave him a WTF look.

"So you guys are musicians huh? I can't wait for your CD to come out, I'll be one of the first to buy it," she said looking at Jeremy with those soft doe eyes the girls use on guys.

"Well, we uh...I mean it won't be out for a while. We ummm...were supposed to go on tour this summer to promote it, but we don't know if it will be ready in time."

"I bet it's going to be really good," she said, "I went to YouTube and saw some of your videos after Sean told me about you, and you're awesome, all of you."

"Thanks," Aidan said jumping in, "Our goal is to make music that's current and inclusive of all young people, gay or straight."

"Oh, are you all gay?" she asked looking concerned.

"I am, J is. I can't speak for the others, that's their business," Aidan said stiffly.

"I'm BI," Jeremy suddenly offered, "but I have a girlfriend back home."

"I don't really define myself with a label," Isaac said, "I like girls, and I've been with some guys. I guess I could go either way with the right person."

This was a lot for Isaac to say, especially in front of strangers, and the others wondered what had brought that on.

"And right now I'm not attached to anyone," he added giving Polly a killer smile.

If she couldn't have Jeremy, then maybe Isaac would do. She found Jeremy interesting, especially when she saw his prosthetic leg, but if he was attached she didn't want to mess things up for him at  home.

They chatted for a while and eventually Polly brought up the subject of Jeremy's leg and he was happy to tell his story. When he was finished Polly looked sympathetic, but assured him that it was in no way a turn off, and only made him more interesting.

Isaac sat listening to the two with an amused look on his face. The girl just wouldn't give up. Well, he'd have to figure out some way to divert her attention to him. The girl was hot and he was sure she could easily be had, but first he had to get her mind off Jeremy.

"Hey Polly, wanna go for a swim and cool off a little?" Isaac asked offering his hand to help her up.

Sighing and giving Jeremy one last longing look she accepted Isaac's hand and the two ran off toward the water.

"Wow, she sure has the hots for you," Sean laughed, "but your big bro will probably take her mind off you once she gets a glimpse of what he's packing. I could see he was excited...if you know what I mean."

"Isaac's a nice guy," Aidan offered, "and he won't hurt her if that's what you're worried about."

"I'm not worried. Polly can take care of herself. She likes boys and isn't shy at all about going after one she finds hot. We even got together a couple times, but nothing serious."

" you have a girlfriend or anything now?" Jaden asked, trying not to sound too interested.

"Naw, no commitments, just enjoying life and love with no strings attached," Sean said grinning and giving Jaden a wink, "How bout' you, gotta' boyfriend back home?"

"Yeah," Jaden admitted, "his name is Jimmy and he's super cool."

"Too bad," Sean said casually, "LA is a great place to meet new people."

"We can meet new people without sleeping with them," Aidan said curtly.

"Yeah, I suppose. Who's ready for a swim?"

They were still talking as they walked toward the water and Jeremy noticed Isaac and Polly were nowhere to be seen. At first he was worried, then he decided the two had probably wandered off somewhere to be alone and maybe get to know each other. Little did he know just how well they were getting to know each other at that moment.

"I see the two lovers didn't stay long," Sean chuckled, "Probably back at Polly's place doing some heavy petting by now."

"Oh, so...she lives here on the beach?" Jeremy asked.

"Naw, but her dad has a rental here and they use it sometimes. She lets us hang out too, so it's cool. Her dad is always gone though, he's in the banking business and always busy."

"So...umm, they're alone up there?" Jeremy said sounding concerned.

"Well, unless Polly dragged some other boy along for the ride. She's been known to do that," he laughed, "The more the merrier as far as she's concerned."

"Doesn't she worry about STD's or getting pregnant?" Aidan asked frowning.

"She buys condoms by the gross," he laughed, "and she insists that any boy she's with  use them."

"Doesn't sound like the kind of girl Isaac would go for," Aidan offered.

"Hey, he's not dating her, he's just having some fun while he can. If the guy doesn't have a girlfriend back home, then it's perfect."

"I guess," Aidan said bobbing near his boyfriend Zak and giving him a smile. Then taking his hand he leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "I'm glad I have my bae with me though."

" two are so cute," Miguel said smiling, "I wish I could find a boy to love," he added sighing.

"You will," Jaden assured him, "You're a cute guy and someone is bound to come along sooner or later."

They swam for a while longer and eventually Isaac and Polly joined them once more, looking flushed but happy. Jeremy couldn't wait to get his bro alone and interrogate him, but he didn't say anything in front of the others.

"You two have fun?" Sean asked, not quite as subdued as Jeremy.

"Of course," Polly said grinning, "You should know."

Sean just chuckled, while Isaac blushed, but he too was grinning. 

They swam and played for a long time, getting to know each other better and suddenly Jaden had an idea.

"Hey, think you guys could come to the luau tonight? The record company is throwing this big party for us on the beach and well...we really don't know anyone who'll be there and we could use some friends there."

"That's a great idea," Aidan said sincerely.

"I don't see why not," Sean said easily, "we're all staying at Polly's dad's beach house anyway. What time does it begin?"

"Not sure, but you could just hang with us and we could all go together."

"Great, it's a date then," Sean laughed, "but you know what goes on at real luaus don't you?"

"No what?"

"Drunken debauchery, from what I hear," he chuckled, "my old man said he went to a real luau in Hawaii and he'd never seen so many naked bodies and sex in all his life."

"Well, I'm sure this isn't that kind of luau," Aidan snorted, "after all there will be adults and kids there."

"Yeah, I suppose, but we could have some fun anyway, right?" Sean said winking.

"Depends on what kind of fun," Aidan allowed.

"Hey, just sayin', what happens in LA, stays in LA."

"I thought that was Vegas?" Zak observed.

"Same principal, think about it."

Later the boys noticed a lot of activity near the beach house as the catering company set up the luau. Mrs. Reynolds had gone up to investigate and when she returned she was smiling.

"The luau will start as soon as it gets dark. Mr. Michaels and Brad will be there, as well as the production crew and their families, and there will be some folks from the media and even a critic or two. Brad suggested you guys do one or two numbers, something that you're familiar with. There will be background music provided, but no instruments just to keep it simple."

"We're going to perform at our own party?" Jaden laughed, "Talk about free entertainment."

"Brad said he thought it would be a good idea to let the media and the critics have a sneak prevue of you boys."

"This could be big, right?" Aidan said looking far away.

"Yes, I'm not sure I understand all of it, but I do know that if you are going to be successful you will need exposure, and what better time than now?"

"We should at least rehearse a little," Aidan said sounding a little excited.

"Yeah, wouldn't hurt," Isaac agreed, "Let's go see if they have the equipment set up."

"Can we tag along and listen?" Polly asked, sounding excited.

"Sure, we could use some unbiased opinions," Aidan laughed, "Come on."

The boys were glad to see that among the backup tracks was the one they'd practiced at the hotel, As Long as You Love Me, and they started with that one. When it came time for Jaden's rap, their three new friends seemed very impressed.

When the number ended it was Sean who spoke first after the applause died down. "Dudes, that was awesome. I don't usually like that kind of music, but you guys owned it...big time. The rap was sick man."

"Thanks," Jaden said blushing beneath Sean's cool appraising look.

"You guys are very good," Miguel said smiling warmly, "you will soon be very famous and I will remember I saw you here today."

"Guys, you're like...the best," Polly gushed, "I want your autographs, all of you, so some day I can say I saw you first."

A few of the staff who had been setting up, as well as a few passersby stopped to listen to the boys and had given them a warm round of applause, but there was still work to be done and the staff soon went back to work, but the impromptu audience from the beach lingered.

"Okay, this one is for you  Zak," Aidan said as they launched into a love ballad, This I Promise You, made famous by that boy band Nsync.

Zak swayed to the music, his eyes glued to his lovers beautiful face as he sang the words that meant so much to them both. Till the day my life is through, this I promise you...this I promise you. I've loved you forever in lifetimes before, and I promise you never will you hurt any more. I give you my word, I give you my heart....

Polly closed her eyes, listening to the words and wishing she had someone to sing to her like that. She thought it was very sweet of Aidan to dedicate the song to Zak, and to be so open and loving even among strangers.

Miguel was having some of the same thoughts as Polly, and he thought that Zak was very lucky to have a beautiful sexy boy like Aidan for a boyfriend. He sighed, wishing he could be that lucky.

Sean, as he had said before, didn't usually go for that kind of music, but there was something about the soul and energy the boys put into the music that soon won him over. He watched Zak as Aidan sang to him, and it was easy to see what Aidan saw in the boy. He was cute, but seemed innocent and sweet, something that was rare these days.

When the number ended their was scattered applause and then the boys launched into a faster number, Ed Sheeran's-The Shape of You, which had everyone swaying to the music quickly.

"Absolutely amazing," Mr. Michaels said clapping loudly as he suddenly appeared as the number ended, "You boys are going to go far, I can tell you that right now."

"Thanks," the boys muttered, "we were just doing a little rehearsing," Aidan said speaking for them all. We didn't want to disappoint our guests tonight."

"Well, no problem there, they are gonna' love you, but this is supposed to be a relaxing time for you why not come join me and we can talk some before the festivities begin?"

The boys were eager to hear what Mr. Michaels had to say and Mrs. Reynolds joined them as well, dressed in a loose silk dress that looked stunning on her, causing Mr. Michaels to give her an appraising look.

"First of all, I don't want you boys to feel discouraged about the progress you've made so far on the CD. My production crew tells me you boys are doing a great job, and for the most part you are ahead of schedule. We really don't try to rush things in the studio. We want a quality product, the best sound possible, and if it takes a little more time to get there, well...then it's worth it."

"It's mostly the new stuff that we're having trouble with. That's why we decided to keep them till last. That way we'll have some studio time and more experience when we try them again," Aidan said.

"You know, not only are you boys great musicians, you have a real head for this stuff. If you ever decide to get in the production end of things, let me know. That's a very mature and astute observation you've made, and I think you're right. I think once you have all the easy stuff out of the way you'll be ready to tackle the new music and conquer it."

"Thanks, we're sure gonna do our best," Aidan said taking a sip of the fruity drink a waiter had brought over for the boys. Mr. Michaels was sipping a beer and Mrs. Reynolds a glass of white wine.

"I know you will. I'm not worried at all. By this time next year you boys are gonna be a household name and richer than you ever dreamed," he chuckled, "but for now, just relax and enjoy."

As the sun set across the ocean the guests began to arrive and Mr. Michaels joined Brad Turner as they greeted the guests and by eight o'clock most of the tables were filled with drinking, laughing strangers.

