A Horn Dog's Fate


Randy MacAnus

© 2018, All Rights Reserved By The Author

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This is a story of pure erotic gay fiction. No horny dumb blondes were harmed in the writing of this story.

Chapter 1

Jack was a major league horn dog, and it was getting him into trouble. It was simply too easy for him to get laid. That may have had something to do with the fact that he was a classic Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, muscle twink. He was a little small at 5 feet 9 inches, and 145 pounds. And despite his definition, his build was slender. Definition, but no bulk.

Between Jack's beauty, charm, and skill in bed, the girls in his high school, and some MILFs, couldn't resist him. The fact he was willing to learn to please from the MILFs, made him an incredible lover for a high school boy. And he was malleable. He would take charge with the shy girls, and be compliant with the aggressive ones.

And while he considered himself straight, he had no problem with skull fucking the occasional gay boy, when the ladies were not forthcoming. He had unusually good gaydar for an essentially straight boy, and had managed to blackmail several of his high school's closet cases into submission. Jack especially liked to skull fuck those he'd identified as tops. With guys, the turn-on for him was the power trip.

He'd have been better off sticking with the gay boys. At least they didn't get pregnant. He refused to use a condom, and sometimes, the girls he fucked weren't on the pill. He always considered that to be their problem. The result had been three different girls getting pregnant by him in high school.

His father was not amused. He was well-off financially, so paying for the abortions was not a problem. But his standing in the community suffered, as a result of Jack's irresponsible behavior. That, on top of his divorce, was costing him business.

Jack had two younger brothers, 16 and 14. When they were younger, they had always looked up to their big brother, until his irresponsible behavior started getting Jack into trouble. The final straw had been when Jack's 14 year old brother, Charlie, came out to the family, and Jack wanted to make him his bitch. The boy was a natural top, and wasn't having it. And neither the father, nor his middle brother Mike, wanted to see Charlie bullied into sexual submission by Jack.

The whole family was furious with him! They all wanted Jack out of the house, and the sooner the better! Jack was about to graduate high school. He didn't have the intellect or motivation for college, and for sure, none of them wanted him to get involved with the family businesses. He'd screwed things up enough, as it was! The problem was, how to get rid of him and stay rid of him, without actually killing him, or anything.

So the father sat down with his two younger sons, and together they decided what to do about Jack. When the plan was complete, there were evil grins all around the table. They had two weeks to put their plan in place. They could have done it in a week, but Dad took his time, to make sure all contingencies had been considered and dealt with.

And that timing was perfect, as Jack's 18th birthday came the day after his high school graduation. So for his birthday present, with no warning, or ceremony, (or money,) his father threw him out of the house. He was warned never to return, or contact his brothers. Jack knew his father was wealthy and powerful enough, (and mean enough) to make his life a living hell. So Jack left, and never looked back.

Jack had his new car, clothes, and a few hundred dollars. But the car wasn't paid for. He didn't have enough money for first and last on an apartment, and couldn't have rented one anyway, as he didn't have a job. His middle brother, Mike, suggested he find a weekly rent hotel.

Jack figured that was better than living in a two seat sports car, so he Googled “Weekly Rent Hotel.” The first one on the list was a little furnished room in a residential hotel in the sleazy part of the small city he lived in. It was old and dingy, but the bed was comfortable, and it had a TV with basic cable, so that was something.

He figured he had to have income within a month, when his next car payment came due, or he'd be out on the street with no car. As it was, he'd had to drop the insurance. An 18 year old with his own, brand new Corvette? The insurance was more than the payment!

As Jack had no skills or ambition, he started to check around for easy ways to make money. One of the hotel residents, a black guy, told him there were three ways for a boy like him to make easy money. He could steal it. He could sell drugs. Or, being a pretty white boy, he could whore himself out to dirty old men.

Jack might have gone for the whore thing, if he had been able to just skull fuck the men, and not have to put out. He liked that. But despite his compliant streak, he had never taken a dick. And while he sometimes wondered what that felt like, he didn't have enough interest in finding out to give it a try. Jack decided whoring could be Plan B, but it was definitely not his first choice. Stealing looked like it would produce limited income, with a very high risk of considerable prison time. That left drugs.

Jack had never done drugs, so he was a little hazy on the whole drug dealing thing. But he knew enough to know not to deal in the 'hood. He figured he'd be killed within two days, for working someone else's turf. His black acquaintance told him more like two hours, and to at least try the whore thing. But Jack had an idea. And while Jack's ideas were rarely good, he decided to give this one a try.

He had never seen, or even heard of a drug dealer working the area around his high school. That was virgin territory. It was summer, but all the slackers would be attending summer school. And a bunch of them were potheads. While Jack had never done drugs, he was pretty sure there were no dealers at the school. He wasn't sure why, given that it was a private school, and all the kids had rich parents.

He mentioned the possibility to his black acquaintance. The young man told him, that if he was going to compete, he'd have to buy the drugs wholesale. That meant five grand up front. Could Jack do that? No. Not even close.

