A Horn Dog's Fate


Randy MacAnus

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This is a story of pure erotic gay fiction. No horny dumb blondes were harmed in the writing of this story.

Chapter 2

Jack was worried that the cage that was to be his new home, would be really small, with no means of movement. But he was relieved to see that it was a four foot cube. Not tall enough to stand in, but he could stretch out nearly straight along the cage's diagonal when lying down, and sit up without difficulty.

There was a mattress on the bottom of the cage, and one of those plastic hospital urinals. Hopefully, his hands would be released from the back of his collar at some point, or that urinal wasn't going to be very useful. There was a pillow but no blanket. Jack wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he suspected trying to cover himself with the pillow would be a bad move.

Jack's cage was located in the basement of the warehouse. There were no windows. It would probably be cold in the winter, especially as he was naked and had no blanket. But it was summer now, and the large room that contained his cage was comfortably warm

Warm, but kind of spooky. The basement was about 50 feet by 40 feet. There was a single overhead bare bulb over the cage, which was at the center of the room, but the space was mostly in shadow. And in the shadows were some scary devices that Jack vaguely recognized as medieval style torture stuff.

Jack gave a bit of a shudder. He could only hope the devices were just something The Boss collected, or meant for use on the big man's enemies. One of the guards saw the look on the naked teen's face and smirked.

Don't worry slave. You're valuable property. The Boss will cause you pain, and enjoy doing it, but he won't damage you.”

He won't use that stuff on me?”

Oh hell yes! And all us security forces will get to watch, at one time or another. One of the perks of the job. But The Boss is an expert. He knows just how far he can go, without causing actual damage. Keep him happy, and there will be less pain. But there will be pain.”

Well,” thought Jack, “He does own me now. I guess he can do whatever he wants. I should have just become a whore, and not tried to sell drugs.”

What the hot little teen didn't know, is that The Boss, was never going to let him sell drugs. There were no dealers at his old school for a reason. The school had great security. Cameras everywhere. A dealer would be caught his first day. And that would lead back to The Boss. Too many powerful people had their kids in that school. The Boss was a force of nature, but there were limits.

So the kid had been set up from the beginning. His black aquaintance had been told by The Boss that new meat would be checking into the hotel. The man was impressed with him (well, with his incredible beauty,) when he saw him. As the black man was one of The Boss's pimps, and knew what The Boss liked, every piece of advice he gave the boy was designed to get Jack into whoring for The Boss.

When he suggested to the hot little teen, that he might be better off keeping the drugs in a locker at the bus station, it was a set-up. Had Jack taken the backpack to the bus station, he would have been mugged. If he had chosen to keep the drugs in his room, it would have been broken into. He was given a room without a deadbolt lock for a reason.

Plus, only one of the little half ounce baggies contained pot. The rest were filled with oregano. The Boss didn't want the kid finding that out, so he didn't want him going to his room and trying the stuff. It was much easier to manipulate the boy, if he thought he really owed The Boss an impossible amount of money.

And his car was going to be stolen, regardless. When Jack chose to put the backpack in the trunk, he just made it all easier. His car key and fob had been lifted from his room while he was being fucked by The Boss. It had been cloned, and returned, so the car didn't even need to be hot wired by The Boss's men.

Jack was right about one thing, though. If he'd listened to his black friend at the hotel, and just become a whore, he'd still have his freedom. He wouldn't be retiring on his share anytime soon. Or maybe ever. The Boss took a very large percentage of the proceeds. But he would have been able to stay in the hotel and make his car payments.

At least until The Boss found a way to get the boy to screw up. Sooner or later, The Boss was going to have this boy as a slave. The thought of selling this privileged little blue-eyed blonde-haired WASP in some third world slave auction, was too much of a turn-on for The Boss to resist. And it was also going to be lucrative.

Heck, it was already lucrative. He had just legally (sort of) obtained the boy's brand new $95,000 Corvette for $50,000. He would drive it for a bit, then sell it for a substantial profit. After a couple of months training, using, and renting out his hot teen slave, he would sell the boy for another substantial profit. Life was good!

