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Tommy's Coach, Part 13

Summer is so awesome. You can stay outside all the time and it doesn't get dark til almost nine and there's no school and it's baseball season. I wish it was summer all the time.

Jamie didn't come over again til Tuesday afternoon, the night before our next game. Dad let him keep his clothes on at first to see how he was feeling. He said we should give Jamie time to figure out what he wanted. He just gave Jamie a hug and said dinner was at six. We went to my room and fired up the Nintendo. Jamie seemed normal but kinda quiet.

After a while Jamie put down the controller so I did too.

He didn't say anything so I asked. "Dude. Are you ok?"

He bit his lip. "Ya. Mostly. It's weird at home, like Coach said. Dad and Tammy keep looking at each other. Dad gets mad sometimes but he didn't do anything to me. And I guess he looks at me more, but I think he thinks maybe I told on him. Anyways, he's coming to the game tomorrow."

"So you didn't do anything?"

"Like ummm... how do you tell your Dad... that?"

"Do you even want to? What do you want to tell him?"

Jamie's chin dropped. "I don't even know, Tommy. It's all a mess in my head."

I touched his hand. Jamie lifted his eyes. His voice was small. "Do you... you and your Dad... do you still like me... that way? I mean, I know you still like me and we're brothers and that's the best thing ever. But maybe you think I'm too weird now... or something..."

"You mean cuz Dad didn't take your clothes?"

"Ya and... it just seems like your not acting the same with me."

"Dad said you had to decide for yourself what you wanted. Like with your Dad. And with us too, I guess. He said we shouldn't make you do anything you don't want to do."


"So ya. We still totally like you that way, Jamie." I squeezed his fingers.

"I want things to be the way they were," he said.

"You mean like before you told us about Tammy?"

Jamie nodded.

"But after we started doing stuff."


"Cool," I said.

Jamie said, "Cool."

I waited a minute. Awks. "So get naked and blow me already," I finally said.

Jamie giggled and did it. He was still doing it when Dad came to get us for dinner. Dad gave me a look.

"He wanted to, Dad. Honest." Jamie looked at my Dad with a big grin.

"It's wonderful to have you as part of the family, Jamie." Dad picked up all of Jamie's clothes, tucked them under his arm and took them with him when he left.

Jamie finished me and we went to eat.


After dinner, Dad came back to my room with us.

"Jamie's here enough that I think it's time we gave him some space for his things, Tommy. Let's clear out a couple of your drawers for him."

I thought that was a cool idea. Jamie liked it too. My dresser was stuffed with clothes that didn't fit me anymore anyways, so it was easy to make room. We emptied one small drawer on top and one bigger one underneath.

"Should we put the clothes I wore here in the dresser, Mr Walker?"

"I don't think so, Jamie. I think we'll use the drawers for the things you wear when you're here."

"But mostly I don't wear anything when I'm here."

Dad smiled. "Well, we'll have things that you can choose to wear when you're here. How about that?"

Jamie seemed confused. Dad handed him the butt plug thing. "Oh." Jamie blushed a little.

"You can wear that when you like, Jamie. It's up to you now."

Jamie chewed his lip and put it in the top drawer.

Then Dad handed him the bag that Coach gave him. Jamie got really red. He started to put the whole brown paper bag in the bottom drawer.

"Take them out of the bag, Jamie."

Jamie did it slowly. The underpants were in a clear plastic package so you could see them. They were like the one's Coach talked about. Blue. Not really girly, just simple.

"Open the package," Dad said.

Jamie tore it open and held them in his hands. There were three. Only the top one was blue, actually. There was a yellow one and a white one.

"Coach wants you to understand yourself, Jamie. We want that too. So wear them when you like. You can wear them here. And I think Coach is clever. He picked underpants that might be for a boy if we didn't know already. They're small, and they don't have a fly, but otherwise..." Dad shrugged. "You could wear them when we go out, even. If you decide to wear them, we'll know how you're feeling inside."

Jamie laid the underpants into the big drawer. There was still a lot of room in there. He just looked at them for a minute before he closed it.

Dad put his hand on Jamie's cheek. "You have a home here, Jamie. A home where you can be yourself, whatever that is and whatever it comes to be." Jamie had a tiny smile.

Dad chuckled softly. "I think somebody needs to masturbate."

Jamie looked at himself. He was really stiff.

"C-can I, Mister Walker?"

"Of course you can, Jamie. 'Can' means you're capable of doing it. We certainly know that already. But you should say, 'May I?' 'May' is asking for permission. It's different."

Leave it my Dad to give English lessons when all you want is to wank.

Jamie didn't seem to mind. He said, "May I, Mister Walker?"

