This story contains incest, so it that's not your thing, don't read it. The kid in it has sex with an uncle and with his father. While I know that will turn some people off, what gay kid hasn't fantasized having sex with his father? I remember the first time I saw mine naked, and that image is burned into my memory. His dick was so much longer and thicker than mine was. I never saw it hard, but I often wondered how big it would be hard. After I was fucked for the first time by an uncle similar to the one in the story, except that he was nineteen and was the one who seduced me, I wondered what it would be like to have my dad on top of me, his hairy chest against my hairless one, his dick up my ass.

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Chapter 1: Roger

"You want to come over to spend the night at my house?" my friend, Logan, asked me.

I thought your mom didn't allow you to have boys over," I said.

"She won't, but she's off taking care of my grandma who's sick, and my stepdad said I could have someone sleep over. He even suggested that I invite you over."

I had been over to Logan's house several times and knew his stepdad, who seemed like a nice guy. He was always kidding around with me, joking with me and tickling me. I was awfully ticklish and would laugh so hard I sometimes even wet my pants a little. I hated it and like it, both at the same time. When he tickled me, my dick got hard, and I wanted him to touch it. I wanted him to touch me all over.

"I'll ask my mom."

We went to my house after school, and since it was Friday, she said I could, so I got my toothbrush, and we went from my house to Logan's. His stepdad was home when we got there.

"You spending the night, are you, Chad?" he said.

"Yes, Mr. Harris."

"How many times do I have to tell you to call me Roger?" he said.


"That's better, but I guess I'll have to punish you so you won't forget."

He grabbed me, tossed me onto the couch, and started tickling me.

"Stop," I said. "You'll make me wet my pants," but I really didn't want him to stop.

"If you wet your pants, I guess you'll just have to walk around naked, won't you?"

My dick was already hard, but the thought of him seeing me naked with it hard, made it harder still.

"I'll be in my room," Logan said, and he left me alone with his stepdad, who kept tickling me until I did pee in my pants.

"Whoops," said Roger, "Guess you weren't kidding about wetting your pants. Guess we'll have to get them off of you. I lay still as he unbuckled my belt and undid my pants, pulling them along with my underwear down past my knees. "What's this?" he said upon seeing my hard-on. "Do I need to tickle it?"

I just stared at my hard dick without saying anything, and he reached for it. No sooner had he touched it, I spurted, spurting my spunk onto my t-shirt.

"Guess we'll need to take that off, too," he said, and I raised my arms allowing him to pull off my t-shirt. He took off my shoes and pulled my jeans and undershorts off my feet. Except for socks, I was naked.

I thought about Logan in his bedroom and wondered if he knew what was going on. He must. He had left the room as soon as his stepdad had started tickling me. I wondered if he did the same to Logan. I wondered if he had touched Logan's dick and made him spurt. That thought made me jealous.

He ran his hands over my naked body, cupping my balls in his hand and brushing my cock with them. It was hard again, and I knew it wouldn't take much for me to spurt again. "I like it that you don't have much hair down there," he said. "Logan has more than you do."

At twelve, my dick and balls had grown, and I had been jacking off for about three months, but other than a little dark hair rimming the top of my dick, I didn't have much pubic hair. I didn't have any underarm hair yet. He grabbed what pubic hair I had with his fingers and began pulling it out. "It hurts," I said, but I didn't ask him to stop, and he kept yanking it out until I was once again smooth down there.

"Keep pulling it out as it grows in," he said. "Will you do that for me?" I nodded. I would have done anything for him. "Let's go into my bedroom." Taking my hand, he pulled me up from the couch and led me naked into his bedroom, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor beside the couch.