And the boy had managed to screw up all by himself, with no help from The Boss, or his minions. This, despite The Boss giving him a chance to just become a whore. The Boss had even warned him that he could be enslaved if things didn't go well for him. And while The Boss had neglected to mention that things couldn't possibly go well for Jack, he felt he had treated the boy more fairly than he deserved.

Because before Jack had been set up by The Boss, he'd been set up by his own father. Two weeks before Jack's graduation, when his father had held the family meeting with his other two sons, he explained his plan to them:

Jack has fucked up in ways you boys don't know. Your mom and I always had an open marriage. The rule was, I got to fuck guys, and she got to fuck girls. Sometimes we'd share a couple, if they were sufficiently cute and submissive. When we didn't share, we were very discrete. It's always been critical to my businesses to maintain a squeeky clean image.”

But your mom became furious, when Jack got the daughter of one of her lovers pregnant. She decided to divorce me. And she completely cleaned out all of our bank accounts, including the ones for the businesses. My businesses are very profitable, but you need cash flow. The banks wouldn't lend me money, because of the divorce. So I've had to borrow from a man who runs a number of illeagal businesses. He's known as The Boss. The interest is really high, if the loan goes more than 30 days.”

Since Jack has caused the problem, I figure he can solve it in a way that gets that little horn dog out of our lives, in a way that pays off the loan. Charlie won't have to fight off his sexual advances, and I won't have to worry about his behavior hurting the business. I gave the little shit a Corvette for graduation, and put a large down payment on the car, before your mom left us. Almost half the cost. The Boss, in additon to loan sharking and selling drugs, runs a prostitution ring and dabbles in human trafficking.

I figure we can set up Jack to be sold as a sex slave overseas, and The Boss gets his car. Between what he can get for a teen boy has hot as Jack, and what he gets for the car, I'll be off the hook. And you two will have a very nice inheritance as the businesses will be on solid footing with no debt. Believe me, The Boss is not the kind of guy you want for a business partner. And I want Jack sold in a third world country. I don't want there to be any chance of his being turned loose and showing up at some point in the future. ”

Charlie said, “Maybe The Boss could run him as a prostitute before he sells him. I'd love a chance to fuck him!”

Mike said, “Why should you be the only one who gets to fuck him? Guys aren't at the top of my list, but I'd definitely get off on power fucking that little bastard! And he's blackmailed a couple of my friends into putting out for him. They're tops by nature, and having to submit to that little shit really pissed them off. I bet they'd love a turn at that tight little ass, and pretty mouth!”

Dad said, “Well then, let's make it a family affair. We can set up a nice torture chamber in the basement for him. Keep him for a long weekend, at least. And Mike, approach your friends without giving them the details. We can make up a story to cover the fact we're setting him up to be sold. I don't want that getting out.”

The three men looked at each other with evil grins on their faces. They had a plan. And now, two weeks and two days later, it was in full swing.

Jack was now naked, helpless, and locked in a cage in the basement of a heavily guarded compound. He was the perfect candidate for slavery. He was disowned by his family, done with school, and without any friends who would care enough to try to track him down. Getting multiple girls pregnant had reduced his popularity to the point where no one at his school really wanted to associate with him.

Jack knew no one would come for him. So he was determined to be the best whore he could be, in hopes that he would be able to earn enough money to

avoid being sold. Even if he couldn't, he hoped that developing good skills at pleasing men would keep him out of trouble with whoever bought him at auction.

It bothered Jack that he was accepting his slavery so easily. But he told himself, he was just being practical. There was no benefit to fighting it. And in the back of his mind, he was pretty sure that if he got good at pleasing cock, it would still be better than flipping burgers for the next fifty years!

Jack heard the iron door to the room being opened, and saw movement in the shadows. The naked teen cringed a bit, until he saw it was The Boss. His cage was opened, and he was ordered out onto the concrete floor.

One of the guards had been kind enough to tell him the basic rules for slaves, so Jack knew better than to stand up. He crawled out on his hands and knees, and lowered his forehead to the floor just in front of the big man's feet.

You're going to need some training, before I start whoring you out, slave. But first, you have punishment coming. Or have you forgotten that you came without permission?”

