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I could say it happened suddenly, but that's not quite right. Sometimes the thought would pass through my head but I’d push it out as quickly as it popped up.

But the thoughts about my son became harder to push away. Most nights he’d sleep in my bed, Levi had his own room but would get scared easy. It was hard for me to say no- I had slept with my parents a lot, even when we got a house big enough to have our own rooms. He was a bedwetter- at ten it didn’t worry me too much, and I didn’t mind have to wash the bedding a few times a week.

I’d check him every morning, pat his crotch to see if he was wet. And some mornings, when he was sporting a little pup tent. I didn’t say anything. Some part of me thought I should probably just ask him, but he wouldn’t always tell me honestly if he’d wet the bed or not.

One morning, and it wasn’t any different from the others really, but when I reached over to check him and felt him sporting a little hard on, I squeezed it. I was pretty much immediately disgusted with myself. I got out of bed quickly and never said anything about it to him.

But the thought of his hard on in my hand kept bugging at me. I kept turning away from it, but it was there.

The day it all changed I was giving him his bath. I saw he had a little hard on beneath the water, I was washing his body, and as smooth as if I was washing anywhere else I slipped my hand beneath the water and “washed” his little rod.

I told myself that was all I was doing, I hadn’t stroked it for more than five seconds, but my head swam and my pants tightened. I distractedly rushed him through the rest of the bath.

That night before bed I jerked off, trying not to think of how it felt. He was so hard, the soft skin of his little dick sliding along his stiffness. The way his hoodie bunched up at the tip. Levi waddled into the room and I stopped stroking abruptly. He told me he had a bad dream, and I told him to crawl up in bed. I wrapped my left arm around him. It wasn’t the first time he’d come in interrupting me, but normally the shock of nearly getting caught would get my hard on down. Tonight it stayed hard, having his warm body in my arms, thinking that earlier that day I’d felt the little guys dick, I was so charged up I didn’t know what to do with myself. When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, and when I was confident he was asleep again. I rubbed myself off with my right hand. Heart pounding and head spinning I came in a few tugs, my jizz squirting in my boxers, dripping into my pubes.

The next few days I was as horny as a teenager again. I found myself getting hard randomly throughout the day, and jerked off a every chance I got. My thoughts kept going back to my son, and I found myself able to deny them less and less. I went from vaguely thinking of him to thinking of his cock in my hand, to thinking of what it would be like to suck him.

And I was thinking of what it would be like for him. Besides my own and my son’s, I’d only ever touched one other cock in my life. I was around my son’s age, and was at a waterpark. It was a cold day, the place was mostly dead. I’d gone with my mom and some of her friends. I went into the changing room there and was alone with a dark haired well built man. He looked a lot like my father, from the top of his head to the thick uncut piece hanging from his dark bush. I was looking at him a lot as I striped off my own clothes. Curious at his size and body hair.

He motioned to a sign and said that I had to shower before I could go in the park. I was nervous to shower in front of him, changing then was scary enough, but I was curious about his body and didn’t know how to say no to his authority.

In the shower I watched him openly, unable to hide my curiosity. When he soaped up and started to wash his groin, his dick slowly filled up. I couldn’t look away. My heart was racing and I was scared but it was something I’d never seen before. I felt my own little piece thicken as I watched him.

He moved closer to me, reached down and guided my hand to his cock. I held it and he moved my hand back and forth to stroke him. It was hard, and thick, and hot to the touch. Without any warning he knelt down, his cock falling out of my hand and stroked mine. It felt amazing, but I was scared. I thought to back away, run back for my clothes and get out of there but he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth. It wasn’t like anything I ever felt before. I felt something warm I would later realize was cum splatter on my foot, he was stroking and came while he sucked me.

He got up quickly and got out of there. Later I’d see him walking by a couple times. He didn’t look at me and I understood whatever we did wasn’t to be talked about, but I still looked at his bulge in his trunks. Excited and a little disgusted at what was in there.

As I was pumping a load out on my stomach I was thinking of that day. Telling myself I never felt bad about it and my son wouldn’t either. That I could make him feel good like that man had made me feel.

The fact that the man had looked like my dad, the fact that I hadn’t started really thinking of my son this way until he was the same age it had happened to me wasn’t lost on me. What I wanted was to be back in that shower with that man. But it felt like I had some way to go back there right in front of me.

Another night, another bath. Levi was hard before he got in the tub, neither of us had said anything about me “washing” him down there, but we both remembered. My own dick strained painfully against my jeans.

I soaped him up as normal. I told myself not to do it. That I could still stop now. But my hand found its way down to his dick all the same.

Same as I remembered it, harder than hell, skin so soft, little hoodie rolling over his head in a way I couldn’t quite place, different from mine. Levi’s eyes were glazed over, his mouth slightly open. His small round face was oddly blank, the feeling of lust misplaced on someone so young. I kept stroking him, his little dick swallowed up in his father's hand, my hand, and he began to breathe heavier.

“Raise your weiner up out of the water.” I told him. And thrust his hips up.

Pale white, two and a half inches, glistening with the bath water, little foreskin bunched up at the tip. I moved my hand off his little dick and slipped it under him, holding his but to support him. More soft smooth skin.