The black guy said, “Look. I know a guy. A wholesaler. He's been known to provide product on credit, with the right collateral. But you do NOT want to stiff this guy. Failure to pay will have serious consequences.”

Jack said, “How much could I make?”

Double. You'd be giving your friends a good price if you turned the five grand into ten. And they wouldn't have to risk their pretty white asses, by coming down to the 'hood. But I'm telling you, this guy is not someone to fuck with.”

What does he do to people who don't pay? And what could I provide him for collateral?”

You'd have to ask him that. I can introduce you, but after that, you're on your own.”

What's his name?”

You don't get to ask that.”

Well, it can't hurt to talk to him.”

The black guy thought to himself, “That's what you think!”

The next day, Jack was taken to a warehouse, in an even worse neighborhood than the one he was living in. Jack wouldn't have thought a worse neighborhood was possible. He had a lot to learn. The building was surrounded with a twelve foot chain link fence that had coils of razor wire on top.

There were two very intimidating guards at the gate. They recognized Jack's black acquaintance, and were allowed to enter the compound. Jack was taken to a side entrance, that led upstairs. Two more guards were at the top of the stairs. There were security cameras everywhere. Given the neighborhood, Jack wasn't surprised.

Jack was escorted into a reception area. Two more big black guards, plus a black female receptionist, who was almost as intimidating as the guards. She stood six foot two, with a fit, muscled body that filled out her military style battle fatigues to perfection. In other circumstances, Jack might actually have hit on her!

Jack's black acquaintance was told to leave, which he promptly did. Jack sat in a small plastic chair, waiting for nearly an hour, before one of the guards escorted him into the office of The Boss. The Boss, was six feet four inches and 230 pounds of Nubian muscular glory. Jack was in awe. There was no chair for Jack, so he just stood in front the huge mahogany desk, and fidgeted, as The Boss stared him down.

Finally, The Boss said, in a deep bass voice, “You want to sell drugs at your high school.”

Yes, sir.”

You want me to provide you with $5,000 worth of product on credit.”

Jack just nodded. His mouth was too dry to speak.

What do you have for collateral?”

My car?” Jack managed to squeak out.

Is it paid for? Do you have the title?”

Jack shook his head.

Then you don't own it. That's worthless to me. What else to you have?”

Jack couldn't speak. He shrugged a little, and shook his head.

This is normally where I have my guards take you outside, beat you to a bloody pulp, and rape you, for wasting my time. But you got two things going for you. First, your high school is virgin territory. No one is selling there. And for collateral, I might be willing to take that hot little body of yours.”

Jack looked up abruptly, with wide terrified eyes. He wasn't sure what that meant, but it couldn't be good! The Boss laughed and displayed a wide friendly grin. Had Jack looked more closely, he might have seen the malevolent glint in the big man's eyes.

I have a number of businesses. One of the others is prostitution. I was told you have no interest in that, and I respect your decision. That said, the only thing you have to offer for collateral, is your body. I never whore out a black person. We have enough shit to deal with. Nearly all of my whores are young White or Asian women. But there's a market for a pretty white boy. Now, if you come through, and make us both money in the drug business, the only man who will be fucking you is me. Think of that as part of the interest on the $5,000 loan. If you fail to deliver, you agree to become one of my whores, with your share going to pay off the loan. But before the deal is official, I have to inspect and use that tight little body of yours. Take your clothes off and hand them to the guard.”

Jack was stunned! He didn't know what to expect when he came here, but he never expected this! On the one hand, he had no desire to take cock up his ass, or down his throat. And it would probably be both! On the other hand, this was a chance to make five grand easy, and maybe a lot more.

Flipping burgers for twelve hours a day did not appeal to him. And as long as he paid the man back, he would not have to do it again. Or at least not for anyone else. Jack realized suddenly, that The Boss had said no one else would fuck him, but he didn't limit it to this one time.

And he'd already decided that whoring was Plan B. So, if nothing else, this was an opportunity to figure out if he could actually handle being a whore for men. Jack's knees were weak, and he was trembling uncontrollably. But he figured he'd never have a better opportunity to avoid a minimum wage life.

Besides, there was that 'beaten to a pulp and raped' thing to consider. He didn't know how that would go, if he said no. But it didn't really matter. He wanted the money! And if the drug thing didn't work out, he was pretty sure he'd wind up a whore anyway.

And if he found he really couldn't deal with cock inside him, he could just decline the drugs. Jack hoped that if the big man had used his ass and mouth, he would be less inclined to give him to his guards. So he figured he didn't have much to lose. Jack was really pretty, but not overly bright.

So Jack decided to go with it. He walked over to a small table, leaned against the wall next to it, and removed his shoes and socks. He put his socks in his shoes, placed them on the table, then removed his polo shirt, folded it and set it on top of his shoes.

