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Tommy's Coach, Part 14

At the Mall, Tammy and Missus Evans went to look at clothes. Me and Jamie headed for the rides. They're mostly lame cuz they're inside, not like the giant ones at Great America. There's one pretty cool roller coaster though so we went on that five times in a row.

When we got in the coaster car, Jamie put his hand on mine and looked at me. I turned my hand up and we mixed our fingers up. It felt different this time. I smiled and he blushed. I was thinking about what Tammy said. It was almost like he was being my girlfriend. I just made sure nobody could see us holding hands cuz that would probably be bad.

We got back to Jamie's house and we threw the ball around some and then we went in for lunch. It was kinda strange cuz I felt like Tammy was watching us and Mister Evans was too, like they were looking for clues. We just acted normal and after a while it seemed like they weren't staring so much.

We went back outside after lunch. There's woods behind Jamie's house and there's a cool place there where there's trees all around but it's grass in the middle. We just laid there in the sun. It was really nice to not do anything.

Jamie held my hand again. I let him. He was watching my face. "You think I'm weird," he said.

"Everybody's weird someways. I think you're awesome."

"You think I'm gay."

"I dunno. I don't care. I like you and I like what we do. What Coach said, about the spirits... that kinda made sense."

"You think I'm a girl inside."

"Maybe part of you is? So what. It's all good, dude. Promise."

Jamie squeezed my hand and then he did something that was actually sorta weird. He kissed me, on the mouth.

I never really kissed anybody like that, like boyfiend-girlfriend kissing. At first I just let him do the kissing, but it felt pretty nice so I tried kissing him back. We did that for a while I guess. He poked his tongue in my mouth and I did it back and that made us giggle. Jamie put his hand on the front of my pants and felt me.

"You're wicked hard," he said.

I said, "You want to suck on it?"

"Ya. Can I?"

"You mean 'may I.'"

He pinched my arm and said, "Fuck you."

I stuck my tongue out and said, "Blow me."

He said, "Okay." We laughed and he unzipped me and sucked me off right there.

When we walked back to the house, Mister Evans was standing out back on the deck looking into the woods. He said my Dad was coming to pick me up.


We didn't see Jamie again til our next game on Wednesday. His Dad brought him and Tammy came too. I saw Tammy talking to Scott and Mister Evans didn't look too happy about that. She was wearing these really short shorts. I can tell she likes him. Everybody does.

I sat next to Scott between innings. Jamie was on deck. "Dude. You know Tammy thinks you're hot, right?"

"I dunno. It's weird. Sometimes I think she likes me and then she acts all strange."

"You got with her? Did you do anything?"

"Ya, at the Mall. She went outside with me in the back. I kinda tried. I kissed her and she let me and then she let me touch her up top and she put her hand... like... right there..."

"No. Way."

"Ya way. But then she was like, 'bye!' and she ran off, like she was mad or something."

I just shook my head. "Girls are so weird."

"Ya. I don't get it."

There was a thunderstorm in the second inning and the game got called. Scott's Mom wasn't around so Mister Evans gave me and Jamie and Scott a ride to Jamie's house. Jamie was in the front seat and me and Scott in the back and Tammy was in the middle between us. Scott and Tammy were trying not to look at each other. It was really funny.

Then I saw Tammy's hand was on Scott's leg. He was staring at it. She moved it up. I couldn't believe it. But she wasn't looking at him. She was looking at the mirror in front. I think she was looking at her Dad. Scott put his hand on her leg but she pushed it away. When we got to their house she just went into the house and didn't even look at anybody. Scott shook his head.


We changed at Jamie's house. Jamie gave Scott some basketball shorts since he didn't bring extra clothes to the game. The rain stopped and we went out to the place in the woods. The grass was wet but it was still nice.

We talked about the game a little but then Scott said, "God Jamie. Tammy is so hot."

"Shut up. She's my sister."

"So what? I can't help it. You mean she doesn't make your dick hard?"

Jamie got really red. "N-not... not really." I knew what he meant, but Scott figured Jamie was just embarrassed to say.

"Ha. See. I told you. You probably jerk off to her. Do you get to see her naked?"

Jamie looked down. "Dude. Seriously. It's... not like that."

