This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any existing people or events is coincidental. If a story involving sexual contact with minors bothers you or is illegal where you live, stop reading now. This is Part 12.

Tommy's Coach, Part 12

Jamie stayed over on Friday. When we got up on Saturday morning, Dad made us breakfast. Jamie was stiff at the table and had his hands down there.

"No masturbating this morning, Jamie," Dad said. "Hands above the table, please."

Jamie blushed and started to eat. "Yes Mr Walker."

Dad touched his head and smiled. "I'd like for you to ask permission from now on, Jamie. When you're here, no touching your penis unless you ask me and and I say that it's ok."

Jamie nodded with a mouth full of cereal, but he looked a little unsure. "It's like eating ice cream. If you do it all the time, it's not as much fun. You'll be more ready when it's time to play. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mr Walker."

"That's my boy. Now finish eating and get cleaned up. We'll pay Coach a visit and see what he thinks about your situation at home." When we left the table, Dad said, "Oh... Jamie. Wear the plug." That was different. Jamie only ever had it in when he was at our house before.

Jamie bit his lip. Dad just smiled. "What is it, Jamie?"

"N-nothing, Mr Walker."

"Are you nervous about talking to Coach?"

Jamie nodded. "It's ok. I understand. He can be scary sometimes. But one thing that I know for sure -- he wants you boys to be happy, and he'll do pretty much anything to protect you. He's on your side, Jamie. It'll be fine, I promise."

Jamie smiled. Dad said, "That's my boy." We went to take a shower and get dressed.


Jamie was squirming in the back seat on the way to Coach's house. I guess it was the plug, but maybe he was still worried. He reached over and held my hand and looked at me. I thought that was kinda weird, but I let him. He relaxed then.

When we got there Coach was really friendly and acting normal. We went to the living room and me and Jamie sat on the couch. Dad and Coach were in the chairs. Coach got us drinks and before he started to talk.

"Bob and Tommy have told me a little about what's going on at home, Jamie. From what I understand, I'm not happy about it. I know that you aren't happy about it either. I want to help if I can. Before I can help, though, I need to hear all about it, directly from you. If you hide anything, I won't be able to decide what's right. Do you understand?"

"Yes Coach." Jamie's knees were opening and closing.

"Relax, Jamie. I'd like to try something that I learned when I was a boy. You probably didn't know this, but I grew up near a Reservation. Most of my friends growing up were Native Americans. They had many troubles, but I came to respect some of their traditions. One particular ceremony I remember was called a "Truth Telling." This is how they settled disputes. A group would gather in a circle. One person stood in the center. When you were in the center, you had to tell the truth. If you ever lied in a Truth Telling, you could be expelled from the Tribe. It may sound corny, but I saw it work. Once the truth was told, there was usually forgiveness or compromise."

Jamie's eyes were wide. I guess mine were too. Dad looked puzzled. Coach was always good for a surprise.

"Stand in the circle, Jamie." Coach pointed to the middle of the room. Once he was there, Coach went on. "And one more thing that was part of the ceremony. Whoever was speaking, the Truth Teller -- they were always naked. This symbolized that they were hiding nothing."

Jamie looked at Coach. Then he looked at Dad, then at me. Coach just smiled like he'd said something totally normal.

"Will you tell us the truth, Jamie? We're here to help. Bob and Tommy tell me that you've become like a member of the family to them. You trust them, don't you? And you know that I want you to be happy, too."

Jamie swallowed and nodded. Coach said, "Then show us that you've got nothing to hide." Jamie was beet red as he pulled off his shirt. Coach held out his hand and Jamie gave him the shirt. Then he gave Coach his sneakers and his socks and his shorts. He stood still for a minute.

"You're still hiding, Jamie. Do you want us to help you?"

