This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now. This is Part 11.

Tommy's Coach, Part 11

Our next game was against the Dodgers and it was terrible. We usually murder them. I was the starting pitcher and I couldn't get the ball over the plate. I tried to throw a curve like Scott taught me and it hit the batter right in the head. Coach took me out halfway through the third inning and we were already behind 6 to 1. We ended up losing. To the crappy Dodgers.

Coach talked to me alone on the bench when the rest of the team was in the field. "What the hell, Tommy? Are you hurt or something? Your mechanics were totally off and your release point was pretty much random."

I was staring at my shoes. "I'm sorry, Coach. I guess maybe I'm just kinda tired."

"You stayed up all night playing that fucking Mario game, didn't you?"

I shook my head.

"What kept you up then?"

I felt my face get hot. "I wanted to see how many times I could... you know..."

Coach stared at me. "Christ. I've created a monster. Better that than video games, I guess. But still." He was quiet for a minute. "Ok, I've got to ask. How many?"

I bit my lip. "Umm. Last night, I think six. Dad was into it too. It was like a challenge to see if he could get me going again."

"Last night? You mean there was more..."

"Ya. Three more this morning. It's always stiff in the morning these days. I could have done even more but we had to leave for the game."

Coach chuckled and looked back at the field. "Youth is wasted on the young," he finally said. "But all due credit to your Dad. Six in a night is impressive, even for the Michael Jordan of cocksuckers."

I shrugged. "Oh. And. We picked up Jamie to give him a ride and I did one more in the car in his mouth."

Coach was serious again. "I remember how it was when I was your age, Tommy. Like you, I had a pretty unlimited supply of blowjobs. But you've got to keep things in balance. You hurt your team today. No more late nights before games, for any reason. And no blowjobs on game days until after the game. Are we understood?"

"Yes Coach." It was all there was to say, really. I felt awful. And my dick was wicked sore. But mostly I felt bad about the game.


We brought Jamie back home with us like usual after the game. We stripped and Dad took away Jamie's clothes again. Jamie could tell I was still upset and he even asked if I wanted him to do me again. It was really nice of him but I said my dick was too sore. Dad laughed but I didn't think it was funny. I got dressed so Jamie was the only one naked. He didn't seem to mind as much this time.

We didn't feel like doing anything so we went to the living room to watch TV. Me and Dad were on the couch and Jamie was on the rug. He was laying on his tummy and I saw his bare butt moving a little.

"Please don't make a mess on the carpet, Jamie." Dad chuckled. Jamie looked back, embarrassed. Dad went on, "You know that you don't have to be shy around us, sport. Turn over."

Jamie rolled over. He was way stiff. Dad said, "There we go. Such a pretty boy you are, Jamie. Do you want to masturbate?"

Jamie looked down. Dad sighed. "I remember when I was your age, Jamie. It was hard for me to talk about these things. It still is sometimes. But I've learned lately that it's best if you're able to just say what you're thinking and feeling. Even if it's not comfortable. You're more likely to get what you want that way, son."

Jamie raised his eyes. "Yes Mr Walker."

"Yes what, Jamie?"

"Yes I want to."

Dad had that patient-impatient look on his face. "You want to do what, Jamie?"

Jamie swallowed but after a bit he said, "M-masturbate."

Dad smiled. "There we go. That wasn't so difficult, was it?"

Jamie shook his head slowly. Dad said, "Tommy, please go and get the bag that's in my dresser drawer. You know the one." I did know. It was the stuff that Coach gave us the Saturday before.

Jamie was confused. When I got back with the bag, Dad was explaining.

"Tommy and I want you to be happy, Jamie. We're teaching you things that will make you enjoy yourself more. You have fun when you're here, don't you?"

Jamie nodded.

"And you've liked everything that's happened so far, don't you?"

Jamie hesitated for a second, but then he said, "Ya." I wasn't totally sure Jamie meant that, but his dick was still totally hard.

"So you like it when I put my fingers in your butt when you're masturbating. Correct?"

Jamie was red but he nodded again. Dad said, "Please say it, Jamie."

"Y-yes Mr Walker. I like it."

"There we go. This will be like that, only better. Better because you can have that feeling all the time."

Dad took the smallest of the things out of the bag and handed it to Jamie. Jamie held it like it was a dead rat or something, like he was afraid to touch it. Dad told me to go to his room and get the slippery stuff from the table by his bed. When I got back he told me to give it to Jamie.

"I think you know what to do now, Jamie. Don't you?" Dad said.

"You want me to... put it..." Dad nodded. Jamie said, "Are you gonna... w-watch?" Jamie was looking at me.

Dad said, "Yes, we're going to watch. Nothing to be ashamed of with us, Jamie. Not one thing. You're part of the family, aren't you?" Jamie looked kinda helpless and he was the color of an apple in October. Dad held up two of his fingers together. "It's not much bigger than this, is it?" Jamie studied the thing and then shook his head. Dad said, "Go on then. You know you can."