Dad dropped his pants and sat on my bed. He put his hand on Jamie's shoulder. Jamie got the idea and got on his knees.

"You may, Jamie. Get me hard before you start. You're allowed to make me cum before you do, this time."

"Thanks, Mister Walker." Jamie sounded like he really meant it. He put his hand around Dad at the bottom of his dick and went really slow with his mouth. Dad had his fingers in Jamie's hair. Jamie's other hand was yanking on his own dick really hard.

"I know what you're feeling, Jamie. It's ok. I understand. You love this. You love my hardness in your mouth, and how my face looks when you're sucking on me. You love when you feel it swell and feed you. But some part of you doesn't want to love it. That part is fear. You have nothing to fear with us. Let yourself love it."

Jamie pushed his head down and Dad slid in deeper. Dad grunted. "That's my boy." Jamie spermed all over his hand.


Jamie's Dad came to the game the next day. He spent a lot of time looking at Coach, and Coach spent a lot of time with Jamie.

The game was close and Jamie drew a walk in the fifth inning. He stole second and then scored when Scott hit one down the line. It turned out to be the winning run. Coach told Jamie that everybody doing the little stuff is what matters. A good eye and hustle is as good as a home run sometimes.

After the game Coach walked with Jamie over to his Dad. Coach was smiling and he shook Mister Evans' hand. Mister Evans looked pretty uncomfortable. I guess Coach wanted him to know that he was paying attention. Jamie was looking at Coach most of the time while they talked. Coach swatted Jamie on the back. Mister Evans put his arm on Jamie's shoulder as they walked to their car.

That night was just me and Dad at home. It was nice that way. Sometimes I missed him when Jamie was over but it was okay since I had Dad all the time and Jamie needed him, I think. I won't forget what it felt like when Dad wasn't paying attention to me. We ordered out and after dinner we watched this movie about a kid who inherits a baseball team and gets to manage it. Pretty cool.

He tucked me in and I was hard so he put me in his mouth and went really slow. I thought about him and Uncle Matt when he was a kid, and I thought about Jamie. Sometimes Dad and me have our best talks when he's blowing me.

"What do you think's gonna happen with Jamie and his Dad?" He lifted his head and took me in his hand. He tugged on my dick sometimes while we talked so it stayed hard the whole time.

"I'm not sure, Tommy. Not at all. I don't know Jerry very well, other than what we've learned recently. I'm not sure Jamie knows exactly what he wants, either. I hope we've helped him start to figure that out, and that he can work through things."

"Do you think he should pretend? Like you did, with Uncle Matt."

"That's a good question, Tommy. Maybe for Jamie, it wouldn't even really be pretending. Not in the same way that I was. But I can imagine that it would be really scary for Jamie to let his father know that he has those feelings."

"He knows his Dad likes girls."

"That's true, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he'll like Jamie that way. People are often strangely particular about things like that, Tommy. I can't explain it, but I know that it's true."

Dad went back to licking me. After a minute, he stopped again. "You think Tammy's pretty, don't you son?"

My face got hot. "Ya. I mean. I didn't like that she didn't like... that..."

"It's okay, Tommy. You liked seeing her naked."

I nodded. Dad tugged.

He said, "You wanted to watch her suck her Dad's cock."

I shrugged. Dad raised his eyebrows in that way that makes me tell the truth, so I said ya.

"It's okay, Tommy. I'm glad that you have sympathy for her. You're not mean. I'm very proud of how kind you are to Jamie."

"Jamie's awesome. I'm not trying to be nice to him. Not anymore. He deserves it."

Dad smiled. "I agree. I think Tammy deserves it too."

"Umm... huh?" I didn't know what he was getting at.

"I think you and Tammy would be a very cute couple."

"Daddddddddddd..." Geez. Major awks.

Dad shrugged. "Just saying."

"She's twelve and I'm not even ten. That like never happens. She's taller than me. She thinks I'm a little kid."

"It's summer. Age matters less in the summer than it does at school. I remember these things. And I expect she may be feeling pretty lonely and confused right now."

I thought he was being crazy. I guess it showed.

"Okay, okay. Just be nice to her if you get the chance. You never know."

"Umm... okay, Dad." I went along cuz I really wanted him to finish me.

He had a weird smile. "One thing you do know... she's had a lot of practice," he said.

He took me in his mouth again and sucked hard. I spermed in about ten seconds.


Jamie invited me over on Friday. Dad said I should go. I thought it would be weird being there since I knew all the stuff that was going on. Turns out it was pretty weird.

So I went to his house in the afternoon. We threw the ball around. Mister Evans did it a little with us. Jamie said his Dad wasn't into sports and I could tell. Jamie's Mom is pretty cool. She doesn't say much but she made an awesome dinner. It reminded me of my Mom and that was kinda sad but it was nice too.

