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Tommy's Coach, Part 15

After we all spermed that morning, Jamie crawled up and laid between me and Dad in bed. Jamie sandwich. We made out for a while with our arms tangled up. At first I pretended like I was practicing for when I had a girlfriend. But then I thought I sorta already did have a girlfriend. Nice.

Dad watched and smiled and combed Jamie's hair with his fingers. He said, "Maybe we let this grow for a while, Jamie. What do you think about that?"

I giggled. "Oh ya. Like Thor." Thor is this baseball player. His real name's Noah Syndergaard, and he's an awesome pitcher. His hair is down to his shoulders like the Thor in the movies. Jamie's hair is light colored like his so I thought it would look cool.

Jamie said, "I dunno. Maybe."

"You can decide, Jamie. I know that it's scary to let yourself show, your real self. You can take it as slowly as you want. We'll help you along the way."

Jamie snuggled. I yawned. "What are we gonna do today, Dad?"

Dad turned sideways. "Well. On Saturday we often go and visit with Coach."

Jamie swallowed. His cheeks were getting pink. He didn't say anything.

"You know what Coach wants, don't you?" Dad's voice was really quiet.

Jamie looked kinda helpless and shook his head. Dad said, "You do, Jamie. You know. You can say it."

"I don't want to." Chewing his lip.

"You don't want to do it? Or you don't want to say it."

"B-both?" Jamie didn't sound too sure.

"If we go to see Coach, it's going to happen, Jamie. You know how he is. He has a way of making things happen, even when you're not sure that you're ready. I know this very well."

"He made you, Mister Walker?"

"I wouldn't say that, exactly. I'd say he saw something in me that I didn't want to see, and then he made things happen that... helped me see."

"So you're glad."

"I am, Jamie. It's odd for me to say that, but yes. And for you... think back to the beginning of the summer, and then think about now. Are you happier now than you were then?"

Jamie looked in my eyes. He nodded really slowly. I felt like I wanted to kiss him so I did. He turned back to Dad and Dad kissed him too, on the mouth. Jamie laid back and looked up at the ceiling.

Dad said, "You know that your Dad and Tammy did it."

Jamie nodded.

"You never saw them do that?"

Jamie shook his head. After a minute he said, "I only heard them."

"What did you hear, Jamie?"

"She said she didn't want to. He kept saying that she did want to. I guess he was doing... something to her when he said that. She was making... you know... sounds. He said he knew she wanted to cuz she was... wet... there. Then the sounds got different."

"Because he was fucking her. Wasn't he, Jamie? Your Dad was fucking Tammy."

Jamie was really red now.

Dad went on. "You couldn't help thinking about it, could you? It's okay, son."

Jamie swallowed. Dad put his hand on Jamie's underpants. They were still wet from him sperming in them, but you could see he was stiff again.

"Tell me what Coach wants, Jamie."

Jamie closed his eyes. "He wants to f-fuck me."

"That's my brave boy. Your penis is hard, Jamie. What does that mean?"

Jamie shook his head, eyes tight. Dad squeezed Jamie's dick and Jamie squirmed.

"What does it mean, Jamie?"

"I can't help it." His voice was shaky.

"I know, son. You can't help wanting it."

"No, I mean... I can't help when it gets hard..."

"Sometimes your body knows what it wants before your brain does."

"I don't want to want it."

"But you do. Like you wanted to kiss Tommy. Like you wanted to blow Scott. You knew, but you didn't want to know."

Jamie's body went limp, but not his dick. Then he said, really softly, "W-will you be with me?"

Dad smiled. "Of course we will. We're family, right?"

Jamie squeezed my hand and opened his eyes. Dad said, "Let's have breakfast."

Jamie was quiet while we ate. Then we took a shower. After, Dad followed us back to my room. He sat on the bed and watched Jamie. Jamie went to the dresser and looked at my Dad. Finally Jamie opened the top drawer and took out the butt thing and the slippery stuff. Dad nodded. Jamie put it in. It wasn't hard for him to do that anymore.

Dad kept watching him. Jamie opened the middle drawer. He took out the yellow underpants and held them for a minute. Dad smiled a little. Jamie put them on. He was so hard the end of his dick stuck out a little.


Coach gave Jamie a big hug when we got there. They sat on the couch. Jamie was acting kinda nervous and shy.