"Bet you do." Scott was quiet for a minute. "Fuck, she felt me up on the way here. She made me hard as a tentpole. Hurt wicked bad in my cup." I laughed. Jamie didn't. Scott squeezed the front of his basketball shorts. You could see he was stiff. Jamie was staring at it and Scott noticed before Jamie turned away.

"Since you're her brother, if she won't take care of me maybe you should." Scott was just ragging on Jamie, like guys do.

Jamie stared at his sneakers. "Fuck you, Scott." He said it really quiet.

Scott said, "Dude. Sorry. Just kidding."

Jamie said, "I know."

Scott punched Jamie's arm and tried to tease him again. "I thought you were looking at my dick."

Jamie said, "I know."

Scott looked at Jamie funny. "Dude?"

Jamie really surprised me these days. Since we started doing stuff, he seemed different. He was still Jamie, but he was a lot more okay about being Jamie. That made him brave, I guess. Coach said that when people know themselves it makes them that way, like it was for my Dad.

So Jamie puts his hand right in Scott's lap. "I will if you want me to," he said.

Scott laughed. He thought Jamie was just busting his balls. Like if Scott said okay then Jamie would say Scott's a fag, hahaha. Like triple dog-dare. But Jamie left his hand there. He moved it over where you could see Scott's dick in his shorts.

Scott stopped laughing. "Dude. What the fuck... are you... like... a fag?"

Jamie shook his head. "No. I dunno. I just... nevermind." He pulled his hand away.

Scott looked at me, really confused. I shrugged.

"No. Fucking. Way," he said. "You guys are fags. With each other."

I rolled my eyes. "Fuck you, Scott. It's not like that. Jamie just likes doing it. It's no big deal."

Scott swallowed. "He likes... what... exactly?"

I looked at Jamie. I didn't want to answer for him. Scott looked at him too.

"I like... it... in my mouth." Jamie said. I was really proud of him. Like when Dad said he was a cocksucker.

"I'm not a fag." Scott sounded almost scared.

I said, "Duh. I know. Me neither. But like... did you ever have anybody suck on it?"

Scott shook his head really slow. "It's the best thing ever," I said.

"So Jamie sucks your dick? You guys are totally fucking with me right now, aren't you. Ya. Haha. Good one." But he wasn't really laughing.

I shrugged. Scott pushed my shoulder and said, "So prove it." Pretty sure he still expected that we'd just laugh it off.

I looked at Jamie. He bit his lip. I said, "It's okay, Jamie. He's on the team, right?" Jamie nodded a little. I laid back and pushed my pants and underpants down. Scott's eyes got big. Jamie kept his clothes on but he did it. It was kinda weird to have Scott watching and looking all nervous. Didn't stop me from sperming though. Jamie's really good at blowjobs now so pretty soon I didn't care who was watching.

When that was done, Scott just said, "Fuck." Jamie put his hand back in Scott's lap. Scott didn't stop him, so Jamie slid his hand up the leg of Scott's shorts.

"I'm not a fag," Scott said.

Jamie said, "I know. Maybe just... close your eyes and pretend it's Tammy." He was fishing around in Scott's shorts. "It's easier if you pull them down. Then I can suck your balls too."

"What the fuck." Scott was shaking his head. Jamie tugged at the waistband of Scott's shorts. Scott lifted his butt a little and Jamie took them down.

Scott's dick is pretty big. Bigger than me and bigger than Jamie. He's 11 so it makes sense. He's got some dark hairs at the top but not alot. His nuts are a lot bigger than mine too. He was really hard. His dick was as red as his face. Jamie didn't ask him if he could. He just did it. He licked Scott's nuts and then he totally swallowed his hardon. Scott closed his eyed. He didn't last long and Jamie kept him in his mouth til he was totally done. I saw Jamie gulping so I guess Scott spermed a lot.

Scott's face was pretty strange, like he didn't want to look at us. After a minute he pulled his shorts up. "I can't believe it. You guys really are fags. Jesus."

I laughed. "Dude. Seriously. Did you just sperm in Jamie's mouth?"

Jamie looked up with a grin and nodded.

"So who's a fag?" I said.

"He made me do it." That reminded me of what Dad used to say.

I said, "Ya, I could see how much you totally hated it. I doesn't mean anything. Chill."

Scott didn't say much else til his Mom came to get him.


We had practice on Friday. During infield drill I noticed Scott and Jamie weren't around. Then I saw Scott come out of the bathroom. Scott looked confused. A minute later Jamie came out. Jamie had that grin. I laughed a little.

