The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Going all the way

Chapter 28

The boys had been home a week, and still there was no word from the record company concerning their CD or the tour. Greg had been nervous about meeting Isaac and Jeremy's parents, but they had hit it off right away, and Greg felt very much at home after a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson had had a long talk with Isaac once they were settled, and though Isaac wasn't quite ready to reveal his true feelings for Greg, he made it clear that they had bonded rather quickly and were good friends already.

"I think there's more to it than that," Mrs. Wilson said as she and her husband climbed into bed that night. I've seen that look before, and though the last time it was directed at a girl, it's still the same look."

Mr. Wilson sighed, "I've suspected for a while that both our boys may have experimented with other boys, perhaps even each other, but I would never have guessed Isaac would be the one to fall for another boy."

"Well, as my father used to say, there are two things you can't change, taxes, and who you fall in love with. It isn't what I would have chosen for our son, but I have to admit if he had to fall for a boy, Greg is a good choice. It's obvious he feels the same way about our son from the way he treats him and that look in his eyes that's identical to the one Isaac has."

"Do you think we're doing the right thing? Letting them be together when inevitably they will have to separate?"

"They'll both be going off to college next year, who know what the future will hold for them?"

"I just don't want our son to get hurt."

"Neither do I dear, but I think it would hurt him more to be apart from Greg. We'll just have to trust them and see where things lead. I do think we need to have a talk with Greg's parents though. I'm not sure they see what we do, and though its not our place to tell them, it would be nice to know how they feel about all this."

"I'll leave that up to you dear, perhaps you can call his mother. Moms seem to have the best take on these things," he chuckled.

"Indeed, mothers recognize love, if that's what you mean."

"Yes dear, now how about showing me a little love," he said nuzzling her neck.

"I thought you were tired."

"Never that tired dear," he said pulling her in for a kiss.

A few doors away Greg and Isaac lay in his queen size bed doing some talking of their own.

"You have a really nice family," Greg said rubbing Jeremy's chest slowly, causing his nipples to become erect.

"I know, and I think they suspect we're more than friends. My mom and dad gave me the third degree, but I think I managed to confuse them...for now."

"Why? Do you think they would be upset if they know? That we're more than just friends?'

"I don't know, we've never really talked about this stuff before. I'm not too worried though, they are both very open-minded. They accept Jaden and Aidan as they are and I've never heard them say a bad thing about anyone, least of all gays."

"Yeah, I can't imagine them being prejudiced, considering..."

"That they're black?" Isaac chuckled.

"No, I didn't  mean that," Greg said blushing, though that was his point.

"Why? They are, I am, Jeremy is, and I know you're cool with that. Its okay to say it, we're not that sensitive."

"I don't think of you as a color," Greg said softly, "I just think of you as...well, as you, but I do love the color of your skin, its beautiful compared to my white skin."

"Aww...thanks, but I like your skin just fine. In fact I'd like to rub my skin all over your skin now, if you think that would be okay."

"Mmm...yeah, that sounds hot. I can't believe I'm actually doing this stuff with another boy now. I was so unsure of myself and, I know exactly what I want, and what I want is you."

"And I want you, and we've just got to figure out some way to stay together."

"I know, but I have a feeling things will work out."

 A short distance away, just beyond the bathroom that they shared, Jeremy was settling down for the evening. He had a lot on his mind these days, balancing his personal life with his career, keeping Deedee happy and now the thing with Isaac and Greg. He liked Greg a lot but it was still a shock for him that Isaac, of all people should fall in love with a boy. He had always thought of his older brother as the straightest member of their gang, but he also understood the lure of boy on boy sex.

Was it just that? He wondered. Was it just a physical thing, or were the two truly in love? He'd seen the look in Isaac's eyes, the one his mother had seen that first day at the airport, and he had to admit it was a lot like the look in his own eyes when he thought of Dee.

He sighed and willed himself to sleep, but sleep would not come. He thought about Dee and the welcoming home kiss she had given him and he smiled. They didn't have a place or the privacy to do much more that day, but they had made up for it the following day at her place. They'd come pretty close to going all the way, but Jeremy knew Dee was saving that for the man of her dreams, and he backed off. She'd looked a little surprised, but hadn't mentioned it until later.

"Why did you stop?" she asked as they lay cuddling following an intense love-making session which had resulted in multiple orgasms for both of them.

"I know you're saving that?" Jeremy said, knowing exactly what she meant.

"But I'm saving it for the boy I love, and're that boy."

"I...I am?" Jeremy said surprised by this turn of events.

"Yes. I don't mean that we're like always going to be together, or get married or anything, but I was saving it for someone I really cared about, and I care about you a lot."

"I feel the same way," Jeremy said nuzzling her neck, "but I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to."

"I want to," she said simply, "I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I want you to be the one...uh, the one to take my virginity."

"I...I don't know what to say. Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, very sure. Unless you don't want to..."

"God Dee, I love you so much. I just want to make you happy and do what you want, and if that's what you want..."

"You have to want it too..."

"Oh, trust me...I do," he chuckled, "but I can wait. You're worth waiting for."

"No need to wait, I'm ready."

"But not now. I want it to be special," Jeremy insisted, "I want us to have time and a nice place to do it."

"How romantic," Dee said kissing Jeremy sweetly, "I'm ready when you are, so I'll leave it up to you to work out the details."

"I'll give it some thought, but right now we should get dressed, your mom will be home soon."

Jaden was just coming out of the bathroom when his phone signaled he had a message.

Jimmy: hey whats up

Jaden: just got out of the shower, still

Jimmy: nice, wish I was there

Jaden: what would u do

Jimmy: lick you all

Jaden: mmm

Jimmy: seriously what you up to

Jaden: nuttin' much, bored just showered and was gonna watch some TV

Jimmy: any word from the record company

Jaden: nope, not a damn thing I'm beginning to think they forgot about

Jimmy: nope, no way you're worth a lot of $$ to them lol

Jaden: I guess, but it sucks waiting

Jimmy: meanwhile you can have fun though

Jaden: yeah, want to come over tomorrow and hang out

Jimmy: yeah, and maybe spend the night if the rents say its ok

Jaden: I know mine will

Jimmy: speaking of rents, my mom is calling me...ttyl

Jaden: bye, love ya

Jimmy: love ya back

"Was that lover boy?" Aidan asked as Jaden threw down his phone.

"Yep, checking up on me," he laughed.

"I'm sure, Zak does the same."

"Speaking of Zak, I saw Jason and Tommy yesterday and they looked really happy."

"Yeah, Tommy is a cool dude and he's really caused Jason to change for the better."

", sweet love. Hey, ever wonder why we know so many gay boys? I mean its like half the guys we know are gay."

"Yeah, it is weird. I wonder if its just that we attract them cause they sense we're the same way."

"Could be, up for some fooling around," Jaden said suddenly, raising an eyebrow and grinning.

"Sure, your bed or mine?" Aidan laughed.

