The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
Drummer boy

Chapter 31

Jeremy and Isaac were skeptical at first, but once they heard Rocky play the guitar and sing they were as eager as the twins to showcase Rocky's talents on their YouTube channel.

The first video was made one Saturday evening while Zak and Jason were at dinner with Mel and their mom. Mel had been involving the boys more and more in his and their mother's plans and they were beginning to feel like a real family. All that was left now was for Mel to propose, and everyone, including the boy's mom, thought that was coming soon.

Wicked Game was the first video they made with Rocky, and with the boys doing backup instruments and vocals it was even more amazing than the solo he had done in the park. Listening to the playback sent chills  up and down the boys' spines and everyone agreed it was perfect in every way.

They posted it that night and by ten o'clock it had 10,000 views and likes. Rocky was walking on air by the time Isaac finally drove him home that night, and he continued to thank everyone over and over for giving him a chance. He had apologized for the hundredth time about Zak, but had yet to make that apology in person, since the twins thought it was too soon.

Aidan knew he couldn't keep Rocky a secret from Zak forever, but he just wasn't quite ready to deal with things yet. He really thought Jason might be a bigger problem than Zak, but if he could smooth things over with Zak then Jason would probably go along with whatever he decided.

The following Sunday Zak and Jimmy were at the twin's house and the four were messing around in the backyard when Zak brought up the subject of Rocky.

"Did you guys ever find that kid?" he asked looking at Aidan as if to say, hey I know something's going on.

"Well, yeah...and I had a good talk with him and he's cool now," Aidan said blushing.

"Uh huh, and what else?"

"Well, we might of kind of made friends with him," Jaden said jumping in to save his brother.

"Uh huh, and maybe even shot a video for  him," Zak said staring at the two with an accusing look, "Did you think I wouldn't find out. Remember I have a smart phone now and I check out the YouTube channel all the time." Mel had bought both the boys a new phone and put them on the family plan, and now both boys had unlimited access to texts and internet.

"Well, we were gonna tell," Aidan said quickly, "but I was just waiting for the right moment."

"So you met this kid and he sang to you or something?" Zak asked sounding more curious than mad now.

"Not exactly, here's what happened..."

After hearing the whole story Zak sighed and nodded, "He is really good, but how do you know he won't try that stuff again once he gets famous or whatever?"

"That's a good point babe, but sometimes you just have to trust people. You have to take a chance, and we decided Rocky was worth the chance. If you can't forgive him I'll accept that, but it's not the way you are, and we both know it. You're a sweet and loving guy and you've got a good heart. Just do what your heart tells you and it will all work out.

Rocky really wants to apologize in person, but I told him the time wasn't right yet, but maybe now it is. What do you say, want to meet him and hear what he has to say?"

"I guess," Zak sighed, "but I'm gonna have to have a long talk with Jason about all this or he might do something stupid."

Jaden laughed, "Yeah, I know how he feels. At first I just wanted to smash  my fist into Rocky's face, then when I heard him, I knew there was more to this kid than just a big bully."

Aidan was pretty sure Rocky wouldn't want a bunch of boys coming over to his trailer, especially if his dad was home, so he suggested he meet them somewhere neutral, like the park.

An hour later the twins and their BFs entered the park, and sitting in the same spot as before, Rocky was strumming his guitar. When he say the four approach he laid down his guitar and stood up to welcome them.

"Hi guys," Rocky said glancing at Zak and looking nervous and ashamed.

"Hey Rocky. Thanks for coming," Aidan said smiling warmly, "I guess maybe it's time you and Zak had a little talk. We can hang around or leave you two alone. Zak what do you think?"

"I...I want you guys to stay," Zak said, still a little afraid of the older, bigger boy. He'd learned a few basic moves in his self defense class, but he wasn't ready to take on an opponent yet.

"Let's sit down," Aidan suggested.

Rocky sat with his back to the tree and the others fanned out around him, Aidan as close to Zak as possible.

"Okay, Rocky why don't you start? Just tell Zak how you feel, and then Zak you can tell him how you feel."

"Okay, but I'm not real good at talkin'," Rocky said looking nervous, "I guess I just wanna say, I'm sorry. I acted like a jerk and I hurt you for no reason, and I feel really bad about it now. Funny thing is...until...well, until these two came along I didn't care much about anything or anyone," he said nodding toward the twins. I don't know why I was that way, maybe cause of my dad, but it's like Aidan said, I can't let him decide what kind of person I wanna be. I guess what I'm tryin' to say is...I know it's no excuse, and I don't blame you if you still hate me, but I'm really sorry and I promise I'll never do that kind of stuff to anyone ever again."

"Okay, I'm glad," Zak said, "I don't hate ya', but I'm still kind of mad at you. You hurt me inside, not just outside. Do you know what it feels like to be helpless and have someone hate you just cause you're different?" he said wiping tears from his eyes, and Aidan slipped a comforting hand in his, "I just want to feel safe, that's all. I'm learning to defend myself and that's helping, but I still don't understand why anyone would want to hurt someone weaker than they are, just to be mean. I don't know you, and we may never be friends, but you have a lot of talent and you deserve to have people know that. Aidan is the sweetest, nicest, smartest boy I know, and if he says there's some good in you then I believe him."

"Rocky, you have anything else to say?"