Once in his bedroom, after he had shut the door, he pulled off his clothes while I watched in fascination. Unlike me now, he had hair around his dick and balls and on his chest. I wanted to run my fingers through it. Picking me up, he carried me to his bed and laid me down on it, climbing onto it after me. Lying down beside me, he ran his hands over my naked, hairless, body. I, in turn, ran my fingers through the hair on his chest. I wanted to touch his hard dick, but I was afraid to do so, and I was too timid to ask if I could. Once again, he cupped my balls, and once again, I spurted as soon as he touched my dick. Climbing on top of me, he lowered his face to mine and kissed me, prying open my mouth with his tongue and plunging it into my mouth, his tongue playing tag with mine. I returned the favor, sticking my tongue into his mouth.

Sliding down, he kissed other parts of my body as he went, kissing my neck, my nipples, my belly-button, sliding farther down until he reached my dick. I felt it slide into his mouth, and once again, I spurted, this time into his mouth. He must have swallowed it, because he kept sucking it until it became hard, and I squirted again. Only after I had did he pull his mouth away from it. Looking up at me, he opened his mouth showing me my cum still on his tongue. Then he closed his mouth..

"Your turn," he said, his speech garbled because he still had my spunk on his tongue, pushing me down until my head was at his dick. I lay on my stomach between his legs, took his dick in my hand and stroked it a time or two. It was way bigger than my dick was, and I loved the feel of it in my hand. "Suck it," he said, and I guided it to my mouth, opening it and letting it slide past my teeth. He had got all my dick into his mouth, but I could only get the head of his and a little of the shaft into mine. I bobbed my head up and down, sliding his dick in and out as he had done mine. I kept doing it until he spurted, and as he had swallowed my cum, I swallowed his. It tasted strange, but I knew I was hooked on it, not so much on the taste of it, but because it had come from him, and I knew that my swallowing it pleased him. More than anything, I wanted to please him.

After he spurted, he pulled me up until my face was above his and pulled it down to his to kiss me once again. He still had some of my spunk in his mouth; he hadn't swallowed it as I thought he had; I could taste it. I ended up swallowing some of my own cum when he rolled me over and let it slide into my mouth.

Now that I was on my back, he raised my legs, and after spitting on his hand, rubbed it on my butthole. I felt his finger slide into it. Soon, another finger joined the first, and he slid them in and out and around, loosing up my hole. I knew he was about to fuck me, which both excited and frightened me, frightening me only because his dick was so big, and I didn't see how it would fit inside me. Still, I said nothing when he climbed on top of me, and I felt the head of his dick probing my butthole.

He thrust, and it went in a little, but my butthole seemed to struggle to keep it out. It hurt, but I bit my lip and didn't cry out. He thrust again, and it slid farther in. He kept thrusting, and before long, it was all the way in me. Once it was all the way in, I loved how it felt, and before long I squirted onto my belly without even touching my dick. I had never had an orgasm that felt as good as that one did, not even the one I had when he blew me.

"Oh...oh...oh fuck!" he said. "I'm going to cum," and when he shuddered, I knew he was squirting inside me. Wanting him to fill me with his cum, I grabbed his butt and pulled him to me.

"Oh...I love you," I said.

"I love you, too," he answered, and fucked me a second time.

After he had finished and was lying beside me, his door opened, and Logan stood naked in the doorway. His dick was hard.

"Can I come in?" he said, and when his stepdad nodded, he crawled onto the bed with us. Climbing on top of me, he slid between my legs, and it was his dick I felt nuzzling my hole. After his stepdad's bigger dick, it slid in easily, and he was soon fucking me, while, propped up on one elbow, Roger watched.

It felt good, but not as good as Roger's bigger dick had felt, and he didn't last long enough for me to have an orgasm, but I knew he'd be getting other opportunities to give me one. It wouldn't be the last time I would let him fuck me. Already, I liked being fucked more than just about anything. The pain of being fucked the first time was worth the pleasure of being fucked.

After Logan came, it was Roger's turn to fuck him, and I watched both turned on and a little jealous by the sight of it. If Roger was going to fuck one of us, I wanted it to be me he was fucking. Still, I jacked off while I watched.

