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Twelve Year Old Dad: Chapter Four


Bob Roberts

Fast forward to 1971. Business, and money, were still doing just fine. The boys were now three and - so far anyway - fairly decent little human beings. Both of them looked a lot like me and Dad, with the exception of their hair colors and complexions. I liked seeing the similarities, and I suspect Dad did too.

Both of my sons are fairer skinned than me or Dad. Michael, the younger of the two by three weeks, is blonde and he liked his hair kept buzzed like mine and Dad's. He always had a book in his hand and was big on helping me keep the house cleaned up. A pretty serious kid for three years old. Matthew - the older of the two - has red hair which he hated to have cut. Dad and I would let it go until we couldn't stand looking at it anymore and then I'd buzz him like the rest of us. I couldn't help but notice that Matt's hands already seemed to be in his pants an awful lot. He was the wilder of the two, but they were both quite manageable and life as a teen father had sure gotten easier for me.

I could see Matt someday doing pretty much anything, but not Mike. I'll admit that I was already fantasizing about Matt eventually joining in with me and Dad, but at the time I wasn't sure that would ever happen with Mike in the house. Dad and I were discreet for the most part, although sometimes when we were both about ready to rut we didn't much care whether they saw us making out or not. And one morning that week they had both actually walked in on us fucking. Despite us both being stark naked with his cock buried nine inches inside me, we told them we just were wrestling and to run along and get ready for breakfast. They seemed to buy our story and it wasn't a big deal.

Another change was that Dad and I were now sleeping in the same bed most nights, either mine or his. He still fiercely banged my ass pretty much every day and night but wasn't yet into me fucking him, at least when he was awake. What I'd figured out, though, was that I could often slip it in him in the middle of the night, so long as I got all or most of the way in before he woke up.

This was one of those nights. I woke up around 3:00 with my rod poking into the small of his back. I was up to about seven inches by then. Not as long or as fat as Dad's yet, but not bad for a 15-year-old. My nuts had grown significantly too, and they and my cock were surrounded by a solid bush.

Anyway, the small of Dad's back wasn't where my dick needed to be that night. I grabbed my lube and greased myself up good - spit-lubing the way Dad did me didn't work on him. Slick as I could get my cock, I lowered back down and quietly began teasing his tight hole. Dad was still snoring loudly and I wasn't getting any resistance from his ass so I slid in about three inches and then held it, pumping occasionally to be sure he was actually up for a breeding. His snoring lightened and became interspersed with "mmmmm"s which told me I was good to go. I pushed in the rest of my seven-incher and fucked him with long, slow strokes. My free hand alternated between rubbing his hairy gut, massaging his pecs, and teasing his big nips with my watchband like he would do mine. As had become my habit, I also fantasized about an older version of Matt being there with me, taking turns raping Dad as he slept. Those fantasies, combined with the newness of being able to fuck Dad's tight hole, brought me to orgasm way too quickly. I drove my cock all the way in and filled him with at least six shots of his kid's cum. Not bad considering I'd unloaded a shitload of ropes all over his chest about five hours ago while he bred me. I stayed inside him, holding him, until my dick finally decided to go down. Then I knocked out a post-fuck smoke and headed off to sleep as tomorrow was going to be an early day for both of us.

As planned, Dad was up early and headed out to the shop. He gave me an "I know you fucked me" smile as he finished getting dressed. Those were always one hell of an ego boost.

The day was uneventful. Dad and I working in the shop, and me taking care of the boys. After supper, I bathed them and got `em to bed. Like many nights, Matt and Mike each sprouted a stuffy at some point during their baths, but I tried to just brush it off as no big deal. Dad and I - both worn out - sat on the porch for a bit after the kids were down and then we hit the sack ourselves.

Once we were in bed he was on top of me pretty much immediately, kissing the fuck out of me and whispering that my ass was gonna get some payback for last night. I just laughed and told him I was gonna do it again as soon as he fell asleep. Dad didn't take too kindly to that and, being almost twice my size, flipped me onto my stomach with ease. Quickly, his cock was spitlubed and halfway up my hole. After a couple of minutes of in-and-out thrusts, Dad was planted the full 8.5" deep. Then he pushed it in me hard and started talking ... in his serious tone. Uh oh, I was in for a Discipline Fuck.