A few kids ran around, playing on the sand, but most of them were younger and didn't interest the teens. Still it was nice to know that this wasn't just going to be a stuffy adult thing.

"Hey," I'm Dakota," a gorgeous boy with long blond hair and emerald green eyes said as he approached the group, "I heard you guys playing earlier. My dad said you guys were good, but man...I gotta tell you, you're awesome."

"Your dad knows us?" Aidan asked sounding confused.

"Yeah, my dad...Phil Michaels," he said grinning, "but don't go thinking you gotta' treat me like I'm special or anything. Well, unless I deserve it," he added laughing.

"Wow, cool. I didn't know he had a son...uh, he's kind of young to have a son your age...isn't he?"

"How old do you think I am?"

"Uh, 15?" Aidan said rounding his actual guess up by two years to be polite.

"Close, 14, and dad is 35, so you do the math. He was 21 when I was born."

"OH, yeah...that makes sense," Aidan said blushing, "Uh, is your mom here too?"

"My mom split when I was 10. She was an actress and she moved to France with her boyfriend Claud," he said laughing bitterly.

"Oh, sorry," Aidan said.

"So just you, no sibs?" Jaden asked looking the boy up and down and approving 100% of what he saw.

"Just me, but I do have a half brother that lives in Frisco. He was dad's bastard child from before he met my mom. He was only 18 then, and Rico is...umm...17, yeah 17."

"Rico, cool name. Is he Hispanic?"

"Yep, his mom is pure Mexican. He met her in Cancún and they had a wild weekend together. She told dad she was on the pill, but of course she wasn't. Rico is cool though, so is his mom. She really didn't want much from dad, just a kid I guess, but we see each other at holidays and stuff."

"That's sort of cool actually. I don't know what I'd do without my bro though. I mean, even if we weren't twins I like to think we'd be close."

The others had drifted away then, leaving Jaden and Dakota to continue their discussion.

"Is it true what they say about Twins? I mean, the reading each others minds, and feeling each others feelings?"

"Yeah, we def have a connection that's hard to explain. Like when A got a brain tumor..." Jaden went on to tell Dakota all about Aidan's crazy personalities and all that had happened, including Aidan dying on the operating table.

"Wow, that must've been rough for you. I can't imagine being that close to someone though. Sort of a loner myself."

"Oh, by choice or are you just too awesome for anyone to get close," Jaden teased.

"I don't think it's my awesomeness that keeps guys...uh, people away," he said frowning.

"Well, it can't be your looks, cause you're a hot looking dude," Jaden said boldy. He was out and proud, and even though he wasn't looking to cheat on Jimmy, he could still recognize a fox when he saw one.

"You think so?" Dakota said, ignoring the implications of Jaden's comment.

"Dude if there's not a hundred girls...or boys hot after you then you must not get out much."

"Yeah, well...despite what you might think, I'm not all that popular or outgoing. I keep to myself mostly. My dad is busy a lot and I spend a lot of time alone playing video games or listening to music. By the way, I think you guys are great and are gonna go far, but I'm sure my dad already told you that," he added the last bit with a chuckle.

"So they say. This is really mostly Aidan's thing, but I sort of got caught up in the madness and I'm starting to like it. Doesn't hurt that we might get rich off of it."

"Count on it, if my dad says you're gonna make it, you can bank on it."

"But back to you, why are you such a loner. Do you not like people or something?"

"I like people just fine. I'm just sort of shy around most people and don't know what to say or do."

"You seem to be doing fine with me," Jaden observed.

"Yeah," the boy said blushing, "Yeah, I guess I am. I guess I must feel comfortable with you or something."

"Cause we're both so awesome," Jaden teased, "Awesomeness is attracted to awesomeness."

"Twins huh?" Dakota said sounding a thousand miles away, "Do you guys share a room or what?" he asked, then blushed.

"Yeah, we do now. We had our own rooms for a little while. When A was acting crazy, then after the surgery we moved back in together so I could take care of him."

"That's so cool, but he's okay now, right?"

"OH sure, perfect as before, but we like sharing a room. It's comfortable for us I guess. Comforting really. We have nothing to hide from each other, and A doesn't care if me and Jimmy mess around sometimes."


"Oh, yeah...I forgot. Jimmy is my boyfriend. He's back home, but he's coming out next week with my dad."

"Boyfriend?'re um, gay?"'

"Yeah, does that bother you?"

"No, not really. How do your fans feel about that?"

"We're a diverse bunch and that's what our music is about. A is gay, I'm bi, Jer and Isaac don't really define themselves, but they have gone both ways."

"Interesting," Dakota said sincerely, "I've never really known a gay person before...that I know of. I mean...I'm sure there are kids at school who are gay, but I've never really like met one or talked to them."

"Hmm, but you're straight, right?"

"Ummm...well, truth is...I don't really identify with any sexual persuasion. I guess I might asexual or something."

"What does that mean? No sex?" Jaden asked, thinking that was just crazy.

"I mean, I haven't, I don't..." Dakota blushed.

"Wait, you're a virgin? That doesn't mean you aren't sexual, that just means just haven't discovered the joy of sex yet," Jaden laughed.

Dakota shrugged, "I guess."

"But you do jerk it, right?"

Dakota blushed bright red, "Uh, well..."

"If you say no, I will have to either call you a liar, or call the damn Ripley's Believe it or Not people," Jaden teased.

"Sometimes," Dakota admitted looking down at his cute bare feet.

"Then you're not asexual, more like deprived-sexual," Jaden joked. "So when you squeeze the weasle what, or who, do you think of?"

"Nothing really. I just concentrate on the feeling and when I'm done I feel sort of guilty, but relieved at the same time."

"Your dad can afford a shrink, right? So, I think maybe you need to see one dude," Jaden joked, then seeing the look of utter devastation on the cute boy's face he softened, "I'm just bustin' your balls man. Whatever works for you is cool, but I gotta tell ya', having a hot dude like you wasting away like this is a shame. You should be getting tail all day long dude."

"Is that a come on?" Dakota asked innocently.

"What? Dude, if I didn't have a bf back home that I absolutely adore, I'd be trying to drag you off to the bedroom right now for some major skin bumping."

"Really? You'd, stuff with me?"

"Oh yeah, let me tell you all the stuff I'd do with you," Jaden growled, "come on, let's go over here where it's more private."

Jaden led the boy to an unoccupied bench at the far side of the deck and continued his disertation on the fine art of sexual gratification.

"First I'd undress you," Jaden said doing just that, only with his eyes, "but all the time I'd be kissing those gorgeous lips of yours and occasionally squeezing your bulge to make sure you were totally into things. Then once I got us both naked we'd kiss some more and press our bodies together.

I'd reach around and run my hands down your back and onto that gorgeous ass of yours and squeeze that bubble butt as we made out. Eventually I'd lead you to the bed and push you down on your back and crawl on top of you and kiss you some more as we made out.

Then I'd slowly slide down your body until I was at your feet and I'd lift one of them and...start licking  and sucking it."

"My feet?" Dakota giggled, "You like feet?"

"Yeah, and yours are cute," Jaden said looking down at the boy's two tanned, perfect feet.

"Go on, then what?" Dakota said sounding excited.

"Are you hard? You are," Jaden said glancing at the bulge in Dakota's shorts.

"A little, please go on."

"Okay, once I finished with both feet, which would take like 20 minutes, then I'd make my way up your legs, kissing and dragging my tongue across your salty flesh till I reach....your crotch. 

Then I'd start licking your nads and taking them in my mouth and humming around them. That feels so wicked when a guy does that. Then when you were good and worked up and leaking like crazy, I'd lick the end of your dick, just to taste you before I moved up and kissed you again.

"But what dick?"

"No hurry, first the foreplay. You know what that is, right?"

"I've read stories about that..."

"Okay, well...I'd kiss your lips for awhile then move down and kiss your neck and then on down to your nipples and I'd tease them by biting and sucking on them till you were squirming and moaning.

Then I'd move down to your cute flat tummy and kiss and lick my way down to your belly button. It's an innie I see, so I'd stick my tongue in it and lick until you were begging me to stop."

"Then, oh God, I'm as hard as you are," Jaden said panting, "I'd finally move down to your dick and start licking up and down, and up and down on the shaft, letting my tongue swirl around the end of it and lap up any pre that came out."

"And?" Dakota said tugging at his crotch and sounding breathless and excited.

"And then...and then, I'd swallow that thing to the hilt and let your pubes tickle my nose. I'm really good at deep-throating and my throat muscles would be squeezing your cock each time I went down all the way. But I'd come up some too, using my tongue and lips to stimulate that head and suck down more pre.

I'd squeeze your nads too, gently, and maybe even let my finger wander down to your pucker and finger you as I sucked harder and faster.

Then just when you were about to bust in my mouth I'd come up and go down on your nads again and let you cool off before I started all over again. And maybe if you were willing, I'd flip you over and tongue dive into your ass and rim you till you were begging for me to let you come. Then I'd flip you back over and take you in my mouth again, only this time I'd give it all I had, and pretty soon you're arch your back and cry out and start spewing like an oil well...."

Jaden turned to look at Dakota then and saw a look of complete fear and shame fill his face. Then lowering his eyes to Dakota's crotch he saw the reason. Even as he watched the wet spot was still growing as Dakota's cock spilled forth his teenage seed, hands free.

"Oh My God, I did that," Jaden said covering his mouth, "Dude, I'm so sorry. Wait right here, I'll be right back." Then dashing into the house he grabbed a towel and quickly returned.

Here cover yourself with this and let's go inside. I have some shorts you can borrow."

"Please...don't tell anyone," the boy begged.

"Dude, there's nothing to be ashamed of, but I promise. It was my fault anyway. I'm sorry dude, I just got carried away."

Jaden suggested Dakota take a quick shower and despite the awkwardness of the situation Dakota didn't protest as he stripped off in front of Jaden. 

"Dude, your bod is smokin' hot," Jaden said whistling, "I was right, you are a real fox."

"Thanks," Dakota said blushing, "sometimes I wonder how know, compare to other boys."

"Is that a hint?" Jaden giggled, "I actually could use a shower myself. I mean if you don't mind sharing the shower with me. But I gotta warn ya', I can't do anything but look, not without Jimmy's approval."

"Whatever is fine..." Dakota said sounding excited, "I don't want to cause you any trouble..."

"No trouble," Jaden said skinning off his tee shirt and then dropping his board shorts and baby blue silk boxers to reveal that he was already half hard.