After he was though, the three of us took a shower before going back to bed. Now that our dicks were clean, I gave Logan a blowjob, and he blew Roger after I did. That was enough sex for Roger, but both Logan and me wanted more, so while Roger dozed off, Logan fucked me two more times. He couldn't make me cum fucking me, so I jacked off while he did.

Eventually, even we had enough and went to sleep.

When we awoke the next morning, Roger was already up, and Logan blew me before fucking me again. I never thought to ask him if I could fuck him. His fucking me seemed to be the right order of things. I think I knew even then that I was meant to be fucked. I think Roger had known that the first time he had met me. I called my mom to get permission to spend another night, and the three of us spent all Saturday naked. Roger fucked each of us, and Logan fucked me several times. I came when Roger fucked me, but couldn't, unless I jacked off, when Logan fucked me. His dick wasn't as big as Roger's, and he couldn't last long enough to make me cum. Still, I liked getting fucked by him. I just liked getting fucked by Roger more. I loved Logan, but I was in love with Roger.

"Did it hurt when you pulled out the hair down there?" Logan asked me. He had seen me naked before and had known I was starting to grow pubic hair.

"Some," I said.

"Roger wants me to pull out mine," he said, "but I was afraid it would hurt too much."

"You have more than I did so it would hurt more I guess, but Roger says if I pull it out as it grows in, it won't be so bad, and he says as I keep pulling it out, less of it will grow back."

"It does look cool," he said. "Most of the boys on the porn sites don't have hair down there. Roger bought me a waxing kit, so I could pull it all out at once. Do you want to help me do it?"


We went into the bathroom, applied the wax to his groin, and after it had set, I yanked it off, pulling out most of his pubic hair in one swoop.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck!" he said, "that hurt," but other than a few stay hairs, he was as smooth down there as I was. I helped him pull out those that were left, and the only hair he had left down there was that on his balls. We left them.

"Cool," said Roger, when he saw the results. "Now pull them out as they grow in. Fewer will grow back, and it won't hurt so much when you pull them out again."

He was so turned on by Logan's new look that he fucked him again. Unfortunately, after fucking Logan, he'd had enough sex for the day, and I had to be content with being fucked by Logan.

If I had known how good it felt to be fucked, I would have been let both Roger and Logan fuck me long before now. Some people call it child abuse for a grown man to fuck a kid, but, at least in my case, I didn't see anything wrong with it. I loved being fucked by Roger. How could anything that felt so good be wrong? Sure, it had hurt the first time, and I went home with a sore butthole, but I soon got over the hurt. Hell, the pleasure I got out of being fucked was worth a sore butthole.

If I had known how good it felt to be fucked, I would have been let both Roger and Logan fuck me long before now. Some people call it child abuse for a grown man to fuck a kid, but, at least in my case, I didn't see anything wrong with it. I loved being fucked by Roger. How could anything that felt so good be wrong? Sure, it had hurt the first time, and I went home with a sore butthole, but I soon got over the hurt. Hell, the pleasure I got out of being fucked was worth a sore butthole.

Chapter 2: Sam

I got permission to spend the next weekend at Logan's, using the excuse that his mom was away, and I was going to keep him company. She asked Roger, when he came with Logan to pick me up, if he was sure he wanted to put up with me, and he said, "Chad can come over anytime. He's a pleasure to have around. Nice kid you've got there."

I grinned at that. He would probably fuck me four or more times, so I guess I was a pleasure to have around.

Logan was waiting in the car along with another man who was about Roger's age. "This is Sam," Roger said. "He's going to join in on the fun this weekend. That way, no one will feel left out."

"Hello, Chad," Sam said, grinning. "I've heard a lot about you. Understand you like to be tickled...among other things."

A little confused because I hadn't expected to have him join us for the weekend, I just shrugged and got into the backseat beside Logan. Leaning over, Logan whispered, "Sam's cool. He comes over a lot. He's got a dick that's bigger than Roger's even."