Jamie finally dropped his underpants and handed them to Coach. When he bent over, you see the part of the plug that's outside. Jamie was maybe halfway hard. His knees were shaking. Coach laughed a little and smiled at my Dad. "Oh my. Nicely done, Bob. You've exceeded expectations." My Dad rolled his eyes. It was cool that he and Coach could kid each other like that now.

"There we are, Jamie. I'm proud of you. I see that you had more to hide than just your penis. And you've learned a lot more than hitting the curveball from Tommy and his Dad. We have no secrets here. Do we, Bob?"

My Dad shook his head.

"For example. Bob, tell Jamie what you are."

Dad said, "I'm a cocksucker."

"Yes you are, Bob. And a damn fine one. You suck my cock regularly, don't you?"

"Yes, I do." Dad was calm about it, even if he didn't look too happy.

Jamie's eyes were wide and darting around the room, looking back and forth between Coach and my Dad. He was still shaking but he was totally stiff.

"But you love boy cock most of all, don't you? The smooth hairless kind. You're a pedophile cocksucker, isn't that right?"

Dad bit his lip before he answered. "I suppose you could say that, yes."

"You see, Jamie. No secrets. Only truth. Now tell me your story, every little bit of it. Then we can decide how to help you."

Jamie couldn't find the words at first. My Dad helped him.

"Remember how you told me, Jamie. About why your Dad doesn't come to your games."

"Because he wants to be alone with Tammy."

"Yes. Tammy's your sister, right?"


"How old is she, Jamie?"

"She's twelve. A year older than me."

"And why does your Dad want to be alone with her?"

"They... d-do stuff."

"You can say it, Jamie. It's ok. What do they do, and how do you know?"

"I saw it."

"What did you see?"

"T-they were in the shower... she was... with her mouth."

"When was this, Jamie?"

"I guess the first time was a couple of years ago."

Dad was surprised. "The first time? You only ever told me about seeing them once, Jamie."

Jamie was red again.

"I... sometimes... I tried to see."

Coach held up his hand to stop my Dad.

"It's ok," Coach said. "Of course you were curious. It's ok that you wanted to see. Tell us what you saw."

"I told you. She was doing it with her mouth."

Coach was asking the questions now. "She was sucking your Dad's cock."


"Is it big, Jamie?"

Jamie looked confused. "Huh?"

"Your Dad's penis. Is it big? Compared, say, to Bob's. I know that you've seen Bob's penis, haven't you?"

Jamie stared at his feet. "I guess it's normal. Maybe not as big as Mr Walker."

"That's my boy. Keep going. You watched them. Did it make you hard, Jamie? When you saw his penis in her mouth?"

Jamie nodded. Coach reassured him. "Of course it did. It's only natural. Did you masturbate when you were watching them, Jamie?"

Jamie nodded again. "Please answer with words, Jamie. Did you play with yourself?"

"Y-yes Coach."

"Good boy. When is that last time that you watched them?"

"I guess... a couple of weeks ago?" Jamie said.

"So it's still going on. That gives us some options." Coach grinned in a kinda scary way. "Now, Jamie. Do you think about them in the shower when you masturbate, even when you're not watching them?"

"Yes Coach. Sometimes."

Coach waited for a minute. Jamie was still wicked stiff. Finally Coach said, "These next questions are very important, Jamie. It's essential that you tell the truth, even if it's difficult. Do you understand?"

"Yes C-coach."

"When you think about them. When you masturbate. Do you pretend to be in the shower?"

Jamie nodded. Coach let him get away with out the words.

"Jamie. Do you pretend to be in your Dad's place? Or... do you pretend to be in your sister's place?"

Jamie looked down. I thought he was going to cry. Coach reached out and held his hand. I never saw him do that with anybody before. "It's ok, son. You can tell me. I'll understand, I promise."

"I-it's how he l-looks at her. He never looks at me like that."

Coach squeezed his hand and nodded. "Answer the question, Jamie."

"I p-pretend to be her." I saw a tear fall.