Jamie was following Scott around the field like a puppydog and talking to him. Scott just kept looking at the ground. When they got to the pitcher's mound, Scott turned to Jamie and pushed him. Jamie landed on his butt. "Leave me alone, fag."

I ran over and pushed Scott back. Scott looked like he was gonna punch somebody. Maybe me. Then Coach was there. He put one big hand on Scott's arm and the other on mine and pushed us to the dugout. Coach looked at Jamie and said, "It's ok, son. Go shag some grounders." Jamie got up and swallowed like he was going to cry but he ran out on the field. None of the other guys heard I guess.

Scott's face was red like a tomato. He was staring at the ground.

Coach said, "Scott. Look at me." He lifted Scott's chin with his finger. "Is Jamie your teammate?"

"Y-Yes Coach." I never heard Scott be scared like that before.

"How do we treat our teammates?"

"With respect, Coach." Coach taught us that at the very first practice and he said it before every game.

"That's right. And not just on the field. Everywhere. You have a responsibility, Scott. The other boys look up to you. Set an example."

Coach got down on one knee and looked him right in the eye. "Tell me why you called Jamie a fag."

"I didn't mean it. It's just... you say that sometimes to guys when you're mad at them... He just follows me around all the time."

"I know that. But we're not allowed to call each other names that way, are we?"

Scott shook his head. "No Coach."

"What I heard didn't sound like name-calling, Scott. Jamie's been following you around all season and it never bothered you before. This wasn't just a teasing thing. I want you to tell me why you called him that."

Scott's face was kinda desperate.

Coach looked at me. Scott gave me the evil eye shook his head, like he didn't want me to tell. I did anyways.

"Jamie sucked his dick." Scott glared daggers at me. "Twice I think," I said.

Coach chuckled. Scott's face wasn't red anymore. It was white.

"I see," said Coach. "So what's the issue here?"

"I'm not a fag." Geez. What a fag he was being. I mean, in the douchebag way. Not the gay way.

"Stop using that word, Scott. I know you're not gay. I see how you look at Jamie's sister. Tommy isn't gay either."

"Y-you know about Jamie?" Big eyes.

"I know everything, Scott. You should have realized that by now." Coach had that grin that means he's kinda kidding and kinda not. "Jamie likes what he likes. He's still figuring things out, but he's pretty sure that he likes sucking cock. Some boys just do. Other boys just like to have their cocks sucked. I'm thinking that you're in the second category."

Scott opened his mouth a few times but couldn't seem to talk. Coach said. "Deep breath, son. The world is not ending. You got a blowjob from a friend. It's happened a few times before in the history of the world. I suppose you weren't expecting it, though."

"N-not really, Coach... I mean, not by... a boy..."

"It happened twice? So... I'm guessing that maybe the first time was a surprise. But then you went back for more."

Scott's head dropped. Coach put his hand on Scott's shoulder. "Jamie's an incredibly brave boy, being himself with you. Trusting you with his feelings, with who he is. He can't change who he is, just like you can't. You didn't wake one day and decide to like girls, did you?"

Scott shook his head. "N-no Coach... I guess not... I just... like them."

"Exactly. Jamie is Jamie. Respect him and act accordingly. If you don't, I don't care how far your fucking curveball breaks, you won't be on this team."

Scott gulped. You knew Coach was dead serious when he said something like that. "Y-yes Coach," Scott managed.

Coach put his hand on Scott's shoulder. "That's my boy. Take a chill pill."

Awks. Even Coach tried too hard to sound cool sometimes. Scott was quiet for a while. Coach just watched him. Finally he said, "Ummm. Coach?"

"Yes Scott?"

"I-isn't it gay?" He kinda blurted it out. Then he tried to pretend he didn't say it. "I mean... if he does that. What does it mean?"

Coach chuckled. "You want Jamie to blow you again, don't you?" Scott shook his head but I could tell he wasn't sure. "You asked two very different questions, Scott. For the first one, the answer is no. Letting another boy suck you off doesn't mean you're gay. In fact, sucking another boy off doesn't necessarily mean you're gay either. It can mean that you like both boys and girls, or that sometimes you just feel like doing it. It takes all types to make the world go around."