Dakota, who up until now was still soft after his earlier orgasm, began to stiffen as well and he turned away in embarrassment.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed," Jaden said smiling, "I want to see what that thing looks like hard. That's the only way we can compare, and I'm half there already just looking at your hot bod."

"I've never...uh, even seen another boy naked."

"Well, do you like what you see?" Jaden said spinning around to give the boy a good look.

"You,'re really sexy looking," Dakota said sounding breathless as his cock climbed to it's full length of well over 6 inches.

"Dude, you're huge," Jaden gasped when he saw Dakota's cock in it's full glory.

"Really? I uh, never had anyone to compare with...except...well, once I saw Rico's, umm...penis sticking out of his fly while he was sleeping and it looked big."

"You're bigger than me," Jaden said moving closer and allowing Dakota to see his cock close up. 

"Yours looks different..."

"Oh, I'm uncut," Jaden said going on to explain about the mix up at the hospital which had left him intact and poor Aidan missing his foreskin. "It's one way you can tell us apart, but only when we're naked," Jaden joked.

"It looks interesting, can I...umm...touch it?"

"Well, in the name of science I guess it would be okay, just don't make it spit," Jaden joked.

Dakota reached a trembling hand out and wrapped it around Jaden's cock and Jaden's knees went weak. It felt so good to have another boy touching him there and for one moment he was tempted to go further. Then he remembered Jimmy and how he had felt when Jimmy took up with that girl and his resolve returned.

"If you pull the skin back it looks just like yours, sorta," he said willing himself not to blow a wad just from Dakota's touch.

"Cool, I think Rico's is like that. He looks so cool, so handsome. I love his dark skin and dark eyes and his black hair," he said opening up more and more.

"So you like that look," Jaden said suddenly getting a wonderful idea, "You know there's this kid we met on the beach. His name is Miguel..."

After a quick shower the two got dressed and went off to find the others. Aidan gave Jaden a questioning look, but he didn't ask where they'd been or what they'd been up to. He knew Jaden would fill him in later since they didn't keep secrets from one another.

"Where's Miguel?" Jaden asked looking around.

"Over there getting a drink," Sean said pointing to the bar near the deck.

"Come on," Jaden said taking Dakota's hand, "I think you two will have a lot in common."

Jaden was right, and Dakota and Miguel took to each other quickly. Dakota loved Miguel's skin coloring, his slight accent, and found himself lost in his warm brown eyes. Before long they had wandered off to sit on a blanket and were soon holding hands.

"My work here is done," Jaden chuckled as he rejoined the group, "I have found Miguel the boy of his dreams, and I think Dakota feels the same way."

"Miguel is a sweet boy," Polly said, "I'm glad he's found someone at last."

"I have to say that kid Dakota is one hot looking dude. I hope he's not too much for poor Miguel," Sean chuckled.

"Oh, I think they're pretty evenly matched," Jaden said, not elaborating, "I just hope they can stay in touch."

"I'll help them do that," Sean assured him, "Life will be much easier for me if Miguel has a bf."

When the food was served the boys lined up to fill their plates with roasted pork and other yummy food and found a place together at a long table that was low to the ground and surrounded by soft throw pillows for seats.

They talked and laughed as they ate, but Dakota and Miguel spent most of their time either staring at each other and blushing, or talking softly to one another. It was obvious the two were already crushing and Jaden felt very good about getting the two together.

"That was really cool, what you did for them," Aidan said smiling at his brother, "I'm very proud of you."

" was nothing. I had to get Dakota laid, he's just too fine to be wasting away like that," Jaden said, then went on to explain a bit about the boy, ommitting the embarrassing moment when he spewed forth his load simply from listening to Jaden describe a sexual encounter.

"He is a cute boy, but he seems really shy. I guess that sort of surprises me since this is California and all..."

"Hey, I guess kids are the same everywhere . Look how quickly we made friends here, and all the kids seem pretty cool."

"Yeah, and Sean is hot for you," Aidan chuckled, "Good thing Jimmy is coming next week or you might be tempted to give in."

"Oh, I've been tempted already, but I just keep remembering all the trouble we had when Jimmy got with that girl, and that fixes that."

After dinner they wanderd around visiting as their food settled, but eventually Mr. Michaels got up and introduced the boys and they took their places on the makeshift stage there.

"Thanks everyone," Aidan said taking charge, "We're Alternate Love and we hope you like our music," then turning to the others he nodded and the music began.

The crowd swayed to the music, some of the younger kids singing along, and when the first number ended the applause was thunderous. The boys took a quick bow then began the next number as the crowd settled down.

In the audience were two music critics as well as a reporter from the Rolling Stone, and all three were very impressed with the boys' professionalism and expertise.

They performed three songs and then were forced to perform an encore at the crowd's insistence. When they finally left the stage they were high on adrenalin and floating on air.

"You guys were great," Dakota said as they joined their new friends, "My dad knows talent and he did a great job picking you guys. I just hope you don't wind up being weird and crazy like some of the bands do."

"Oh, we won't," Aidan assured him, "our folks will make sure of that. We're not gonna let it go to our heads. We're going to bank our money and save it for college so our folks won't have to worry about that stuff."

"You can go to Harvard with that kind of money," Sean teased, "you're gonna spend some too, right?"

"Well, sure...I guess. Jaden and I have talked about it, and if we make enough we want to pay off the mortgage on our house so mom and dad won't have to worry about that either."

"You guys are soooo sweet," Polly said squeezing both of the twins and making them blush, "I bet your rents are so proud of you."

"They are, met our mom and our dad is just as awesome. They've been great all along the way, encouraging us and supporting us..."

"Must be nice," Sean grunted, "my folks think I'm a lost cause."

"Oh, well...we don't, do we J? Just remember, it's really about how you feel about yourself that matters. If you believe in yourself no one can bring you down."

"I guess. It's getting late and I'm beat. Are you ready to head back to your place?" Sean asked looking at Polly.

"Oh sure, can you walk me to our beach house Isaac?" Polly said flashing her eyes at the handsome teen.

"Sure, I'll be back in a little while," he said jumping up and then helping Polly up.

"Have fun," Jaden teased, "and be sanitary," he snickered.

"We will," Polly assured him, uneffected by his teasing.

Soon the party began to break up and Sean went looking for Miguel. He returned a short time later with a big smile on his face.

"Well, I guess Miguel is spending the night here with you guys, and Dakota of course," he chuckled, "So...looks like I'm on my own."

"I'll walk you to  Polly's if you want," Jaden offered.

"Okay, that's cool. Well, see you guys around I guess. Good luck with the CD and the music and all. Remember the little guys when you make it big," he laughed.

"Hey, sure to get Sean's number so we can stay in touch," Aidan reminded him, "we tend to hang onto our friends, even long distance ones," he said to the others.

"So...have you changed your mind about messing around?" Sean asked once they were out of earshot of the others.

"Naw, I just wanted to spend a little more time with you, that's all."

"That's cool," Sean sighed, "Boy, Miguel sure is lucky. That boy Dakota is hot."

"Yeah, well...maybe Miguel will share," Jaden teased.

"Hey, he might, once the new wears off. Miguel and I have fooled around some and he's a lot of fun. Hung like a pony too...and uncut. You don't see many uncut weenies around here."

"I'm uncut," Jaden said, then blushed.

"Oh, that's so cool. So you and your brother are uncut?"

"No, just me." Jaden found himself telling the story once more and Sean seemed to hang on every word.

"Wow, so you're not exactly alike in every way. That's sort of hot. I'd sure like to get into a three way with the two of you," he chuckled.

"There was a time when that might have happened, before we found boyfriends and became so boring," Jaden laughed.

" and your bf's are exclusive?"

"Well, yes and no. As long as we both approve of the other boys it's okay to mess around together."

"I'm getting hard just thinking about that," Sean moaned, "Is your bf hot?"

"Very, but I suppose I'm a little prejudiced. I have a pic on my phone," Jaden said pulling his phone out and pulling up the gallery.

"Oh, yeah...he is cute. Like a big puppy dog. I'd def like to do him too."

"Calm down, we might not ever see each other again," Jaden said sadly.

"Yeah, that's true..." Sean said, then falling silent.

"Ever wonder what it all means?" Jaden said suddenly, "I mean, life and stuff. We meet people and then they're gone and we never see them again or we get to know them and they leave us."

"Did that happen to you?"

"Naw, I've been lucky, but Aidan lost a bf not to long ago. His folks moved away and A took it pretty hard."

"Well, I guess all we can do is take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way."

"Yeah, I guess, but sometimes you gotta be strong and do what's right."

"I get it," Sean sighed, "Well, here we are. Wonder where Isaac and Polly are?"

"Probably inside saying goodbye," Jaden chuckled.

"Yeah, I bet. Too bad he's not interested in dudes that way, maybe I could get lucky after all."

"Well, why don't you go see if you can join them?" Jaden teased.

"Hey, that's not a bad idea," Sean said enthusiastically, then turning to Jaden he smiled, "Well, it was cool meetin' you and all. Good luck with everything and keep in touch, okay?"

"Yeah, I will. Take care and have fun," Jaden chuckled.

Sean gave Jaden one last longing look, then leaned in and kissed him on the cheek and dashed off toward the house. Jaden lingered long enough to watch him enter, then rubbing his cheek he started back to join the others.

The group was tired and other than some snuggling, not much went on that night, not even between Zak and Aidan. They had to get up extra early the next morning since the trip to the studio would be a longer one from the beach house and they wanted to be at their best. No to mention they had to share a bedroom, with the couples in the two beds and Jeremy and Isaac on an air mattress between them.

The same could not be said of Dakota and Miguel who spent the night alone in one of the guest bedrooms getting to know each other better, inside and out. Jaden didn't know it then, but his introducing the two would lead to a long and enjoyable relationship. 

The boys were up and dressed and fed by the time the limo showed up that next morning and they were eager to get to work.

At the studio they were greated by the production crew as well as Brad, who assured them that they had been a big smash at the party and that the critics loved them.

"This is gonna be a piece of cake guys," Brad said grinning, "Once the CD is finished we'll start working on the tour and by the time summer is over you guys will be famous."

"I hope so, but we still have a lot of work to do," Aidan said. He was pleased, but he knew nothing good came easy.

The day was productive and they finished one number and part of another before they called it a day. They were tired, but still up beat as they headed back to the Hotel and suddenly Jaden's phone chirped announcing a text.

It was from Sean, and Jaden had a big smile as he texted back.

hey any luck last night

yeah it was cool, but not with Isaac...hehe...but I guess you knew that

Isaac had returned shortly after Jaden, and though he didn't elaborate on what had taken place with Polly, he insinuated that he had scored, not once, but twice.

with who then?