It was weird to see Jamie do it. Dad kept talking to him the whole time. Even though I was still bummed from the game and sore from all the blowjobs, watching gave me a boner too. Jamie smeared stuff all over the thing and then used his finger to put some up his butt. He made really strange faces when he was pushing the black thing in. Dad had him push a little and then let it out a few time before it went all the way. There was a bottom part that stayed outside. Jamie looked relieved when it was done.

Dad smiled big and said, "That's well done, Jamie. I'm proud of you, tiger. How does it feel?"

Jamie was wiggling and couldn't seem to find a good way to sit. "It's... weird... Mr Walker... I dunno."

Dad said, "You'll get used to it. Now look at your penis."

Jamie was harder than I ever saw and the end was wet.

"You're dripping. I'd say that your dick is liking it, wouldn't you?"

Jamie bit his lip. Dad looked at me and kinda pointed his head at Jamie. I was starting to figure out what he meant when he did stuff like that, so I said, "That's awesome, Jamie. I never saw it so stiff before." He smiled a tiny bit.

Dad called Jamie over. Jamie stood in front of him and Dad sat up. Jamie's dick was right in Dad's face. "Such a good boy, Jamie." Dad licked the wet off the end. Jamie's knees were shaky. Dad reached up and started stroking him with his fingers. "Stand at attention, Jamie. Nice and straight. Hands at your sides." Jamie straightened up and Dad swallowed his whole stiffy all at once. Jamie's eyes closed and he made this sound like I never heard before. It was this really low noise like maybe a buffalo was dying an awful death. I think he was happy though, cuz he came in Dad's mouth about about ten seconds later. His head was back and his butt was all tight and he made fists with his hands. It lasted a long time.

Dad looked up at him after. Jamie just blinked. He couldn't get his air. Dad smiled. Finally Jamie just said, "Holy fuck."

Dad grinned wider. "Well said, son. Well said." Dad swatted his butt, but not hard. "That stays in, Jamie. You can take it out to poo and shower, of course. When you take it out, wash it. We'll leave the lube in the bathroom for you. But otherwise, it stays in while you're here. Understood?" Jamie looked a little unsure. Dad kissed his tummy. "Dinner in half an hour. Get cleaned up, boys."


When we went to bed that night, me and Jamie stayed awake talking after Dad turned out the light. I told him about what Coach and me talked about at the game.

"Geez Tommy. If I knew it was gonna cost us the game I wouldn't have done it on the way over." I guess he was like half joking.

I said, "Ya you would have. Cuz you like my dick." I was half joking too.

Jamie was quiet. After a minute he said, "Is that why you and your Dad like me, Tommy? Cuz I... do that stuff?"

I didn't have to think. I said the next thing cuz it was true. "No way, dude. We do that stuff with you cuz we like you. You're awesome."

I guess he believed me. He was quiet again but then he giggled a little. "Ya. Ok. I would had done it anyways."

We laughed for a while. Then I asked him, "What's the matter with your Dad, dude? I mean... how come he doesn't want to come to your games and stuff?"

"I dunno," he said. Long silence. Then, "Maybe cuz if my mom takes me, he gets to be alone with my sister."

I thought about what he said. "I guess that makes sense. But he doesn't do other stuff with you either, right?"

Quiet again. Then, "He tries to be alone with Tammy as much as he can." He was whispering.

"So you think he likes her better than he likes you?"

I heard Jamie sniffle. He was crying. "Dude. That sucks so bad. I'm really sorry."

He said, "You don't understand."

I said, "I guess not. I mean, I never had a sister so I don't know how it would feel if my Dad liked another kid more." I wanted to say something to make him feel better. "I know my Dad likes you a lot but that doesn't bother me at all cuz I like you too."

Jamie was crying harder, like he could hardly breathe. He said, "No. You really. Don't. Understand."

"Dude. Geez." I didn't know what to say. I remembered how my Dad was with him, so I got up and went over to his bed and got in behind him. I put my arm around him. He was still naked and I was in my underpants, but I wasn't thinking about sex at all.

Jamie calmed down a little bit. He wiped his nose on his hand. I saw his eyes were still wet. He swallowed and then he said. "I saw them."

I was being slow again. "Saw them?"

"My Dad. And Tammy. The first time I saw was like two years ago. I came home early. They were... in the shower."

"Like... together?" I was starting to get it.

Jamie nodded. I said, "I thought you said she was like Miss Prissy."

"That's how she acts. But I know better." Jamie sounded more mad now.

"Does she... I mean... what do they... do?" I felt awful for him, but I guess I was curious too.

"When I saw in the shower, she was doing him with her mouth."