"Yeah, just that...well...I don't deserve to be treated good after what I done, but I guess part of the reason I'm tryin' to change is that someone finally did treat me like I matter. My old man, all he ever does is yell at me and tell me how useless I am. He says my music is a waste of time and I hate him for that. My music is the only thing I got, and I want to keep on playing and singing forever. You guys have made me see that feeling sorry for myself and taking it out on other kids is a waste of time and energy and not right. I'm trying...Zak, I really am. Will you give me a chance before you make a decision? Will you shake my hand and try to forgive me," the big boy said wiping at his eyes.

Without speaking Zak rose and went over to where Rocky sat and reached his smaller hand down to the boy. Rocky's much larger hand swallowed Zak's and they shook hands for a long time.

"I forgive you," Zak said finally pulling his hand away, " us a song," he said grinning.

Rocky was grinning too as he picked up his guitar and began a lively version of James Taylor's Mocking Bird. Before long everyone was singing along and the park was filled with the happy voices of five boys learning to share the gift of song and love. 

A few park people began to gather and soon a crowd had joined in. It was a wonderful feeling to share such a moment with strangers, and after the song ended Rocky quickly started into Fire and Rain and again the others joined in.

Eventually the song ended, the crowd applauded then wandered off to resume their lives, but for a moment in time their lives were entwined with the five teens beneath the big oak tree and they would remember that day for a long time to come.

One Saturday evening at Jeremy and Isaac's house the whole gang was gathered and enjoying pizza and each other's company as they relaxed without any set agenda for the evening.

They'd made two other videos with Rocky and they were doing as well as the first, and Rocky was finally starting to get some attention at school. He had been asked to join the school band and he was learning to play the piano, which he said had always been a dream of his.

After the pizza was gone the boys went upstairs in search of something sweet but this time Zak stayed behind. While the boys were upstairs Zak walked over to the area where all the musical instruments were and took a seat at the drum set.

He'd always thought drums were cool, and though he'd never had any formal training, he had a good sense of rhythm and knew what sounded good. Picking up the drum sticks he was amazed at how good they felt in his hands. 

Experimentally he began to tap the cymbals making a chuka chu, chuka chu sound and then he used the foot petal to began a steady thump, thump, thump of the bass drum. Adding a little mix on the other two drums he soon had a nice little drum solo going. He was amazed at how good it sounded and he was lost in his little world at the moment. 

He was getting into the drum solo more and more, and wasn't even aware of the other boys as they came to see who was playing the drums. They were amazed at how good it sounded, and when they saw who was creating the sound their mouths fell open.

Finally, building to a loud crescendo, Zak wailed at the drums, and then as suddenly as it had begun, the drum solo ended.

The applause scared Zak so much he almost fell off the stool and his face blushed bright red as he realized he'd had an audience.

"Zak, baby...why didn't you tell us you could play the drums? We've been taking turns all this time and we've thought a million times that we need to find a good drummer when all along we had one right under our noses."

"Aww...I'm not that good. I was just fooling around," Zak said blushing even  deeper now.

"No, you're very good," Isaac said, "Some guys are just natural born drummers and I think that may be what we have here. I assume until now you've never played the drums."

"Naw, not really...well a few times at school when no one was around. I like the sound and I can feel the beat in my head and in my body. It just seems natural to me I guess."

"God, you know what this means?" Aidan said excitedly, "You can join the band and be our drummer."

"You mean, play with you guys and go on tour and make CD's with you?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes, baby you'll never be left behind again, and you'll share the money with us too."

"You already pay me for helping..."

"That's nothing compared to what you'll get as part of the band. You can bank it and have a college fund, or use it to start your life after high school."

"I just want to be with you," Zak said looking shy.

"Then this is perfect. What do you say, want to try sitting in with us and see how it goes?"

It took Zak a while to mesh his percussions with the boys instruments but once he had, the sound was amazing. The group's music took on a whole new sound now that they had a dedicated drummer, and they decided to make a new video highlighting Zak's talents and including a drum solo.

It took a couple of days and several tries to get the video just right, but the finished product was so impressive that they sent a copy to their agent, Henry Miller, and informed him that Zak was joining the group officially.

Henry informed Brad Turner who's only comment was, as long as the boys continue to make good music I don't care if they add ten boys.

Zak's status at school raised a notch and his brother Jason had mixed feelings about his little brother's sudden fame. He still felt bad about not being able to protect his younger brother from his bullies, but he was beginning to see that his brother was fast becoming his own person and didn't need him quite as much.

He talked about his feelings with Tommy who was sympathetic and supportive, but this was really something Jason would have to deal with on his own.

"Do you love me?" Tommy asked one night as they lay in Jason's bed after a hot and heavy sex session.

"Huh, well...yeah, I guess," Jason said, surprised at Tommy's question.

"You guess?" Tommy said sounding hurt.

"No, I don't guess. I do," Jason said back tracking. Truth was he loved Tommy a lot, but that love was also frightening to him. He had never really loved anyone that way before and it was a scary thing.

"That's better," Tommy said sounding satisfied as he rubbed Jason's smooth chest.

"Dude, are you horny again?" Jason joked.

"No, I just like touching you. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, I like you touching me," Jason said rolling into Tommy and taking him in his arms. Tenderly he kissed the boy and then buried his face in his neck.