Polly and one of her friends Paul

cool, glad you got some all we did was

aww too bad so how was work lol

good we finished one track and started another one..all we have to do is some vocal tracks on that one

great so what are you guys doing tonight

not much, chilling and rehearsing some why?

oh no reason i'm going over to Miguel's for a while

oh, is dakota gonna be there

maybe, maybe the three of us will have some

damn that sounds hot

yeah both are pretty hot

yeah they are and so are you

thanks, but not as hot as you...he he

thanks maybe when jimmy gets here...

i hope, well...gotta go for now...ttyl

yeah ttyl

"Who was that?" A asked when Jaden was finished.

"Sean, he was just checking in to see how things were going."

"Cool, you really like him, don't you?"

"Well, sure. He's a cool dude."

"Yeah, and hot too," Aidan laughed.

"Hey," Zak protested, "don't go gettin' no ideas."

"Don't worry, I'm not interested in any other boy but you, but J seems to have it bad for Sean."

"I do not," Jaden protested weakly, "I just think he's cute, that's all."

"Well, when Jimmy gets here maybe the two of you can visit with him and see where things go."

"Yeah, maybe," Jaden allowed, "but I'll just be happy to see my baby again."

Dinner was pizza delivery and the boys ate on the balcony looking out at the city. Besides the little weekend foray they really hadn't seen much of the city and they were beginning to feel a bit let down. The luau had been fun, and meeting the new kids, but they wished they had more free time and didn't have to work so much.

"Jaden," Mrs. Reynolds said joining the boys on the balcony, "someone wants to talk to you," she added handing Jaden her phone.

"Hello, oh HI," Jaden said, his whole face lighting up with a smile, "What's up, why are you calling on mom's phone. Oh, yeah...yeah, you are...oh man I can't wait. Yeah, we'll pick you up, I'll make sure of that. We can come get you in the limo, it's so cool."

"What's up mom?" Aidan asked after listening to Jaden for a moment.

"Your father called, he got things wrapped up at work and he and Jimmy are flying out Wednesday. Jimmy wanted to be the one to tell Jaden, and as you can see he's a bit happy about it."

"Oh man, that's awesome," Zak said, "now Jaden won't be so lonely."

Mrs. Reynolds chuckled, "Yes, it will be good to have Jimmy with us...and of course my hubby," she said smiling.

"Oh mom, is dad gonna get a great big smooch when you see him?" Aidan giggled.

"OH you better believe it," she laughed, "This is the first time we've been apart any length of time and I sure have missed him."

"We'll give you two lots of alone time," Aidan giggled, "so you can get reacquainted."

"Thank you son, we'll try to keep the noise down," she teased causing all the boys to laugh, except Jaden who had moved to the far end of the balcony to continue his conversation with Jimmy in private.

Eventually Jimmy gave the phone back to Mr. Reynolds and Jaden handed his mom's phone back to her and she went back inside to finish her conversation with the man she loved.

"Boy, I can't wait. Jimmy will be here Wednesday. We just have to get off early so we can go meet him and dad. Their plane is due in at 4 pm."

"I'm sure the record company will understand," Isaac offered, "After all they want to keep us happy," he chuckled.

"Yeah, I bet mom will make sure we all can go pick them up. She's pretty anxious to see dad again," Aidan said grinning.

"Uh oh, gonna be lots of loving once those two get back here," Zak giggled, "Jimmy and Jaden and your mom and dad."

"Yeah, I'm gonna wear that boy out," Jaden laughed.

After dinner they laid around watching TV and playing video games and for once they didn't do any rehearsing. They all felt like they were getting plenty of that at the studio and decided they needed some down time.

At ten the boys called it a night and went off to their rooms to get ready for bed. After showering, the boys congregated in the room Isaac and Jeremy were sharing and Jaden brought up the subject of Polly again.

"So stud, are you gonna tell us what happened with Polly or let us die of curiosity?"

"A gentleman never kisses and tells," Isaac teased, "but I do suppose I can trust you guys."

"So was she as hot in bed as she looked?" Jeremy said, practically drooling.

"Oh brother, I can't even begin to describe how freaky that girl is. She took charge the minute we were alone and didn't let up till she'd drained me dry," he said with a goofy look on his face.

"Did she suck you off?" Jaden wanted to know.

"Yeah, just to take the edge off she said, then she had me go down on her and she orgasmed about ten times while I was eating her out."

"Oh man," Jeremey said pawing at his hardness through his boxer briefs.

"Then she pushed me onto my back and rode me like I was a bucking bronco. Man, that girl sure likes dick. She came a couple more times while she was riding me. Then when I blasted and filled that condom up to capacity she pulled it off and sucked down the jizz out of the rubber and put another one on me. I never went soft the whole time I was with her."

"So you fucked her again?" Jaden asked.

"Yeah, the second time I took her from behind and halfway through she switched me to her ass and even told me to take the rubber off since she couldn't get pregnant up the butt."

"OH man," Jeremy repeated looking ready to explode.

"Need some help with that?" Jaden teased, "I'm sure Dee wouldn't mind if one of us helped you out a little."

"Don't tempt me," Jeremy growled, "So...did you fuck her again when you walked her back to her dad's beach house that night?"

"Naw, not enough time, but she went down on me and I fingered her pussy till she got off a couple times."

"Oh shit, I need to go take care of something," Jeremy said staggering toward the bathroom.

"I'll go with you," Jaden offered, causing the others to laugh knowingly.

Once alone in the bathroom Jaden reached for Jeremy's hard cock through his boxer briefs.

"Man, I don't know about this..."

"Relax, the inner circle is allowed to fool around, everyone knows that. Dee even gave us her blessing before we left."

"I know, do you think she really meant it?"

"Yeah, Dee is cool and she understands how us guys are. As long as it's just us guys she's cool with it, same with Jimmy. He don't care if I mess with the boys in the group. It's an understanding we have."

"Well, she did say to have fun and I guess she'd rather it was you than some girl," he sniggered.

"Yeah, so relax bro and I'll take care of you. You can think about Dee or Polly or any other girl while I do it and you won't feel so gay," he chuckled.

"Naw, if I think about anyone, it will be you. I don't have a problem with boy/boy stuff, I know, I love Dee and all."

"And this is a good way to stay faithful to her. Now, let's get those undies off..."

When the two returned Jeremy looked much better and Jaden had a shit-eating grin on his face. He'd sucked Jeremy till he was good and hard then bent over and let him fuck him till he blew a massive load inside his hot wet tunnel. The massive pounding Jaden took caused him to blow a load of his own all over the vanity and both boys were now quite sated.

"Was it good bro?"

"Always," Jeremy said blushing.

"Hey, Zak and I are going to bed now. After all that sex talk and seeing J and Jeremy looking so satisfied, I think me and Zak need some alone time."

"Yeah, let's go baby," Zak giggled, "I wanna have some fun."

When the two had excused themselves to their room Jaden piled down on the king sized bed in the room and sighed.

"You guys sleepy yet?"

"Naw, not really," Isaac said looking at Jaden questioningly.

"I know I just got off, but..."

"Oh man, are you still horny?" Jeremy laughed.

"Yeah, a, a lot. Hey Isaac, wanna fool around?" Jaden giggled.

"Well, as a matter of fact I was gonna' rub one out, but I'd much rather have a warm body to help me out."

"Oh, man..." Jeremy laughed, "I can see where this is going."

Despite having come earlier Jeremy was quick to join in as Jaden basically attacked Isaac and drug him into bed. The underwear came off quickly and soon Jaden was dividing his time between the two sexy brothers. Eventually the two brothers wound up feeding Jaden their cocks at both end, Isaac behind and Jeremy in front.

When they came, the three fell down in a heap, and after they rested Isaac and Jeremy turned their attention to the sexy teen and worked his body over until he too had spilled his teenage seed.

"Whew, that was fun," Jaden said panting, "but now I need another shower."

"We all do. Think we'd all three fit in there?"

"Sure, it's not like we gotta be shy or anything. We can bump around together and if we get hard,'s no big deal."

Jaden was right, there was lots of bumping and stiffening of members and some playing around, but all three boys were sufficiently spent to keep things from going further. 

After the shower they helped each other dry off, then after hugs and kisses all around Jaden went off to his room and the brothers to theirs.

"That boy is a sex machine," Isaac chuckled once he and Jeremy were alone.

"Yeah, I know. It's so weird, when I'm with him I don't think gay or straight or anything. I just think sex, and it's always good."

"I think J has the right idea about sex. It's fun with people you know and like, and something really special with people you love, and...I think we qualify as the people he loves."

"Yeah, well...I love him too...Aidan and Zak and Jimmy, Dee, the whole bunch of em'."

"Hey, what about me?" Isaac pouted.

"Oh bro, that goes without saying, I love you best," he said giving his brother a quick hug, "We're tight and always will be."

"Yeah, well...we better get some sleep or our asses will be dragging tomorrow. Mind if I snuggle up to ya'?"

"I think that would be wonderful," Jeremy said sincerely, "Just don't get any ideas about tapping my fine ass."

"No worries little brother, I'm beat. Nite."

"Nite," Jeremy sighed as he pushed back into Isaac's strong arms, and soon they were both asleep.

In Aidan and Zak's room the loving was still going on. Because they were so in love the two often took their time and made love-making last for hours. They began with making out, kissing and rubbing, before progressing to undressing each other and pressing their hard cocks together. Even then they took it slow, savoring the feeling as they kissed, and only after they were sufficiently worked up did they progress to the next level.

Zak had become a willing bottom, which might have posed a problem, since Aidan also preferred that position, but they had come to an understanding and were now more versatile. Aidan loved Zak's small creamy ass, especially running his tongue down the center and lapping at his boy button, and he'd come to love being inside him as they shared their love.

But when Zak entered him, only then did Aidan feel at his best. He loved the way Zak took his time and the gentle way he made love to him. It was as if he could feel what Aidan was feeling and what they shared during their love-making sessions was almost too intense to describe.

Zak came first, easing himself down on Aidan and stretching out as his orgasm washed over him, kissing Aidan's neck and cooing softly to him. He lay there atop his lover, as they both came back down to earth, then he rolled off and pushed Aidan onto his back and began kissing him passionately.

"That was sooo good," Zak cooed, "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Aidan said smoothing back the boy's hair and kissing his sweet face, "I always love how you love me," he said feeling very emotional, "Like I'm the most important thing in the world."

"That's cause you are," Zak said grinning, "I love you more than anything and I just want you to be happy."

"I am happy. When I'm with you nothing else matters, not the music, not the fame, nothing."