"You masturbate by imagining that you're sucking your Dad's penis. But you said more than that, Jamie. You said you pretend to 'be her.' Do you imagine yourself to be a girl, Jamie? Tell me, son. You're safe here."

Jamie didn't answer. His face was desperate.

Coach gathered Jamie into his arms and held him. Jamie started to cry, hard.

"We'll take that as a 'yes.' It's ok, son. That was powerful. I'm so proud of you. The whole truth. Now we know."

Coach pulled Jamie into his lap. "First of all, I think part of you is just jealous of your sister. Of course you are. She's getting all of your Dad's attention. And he's being a selfish jerk. It's deeply unfair to you. So you pretending to be her is partly just that jealousy, wanting to have that attention for yourself and imagining a way to get it."

Jamie nodded a little. "But I think there's more to it, Jamie. I think there's another part of you that's expressing itself in your imagination. This is also a natural thing. My friends from the reservation talked about this sometimes. They recognized that some people are different -- that they have 'two spirits' inside, and that sometimes one of the spirits is of the other gender. In other words, some boys are part girl. This isn't a bad thing. It's similar to the way they believe that people can be inhabited by the spirits of animals, like a bear or a raven."

I didn't know what to think. I remembered how Dad talked about pretending to be his Uncle Matt's girlfriend. This was different. But I guess Jamie was still Jamie, however many spirits or whatever he had inside. We just knew more about him now. The way Coach talked about it, it actually sounded pretty cool.

Jamie shook his head. "I'm not a girl, Coach. I don't want to be a girl."

Coach reached under Jamie and took the end of the plug in his fingers. He turned it slowly. Jamie squirmed.

"You don't have to choose. That's the beauty of understanding yourself. You can think of it as a gift. You can have and enjoy all of your feelings. Like the feelings you have right now, in your butt. I see how hard it makes you."

Jamie looked down. There was no denying it.

Coach went on. "Do you go into Tammy's room sometimes? When she's not there. You're still in the Truth Circle, remember."

Jamie whimpered. Coach tried again. "Do you go into her room, Jamie?"

"O-only sometimes..."

"What do you do when you go into her room?"

Coach kept twisting the plug. "I look... at her s-stuff."

"Her stuff. What stuff, Jamie?"

"Her... clothes. Sometimes."

"There we go. Let the words come." Coach took hold of Jamie's dick with his thumb and finger and started stroking it really slowly.

"What do you do with her clothes, Jamie?"

Jamie buried his face in Coach's neck. Coach whispered to him. "There now. It's ok. You don't have to talk. I'll tell you what I think happens, and you can just nod if I've got it right. Ok?"

Jamie nodded. Coach went on, all the time stroking. "You go into her room. And you open her closet. And you look at the clothes hanging there. They're pretty. Not like your clothes."

Jamie nodded. "But you're not a girl. You don't want to wear a dress. At least, you wouldn't ever want anybody to see you wearing a dress. That would be too embarrassing."

Jamie nodded. "So, you go to her dresser. You open the drawers."

Jamie nodded. "You open the one that's most intriguing. The one with her underpants. They're pretty too. And nobody else sees what underpants you're wearing, do they? That makes you think."

Jamie nodded, rubbed his nose on Coach's shoulder. His butt was wiggling faster.

"You check to be sure nobody's home. Then you take off your pants. And you take off your underpants. And your penis is already hard, isn't it?"

Jamie nodded. "Then you take something from her drawer. Not the most girly ones. Something blue, even. Blue is for boys. A plain one without the hearts or bows."

Jamie nodded. "And then you put them on. You put on your sister's underpants. And then you lie on her bed. And you pretend to be Tammy. You pretend that you're her, in the shower with your Dad, and his hard cock is in your mouth, and he's looking at you the way he looks at her, all full of love, all the attention. And you masturbate, imagining that."

Coach gave Jamie's dick a couple short sharp tugs. Jamie grunted and went stiff all over. He shot more than I ever saw him shoot, all over Coach's hand. It was amazing. Coach is so smart.