Actually, Jack had forgotten. He didn't have the best memory, and was easily distracted. And it's not like the last 24 hours hadn't been eventful! The Boss brought him to his feet, and led the hapless teen over to the St. Andrew's Cross, in one of the darker corners of the room.

The Boss released his wrists from the back of the slave collar and attached the cuffs to the cross, with Jack facing the cross. Jack's ankles were then released from the manacles and chain, and his ankles connected to the bottom of the cross.

Jack was naked, spread-eagled and utterly helpless. He knew The Boss wouldn't permanently damage him, but he also expected serious pain. For one of the few times in the last 48 hours, Jack was absolutely right.

But it wasn't the sort of pain the pretty blonde was expecting. Once The Boss had inserted the ball gag, he began attaching clips with wires coming out of them to the most sensitive areas of Jack's body. After attaching clips to the boy's balls, nipples, and dick head, The Boss removed the locking butt plug, and replaced the device with a metal-tipped plug with wires coming out the back.

The clips only caused mild pain, so Jack was confused. But, as the hot little teen was often confused, this didn't cause him any significant anxiety—until The Boss began to apply voltage to the clips and butt plug!

The shocks alternated between locations in a random pattern that made it impossible for Jack to be prepared for them. He did notice that the shocks came in pairs. Both nips, left nip and balls, dick head and prostate, balls and prostate, and on and on! The time between shocks also varied. But as time went on, the intensity of the shocks increased, and the overall time between shocks decreased.

The Boss watched with great enjoyment, marveling at the involuntary flexing of his property's lean, but wonderfully sculpted muscles. Jack was grateful for the ball gag in his mouth, as it gave him something to bite down on, when the pain hit. The gag also muted his screams, which kept him from annoying The Boss, who didn't care for loud noises.

Finally, after twenty minutes, The Boss set his controller for a gradual decrease in voltage. After another ten minutes, the shocks stopped. Jack was a sobbing mess. The Boss removed the clips and butt plug, then took the beautiful shaking blonde down from the St. Andrew's Cross.

Then The Boss did something completely unexpected. He held the sobbing boy in his huge arms and consoled him. He whispered to the boy that it was alright to cry, and let his feelings out. He told Jack that, even though he was a slave, he was safe and would be cared for. The Boss caressed him and hugged him until the crying reached it's natural end. He then gave the boy a bottle of ice cold water, to relieve the lump in his throat.

Jack was blown away. In his whole life, he could not remember his parents, or any of his lovers holding him so tenderly. The tenderness shattered his remaining defenses. He wanted the embrace to last forever. Jack knew this was not love. The Boss was interested in him only for profit. The boy knew he would be sold. But until he was, he would belong completely to this magnificent black man. Not just physically, but emotionally as well.

The Boss wasn't being kind. He was being brutally manipulative. He had spent twenty years bending naive teenagers of both genders to his will. And he knew how to get the most out of them. In their first meeting, just the day before, Jack came away thoroughly fucked physically. Today he had been completely mind fucked. And his day was only beginning.

The Boss carried his new slave over to the pillory. Though weak, Jack cooperated as best he could, as he was locked into the device. The pillory's pole was height adjustable, and The Boss set it so that Jack would be bent horizontally at the waist. It put him in the perfect position to be fucked at either, or both ends.

A spreader bar was placed between the naked teen's knees. There would be no spider gag in his mouth. Jack was in training now. He was expected to keep his teeth clear and his throat open on his own. When The Boss had his slave restrained in exactly the position he wanted, he described the training regimen for the morning.

You need to learn to be both an enthusiastic, expert cock sucker, and a willing and capable anal cum dump. And, as your skills develop, I will expect you to be able to handle both at once, with exceptional skill.”

The helpless teen nodded, determined to try his very best to please this amazing man. Jack had always been a slow learner, but he had never been motivated to learn. He desperately hoped to learn his duties quickly enough to please his new owner. The one thing he had been good at, almost since the moment he hit puberty, was sex. Jack knew how to focus on giving pleasure. And, though all his experience in giving pleasure had been with women, he was confident he could do as well for men.

The sooner you learn your duties, the less pain you will endure. The sooner I can begin whoring you out, the happier I will be with you. The better you become the more money you will make me, and the longer I will keep you. If you want to delay being sold, you will learn to be an absolutely breathtaking lover for men.”

