NOTICE:  This story contains scenes of a graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is completely fictional and is intended only for entertainment purposes.  Any similarities to real life persons or characters is coincidental.  If you have trouble separating real life from fantasy, or if you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


This story is set in a future time, after a Revolution which chose a specific group of Men to lead, and gave Them rights befitting Their place in life.  Although you are welcome to email me your thoughts on the story (my email address is at the end), spare me any less evolved opinions on race in general.  I have to assume that if you’re reading this section of Nifty, you’re already a free thinker like me.


Black Rule

Chapter 3 – Open Wide and Say ‘Ahhhh’


Rendyl couldn’t believe He was once again having to stroke Himself off.  It wasn’t more than a day after His fantastic experiences at DelVon’s party before His balls had filled up with cum again, even after they were unloaded so many times that night.  Just thinking of those whites swallowing his cum and piss, and those tight cunts He’d fucked a few loads into, had Him hard off and on throughout each subsequent day.  Maybe it didn’t help that on Keon’s advice He’d stopped wearing underwear.  Although at first He’d felt like all eyes were on His crotch, He began to realize how much He enjoyed the attention.  Yesterday He did a walk-through at the factory and saw more than one white staring at His bulge with interested eyes.  He started to second-guess the comment He’d made to Keon that he couldn’t ‘pull a worker off of the line just to get His rocks off.’

Keon and DelVon had really opened His eyes that night to the possibilities available to a Superior Black Man, and now, two weeks later, He loved seeing the whites He passed by staring with desire at the lump in His pants.  Unfortunately, with His father still ill Rendyl was so damn busy He hadn’t had time to search out a hole to get off in, plus He was still pissing in the damn toilet!  Every time He felt a load of His cum splatter against His chest, or watched a stream of His hot piss go down the drain, He wondered how He was going to get a white for Himself to use.  Now that He knew how much they loved being used by a Superior, He just shook His head at the waste.

Rendyl let His mind drift back to the night of DelVon’s party and the memory of all those naked whites practically begging for Black dick.  His own eight inches weren’t as long as Keon’s, or as fat as DelVon’s, but all of the holes He used seemed to be happy to have Him inside them.  Then there was that really tall Man with the really long tool.  Damn, and didn’t that white in the sling just moan in bliss when He bottomed out in its cunt!  Rendyl knew those whites were all rented for the party, and maybe some of their sounds of pleasure could have been an act, but they all certainly looked like they were enjoying being stuffed with Black dick.

He spit in both hands, wrapped them around his prick and squeezed, trying to recreate the feeling of that tight cunt He’d fucked and pissed in that night.  He would need a third hand to equal the wonderful feeling of all that tight pressure surrounding every inch of His long tool to get the same sensation of fucking that hole, but the sensory memory was good enough to have Him spraying His chest with hot cum after only a couple of minutes of long strokes.

He lay there while the after effects shuddered through Him, eyes closed in satisfaction.  He probably would have been able to fall asleep despite the fact that it was still early evening, even with the feeling of His cum dripping down His sides, but the sound of a large crash coming from the second level of the house snapped Him back to reality.  He quickly grabbed a robe to wrap around Himself and bolted out of His room for the stairs.

The sound of His father berating the butler told Rendyl what direction to go in.  Entering His father’s bedroom He saw the butler, Daniel, crouched down picking up broken pieces of a ceramic bowl.  There was what appeared to be some kind of noodle soup mixed in with the pieces and now soaking into the rug.  Daniel’s uniform had a few noodles stuck to the front as well.

“What the hell happened there?” Rendyl’s father rasped out.  Nathaniel Davis was once a formidable man, and even though He was technically old enough to be Rendyl’s grandfather, He was still an imposing figure.  Even though His age was the reason He hadn’t quite acclimated to the changes in the world around Him, He’d still taken advantage of some of them to grow His manufacturing business.  His competitors would have been less impressed with Him now, sitting in the over-sized chair in His room wearing His blue and green striped pajamas.

“Terribly sorry, Sir,” Daniel said.  “The bowl slipped off the tray.”

“Yes, yes, blame the bowl,” Nathaniel muttered.  “Now how will I eat my soup?”

Rendyl skirted around the butler and stepped over to His father’s bedside.  He picked up the mobilecomm unit and pressed the kitchen icon on the screen.  “Yes, Sir… oh… yes, Master Rendyl?”  Fred’s face appeared on the screen looking surprised to see Him, rather than His father.  Fred was the cook and housekeeper, and like Daniel, had been with His father since long before Rendyl was born.

“The soup has been spilled, Fred.  Bring up another bowl for my Father while Daniel cleans up,” Rendyl ordered.

Fred’s face twitched for a moment before resettling into the same mask as always.  “Right away, Sir.”

Daniel and Fred had worked for Nathaniel before the Revolution, although not in their current capacities.  Daniel had been the office manager of the main factory, and Fred had been a Vice President of the company.  As whites, they were unable to keep those positions after the Revolution, but Nathaniel gave them the option of working for Him as part of His household rather than working as laborers in the factory, and they had both readily agreed.

When Nathaniel decided He needed an heir to carry on His legacy, He’d fathered Rendyl.  Neither Daniel nor Fred appreciated being thrust into the job of taking care of a child, and although they’d had to adjust to losing their status as citizens, Fred especially had never gotten used to not hearing ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ from Rendyl once the lad had learned of His Superior status.  As they and their Master aged, they were increasingly concerned about their future, so they went out of their way to hide their displeasure.

Rendyl smirked to Himself as He disconnected the mobilecomm call.  He was well aware of their feelings and concerns, and since He was not a mean Man, He privately knew that He would find a way to take care of them.  He didn’t tell them that though, since He knew the lack of knowledge would keep them on their best behavior.