Once Jamie calmed down, Coach asked him. "Is that what happens, Jamie? Only sometimes, I know. But does that happen?"

Jamie still had his face buried. I could barely hear him. "Y-yes Coach."

"And do you ever keep them on, Jamie? Do you ever wear your sister's underpants outside of her room?"

Jamie shook his head. Coach leaned back and looked at him closely. "I believe you. That's still too scary, I suppose."

Jamie nodded. Coach kissed his forehead and held his gooey hand up to Jamie's face. "Your secret is safe with us. Now clean up your mess, please." Jamie wasn't sure what to do. Coach pushed his finger into Jamie's mouth. "When you cum on me, Jamie, you'll eat it. All of it." Jamie looked a little sheepish but he licked Coach's hand til it was clean. "There we are. Good job. Now show me what you've learned from Tommy and Bob."

Jamie chewed his lip. "Are you gonna h-help me, Coach?"

"Yes, Jamie. I'm going to help you. But right now you're going to blow me." Coach slid Jamie down off of his lap and onto the floor. "Did he come to you, Bob? Did he take you in his mouth willingly, the first time?"

My Dad said, "Of course he did. You know that I'd never force him." Dad looked at Jamie and smiled. "Jamie, I hope you know that this doesn't change anything. You're still a part of our family, just like before. Now that we understand you better, I hope that we can help you all the more."

Jamie sniffled and looked at me. "Are you s-still my f-friend?"

"Dude. Totally. We're brothers forever." He smiled a tiny bit.

Coach seemed happy. "You're a good person, Bob. I've come to appreciate you very much. And not just your eager and practiced mouth." Coach put his big hand on Jamie's head. "Unzip. Extract. Suck. And we'll talk about what we're going to do."

Jamie looked at my Dad. Dad said, "Go slow. It's bigger than mine." Jamie bit his lip and started tugging at Coach's zipper. Dad said, "So, Mike. You have something in mind?" Jamie was fishing around inside Coach's pants with his hand.

Coach was watching Jamie. "Careful, tiger. Treat it with respect." Jamie managed to pull Coach's dick out. It was about half hard. Jamie's eyes got big. Coach smiled. "It's been waiting for you, Jamie. Since you joined the team. Just lick for now." Then to my Dad, "I think we entrap the miserable son of a bitch."

Dad said, "How would we do that? I suppose we could have Jamie threaten to report him."

Coach shook his head. "I wouldn't put Jamie in that position. It's not fair to make him the bad guy, is it?" Coach undid his pants and pushed them down, then pulled Jamie's head forward against him. "Lick my balls, Jamie. There's a good boy."

"I suppose not," Dad said.

"I think we need irrefutable evidence that doesn't involve Jamie directly. And we need to understand the situation with Tammy more completely."

I could tell Jamie was trying to listen while he was doing stuff with his mouth. It was making me hard watching. I stood up and went over to Dad.

"Dad. Unzip. Extract. Suck." Dad grabbed me and put me over his lap and took down my pants swatted my bare butt five times. Not really hard though. I laughed and then Dad laughed and then Coach laughed. Then Dad turned me over and sucked.

Coach kept talking, saying what he thought we should do. Sometimes he told Jamie what do to with his mouth. It was hard for me to pay attention. Then Coach said, "Does he swallow, Bob?" Dad nodded with my dick in his mouth. Coach grunted and Jamie gagged. Coach held his head, but not in a mean way. He was looking in Jamie's eyes and Jamie was looking up at him. Jamie only leaked a little out of his mouth. Coach smiled and kissed his forehead. "Well done, tiger. I'm proud of you." Jamie beamed.


We were quiet in the car on the way home. Me and Jamie sat in the back. He put his hand on mine and looked at me. I put my fingers between his and we held hands the rest of the way. It felt nice.

"Really brothers?" he finally said.