Now naked to the waist, Jack had to lean against the wall again and take deep breaths, before he could bring himself to unbuckle his belt and undo the buttons of his Levi 501s. He pushed the jeans down to his ankles, and stepped out of them. To buy time, Jack slowly picked up and folded his jeans, placing them on the top of the pile.

Jack again leaned against the wall and took five slow deep breaths, trying to control the shaking of his limbs and the sinking feeling in his stomach. He swallowed hard, then put his thumbs in the waistband of his tight little boxers, and lowered them to the floor. He stood for a moment, with his hands covering his crotch. Finally, he stepped out of his boxers, picked them up, folded them, and added them to the pile.

Now buck naked, but with his hands still in front of his junk, Jack walked back over to where he had stood in front of the massive desk. Still shaking, he closed his eyes, swallowed hard and lowered his hands to his sides.

It wasn't so much the pending sex that had him shaking. It was the fact that he had never felt so vulnerable in his entire life! He was standing stark naked, in front of three huge black men, anyone of whom could easily control him physically. He was in a compound that was better guarded than a prison. And he was, at the very least, about to get fucked. The fact was, these men could do anything they wanted to him! And he would be helpless to stop them!

The Boss nodded to the guards, who picked up Jack's clothes, and left the room. Jack was shocked and terrified to see his clothes leaving, but he didn't object. He'd made his choice. And at least, the guards wouldn't be watching while The Boss fucked him. Jack didn't know it, but he would never see his clothes again.

Boy, put your hands behind your head, elbows out to the side, and your legs shoulder width apart.”

Jack complied, despite his panic.

The big man walked over and circled his naked prize. The teen was exquisite! He had more body hair than one would want on a twink, but that wouldn't last long. The Boss figured, correctly, that the boy was a swimmer, who lifted light weights, for definition.

The slender blonde had wonderfully sculpted calves, a tight round butt, and hard flat abs, with a sharply defined vee. His pecs were also sharply defined without being too large. It looked like the boy had never needed to shave. His face was beautiful, but definitely masculine. And the huge, stunning, cobalt blue eyes, could take your breath away. All this topped with a shaggy mop of golden blonde hair, that hung appealingly over one eye.

His pubic bush was almost as blonde as the hair on his head, but his eyebrows were dark, framing those marvelous eyes perfectly. His pit hair was also blonde, as was his leg and chest hair.

The Boss ran his hands over the slender frame, teasing and groping the most sensitive areas. Jack managed to hold still, despite the panic, though he was hyperventilating a bit. He rightly felt that any defensive move on his part, would not be in his best interest. As one large black hand teased his cock to attention, the lubed index finger of the other hand slipped into his virgin butt hole.

The naked teen shuddered from the invasion, but made no effort to prevent it. Then, as the finger began to massage his prostate, Jack let out a soft moan. Was this why homos let themselves be fucked? Holy crap, that felt good!

The Boss decided it was time to deal with all that body hair. He withdrew his hands from the aroused boy's private places, and walked him over to his desk. He picked up the bag of toys he'd readied for this meeting and set it next to the terrified naked teen. (Needless to say, the black acquaintance who'd brought Jack here, worked for The Boss.)

The Boss pulled a padded leather collar out of the bag and locked it around the slender neck. He placed a leather cuff on each wrist and locked them to the D ring on the back of the collar. The big black man dropped to his knees next to the boy, running his hands down that amazing naked body as he did so. He then removed two more leather cuffs from the bag, locked them to the boy's ankles, and attached a spreader bar between them.

I don't like my bitches, male or female to have body hair. So, before I fuck you, I'm going to remove it.”

The Boss then pressed a button on his desk, and the two guards came in with one small and one large jar of cream. So much for the guards not watching! The Boss put on rubber gloves, while the guard with the big jar opened it. The other guard put his hands on Jack's shoulders. Clearly, Jack was not to move. He didn't, though he did shake.

The Boss rubbed the cream over his entire body, except for his head and neck. He then changed to a different pair of gloves and took the smaller jar. This cream was applied to his neck, and the areas of his face where facial hair would grow. Since Jack didn't have any facial hair, he didn't understand this, but wasn't about to ask.

Once the cream had been applied, Jack was walked over to an open shower head, over a drain, near the back of the huge office. Jack found waddling with the spreader bar between his ankles to be a bit difficult, but he managed.

After fifteen minutes of steadily increasing pain, The Boss finally turned on the shower head, washing away the cream, and all of Jack's body hair. His skin was a light pink, but not burned. Jack was then walked back over to the desk. He still had the hair on his head and his eyebrows, but there wasn't another hair on his body. Had he not been so tall and well defined, he would have looked like a twelve year old.

The two guards then took out powerful flashlights, and explored every inch of his body, with both the lights, and their hands, making sure no hairs had been missed. Jack had never felt so humiliated. But then, to make matters worse, he got hard! The Boss grinned at the sight.

You sure you don't want to be a whore for men? Your body seems to like this.”

Jack blushed furiously, which caused all three black men to bust up laughing. If anything, that made Jack both more humiliated, and harder! Jack had been humiliated in a sexual situation once before.