He turned and saw Daniel still fussing with the remains of His father’s dinner.  “Daniel, just pick up the entire rug and carry it out.  Dump everything into the trash then have the rug cleaned,” Rendyl ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” Daniel replied, grateful that it didn’t have to continue looking for every stray noodle and broken piece of crockery.  it carefully rolled up the rug and silently left the room.

“Good idea, son,” Nathaniel said, smiling weakly at His son.  “I’m afraid Daniel’s hands are getting shaky with age.”

“I’ll order a cart for it, dad,” Rendyl said.  He saw His father wince slightly at the term ‘it’.  All these years later, the view that whites were considered animals and were called ‘it’ was just one of the changes that Nathaniel hadn’t gotten used to.  “Good thing this house has a dumb waiter,” Rendyl mused.

“That was one of the selling points as far as I was concerned when I bought this place,” His father stated.  “I’m sure you remember the number of times You had to be chased out of, son,” He said with a chuckle.

Rendyl laughed.  “I used to love playing in that thing!  Riding up and down inside, between floors… I probably would now if I could still fit inside!”

Nathaniel’s face turned serious.  “Rendyl, You have to put aside the feelings You had as a child.  You’re a man now.”

Privately, Rendyl wanted to call bullshit on His father.  He knew His father would have taken a dim view if He knew about Delvon’s party, to say the least, and ‘all work and no play’… and well, so on and so on.  “Of course, father,” he replied.  “Just taking a short trip down memory lane.”

He sat on the bed in front of His father’s chair when Fred came into the room with a tray, carrying yet another bowl of soup and a glass of water.  Fred fussed over Nathaniel, ignoring Rendyl as best it could, not even acknowledging His presence as it left the room.

Rendyl sighed and rolled His eyes.  If this was His house, both of the whites would be much younger, would only be wearing clitcages rather than uniforms, and would be much, much more fuckable.  Hell… fuckable period!  He knew they had both been single before the Revolution.  His father would never had promoted anyone who had the distraction of a family life back then.  He still felt that childless Men were the better choice in supervisory positions, but He’d had to scale back His public opinions on that subject after Rendyl was born.  Hypocrisy wasn’t a very good attribute for a Superior Black Man.

Watching His father eat reminded Rendyl of a conversation He’d had with Nathaniel’s doctors, and He realized the recent soup incident gave Him the perfect segue.  “Dad, I’m going to bring in a caregiver for You.  Daniel and Fred are just not able to do the job properly anymore.”
“Like hell!” His father replied.  “I am not spending money on another doctor, and Our servants are perfectly capable.  The soup stains will come out of the rug!”

“Dad, ‘perfectly capable’ does not explain why the EMTs had to be called last week when Daniel forgot to give You Your medication, not once but twice.  Or why neither of them is awake as early as You are anymore.  Or why it takes them so long to respond to Your mobilecomm summons at night!”

“Well,” Nathaniel said softly.  “We’re all getting older…”

Rendyl sighed.  “I know that, dad.  I can’t fault them completely; I’m not even sure that Daniel can hear as well as it used to.  But I would be devastated if something happened to You and I hadn’t tried my best to ensure You were receiving the best care available.  All the money in the world doesn’t mean a damn thing if I lose you!”

Rendyl was stunned to see a tear slide down His father’s face.  He rushed over to the chair and knelt down to hug the Man.  “Thank You, son, “His father whispered.  “You’re right, or course.  I was being selfish.  Go ahead and arrange for someone to come in, I will let the boys know.”

Rendyl had to suppress the grin he always felt coming on whenever His father referred to Fred and Daniel as ‘the boys.’  Both of them were each more than twice Rendyl’s age, but that is often what His father called them.  “You understand, dad, that it will be a whiteboy and it will need to live in?  I’m sure I can get some referrals from Your doctors.”

“Yes, yes, or course, son.  Whatever You feel is best.  You know, I’m very proud of You.  You’ve been very diligent in Your studies, and there is no one who will do a better job taking over my company then You.”

Rendyl stared at His father for a moment.  “Dad… what are You saying?”

His father sighed.  “The time has come for me to retire, Rendyl.  The doctors have advised me that I can no longer handle the stress, and with You more than qualified to take over, I will be handing the reins over to You, effective immediately.”

Rendyl was stunned!  “Dad!  Are You sure?  I know how hard this must be for You.”

“To tell You the truth, son, this is easier than I ever thought possible.  I’m tired, Rendyl, and I’d like to enjoy whatever time I have left.  I’m thinking of retiring out to Our country home.  Everything is so much quieter, and there are still good doctors there.”

“I don’t know what to say, dad.  Of course I’ll do my best for You and the company.  I am happy to see You take a break from working, and I’ll certainly seek out Your advice whenever I need to.”

“I know You will, son.  I also know You’ll want to make some changes, and that’s fine as well.  I’ve done a lot of thinking cooped up in this house, and I realize I’ve been slow to adjust.  We have to move with the times if we want to stay competitive.  Now, if You don’t mind, I think I will turn in.  If You would assist me…”

“Of course, dad.”  Rendyl stood and helped His father up from the chair, walked Him to His bathroom, then waited outside the door until He finished.    He helped Him into bed, kissed His father on the forehead, then turned the light down.  “Good night, dad,” He whispered.

Rendyl returned to His room, still surprised at the news.  The first thing He needed to do was find a nurse for His father.  The next thing would be to review the Men in management positions at the company to be sure They could handle more responsibility.  His father hated delegating, but Rendyl didn’t have any problem doing that, as long as He trusted the Men.  He opened His laptop and shot off a message to DelVon.  He was certain that DelVon, of all people, would know which agencies were the best to contact for medical care.