I leaned down and took his dick in my mouth.

“Daddy?” He sounded scared, he sounded like he felt better than anything he’d ever known.

I came off him briefly.

“It’s okay buddy I’ve got you.”

My son’s hard little dick was completely in me, my lips to his hairless root. The base of his little piece, the drag of his hood and his frenulum on my tongue. The slackness of the skin of his dick over his incredibly hard rod. The size of it- there was no room in my mind to know anything but that this was a boy’s dick. And I knew that boy was my son’s. I was making him feel what I felt all those years ago, the feeling of a mans stubble on his hairless groin. The feel of being inside of a mouth the first time. I felt the pulsing, straining in my jeans, pre cum darkening the front of my pants. I sucked him wildly, my mind lost, my heart thundering, terrified at what I was doing and more turned on than I ever remembered being.

My son cried out, body shaking, leg shuddering violently. His breathing was ragged, gasping. He buckled in the water, in my hands, thrusting inexpertly into my mouth. I felt his wet little hand grip my head. My own dick spasmed and I started squirting out a load in my pants, wetting my jeans with my spunk.

I got Levi out of the tub, trying to keep him busy and from asking questions. Now that I’d busted I was sick with myself for what I’d done. But underneath the shame the desire to suck his cock again was festering in me. Every pang of guilt was accompanied by a rush of lust.

We curled up in my bed after he was all dry and in his PJs. I told Levi what we did had to be kept a secret. That we’d both get in trouble if he told anyone, but that it wasn’t bad as long as he liked it. He said he did, and that he’d keep it secret.

The next morning when I checked him he wasn’t wet but he was hard. I slipped back the covers and pulled down the front of his PJs. My own morning wood driving me on, whipping me past the thoughts that I could still stop this, once was better than doing it again. I still leaned down. I sucked his cock, blissed out on the feeling of his stiff little prick in my mouth.

“That feels funny daddy.” He said, groggily.

“Funny good?” I asked.

“Yeah, funny good.”

Taking that as all the confirmation I needed I kept at it till he was writhing with another dry orgasm. I layed back and pulled my hard on from the fly of my boxers and began to stroke.

Levi looked at it wide eyes and starred as I jerked off in front of him. The lingering sensation of his dick in my mouth and the feeling of having him look at me while I jerked off- my own son saw my hard on, he was watching his dad jerk off after he got a BJ from him- I came in no time flat. Jets of white cum plastering my chest. Levi asked me what it was and I told him what jizz is. I got him ready, dropped him off and went to work.

That night after dinner we sat down on the couch together and watched TV.


“What’s up bud?”

“Will you play with my wiener again?”

I didn’t need to be asked twice, I told him to pull down his pants and reached my left arm around him, holding him, right arm stroking his little dick. I watched his face slacken at the touch, his blank, almost retarded looking, expression. I stroked him to another dry orgasm, his body shaking and leg twitching like a dogs, and then thrust my hand down my pants, stroking till I shot in my boxers.

“That feels good daddy.”

“It is good buddy,” I said, “As long as you like it, it’s good. Any time you want it and we’re alone you ask me and I’ll play with it for you. But only when we’re alone.”

And he wanted it a lot. I woke up to him sloppily thrusting his dick into my mouth. Would drop to my knees for him when he came home from work at his simple command, “daddy, weiner”. I’d hold him in my arms and jerk him off before he went to sleep. I’d run my hands over his smooth naked body in the bath and stroke him there. For every few times I got him off I’d stroke my own piece, wetting my boxers with a frantic load. He never touched me, and it hardly crossed my mind to want him to, I was obsessed with his little dick and wanted nothing else.

At eleven I noticed some changes, his little dick beginning to get longer, just barely, but I knew his dick better than the back of my hand. His balls started to grow and his sack hung a little lower. A part of me was sad that he was losing his little boy’s body, but I was excited to see him develop. I was his personal cock sucker, and at this point could hardly feel guilty about it any more. He wanted it, I wanted it, and that was enough of an excuse for me.

At twelve he came for the first time. I was sucking him in the kitchen. That night he had asked to sleep alone, something he’d been doing slightly more frequently as he got older. In the morning when he came out for breakfast he was sporting morning wood. I dropped to my knees as he groggily rubbed his eyes and sucked him. When he shot in my mouth I nearly came in my shorts. I swallowed it, gaging slightly. I’d never tasted or swallowed another guys come before, but this was my son’s and I wasn’t going to spill any of it.

“Fuck.” Was all I could get out as i stood up and fished my hard on from my slacks. He started to apologize but stopped himself, watching his dad stroke. I shot in my hand, quicker than I had since I first started blowing him.

“Looks like you’re starting to cum bud, gonna be a big man soon.”

He beamed.

Up until he was thirteen I don’t believe he shot a single load that wasn’t down my throat. Levi didn’t jerk off. If he was horny- he let his dad know to take care of it. One saturday he told me he wanted to see how many times he could cum and he used me twelve times, shooting blanks on the last two. It wasn’t every teenagers dream exactly, I don’t think the cock sucker of most boy’s dreams was their dad, but Levi showed his appreciation with every sigh of relief, every gestured request for me to take his dick in my mouth. My son certainly wasn’t complaining.