"Ya Jamie. Forever. You're awesome. It's kinda neat, the spirits thing." Confusing too. But Jamie and me both had a Dad that didn't pay attention. I knew how bad that felt and how it maybe would make you think weird stuff. That's what made us brothers I guess. My Dad was better now and I hoped Jamie's Dad would be too.

Jamie shrugged. "I dunno. I guess I never thought it was something I am. I just thought it was something I did. And it's... geez..."

"Embarrassing? Dude, my Dad just spanked my bare ass right in front of you. How embarrassing is that?"

Jamie giggled. Things seemed ok then.

Jamie took the thing Coach gave him out of his pocket. It looked kinda like a phone but it was small and had a bigger camera part.

"Do you think it'll work?" I asked.

"I dunno. It's scary. I mean... things aren't great but I don't want to ruin everything."

"Coach is really smart. He's been right about everything so far. Plus if we find stuff out then he said we can decide what to do after. So this is just the finding out part."

"I guess so. Ya."


At our next game, Jamie's Mom was there. His Dad wasn't. Jamie sat next to Coach on the bench and they talked. Jamie was loving it. The other guys on the team saw it too. Jamie got two hits. He was getting popular, but I knew it wouldn't make him be a jerk. I was happy for him. I pitched the last two innings and we shut out the Dodgers. Sweet revenge for last time we played them.

Coach asked me and Dad back to his house after the game. Coach got on his computer. He said, "I woke the camera up about an hour before the game. Limited battery life since it uses a cellular connection. I didn't want to leave any signs behind on their computers."

I couldn't believe what we were looking at. The picture wasn't very clear, but you could tell for sure it was Tammy's room. Tammy was on her bed reading a book. Coach fast forwarded until the door of her room opened. Jamie's Dad came in.

You could hear the talking too, even though it was scratchy.

"Your Mom's gone, sweetheart." Tammy kept reading.
"Daddy. Not now. I have to read this for school." She sounded kind of annoyed.
"Tammy. What time is it when Mommy leaves?" His voice was angry.
Tammy looked up. Now she sounded scared. "No Daddy. Please. I don't want to."
"What time is it when Mommy leaves, Tammy? Answer me." He started to reach for his belt. Tammy looked down at the bed.
"N-no Daddy. Please. I-I'll be good."
"That's my princess. Now, what time is it?"
Tammy said, really quiet, "It's naked time."
"That's right, princess. You get to be naked. Everything off."

Tammy got off the bed. She moved slow like she was half asleep. She started taking off her clothes. I couldn't help liking it cuz she really is pretty hot for twelve. Her boobs are really small but awesome.

"Put your eyes back in your head, Tommy. Does she look like she's enjoying this?"

I swallowed. "N-no Coach."

When she was naked she just stood there, looking at her feet.

"There we go. My pretty princess. Now, sweetheart. What comes next in naked time?"
Tammy looked up. "Please Daddy. I'm not six years old anymore. Please don't make me talk that way."
"Just say it for me, princess. Say it for Daddy. You'll always be my little girl. What comes next?"
Her voice was quiet again. "S-sucky time, Daddy. Sucky time comes next."
"That's right, princess. You know how Daddy needs you. You want to make me happy, don't you?"
Tammy nodded and wiped her nose with the back of her hand.

"How come he's talking to her like that?" I was confused.

Coach said, "It seems that Jamie's Dad has been interfering with Tammy for a long time, Tommy. He wants to pretend that she's still very young."

Weird. I was glad that Jamie wasn't watching this. It would have freaked him out.

In the video, Mister Evans undid his pants. Tammy sat down on the bed.