All doctors and primary medical professionals were Black Men of course, however nurses and clerical staff were usually whites.  The clerks were the same as any office worker, however nurses were somewhat elevated in rank over other whites because of the additional education and responsibilities they had.  Rendyl had seen plenty of nurses accompanying the doctors who attended to His father, but He wasn’t sure what the rules were in dealing with them.  He was guessing that He couldn’t just call any agency to request one.


The next day He received a call from one of the factory managers, so He had to make another visit.  The problem was sorted out soon enough.  The workers were used to seeing His father all the time, so since He was there and would now be in charge, Rendyl decided to do another walk-through to get everyone used to seeing Him.  The bulge in His crotch received the same amount of attention as His last visit, which didn’t help His new state of constant horniness.  Only the work-related conversation from the three managers walking with Him kept Him from getting a full erection.

They stopped to show Him a new piece of machinery that had recently arrived, but Rendyl’s eyes were more focused on the white who was using the machine.  The worker’s eyes kept flitting back and forth from the keyboard in front of it to Rendyl’s bulge.  Rendyl smirked, thinking back on what He’d learned from Keon and DelVon about how much younger whites craved Black meat.

Earlier, the managers had ordered breakfast brought in for their morning meeting, and Rendyl was feeling the effects of drinking a few bottles of juice.  He decided that now would be a good time to test the waters regarding some of the changes He wanted to implement.  He turned to face the white and pointed to the floor.  “I need to piss, boy,” He growled.

The managers gasped as the white scrambled to get on its knees, then reached up and unbuttoned Rendyl’s pants.  Drawing out His dick, the white glanced up at the managers, then at Rendyl, then wrapped its lips around the head of His prick.  Rendyl let His piss flow out and smiled at the sound of the white drinking Him.  He could see out of the corners of His eyes that other whites had stopped to watch this, a few of them absently rubbing their crotches while they watched the white’s Adam’s apple bob up and down.

The white swallowed every drop, and Rendyl could hear a slight moan from it, even over the sound of the machinery.  The worker started to suck His prick deeper into its mouth, and although Rendyl would have loved to have had a blowjob, He couldn’t forget that this was a place of business and work had to get done.  He patted the worker on its head and pulled back a little, letting His thickening dick pop out of its mouth.  it flicked out its tongue to clean off the tip, then looked around itself for a cloth.

“Use your shirt, boy,” Rendyl huffed.  it quickly pulled up the hem of its uniform and wiped His meat dry, then placed Him back in His pants and buttoned Him back up.  Rendyl turned and walked away without another word, as if this sort of thing had been happening here all along.  He realized the managers hadn’t moved, so He turned His head, cleared His throat to get Their attention, then began walking back to the conference room.  He was well aware that a conversation needed to take place.

Once everyone was settled, Rendyl looked around at the faces of the managers.  Each still had a wide-eyed expression.  “What I am about to tell You must remain confidential for now, as a public statement will not be released for a while.  Last night, my father informed me that He has decided to retire.”  The men looked even more shocked now than they did while watching Rendyl’s piss being swallowed.  “The plan is for me to take over all operations, however to decrease any speculation by our competitors, We will wait until I have been in charge for a few months.  By the time the announcement comes out, We will be able to point out that I have been running the company for some time, and no detrimental impact was seen on the business during that time.”

“Rendyl,” Talyk, the senior manager said.  “We knew Your father wasn’t feeling well, but We weren’t expecting this!”

Although He hid His reaction, Rendyl was pleased that these Men knew of His father’s condition, yet had not leaked any information outside the company.  “Dad’s condition hasn’t gotten worse, He’s just tired and has decided running a company is more than He wants to handle now.”  The Men nodded, well aware of how much work their old boss used to take on.  “A few changes will also be taking place.  I will be delegating more duties to each of You.  I know my dad liked to do everything Himself, but I’m not like that, and You are all smart, capable Men.”  The Med nodded Their heads eagerly.  “As far as dealing with the workers, there will be some changes there as well.  Nothing too drastic, but going forward You are free to use a white to drain Your bladder.  As You saw out on the floor, the white I used was more than happy to do its duty for a Superior.”

Talyk nodded His head.  “The white I have at home drinks My piss all the time, but here at work… well… Your father…”

“My father is from a different generation, and did not fully embrace all aspects of His place in the world.  whites exist to serve Us, and that is what they will be doing more of here going forward.  Now, having said that, this is still a factory and We still have products to make and deadlines to meet.  Using a white as Your urinal is one thing.  Pissing only takes a couple of minutes, tops, then everyone can move on to their duties.  From the looks my crotch has received while walking around here the last few days, there are plenty of whites who would appreciate more than just Our piss.  So, if a white is on a break, and if it has made known that it would enjoy serving You, You may use one as a cumdump, as long as You find a private spot to do so and the hole You use doesn’t lose productivity on the floor.”

The Men looked at each other, then grinned at Rendyl, who got the feeling that this was something they had discussed before among themselves.  A couple of Them absently rubbed Their crotches.

“Excuse me,” Talyk asked.  “You said ‘if it has made known…’.  Can’t We use any hole we like?  Their just whites, after all.  I must admit, Rendyl, there are a few holes I would love to plow here!”

The other managers nodded Their heads.  Rendyl smirked at the idea that each Man was already making a mental list in His head of who they wanted to fuck.  “I don’t want morale to suffer if some of the older whites don’t go along at first.  You know how some animals don’t react well to change.  Once word gets around that You’re using workers to shoot Your loads into, I expect all the whites will want the pleasure of Black Dick in their holes, but don’t force the issue.  Although this is primarily for Your benefit as Superiors, I want everyone here to feel good about this change.”
“What about the dorms?” Talyk asked.  “Your father forbid any Black from entering the dorms where the workers live.  I wouldn’t mind going in there after work and fucking my way through every floor!”