Soon Tommy felt the wetness of Jason's tears and he pulled him closer and just let him cry it out. He knew Jason didn't like to talk about his feelings that much, and if and when he was ready to tell him what was wrong, he would be there to listen and try to help him pick up the pieces. For now he just held him and did his best to let him know that he cared.

However Jason fell asleep before he had a chance to reveal his feelings and soon Tommy joined him in fitful slumber.

They awoke almost at the same time a while later and Jason stretched his long teen body and sighed. The tears had dried on his cheeks and on Tommy's chest and he had a flash back of the crying fit he'd had.

What is wrong with me? He wondered, I'm acting like a silly girl or something. 

He was glad he had Tommy though, because he knew Tommy would never make him feel bad about things like that, and would try to help him if he had a problem. Only problem was, he wasn't exactly sure what his problem was.

Truthfully he had it better right now than he had in a long time. He and Zak were getting along, and Mel treated the two just like they were his own kids. He had come to like and respect Mel, despite his first impression, and he was hopeful his mom would marry him and they would be a family for real. 

He had Tommy, and that was the best thing of all, but there was still something deep inside him that wouldn't let him be happy. He couldn't really put a finger on it, but he feared it would somehow ruin everything he had if he didn't figure it out and fix it.

"Are you okay?" Tommy said softly, his lips brushing Jason's cheek gently.

"Yeah, just gotta go pee," Jason mumbled.

"Me too. I'll go with you."

Side by side they stood at the toilet and drained their bladders and by the time they had shaken off the last few drops they were semi-erect. Tommy smiled as he looked down at Jason's impressive cock and licked his lips.

"I'm horny again," he chuckled.

"Yeah, me too," Jason confessed, "Let's go see what we can do about it."

By the time they reached Jason's bed they were both hard again and ready for some action. Zak was spending the night at Aidan's and they were alone, and that was a good thing. Even though they really had no secrets from Zak, Jason had become reluctant to engage in sex while Zak was in the room.

Moving into a 69 position the two lovers were soon exploring each others bodies with lips, tongues, and fingers, and the wonderful smells and sounds of boy sex soon filled the air.

They were comfortable with each other now, much like a married couple, and were adept at pleasing one another in this way. In fact they could please each other in many ways, but this was one of their favorites. As Jason liked to say, it was fun, and good, and didn't make a mess.

They had learned to savor each others flavor and greedily devoured each others teenage seed when it was spilled in their eager mouths. Afterward they would clean each other up, saving a little of their lover's seed, and sharing it as they kissed deeply.

This was a far cry from the type of sex Jason had been used to up until he and Tommy had become lovers. Before it had always been about getting off and then moving on, but now sex was something wonderful and joyous to share.

"I love you so much," Tommy said sounding very emotional, "and it hurts me when you hurt."

"I...I'm okay," Jason said, but they both knew he wasn't okay.

"I know you don't want to talk about it, but I worry. Promise me you won't do anything..."

"I'm not gonna off myself," Jason laughed, "Don't worry. I got too much going for me. I got you now."

"Awww...that's sweet. Just remember, I love you and I am here for you, no matter what."

"I know and I love you too, and I appreciate you being here, but right now...I'm fine. Just tired. Goodnight baby," he said kissing Tommy and giggling, happy for a change, and that made Tommy feel better about things.

"Goodnight love," Tommy sighed, and snuggling into his boyfriend he was soon asleep.

By Halloween the boys were well settled into their old lives and eager for the upcoming Holidays. Greg had kept in contact with Isaac and the rest of the group, and was looking forward to visiting over Christmas break. 

Their agent, Henry Miller, had some news as well, the record company was anxious to cut another CD, especially now that the boys had added a drummer. This time however, instead of doing the CD in LA, they were in negotiation with a local studio to record the CD in the boys' home town so they could do it in their spare time.

There would also be a short tour during Spring Break, four cities, and though it would be a tight schedule the boys thought it was doable. Excitement was rampant among the boys again as Thanksgiving approached and they had already begun to work on some new stuff for the CD.

Jeremy and Aidan had collaborated on two new songs that were coming along quite well, and they'd begun picking out other numbers that fit their style. With Zak on drums now they were able to do things they hadn't been able to before, and Zak soon accepted that he was genuinely an important part of the group.

Jason reacted to Zak's good news as expected, he was happy for his brother, but he couldn't help but be a little jealous, though he tried hard not to show it. Tommy however recognized Jason's funk and tried to talk to him about it without too much success.

Jason tended to bottle up his feelings, and sometimes he would get irritated when Tommy probed too deeply, and more than once it had caused problems between the two. Tommy however was patient, and his love for Jason kept him coming back time and time again, even though Jason was sometimes less than hospitable.

There was some good news in Jason and Zak's world, Mel had finally popped the question and his mother had accepted, and the wedding was scheduled for Valentine's Day. They had considered getting married during the Christmas Holiday, but they'd decided Valentine's Day was more romantic.

They'd already begun to look for houses to buy, and for the first time in their lives Jason and Zak were actually going to have a real house to live in. A back yard, maybe a dog, a room of their own. It was a dream come true, but still Jason found himself walking around in a fog some days.

"Jas, hurry, we're gonna be late," Tommy said as he stood outside the bathroom door.

"Keep your pants on," Jason said as he dug in the medicine chest looking for his mother's pain medication. He'd been sneaking one or two lately, hoping she wouldn't figure things out, and he really needed one at the moment.