"Mine, cause when we're done I'm gonna crash. You can stay if you want though. I love snuggling."

"Sounds promising," Aidan said, "let me get a shower. Don't start without me."

Two days later Brad Turner called with good news. The CD was finished and ready to be burned, and distributed, and the tour would kick off in Kansas City July 4th. From there they would fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, then Oklahoma City, Dallas, then Houston, Atlanta, New York, Chicago then home.

It would be a short but grueling tour, and would jump start the CD's sales as well as sales on Itunes and GooglePlay. The boys were excited but apprehensive. This was a lot different than the gig they'd played in SF and they knew it wouldn't be easy. Still they were excited and looking forward to it and all that it brought.

Two days before the first scheduled tour date the boys met at the Wilson's home for a celebration party hosted by the parents. Besides the band members, Zak and Jimmy, Dee, and a few of their closest friends were present, though only a few would be sleeping over.

For once Dee was being allowed to sleep over, but of course she wouldn't be sleeping with the boys, but in the upstairs guest room instead. There was pizza and finger food, all sorts of sweet treats, punch and soda, and the adults kept their presence to a minimum so as to allow the kids to have fun.

The party was held in the Wilson's game room, and there was pool and video games, air hockey, and a sound system blasting music that the kids had hand picked. Later the group would take up instruments and give a sampling of the music they had  planned for the tour, but for now they were busy mingling and being teenagers.

"This is an awesome party," Chris said as he snarfed down a chicken finger, "Last time I was at a party this cool it was at my house when we were about 12," he chuckled.

"Yeah, those were good times," Jaden said, "I seem to remember some sort of truth  or dare thing and you getting naked," he added laughing."

"Yeah, good times," Chris said blushing, then changing the subject he said, "So, you guys are gonna be famous now, what's that like?"

"Dunno yet, but I think we can handle it okay. I mean I don't want  it to go to our heads or anything. I want to still be me. After all this was really Aidan's thing, I just sort of got caught up in it."

"But you like it, right?"

"Its way cooler than I thought it would be, but I still feel out of place I guess."

"Naw, dude, you're awesome."

"Thanks, I appreciate that, but I'm not buying you a Ferrari," he laughed.

"Damn, how about a BMW then?"

"We'll see," Jaden said then put his arm around his old friend, "You know, I've missed your ugly puss."

"Whoa, I don't have a puss," Chris laughed, "but I've missed you too. Don't forget me when you're famous."

That very thing had been weighing on Jaden's mind lately. How would fame and fortune effect his relationship with his friends and peers? He didn't want to wind up being stuck up or snobbish, like some of the rich kids at school, but he knew things changed when you were cast into the public eye.

"Hey, what's up?" Jimmy asked as he joined the two.

"Just reminiscing," Jaden said, "Chris is actually one of my oldest friends."

"Oh, well...I know that," Jimmy said, "I used to torture him too," he laughed.

"Damn, I'd forgotten what an asswipe you used to be," Chris laughed, "I guess the love of a good man changed all that."

"Yeah, you should try it," Jimmy chuckled.

"Naw, not me, I like the ladies. My girl Emily is the bomb. She's so sweet."

Jaden pretended to swoon, "Oh Em, love you sooo much."

"Shut up dick wad, you know what I mean," Chris said, but he was smiling.

"Yeah, love is grand, come on, let's go get some punch."

"Dee, I think tonight is the night," Jeremy said as the two sat together on the sofa away from prying eyes and ears.

"But how, I'll be stuck up there in the guest room while you boys are down here."

"Let me worry about that. Once my folks are asleep they don't stir till morning. As soon as things settle down here, I'll come up and we can be together most of the night."

"Oh, Jeremy, but...what about protection?"

"I got it covered. Isaac hooked me up. I got lube and condoms. We're all set. This will be so special."

"Oh, Jeremy, I love you so much," she said leaning in and kissing him on the cheek.

"I love you too babe, and tonight we'll seal the deal."

"How romantic," she laughed, "it sounds like some business venture."

"I'm sorry I just meant that we'll be sharing something very special, something that neither of us has ever shared with anyone else."

"Now that is romantic," she said melting into his arms, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, and I want this to be perfect for you, for us."

"It will, I just know it.

Upstairs the Wilsons watched a movie on Netflix and tried not to worry about what was going on downstairs. They knew they were taking a huge risk letting Dee stay over, but her mother had approved it, and they supposed they would just have to trust their son, or at least hope he was careful. They knew the two had had ample opportunity to go all the way, and if they hadn't yet, then maybe they felt they weren't ready yet.

They didn't worry so much about the boys, after all, boys couldn't get pregnant, but they were keenly aware that there were risks there too. What did they really know about Greg? Was he promiscuous? Was he STD free, and for that matter, what about Isaac? They'd preached safe sex to their boys, but had always assumed the sex would be with girls. It was a bit confusing and disturbing, but after all, a parent could only do so much.

Downstairs the band was getting tuned up and ready to perform for their friends. A quiet fell over the basement and then on the count of three the boys began. They kept the numbers lively at first, and before long there was swaying and a little dancing going on, Dee encouraging the boys to join her on the makeshift dance floor.

Eventually they moved on to one of their love ballads and the dancing became slower and Dee, Zak, and Jimmy moved closer to watch their lovers perform and imagine that the words were being sung just for them.

Their friends had known all along that the boys were talented, but what they saw before them that night was a well polished group who performed flawlessly, and it was obvious they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

They ended the set with a Queen song, I Want to Break Free, and the small group of their friends went crazy. Most had recently gone to see Bohemian Rhapsody, a movie based on the band and the life of Freddie Mercury, and they thought the boys version of the song was excellent.

A round of applause and cat calls filled the room as the boys finished the number, but despite their friends' pleas, they decided there would be no encore.

"We don't want to work the whole night," Jaden groused, "After all, this is our party and we want to have some fun.

Upstairs Mr. and Mrs. Wilson had been listening to the music from below, and even muted by the distance, they thought the music sounded very professional.

The boys played pool, air hockey, video games, and ate till they were full, then watched movies on the big screen TV as the night wound down. A few of the guests who weren't invited to the sleepover began to filter out after that, and soon it was just the boys and a few close personal friends. Around eleven Mrs. Wilson came down to show Dee to her room and after she and Jeremy kissed goodnight Mrs. Wilson led her up the stairs.

"I know you'd rather be down there with Jeremy," Mrs. Wilson chuckled, "but we promised your mother that you would have your own room."

"I know, thank you Mrs. Wilson. Jeremy and I understand. I'm just glad I got to go to the party and to stay over."

"Well, the bathroom is down the hall to the right, and if you need anything our room is just beyond it on the other side of the hall. Sleep well dear," she said giving Dee a kiss on the cheek. 

Mrs. Wilson had become very fond of Dee and thought she was a lovely and sweet girl, and she hoped that she and Jeremy would be together for a long time. She knew they were both very young and that eventually they might drift apart or find someone else, but while it lasted she thought their relationship was very good for both of them.