Tammy was there. I tried not to look at her cuz everytime I did I felt my face get red. If she looked at me I turned away. She spent most of dinner playing with her phone til her Dad told her to put it away.

After dinner we were in Jamie's room. He has PS3 which is old but still okay. I suck at fighters but he likes them so I let him beat my butt at SoulCaliber a bunch of times. He went to the bathroom and he didn't come back for a while. I started to go look for him and I was at the door of his room and I heard him in the hall talking to Tammy.

"Your friend doesn't like me," she said.

"Ya he does. Why do you say that?"

"He won't even look at me. He's the pitcher, isn't he?" She doesn't know a lot about baseball.

"Ya. Sometimes. One of them. He's kinda shy." I guess I was acting shy.

Her voice went a lot more quiet. "So. What did you say to Dad?"

"What do you mean?"

"You said something to Dad, didn't you." She sounded kinda angry.

"I say stuff to Dad all the time. Mostly he doesn't listen."

"I mean, you said something to Dad about... me."

"I said you're annoying." Then, "Owwww." She must have hit him or something. He was doing a good job of playing dumb.

"I think you did." Really quiet. Not angry this time. Jamie didn't say anything.

Tammy again, whispering. "Anyways... i-if you did... I guess... t-thanks."

I heard her walk away. I dove back onto the bed so he wouldn't know I was listening. When he came in his face was like a fire truck. He was touching his cheek.


Jamie shook his head. "Nothing."

"Bullshit, nothing. Spill."

"Errr. My sister kissed me."

"No way." My eyes got big.

"No you douche. Not like that. On the cheek."


"She thinks I... fixed the thing. With my Dad."

"You did."

"Coach did."

"No dude. You totally did. Coach just helped."

Jamie smiled. "I guess so." He grabbed the controller. "You be Necrid this time."

"Necrid can't beat Ivy. You always play Ivy."

"Dude. Anybody can beat Ivy. Just you can't. Cuz you suck."


In the morning I woke up and Jamie was under the covers on the cot I was on. We were both in underpants cuz he said it would be weird if we got caught naked. He had the front of mine down and he was licking my nuts. I was surprised but I didn't stop him. I mean, why would I?

Then there were footsteps in the hall. Heavy ones. I pushed Jamie's head away.

"Fuck," Jamie whispered. He rolled over and fell off the cot. It made a loud noise. "Owwwwwww." We both started laughing.

His Dad opened the door. Jamie was on his tummy. Probably a good thing since he's always stiff when he sucks. And good that he rolled off the side that was near his bed.

Mister Evans just stood there for a minute. Finally Jamie said, "Geez Dad. You scared me. I fell out of bed."

His Dad made a strange face and shook his head. "If you want breakfast, get downstairs quick."

After he left Jamie and me looked at each other. We tried not to laugh more but we couldn't help it. We grabbed some shorts and thumped down the stairs in a tangle of giggles. Tammy looked at us like we were aliens. I guess in some ways we are.

After breakfast Missus Evans was going to take us to the mall. It's a giant one and there's rides there so we could go do stuff and not be bored when they went shopping. Me and Tammy ended up outside in the driveway waiting for Jamie and his Mom to come out.

I was still trying not to look at her. I jumped a little when she started talking to me.

"You're the pitcher, right? I saw you. You're pretty good."

"I guess so. I mean, Scott's the real pitcher. But... thanks."

She smiled. "Oh ya. Scott. He's hot."

So much for me and Tammy being a thing. That made it easier for me to look at her. She was chewing her lip.

After a minute she said, "My brother likes you."

That was strange. I said, "I hope so. He's my best friend."

She shook her head. "No. I mean, ya. But I mean, he likes you likes you."

I just stared at her. She saw I wasn't getting it. "You know what I mean, right? I mean, I think he likes boys... that way. And I think he likes you, that way."

Oh man. I tried playing dumb, but I'm not so good at it. "He likes Hermoine."

She laughed. "Ya, I know that. But I also know he goes in my room and..." Then more quiet. "Nevermind. You seem really nice. I don't think you'll do anything to hurt him. So that's why I'm telling you. But if you tease him or get mean to him about it or tell anybody else, I'll fucking kill you. I promise."

Whoa. I swallowed. "Ummm. Okay. Ya. I mean. I won't. I wouldn't. I... know..."

She nodded a little. "I thought maybe you knew, but I wasn't sure. I see how he looks at you. He's my brother and sometimes I hate him but he's... important."

My tummy was really tight. "He's... important... to me too," I said.

She said, "Good."

Jamie and his Mom finally came out of the house. Thank God.

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