The other managers laughed, but Rendyl could see that all of them had moved a hand down to rub themselves.  “I certainly understand how you feel.  There must be a lot of whites living there who need a Superior to use their holes.  I do see a problem with those of us in management doing that, however.  I don’t want there to be any suggestion of favoritism if we find a cunt we especially like and use it frequently, so I think we’ll keep that rule in place for Us, at least for a while.  I don’t see any reason why non-management Black Men can’t go in and dump Their cum in a hole.  We will have to enforce some restrictions, such as signing in and out so we know who is inside at any given time.  Sex would have to be consensual; the last thing we need is for anyone to get too rough and whites getting hurt.  Talyk, why don’t you put together some recommendations for us to discuss at Our next meeting?”

“Is it okay if I interview some of Our staff and some of the whites, to get some ideas?” Talyk asked.

“Is that what you’ll be saying when you fuck those whites in Your office…  ‘interviewing’?” Everyone laughed, especially when Talyk wiggled His eyebrows up and down.  “Sure, go ahead, but be sure that everyone You ‘interview’ knows to stay quiet about this until we make a formal announcement.”

Just then a soft knock at the conference room door announced the appearance of a young, uniformed white with soda, water and sandwiches.  After it unloaded its cart at a side table, it started to back out the door.

‘What’s your name, whiteboy?” Rendyl asked.

The boy froze in place and began to tremble a little.  Did it forget to bring something or make too much noise?  Had Master Rendyl noticed it glancing at His stuffed crotch the last time He passed it in the hallway?  “Eddie, Sir,” it replied with a shaky voice, eyes only glancing up for a second before dropping down as if to study the floor.  its nervousness increased when the managers got up from Their chairs and approached the table to look through the selection of sandwiches and drinks.

“Do you work anywhere other than the executive offices, Eddie?”

“No Sir, just here, Sir.”

“You do a good job, Eddie.”  The boy’s trembling stopped, but it still looked wary.  “Are you wearing a clitcage, boy?”

“Yes, Sir,” it replied, raising its shirt slightly and pulling the front of its pants down to reveal a standard-issue cage covering its shaved groin.

Rendyl’s prick stirred at the sight of that smooth belly.  “Are you plugged?”

The boy’s eyes flicked around the room, not sure if its answer would cause it any trouble.  “No, Sir.  it was told that wasn’t necessary, Sir.”

“That’s fine, Eddie, you can only do what you’re told.  There will be some changes here, however.  Before you leave today, go to Animal Resources and tell them I want you to have a cuntplug.  If they already have them in stock, begin wearing one tomorrow.  Also, starting tomorrow you will only wear your sandals, your cage, your badge and your plug when you are here on the top floors.  Clip your badge to your clitcage.  Keep your uniform available in the event you have to go downstairs at any time during the day.”

“Yes, Sir,” the boy replied.  Rendyl caught a quick, little smile from the boy before it caught itself.

“In fact, remove your shirt now and set that on the cart.  If anyone asks you why you are shirtless, tell them I ordered you.”

The boy quickly removed its shirt and placed the material on the bottom shelf of the cart.  Rendyl was pleased to see it stand back up in a ‘presentation’ posture of legs spread shoulder length, hands clasped behind its back and eyes looking in the general direction of His knees.  The boy had a nice, lean build, with well-formed biceps and pectorals.

“Does anyone need to piss?” Rendyl addressed to the room.

“I do,” Talyk replied with a smile, turning to face the boy.

Rendyl started to point towards Talyk, only to see Eddie already moving to Him.  it dropped to its knees in front of the manager, reached up and unbuttoned His pants, then pulled His thick prick through the fly and surrounded Him with its lips.  All eyes were on it as it begin to swallow the flow of urine from the heavily-veined Black meat.

Rendyl felt His dick start to harden in His pants.  He thought back to DelVon’s party and the sight of all of those whites on their knees, serving Black Men, and was grateful He’d chosen a dark pair of pants to wear that day.  He knew He would have a wet spot from the precum that would be leaking from His erection.

Eddie finished swallowing and released the head of Talyk’s dick, lapping at it to remove any stray drops, then grabbed a napkin from the table to wipe off the head.  it tucked Him back into His pants and re-buttoned them.  As soon as Talyk stepped away, another manager took His place, watching while the boy performed its duties for Him.

Every manager must have been holding their bladders during the meeting, since each one took advantage of the urinal before making their lunch selection and returning to Their seats.  Each of them also had a very satisfied smile on His face.  Rendyl began to wonder just how long these Men had been waiting for His father to retire!

Still on its knees, Eddie shifted position to face Rendyl, unsure if it was to approach Him and offer its services.  Rendyl was throbbing in His pants, and although He would have loved to be sucked off, at the very least, He decided He’d made some inroads at the office already today and didn’t want to get too carried away.  Besides, he thought with a grin, the white had swallowed 3 loads of piss and probably needed to use the facilities itself.

“Eddie, bring me a bottle of water and a ham sandwich, then you are excused to go about your duties,” Rendyl said to it with a small smile.  Eddie brought Him His order, unable to keep itself from glancing at His crotch and noticing the large bulge in His pants.  it blushed, murmured a soft ‘thank You, Sir’, and exited the room with its cart.

The meeting continued with no further mention of Eddie or any other ‘white-use’ changes that were being considered, although Rendyl caught the occasional smile coming from a manager for no other apparent reason.  Now that He had found a new resolve to change both the company and His own life, Rendyl decided He needed to devote some thought to everything He wanted to accomplish.