Coach said, "I can't tell you how proud I am of you, Jamie."

Jamie was confused. "For what, Coach?"

"For defending your sister, and for your kindness."

"Oh. Ya. I guess... I'm glad the stuff with Dad... that she doesn't have to..."

"Yes, that. But also, Scott."


"I saw how you looked at Scott when he was talking to Tammy. Like you'd kill him if he hurt her. So, you took matters into your own hands. Or should I say, you took them into your mouth."

Jamie shook his head. Coach squeezed him around his shoulders. "Don't worry. I know it's confusing. I'm pretty sure you didn't get into Scott's pants just to taste his cum."

Jamie stared at his sneakers. Coach chuckled. "But you liked that part too, didn't you sport? You swallowed him thoroughly, I'm sure. I expect Bob's a little jealous." Dad rolled his eyes.

Jamie squirmed. Coach turned so he was facing Jamie on the couch.

"Did you decide to come here on your own, son? Did anybody make you come here today?"

Jamie looked at me and shook his head. "Yes Coach. I mean... No Coach... nobody made me."

Coach took Jamie's hand. "Then you know what's going to happen."

Jamie waited just a couple seconds before he nodded.

"Tell me what's going to happen, Jamie."

Jamie's eyes dropped. "You're gonna... f-fuck me?"

Coach sighed. "Is that a question?"

"No Coach."

"Then say it, Jamie. There's no shame in it. It's part of who you are."

"Y-you're gonna fuck me." Very quiet.

"That's my boy. Why am I going to fuck you, Jamie?"

"B-because you want to?"

Coach laughed. "Well yes, I do. But that's only part of the reason."

Jamie turned to my Dad. Dad said, "It's okay, Jamie. You're with family."

Jamie's eyes went down to the floor. Finally he said, "B-because I want you to."

Coach stood up and put his hand on Jamie's head. "I've never been prouder, Jamie." Jamie looked up and smiled a little.

Coach said, "Take your clothes off." His voice was gentle but in that way where you know he means it. Jamie bit his lip and started unbuttoning his shirt. Coach said, "Everybody." So me and Dad stripped too.

When Jamie took off his shorts, Coach saw his underpants and grinned. "Oh my. That's lovely, Jamie. Leave those on for now."

Jamie's face was red as an apple. Coach picked him up like he was nothing and carried him down the hall. "We'll need the bedroom for this." When we were naked, we followed him.

Coach's bedroom is big. His bed is huge. He pulled the covers back and sat Jamie on the edge. He stood in front of Jamie and pulled his shirt off.

"Show me that you want it, Jamie."

Jamie reached up and pulled on Coach's belt. Coach watched and Jamie got his pants undone and pushed them down. Coach stepped out of them. His dick was about halfway hard. It was right in Jamie's face.

"Get me ready."

Jamie put his hand at the bottom of Coach's dick and his mouth at the top. His face wasn't shy anymore. It looked kinda hungry. Dad and me sat on either side of him. Dad was pretty stiff too.

Pretty soon Coach was all the way hard. Jamie's mouth was really full. Coach said, "Take off your panties."

I guess I knew that's what girls' underpants are called. It sounded kinda weird when Coach said it. Maybe he thought it would help Jamie pretend. Jamie lifted his butt and pushed them down around his ankles. Coach opened a drawer by his bed and took out a bottle of the slippery stuff. He handed it to Jamie.

"Me, then you."

Jamie poured some on his hands and then rubbed it all over Coach's hardon. Coach closed his eyes for a second and made a deep noise. He stopped Jamie with his hand. "Fuck. Slow down, tiger." Coach touched Jamie's chest with his finger and Jamie leaned back. Dad reached under and pulled out the butt thing.

Coach smiled and felt Jamie's hardon. "You're more than ready. Aren't you, son?"

Jamie just put more stuff on his fingers and then pushed them into his butt.

"I'll take that as a yes. Lift your legs."

Coach put his arms under Jamie's legs and held them up. Jamie was shaking a little. I took his hand. He put his head back onto the bed. He squeezed my fingers. Coach put a pillow under Jamie's butt.

Jamie said, "Tommy?"

"Ya dude. Are you ok?"

"Ya. I think so. Will you... kiss me?"