"You can have it all," Zak said smiling, "cause I'll help you anyway I can."

"Well, right now you can help me by letting me make love to you just like you made love to me."

"Oh boy, my turn," Zak giggled, "How do you want me baby?"

"On your back, I wanna' see your sweet face and kiss your sweet lips."

Aidan made slow gentle love to Zak that night and when he was sated they lay entwined, kissing and rubbing on each other until they fell into a deep sleep.

"Mrs. Reynolds, I know that you've been representing the boys so far, and you did a wonderful job of negotiating their contract for the CD, but don't you think it's about time you hired a professional to manage the boys' future?" It was Brad Turner addressing her as they sat sipping a drink in the hotel restaurant.

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have someone who knows the business. I confess so far I've only had to deal with the offers that have come our way, but I would have no idea how to go about finding opportunities for the boys in the industry."

"Exactly, a good agent can make sure the boys have plenty of exposure and keep their names in front of the public for a long time to come."

"Do you know someone like that?" Mrs. Reynolds said, quite sure he did.

"Yes, but I don't want you to think I'm setting you up or anything. I'll give you the names of several very good agents that we've worked with and let you make the final decision."

"Thank you, my husband will be here on Wednesday and we can discuss this further. By the way, one of the reasons I wanted to talk with you was about the boys taking off a little early to meet my husband and Jaden's boyfriend Jimmy at the airport."

"Not a problem, I'll call the studio later and make sure the boys are free after lunch. The boys are so far ahead of schedule that a few hours won't make a difference."

When the boys got back to the hotel that evening Mrs. Reynolds was waiting for them with a huge smile.

"What's up mom. Did you get it fixed so we can meet dad and Jimmy?" Jaden asked anxiously.

"Yes, no problem there. What I wanted to talk to you boys about is more of a business nature."

She went on to explain what Brad had said about them needing an agent and the boys listened excitedly.

"Wow, an agent. I guess he'd like get us gigs and maybe TV appearances. Hey, maybe he could get us on Ellen," Jaden said smiling at Aidan.

"Yeah, maybe he could. That would the best thing ever. I love her sooo much," Aidan said excitedly.

"Well, we'll see. First we have to find an agent we all can agree on. I'm counting on your father to help us there."

"I'm gonna go call Jimmy and give him the good news," Jaden said heading off to his room, then I'm gonna take a shower."

When Jaden was gone the other boys hit the kitchenette for a snack and settled on the couch, discussing this new development. Having an agent meant they were big time and that this wasn't just a one time thing. It meant a change in their live style as well, but as exciting as it all was, there were some reservations as well. Would the music and fame cut into their personal and private lives? What about school. What about having fun? Would they be working all the time now and have no time to enjoy life? When you're a teenager, stuck between being a kid and being an adult, it was confusing enough to know what you wanted, but now they had a whole new bunch of questions thrown at them.

The group was somber at dinner time and Mrs. Reynolds picked up on their funk right away.

"What's wrong boys? Having second thoughts about all this?"

"Well, I was just wondering what all this meant...I guess," Aidan confessed, "I know you and dad said that you didn't want the music thing to interfere with our education. Have you changed your mind?"

"No, not at all. I won't let things get too far out of hand, I promise you that. But at the same time this is an opportunity that only comes along once in a lifetime. I'll be honest with you boys. The life of a boy band, according to statistics, is only a few years at best. Some members go on to be successful musicians, but most just disappear from sight. But if you handle your finances right you won't have to worry about what happens after. Your father and I want to see both of you go to college and get a good education. Jaden, you've expressed an interest in teaching and I think that's admirable. Aidan, I don't think there's any question that music will be a big part of your life from now on. Brad believes that should you tire of performing, you could have a good future in the production end of the business. A college education will only strengthen your skills and abilities.

Jeremy, Isaac, I've discussed this with your parents, and they believe like we do that your education comes first. Isaac, I know you want to become a music teacher and the experience you gain as part of this band will be invaluable later on in life. Jeremy, I don't know what you plan doing with your life, but I think it would be a horrible waste of your talent if you didn't pursue some sort of music career. You're a very talented young man."

Jeremy blushed and thanked Mrs. Reynolds, "Thank you ma'am. As far as music goes, I love it, I love the piano and I plan on keeping that as part of my life, real love is sports. Ever since I lost my leg I've tried my hardest to be just like other boys and do the things they can do. I've even thought about the Olympics. I know that's just a dream, but who knows, if I work hard enough..."

"Bro, you can do anything you put your mind to," Isaac said placing an arm around Jeremy's shoulders.

"Thanks, so...I'll do what we need make the band work, but if it ends, I'll move on and find a new challenge."

"I think that's how I feel too," Jaden said, "I mean at first I didn't really feel like I belonged in the band, but now...I'm lovin' it and I want to see where it goes, but if it all ended tomorrow...I wouldn't sweat it."


"I guess I feel a little stronger about the whole thing than the others, but I see what you guys mean. We can't count on this lasting forever. After all, we'll only be cute young heart throbs for a few years then we'll grow up and our music would seem silly to us. If we are going to go any further, the music would have to mature with us. I might even think about a solo career if the band caves. I don't know, but I do know this, music is gonna be a big part of whatever I do."

"I think we need to talk further about this when your father gets here. At some point we may need to call your parents as well, and get their input on everything," she directed the last part at Jeremy and Isaac who just nodded, "But for now, cheer up, enjoy yourselves, and don't worry so much," he added smiling.

"Yeah, what say we go down to the pool? It's open till ten."

Jaden's suggestion was met with four enthusiastic yeses and even Mrs. Reynolds thought it was a good idea and tagged along. They swam and played grab ass and soon they forgot about their misgivings and went back to being teenage boys, just having fun.

That night as they lay in their beds the thoughts of their future returned, but things didn't seem as dire as they had earlier, and they were sure that eventually things would work out, one way or another.

Wednesday's session was a short one, but the boys managed to nail one of the new songs in only three takes. By lunch time the boys were excited and eager to call it a day, and instead of eating at the studio they took the limo to the hotel, and then all went out to lunch before heading to the airport.

The plane was on schedule and as soon as Mr. Reynolds and Jimmy appeared down the ramp the group was moving their way. Jaden threw himself into Jimmy, almost knocking him down, and kissed him right on the lips, right there in front of hundreds of people, who not surprisingly paid them little attention.

"Hey, gotta'  hug for me?" Mr. Reynolds chuckled as he watched his son dancing around his boyfriend like an eager puppy.

"Sure dad, welcome to California," Jaden said delivering the hug, "How was the flight?"

"Good, Jimmy made it interesting for me. His excitement was contagious," he chuckled.

"It was so awesome," Jimmy said, "and we ran into a storm and it was lightening and stuff, but then the pilot went lower and it was clear again."

Jimmy went crazy when he saw the limo and when they were underway he joined Jaden at the sunroof as they drove along.

"Wow, I can't believe I'm here with my famous boyfriend," Jimmy giggled.

"Not famous yet, but working on it." He'd told Jimmy about the beach party and the article that would be in the nex issue of Rolling Stone, but so far he hadn't told him about Sean or the new kids they'd met. He thought that was best saved for later when they were in private.

"You're already famous as far as I'm concerned. Can I have your autograph?"

"Sure, I'll sign your dick with my lips," Jaden whispered into Jimmy's ear.

"Okay, can't wait for that. Ummm...think we can find some time alone later?"

"I think we might need a nap once we get back to the hotel," Jaden said wiggling his eyebrows comically.

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea."

Jimmy and Jaden weren't the only ones needing a nap once they were back at the hotel, and no one was suprised when Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds excused themselves to their room.

Jimmy and Jaden wasted no time getting naked and were soon engaged in an enthusiastic and verbal romp. Eventually they wound up in the 69 position and as they sucked eagerly on each others hard boy stick they let their hands wander all over the available flesh nearby, especially that of their asses.

When they came, they snuggled for a while, kissing and recharging their batteries before heading off to the main event, fucking each other senseless.

"Wow, that was awesome," Jimmy panted, "I sure did miss that."

"Me too, but I guess I had it better than you. I had the guys to help me out."

"Yeah, but I don't need to know about that," Jimmy warned, "I know we said it was okay, and I still mean that, but I don't need details."

"Oh, okay...umm...well, there might be more though..."

"What are you talking about. Did you...get with someone else?"

"No, not exactly," Jaden said launching into his story of how he and Sean had met, of Miguel who was eager to find a boyfriend, and finally Dakota, who'd come just from listening to him describe a hypothetical sex act, then about how he had hooked Miguel and Dakota up and how well they seemed to be getting along.

"I'm proud of you," Jimmy assured him, "you resisted temptation and you helped those two guys get together."

"It was tough, resisting temptation, but I just kept thinking about how much it hurt when I thought you were cheating on me with that girl."

"I'm sorry that hurt you so much, but I understand now. I wouldn't have blamed you if you had cheated on me, but it would still hurt, that I'm here, if you see that boy Sean again, long as I was included..."

"Really? You mean it?" Jaden said, trying not to sound too excited.

"Yeah, he sounds hot. We mess with the others and it's cool, so why not someone new? As long as you don't go dumping me for him."

"That would never happen. You just don't know how much I've missed you and now that you're here...well, those other guys don't mean anything to me. I was just horny, that's all, but now that I have my boy back...that's all I need."

"Well, just sayin', while we're in LA if the opportunity comes up to have some fun, I say we go for it."

"Wow, now I know why I love you so much, cause we think so much alike. Hey, how bout a back rub. You must be sore after that long plane ride...."

The back rub led to a butt rub, and then to more, and it was almost six o'clock before they finally rose and showered before dressing and joining the others.

The adults looked rested and happy and Jaden wondered if they'd done more than just snuggle and kiss. He knew his folks were still sexually active, and though he didn't like to dwell on the mechanics of it, it made him happy to know they still loved each other that way.

"Well, I see you too are awake and looking happy. We're all going out to dinner in a little while, and we can discuss what we talked about last night."

"Where are we going?" Aidan asked.

"To a nice little restaurant that Brad suggested. It serves American and Italian food and he says it's very family friendly."

"Great, I could use a good burger," Jaden said grinning, "I'm a carnivore." Then he roared and leaned over and bit Jimmy on the shoulder causing everyone to laugh.

The food was good and the atmosphere even better, and as they ate they talked about Brad's suggestion that they hire an agent.

"I don't see a problem with that," Mr. Reynolds said, "it might be good to have someone with your financial interests at heart. We'll still have last say on what happens and where you boys appear, but it will be nice to have someone who knows the industry on our side."