"Please Daddy. I don't want to."
"You used to like naked time, sweetheart. I remember. As soon as Mommy left you'd tear off your clothes and race around the house, all giggles. What's the matter, princess?"
"I... just wanted your attention, Daddy. I didn't know any better. I just knew that you... l-liked it. And it was fun in a silly way. Until..."
"I know, princess. I know. Sucky time was hard at first. But you got used to it, didn't you? And you like making Daddy happy."
Tammy looked down. "Yes Daddy. But mostly I didn't like the spankings."
Her Dad reached out and touched her cheek. "You had to learn, sweetheart. Good girls don't put up a fuss."
"I'm not six anymore, Daddy."
"That's true, Tammy. I do miss those days, but it's true. You're a big girl now. Is that what you want, to be treated like a big girl?"
Tammy shook her head. "N-no Daddy. It hurts so bad when you do that. I'm not... I'm not really a big girl..."
"It's confusing, I know. You're just in between. So why don't you pick, sweetheart? You can decide if you want to be a little girl or a big girl today."
"Can't I just be your daughter, Daddy? Why do I have to be... something else?"
"You know why, Tammy. Daddy needs you. Mommy isn't good to me like you are. And you make me all excited when you're naked and that means you have to take care of me. Being a tease is the worst thing a girl can be. You know that."
"But Daddy... you make me be naked. And then you say I make you... that way... and then you say I have to... it's not fair."
"You said that when you were six, Tammy, You put up a fuss, just like that. Do you remember what happened?"
Tammy wiped her nose again. "You made me take off your belt, and then hand it to you."
"That's right. Because..."
"Good girls don't put up a fuss."
"That's right, princess. Now, sweetheart... are you little or big today?"
Tammy stared at the floor. She crossed her arms and slumped over. Curled up smaller. After a minute she said, "L-little, Daddy."
Her Dad smiled. "Then it's sucky time, princess. Open up for Daddy."

Coach stopped the video. I knew it was bad that Mister Evans was doing that to her, but I guess I still wanted to see. Coach seemed to know what I was thinking. He put his hand on my head. "Tommy. Being in charge of somebody doesn't mean you get to be a selfish asshole. It's a responsibility. You may know more about what's best for them than they know themselves. You can help them figure out who they are, and that's a good thing. But Tammy doesn't want to be her Daddy's fucktoy. That's pretty obvious."

Dad said, "She needs help, Mike. I feel terrible for her. He should be in jail."

Coach said, "According to the world at large, Bob, so should we. Who will that help, exactly, if Jerry Evans goes to jail? Tammy perhaps. But she'll also feel guilty for the rest of her life about her part in destroying her family."

Dad kinda shrugged.

Coach went on. "The way I see it, Jerry has a daughter who doesn't want to blow him and a son who does. Seems like a solvable problem."

"Do you think Jamie really wants that?" I asked. "I mean, I missed my Dad too when he was... sad. Maybe Jamie just wants his Dad to pay attention."

Coach smiled. "That's just the right question, Tommy. You're thinking about your friend and what will make him happy. You're taking responsibility for him in a good way. You saw how Tammy seemed in the video? Does Jamie look like that when he's sucking on your cock? Or on your Dad? Or Saturday, on me?"

I shook my head. Jamie didn't look the same as Tammy at all. He looked kinda peaceful when his mouth was full.

"You've helped Jamie find a way to make people happy, and that's something he's wanted his whole life and never had. Hitting a baseball is as much about confidence as anything else, and I'd say his batting average has gone up about one point for every blowjob he's given since you started having him over."

Dad said, "I'm not sure that Jerry's interested in boys, Mike. Or even if he is, if he'd be interested in Jamie that way."

"Was your brother interested in boys, Bob?"

"Well. No. Not really. He just liked..."

"Blowjobs. Yes. And you helped him get over his reluctance to use your mouth, even though you were a boy."

Dad nodded. His face was pink. Coach said, "So I think our new understanding of Jamie gives us a pretty clear path forward."

I didn't really get what Coach meant, but he sounded sure.


Jamie stayed over again the next Friday. He was acting all shy again. He was nervous because Coach was going to talk to his Dad that night, and I guess he was embarrassed about what he told us. Once Dad got him out of his clothes and sucked him he seemed better. After dinner we curled up on the couch and watched tv.