Downstairs Jeremy sat on the couch yawning and watching the movie with the others who were spread out around the room. Some were already claiming their spaces on the air mattresses on the floor but Jaden and Jimmy sat next to him on the couch.

"So...when do you slip upstairs to be with  your woman?" Jaden teased.

"Why do you think I'm gonna slip up to her room?" Jeremy asked with amusement.

"Cause that's what I'd do. I mean, damn, even I know once your rents are asleep they never stir out of their room."

"So...why do you think I need to be with Dee all the time?"

"Cause you love the girl, that's why. I guarantee that if it was Jimmy up there as soon as your rents started snoring I'd be at his door."

"Well, we'll see," Jeremy said without giving away too much, "at least I know you guys won't rat me out."

"Hell no bro, we'd help you in any way we could."

On an air mattress behind the couch, and out of sight of the others, Greg and Isaac lay talking softly waiting for the place to quiet down and the lights to be extinguished. They were patient, but it was hard to keep their hands to themselves after all the nights they'd shared.

"Your friends are nice, I never really had friends like that. They're very accepting, even the straight ones."

"That's cause they knew us before we figured things out I guess. Its  hard not to like someone you already know. And its not like some of them haven't done a bit of fooling around too. Jaden could tell you stories about the parties they used to have at Chris's house."

"I guess, but its nice anyway. I'm starting to feel more at home here than I did in my own home, my own life."

"Then stay here," Isaac said daring to lean in and kiss the boy on the cheek.

"I wish," Greg sighed, "If only I could."

"Well, maybe your dad would let you go on the tour with us. That would give us till school starts at least."

"I think he might, since he can't be there for every date. Maybe I could convince him to let me go and report back to him after every concert."

"Yeah, and maybe he could pay you," Isaac chuckled.

"I doubt that, but I'm sure he would pay my expenses so you guys wouldn't have to."

"Hey, I don't care about that. I'll personally pay just to have you stay with me. I want to take care of you forever."

"Oh Isaac,"  Greg said near tears, "I love you so much and it scares me sometimes."

"Why?" Isaac said soothingly.

"Because if I ever lost you...I'm not sure I could go on."

"Then don't lose me," Isaac said taking him in his arms, "we were meant to be together, ebony and ivory," he said chuckling.

"Don't you worry...about what your folks will think if I keep hanging around?"

"My folks trust me and they already love you, so what's to worry about? One thing you have to understand is, my folks are like the most open-minded people I know. Well, maybe the twins' folks come close, but being black, my folks understand first hand what prejudice is all about."

"Dee is nice," Greg said changing the subject quickly, "Do you think she and Jeremy have, intimate?"

"Oh yeah, but so far they haven't gone all the way. Dee says she's saving that for someone very special."

Greg frowned, "So she's saying that Jeremy isn't special?"

"No, I guess I said it wrong. They're very close, maybe even in love, but losing your virginity as a girl is way different than when a boy does it. She just wants to make sure she gives that gift to someone she really cares about. Oh hell, that didn't sound right either. Its hard to explain I guess."

"I kind of see, I mean I guess I gave myself to you pretty quick, but I was so sure that you were the one..."

"And I'll make sure you never regret that."

"Hey, you guys," Jaden said peeking over the back of the couch, "Why don't you go up to Isaac's room? We'll be fine down here."

"Awww...well, what do you think Greg?"

"I don't want to take you away from your friends..."

"We'll be fine," Jaden laughed, "but if you stay its no big deal. Cause I can guarantee that there is gonna be some lovin' going on down here, right lover boy?" he said hugging Jimmy to him.

"What about the others?" Isaac chuckled, "not everyone here is a couple."

"Let them fend for themselves. They know how we are, everyone that was invited to the sleepover knows the score."

"Well, stay or go?" Greg asked looking to Isaac for guidance.

"I hate to leave my friends down here alone, so I think we'll stay. If it's okay?"

"Yes, that's fine," Greg said smiling.

"Cool, move your mattress around here then and let's push this couch out of the way. We're gonna play truth or dare."

Isaac groaned, "I might've known," but he did as Jaden suggested, and soon they were sitting in a circle with the others, eager for the game to begin.

Jeremy excused himself just after midnight, and after stopping at the bathroom to pee and tidy up a bit, he quietly slipped up the stairs to the main floor. He listened closely to make sure no one was stirring, but he was familiar enough with his folks habits to know they were probably dead to the world by now.

Quietly he slipped up the stairs to the second floor, staying near to the wall to avoid any squeaking of the stairs, and once he was at the top he stopped again to listen. Satisfied all was quiet on the home front, he emerged into the upper hall and headed toward the door to the guest room.

Dee was staring at the ceiling, her heart beating especially fast, and her thoughts flying all over the place. What if they got caught? What if it hurt? What if it wasn't good for Jeremy? What if? What if?

She was so consumed with her thoughts that she was barely aware of the door opening slowly, and when she finally noticed the half naked form of Jeremy moving toward her she cried out softly.

"Oh shit, you scared me," she said clutching her heart.

"Were you expecting someone else?" he teased.

"No, I was, thinking, that's all."

"Still good with this? You haven't changed your mind  have you?"

"No, not unless you have."

"Babe," Jeremy said sliding in beside Dee and hugging her to him, "I want what you want. I told you I can wait as long as I have to, but I think we both are ready for this."

"I think so too," she said relaxing some, "Did you bring, stuff?"

"In the nightstand," he said grinning, "I slipped it up here while mom and dad were busy in the kitchen." Then jumping up again he said, "Oh, I almost forgot," he said as he dug two candles from the drawer. Then lighting a match he lit both candles and sat them on either side of the bed. "There, that's more like it. Sort of romantic...right?"

"Oh, Jeremy, it's perfect," she said sounding very emotional.

"I told you I wanted it to be special."

"Okay,, how do we do this?"

"Relax, let me handle this," Jeremy said calmly. Of the two he was worlds ahead in experience, even if most of  his experience had been with other boys.

"Okay, kiss me," she said softly, "and tell me how much you love me."

"Oh, I do. I love you more than you will ever know, and I want this to be special for both of us. Just relax and let me make love to you."

They started slowly, kissing and making out as usual, and when the clothes came off this time they felt as if something had changed between them. Their senses were heightened, and every stroke, every touch, seemed to bring pleasure they had never known possible. 

Jeremy had been hard from the moment he'd climbed into bed with Dee, but now it seemed he was even harder if that was possible.

"I think it's time to slip the raincoat on," Jeremy teased, "Do you want to do it?"

"Yes, I've seen it done in videos and I think I can handle that."

Jeremy reached over and grabbed the small bag containing the condoms and lube and fished out a Magnum and handed it to Dee.

"This is it, this is really it," she said as she ripped open the package. Then holding the condom in her small hand she fumbled with it till she figured out which was the right end. Then placing it against the head of Jeremy's rampant cock she began to unroll it until it covered all of his cock and the unrolled end lay against his well trimmed pubes.