I wasn't sure I wanted to kiss Jamie in front of Coach. Jamie looked kinda desperate.

Coach said, "Tommy."

"Ya Coach."

"You need to understand something. And you need to know that it's okay. In fact, it's a beautiful thing."

"What Coach?"

"Jamie is in love with you, Tommy. Not just friends. Not even brothers. He's totally in love with you. And that's a rare, special gift that you need to treasure."

Geez. I swallowed. I never really thought about it that way. It made me feel like I wanted to take care of him.

I turned to Jamie and said, "Really?"

He said, "Of course really, you douche."

So I kissed him. And I kept kissing him. I felt him go stiff all over. He made soft noises so I kissed him more slow so he could breathe. Our air mixed up and it was warm and his mouth was soft. I felt his body move like it was pushed into the bed and his eyes rolled up.

I heard Coach say, "Help the boy out, Bob." I looked down and Dad's head was there, on Jamie's tummy, moving just a little. Jamie made a louder noise and almost broke my hand with his.

Coach's sounds and Jamie's sounds started to come together whenever Jamie moved. Jamie was breathing hard so I just held him and kissed his cheek.

Coach said, "Fuckkkk. Fuck me. Bring him off, Bob."

Jamie went like a board again and squealed really loud. Coach grunted. I almost laughed cuz they sounded kinda like pigs. But Jamie's face was more like, amazing. His eyes were on mine and I could tell he was sperming in Dad's mouth. Coach just kept saying "Fuckkkkkk" really loud. Then it was quiet. Just breathing. Tangled fingers. Tangled arms and legs. Tangled everything.


After, Coach held Jamie in his arms. Jamie was kinda twitchy but he had this soft smile. Dad and me laid beside them on the bed, my head on Dad's chest. Jamie reached for my hand and I held his. Tangled.

Coach looked like he was thinking. After a long quiet time, he said, "I think my work here is done."

I was surprised. I guess Dad was too. He said, "Done?"

Coach touched Jamie's cheek really gently. "You needed this, Jamie. You needed someone like me to help you see this part of you. But let's be honest. It wasn't me that you wanted. I was just the catalyst. I got you over the hump, so to speak. Now you can decide where you go from here, and who you want to be."

"What do you mean, Coach?"

"When I see you and Tommy and his Dad, I see a family. That's a precious thing. I don't want to be in the way of that. So I hope that you find every happiness that you can together. Come see me if you want to, but only if you want to. I'm going to take a shower. You three relax. Talk among yourselves."

Coach got up and went out of the room. Jamie wiggled in between me and Dad. He put his hands on us, one on each, holding our dicks like he didn't want to let go.

I said, "Was it... ok?"

Jamie nodded. Dad pushed Jamie's hair out of his eyes.

"Was it... more than ok?"

"Ummm. Ya. Weird... achy... but ya. More." He was blushing again.

Dad laughed softly. "I could tell," he said.

"What Coach said, about not wanting him..."

Jamie said, "Ya. I wasn't thinking about him. Even when it was inside me. I was thinking about you, Tommy. And you, Mister Walker."

We just laid there for a while. It made me kinda sad, what Coach said. I was happy we had a family, but he didn't. To me he seemed like part of us too.

I said, "Dad. You know Uncle Matt, right?"

"Of course I do, Tommy. Why do you ask?"

"What if Coach is like, Uncle Mike?"

Dad chuckled. "You mean because I suck him off like I did my brother?"

"No. Well, ya. I mean that too. But more like, he's part of the family, like Jamie. Adopted."

Dad kissed my forehead. "You're the kindest boy there ever was, I think. I love you, son."

Jamie grinned and giggled. Then Dad said we should go, so we got dressed. Coach came out with shorts on, drying his hair.

On the way to the car, Coach showed Dad his phone. "I'm deleting all the pictures, Bob. There aren't any copies."

Dad just nodded a little. He seemed almost disappointed.

"Oh. Don't worry. I'll miss your lovely cocksucking mouth very much if you don't come back to visit. I expect maybe you will. All of you are welcome, any time."

Coach and Dad shook hands. Dad said, "Some families are born and some are made, Mike. We're glad to have you be part of ours. I didn't really think I'd ever say this, but... thanks. For everything."

I think that was the only time I ever saw Coach turn red.

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