Jamie had his head on Dad's lap and Dad was touching his hair. Dad had his arm around me. It was neat, like a little family. I really did think of him like a brother now. During a commercial Dad said, "I was so proud of you last Saturday, Jamie. That was one of the bravest things I ever saw."

Jamie turned on his back so he could look up at me and Dad. "It was weird. And scary, Mister Walker. Everything is weird and scary now. Sometimes I wish I didn't tell you... those things... about Tammy and my Dad. Cuz then I wouldn't have had to tell you about... me."

"You told us because you're hurting and you trusted us. It's not easy to be that honest, but that's what family is for."

"What you said. When Coach said to say what you are. That was weird. But it made me feel more brave."

"You mean when I said I was a cocksucker, Jamie?" Dad smiled a little. Jamie nodded.

"We're all many things, Jamie. I'm a father and an architect and sometimes a cook - not a good one, I know - and sometimes I suck cock. It's important to know yourself, and accept yourself... all of yourself. Coach helped me to understand that. Saying it out loud was hard for me at first, but now it feels good in a way. It means that I've come to fully accept that part of me. It's been true since I was a boy. Even though there were times I wasn't actually doing it. It's something that I am, but not all that I am. We don't decide these things. They just are. It's how we deal with them that matters."

"So I can be a second baseman and a student and Tommy's brother..."

"All at the same time, yes. And you can like girls..."

"Like Hermoine," I added. I couldn't help it. Jamie stuck his tongue out at me. I was glad we could still tease.

Dad ignored me and went on. "You can like girls, and like the things we do, all at the same time."

Jamie swallowed. "And I can be a boy..."

Dad nodded and waited.

"And think about being... a g-girl... sometimes..."

"It's all part of you, Jamie. And we think you're very special. We're so glad to have you as part of our family."

Jamie grinned and turned back to the tv. He was stiff again. Dad reached down and played with it, really slow. It was like an hour before he let Jamie cum.


When I woke up in the morning, Jamie's bed was already empty. Like usual. I went to Dad's room cuz that's where I always found them. They weren't there, so I went to pee. The bathroom door was open and the shower was running. Dad was in there with Jamie. He had one hand on Jamie's head. Jamie's nose was up against Dad's tummy. Dad was all way down him. I didn't know that he could do that. Maybe it was new.

I didn't want to make a big deal of it, so I just peed and started to leave. Jamie heard the toilet flush and saw me. Dad shook his head and pointed at the ground, like saying I should stay. I put the lid down and sat.

Dad moved Jamie's head back but kept part of his dick in. Jamie's face was red.

Dad said, "Masturbate, Jamie." Jamie was already stiff and he grabbed himself hard and was yanking like mad. Dad brushed Jamie's wet hair back from his eyes. "Look at me." Jamie lifted his head. "Where does he cum? Point. Don't stop sucking." Jamie looked down. Dad put his finger under Jamie's chin and lifted it back up. "Point." After a minute Jamie pointed to his cheek. "In her mouth?" Dad said. Jamie shook his head. "On her face, then." Jamie nodded just a little.

Dad pushed Jamie back a little so that he was out of the shower spray. He kept one hand on Jamie's chin and held it up. Dad took his dick with his other hand and pulled on it. He grunted and started to sperm. It was a lot. Jamie closed his eyes and it went all over his face. It looked like Jamie was gonna fall over. I guess his knees went wobbly. I saw his hand was messy too.

Dad caught Jamie up in his arms and hugged him. Then he moved him back under the water and let it wash his face off. He kissed Jamie's forhead and held him for a minute. Jamie opened his eyes. Dad said, "You're beautiful, Jamie." Jamie grinned up at him.

"Your turn, Tommy." Dad stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. Jamie was leaning against the shower all wall, letting the water run over him. He didn't seem like he wanted to get out yet, so I stripped off and got in with him. He didn't say anything. He just reached out and touched my face. Then he got on his knees.