"Till later," Tommy joked.

Jason finally found what he was looking for, swallowed two and washed them down with a gulp of water. Stepping out of the bathroom he gave Tommy a quick kiss before they headed out.

"What was that for?" Tommy said smiling.

"Cause I love you," Jason said, already feeling good about things for once.

"I love you too. I can't wait to show you off at the party tonight. This will be a first for us, an actual gay party.  I hated when we used to go to those straight parties and have to hide who we were."

"I just hope all the kids there are cool. I really don't know any of them that well."

"I don't know all of them, but Clark and Maynard are cool. It's their party and they wouldn't have invited us if they didn't think we'd fit in."

"I guess, anyway, if it's a bust we can always bail and come back here and hang out."

"Just give it a chance. It will do you good to get out and enjoy yourself for once."

"Yes mom," Jason laughed. He felt good and he could feel the pain killers kicking in already, a couple of beers and he'd be feeling no pain.

The party was held at Maynard's folks' lake house and the drive took about twenty minutes with Tommy driving his usual cautious self.

"Dude, my granny drives faster," Jason laughed.

"Your granny is dead," Tommy reminded him, "and the only car she ever drove was probably a model T."

"Why'd you have to remind me of my dead granny," Jason fake sobbed, trying to get a rise out of Tommy.

"You brought her up," Tommy said, not buying it for a moment, "besides, we don't want to arrive too early. They'd think we're too anxious. It's best to be fashionably late."

"I guess. I'm still not sure about this party, but I'm willing to give it a try. Who knows we might like it."

There were already four or five cars parked on the lawn and driveway of the lake house, and there were bright lights streaming from every window in the two story house. As they approached the front door it suddenly flew open and Maynard and his BF Clark greeted them.

"Tommy, dude you look hot. Is this stud with you?" Maynard said giving Tommy a hug, then staring down Jason.

"Yeah, this is my other half, Jason. Jason, this is Maynard and that guy there is Clark, his girlfriend. I mean boyfriend," he said cracking up at the last part.

"I'll show you just how much girl I am if you bend over," Clark teased back.

Jason watched with interest as the three joked back and forth and he found himself liking the two new boys. Maynard was tall and skinny with jet black hair and dark eyes, and he had a handsome face. But it was his smile that lit up that face and made him likable.

Clark was shorter, heavier, and his hair was brownish blond. His blue/grey eyes sparkled with mischief and he too smiled a lot.

Once inside Clark disappeared, but Maynard took the two new arrivals around and introduced them to the others.

There was Paul, a blond feminine looking boy, Tyler his butch looking boyfriend. Grayson, a heavyset boy with frosted tips and a pronounced lisp, Edgar a black boy, who from the bulge in his jeans was packing a substantial weapon, and last but not least, Edgar, who was 21 and had provided the refreshments for the party. Edgar was lean and muscled with a handsome face and a prominent bulge of his own, and looked as straight as a rodeo bronc rider. The fact that he wore Levi 501s and cowboy boots only added to that look.

"Beer in the kitchen, wine in the fridge. No hard stuff, but we do have some green if you know what I mean," Maynard said raising his eyebrows comically.

"I'll have a beer," Jason said and Tommy followed him to the kitchen.

There was a huge metal tub filled with ice, and buried beneath the ice were aluminum bottles of Bud Lite and regular bud, as well as some Coronas and Rolling Rock in their bug green bottles.

Jason grabbed a Bud lite, but Tommy opted for a glass of wine, poured up by Edgar into a plastic cup.

"You guys friends of Maynard and Clark?" Edgar asked as he sipped on a Corona.

"He is," Jason said quickly, "I mean, I guess I am now," he chuckled, "but Tommy knows them from school. I only met em' tonight."

"You two together I guess?" Edgar said, then snorted, "Yeah, never mind. Dumb question. Anyone could see you two are in love, or whatever," he laughed then.

"We've been friends a long time, but only boyfriends recently," Tommy explained, "I've basically always loved this goof, but it took me a while to turn him to the dark side," Tommy laughed and Jason rolled his eyes.

"So, do you guys smoke?"

"Uh, not really. I mean I never have," Tommy stuttered.

"I've tried it a few times," Jason admitted, "you got some good stuff?"

"The best, my folks run a medical marijuana shop and I get my shit free," he laughed.

"Cool, Tommy wanna try it?"

"I...I don't know. I've never smoked anything, not even tobacco before."

"Then what you need are some of my famous brownies," Edgar said grinning. Then grabbing a plastic container off the counter he popped the lid and extracted a piece of what  looked like a chocolate brownie. "They taste great and the pot is absorbed through your stomach, and it takes care of the munchies at the same time."

"I could do that," Tommy said grinning, "I just don't like smoking that much."

"Jason, you want a brownie or wanna share a pipe with me?"

"I'll share the pipe," Jason said, eying Tommy to make sure he was okay with it.

"Are we gonna get wasted?" Tommy said after having eaten about half his brownie, "Cause I don't want to get too wasted to drive."

"Spend the night then," Maynard said, having walked in and overheard Tommy's concerns.

"I don't know. We weren't planning on it..."

"It's fine with me,"  Jason said taking a hit off the pipe Edgar handed him, then after he'd inhaled it he added, "Oh, man...that's mellow stuff."