"Perfect babe," Jeremy said smiling, "I practiced some, but you got it perfect first try."

"Oh, well...thanks. are we gonna do it?"

"Not yet, let's kiss some more and then..."

And then was when Jeremy went down on Dee and gave her three orgasms in a row with his talented tongue. After that Dee was wet and horny and ready for anything and she found herself begging for Jeremy to enter her.

"Yes, make love to me now. I love you so much and I want to feel you inside me."

"Wait, one more thing," Jeremy said retrieving a thick terry cloth towel from beside the bed, "Raise up and I'm gonna put this under you, just in case."

He'd heard that some girls bled when they were deflowered and he certainly didn't want to leave any evidence on the sheets for his mother to find.

"Good idea," Dee said, not quite as eager as before, but still determined to give this gift to her man.

"I'll be gentle and if you want me to stop, just say so," Jeremy cooed, "but I think we're both going to like this...a lot."

They kissed as Jeremy rubbed his cock against Dee's swollen clit and once again she became aroused and eager. Reaching down she guided Jeremy's cock against her virgin hole and coaxed him inside.

The spit and Dee's natural lubricant made lube unnecessary, and the entry, though slow, was actually very easy. Dee had been mentally preparing herself for this for some time and that was half the battle. There was a little discomfort as the thin layer of skin broke, then suddenly Jeremy was deep inside her and she had never felt so alive.

"Oh yes...yes," she gasped, "God that feels so good, make love to me. Make me a woman," she said thrashing her head around on the pillow.

Jeremy was caught up in his own lust and when he saw the look of need and want in his lover's face he began to move with purpose.

"Oh shit, I never knew it could feel this good," he gasped, "I love you so much," he said bending down to kiss her as tears stung his eyes.

"I know, it's like we're part of each other and I never want you to stop what you're doing. I want you  inside me forever."

"Uhhhh...sorry baby but I don't know how long I can last. You feel so good."

"We can do it as many times as you want," she said lustily, "Just do it...harder, faster," she panted.

When Jeremy's orgasm hit, it curled his toes and washed over him with such intensity that he nearly blacked out. He'd had his share of powerful orgasms, especially lately, but nothing had ever come close to this one.

"Oh God, oh shit, that was intense," he said nuzzling Dee's neck as his chest heaved with effort to provide air to his ravaged body.

"I know, when can we do it again?" she said excitedly.

"Babe, I gotta rest first, but soon. For now can we just kiss and cuddle."

Jeremy skinned off the condom, wiped himself clean, and was relieved to see there was very little blood. He'd read that some girls bled like a stuck hog, but not his Dee, and in fact she had never felt so good down there as she did at that moment. 

This time they made out for a long time before Dee rolled a fresh condom on Jeremy's throbbing cock, and began once again. This time they took it slow and made it last, but one thing was sure, both of them loved this new way of expressing their love, and they were looking forward to more of it.

Downstairs the truth or dare game had wound down and the boys were fading fast. Several of the stag boys were already asleep and  Zak and Aidan were curled up together like two pups just enjoying each other's warmth and softness.

"Ready to crash?" Jaden said yawning.

"Yep, but not sleep," Jimmy said raising an eyebrow.

"Well, come on then. I need my beauty sleep, so let's make it quick."

"Yeah, right," Jimmy giggled, "I know you, once you get started we'll go all night."

It was dark now, with only the glow of a night light near the bathroom and the numbers on the microwave, the only sources of light. Somewhere nearby one of the boys snored softly and a giggle was  heard from the same direction.

Greg could feel Isaac's hard cock pressing into his side as they lay cuddling and his own cock was just as hard. He never felt rushed or desperate with Isaac though, and their lovemaking was always slow and sensual. 

As Isaac began nuzzling his neck he sighed contentedly, and when Isaac's hand found his hardness he shivered with desire. Then reaching for Isaac's cock, Greg stroked it gently and felt the wetness there.

"I want you inside me," Greg whispered as he nuzzled Isaac's ear.

"Mmmmm...okay babe, whatever you want," Isaac said sounding excited, then spooning up to Greg he pushed his boxers and shorts down to free his hardness. 

Greg had already lost his own shorts and was naked, and eagerly waiting as Isaac spooned up to his backside and rubbed his hard wet cock against the twin pillows. He entered easily and quickly, and both boys cried out softly as he bottomed out.

A giggle from Jaden's pallet said that they'd been heard, but Isaac didn't bother to reply. Instead he began to slowly move in and out of Greg's hot tight guts, bringing pleasure to them both.

Not far away Jaden and Jimmy were engaging in some fun of their own, but nothing quite as intense. Laying head to toe they were engaged in a spirited 69, very much aware of what Greg and Isaac were up to. The thought of what they were doing was a definite turn on, and Jimmy and Jaden were thoroughly enjoying the whole scene.

Zak and Aidan couldn't help but become aroused as they lay snuggling and listening to the sounds of sex coming from nearby, and before long they were engaged in some sex play of their own.

Across the room Chris lay listening, his hand working his hard teenage cock, and for once he wished he was gay and had a willing partner. He sighed, he guessed he loved his girlfriend Em, but they had never done much beyond kissing and cuddling. For once he thought his gay friends might have the right idea after all.

"You awake," someone whispered from the other side of him.

"Uh, yeah," he whispered back. He recognized the voice as that of Sid, who from all accounts was totally straight and a real pussy hound.

"I'm so horny right now," he hissed, "I can smell the sex in the air."

Chris chuckled, he understood what Sid was saying, but he was unsure about how to reply.

"You beatin' off?" Sid chuckled.

"Maybe," Chris said still unsure what Sid was up to.

Then he felt his air mattress move as Sid moved up beside him. He lay down facing Chris and their faces were so close he could smell the pizza on Sid's breath.

"Remember that time at your place when we played truth or dare and we had to jerk each other off? he said softly, his words coming quickly and excitedly. 

"Yeah, that was bogus," Chris said, not wanting to sound too enthusiastic.

"Bogus?" Sid asked. This wasn't the response he had hoped for, "It was just fun, messing around, nothing serious. We were all good sports about it."

"Yeah, I just meant that everyone was pretending not to like it, but they sure didn't mind spunking on the floor."

"Remember that one kid, what was his name, that skinny kid that sucked dick?"

"Kenny, yeah...that was weird, cause he didn't seem the least bit gay, and now he has a girlfriend and all..."

"So do we, but we still jerk off, right?" Sid chuckled.

"Yeah, a lot," Chris admitted. He was pretty sure he knew where this was headed, but he didn't want to lead the way. This was Sid's rodeo and he was just along for the ride.

"We know, help each other out," Sid said so lowly that Chris could barely hear him. He could almost smell Sid's fear and uncertainty, and he knew it took a lot of nerve to admit that he wanted to touch another boy and be touched in return.

"Just like old times," Chris chuckled, "I guess it would be okay, but it stays between us, okay?"

"Yeah, absolutely," Sid said enthusiastically, "No one's business but ours, isn't that what we alway said those other times?"