We had breakfast and drove over to Coach's house. I held Jamie's hand in the back seat. It was kindof a thing for us now, I guess.

Coach was pretty serious when we got there. "No messing around today, folks. We're just going to talk."

"That's ok, Coach. We already did." I didn't want him to feel bad.

Coach sighed and put his hand on my head. "Of course you did."

Jamie gave the camera thing back to Coach. Coach had him get it back out of Tammy's room before he talked to his Dad. Coach thought of everything.

Jamie was wicked anxious. He didn't know what Coach said or what his Dad did or anything. I couldn't even imagine what he was thinking. Like, what if his Dad doesn't even want him to come home?

Coach talked right to Jamie. "I spoke with your Dad, Jamie. I decided to take things one step at a time. So, he knows that his secrets with your sister aren't secrets anymore. He doesn't know how I know that. But of course he has to assume that either you or Tammy had some role in me finding out. I made two things very clear to him. First, interfering with Tammy has to stop right now. Second, if I hear he's taking out his frustration over that with anybody, most especially either you or your sister, he'll be in jail faster than he can say 'suckytime.' For him, it's the deal of a lifetime, literally. He won't have much of a lifetime otherwise."

Jamie still looked scared. Coach went on. "What I didn't say was anything in particular about you, Jamie. I mean, about the things we discussed last week. I didn't think that was fair. I told him that he was being awful to you, and that you felt that he didn't care about you. That he needs to pay more attention. That you're a wonderful kid and that he's an idiot to miss out on that. Now that he has a lot more time on his hands, I hope he takes that to heart."

Jamie kinda unwound in his chair. "W-what did my Dad say, Coach?"

"He didn't say much. At first he tried to deny it. I didn't show him the video, but I quoted some of the more notable bits. He asked me how I knew and I told him to shut the fuck up and think about what he was going to do. Then he looked really angry. Then he was scared. Then he seemed to actually start thinking. That was encouraging." Coach shrugged. "He'll need some time to process, I expect. Meanwhile, you can think too, Jamie. You can think about what you want your relationship with your Dad to be. I think he'll be open to the possibilities. But I didn't want to decide that for you. You are your own person, and that's for you to work out with him."

Jamie was crying. Coach picked him up and held him. Jamie had his legs around Coach's waist and they stayed like that for a while.

"Go home, Jamie. I'm sure things will be weird for a while. But it'll get better. It'll be ok." Jamie nodded into Coach's chest.

Coach said, "Your sister will notice that things have changed. Her reaction may be unpredictable. She didn't like what was happening, but she likely won't appreciate being ignored either. I told your Dad to tell Tammy that he'd had a change of heart. That he still loved her but he realized that what he was doing was wrong. If she starts asking you about this, I suggest that you just play dumb."

"Jamie's good at that," I said. Jamie gave me the finger.

Coach put Jamie down. "Are you ok, tiger?" Jamie wiped his nose on his hand and said, "Ya. I mean. Yes Coach."

"That's my boy. Oh... I got you a present, by the way."

Jamie blinked. "You did?"

"I did." Coach handed Jamie a bag that was on the table. "Don't open it now."

Jamie took it and hugged it. "T-thanks Coach. For e-everything."

"My pleasure, Jamie. I'm glad that I was able to help."

We got in the car and started for Jamie's house to drop him off. I poked him in the arm. "Dude. What is it? Aren't you going to look?"

Jamie was thinking so hard he forgot about the present.

"Oh... ya..."

He looked in the bag. His face got red. He closed it. Blinked a few times. Looked out the car window.

"Dude. What is it? You got to tell me."

He handed me the bag and said, "I think... I think maybe you should keep it for me. At your house. So it's there when I come over."

"Ummm... ok?" I said. I looked in the bag. Then I said, "Oh. Ummm. Ok."

It was a package of girls' underpants.

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