A week ago, the thought of being fucked by a dick bigger than Roger's would have freaked me out, but my butthole was no longer sore and was damn sure stretched out. Unless his dick was huge, I figured I could handle it. I liked screwing around with Logan, but his four-and-a-half-inch skinny dick didn't do a lot for me, whereas Roger made me cum every time he fucked me, and Sam was kind of hot. I was curious to see him naked, to see just how big his dick was.

As soon as we were inside Logan's house, Sam grabbed me, threw me on the couch and started tickling me. "Stop," I pleaded, "you'll make me wet my pants."

That didn't stop him, though, and I did wet my pants. He took them off, and had me raise my arms so he could take off my t-shirt. I was naked, and my dick was hard. Sam reached for it, and as soon as he touched it, I came, squirting my spunk onto my stomach in streams. I guess that turned him on, if he needed turning on, because the next thing I knew he was naked and his monster dick was in my face. Knowing what he wanted, I opened my mouth, and he shoved it in. As big as it was, I couldn't take much of it into my mouth. He humped it a bit and then, he was on top of me, the head of his dick nuzzling my butthole. He thrust, but it only went in part way because it was so big. It hurt and was almost like being fucked for the first time. "It hurts," I said, but that didn't stop him. He was soon inside me, fucking me, and once he was inside me, filling me with his cock, I loved it. I soon spurted and even spurted a second time before he was through. I loved the feeling of him on top of me, his hairy chest pressed against my smooth, hairless one, but most of all, I loved having him inside me, fucking me. My butthole was going to be sore again, but it was worth it.

Roger and Logan had started out watching me get fucked, but it was too much for them to handle, and they were soon on the floor beside us, Roger's cock up Logan's ass. Whereas that sight had made me jealous before, now that I had Sam's cock up mine and was getting fucked, it didn't. I was only conscious of his dick pounding my ass, and once again, I knew that being fucked was my calling. I was meant for it. Any pain I'd felt had been worth it.

After he'd fucked me, Sam carried me into the master bedroom and lay me down on Roger's king-size bed and fucked me again. I spurted for the fourth time and was sure I was good for more. By the time we were through fucking, Roger and Logan were on the bed with us, and Roger and Sam switched, Sam fucking Logan while Roger fucked me, and even though Roger had a seven-inch cock, I could tell the difference between having his cock up me and having Sam's. Sam's cock was not only longer by a couple of inches, but it was also bigger around. He had probably ruined me for me getting fucked by Logan's skinny cock, and he certainly put my five-inch slender dick to shame. Logan, who didn't usually come when fucked, unless he jerked off, even came when Sam fucked him.

Two climaxes in short order were enough for the men, but for entertainment, they had me and Logan do a 69. We had got to where we could deep-throat each other's dicks, and when I felt Logan's spunk hit the back of my throat, I came spurting mine into his mouth. The men had told us not to swallow it, and we had to open our mouths showing them we hadn't before kissing each other, mixing our spunk together before swallowing it.

After we were through, we went into the living room and watched some gay porn while Roger ordered pizza. I got horny all over again watching the porn and gave Logan another blowjob. I think he wanted to fuck me, but his little dick would have been a disappointment so soon after having Sam's and Roger's dicks inside of me. As stretched out as I was after those two, I probably couldn't have felt Logan's little dick in me, and besides I liked blowing him. His dick was the right size for that.

Logan's grandma got better and his mother came home putting a crimp in our weekend sex parties at his house. Roger still fucked Logan, but he couldn't work me in. Logan and I fooled around when we could, but he had neither a hairy chest or a big dick, and I missed having a man who had both.

Chapter 3: Uncle Jimmy

For Thanksgiving, my mom and I went to visit my grandma, and I ended up sleeping with my Uncle Jimmy, my mom's younger brother. He was twenty-four or five -- I forgot which. He had a hairy chest, but I had never seen his dick hard. I had seen it when he was taking a leak, and it had certainly looked like it had potential.