"Yeah, no big deal, just like jerking off..."

"Yeah, uh...can I?"

In the darkness they moved closer and found each other's hardness. Their touch was tentative and gentle at first, but soon their urgency for release took over and the heat built. At first the only touching was their hands on each other's dicks, but as they became more aroused they moved closer together, rubbing their feet together and eventually bumping heads.

It's hard to say who initiated the kiss, but soon they were kissing deeply and wetly as they worked each other's cock furiously. There was no doubt who initiated what happened next, as Sid broke the kiss and slid down Chris's body and took his cock in his mouth. 

Then as if having second thoughts about his brashness, he pulled off and looked up at Chris, "Is this okay?

"Uhhh...yeah," Chris said taking a ragged breath, "I'll do you when you're done."

Sid smiled and took the next logical step, flipping around to give Chris access to his cock, and soon they were engaged in a passionate 69.

Across the room, Jimmy and Jaden were resting and watching and listening to the two with a smile. Jaden never ceased to be amazed at how easily boys, even supposedly straight ones, could be lured into boy on boy sex. He supposed that deep inside all boys and men had those primal urges for release, and it was easy to play it off to just being horny and of no significance.

The moaning and smacking attracted the interest of the others as well, and though the two had vowed to keep it just between them, everyone in the room now knew that Chris and Sid had engaged in sex.

After several orgasms each, the boys finally settled down for good, and sleep overtook them. Upstairs Dee and Jeremy lay entwined having just finished their third round of love making, and both were a bit sore now and content to just sleep.

Unfortunately they slept so well that Jeremy didn't wake in time to slip downstairs before his parents arose the next morning.

Mrs. Wilson, always a good host, decided to peek in on their guest and see if she had slept well, but what she saw as she opened the door was indeed a shock. The sheets were in disarray and Jeremy's ass was in plain view as well as one of Dee's legs and her perky breast.

Closing the door slowly she took a deep breath and joined her husband downstairs.

"We need to talk," she said, eliciting a moan from her husband.

"Now what?" he said as  he started the coffee maker.

"Apparently Jeremy spent the night with Dee in the guest room. They're still up there snuggled up like two newlyweds."

"Oh, well..." he said, suddenly at a loss for words. He had half suspected that Jeremy wouldn't be able to resist the temptation, but he figured he'd be smart enough not to get caught. Pulling himself together he smiled, "What did you expect dear? We made it so easy for them. I just thought he'd be more careful and not get caught."

"You knew he'd do this?" she asked accusingly.

"He's a horny teenage boy and the temptation was just too great. I just hope, he was safe...and sanitary."

Mrs. Wilson looked ill suddenly, then she seemed to pull herself together. "I thought it would be Isaac that we had to worry about," she laughed, "not my baby..."

"He's not a baby anymore dear, he's almost 15 and more man than boy, and he and Dee are very close, maybe in love. It was inevitable that they express their love in a physical way."

"Sex," she said softly, "I'm as open minded as any parent, but I guess when it comes right down to it, I'm still not ready for this."

"Well, whether we're ready or not, the cat is out of the bag," Mr. Wilson chuckled, "The question is, what do we do about it? Do we address the situation or just pretend we don't know?"

"Mom, dad..." it was Jeremy, fully dressed now, as was Dee, who held his hand as they entered the kitchen.

"We have something to tell you."

"I guess that answers your question," Mrs. Wilson said to her husband, "Sit down you two and let's talk."

Downstairs the boys were just beginning to stir and when they realized Jeremy was still gone they began to worry. 

"Damn, I hope he didn't get caught," Jaden said frowning.

"Naw, he probably just got up early or something," Isaac said stretching. He'd slept well, but the air mattress was far from comfortable and he was a little stiff.

After taking turns at the bathroom the boys got dressed and headed upstairs in search of food. When they entered the kitchen however, what they saw sent them scrambling back to the safety of the basement.

"Holy shit, they got caught," Jaden said, "I recognized that look on your mom's face. She knows, they both do. Oh man, we'll be lucky if they don't make Jeremy miss the tour."

"My folks would never do that. If...and I'm still not sure that's what happened, but if they did get caught, my folks will give them a good talking to, but they will be cool about it."

"I wonder if they'll tell Dee's mom?" Aidan said looking worried.

"I don't know, they might make Jeremy tell her," Isaac said, "that's how my folks think."

"Oh, damn. Imagine that conversation, uh, excuse me ma'am, but I took your daughter's virginity while she was sleeping over at my house. Sorry about that, but you know how we horny guys are?" Jaden giggled.

"It's not funny," Aidan said, but he was grinning, "Besides we don't know if they went all the way."

"I'm pretty sure they did," Isaac said looking sheepish, "I bought Jeremy condoms and lube for last night."

"Oh shit, she finally gave it up," Jaden said, earning a dirty look from Aidan.

"What are you guys so worried about?" Chris said from where he and Sid stood at the pool table playing a game of poison, "If they used condoms she ain't gonna get pregnant."

"But mom and dad will feel bad that it happened at our house while they were supposed to be watching out for her."

"Its not like he raped her or anything, right?" Sid said, "She wanted it too. Why is it always the guy who's in trouble?"

"Boo," Aidan said throwing a couch cushion at the boy, "That's a typical macho attitude."

"Just sayin'...what did they expect? It was like dangling bait in front of a hungry fish."

"Oh man, you got a real way with words," Chris chuckled, "No wonder you can't get laid."

"Who says I can't get laid. I do okay," Sid mumbled.

"Sorry, didn't know you were so experienced," Chris laughed, giving Sid an apologetic look.

"Boys," Mr. Wilson called from the top of the stairs, "Come up here please."

The boys tried not to show the apprehension and fear on their faces when they entered the dining room where Mrs. Wilson, Jeremy and Dee sat drinking hot chocolate as if all was right with the world.

Maybe they didn't get caught after all, Isaac hoped, or maybe they talked their way out of it.

"Boys, I think we'll be going out for breakfast this morning," Mr. Wilson said, "our treat. Mrs. Wilson just isn't prepared to cook for a small army," he chuckled, "And since there are so many of you we will be taking both cars. So figure out who rides with who and go ahead and get situated, we'll be along shortly."

The twins and their baes scurried to find a place in Mr. Wilson's SUV with Sid and Chris joining them after some discussion. Jeremy, Dee, Isaac, and Greg piled into their mom's mini-van and soon the group was off to IHop for breakfast.

The server sat them at a long table and delivered menus and took drink orders then left the group to peruse the menus. Jeremy looked guarded, but not worried as he sat beside Dee sharing a single menu and the others didn't know what to make of the situation.

Of the group, Isaac knew best what was going on. If Jeremy and Dee had been caught his folks wouldn't make a big deal of it in front of the others and would try to act as natural as possible, but there would be consequences of some kind, he was sure of that.

When they finally had their food the light conversation that had been going on ceased as they took their first few bites then resumed as before.