He had been incredibly turned on, when one of his MILFs had tied him down naked, and threatened to peg him with her big strap-on, if his efforts to please her with his tongue were insufficient. He had actually been tempted to do poorly, to see what that would be like. But he was afraid of the woman, and decided to give his best effort.

It made him wonder if perhaps humiliation would become a turn-on for him. Clearly, being fucked by The Boss was going to be humiliating, especially if the guards stayed to watch. Jack figured he'd find out soon enough.

The Boss had Jack bend over and lean across his desk. But he wasn't quite ready to fuck the pretty blonde boy just yet. He used lube and his fingers to relax the virgin hole before him, then stuck a fairly large butt plug into the tight little ass. Jack groaned at the intrusion, but didn't yell or complain. If this was part of the price of making easy money, he would just have to pay it. He refused to consider minimum wage, or hard work an option.

After seating the butt plug, The Boss had Jack drop to his knees in front of him. So the boy would lose his oral cherry first. With his hands bound to the back of his collar, Jack couldn't open the big man's fly with anything but his teeth.

Hoping to gain points, Jack didn't wait for an order. He just moved his head into the crotch in front of him, gripped the zipper tab with his teeth and unzipped The Boss's fly. He'd done this with a couple of the more dominant girls he'd fucked, and they'd seemed to like it.

The Boss, not wanting cum stains on his custom tailored suit pants, removed them, and his boxers. He turned back to the beautiful naked kneeling blonde, and presented his rock hard 8 inch cock to the boy's full sensuous lips.

Jack couldn't believe the size of the man meat in front of him! The bound teen had heard that black cocks, on average were bigger, but his exclusive school had no black students, so he had never seen one before. He just hoped they didn't get any bigger than this one! It wasn't just the length. It was as thick as a Red Bull can! And in a little while, it was going into his ass!

Jack decided he was grateful for the butt plug. Hopefully, even if it didn't stretch him enough to prevent pain, it would at least make him loose enough to avoid damage. A thought occurred to Jack. Thoughts were an unusual and random occurrence for Jack, but this time it was a fortunate one.

Sir, that's really big, and I'm afraid of scraping teeth on it. Do you have something that would cover my teeth, or hold my mouth open?”

The Boss grinned. With instincts like that, and the skill he was supposed to have with women, he'd be whoring this gorgeous bitch out to dirty old men in no time! The Boss smirked, and reached into his bag. He pulled out a large spider gag, and installed it in the willing teen's mouth. It was really uncomfortable, but Jack was relieved to have the security it would provide. He did not want to piss this man off!

The Boss slowly entered the wide open mouth. As soon as his head was beyond the boy's front teeth, the helpless teen began to tongue it with a vengeance. Jack was hoping that if his tongue did a good enough job, maybe that huge cock would spend less time down his throat.

Jack was under no illusions. He would be skull fucked. The Boss's pubes would be tickling his nose. He just hoped to limit the amount of time that massive man meat was cutting off his air supply and triggering his gag reflex.

He knew from the technique used by the gay boys he'd skull fucked, that swallowing around a cock in your throat would reduce the gag reflex, so he'd be trying that. The Boss was pleased with the tongue bath his monster was receiving, but he was not about to let this little blonde bitch control his pleasure. After a minute or so of knob polishing, he decided it was time for the main event.

The Boss grabbed two handfuls of shaggy gold-blonde hair, and slowly drove his cock deeper and deeper into the helpless teen's mouth. Jack swallowed around the intruder, as it entered his throat. While he still felt a mild gagging sensation, it wasn't as bad as he'd feared.

The teen twink had taken a big lungful of air, as the big black log had begun it's journey. The Boss noted that fact, and saw to it that the bound and naked teen would need every bit of that air, and more.

He slowly shoved his cock down Jack's throat, until the boy's nose was buried in his massive black bush. Too bad the boy couldn't smell his man musk, with his breathing cut off! But the hot little stud would have plenty of opportunity for that in the future.

Jack did his best to relax, as he felt his throat spasm around the massive invader. He knew how much he liked the feel of a throat spasming around his own cock, and wanted to give The Boss that pleasure. His future was in the big man's hands, after all!

As his air began to run low, the passive teen's mind began to wander. He wondered if The Boss would continue to use him, whenever he owed him money. He wondered if The Boss would actually give him the drugs and let him go. It now occurred to Jack, that if The Boss chose to simply keep him naked and bound, here in this compound, there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. Was his dick starting to drip at the thought, or was that simply because he was so close to passing out?

And pass out, he did! When Jack awoke, he found himself, still naked and bound, lying across The Boss's desk, on his back. There was a pillow under his ass, raising it to a more convenient position for fucking. The main event was about to start!

I'll cum down your throat later, boy. Right now, it's fucking time. You will keep your pretty eyes wide open, and looking into mine the entire time. You will not even blink. If you do, there will be consequences. Is that understood?”