Rendyl’s phone rang shortly after He returned home that evening.  He was surprised to see DelVon’s ID on the screen.  “DelVon, I didn’t expect to hear from You so quickly!  I hope I didn’t disturb You.”

DelVon grinned at the screen.  “Nonsense, my brother, I was delighted to hear from You.  I’m doing what I usually do while at home,” He said with a chuckle.  He moved the phone’s screen down to reveal a whiteboy bobbing its head up and down on His thick dick. He raised the phone again to show His laughing face.  “I’m surprised You aren’t doing the same thing!”

Rendyl felt His meat twitch and sighed.  “I’m still working on that, DelVon.  With my father ill, I barely have time to eat and sleep.  Believe me, I’d love to have a hole to fuck right now!”

“Well, I am determined to help You with that in way I can, my friend.  However, You have a more pressing need right now, based on Your message.”

“I do, DelVon.  The two whites who’ve been with my dad for decades are just too old to care for Him properly any more.  They’re fine for day-to-day things, but with Him still ill, I think the time has come to get a professional caregiver in here, even if only temporarily.  I’m hoping You have some suggestions for who I should contact to hire someone.”

“I do indeed, Rendyl.  There are a few medical agencies around, but I’ll send You the contact information of an agency I trust.  Tell me, is Your father able to get around on His own, or does He require assistance?”

“He has good days and bad, DelVon.  I had to help Him into bed last night, and although I’m happy to do so, I can’t be home all day to watch Him.  We’ve had some issues with missed medication and other forgetfulness from Our house whites, and I really need someone with energy to handle things.”

“Rendyl, I recommend that when You contact the agency, be sure to indicate You want a younger, stronger nurse, one who can lift Your father if necessary, and who can multi-task.  You may pay more, but You’ll be happier with the result in the long run.”

“The cost isn’t an issue DelVon, and I will definitely take Your advice.  I feel as if I’ve been sheltered from these kind of decisions for too long, and I really appreciate Your help!”

DelVon moaned, and Rendyl could see His image jiggle a little.  “Sorry about that, Rendyl.  I just shot a load in this white’s throat!  You’d think that Our conversation would have slowed Me down, but this hole is just too good with its tongue.”

Rendyl laughed and shook His head.  “I’m glad I didn’t affect Your enjoyment then, DelVon.  I’d hate to think I was taking You away from reliving the pressure in Your balls!”

DelVon threw His head back and laughed.  “Not in the slightest, Rendyl, in fact, I’ll be fucking its cunt within the hour!”

Rendyl laughed with Him.  “I look forward to Your email, and thank You again.  I knew You were the right person to ask.”

“You are very welcome.  Don’t forget, Keon and I want to have dinner with You as soon as You have some free time.  Maybe after this nurse gets situated, You’ll be able to get away.”

“Not to sound selfish, but that would be a happy additional benefit from having some help here at the house.  Thanks again.”

After disconnecting, Rendyl signed into His account and in a matter of minutes had a message from DelVon.  He clicked on the link to the agency and began to look around the site.  He quickly found the requirements section and began selecting what He thought His father needed, indicating how much the nurse should be able to lift, a general description of His father’s ailments, the number of Superiors and whites in the house, etc.  He also checked the box that requested the nurse stay in the home.  The next section asked about the appearance of the nurse.  Rendyl didn’t think that had anything to do with what He needed, so He skipped that section.

As soon as reached the end of the questions, pictures and qualifications of the available nurses popped up.  Rendyl was surprised at the pictures, but clicked through them anyway.  He stopped at the fifth page.


Wavy, dark auburn hair.  Very muscular, even more so than Keon’s driver, Carl.  There was a picture of Bruno wearing a pair of tight, green shorts, another picture of it wearing green scrubs, and a last picture of just its smiling face.  Rendyl wasn’t surprised at the color of the clothing; all medical assistants wore green to indicate they were unavailable for anything other than patient care.  whites working in hospitals, doctors and vet’s offices were too well trained and generally too busy to be disturbed for sex as they went about their duties.  A Superior could actually be fined for doing so, especially if another Superior was harmed by a delay in treatment.

Now Rendyl had a decision to make.  Damn, this white was a cutie, and that body… but, this was for His father’s care.  Was having a good-looking white in the house going to be an issue for Him?  The sex drive of all Superiors was well known to be high, and His had been getting more and more pronounced after DelVon’s party.  How would He get through an evening at home with this nurse wandering the halls?  Would Eddie or some other white at work be able to take His cumloads frequently enough that He would be able to leave this nurse alone to do its job?

Rendyl suddenly realized He had been absently stroking a painful erection poking through His robe.  He looked at the picture of Bruno’s face, zeroing in on those lips.  Rendyl imagined how good they would look and feel wrapped around His eight inches of hard, Black flesh.  Grabbing His shaft with both hands He increased the pressure and speed of His strokes.  Glancing over that muscular body in those tight shorts had His balls pulling up, ready to unload again.  In just a matter of moments, a thick rope of spunk shot up from the head of His dick and hit Him in the chin, followed by another five shots of cum.

By the time his heartbeat had begun to slow down, His eyes focused and He glanced down to see His chest and belly covered in jizz.  He reached over and grabbed a handful of tissues and began cleaning Himself, snorting a bit when He saw some of His cum on the desk and keyboard.

There, now that He’d taken care of that, Rendyl convinced Himself that He’d gotten it out of His system, and there would be no problem with having Bruno come to care for His dad.  He quickly clicked on the file and began filling out the information required to arrange for the new nurse to move in.  Once approval came back, He decided the best course of action would be to stay home the next day so He would be here to meet this Bruno, and go over its duties personally.  He was sure everything would be smooth and professional from now on.

Really, He was.