"Oh. So they don't..."

"But then last week I saw her put something in the trash outside. It was... you know."

I still didn't know a lot of stuff, so I said, "What?"

He swallowed. "A rubber. The thing you put on your dick so you don't get a girl pregnant."

I held Jamie tight. All I could think to say was, "Holy fuck, dude. Holy fuck."


I told Jamie that he had to tell my Dad about his sister. He didn't want to at first, but I said I thought maybe my Dad would be able to figure out what he should do. I sure didn't have a clue.

The next morning I went into Dad's room and Jamie was there like usual. Dad was always on me to get up earlier. "The early bird gets the worm, Tommy," he told me. I always told him I'm not a bird and if I was I still wouldn't eat worms.

Dad was on his back on the bed and Jamie was kneeling beside him. Jamie had both hands on Dad's dick and Dad was giving him jerk-off lessons. I laughed. I guess Jamie did get the worm.

"Slower now, Jamie. I don't want you to make me cum. I want you to just take me right up to the edge, then slow down or stop. You can feel it, can't you? How it swells and stiffens when it's really close?"

Jamie said, "Yes Mr Walker... the end gets bigger... it gets so hard... it's awesome."

Dad smiled. "You've felt that in your mouth too, haven't you sport?" He touched Jamie's hair. Jamie nodded.

Dad leaked a little. He looked at Jamie and raised his eyebrows, like he does when he expects you to do something. Jamie bit his lip but then leaned over and licked off the drips. Dad rubbed his back.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched a while. I guess Jamie was getting good at it cuz Dad didn't have to tell him to stop very often. Jamie was doing it on his own and Dad would just say. "Right. Good." Sometimes, "Faster now. Use your thumb underneath." Jamie smiled every time he got it right.

Finally I had to say, "Did you tell him?" Jamie glared at me but I didn't give in. "Dude, you have to tell him." Jamie shook his head. So I said, "Is it ok if I tell him then?" Jamie looked down and swallowed and his hands stopped moving.

Dad was looking back and forth at both of us. "What's the big secret, boys? And don't stop, Jamie. Never stop unless I tell you to."

Jamie started pumping Dad again. His head dropped down and he said, "Ok."

Dad turned to me. "Dad. Jamie's Dad, and his sister. You know, Tammy? She's twelve." Dad nodded. "I asked Jamie how come his Dad didn't come to his games, and he said that it was because his Dad wanted to be alone with Tammy and that's because they... do stuff."

Dad blinked and turned to Jamie. His eyes were some weird mix of sad and angry and something else. "How do you know this, Jamie?"

Jamie shrugged. His hands were still moving. "Saw them." He was trying to sound like it was no big deal, but you could tell it was hard for him to say.

"Saw what, Jamie?"

Jamie bit his lip. "S-sucking."

Dad's eyes got big. "And?"

"And I know they do the other stuff too."

It was Dad's turn to chew his lip. He reached out and touched Jamie's face. "Do they know that you know, son?"

Jamie shook his head. "I d-don't think s-so." His lip was trembling. He sniffed.

Dad thought for a long minute. "This explains a lot, Jamie. Definitely explains a lot."

Jamie's tears started to flow. It was kinda strange to see him crying while he was still jerking Dad off.

"You haven't told anyone else?" asked Dad.

Jamie shook his head. Dad sighed. "This is so unfair to you, Jamie. Regardless of what's happening with your sister, it's no excuse for your Dad ignoring you. He's being horrible. I mean, I can understand his wanting to spend time with Tammy, but he's still your Dad too."

Jamie was confused. "You understand, Mr Walker?"

Dad used his explaining voice. "Well, Jamie. She's sucking his cock, isn't she?"

"B-but... isn't that w-wrong?"

Dad looked down at his hardon with Jamie's hands wrapped around it. "Who's to say what's wrong if nobody's getting hurt, Jamie?" Jamie looked at his hands too and turned red.

"But... shouldn't we tell, Mr Walker?"

"Tell who, Jamie? And what would that help? Your Dad would go to jail and your sister would never forgive you. Your family would be without any money. It doesn't seem like telling is going to do anybody any good." Dad seemed to think for a minute. "Unless..." he finally said.

"Unless what, Mr Walker?"

"I may have an idea. Let me think about it, Jamie. Meanwhile, let's keep this as our secret. Can you do that, tiger?"

Jamie sniffled one more time but nodded. "So he only likes her better because... because..."

"I'm not sure if it's just that. But don't you like people who give you blowjobs, Jamie? Don't you want to spend time with them?"

Jamie turned redder. Dad's voice was really gentle. "It'll be ok, sport. We'll figure it out." Jamie's face got a little happier. Dad smiled and put his hand on the back of Jamie's head. "Time to suck now, Jamie. Open up. We're going deeper today."

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