"Yeah, stay the night. We're going to all pile down in the family room on quilts and pillows and who knows what might happen?" Edgar said lustfully.

"You just want to find an ass to poke," Maynard laughed, "Well, not to worry, before the night is over I think you'll find a willing hole or two."

"What about yours?" Edgar teased, "Clark says it's tight and hot."

"He should know since he's the only one I'll let in there," Maynard said stiffly.

"Oh  yeah, that right? You guys exclusive? Well, damn, that's so cool."

"Not everyone is a tramp," Maynard teased.

"Et tu. I am a bit of a tramp, or whore...but I do have fun," Edgar said not sounding offended at all.

"You're a sweet boy and some day you'll settle down, but till then there's nothing wrong with sampling the fruits and nuts along the way," Maynard giggled.

"Fruits? Is that what you call gay guys? I know what nuts are though,"  Edgar laughed, and the others joined in.

More guests arrived shortly and soon there were a dozen boys ages 16 to 18 drinking beer, smoking pot, and having a good time. Some were couples, others single, and Edgar seemed to be friends with all of them. 

"Mark, this is Jason and Tommy," Clark said introducing the boys to a small Asian boy who looked much younger than the 17 he claimed to be.

"Hi guys, first party huh?"

"First gay party," Jason said, "and so far it rocks. It's really cool not to have to pretend to like pussy and be afraid to touch my boyfriend, like this," Jason said leaning over to grab Tommy's ass and kiss him.

"Yes, it's liberating for certain. I just wish I had a boyfriend to grab."

"Cute guy like you should have no problem," Tommy offered.

"I guess, just a little gun shy now. My last boyfriend was a bit of a whore. He cheated on me all the time till I kicked his lousy ass to the curb."

"Too bad, well I never have to worry about that with my baby," Tommy said nuzzling Jason's ear.

"Well, be careful tonight then. There's a lot of predators here," Mark laughed, "and they love fresh meat."

Later Tommy asked Maynard what Mark had meant by that remark.

"Well, not everyone here is in a committed relationship, and even some of the ones who are like to play as long as their mates are playing with them. I don't have too many rules about my parties, and I don't tell anyone who they can sex it up with. I don't allow hard drugs or hard liquor, and no violence, but who someone fucks is their business as long as it's consensual."

"What about you and Clark? Do you play?"

"Some, but only to a degree. When I said Clark was the only one who fucked me I was serious. BJ's and hand jobs are okay, but anal is not."

"OH, well, then maybe we shouldn't spend the night," Tommy stuttered.

"If you guys don't want to sleep down here with us, you can sleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs. You shouldn't really drive if you've been drinking or you're high."

"Yeah, I guess. I'm gonna go find Jason. Thanks for the info."

He found Jason sharing a pipe with Edgar and a few others, and he held back till Jason had his turn. When Jason saw Tommy he excused himself and moved his way.

"Hey, where ya' been? Want another brownie?" he said slowly in a slurred voice.

"Naw, I'm good. Maybe some more wine," Tommy said helping himself to more wine, "Can we talk?"

"Sure babe, let's go outside," Jason said sliding the door open for his lover and leading him out onto the wide wooden deck which overlooked the lake.

"I'm a little worried," Tommy began, and then he filled Jason in on what Edgar and Maynard had told him.

"An orgy?" Jason laughed, "I never been to an orgy," he added sounding amused.

"Jason, you're not thinking about joining them are you?"

"Huh, no...not if you don't want to," Jason said quickly.

"We never talked about this stuff before. I mean...I never really thought about it before..."

"Relax, we can just do what Maynard said and sleep upstairs."

"Okay," Tommy said, still not sure how Jason felt about the whole thing.

"Hey, wanna go for a walk?" Jason said looking out at the lake.

"Uh, sure...but what if we get lost?"

"We won't. We can see the house from the lake. Come on, let's go down to the lake."

Once off the deck the boys found a well worn path that led down to the lake, and hand in hand they made their way down it. At the lake there was a small dock, but no boat, and the boys walked out onto it and stared out at the dark calm waters.

"This is kick ass," Jason said feeling really good now as he hugged Tommy from behind, his hard cock nestled into the crack of his boyfriend's ass.

"You horny?" Tommy giggled.

"Mmmm...yeah. How bout if you drop those jeans and I show ya'?"

"What if someone came?"

"So what? Isn't this what we wanted, a place where we could do what we want and not have to worry about what people think?"

"Yeah. YEAH, you're right," Tommy said, the wine and pot brownies having lowered any inhibitions he had.

"Mmmmm...let me feel that ass baby," Jason said reaching down and unbuttoning and unzipping his lover's jeans.

Pushing down Tommy's jeans and underwear with one quick motion, he reached down and squeezed Tommy's now erect cock. 

"Mmm...that feels good," Tommy cooed, "get yours out." Then reaching back he felt for Jason's cock and helped him free it.

"I love you so much," Jason said lustily as he pressed his hard cock into the crack of Tommy's ass and letting it graze his sticky hole.

"Mmmm...fuck me," Tommy said, lost in lust now.

"No lube, but I got this," Jason said dropping to his knees and slobbering up Jason's hole with his tongue, making sure to push plenty of spit in there for lube.