"If we make it big maybe you and mom can be our managers," Jaden suggested.

"Well, we could, but the problem is we don't know much about the business or have any contacts, an agent will."

"I see, does that work dad, do we pay him or does he just take part of the profit?"

"I suppose we'll find that out when we talk to him. I'd guess he only makes money if we do, but I'm just guessing. That's his incentive to find you work."

"Yeah, I see. Well, we've already made the deal for the CD so he shouldn't get any of that money."

"No, it will be strictly going forward, but let's not worry about that till we find out more. Tonight let's just enjoy ourselves and have fun."

The rest of the week passed quickly and by the weekend the boys were anxious to get out and have some fun. The twins' parents organized the weekend with Brad Turner's help, and they got an early start on Saturday. 

They visited the Hollywood and Highland mall again, and Mr. Reynolds was as impressed as the others had been. They toured the Dolby theater again and Jimmy thought it was the most woderful place he'd ever seen.

Afterwards they had lunch, then went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and it was getting late by the time they got back to the hotel. After dinner in the larger restaurant downstairs, the group returned to the room to relax and discuss their plans for the next day.

"I know there's a lot to see and all," Jaden said sighing, "but what if we just took it easy tomorrow and maybe went back to the beach or just swam in the pool?"

"Brad said we were welcome to use his beach house, if you boys want to we could just spend the day there again," Mrs. Reynolds said looking at her husband for his approval.

"Sounds good to me, I haven't seen the ocean in years. The pictures your mom sent of the beach house and the ocean were inspiring, so...yeah, if that's what you boys want it's fine with me. We'll have plenty of other opportunities to see the sites."

"Okay then, it's settled," Mrs. Reynolds said, but right now I am beat and we could all use a good night's sleep."

"Yeah, I am kinda' tired," Jaden said rising and pulling Jimmy up by the hand, "Come on boyfriend, let's go take a shower and get some sleep."

Mr. Reynolds chuckled, "I doubt they'll be much sleeping going on for a while, but eventually you'll wear yourself out I guess."

"DAD!" Jaden said blushing.

"What? I didn't mean anything bad by it," he added, causing Mrs. Reynolds to laugh as well.

"I'll call Brad and make sure everything is okay, but unless I tell you otherwise we'll plan on going to the beach house tomorrow."

Brad Turner was more than happy to lend his beach house to the group again, because he knew a happy group was a productive one.

"Go ahead, call him," Jimmy said easily once they were alone in their room, "See if he can meet us there."

"You sure?" Jaden asked, making sure Jimmy wasn't just trying to please him.

"Yeah, go ahead. I want to meet this kid, and if things go okay...well, maybe we can  have some fun."

"Okay, but...we don't have to do anything..."

"I know, but we'll know if it's right once we meet up."

Jaden called Sean and he answered right away, "Hey, what's up dude?"

"Um...I was wondering if you'll be at the beach tomorrow. You are, cool. Well, see my boyfriend Jimmy is in town now and he wanted to meet you. Is that okay?"

"Good, we'll be there sometime around noon or so I guess. Polly there too? She is, that's cool. What about Dakota and Miguel? Seen them lately?"

"I can call them, I bet they'd like to be there too."

"Okay, if you want. The more the merrier," Jaden chuckled.

"Okay, well...see ya' tomorrow then," Sean said smiling. He'd been thinking a lot about the sexy twin lately and he still hoped they could get together, and if his boyfriend Jimmy wanted to play too, that was even better.

"He's gonna' be there," Jaden said hanging up, "And Polly will be there, the girl I told you about, and maybe even Dakota and Miguel."

"Cool, well...I know we might have some fun tomorrow, but I don't think I can wait so..."

"Come here baby, I got some fun for you..." Jaden said pulling Jimmy into a warm hug, and soon the fun began in earnest.

They arrived at the beach house just before eleven o'clock and the day was already warm and the sun felt good on their half naked bodies. Even their parents seemed to be revitalized by the salt air and warm sunshine and soon everyone was headed toward the ocean.

Around noon Jaden looked up to see a group of teens coming up the beach toward them and sure enough it was Sean and the others. He noticed Dakota and Miguel were holding hands and he smiled, knowing he'd been instrumental in getting them together.

The boys waded out to mee the group and then took them over to introduce them to their parents. The kids seemed shy and reserved around the adults at first, then remembering how cool Mrs. Reynolds had been when they'd met before, they figured that Mr. Reynolds was probably just as cool.

"We're gonna go play some volleyball," Jaden told his parents, "you two have fun," he laughed.

"All right, but be back by six, I'm grilling steaks. Your mom and I will be going to the store while you're gone and we can pick up extra food if necessary."

"How bout it guys, wanna stay for dinner? Dad's steaks are to die for?" Aidan said.

"Sure, sounds good," Sean said speaking for them all."

"Will there be salad?" Polly asked, "I don't eat much meat," she added causing Sean to supress a giggle. Knowing how much she liked boy steak it was and odd thing to say.

"Yes, we'll have some healthy food as well," Mrs. Reynolds assured her.

Once they were out of earshot of the adults Sean moved up next to Jaden and gave him a mischievous smile. "So, did you guys have fun this week, making up for lost time?"

"Boy did we ever," Jaden said grinning, "Right Jimmy?" he said slipping his hand in his boyfriend's hand.

"Yeah, but we're always up for more fun," Jimmy said bluntly, "Right J?"

"Oh, well...then maybe we should skip the volleyball and go up to Polly's place," Sean suggested.

It didn't take much convincing to get everyone to agree, even though Aidan was a bit apprehensive. After all he and Zak and wasn't as interested in messing with the others as Jaden was. Jeremy was the odd man out, and though he knew he could join the boys if he wanted to, it was Polly that really interested him.

Polly became the perfect host once they arrived, getting drinks for everyone before sitting down next to Isaac and running her hand up his bare leg. The tent in Isaac's shorts said he appreciated the effort, but he thought it was a bit too soon to slip away for some fun.

They talked for a while, getting to know each other better, and quickly picked up where they'd left off. Even Jimmy seemed to warm up to the group and he certainly could see what Jaden saw in Sean. He was just about the most perfect boy Jimmy had ever seen, well, except for Jaden, and he was eager to get to know him better, as in naked.

"Come on, I want to show you the room I stay in when I'm here," Sean said when the conversation began to lag.

Jimmy and Jaden knew the invite was for them and they quicly followed Sean up a short flight of stairs to the second floor while the others continued to talk among themselves.

The second floor held two bedrooms, both with views of the beach, and shared a common spacious bathroom with a sunken tub and a separate shower enclosure. 

"This is it, bathroom's in there if you need to go..."

Jaden grabbed Jimmy's hand and led him off to the bathroom, closing the door behind them, and when they were alone he looked at him questioningly, "You sure about this?"

" offense, but if I don't see what's inside those board shorts of Sean's, I'll never be able to rest," Jimmy giggled, "You're the cutest boy I know, but damn if Sean don't come close."

"Yeah, he's pretty sexy all right. Well, I'm up for anything you want to do and I know Sean is. Come on let's pee before we get started, might be busy for a while.

Sean took his turn next and when he returned to the bedroom he was naked.

"Wow, what happened, pee on your shorts?" Jaden teased.

"Nope, but they were still a little damp and irritating. I'm a naturist by choice and I only wear clothes when I have to."

"Well, seems rude for us to be dressed, so..I guess we should join you in being a naturist," Jaden said grinning at his boyfriend.

Jimmy's eyes were on Sean's boy bits but he managed to give Jaden a quick nod and soon all three boys were naked.

"Wow, you're uh...smooth," Jimmy said gazing lustily at Sean's crotch.

"Yeah, I like it smooth. I shave it. I know some guys are proud of their hair and all, but I find it feels better this way makes my dick look bigger," he laughed.

"Looks pretty big to me," Jimmy said almost drooling, "ever measure it?"

"Yeah, it's just over six inches when it's now," he said pushing it down then watching as it sprang up to hang at a 45° angle. His balls were smooth as well and hung down loosely, also of a decent size.

"Maybe we should compare," Jaden suggested moving closer, "come on Jimmy, let's see who's bigger."

Comparing let to touching, and touching to other things, and before long the three were piled down in the king sized bed tangled up in each other's naked bodies. They didn't go as far as to have anal sex, but there was some rimming and fingering, lots of oral sex, and kissing and rubbing, and all three boys managed to get off at least three times.

Covered in each others sweat and sticky boy juice they lay in a pile resting and Sean thought he'd never enjoyed himself more in bed. There was something about the way Jimmy and Jaden treated each other, and yet they seemed to accept him, if only for the moment, and make him feel like he was part of their lives and love. He had always thought of himself as mostly straight and he had been with a few girls, but if he was really honest with himself, he was most happy and satisfied in the company of other boys.

"Earth to Sean," Jaden giggled, "Whatcha' thinkin' bout?"

"Oh, sorry...just zoned out. What's up?"

"I said, how about we all take a shower together? That shower looks big enough for all three of us."

"Oh yeah, sounds good. We should probably check on the others..."

"I bet they've been having some fun of their own, but I wonder what Jeremy has been up to."

"Well, we could've brought him in with us," Jimmy said yawning.

"I'm not sure how he would feel about that. I mean Dee doesn't mind if he messes with the group, but I don't know how she'd feel about him messing with a hot new boy like Sean."

"So he can mess around with you guys and his gf is okay with that?" Sean said, "Wow, that's cool. She must be an awesome chick."

"She is, and she'd gut you if she heard you call her a chick," Jaden laughed.

"Damn, I'd like to meet her."

"She's something else, tough but sweet and she doesn't think like most girls. She's not all posessive and crazy and stuff."

"Yeah, well...there aren't any girls like that around here. Out here they're all crazy, even Polly has her moments."

They'd finally gotten up and were headed to the bath when there was a knock on the bedroom door. Without batting an eye Sean went to the door and opened it wide revealing Jeremy standing on the other side. He took one look at Sean's naked body and blushed.

"Oh sorry, I umm...was wondering if you guys were...uh, done yet."

"Yeah, just getting ready to shower, wanna join us?" Sean said looking the sexy black boy up and down.


"Come on Jeremy," Jaden said appearing over Sean's shoulder and leaning into him, pressing his sticky front against his perfect butt, "You can wash the salt off and I'll even wash your back for you," he added making the last part sound sensual.

"Well...I guess...I am kind of itching."

They peed first, then the clothes came off and Sean stared unashamedly at Jeremy's body as it came into view. He was intrigued, and not put off at all by Jeremy's artificial leg, and wondered what it would be like to get fucked by this stud.