Ever since I could remember, he had tickled me, and after my experience with Roger and Sam, I wondered if he had had other things in mind. As far as I know, he'd never had a girlfriend so I figured he could be gay. I intended to find out.

Although, when I stayed at grandma's, I wore my pajamas to bed, I didn't that night. I was in bed when Uncle Jimmy came in from using the bathroom, and I was naked. He came into the room, closed the door, and took off his pants and shirt, leaving only his undershorts, some tighty-whities.

"You ready for a tickling?" he said.

"As long as you don't tickle me too much," I said, "or you might make me wet the bed, and something else might happen, too."

"Like what?"

"Like you might make me squirt."

"You mean pee?"

"No, the other kind of squirt - you know -- the white kind of squirt."

"The white kind? I didn't know you were old enough."

"Yeah, I am. I've been squirting for most of a year." It had really been for about six months.

From the way his hard dick was tenting his underwear, I could see he was interested. He threw back the covers exposing my naked body and my hard dick. He stood looking at it for a long minute before reaching for it. As soon as he touched it, I spurted onto my stomach. Not saying anything, he pushed down his underwear and crawled into bed with me. He didn't have a dick as big as Roger's even, but it came close. He rolled on top of me, and I guided his dick to my butthole. Leaning down to kiss me, he slid it into me. It felt so good. It had been too long since I'd been fucked by a man, and I loved the feel of his chest hair, how it tickled my bare skin. "Fuck me, Jimmy," I said, leaving out the `Uncle' I usually attached to his name. He obliged, pounding my hole until he came. I had another orgasm before he did.

"Fuck," he said afterward, "you fucking seduced me, you little bastard. Look what you made me do. You're my fucking nephew, my fucking sister's kid."

"So," I said, "does that mean you didn't like it? I liked it; I wanted it. If you liked it, and I wanted it, what harm is it? You're not the first man to fuck me."

"You're talking like you're a little whore."

"I'm no whore," I said. "Whores fuck for money. I fuck men because I love fucking men. I love hairy chests. When I saw you without your shirt, I knew I had to have you."

Who else is fucking you?"

"That's my business. I don't ask you who you're fucking, but I'll bet it's no girl. We're both gay. Maybe it runs in the family."

"Still," he said, "we shouldn't be doing this," but he was up on one elbow looking at me, and his gaze kept dropping to my crotch. My dick was hard, and it wasn't long until his was, too. Soon, his hand was rubbing my chest, and each time it did, it dropped lower, until it was grazing my dick.

Dropping his head to my chest, he licked my nipples, first the right one and then the left. I squirmed and moaned. His tongue was in my bellybutton and then, it was on my dick, and he took the whole thing into his mouth. I humped it and soon spurted into it. He took it as an invitation, which it was, and was once again on top of me. Without any help from either or us, his dick found my hole, and it was his turn to do the humping. He pounded my hole until he came, and rested a moment before fucking me again. There was no more argument about the right or wrong of it. He fucked me twice more before he'd had enough, and both of us exhausted and satiated, we fell asleep. I awoke the next morning with him on top of me, his tongue probing my mouth and his dick probing my hole. Both found their way in, and he fucked me twice before breakfast.

I must admit, it felt a little strange sitting at the breakfast table with Mom and Grandma, knowing what we'd just done. I'd glance at them and start giggling. Jimmy would frown and shoot me a `Shut the fuck up look,' but I couldn't help myself. Both Mom and Grandma asked me what was so funny, but of course, I couldn't tell them.

Mom and I stayed at Granma's until Sunday, so I had three nights in Jimmy's bed. He no longer questioned the right or wrong about fucking me; he just fucked me, and I was looking forward to our next trip to Grandma's house. Even though Jimmy's dick wasn't as big as Roger's or Sam's, he was younger, and could fuck more often than they could. I lost count of the times we fucked during that holiday.