Jack nodded. The spider gag was still in his mouth, and there was now a ball gag stuffed into the hole. Intelligible speech was not an option. He guessed that The Boss would have been annoyed by loud noises. Or maybe he didn't want to hear anything Jack might have to say. Or maybe he just wanted Jack to feel more vulnerable. Probably, all three.

While Jack was passed out, The Boss had stripped naked. Jack stared in awe at the pure power of the man. The Boss's ebony skin shone in the overhead lighting. The light played off his incredible definition.

Between The Boss's physical power, his deep bass voice, and his effortless, naturally dominant personality, it somehow felt right to Jack that he would submit to this man. That feeling worried Jack. But thinking was a chore for Jack at the best of times, and multitasking with his brain was simply out of the question. So resolving those feelings would have to wait.

The Boss mounted the desk, in preparation for mounting Jack. He put the helpless boy's legs on his shoulders, and moved forward. He pulled the butt plug from Jack's ass, and lined up his lubed weapon with the little teen's virgin entrance. Jack now had his ankles by his ears. The helpless teen saw and felt the powerful black tool disappear into his ass.

He locked eyes with The Boss, and found he could not have looked away, even had he not been ordered to maintain eye contact. Jack saw power, danger, and dominance. The Boss saw awe, fear, and submission. The Boss felt pleased and satisfied. Jack felt only pain.

Thank goodness for that butt plug,” thought Jack.

As bad as the pain of penetration was, the bound and naked teen didn't feel anything tear or rip, or whatever it was assholes did, when they were stretched too far. Jack could feel The Boss's pubes against his butt cheeks. He had taken it all, in one slow thrust! Jack actually felt a perverse pride in that.

The Boss held his position, buried in Jack's ass, for several minutes. During that time, he sucked on the helpless boy's neck, biting down, and leaving a series of hickeys to mark his territory. Jack groaned from the invasion, but was pleased with himself. He didn't scream.

As his butt hole adjusted, and the pain lessened, Jack began to relax. He wasn't feeling pleasure at being penetrated, but the pain was manageable, and the full feeling was actually kind of nice. The Boss noted his new bitch's more relaxed state, and decided it was time to start fucking.

The muscular black stud began a slow withdrawal from the bound blonde's ass, until only the head remained inside the teen twink's sphincter. The big man then plowed back into the boy pussy he was creating, hard and fast. The move took Jack's breath away!

Listen up, bitch. You will use your ass muscles to grip my cock tightly when I withdraw, and relax those muscles as best you can when I push back in. You need to prove to me how much you want to be filled with my cock.”

Jack nodded, and focused on his new orders. Who knew the receiver was supposed to participate? The girls he fucked never did. The Boss slowly picked up the pace of the fucking, and began to focus his efforts on the boy's prostate. He didn't actually care about the boy's pleasure, and there would be times in the future, that he would focus on causing pure pain.

But this was the kid's first time. The Boss wanted him to cum. He wanted to seduce him into accepting life as a whore. So The Boss expertly provided his property with pleasure. And, looking into the boy's eyes, he could see that he was succeeding. Jack couldn't believe it! This felt phenomenal! He couldn't believe he'd spent the five years since puberty missing out on this!

While Jack didn't think he would ever be enthusiastic about being skull fucked, this was something special. And he didn't have to do all the work, as he did with women. He just had to submit. It was a seductive feeling, being the object of someone else's efforts. And if getting skull fucked, degraded, and humiliated, was what he needed to do to get this feeling, it was worth it, he decided.

He didn't suddenly think of himself as gay or bi. Cock did not fascinate him, or anything. He just wanted this feeling. That said, he wasn't in any hurry to be a whore. Given the option, he still preferred selling drugs and picking his own sex partners. But if it came to Plan B, he now knew he could handle it.

The Boss was now pounding Jack's ass with a fury.

This must be what they call rough sex,” thought the sweating, hyperventilating teen.

Jack had assumed the skull fuckings he had given gay boys were rough sex. But he had never summoned this level of pounding fury. Jack was being pushed all over the desk. He might have been shoved completely off the desk, if the guards hadn't been there to prevent it. He had almost forgotten the guards were there!

They certainly looked turned on by his subjugation to The Boss's huge cock. Jack was glad The Boss was keeping him for himself right now. The boy didn't know if he could have handled two more, and he was sure they would use him if The Boss allowed it. And he wasn't sure how he felt about that!

With the intense stimulation of his prostate, and his lurid thoughts about being gang fucked by all three of these powerful men, Jack's cock was hard and dripping, and getting ready to blow. There was no stopping it now! He could only hope The Boss would be okay with him blowing his load. With the gags in his mouth, there was no way to ask for permission.

The Boss was more than okay with it, but he would never tell the little teen that! The big man intended to 'punish' the bitch for his transgression. Once his newly turned-out bitch had cum, The Boss picked up the pace, pounding the boy's ass for all he was worth.