Sean adjusted the water and then ushered the others into the shower, which could easily have held six people. Polly's dad had built the place with just such a thing in mind since he had a reputation as a bit of a swinger and often had sex parties there when he wasn't busy. He knew Polly was following in his footsteps, but rather than troubling him, he found it refreshing. Some women were so uptight, but not his little Polly, and as long as she didn't wind up pregnant or with an STD, he had no problem with her promiscuity.

"Here, let me wash your back," Jaden offered taking a loofa and lathering it up with body wash.

"Mmmm...that feels good," Jeremy moaned, and before long his cock began to thicken, showing just how good it felt.

"Oops, something is coming up," Jimmy giggled.

"Uh...sorry," Jeremy said blushing, "I can't help it, your hands feel really good."

"Jimmy, can you help Jeremy out there?" Jaden suggested as his hands moved on down to Jeremy's fine bubble butt.

Jimmy had moved around in front of Jeremy and was slowly stroking his chest causing Jeremy to throw his head back and moan lowly. His cock was fully erect now and begging for attention, and Jimmy was eager to help out.

"Wow, that's one huge dick," Sean said admiringly, "Wish I could help you out, but I understand."

Jimmy had taken Jeremy's cock in his hand now and was working it slowly, letting the feeling build as he thought about what to do next. Did he want to suck him or feel that big slab of meat inside him? He decided that anal might be too intense for both of them, and suddenly fell to his knees and began licking and sucking on Jeremy's bull balls as he continued to work his cock.

"Oh man, so close..." Jeremy warned.

Taking that to heart, Jimmy plunged his hot wet mouth down the length of Jeremy's cock, feeling the velvety head at the back of his throat. Jeremy's cock was bigger than he was used to, but he was able to deep throat it without gagging, though he didn't hold it in his throat long. 

Instead he pulled up and began working on the head, using the tight seal of his lips to form a vacuum and then swirling his tongue around the head of his engorged cock. It didn't take long for the inevitable to happen, and with a final cry Jeremy began to fire his pent up load into Jimmy's eager mouth. 

Jimmy almost choked at first, but after a moment he pulled up some and managed to handle the load, swirling it around in his mouth before swallowing it all down. After spit polishing the head he stood and gave Jeremy a quick hug.

"There, now you won't be so on edge," Jimmy said grinning.

"Now, I'm ready to collapse," Jeremy laughed.

"Well, let's get cleaned up and dressed and go see what the others are up to."

The others were already in the living room, drinking sodas or sports drinks and munching on chips or nuts. All except Polly who was eating grapes and occasionally feeding one to Isaac, who seemed pleased with the attention.

"Have fun you guys?" Dakota chuckled.

"Yeah, we took turns reading aloud from Polly's dad's collection of classic literature," Sean said dead pan.

"You are so funny Sean," Miguel said laughing, "And so full of bull shit."

"I don't suppose you and Dakota didn't do some sexing while you had the chance..."

"Oh yes, a lot," Miguel said proudly, "He is sooo sexy."

Aidan and Zak sat holding hands, but they hadn't done more than making out the whole afternoon. Not because they weren't horny, but because they just didn't think this was the time or the place. Their love making was more subdued these days and best when they were in private.

"We should head back to the beach house," Aidan suggested, "We can swim some more or play volleyball until dinner time."

"Sure, just give me a minute to hydrate," Jaden said grinning, "these monkeys almost sucked me dry."

"And you didn't do any sucking of your own?" Sean teased.

"Well...that's different. Aww...good old Powerade," he said taking a swig of the sports drink.

Back at the beach house they were surprised to find the adults weren't back yet. Aidan quickly texted his dad, telling them they would be swimming, and his dad texted back and said they would be back in a hour or so.

The beach was wide here and since it was a private beach, only the inhabitants and guests of the beach houses were about that day. There were some smaller kids a ways down the beach, but their part of the beach was empty for the most part. There were a group of older kids playing volley ball and Jeremy and Polly opted to join them, as did Aidan and Zak while the other boys went swimming.

Jaden had lost all track of time, but fortunately Aidan had his phone with him and around 5:45 he and the others gathered up the boys who were swimming and they went up to the beach house.

Mr. Reynolds had the charcoal heating up on a massive grill that would have looked more at home in a restaurant, and when the charcoal was grey he began placing the steaks on the grill.

"How does everyone like their steaks?"

Most said medium, though he knew the twins like there's well-done, and by default so did Jimmy and Zak. He was relieved no one said rare, because he just couldn't come to grips with serving bloody meat to anyone.

Mrs. Reynolds tossed a huge salad and there was fruit, bread, baked potatoes, and for dessert cake or pie, which they had bought at a bakery nearby. The kids were starved after there afternoon of swimming, volleyball, and of course sexing, and all ate heartily, even Polly who surprised everyone by stealing bites of Isaac's steak.

The Reynolds didn't fail to recognize the signs of the crushes that were growing between the two, and they worried about what would happen when it was time for Isaac to leave, but there was nothing they could do about it.

After everyone had eaten the kids surprised the adults by offering to clean up and Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds relented and sat together on the deck sipping frozen drinks and resting.

"They seem like good kids," Mrs. Reynolds observed, "You hear so much about teens these days, especially affluent ones, being so shallow and self-centered, but these kids seem pretty grounded."

"I'm sure there are plenty of the kind you mentioned, but I agree, this group seems to be the exception to the rule. Or...perhaps it's merely the effect of our little group. I mean let's face it, our boys bring out the best in people."

"That's so true. Well, if that's the case I hope it has a lasting effect."

The kids insisted on building a bonfire and by the time it was dark they had a nice fire going on the beach and were sitting around it talking and sipping soft drinks. The couples held hands, leaving  Sean and Jeremy the odd men out.

Instinctively they drifted together and were having a lively discussion of music.

"I like the new stuff, but my dad introduced me to the old stuff, and some of it is pretty cool," Sean said, "Like Pink Floyd and ELO, and know? The groups with unique sounds."

"I agree, some of the music I learned to play was classic rock keyboard, like The Doors. Light my Fire is so much fun to play on the organ. And...don't laugh, ever hear of Inagodadavida?"

"I don't think so, but it sounds cool."

"Well, it's like fifteen minutes long and has lots of keyboard and an awesome drum solo. It was released way back in the 60's but, I don't know, for some reason I just really dig it."

Sean had been busy searching Google on his Iphone for the song and suddenly it began to play through his phone's speakers. In this day and age, there was nothing you couldn't access if you had wifi or 4G, and a smart phone.

"Oh man, I see what you mean," Sean said after a few minutes, "Can you guys play that?"

"I'm sure we could, but we never have."

The others were now listening as well and Isaac was the first to speak up, "Let me guess Jeremy, you got Sean liking that song now?"

"It's pretty cool. What is that?" Aidan said, always appreciative of new and interesting music.

"Inagodadavida, by Iron Butterfly. It was released in 1968 and the long version is 14 minutes," Isaac said, "I should know, I have the long version on vinyl, and a digital version. There are some sick guitar rifts in it too."

The group listened to the entire song, enraptured by the raw, almost mesmerizing beat, and despite being children of the new millennium, they liked what they heard.

"Wow, that was awesome. I would love to hear that performed live, especially the drum solo," Sean said putting his phone away at last.

"Well, it won't be appearing on our CD, but who knows we might do a cover for YouTube, if the guys approve," Aidan said.

"Hey, you're the boss applesauce," Jaden said grinning, "But it might be a bit intense for a gay boy band like us."

"Hey, we're not just into one kind of music. The more kinds of music we play the better our chances of survival in the music business is," Isaac reminded him.

"Well, I'm just along for the ride," Aidan said once again, "And whatever works for you guys is awesome for me."

There was some mild making out once it was darker, and after the adults went inside there was some heavy petting, but nothing serious.

Around ten Polly suggested the group should go back to her beach house and the group walked them there. 

Jeremy and Sean continued to talk as they walked along, lagging behind the group and finally Sean said what had been on his mind ever since Jeremy had joined them in the shower that afternoon.

"Look, I know you gotta' girl and all, and that I'm off limits, but...I just gotta' tell ya' man. I think you're one hot dude, and I'm sorry I can't get with you."

"Well, that's sort of surprising, but flattering, coming from a hot dude like you," Jeremy said smiling warmly, "And I can tell you, if it was possible I wouldn't hesitate a minute to get with you either."

"I'm glad," Sean said feeling relieved, but frustrated. "I was afraid maybe I wasn't your type or something. I mean you didn't seem to be too interested, and I thought I was being obvious," he said grinning.

"Oh, well...I guess Polly sort of blinded me to your beauty at first, but once I got over her, well...I began to notice you."

"But no go, huh? Your girl wouldn't like you messing with a surfer dude, huh?" Sean teased.

"I dunno, honestly we never talked about this situation. I mean she made it clear that messing with the twins and the group wasn't cheating, and that girls were off limits, but we never discussed my messing with a new dude."

"Call her," Sean begged, then he laughed, "Just teasing. I guess this is one hot stud I will never get to know as well as I'd like."

"Don't give up, we're gonna be here a while longer and I'm sure we'll meet again, and well, maybe I will talk to Dee and see how she feels about this."

"Really, that would be awesome," Sean said, his smile filling his whole face, "Well, here we are. See ya' man, and thanks for the talk. I learned a lot about music tonight and well...if it happens, it's gonna be so cool."

"Yeah, see  ya'," Jeremey said giving Sean an unexpected bro hug, which caused an immediate stiffening in both of the boys' shorts, "Keep in touch, okay?"

"Yeah, I too."

On the way back Jaden made it a point to walk next to Jeremy. He had sensed that something was going on between him and Sean, and he wondered if it was as obvious to the others.

"You and Sean have a nice talk?"

"Yeah, he's a cool dude."

"And sexy, I can tell you that."

"Yeah, and off limits...I think," Jeremy said frowning, "at least I think he is."

"Yeah, well...what are you gonna do about it dude?"

"I dunno, maybe talk to Dee. Do you think I should?"

"Dee is like the coolest person I know. I understand her not wanting you to get with girls, cause that's direct competition, but she lets you mess with the group, so...I'm thinking maybe she doesn't see boys as a threat to her."

"You think?"

"Yeah, so...if I were you, when you talk to her next time, just casually bring up the subject and I bet she will pick up on the hint and let you know one way or another how she feels."

"Yeah, maybe you're right," Jeremy said feeling a little better, "Meanwhile I'm so horny I can't see straight."

"That's why you'll be sleeping with me and Jimmy tonight, right lover?"