Then standing, he slobbered on his hand and slicked up his throbbing fuck stick and pressed against Tommy's slick hole. He'd been there many times before, and Tommy was eager and ready for his entry. As Jason slid in deeper he threw his head back and howled causing Tommy to laugh.

"I'm a wolf and I'm mating," Jason laughed.

"Fuck me wolf boy," Tommy said desperately, "fill me with your wolf jizz."

Unknown to the boys, a pair of dark eyes were watching them with unbridled lust as they danced the dance older than time itself. A small crouched figure fingered his own 5" prick as he watched the two, and marveled at how comfortable with one another they were. He and his ex had never been that in tune, that beautiful when they fucked. It was a chore most times, and he didn't miss his ex at all, but he did miss sex. Well, not so much sex as the intimacy and the sharing, and he longed to find someone to fill that void in his life. If only...he thought, if only these two would let him join in. He didn't want to come between them, well unless they wanted to make him the filling in a sandwich, he chuckled to himself. All he wanted was to feel wanted and needed, and feel a warm body next to him. Just for one night, then he'd go back to his boring and loveless life. Just one night, just for a little while.

"Who's out there?" Jason said suddenly, hearing a noise behind and to the right of the dock.

"Who is it?" Tommy said, freaking a little. Too many creepy camp movies made standing on a boat dock, naked with a dick up your ass, a little scary.

"Sorry guys," Mark said appearing suddenly, "I didn't mean to scare you guys. I was just walking and, well...I saw you two and I sort of got caught up in watching you. You're so perfect together," he said staring down at where the two were joined together.

"It's okay," Jason said not missing a stroke, "I like an audience."

"Since when?" Tommy laughed, but the truth was he didn't mind Mark watching at all. In fact he thought Mark was a sexy little guy and he wondered what it would be like to be with someone like that.

"You two must really be in love," Mark said still staring at the two coupling, his bulge prominent in his tight fitting jeans.

"We are," Tommy said, "but it's still sort of new to us, so we're still learning about each other and what we like."

"Don't suppose you've ever talked about letting someone join in?" Mark said blushing.

"Well, truth is: we've done some stuff with other guys...close friends of ours," Jason said wondering what Tommy would think about them letting Mark in on their fun.

"Oh, that's cool. Too bad I'm not a close friend," Mark said grinning.

"Hell, that's one way to become a close friend," Jason laughed.

"What are you thinking?" Tommy asked looking back at his boyfriend who had slowed down some, but was still pumping away at his ass.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe Mark wouldn't mind sucking your cock while I fucked you. How does that sound?"

"I'm all for it," Mark said lustily, "Anything really, I'll even let both you guys fuck me if you want."

"A daisy chain," Jason chuckled, "How bout' it lover boy? Want to pound Mark while I pound you?"

"I think I'd rather have the blowjob," Tommy admitted. He liked fucking, but he really didn't know this kid that well, and they had no condoms, and he wasn't going to take any chances if he could avoid it.

"That's cool," Mark said moving around in front of Tommy and giving his hard cock a feeling up, "Nice, and nice balls too."

Then dropping to his knees Mark began to lick and suck on Tommy's hangers while he felt up his body and cock.

Tommy closed his eyes and concentrated on the feelings in front and behind and he felt completely at ease with the situation. Of course the wine and pot had something to do with that, but he was surprised that he accepted the situation so easily. As long as Jason was okay with it, he supposed there was no harm in letting Mark play a little.

When Mark finally took Tommy's cock into his mouth Tommy hissed his approval and pushed his ass back at Jason as if to say, "give me more". However Jason was already giving him all that he had and was very close to orgasm.

Mark made quick work of Tommy's cock, not letting up for one minute as he greedily sucked and licked, trying to coax his tasty boy batter from him. When the orgasm finally hit Tommy, his knees went weak and he cried out as he blasted into Mark's hot wet mouth.

His orgasm caused his ass to spasm and clinch Jason's cock, and that sent Jason over the edge and soon he too was firing off his pent up load. For a couple of minutes both boys shook, and moaned, and unloaded, then as quickly as it had begun it was over.

Jason slowly pulled out, smiling as he watched a little trail of his swimmers bubble out of his lover's ass. Then stooping he licked him clean and swallowed.

Mark was tongue buffing Tommy's cock now, and when it began to get too sensitive Tommy pushed him away gently and thanked him.

"That was great Mark. You really know how to make a guy feel good."

"Thanks, been sucking dick since I was 12," he said standing, "my older brother taught me how, and I was his personal dick sucker till he went off to college."

"How did you feel about that?" Tommy asked, wondering if Mark had been abused rather than being a willing partner.

"You kidding? I loved it, my bro and I are tight. We still do it when we see each other at break and stuff. He's the best. For an Asian he's got a big dick too, 7 inches."

"Wow, that's pretty cool. We know a couple of guys, twins, that sex it up and they're really close like that."

"Jaden and Aidan, right?"

"You know the twins?"

"Not personally, but I have their CD and I think they're really sexy, all of the guys in the group are."

"My little bro is part of the group now," Jason said proudly, surprising Tommy who thought Jason was a little jealous of Zak's fame.

"Yeah, which one?"

"He's new, the new drummer...Zak."

"Hey, isn't he boyfriends with one of the twins?"

"Yeah, Aidan...but that's not why he's in the band. He's really good, and they just found out how good, and they let him sit in on a session and he was amazing."