"So this time tomorrow you'll be packing and getting ready to fly out, right guys?" Jimmy asked as he shoveled in a forkful of hash browns.

"Yeah, it's pretty exciting, but scary too. I mean it's not like when we flew out to record the CD. We'll be flying in one day then flying out the next, from one place to another. There will be endless rehearsing and getting ready for the show and God only knows what can go wrong." Jaden said voicing all of his fears here with some of the people he trusted most.

"You'll be fine," Mrs. Wilson said, "the tour manager and all the others are experienced at this sort of thing, and you'll have your mother along to watch out for your best interests."

"And me, I hope," Greg said speaking up, "I'm pretty sure my dad will let me go along and watch over things since he can't be there for every concert date. I'm going to call him as soon as we get back."

"That sounds like a good idea," Mr. Wilson said, "if  he has any doubts, then tell him to call us and we'll put in a good word for you."

"Hey, I could go too," Jimmy teased.

"Yeah, and me," Zak giggled.

"I wish," Jaden said, "but I doubt we'd have much time to have any fun," then blushing he added, "You know, like going places and seeing stuff."

Mrs. Wilson ignored the implications and smiled, "Yes, this certainly won't be a fun filled trip like before. You will be working most of the time, but I guess this will be a good chance to find out if this is the life you want to choose."

"I don't doubt I want to make music," Aidan said sighing, "I just didn't think I'd get this far this fast, none of us did."

"But we can't pass up this opportunity," Isaac said summing it all up for them, " and even if we fall on our faces, I wouldn't pass up the chance to do this for anything."

"Yeah, he's right," Jaden agreed, "It's worth a fortune in experience, not to mention, we're going to make a lot of money," he added grinning.

"Yeah, well...there's that," Aidan said grinning, "We should be able to afford any college we choose with what we'll earn from the CD and the tour."

"My dad will make sure you guys get every penny you deserve too," Greg added, "He's a good manager and he takes his job seriously, plus he's a good guy. He won't screw you over like some of the other agents would."

"That's good to know," Isaac chuckled, "especially since we've become friends and all..."

Mrs. Wilson gave the two a knowing look, but didn't comment.

"Soon the group had finished their food and while Mr. Wilson took care of the bill, the others headed out to the parking lot. They dropped Chris and Sid off at Chris's house and Jimmy and Zak, as well as the twins, off at the Reynolds' home, then headed back to their house.

Isaac knew something was up, but he wasn't asking any questions, and was hoping he'd be left out of the whole affair, even though in a way he had encouraged it and helped them by providing the condoms.

"Isaac, I'd like you to join the four of  us in the family room," Mr. Wilson said once they were inside, "We have some things to discuss. Greg, perhaps you could watch TV in the game room or play some video games while we talk to Isaac."

"Yes sir," Greg said, relieved he wasn't being drug into the fray.

Uh oh, Isaac moaned to himself, so much for staying out of it. "Yes sir, just need to use the bathroom first."

"All right, but hurry."

When Isaac finally made it to the living room he was relieved to see that Jeremy and Dee were sitting side by side holding hands. At least his folks weren't going to try to keep them apart.

"Sit down son, I suppose you probably already know what this meeting is about," Mr. Wilson said from his seat beside his wife, together in solidarity.

"I...well, maybe," Isaac said, not wanting to give too much away.

"Your mother and I consider ourselves to be reasonable and open minded people, but we do feel like perhaps our trust has been abused of lately," Mr. Wilson said looking directly at Jeremy, who withered under his gaze. Beside him Dee blushed, but never dropped her eyes. She was proud of Jeremy and their relationship and she wasn't about to act as if she were ashamed of her man and what they'd done.

"That being said, I suppose you already know what I'm talking about. Last night, despite our best attempt to keep our two love birds apart, your brother snuck into Dee's room in the middle of the night, and well...I don't suppose I need to go into detail about what went on afterwards."

Isaac was blushing as well, and he felt sorry for the two, but he was more worried about his own involvement and how they might react to the news that he had bought the condoms for his brother.

"At least you were level-headed enough to provide your brother with protection, and though I suppose some parents might say you were partly to blame, I'm thankful actually, that you cared enough to make sure your brother was at least safe, even if not sane."

Isaac breathed a sigh of relief.

"However, you are not completely off the hook young man," his father said sternly, "As the older and wiser brother, I would have expected you to try to talk some sense into your brother before giving in to his request, supplies," Mr. Wilson said looking uncomfortable for the first time. "I know you are both normal healthy teens and your hormones are running rampant, but that's no excuse for this sort of behavior. Your mother and I feel betrayed and we're very disappointed in both of you."

"Dear, ease up some," Mrs. Wilson said laying a hand on her husband's arm, "We don't want you boys to think we don't understand or that we wouldn't stand behind you if things went wrong, but we do love you enough to want what's best for you, and sometimes that may not agree with your own thoughts in that  area.

Dee, you are a lovely girl and we are both very fond of you. You have accepted Jeremy just as he is and we both have seen the changes in him. He is more outgoing, gentler, and kinder, and we feel good about the two of you being together. However, until last night we assumed your relationship was, well shall we say, less physical." She sighed, "But I suppose we were a bit naive in that respect. I would say that allowing Dee to spend the night was not a good idea, but I'm smart enough to know that had you not had this opportunity to...well, to consummate your love, you would have found another, one perhaps not as safe or comfortable."

"Now I'm not saying I approve of what you kids did, and yes I still think of you as kids until you are at least 18, but there is no going back now. At least you were safe and sanitary as your father has said, thanks to Isaac," she said giving Isaac a guarded look, "but we are very concerned about whether you both are emotionally ready for this sort of thing. Sex is one thing, but love and commitment is quite another."

"Your brother came to us this morning, and even though I assume it was because he knew he'd been busted already," she said grinning a little, "he confessed to us what had happened last night and that he and Dee were in love. I have no doubt they have deep feelings for each other, that is obvious, but loving someone and being in love are two completely different things. You are both still very young and things may change, however...there is no going back. You have already done the deed, as they say, and nothing can change that. Some parents at this point might try to keep you two apart or make sure that nothing like this ever happens again, but your father and I both agree that that is not an option. Instead we will offer our support to you two, and hope you will be wise enough not to abuse this gift you have given each other. 

Will there be some punishment? Yes, but probably not what you think. We are not going to watch you like hawks, or try to make sure you're never alone. That would be ridiculous and impossible. We're not having a Romeo, Juliette type of situation," she teased.

"Mom," Jeremy protested, "We get it, we messed up, but we're not sorry we made love. I love Dee more than ever now, and I will not mess this thing up between us. It's not just about sex, we love each other in the same ways you and dad love each other. We love being together, holding hands or kissing, just doing regular stuff, and we're not going to hop into bed every chance we get. We're more mature now that we've taken this step in our relationship. What Dee has given me is a wonderful gift and I want you all to know that I value it more than anything I have ever been given. Dee, I love you more than ever, and I promise you I will do everything in my power to show you every day how I feel."