He never got around to tickling me, but that was okay. I think tickling is just a substitute for sex anyway. Men tickle boys they would rather fuck, and we had skipped that and had gone straight to the fucking. The next time some guy wanted to tickle me, I think I'd say, "Let's skip the tickling and just fuck."

Chapter 4: Coach Michaels

My next conquest was Coach Michaels, my gym teacher, who always made a point to be in the locker-room when guys were changing into or out of their gym clothes and always seemed to look in on us when we were in the showers. I made sure when he saw me I had a hard-on. I got ribbed by the other guys because I always seemed to have one, but if it got me what I wanted, I didn't care. Coach Michaels was a fucking hunk. I had seen him naked, and fucking soft, his dick was a good six inches, and besides, he had a luscious, hairy chest. I was in love.

My gym class was during the last time period, and one day, I delayed getting dressed until all the other boys had left. It was Coach Michaels, me, and my hard dick.

He came into the locker-room and saw me sitting on the bench in front of my locker naked with a hard-on. Without speaking a word, he took me by the hand and led me to his office. Once we were inside it, he closed and locked the door and closed the blinds. Staring at me and my hard dick, he undressed. His dick was hard, and it had to be a good eight or nine inches. Sam might have him beat, but if he did, it wasn't by much. I took his hands and pulled him to the floor on top of me. He came willingly and soon, after we were on the floor, I felt his dick probing my butthole. By then, I'd been fucked so often that my butthole offered it little resistance, and his dick was soon inside me. His chest hair tickled my face since he was so much taller than I was. His dick hit all the right places, and I soon came. I came a second time before he did.

"You fucking seduced me, you little fucker," he said afterward.

I shrugged: "Maybe, but I didn't have to work too hard at it." I grabbed a towel off a rack, wiped off his dick, which was hard again, and took it into my mouth, blowing him until he came into it. "Now, I've got you in both ends. He gave up any resistance and fucked me again. After that, he fucked me a couple times a week in his office after class.

Chapter 5: Mr. Avery

Next was Mr. Avery, my math teacher. He kept a wooden paddle in his desk and always found a reason to use it on boys, claiming they were misbehaving. I often gave him a reason to use it on me. It gave me a hard-on to get swatted with his paddle. Once, I even came, and I let him know it, whispering to him afterward, "You made me cum."

A couple of days later, he had me stay after class and said, "I'm taking some boys to the movies if you want to come."

He picked me up at my house, and we were still in my neighborhood when I popped his transmission out of gear into neutral. He said, "Do that again, and I'll punish you," so I did it again. Pulling over to the side of the road, he parked the car, reached over and began stroking my dick through my pants. As usual for me, it didn't take much. "Oh...oh...I'm gonna cum," and I did, creaming my undershorts. Needless to say, we never made it to the movies, and he admitted later that he hadn't invited any other boys. We went to his house, and I ended up in his bed.

First, he undressed me, and upon seeing my hard dick, gave me a blowjob. As quick on the trigger as I am, it didn't take long for me to cum, and I lay on the bed watching him undress. I knew he had a hairy chest because I'd seen the hair framed by the `V' of his shirts. All that was left was for me to find out how big his dick was.

It was a little shorter than I'd hoped for, about six-and-half-inches I supposed, but it was thick, which helped make up for what it lacked in length. Anyway, it was soon inside me, and it was big enough to make me cum.

"Fuck!" he said afterward. "You wanted this to happen, didn't you?"

"Yes," I said, "and I want you to do it again," so he did. He fucked me two more times, actually, before he took me home, and we made a date to go to the `movies' every Friday night after that, but of course, we never made it to the movies. I'd have to read reviews of the movie we were supposed to be seeing in case my mom asked about it. Anyway, I was occasionally getting fucked by Roger and Sam; I was getting fucked a couple times a week by Coach Michaels; and Mr. Avery was fucking me every Friday night. Still, it wasn't enough.