The next morning Rendyl had the house whites meet Him in His father’s room.  He informed everyone that Bruno would be arriving before lunch and instructed Fred to prepare the room next to Nathaniel’s bedroom for the nurse.  Rendyl had decided it made sense to have Bruno as close to His father as possible, and since Rendyl’s room was on the first floor, temptation would be a level away from Him.

Neither Fred nor Daniel looked pleased at having another white in the house.  Rendyl understood that part of that was the idea of someone else coming in to take away some of their duties.  There was also the fear of their own future to take into account.  The rest of their attitude was just that Rendyl was making household decisions without asking them for their input.

He had Fred and Daniel follow Him to the next room, supposedly to ensure everything would be in place for the nurse, however He lowered His voice so His father wouldn’t hear and leveled His eyes at the whites.  “I’m sure you are both concerned regarding what will happen to you now that you and dad are getting older.  I have no intention of pushing you out the door; you will always have a place to live with my father.  However, you will both treat Bruno with respect and give it anything it needs while it is here.  If I get any complaints, or if I suspect you are not following my orders, I will revisit your future as a member of this house.  Do you both understand?”

Both whites looked stunned, not only at Rendyl’s tone, but also at His understanding of their feelings.  They nodded their heads and began working on getting the room ready in earnest.  Satisfied that He’d made His point, Rendyl left and went back to His home office on the first floor.

Rendyl was still reading the latest messages from the factory when the doorbell rang.  He responded to the last message, then closed out of His mail to wait for Daniel to answer the door.  He heard some soft conversation, then heard footsteps approaching the staircase.  Realizing that Daniel was bypassing Him and taking the nurse directly to His father’s room made Rendyl roll His eyes.  He jumped up from His desk and headed out to the hallway.

“Daniel!” He said loudly.

Daniel jumped and turned to face Him.  its companion didn’t jump, but also turned to face Rendyl.  The nurse was even better looking than its picture, and was at least 3 inches taller than Daniel.  its hair was a little shorter than its profile pictures, but the muscles straining under its green scrubs looked larger, perhaps because of the luggage it was carrying in each hand.

Bruno’s eyes took in Rendyl in a quick sweep, although it seemed to spend a little extra time taking in His naked chest.  it shifted its weight and sent a side glance to Daniel, waiting on the Butler to introduce everyone.

Daniel’s face looked heated as it realized Rendyl was displeased.  “Sir, this is Bruno from the agency.”  it glanced at Bruno and looked less than impressed.  “Bruno, this is Master Rendyl.  He is the son of your patient, Master Nathaniel.”

“Thank you for acknowledging me, butler,” Rendyl said condescendingly.  Daniel’s face turned red again and it looked at the floor.  Bruno, on the other hand, looked very much like it was trying to suppress a smile, however it nodded its head at Rendyl.  “Place your bags there by the staircase and join me in the study for a few moments.  Daniel, I will take Bruno up to meet dad, then you and Fred can give a tour of the house.”

The Butler turned and walked down the hall.  Rendyl shook His head slightly and closed His eyes.  When He opened them He noticed a quizzical expression on the Nurse’s face.  Rendyl tilted His head towards the study then walked in that same direction, expecting the nurse to follow Him.

Rendyl sat in a chair close to the fireplace, and motioned to Bruno to sit as well.  The nurse looked around as if it was uncertain where it was supposed to sit, finally deciding on a footstool in front of another chair.  its eyes quickly looked around to check out the room, then settled back on Rendyl.

“You will find this household to be… maybe, more old-fashioned than you’re used to,” Bruno began.  “Daniel and Fred have been with my father for many years; since long before I was born.  My father has never treated them in the manner you would see most household whites handled today.  You no doubt noticed how disrespectful it was to me.”  Bruno flicked its eyes downwards for a moment, as if it wanted to acknowledge what it saw, but was unsure if it should.  Rendyl smiled.  “I’ve learned to ignore them for the most part, although I’ll admit I have been losing patience with them more and more.  You will find that my father will handle you in much the same way as He does them.  He has never used them as urinals, they wear full uniforms, and since they are about the same age as my father, I doubt any of that will ever change.”

Bruno smiled.  “Sir, it’s recommended that Your father relieve Himself in a toilet anyway, since I assume He is on medication.  Drugs are not completely absorbed and can be found in the urine, so we suggest that patients use a bathroom.  Do You use them as urinals, Sir?”

Rendyl snorted.  “I don’t use them for anything.”  Bruno’s raised eyebrow told Him that it got His meaning, but He felt He should clarify.  “Daniel is the butler and generally takes care of the house.  Fred is the cook and assists Daniel where needed, so of course I use them to cook, clean and do laundry.”
“I understand, Sir.  You don’t use them as a urinal or for sexual purposes then.”

Rendyl’s eyes widened at the thought.  “You saw Daniel.  Hell, Fred is even older!”  They both chuckled.  “Anyway, I have arranged for you to speak with my father’s doctors today so you can get up to speed on his condition.  I thought He was going to go back to work after He recovered, but He just told me He was officially retiring, so I will be taking His place at His factory.  I’m taking today off to meet with you and make sure you’re settled in.  We’ll be putting you in a room next to dad’s in case He needs you.  Once you settle in, see the house and meet with the doctors, I’d like to sit and talk with you again this afternoon.”

“That sounds good, Sir.

“All right, let’s go up to meet dad.”


Later that afternoon Rendyl was in the study working on His laptop when He heard a soft knock at the door.  Looking up He saw Bruno standing in the doorway.  “Come in,” He said.