Whenever Dad had something on his mind (as in when he was pissed off or concerned about something), it was easier for him to get it out while he was roughfucking me rather than just sitting me down for a straight conversation. And so it was tonight. "Boy, I know what's on your mind here lately. You can't wait to get them sons of yours in here fuckin." Every three or so words were punctuated by a long hard thrust of his raging hard meat. I tried to deny it. "No, Dad, it's not like that. You can't force that kind of thing." "Bullshit," he responded, still ramming his fat cock as far in me as it could go, and as hard as he could do it. "I see ... mmmmmm ... how you look at them. It ain't time yet, son. Them boys ... mmmmmm ... ain't nowhere ... mmmmmm ... near ... mmmmmm ... ready."

"I know that, Dad. I ain't ..." He cut me off. His breathing getting deeper, Dad kept on. "I started you ... mmmmmm ... too early, boy. I thought you were ready ... mmmmmm ... and physically you were." Dad laughed, "And goddamn ... mmmmmm ... were you ever fuckin ready ... mmmmmm ... physically. You could ... mmmmmm ... take this big ole cock ... mmmmmm ... like a champ. But it fucked with your head though. That's why you ended up ... mmmmmm ... knockin' up half the goddamn county. Ain't gonna be that way with ... mmmmmm ... with them two ... mmmmmm ... sons of yours. You just ... mmmmmm ... gotta ... mmmmmm ... let it happen. You just gotta ... aw FUCCKKK, boy!!"

That was the other thing about Discipline Fucks. They boned the hell out of Dad and he would blow way faster than normal. And scolding me about my sons had been the ultimate ever. I could feel shot after shot exploding inside me as he pinned me to the bed, my face shoved into the headboard. He just came and came and kept cumming until he collapsed on top of me. He laid there a minute, gave me a "goddammit, boy," and drilled in about three more rough spurts until he was finally finished. One hell of a fuck, and I was boned as hell for my turn.

Dad eventually got off me and laid on his stomach. I fired up a Camel, lubed up my own meat, and was inside him before he knew what was up. "Nope, Dad," I said between thrusts, "here's how it's gonna be. I get it - it's way too early - but one of these days we're gonna have those boys. I know for a fuckin' fact they're gonna want it. Hell, they already get stiff half the time when they bathe. They got my genes and your genes, and you know damn well all you and I wanna do is work and fuck. They're gonna be the same damn way and you know it. Just think what it'll feel like you taking turns sliding your fat dick in and out of me and into one of them and then into the other one. And I'll goddamn promise you this - one of these days me and Matt and Mike are gonna be taking turns on your ass while you're sleeping. Hell, as hard as you sleep I bet we could each plant three loads in there before you even woke up. We're gonna ..." - I paused for a second because I though I heard the boys rustling around but I was just too close to cumming and had to finish what I'd started. "I mean it, Dad. Day's gonna come when you and me and Mike and Matt are spending every night just fuckin each others' brains out." With that I exploded deep in Dad's ass, matching the amount of cum he put inside me and then some. Shoving my meat in him one last time, I said, "And that's how it's gonna be someday. You got it?" Dad chuckled and said, "Yeah, I know it. You just gotta take your time, boy."

My cock still inside him, I fired up a smoke for each of us. Then, before the lighter had gone out, I caught a glimpse of Matt standing in the bathroom doorway. Aw fuck, how much of that had he heard?

"You have a nightmare, buddy?" "Yeah," he answered with a tremble. I pulled out of Dad and looked for my short but couldn't find `em. "C'mon, kid. I'll take you back to bed and show you there's no monster in there."

I led Matt back to the boys' room, opened every closet, and looked under every bed. "See, buddy? There ain't no monsters in here." He nodded bashfully. "Alright,buddy, it's all good. Climb back in bed." Matt smiled. "You're right, Dad. There ain't no fuckin' monster." Huh? Where the hell did my three-year-old learn to talk like that? Of course, I immediately realized it was from living with me and Dad for three years, and I just rolled my eyes. "Hey, it's alright to talk like that around here, buddy, but not when we're out at the library or the store. You got it?" "Yep, Dad," he answered, "I got it." Within a minute, Matt was back asleep. And Mike had slept through the whole thing. I headed on back to bed to see if Dad was up for Round Two ... but a more quiet one this time.

As I headed back to bed I couldn't help but think - yet again - that somewhere down the road things are gonna get real interesting in this house.