For Jack, it was breathtaking! The additional stimulation to his prostate prevented him from going soft. The combination of pain and pleasure was exhilarating! If The Boss kept this up, Jack was sure he'd shoot another load within minutes. But before that happened, the boy felt the big man's meat swell and throb in his ass. Jack was about to be bred, for the first time. And Jack suspected it would be the first breeding of many.

As that thought rattled around in the thoroughly fucked teen's brain, The Boss cut loose, shooting a massive load deep into his new bitch's bowels. Jack moaned in ecstasy and frustration, as he realized there would be no second cumming—at least not this time! He would definitely have to rub one or two out later!

The Boss scooped up the teen's cum, which covered his pecs, and stomach. An amazing distance for an anal orgasm! He removed the boy's ball gag and fed the kid his own cum through the opening in the remaining spider gag.

Not even thinking, as usual, Jack accepted his load, and licked the fingers clean. Jack had never tasted cum before. He decided it was a little like hacking up a loogie and swallowing it. Kind of gross and gooey, but harmless enough.

As The Boss climbed off the big desk, the guards positioned Jack so that his head hung off the edge. His amazing body was on full display and completely helpless. He still had his wrists locked to his collar, the spider gag in his mouth, and a spreader bar between his ankles. And being devoid of body hair, there was nothing hidden.

His mouth was at just the right height for The Boss to penetrate it once again. At first, The Boss just slid the huge head in between the helpless lips. Jack went right to work, licking the head clean of The Boss's cum and his own ass juices. The taste and texture were kind of yucky, but then that was true of most body fluids. A bit bitter, but manageable.

Oh well,” thought Jack, “It can't all be ecstasy.”

The slight upward curve of The Boss's cock, slid more easily into the little teen's throat in this position. And the big black balls now slapped against his eyes, instead of his chin. Jack had never had, or wanted a close-up view of a big black nut sac. But Jack wasn't thinking of anything but dollar signs, so it didn't really bother him.

As The Boss felt another load building, he began pounding the wide open mouth in earnest, once again. And all the while, Jack was using his tongue on whatever part of the big black cock it would reach. And as Jack had an unusually long and talented tongue, he was reaching a lot of meat!

The kid might be useless for anything else, but The Boss knew a talented bitch when he fucked one, and this one was phenomenal eye candy on top of the talent! The boy was going to be a cash cow!

The Boss shot rope after rope down the teen stud's throat. Before he was even done, he signaled to the guards. The instant the big man pulled out of the helpless mouth, the guards picked the boy up from the desk, and started duck-walking him to the shower head. A hose attached to the water pipe was shoved up his ass, and Jack was thoroughly cleaned out.

Jack was in a bit of a panic, as he didn't know what was going on, but he knew better than to struggle, or question it. The fact that he remained submissive, pleased The Boss. Once he was cleaned out, a new butt plug was inserted. Jack felt the mechanism take hold, as he felt and heard the key being turned. The locking butt plug seated with a loud click.

Jack's eyes went wide, and The Boss grinned, as he said, “Got to make sure no one uses you but me, boy.”

The naked teen's somewhat under-sized dick began to rise, as the butt plug was inserted, but a couple of hard nut taps took care of that. Jack shriveled back to a soft 2 inches.

And the guards took that opportunity to fit him with a stainless steel cock cage. Once the key had been turned in the integral lock, the only way the boy would get out of it was with the key, or by having his balls cut off.

When he was told this, he began to plead for release. The Boss smacked his face with an open hand that stung like hell, and Jack shut up, though he did continue to whimper.

You came without permission, boy. You clearly can't be trusted. So, I'm keeping your cock and ass locked up. This way, I know you won't just run off with my drugs. You will be back here every day for your fucking, and to give me the money from the day's drug sales. If not, you are gonna be in a world of hurt!”

Jack was actually relieved. The control made sense now. As usual, Jack hadn't given any thought to how The Boss would prevent him from skipping town with the drugs. The possibility hadn't even occurred to him. One thing was for sure. He wouldn't be taking any days off, until the drugs were paid for!

From now on, when you come to the compound, you will wear this, and nothing else,” ordered The Boss, as he pulled some items out of his sex toy bag.

The pile consisted of cute sneakers in his size, a pair of tiny running shorts, and a cut-off muscle shirt. He would not be allowed socks, or underwear. The top of the running shorts ended well below his navel, exposing his vee in the front, and the top of his butt cheeks at the back.

The legs were so short, they exposed the bottom third of his ass cheeks. The shorts were smaller than a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader's hotpants! The muscle shirt covered only to the bottom of his rib cage. His hard flat stomach would be fully exposed. The shorts were tight enough to run up his butt crack. The cock cage was obvious through the thin nylon.

Although Jack had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, this really worried him. The outfit made him look like a whore. Getting from his room to his Corvette, would expose him in a very bad neighborhood. He was certain to be hit on. Worse, the shorts had side snaps that allowed them to be easily ripped off his body, like a pair of warm-ups. The straps on the muscle shirt also had snaps. If they were released, the shirt would slide right down his body, even if his arms were being restrained.