"Yup, after the thing in the shower I decided I want more of that big ole' dick, and this time up the keaster."

Jeremy moaned, "I can't wait to get in bed."

Monday came way too soon and the boys were dragging as they headed to the studio, but their spirits were soon lifted once they got started. They had decided to do another of the new numbers that day and they spent the entire morning on it. Take after take, until they had just about decided they would never get it down pat, and then on the tenth take the music flowed and they nailed it.

"You guys are amazing, once you get your head into something," Gus said as they headed off to lunch, "I'm not just blowing smoke up your butt when I say you guys have really got it together. It's been a real pleasure working with you guys. It's gonna be a drag when this CD is wrapped up."

"You've made it easy for us," Aidan said warmly, "I was afraid you guys would treat us like kids and be all...I don't know, pissy all the time," he chuckled, "but you've treated us as equals and well, thanks for that."

"Yeah, it's actually been fun," Jeremy said, "I didn't know what to expect, but it was nothing like this. Thanks for helping us out."

"You guys are welcome. After all, you're the ones with the real talent. All I'm doing is helping you to channel it, that's my job."

"Well, you're great at your job," Jaden added, "But now, I'm starved. So if you guys are done complimenting each other, let's go eat," he added grinning.

After a lunch of sandwiches and salad they took a bathroom break then went back to work. They worked on two more tracks that afternoon, getting the vocals down on one and finishing up the instrumentals on a previous one and by four they were ready to call it a day.

The limo ride back to the hotel was a quiet one, with each boy thinking his own thoughts and wondering what lay ahead for them. Soon the CD would be finished, but the real work began then. Touring sounded fun, but when they really thought about it they knew it was really a lot of hard work. Traveling from city to city and performing over and over for their fans might sound like a good time, but the reality of it was that it was grueling work. 

Even as much as they liked performing, they knew live shows would be a far cry from making an occasional video or recording the CD. 

Zak and Jimmy met the boys in the lobby, but Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were busy going over the paperwork the studio had sent to them for their approval. On the surface, the agreement looked fair, but the adults wished they had someone who knew the ins and out of the business to advise them. They decided that the next day they would call one of the agents Brad had suggested and see if he was interested in representing the group.

"Hi guys, did you have a productive day?" Mrs. Reynolds said as the boys spilled into the room.

"We got a lot done, but we're beat," Aidan answered for all of them, "What are we doing for dinner?"

"How does pizza sound?" Mr. Reynolds said grinning. He knew pizza was boy chow to the teens and they hardly ever passed up a chance to have it.

"Sounds great, can we order in? I'd like to go swimming before we eat though."

"I think a dip in the pool might help all of us relax some," Mrs. Reynolds said, "unless you boys are ashamed to be seen with us old folks."

", you're not old, just...mature," Jaden said giving his mom a hug, "and we won't ever outgrow you guys."

"I hope not, but once you're famous and all..." Mr. Reynolds teased.

"Yeah, I can see it now when we're accepting the grammy for best new band of the year, 'And we'd like to think our moms and dads for making this all happen, and believing in  us'...." he laughed.

"Only it would be true in our case," Aidan quickly added, "thanks for going along with this crazy stuff."

"You're welcome. Well, what are you guys waiting for? Go get your swimsuits on..."

They swam for a while then just floated lazily in the pool soaking up the warm afternoon sun and checking out the other patrons. In addition to the group there were a couple of young teenage girls in skimpy bikinis lounging on deck chairs, there suits probably never getting wet, and some younger kids who were tossing a beach ball around.

There were two older couples and a man who looked to be in his mid twenties who had caught Jaden's eye. The guy was tanned and buff, but not overly so, and very cute, and once or twice he had met Jaden's gaze and smiled at him.

"See that guy in the speedos?" Jaden said nudging his brother, "that's what I want to look like when I get older."

"Oh,'ll have to dye your hair," Aidan teased, "and put on some muscle, and from the looks of that bulge in his swimsuit, grow some down there too."

"My hair's just fine, and I'm def growing down there. All I have to do is start exercising and stuff."

"I think you'll make a good looking man," Aidan said seriously, "We both will, but I see why you're attracted to him, he's a real fox."

"Yeah, I def wouldn't mind seeing him naked," Jaden giggled.

Jimmy swam up about then and Jaden turned his attention to him, and Aidan climbed out to join Zak who was getting a drink at the poolside bar. The boy loved the fruity non-alcoholic drinks they served and since they were free, they endulged when ever possible.

Around six the group went upstairs to shower and change while Mr. Reynolds phoned in three large pizzas and a large calizone ring, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks. He knew the boys were big eaters, but even if there were leftovers, it would eventually be consumed by the teenage eating machines.

The pizza arrived a  half hour later and after paying the delivery boy and tipping him handsomely Mr. Reynolds carried the food to the table while Mrs. Reynolds dispensed drinks. Soon there was a feeding frenzy as the boys scarfed down mass quantities of pizza, washing them down with sports drinks or soda.

When they were stuffed, Mrs. Reynold suggested they watch a movie on cable and the boys eagerly agreed. Even though they were up and coming stars, they were still boys after all, and doing ordinary things still appealed to them, as well as keeping them grounded.

At bedtime the boys slipped off to pee and brush their teeth and piled into their beds. Jimmy and Jaden snuggled, but both fell asleep before anything happened, while Aidan and Zak exchanged blow jobs before falling asleep.

The week passed quickly and the boys seemed to be on a roll. They had all the new tracks done and there were only three tracks remaining, all of them songs the group had performed many times before.

"What happens when the tracks are all finished?" Aidan asked Gus at lunch one day.

"Well, then me and my gang go to work. There will be some mixing and even some backgrounds added until we feel like we have a finished product. Of course you and the others will get to hear the completed tracks before we burn them. If you have returned home by then we'll send you a digital recording of the CD and you will still have some say in the finished product."

"Wow, really? That's great. And how long till the CD is availble?"

"Well, first they'll offer the CD as a digital download on some of the music stores, then the CD will be burned in a limited run, and depending on how well it sells there will be more pressing until they satisfy the market. From start to finish, I'd say about two months tops. Things move a lot faster these days.

"That means we'd be touring in the fall," Aidan said frowning, "I'm not sure mom and dad will go for that."

"Well, you could probably do a limited tour, maybe locally in August and then maybe during the Christmas break. I don't know, that's really Brad's call on that stuff. We make the music, he sells it."

That evening Aidan pulled his mom and dad aside after dinner and told them what Gus had told him about the tour dates and such and waited for their reaction.

"Well, it's not what we had originally planned, but I'm hoping Brad will work with  us on this and work it around you guys' school schedule."

"I'm sure he will," Mr. Reynolds said, "After all, he has to understand that you're minors and must attend school."

"Yeah, well...maybe that's something the agent could help with. Speaking of that, did you guys call that guy today?"

"Yes, and we have an appointment to talk with him tomorrow at 6 pm. I scheduled it late so you boys could be there too."

"Great, I'll tell the guys...and mom, dad...thanks again, " he said smiling as he dished out the hugs.

"You're welcome son," Mr. Reynolds said returing the hug and holding his youngest son for a moment, "We believe in you boys and in your dreams and we want to make sure you get an opportunity to see them come true."

At six the next day the group and Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were anxiously waiting in the outer office of Star Enterprises, the agency ran by Henry Miller. A blond receptionist who looked as if she should be in a swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated sat smiling at them and occasionally answering the phone or shuffling some papers, but otherwise looking bored.

A buzzer sounded and she picked up the phone and listened for a moment before putting the phone back down and announcing that Mr. Miller would see them now. They jumped up, the adults leading the way and entered the plush office to find a short balding man just coming around the desk to meet them.

After introductions were made, Mr. Miller ushered them to chairs and a plush looking couch, and when they were all seated he returned to his perch behind his massive wooden desk.

"Would you like something to drink before we get started?" he offered, but the group declined, anxious to get on with the meeting.

"I've taken the liberty of viewing some of your YouTube videos and I have talked to the folks at the record company and I have to say I am impressed with what I have seen and heard so far. I also took a look a the contract you faxed to me and though I probably could have got you a little bit better deal, you did pretty well."

"Thank you Mr. Miller," Mr. Reynolds began, "So I guess our only question is: how would you feel about representing the boys?"

"I think I'd love to, but first I'd like to talk with all of you and get to know you better. What say we go out for some dinner, my treat, and discuss this further. I do my best work while eating," he chuckled, "and if these boys are like my own, they probably enjoy a good feed too."

"Oh, you have boys?" Mrs. Reynolds asked curiously.

"Six, to be exact, two from a former wife, two from the present Mrs. Miller, and two we adopted when they were only four, a set of twins. They are 12 now, so I'm no stranger to the wonders of twins," he chuckled.

"Wow, more twins," Aidan said, "I'd love to mee them."

"You will, eventually. If we come to an agreement perhaps we can have a get together at my place and you boys can swim and get to know my boys while us old folks do the same."

Henry Miller was not the typical Hollywood agent by any means, and his warmth and sincerity soon won over the adults as well as the boys. He had spared no expense when choosing a restaurant and the food was delicious and it didn't take long for the whole group to warm up to the man.

By the time dinner was over they had agreed to hire Mr. Miller as their agent on a contingency basis, with Mr. Miller getting a percentage of  any money made by the group. In exchange he would represent the group in all matters concerning the groups' music, appearances, and recordings, including vidoes or movies, should it go that far.

On the way back to the hotel the boys were bubbling over with excitement. 

"An agent," Aidan said wistfully, "who would have ever thought we'd have our own agent looking out for us?"

"Don't let it go to your head," Mrs. Reynolds warned, "it's just for your protection. And Mr. Miller is complete agreement that the music and appearances shouldn't intrefere with your education. It may be tough scheduling around your school time, but he's assured me it's not unusual with younger performers such as you."

"Still, this is sooo cool," Jaden said grinning, "We should go on FB and let our fans know what's going on."

"Good idea," Aidan said, "As soon as I get back to the hotel I'll go online."

End Chapter 26

The CD is almost finished and soon the boys will be free to explore LA before heading back home. They've made new friends, and seen a side of life that they would never have seen if not for the record deal. They have an agent now and things look like they are falling into place, but still there's that nagging doubt in everyone's mind. What will all this mean in the long run? How will it change their lives? A wise person once said, "Be careful what you wish for, cause you just might get it," and this seems to be the case with our boys.

In the next chapter the boys will wrap up the CD and finalize their plans for a tour. They will finally meet the Miller family and say goodbye to their new friends with one last beach  party.

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