Scott nodded a little. Coach went on. "Now, the second question. What do you suppose the answer is? What does it mean?"

Scott thought about it, then said, "I guess he wanted to do it."

Coach smiled a little. "And so..."

"It only means he wants to? Not... other stuff."

"That's right. That you did it again also means that you like it." Scott made a face. Coach laughed. "It's ok for you to like it, Scott. It's difficult not to like it, regardless of who's doing it."

Scott got red again. Coach was patient and waited. "So... maybe it's ok to let him?" Scott said.

"I'd say it's a sign of respect for your teammate to let him. And what else?"

"Else?" Then, "Like, be nice about it? Don't call him a fag?"

"What would you say if Jamie bought you ice cream, Scott?"

"I guess I'd say thanks."

Coach put his hand on Scott's head. "There we go. Now you've got the idea. Oh and... don't give up on Tammy. I see how she looks at you. She likes you, even if she acts in confusing ways. Girls are like that. Be nice to her and I'm pretty sure that she'll... open up."

I was surprised Coach said that. I think Scott was glad since it meant Coach knew Scott liked girls.

"Ummm... Ok? I mean, y-yes Coach."

Coach put his other hand on my head. "You defended your teammate, Tommy. I'm proud of you."

Scott blinked. I think he was mad at me for telling, but he looked ashamed when Coach said that. Scott finally said, "I-I'm... I'm sorry, Coach."

Coach grinned. "Forgiven and forgotten, Scott. Shake hands with Tommy. Then go out on the field. Apologize and shake hands with Jamie, so that the whole team can see you."

I put out my hand. Scott took it without looking at me at first. I said, "Dude. It's all good. Really. I won't tell and I know Jamie won't either." Then he seemed relieved and confused but not angry anymore. He went and shook hands with Jamie and everybody on the team clapped. That's what we do when we have a fight. Coach taught us that.


Jamie came over after Friday practice like usual. He was kinda quiet but he smiled when Dad told him to strip and took all his clothes away. It's like he's more used to being naked than dressed at our house. When we got to my room he opened the top dresser drawer and looked inside for a minute.

"You gonna put it in?" Jamie hadn't put the butt thing in since the stuff with Tammy.

"You think it's weird, don't you?"

I shook my head. "Dude. Coach put his finger in me and ya it was weird but it made me wicked stiff."

Jamie's eyes got big. "He did that? To you?"

"Ya. I spermed so hard. So go for it if you want."

Jamie went to my Dad's room and I heard him ask for the slippery stuff. He came back with the bottle and he put the thing in. By the time he was done he was all the way hard.

I didn't want to make a big deal out of what happened with Scott but I couldn't help asking. "Are you ok? With the Scott thing?"

"Ya. It made me mad though. What did Coach say to him?"

"I told Coach what happened. Coach pretty much just told Scott to get over it." We both giggled. "So like... what did Scott say to you? Before, I mean."

"He comes up and looks around to see if anybody's close enough to hear and he says like, 'If you tell anybody I'll fucking kill you.' I said, 'I won't, don't worry.' He just stood there for a minute and then he said, 'I can't believe you like it.' I said, 'I can't help it.' He said, 'You do Tommy a lot?' and I said ya. He said 'Does Tommy do you?' and I said no. Then he says, 'I can't stop thinking about it.' So I said, 'Cool.' But then he's like, 'I mean I can't stop thinking about your sister.' I said it's ok if you were thinking about her when I did it. So he looks around again and then looks at the bathroom and says like, 'Go there in a couple minutes so nobody thinks you're following me.' So I did."

I shook my head. "Then how come he was mad at you?"

Jamie shrugged. "I dunno really. When I went in the bathroom he had his pants down already. It took like 10 seconds and then he was like, 'Don't follow me out.' Like he was embarrassed. Then I just wanted to be friends with him and he lost it."

I reached over and held Jamie's hand. He said, "T-thanks for sticking up for me, Tommy."

"Dude. Brothers. Coach stuck up for you too."

He smiled. "God. I'm so hard," he said.

"No shit."

"I got to go ask your Dad if I can do it."

I thought for a second. "Dad said you hafta ask if you want to do it. He didn't say you hafta ask if somebody else does it."

Jamie was confused. I pushed my shorts down and laid on the bed. "You suck. I'll wank you."

He giggled. "Really?"

"Dude. Brothers."