There were tears in everyone's eyes when Jeremy was finished, and as he wiped tears from his own eyes, Isaac jumped in.

"Mom, dad, I know I should have probably tried to talk Jeremy and Dee out of this, but what's the use? In fact, I agree with them. The time was right and they are in love. No one got hurt, and no one got pregnant," he said pausing to make sure he hadn't gone too far, but  his parents seemed to be open to more, "And I feel like the two of them are old enough to decide what they want. Sure, they're young, but that doesn't mean they can't be in love." Then suddenly Isaac had an idea, a way to take some of the heat off Jeremy and Dee and solve another problem at the same time, but he had to talk to Greg first.

"Mom, dad, can I be excused for a moment?" he said quickly, "I need to talk to Greg, and then if he agrees, I want to bring him back and talk to you about something else."

Mr. Wilson's mouth hung open, but he waved  his son on. Mrs. Wilson had a pretty good idea what it was Isaac needed to ask Greg, and she wasn't sure this was what she wanted, but there was no denying her son, and she too nodded.

Isaac wasn't gone long, and when he returned he was leading Greg by the hand, the boy looking worried and nervous.

"Mom dad, I know we've already talked a little about this, about the friendship Greg and I share, but I think it's time to come clean," Isaac took a deep breath, "I believe in love too, and well...from the first moment I met Greg I knew we were going to be friends. And well, I know it might seem like things have moved pretty fast, but well...we're in love. I know, that might sound crazy, especially since I have never dated anyone but girls and all, but well...I guess when it comes to love it doesn't matter whether that person is a boy or a girl. I know I'm probably not saying this right, but well...Greg and I are in love, and we just wanted to share it with the people we care the most about."

"You two sit down," Mrs. Wilson said smiling, "I know you think we're dense and don't know whats going on most of the time, but your father and I pretty much had you two figured out when we first saw the two of you together. I will admit we were a little surprised, but it's like you say, we don't choose who we fall in love with. You're almost 17, and probably more adult than child at this point, and I have no doubt what you are feeling is real and sincere. Will it last? Only time will tell. There's the distance thing too. Have you given any thought to that? After all long distance relationships are very fragile and difficult to maintain."

"Well, yes...we've given that a lot of thought. We'll both be going off to college in just over a year and we were hoping we could maybe get into the same college and room together."

"But what about the mean time?" Mr. Wilson said.

"Well, Greg called his dad and he's going on the tour with us, and afterwards I guess he'll go back to California and finish school. We'll keep in touch and maybe in the summer we can get together..."

"I'm not trying to discourage you," Mr. Wilson added, "Just making sure you understand what you're up against."

"We've given it a lot of thought dad," Isaac said, "and we're willing to give it a chance. If things don't work out it won't be because we didn't try, but we may need your help."

"Greg, how do you feel about all this?" Mrs. Wilson said smiling at the nervous teen.

"Uh, well...Isaac pretty much said it all. I...I had been wondering for a while about...about you know? Being gay and my attraction for guys, then I met Isaac and well...that pretty much gave me all the answers I needed. Since I've met him my whole life has changed...for the better. You folks have been great and I feel really welcome here. I...I love Isaac a lot and I'm not ashamed to say it. He's everything I ever dreamed about in a boy and more. He saved me in a way, because I was lost...not knowing where I belonged or who I was...and now, and now I'm stronger and more assured and I know for a fact that I want to be with him for as long as we can make it work."

"Well, we'll certainly do our part," Mrs. Wilson assured them.

"So, we're all good?" Jeremy said grinning, anxious to end this embarrassing conversation. Though he might appear bold on the outside he was still trembling on the inside. After all this was his folks he was talking to about sex and love. He was thankful that Isaac had stepped in and side tracked his parents and now he was hoping the worst of his interrogation was over.

"Young man, don't rush things," Mr. Wilson said, "Isaac, Greg, why don't you go back to the game room or Isaac's room? We still have some things we need to discuss with Jeremy and Dee."

Isaac didn't have to be asked twice, and as he pulled Greg up off the couch he flashed Jeremy a sympathetic look, but it didn't stop him from nearly dragging Greg out of the room.

Once they were alone in Isaac's room Greg nearly collapsed.

"OH MY GOD, I was so nervous back there," he said trembling. 

Isaac took him in his strong arms and hugged him close, "I knew they'd be cool with it. Sorry if I left you hanging, but look at it like this, now we have their blessings, and that will help us make things work."

"I just had a thought though," Greg said looking pained, "What if your folks tell my folks about us? I mean they might already think they know and stuff..."

"Hmm...I guess we need to caution them not to spill the beans, but...Greg, don't you think it's time you came clean with your folks? I mean if this is going to work we need their support too."

"I don't know," Greg said pulling back a little and placing his hands on Isaac's well defined chest. Even as distraught as he was, he couldn't help but become aroused just touching his sexy lover, "What if they try to keep us apart, or make me come back home?"

"Look, Greg, you know your folks better than I do. Do you really think they would do that?"

"I don't know, my dad is as open minded as anyone I know, what with dealing with celebrities and all, but I'm not sure about my mom."

"What about your brothers? How do you think they would take the news?"

"Well, I'm not really that worried that much about them. We're very close and I've talked with my next oldest brother about...well, about my maybe being gay, and he was cool with it and very supportive. We're close enough that I think the younger ones would accept me without too much trouble...and I know for a fact that they like you."

"Then maybe you should start slow, fell them out and see what they think about you having a boyfriend."

"I don't know. Can't it wait till after the tour?"

"Do you really want to wait till the tour is over, being on pins and needles the whole time?"

"I don't know...I just don't want to do anything to mess this up. I want to be with you, even if it's just for the tour."

"I think we should talk to my folks some more. See what they know, my mom has already talked to your mom , I'd be curious to find out what they talked about."

"Oh man, do you think she asked my mom what was going on with us?"

"No, nothing like that. My mom would have been very diplomatic about it. I'm sure she was just feeling her out to see what she thought."

"I don't know, but I trust you, and if you say we can trust your folks to help us, then I'll do whatever I need to."

"Good, once they've finished grilling the love birds, we'll go talk to them."

While they waited they listened to music and talked while sitting on Isaac's bed and holding hands. They were too nervous to do much more, though they did kiss a time or two, but the kisses were gentle and not at all sexy.

A gentle knock on their door about a half hour later prompted Jeremy to hop up and answer it.

"Hey bro, can you run Dee and me to her place. I have to have a talk with her mom. Mom and dad insist," he said looking worried.

"Oh shit, I was afraid of this. They're leaving you to break the news to Dee's mom that you went all the way."

"Not exactly, mom already called her, but we need to go face her and see what she has to say to us."

"Oh man, what does Dee say? Does she think her mom will try to kill you or anything?" Isaac laughed.

Jeremy shrugged, "Will you say a few words at my funeral?"  he teased.

"I doubt she'd kill you, neuter you maybe," Isaac joked.