The Boss knew the boy had bonded with him during the time he held him in his arms. And he knew from past experience with other slaves, that the boy would now do anything to remain The Boss's possession for as long as he possibly could. The Boss was always careful to make clear that his property would be sold at some point. He wanted to be sure there would be no issues when the time came.

The Boss undressed in front of Jack. He could see the awe in the teen's eyes as he once again beheld the magnificent body. If Jack was going to belong to a man, at least he belonged to a real man! The Boss approached the helpless, willing mouth with his massive erection, and penetrated the hot little teen's throat with a single, slow shove. Jack was getting better at controlling his gag reflex, but The Boss was in no hurry to withdraw into his mouth, so the boy resigned himself to running out of air again.

But The Boss didn't want to waste time, waiting for his prey to regain consciousness, so he pulled back into his mouth when he saw the boy starting to get woozy. And all of that time, Jack had been using his long and talented tongue to the best of his ability, stimulating any part of the massive shaft his tongue could reach.

While The Boss was pleased with his slave's enthusiasm, his technique would need some work. So he began issuing step by step instructions to the eager teen. The boy took to cock sucking with a determination The Boss hadn't seen in any of his other slaves. Jack improved steadily as the blow job went on. When The Boss came, Jack never let up. He continued to use his amazing tongue even as he swallowed The Boss's massive load.

The Boss never completely lost his erection, thanks to these efforts. Once he was again hard as a rock, he moved to that phenomenal ass. The only lube this time, was Jack's spit from the blow job. The pain of penetration was electric, but the bound boy managed to avoid screaming, and keep his sphincter as open, and accepting as he could. He even remembered to push back.

Jack also remembered The Boss's instructions from the day before, and actively used his sphincter to give the big man's cock pleasure during his fucking. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed teen couldn't see the smile on his black owner's face, but he heard the moans of pleasure his efforts were generating.

Even though The Boss wasn't making any special effort to get his boy off, Jack could feel an orgasm slowly building. He did not want another punishment! So Jack worked desperately, to distract himself. Thinking of dead bunnies usually did the trick, but not today! Jack had been sexually aroused too many times in too many ways, in the last 24 hours. And he was eighteen years old. So, by definition, he was on hormone overload!

Master, may I please have permission to cum?!” wailed the desperate slave.

Jack couldn't see the evil grin on The Boss's face, as the big man said, “Maybe. Hold off awhile, while I think about it.”

A long low moan escaped the helpless teen. He knew he was screwed. Jack loved the feeling he was getting from that special spot in his ass, but was terrified of the punishment that would follow his orgasm. His dick badly wanted to get hard, but the cage prevented it. And yet he was still going to cum! How was that even possible?!

For a kid who was so good at providing sexual pleasure to women, it was amazing how little he knew about his own body. The Boss decided to ensure his orgasm and the punishment that would follow, by focusing on the kid's prostate. Jack went out of control, moaning and begging for permission to cum. The Boss remained quiet. The boy didn't.

With a howl of passion and regret, Jack blew his load. As the cage was holding his dick down, his cum sprayed all over his hairless naked legs. The Boss grinned as he filled his slave's boy cunt with his jizz. This kid was so much fun to fuck with—and fuck!

I didn't give you permission to cum, slave. But I'm going to delay your punishment until after you've completed today's training.”

Yes, Master,” said the defeated teen. “Thank you Master.”

Jack wasn't sure why he thanked the man, but it seemed like the right thing to do. The Boss moved to the front of the pillory, and looked Jack in the eye. He could see the fear and awe, as usual. But he could also see something else. A yearning perhaps. The Boss wasn't sure, but it seemed to be a desperation to please. Interesting He would have to build on that.

I'll be back to use and punish you later. In the meantime, two of my guards will make use of you—at the same time. And when each has cum, they will switch ends and use you again. I expect you to listen to their instructions and build on your skills. They had better be satisfied with you.”

Yes, Master. I'll do my best!” said the vulnerable, but determined little teen.

The Boss left the basement with a satisfied smile on his face. After he gave the two guards at the top of the stairs their instructions, they entered the basement with big shit-eating grins on their faces.


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