We spermed at the same time. It was pretty cool to feel it. Jamie licked his off my hand.

We were in bed together after. Jamie said, "Did it bother you when I did Scott?"

"What? No. Why would it?"

"I dunno. I thought maybe you might not like it."

"It's cool to watch you. You look happy when you do it."

He said, "I thought maybe... since we kissed..."

"Oh. Like, was I jealous or something?"

"I didn't want to kiss him. I only wanted to blow him. I want to kiss only you."

I let him kiss me. It was nice.


In the morning I heard some noises when I was waking up. When I finally opened my eyes, Jamie's cot was empty. I checked the bathroom first this time. The shower wasn't running so I just peed and went to Dad's room.

Jamie was standing by Dad's bed. Dad was on his side with his head on his hand and they were talking.

Jamie was wearing the underpants. The blue ones.

Dad said, "What are you feeling right now, Jamie?"

Jamie said, "I dunno, Mister Walker. I'm kinda embarrassed still."

Dad nodded. "I understand. But you're being very brave." He reached out and touched Jamie down there. "Your penis is extremely hard, Jamie. Some part of this, you like."

Jamie looked at himself. "It always did that. Even when I was little."

Dad said, "How long have you been going into Tammy's room?"

"As long as I can remember, really. She used to run around the house in her underpants sometimes. I thought they looked... nice, I guess."

"Did you know what was going on with your Dad back then?"

Jamie shook his head. "I didn't figure that out til later."

Dad said, "Don't lurk, Tommy. It's rude."

I went in and sat on the edge of the bed. Dad was right, Jamie was wicked stiff and the underpants showed everything. He was blushing pretty bad when he saw me.

"Weird, huh?" Jamie said.

"Nah. Looks kinda cool." I thought about what I should say. "Tammy knows, you know."


"That you go in her room. And I think she knows what you... do there."

"No way."

"Ya. She told me."

His chin dropped. "Fuck."

"Then she said if I was mean to you she'd kill me."

"She did?"

"Ya. She said you're important."

Jamie blinked. His eyes were wet.

Dad said, "You are important, Jamie. You're important to us, and you did something incredibly important for her."

Dad hugged Jamie and pulled him onto the bed.

"To Coach too. He totally had your back with Scott."

Dad said, "Scott?"

"Jamie and Scott kinda got into a fight."


"Ya. I guess Scott felt weird about Jamie blowing him even though he liked it."

Dad shook his head. "Nobody tells me anything. Is everything okay?"

Jamie was pink again. "Yes, Mister Walker. I think it's all okay now."

I said, "And I just told you. Oh and Tammy likes Scott but she's being like a tease with him."

"I expect Tammy is very confused right now, boys. She's had her boundaries violated in a big way, so she probably doesn't know how a typical twelve-year-old is supposed to act."

"You mean like touching his dick and then running off," I said.

"I suppose so," Dad said. "Did that..."

"Ya. Totally happened. She even felt him up with her Dad in the car."

Dad frowned. "She's angry at her Dad. Acting out. Not too surprising. I hope Scott's nice to her."

"I think so. Coach is watching out too."

Jamie said, "I thought maybe if I did him he wouldn't try to make her do stuff."

I was surprised. "I thought you just wanted to blow him."

Jamie chewed his lip. "No. I mean. Ya. I think I wanted to blow Scott even before we did anything, before I knew I liked it. I just didn't think about it that way. But when he said she was being a tease, I didn't want him to be... like my Dad was with her."

Dad said, "I don't think it's the same, Jamie. She's older than Scott. She can make her own choices about him."

Jamie nodded in kindof a sad way. "Can I still do Scott then?"

"Oh. Of course you can. And it's wonderful that you're looking out for your sister. You're a lovely, kind boy, Jamie."

Jamie glowed.

"Do you want to leave the underpants on while you suck this morning, Jamie?"

He glowed brighter.

"It helps you pretend, I know. It's ok to pretend with us, Jamie. We love all your spirits equally."

Dad had me lay next to him and had Jamie take turns on us. If Dad was in his mouth, he did me with his hand and the other way around. While Jamie was at it, Dad said, "You know that 'Jamie' is a name for both boys and girls, right?"

Jamie nodded with his mouth full. The corners of his lips curled up. He rubbed the front of the underpants with his hand til he spermed in them.

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