Bruno came in and stood in front of the desk, a medical bag in its hand.  “Sir, I would like to give You a progress report.”  Rendyl motioned toward the footstool and Bruno sat there again.  “I’ve gone over Your father’s records with His doctors and assisted with giving Him an exam.  He is resting comfortably in His room.  Daniel told me He usually has a nap at this time, so I believe He will be fine until dinnertime.  I’ve updated my mobilecomm so that I am accessible to Him, and to You, Daniel and Fred as well.  I’ve given Daniel and Fred brief medical exams, and I’ve unpacked.”

Rendyl just blinked at the nurse a few times, His brain waiting to catch up with all of that information.  “Shit, Bruno!  I guess I’ve gotten too used to the plodding motions of Fred and Daniel!  I’m tired out just listening to you!”

Bruno smiled and leaned forward.  “I would like to exam You as well, Sir.”  it smiled wider at the surprised look on the Superior’s face.  “You look tense, Sir, and Your father said that You’ve been working long hours.  He had to intervene to get the servants to allow me to exam them, Sir… “

Rendyl barked out a laugh at the less-than-subtle way the nurse invoked His father to convince Him to go along with an exam.  He knew His dad would nag Him until He got it over with, so He closed His laptop and stood up.  “Don’t think I didn’t see what you just did there, whiteboy,” He snickered.

Bruno’s face tried… and failed… to look innocent.  “If You would disrobe please, Sir,” it said as it stood and opened the medical bag.

Rendyl hesitated for a moment.  He had been half-hard most days since DelVon’s party, and now here this white wanted Him to be naked right in front of it, plus it wanted to exam Him!  “You want me to be naked, while you’re fully clothed?  I realize you’re a nurse, but that hardly seems fair,” He said, trying to stall.

Bruno grinned up at Him, then promptly pulled the top half of its scrubs off, then yanked its pants off and draped them over the chair.  Rendyl was sure He was gaping at the nude body in front of Him.  Rendyl was lean and in good shape, but this whiteboy didn’t seem to have a bit of fat on its body.  it was hairless from the ears down, and had a larger than average cage fastened around its clit.  it turned and walked over to close the door, and Rendyl’s dick took an immediate liking to the bubble butt that barely jiggled as the nurse walked.  He turned away to remove His shirt and pants, hoping His prick would deflate if He wasn’t looking at Bruno’s body.

Naked, He turned to see the nurse standing by the desk, pulling a few items out of its bag.  Looking up, it smiled and motioned to the desk.  “If You would sit here on the end of the desk, Sir.  This would be about a similar height to an examining table in a doctor’s office.”

Rendyl walked over, His semi bouncing back and forth against His legs as He walked.  He sat on the end of the desk, legs spread.  Bruno stepped right in between His legs and fiddled with a 6-inch cylindrical scope devise with a flat, rubber surface on one end and a small screen on the other.  it placed the flat end of the scope against His temple and a voice from the device said ’98.8’.  Bruno used its thumb to enter some information into its mobilecomm pad, then it stepped around the desk and placed the flat end on His back.  Rendyl could hear His heartbeat and the air entering and leaving His lungs through a speaker on the scope.  After moving the scope to a few other spots on His back, it placed the scope on His chest, then lower on His belly, using the thumb of its other hand to add notes on the mobilecomm.  The flat surface of the scope was then removed and His ears and throat were checked.  Rendyl knew from prior experience that the scope was sending data to the comm, and the nurse was just making additional notes to go along with the data.

The nurse placed the instruments on the desk, then began to use its hands to feel and prod His neck, back, chest and belly, then it checked His feet and legs.  By this point, Rendyl was fully erect and the head of His prick was glistening with precum.  He saw a glob of the juice spill out when Bruno grasped His balls in its hands and gently rolled them around.  Rendyl looked at the nurse’s cage and saw its clit fully expanded in the cage.  At least He wasn’t the only one affected by this exam!

Bruno released His balls but ran his fist up His shaft and gathered some of His precum on its thumb.  Rendyl stared in shock as the nurse rubbed the liquid between its thumb and finger, then lifted its finger and licked the juice off.  Bruno winked at Him.  “Well, Sir, You are in great shape, everything feels and sounds in order… and You taste amazing!  May I take a closer look, Sir?”

Rendyl just nodded, somewhat stunned at all this.  He watched as the nurse got down on its knees, leaned in and buried its face in His pubes, inhaling deeply and moaning.  A pink tongue slipped out and began lapping at His balls.  Rendyl’s dick throbbed in the air over the white’s face, and more precum leaked out and started sliding down His shaft.  Bruno must have noticed, and it quickly slid its tongue up from His balls to suck up the Superior juice.  Rendyl heard another moan from the white as it began wrapping its tongue around His meat, trying to capture every drop of His pre.
“Oh fuck, yes,” Rendyl groaned as the head of his hard dick disappeared inside the nurse’s mouth.  Bruno began a slow bobbing motion, up and down, more of His meat sliding into its mouth with every downward motion of its head.  Inch after inch became wet with saliva until the white’s nose was pressed into His curly pubes.  Rendyl could feel it swallowing around His shaft, then it slowly pulled its head back up to the tip, its tongue flicking and sliding up and down the entire way.  He shuddered when His prick was again engulfed in that wet, moist heat.

Rendyl realized He had closed His eyes at the sensation of being serviced, so He blinked them open and had to work at focusing.  Looking down at the sight of His dark flesh, shining with spit and sliding in and out of those pink lips pushed Him close to the end.  Somehow sensing this, Bruno pulled off that big dick and licked its way back to the hairy balls, slathering them both with its tongue before sucking one into its mouth.  Rendyl could feel that tongue swirling around His nut, washing the skin of every bit of sweat and musk.  Satisfied that it had thoroughly cleaned one, the white let the ball slide out of its mouth and moved over to suck in the other, giving both equal attention.