"That's so cool. Hey, think you could introduce me to those guys sometime?"

"Sure, just give us your number and we'll set it up, right Tommy?"

"Yeah, absolutely. Uh, Jason...I was thinking. We've both got off, and it's only fair that we help Mark out with his problem..." he said pointing at Mark's still erect cock, plainly visible through  his jeans.

"Oh, yeah. Where are my manners?" Jason giggled, "How about if we both help him out with that problem in his shorts?"

"Really? You mean it guys?" Mark said grinning, "It's been forever since someone touched me down there."

"Yeah, come on Tommy, help me get his jeans down..."

Between the two horny teens Mark was soon moaning and shaking as they brought him to a spectacular orgasm. When he began to spew, the two took turns siphoning off his tasty load and then licking him clean. They were amused at the way Mark carried on when he came, laughing, crying, gasping, moaning, and crying out yes..yes..yes, but at least they knew he had enjoyed it.

On the way back to the lake house the three got better acquainted, and by the time they had reached the deck they felt like old friends. They exchanged phone numbers and vowed to keep in touch, and then spent most of the rest of the party together.

When it finally came time to shut the party down and bed down for the night the boys decided to opt for a room upstairs, but instead of going off alone they grabbed Mark and invited him to join them. The three had clicked on a physical and spiritual level, and from the night on they became almost inseparable.

In the king sized bed in the private bedroom, the three snuggled with Mark in the middle and exchanged blowjobs before finally going to sleep. The odd thing was that neither Jason or Tommy felt any jealousy at all. It was as if Mark had already become a part of their relationship, or as if they had known him forever. It was one of those 'love at first sight' things with all three boys, but mostly it was about friendship and trust, and all three looked forward to what was to come next.

The CD took just under a month to complete with the boys working weekends and sometimes after school, and everyone involved agreed that it was even better than the first. The tour was scheduled for the week of Spring Break, and though the boys weren't thrilled about giving up their free time for a grueling travel schedule, they agreed that it was necessary if the CD was to be successful.

Zak's self confidence had soared after becoming part of the band, and his percussions gave the band a whole new sound. He'd continued his Martial Arts classes and had hit a growth spurt, and he felt good about himself and his abilities to defend himself now.

Tommy and Jason finally introduced Mark to the band at a wrap up party at Jeremy's and Isaac's house and he soon became a friend to everyone. 

"We need to find Mark a boyfriend," Aidan said as he and Jaden, Jimmy, and Zak sat eating pizza on the couch.

"He has Jason and Tommy," Zak giggled, "they all mess around all the time."

"Yeah, I know, but Mark needs a boy of his own."

"But who do we know that's looking for a BF?" Jaden said biting off a piece of pizza and chewing it slowly.

"Well, there must be someone, a fan maybe...someone."

"Well, we could run an ad in the school newspaper" Jimmy joked, "Wanted: One hot boyfriend for Gay Asian hottie."

"Good one," Jaden laughed, "and we could set up interviews and make them drop their pants so we could check out the goods."

"Yeah, I'm sure the school would be glad to set up a room for us," Aidan said rolling his eyes.

"Hey, maybe Dee knows someone who's looking. She knows tons of people, mostly boys, and she seems to be able to pick the gay boys out better than anyone I know."

"We'll ask her. That's a great idea J. Come on, maybe we can pry her away from Jeremy long enough to talk to her."

Dee agreed to keep an eye out for potential candidates, because she too had taken to the cute Asian boy and wanted him to be happy.

The party broke up around ten, but the usual gang hung around for the overnighter, and this time even Dee got to stay, as well as Mark. Her mom and The Greens had finally decided that trying to keep the two separated was a waste of time. The three adults had sat the two down and explained to them that while they weren't encouraging them to be sexually active, they knew it was ultimately up to them. They hoped by going through all the possible scenarios with the two they could instill in them a desire to be responsible, and safe, and not let sex control their lives. The two had sat quietly, red-faced through most of it, and then joined hands and explained things from their side.

"Mom, Dad, Ms. Wallace...Dee and I are in love. We aren't in lust, and it's not just about sex with  us. At first it was just about kissing and holding hands and being together. While we were doing that we became closer and we fell in love. We started out as friends and now we love each other. The sex thing...I mean the making love, that only brought us closer, but it's not all we think about. We just like being together, and if it makes you all feel more confident about things, we'll promise not to do anything while Dee is over here. You may think there's no way we could keep that promise, but we can, right babe?"

"Yes, Jeremy is right. Sex isn't all we think about. We just want to be together as much as possible and have fun...and fun doesn't have to mean sex. We love each other, but we're both young and who knows what the future will bring? I like to think we'll be together a long time, maybe always, but I'm smart enough to know there are no promises. That's why you don't have to worry about us taking unnecessary chances. We aren't going to make the mistake some couples do and ruin our lives by making a baby or anything. Someday I want kids, but I want to be married someone I love and respect, someone like Jeremy, but not today, not next week. We have our whole life ahead of us and we're not gonna mess that up. You just have to trust us on some things, cause there's no way you can watch us every moment."

"One more thing. We really want to thank you guys for being so understanding about all this. A lot of folks would try to keep us apart or watch us every minute, but you all have been so cool and I think that's why Jeremy and I are so anxious not to let you down. You trust us, and that means a lot, and we won't let you down. I love you Mr. and Mrs. Green, almost as much as I love my mom, and I hope someday we'll all be one happy family," Dee said wiping tears from her eyes.