Chapter 6: Dad

My mom and dad were divorced, and he lived on the other side of the country, so I only saw him for a couple of weeks in the Summer and for a week during Christmas, so Christmas came, and my mon saw me off at the airport for my trip to see my dad.

I hadn't been to see him last summer: he'd been on a business trip to Japan for most of the summer, so I hadn't seen him for almost a year-and-a-half. I hadn't even started puberty the last time I had seen him, and a lot had happened since then, in particular, Roger, Sam, Coach Michaels, and Mr. Avery. I was thinking about my dad in a whole new light. He had a hairy chest, and although I'd never seen his dick hard, I had seen it soft, and soft even, it was impressive. I wanted him to fuck me I realized. He was the one who had started the whole tickling thing after all, the first one to ever tickle me. Could it be that the tickling was a substitute for what he really wanted to do? Well, I guess I'd find out.

Dad picked me up at the airport, and we had dinner at a restaurant before going to his apartment. He had a two-bedroom apartment, but he used the spare bedroom as an office. "I can rig you up a bed on the couch," he said.

"Can I just sleep with you?" I said.

"Sure, if you want. I thought you might be getting too big to sleep with your dad."

"Now, I'm big enough to sleep with you," I said, but I'm sure he didn't catch my meaning.

As he took his pajamas into the bathroom to change into them, I got naked and crawled under the covers. He just pulled back the covers enough to get into bed, so he didn't notice I had nothing on, or that my dick was hard. We talked for a while: he asked me about school, my mom, and stuff. "Remember how I used to tickle you?" he said, and reaching over, he was surprised I guess because I had on no pajamas, but started tickling me anyway.

I squirmed and giggled and said, "You're going to make me spurt," and I did spurt, getting some of my spurt on his hand. He pulled back the covers and saw I was naked, my spurt all over my stomach. As he looked, I reached for his cock, grabbing it through his pajamas. It was already hard, as I had thought it would be. After stroking it a time or two, I pushed down his pajama bottoms. His dick, at a good eight inches, was no disappointment. Leaning over, I took it into my mouth and sucked him off. Before I was through, he was humping my mouth, and soon his spunk flooded it. I had just sucked off my own father, but I wanted more.

"We shouldn't be doing this," he said after he had cum.

"I know," I said, pulling up on his pajama top. He raised his arms letting me pull it off, and we were both naked. I pulled him on top of me and guided his hard dick to my hole. Despite any reservations he might have had, he let me, and he was soon inside me, fucking me.

Kissing me right before he came, he said, "I love you, Chad."

It was enough to make me cum, and he came soon after I did. He fucked me a couple more times before we went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning, he was on top of me, his dick probing my butthole. Soon, it was inside me, and he fucked me a couple of times before breakfast.

At breakfast or during the rest of the day, neither of us said anything about what had happened that morning or the night before. During the time I was there, during the day, he was my father, and I was his son, but the nights were different. During the nights and mornings, I was his lover, and he fucked me. As far as I was concerned, it was the best of both worlds. The only time he mentioned what we did in bed was when he had taken me to the airport to catch the plane home. "You know you can't tell your mother, don't you?" he said, not stating what it was I couldn't tell her, but we both knew what it was.

"There's a lot of things I don't tell mom. I can't wait until next summer. Maybe, I could come out during spring break"

"I'll talk to your mom," he said.

I did get to go during spring break, and I spent four nights fucking my dad. He no longer mentioned that it was wrong. We both loved it, so how could it be wrong? Given that every man I fucked reminded me of him, had a hairy chest and a big dick, I think I had always wanted to fuck him, even before I knew what fucking was, and his tickling me had been a substitute for fucking me. The other men had been a poor substitute for him. Now, we no longer had a reason to play such games. He wanted to fuck me, and I wanted him to fuck me, so that's what we did, and I don't think either of us felt guilty about it. I know I certainly didn't.

When I was sixteen, I went to live with my dad, and I was true to him, fucking no one else but him. He was all I needed or ever wanted.