Why?” was all the humiliated teen could squeak out.

I like this look for you. And I want you to get used to it, in case you fail as a drug dealer. To be frank I don't have a whole lot of faith in you, as a dealer. Are you worried about being assaulted?”

Jack could only nod.

The black muscle stud smiled, “Don't be. Just tell them you belong to The Boss.”

So he wouldn't be arrested, beat up, or skull raped. But everyone would know, very quickly, that he was The Boss's bitch. Well, he was The Boss's bitch. He wasn't sure how comfortable he was with the notion that he belonged to The Boss, but if he failed at drug dealing, that was going to be pretty darned accurate. Jack sighed, and finished putting the outfit on.

Today would be the worst. He had come with his black aquaintance, in the man's car. And the man was long gone. Jack would have to take the bus to the hotel, dressed like this. No way he could put his own clothes on after leaving the compound. The Boss was keeping them.

One of the guards walked in with a small backpack. The Boss opened it, and showed Jack the fifty zip lock bags, each holding a half ounce of “primo weed.” The Boss pulled one of the bags out, opened it, and let Jack smell the contents.

Jack recognized the smell, from when the potheads were smoking outside the local coffee shop. The Boss re-sealed the zip lock and put it back in the backpack. Each bag was costing him $100, but he would be selling each for $200. Jack smiled.

The Boss gave Jack fair warning.

If you fail pay me back in full with interest, in 30 days or less, you will become my property and be whored out, until the five grand and interest are paid in full. If you are not earning me money fast enough, I reserve the right to sell you, in order to recoup my investment. You would quite literally become someone's permanent, life-time sex slave. If you have a problem with that possibility, you can skip taking the drugs, and just become a whore, right now.”

Jack was stunned! He had certainly never considered the possibility that he would be enslaved! No one had discussed it before. But then, no one was handing him a backpack full of pot on credit, before. Jack wasn't sure he would have agreed to that condition a few hours ago. But the pot was right there in front of him. And his ass and mouth had been thoroughly reamed, as part of the interest on the loan. So, Jack felt kind of committed to this course of action.

And if he failed to sell enough, he had already accepted that he would belong to The Boss until the debt was paid. Basically, he'd be an indentured servant. A temporary slave. He knew he was hot. He knew he was skilled at sex. He couldn't imagine a situation where he wouldn't make enough as a whore to pay the debt off, and pretty quickly.

And once the debt was paid, he would continue as a whore. The only difference that he could see, was that his share would actually be his, instead of going to The Boss. Jack had visions of retiring, either from dealing or whoring in a few years, and living off his investments. Clearly, that wouldn't happen if he were a slave. But someone would be taking care of him, so how bad could that really be? Little did he know!

And it occurred to Jack, that The Boss didn't have to tell him about the possibility of a lifetime of sexual slavery. Jack figured he was lucky to be dealing with an honest drug dealer and pimp. So the greedy, deluded, dumb blonde, agreed.

The Boss handed the boy his wallet, and Jack left the compound, catching the bus back to his hotel. He was the only white person on the bus. And, dressed as he was, the other passengers found him to be very entertaining. Stares, smirks, even giggles erupted when people saw him.

But, as hot as he was, the stares turned into leers, from a significant number of men on the bus. By the time he was halfway back to the hotel, Jack found himself surrounded on all sides by large black men, who began to feel him up. One of them saw the snaps, and literally ripped the shorts off of him. Another undid the snaps on the muscle shirt and slipped it down to his ankles and off, leaving him in nothing but his cute little sneakers!

Jack did his best to keep his legs together, but one of the men went for his junk and felt the cock cage. He pulled Jack's legs apart, to let all the men molesting him see. And they cracked up laughing at the naked teen twink, pointing at the cock cage, twisting his exposed tits and grabbing his tight ass. He was pulled to his feet and bent over, and everyone on the bus laughed hysterically when they saw the locking butt plug.

His shorts and his muscle shirt were gone, as the men continued to molest his tight naked body, in front of the fifty or so riders on the bus. Two of the men pushed Jack to his knees, and were whipping out their cocks, clearly intending to fuck the only available orifice—his mouth!

In a moment of relative quiet, one of the men with his dick out said, “What's a matter boy, your pimp don't trust you?”

Jack finally found his voice: “I'm not a whore. I belong to The Boss.”

The bus went dead silent. All the men feeling him up, stopped instantly, and moved to other seats. The two men with their cocks out, put them away, and his shorts and muscle shirt were returned to him. Jack's words had been like a magic incantation. The reaction amazed the little teen. Clearly, The Boss was a very powerful man. It actually made the boy feel more secure in his choice of a business partner. If he were a better thinker, he might have realized the risks of belonging to such a powerful and dangerous man!

Jack slowly snapped his shorts and shirt back on, with trembling hands.