"Oh sweetheart, we love you too," Mrs. Green said holding out her arms for the girl and hugging her close. "You've been a ray of sunshine in our lives and you make our Jeremy so happy. He's a different boy since you two met and we highly approve of your relationship. We  just worry because you're both so young and the world is such a hard place, but I think you've convinced me here today that we needn't worry quite so much. You are both intelligent, level headed kids, and we trust you to do what is right. However, if you ever find yourselves over your head or facing trouble, please, please don't hesitate to come to us for help. I promise we won't judge, and we'll help you fix things if we can."

"I agree," Mr. Green said smiling, "just keep on doing what you're doing, and remember we're here for you no matter what."

"Jeremy, you are like a son to me now," Dee's mom said smiling, "and I can see the love in your eyes for my daughter. She is happier and more outgoing now, and believe me there was a time when I worried about her everyday. She's had a tough life so far, and until she met the twins, and through them, you, she hated going to school every day. Now she's happy and looks forward to school, her friends, and mostly her being with you. To try to keep you apart never entered our minds. All we want is for you to be safe and happy, but I can see you are way ahead of us there. You are both wonderful kids, and I for one am happy that you two met. Jeremy, good to my daughter and maybe someday you will be my son for real."

"Well, now that we have that out of the way. Why don't we all go out for dinner and enjoy some family time together," Mrs. Green suggested, and that's just what they did.

The young couple settled for holding hands, snuggling and some heavy petting that night, but refrained from sex as they had promised. They both knew there would be other opportunities and the talk with their folks had instilled in them a need to be more responsible.

The boys however weren't quite as reserved, and while Jeremy and Dee retired to his room the rest of the gang settled down on the nest they'd built in the floor and traded some DNA. Mark loved being part of this randy group and thoughts of finding a boyfriend of his own were put on the back burner while he sampled the flesh put before him.

He especially loved Isaac's hard chiseled body and his long hard cock and Isaac seemed to enjoy the attention as well. At first Isaac had been reluctant to participate in the sex romps now that Greg was gone, but Greg had insisted that he didn't mind as long as it was just sex and he didn't dump him for another boy. That made Isaac wonder if Greg was doing the same thing in California, but he knew he'd never ask. As long as he didn't find a new boyfriend and came back to him, he wasn't too worried about how he got his rocks off while they were apart.

Mark had Isaac's long hard cock buried in his throat as Isaac was thinking about Greg and their separation, but soon his attention turned to the sexy Asian boy and he forgot all his worries.

Mark was an expert cocksucker and he seemed to love Isaac's cock best of all, a fact everyone seemed to take note of, and there was some worry that Mark might be crushing on the sexy black boy. If that was the case they knew he would be in for a let down when Greg returned and they wanted to avoid that if at all possible.

If it was just fun that was fine, but they had to try to keep their feelings in the right place, and both boys knew that, but it was hard to control such things when it felt so right.

By the time the boys finally settled down to sleep they had each came at least twice, and as the twins and their baes snuggled up they noticed Mark was laying beside Isaac, but not quite touching him.

Once or twice Aidan looked that way and the last time he did he saw that Isaac had pulled Mark against him and was spooning his backside, and that worried Aidan a little. What if Isaac was falling for Mark? Maybe it was just lust, he decided, or the need to share the warmth and feel of another human being. He understood that, for he was most comfortable when snuggled against another boy. He sighed and pressed deeper into Zak's body and soon he was asleep,  his fear forgotten for the moment.

A time zone away Greg was doing some snuggling of his own and thinking about Isaac and how to break the news to him. He hadn't planned on falling in love with another boy, it had just happened, and now he was faced with the hardest decision of his young life.

Beside him Bret lay sleeping, his long blond hair crowning his face as his eyes twitched beneath the lids signifying that he was in sleep mode. Greg smoothed his hair back and kissed his cheek and smiled. He was so beautiful, so sexy, and yet he had a heart of gold and was the most loving person Greg had ever met.

They'd met at a party his dad had given for one of his clients, much as he had met Isaac, and before the night was over the two had exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet for coffee at Starbucks the next day.

From there it was all downhill. They'd hit it off on so many levels that it was scary. They both liked the same music, movies, and were both new at being gay. Bret wasn't out to anyone, except Greg, and he was still a little worried about his feelings and how coming out would play out.

Greg thought about how he had came out to Isaac's family, and then his own father, and his heart ached some at the thought of how much Isaac had helped him settle his own fears and become self confident.

He still loved Isaac, of that he was sure, but the long distance relationship had been harder than he had imagined, and then...well, there was Bret who it seemed had just fallen into his lap and stolen away his heart. 

He felt the tears stinging his eyes and he thought about how hard it would be when the time came to tell Isaac the awful truth, but little did he know that in that other time zone Isaac was having some of the same thoughts about a small Asian boy curled up beside him, and thinking about how best to break the news to Greg.

End Chapter 31

 The short but intense romance of Greg and Isaac will soon be over as both boys find new love. Like the poets say, it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, and this love, though brief, will still remain special to them both, even as they move on. 

As Christmas break approaches Isaac and Greg will have to figure out just how to break the news to one another, but the rest of the boys will be there to help when the time comes.

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