"Not funny big bro, come on, Greg too. I need all the support I can get."

Dee was downstairs talking with the Wilsons when they came down, but she quickly jumped up to join them.

"Ready?" Jeremy asked as he took Dee's hand, "Let's do this thing. Mom, dad, it was nice knowing you," he teased, but his folks weren't amused.

"If you are going to do the things a man does, then you are going to have to face up to them as a man," Mr. Wilson said, "Be a man, and admit your mistakes and be prepared to face the consequences.

"Dad was a lot of help," Jeremy fumed as they climbed into the car.

"Relax, Dee's mom is pretty cool. What few times I've met her she seemed nice and friendly."

"Yeh, but I hadn't deflowered  her daughter back then."

Dee giggled, "Deflowered. may not be happy that I didn't wait, but we've talked about this stuff and she understands. She lost her virginity when she was 15, so she knows how it is."

"Still, I'm pretty nervous. I hope she doesn't try to keep us apart."

"That will never happen," Dee insisted, "she knows she can't control me like that."

Jeremy seemed to accept her take on things, and didn't talk much during the rest of the short trip to Dee's. Piling out of the car almost as soon as it rolled to a stop, Jeremy helped Dee out and stood beside the car staring at the apartment building.

"Well, here we are," Jeremy said swallowing hard, "no turning back now."

"Come on dufus," Dee said taking Jeremy's hand, "Let's get this over with."

While the two went inside Isaac and Greg sat talking about their own situation, but they were no closer to a solution when the two love birds reappeared holding hands and looking reasonably happy.

"Well, I see you didn't lose your manhood," Isaac joked.

"Nope, actually she was pretty nice about the whole thing. In fact, she said she figured we had done that a long time ago. She's a cool lady and very open minded. She basically gave us her blessings, but she warned me that if I ever hurt Dee that all bets were off," he laughed, "Well, no danger there. I love this little shorty more than ever now."

"Aww...I'm your little shorty," Dee giggled. "Well, I gotta get back, mom and I still have some talking to do and we're going out to dinner later. Thanks for driving  us Isaac, and congrats to you and Greg. I think it's really cool that you found each other."

After they said their goodbyes, Dee went back to her apartment, and Isaac drove them back home. Jeremy sat in the back and was quiet for most of the trip, but Isaac could see that a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders now that everything was settled.

"You got off lucky bro," Isaac chuckled, "but I'm glad it all worked out, and it gave me a chance to come clean about Greg too."

"Yeah, I think that may have taken some of the heat off me. But they had to know something was up before you told them. I mean the way you two look at each other is a dead giveaway."

"Yeah, you hungry bro, want to go grab some ice cream or something?" Isaac said changing the subject.

"Yeah, I'm starved, and I'm paying."

Back at home Jeremy went to his room to call the twins and fill them in on what had happened, and Isaac and Greg went off in search of Isaac's folks. They found them sitting on the patio sipping wine, and when they saw the boys they invited them to sit with them.

"How did things go at Dee's?" Mr. Wilson asked grinning, "I assume  he made it home in one piece."

"Yeah, things are cool there. Jeremy is upstairs. Uh, what I wanted to talk to you about was...Greg's folks."

"Oh, what about them?" Mrs. Wilson said with interest.

"Well, you won't tell them what we talked about today, will you?"

"You mean about you and Greg being a couple? No, but I think Greg should."

"But...he's just not sure how they will feel about all this..."

"Greg," Mrs. Wilson said giving him a soft motherly look, "I have talked with your mother, and she seems like a wonderful person, and she loves you very much. And as for your father, I liked him right away, and even though our first dealings were of a business nature, it didn't take me long to realize what a wonderful man he is. I don't know your siblings all that well, but I can only guess that being raised by such loving and caring parents like yours, they are fine young men as well. So, that being said, do you really think your parents would react badly to the happy news that their oldest son has finally come to grips with who he is, and in the process found someone he truly cares about?"

"Well...when you put it like that..." Greg stammered.

"Exactly," Mrs. Wilson said smiling, "When I talked to your mother we both sort of came to the same conclusion, that you and Isaac were very close, and we fully agreed that that was a good thing."

"She did?" Greg said smiling for the first time, "I never could hide much from her. I'm a lousy liar, but I was very careful not to let my real feelings show."

"Well, mothers pick up on these things. I think if I were you, that's where I would start. Call your mother, tell her how much you miss her, and then just ease into things. I think you'll be pleasantly surprise at the outcome."

"I...thank you, I will," Greg said looking at Isaac and smiling, "After all, I'm a thousand miles away, what can she do to me?"

That caused everyone to laugh and the tension that had been overpowering Greg was washed away.

End Chapter 28

 Jeremy and Dee have consummated their relationship just in time for Jeremy and the boys to hit the road. The rents are on board for the most part, but of course they are still concerned that the two kids may not be mature enough for this kind of relationship. Still they are being supportive and will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now that Isaac and Greg have revealed their true relationship to the Wilsons, it's time to come clean with Greg's parents as well. Will they react favorably and still allow Greg to remain with the band and go on tour, or force him to come home?

In the next chapter we'll find out the answer as the tour begins and the boys find out the true nature of show business.

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  5. Alex and Aidan*

  6. Andy Tastes Like Candy

  7. At the Dike*

  8. Black Cock

  9. Boy Glory Hole

  10. Bullied

  11. Christmas Boy

  12. Christmas on the Street

  13. CL Cock Sucker

  14. Cory*

  15. Corey's Scent

  16. Cody's Christmas Wish

  17. Dirt Bikes and Blowjobs

  18. DMV Boy

  19. Dougie's Story #Part 3 of a series

  20. Emoji  (The Story of Joe)

  21. The Family*

  22. The Ginger and the Chub

  23. Hair Salon Boys

  24. I Heart You

  25. Little Brother's Feet*

  26. Lost in Fear*

  27. Mars

  28. McChicken

  29. My Best Friend's Dad *Related story to My Son's Best Friends

  30. My Not so Miserable Life

  31. My Little Runaway #Part 1 of a series

  32. My Son's Best Friends *Related series to My Best Friend's Dad

  33. My 11th Summer*

  34. One Night

  35. Poindexter Files*

  36. Pride-Pride

  37. Rabbit: A Christmas Story

  38. Second Chance for Love

  39. Six Black Boys*

  40. Skateboard Boy*

  41. Skateboard Christmas

  42. Stranded on Christmas Eve

  43. Sudden Family*

  44. Taking a Chance on Love

  45. The Year I Learned to Love my Brother (TYILTLMB)*

  46. The Reynolds Twins*

  47. Tommy Boy #Part two of a series

  48. To the Max

  49. Tracy*

  50. Trailer Park Christmas

  51. Trick or Treet Dress Up

  52. Tween to Teen*

  53. What a Dollar Will Buy

  54. Wild Wild West Again

  55. It's Amazing What Sex Can do for a Guy (as smoothoperator52)

  56. At Awesome Dude: The Secret Life of Nerds