When Jack got back to the Hotel, no one gave him shit about his outfit. His black friend had spread the word as to who owned the kid, and was sitting in the lobby, waiting for him. He took one look at the boy, and smiled.

I take it the meeting went well.”

Not what I was expecting, but yeah, I guess it was okay.”

Your new, so I'd recommend you only do business during the day.”

That was my thought too. Plus no one is at school at night.”

Where do you plan on keeping the backpack?”

Jack hadn't thought about that. He gave his friend a blank stare, and finally said, “ Um... My room?”

You got one of the rooms with a deadbolt lock?”

Um, no. Crap.”

You could leave it in a locker at the bus station. But I'd get there and back before dark, if I were you.”

I can't go dressed like this, and it'll be dark by the time I get changed. My car has an alarm. I'll just leave it in the trunk.”

A little risky, but I suppose that's your best option, for tonight anyway.”

Jack put the backpack in the trunk of his Corvette, set the factory installed alarm, changed clothes, and went to dinner with his friend. Between the alarm, and the fact he was “protected,” because he belonged to The Boss, Jack felt completely comfortable with his decision. Poor Jack.

The next morning, Jack got an early start, eager to get to his school before the potheads were all in class. Jack figured, if he let them know of his new profession before they started class, they'd be ready to buy in the afternoon.

But when Jack came out of the hotel, his brand new Corvette, and the drugs in the trunk were gone! The pretty but dumb blonde was in a total panic. He ran upstairs and knocked on the door of his black friend.

My car's been stolen!”

Oh, man! That sucks! Wait... You put the backpack in the car?!”

Oh crap! Yeah. In the trunk!”

Shit, man! You are so fucked! You need to see The Boss, NOW! You do NOT want him finding this out from someone else!”

Jack might have hopped the next bus out of town. But then he remembered the locking butt plug. Jack was in such a panic, that he might have gone with getting his balls cut off, in order to avoid The Boss, but that butt plug would destroy his ass, if it were removed without the key. And he couldn't take a dump with it in.

You better get those clothes on The Boss likes, before you go.”

Will you drive me?”

Oh hell no! I do NOT want to be seen with you, and remind The Boss who introduced you to him!”

Jack took a deep breath, nodded, and went to his room to change.


Jack was surprised. The Boss took it pretty well. At least there was no violence. Probably because he was a valuable asset now. Once he had explained the situation, The Boss uttered only one word.


Jack quickly removed everything but the slave collar, which was padlocked to his neck. The guards took the clothes, and returned with chain manacles for his legs. Jack's heart sank. This was a very definite statement, as to his new status.

I assume you have theft insurance on the car.”

Um, uh... no. I couldn't afford to keep insurance and make the payment.”

The banks cover their asses in this state. If you don't have insurance, that's considered fraud. They will send your ass to jail, and I won't be able to whore you out. Pretty as you are, by the time you get out, you will be fucked out and useless to me. How much do you owe on the car?”

It's brand new. Even with the big down payment my dad made, I still owe $50,000.”

The only way for me to keep your ass out of jail, is to buy the car from you, and pay off the loan. That means, you now owe me $55,000, not $5,000. Plus interest. I'll see how the whoring goes, for a while. But odds are, you won't even be able to cover the interest. You need to resign yourself to being sold, at some point.”

Jack had tears in his eyes, and a lump in his throat. But he knew the instant he saw the car was gone, that he would probably be sold. It's why Jack had been so panic-stricken. He would have run and sacrificed his balls, if it hadn't been for the butt plug. But darned if his cock wasn't trying to get hard inside the cage! It was his own fault. Thank goodness, his body, at least had value! He didn't think the words, but Jack knew he had accepted his fate.

From now on, I'm going to call you slave. You will call me Master, and all other men Sir. Even if you can earn enough money for me, it will be years before you can pay off your debt. Do you understand?”

Y-yes, Master.”

It was amazing how easy that word was for Jack to say to this man.

I am going to take everything you have. Clothes, electronics, phone...everything. I will sell your belongings and apply the proceeds to your debt. Slaves have no possessions. They are possessions. You will remain naked, probably until you are sold, or your debt is paid, unless a customer wants you in a special outfit. You will live here in the compound, in a slave cage.”

When you are whored out, you will be transported naked and chained, to and from your assignment, in a closed van. The cost of your food will be added to your debt. As I'm a generous man, I will not charge you rent on your slave cage. Do you understand your situation, and agree to this solution?”

Yes, Master. I'm sorry I let you down.”

Don't worry about that. I'll see to it you make it up to me.”

The guards took his keys, and went to Jack's hotel room to clear out his stuff. They came back from the pawn shop, only bringing the paperwork for the car. Jack signed the car over to The Boss, then was led to his cage.

Later that afternoon, after the car had been paid off and the title transferred, The Boss could be seen driving around in his brand new Corvette. He wasn't concerned about the backpack in the trunk. It only contained a half ounce of weed. It did, however, contain a whole lot of oregano.


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