Bruno moaned again while inhaling the delicious scent of a Superior Man.  Replacing its mouth with its fingers, it slowly rolled the large balls with its fingertips while it licked its way back up the shaft, lapped up the juice that was spilling out and over the head, then swallowed the entire tool in one gulp.

Rendyl watched His prick being sucked in and out, all the way to the base then back up to the tip.  The nurse started to pick up speed when it felt those nuts starting to pull upwards towards the Superior’s body.  Rendyl grabbed Bruno’s head and began thrusting up into its throat.  Superior and white both groaned; Rendyl for the incredible sensation of being serviced, and Bruno for the thrill of having Superior meat in its throat.

A wet finger massaging under His balls pushed Rendyl past the point of no return.  He shoved Bruno’s head into His pubes and began unloading spurt after spurt of thick cream.  Rendyl was too dazed to even count the number of shots of the meal He fed the white.  He finally released His hold on its head and felt it slowly bob up and down again, pulling every drop of Superior cum from His nuts.  He looked down between His legs to see Bruno looking up at Him, His dick still in its mouth.  The nurse pulled off, then opened its mouth to show Rendyl a huge load of cream before quickly swallowing and moaning, then licking up any drops that remained on His shaft.

Bruno sat back on its knees and smiled up at Him.  Rendyl couldn’t help but chuckle.  “Um… I don’t think I was expecting that from My father’s nurse,” He said with a grin.

“With all due respect to Your father, Sir, most of my patients are in His same age group, or even older.  I haven’t been in a household with a young Superior like You in quite some time.  I hope I didn’t overstep by taking advantage, Sir, I just couldn’t help myself!”

Rendyl laughed.  “Oh, no, no problem there,” He replied.  “If you ever need a sperm sample, I’m happy to provide you with one!”

Bruno gave Him a big grin.  “Well, Sir, I would like a urine sample.”

Rendyl glanced around, looking for the bottle, then looked back at the nurse to find it leaning in towards Him, mouth open under His dick.  “Oh!” He said.  “All right then.”  He expected the nurse to wrap its lips around the head of His prick, but it just moved up until the head rested against its lower lip.  Rendyl almost always felt the urge to piss after cumming, so after a few seconds a stream of hot liquid spilled out and into the white’s open mouth.  This visual was a first for Him, and Rendyl watched in fascination as the piss rose to almost fill its mouth, only to have it swallow and wait to be refilled.  The sight made His dick start to thicken again.  Not sure if He could piss with an erection, Rendyl had to resort to thinking about work spreadsheets to calm Himself down.

After the last squirt shot across its tongue, Bruno licked at the head to clean Him up, then smiled up at Rendyl.  “As a medical professional, I can tell You that Your urine is delicious, Sir.”

Rendyl barked out a laugh.  “That’s good to know.  Thank you for your learned opinion, nurse.”

Bruno stood up and began putting the medical instruments back into its bag.  “I am grateful that a room was available next to Your father, Sir, it is very convenient to be close to my patient,” it said.  “I wouldn’t have minded having a room on this floor near you, however.  With Your permission, I would like to remove my scrubs like this whenever I spend any amount of time on this floor, Sir.”

Rendyl grinned.  “I absolutely insist on that, nurse.”

Bruno flashed a smile.  “Very well, Sir.  If You will excuse me, I would like to peek in on Your father to be sure He is resting comfortably.”

“Of course, “Rendyl said with a nod.

“Please contact me by mobilecomm if I can do anything for you, Sir,” Bruno said with a wicked grin, before quickly dressing and leaving the room.

Rendyl stood up from the desk, turned and sat down on the couch, still naked.  He reached down and fondled His dick.  “Oh, you can count on that, whiteboy,” He said to Himself with a smirk.


The next morning, Rendyl was awakened by a soft knock at His bedroom door.  He glanced over at His clock and saw that there was still about a half hour before He was set to get up, and some slight annoyance laced His voice when He said, ‘Come in.’

Bruno stepped into the room, naked except for its clitcage and sandals.  “I apologize for waking You, Sir.  Daniel said You got up about this time to get ready for work.  I was hoping You would allow me to serve as Your urinal and help You get ready this morning.  I’ve already seen to Your father; He’s awake and waiting on His breakfast tray from Fred.”

Rendyl blinked His eyes to wake up and shook His head slightly to make sure He heard correctly.  The nurse wanted to get Him up?  “Um… sure.  I don’t know if I can piss just yet, though,” He added, gesturing to the tent in His sheet.

“Are You able to pee with an erection, Sir?” Bruno asked.

“I sometimes piss in the shower, but by the time I get in there I’m never as hard as I am right now.”  The fact that the white was staring at his crotch only made Him harder.

“Well, Sir, with Your permission, why don’t I just put Your penis in my mouth.  If You are able to piss, great.  If not, then I’m sure You can think of something else to spray into my throat,” it added with a wink.

Stretching and cupping His hands behind His head, Rendyl kicked the sheet off and spread His legs.  His hard-on sprang up; the blood pumping through the veins and His heartbeat making His shaft pulse in the air.  Bruno climbed onto the bed, knelt between His legs and swallowed His dick in one gulp.  Rendyl shuddered and they both moaned at the same time.  The nurse buried the thick meat in its throat, tickling its nose with the Superior’s pubic hair.  It held still, swallowing around the dick a few times before starting to move again.

Bruno slid the prick in and out of its mouth, going very slowly, testing to see if the need to piss would outweigh the desire to cum.  Just as it did yesterday, the white rolled His full balls with its fingers.  Rendyl was torn between watching those full lips surrounding His erection and closing His eyes in bliss.  This white was as good as… no, even better than the holes who sucked Him at Delvon’s house!

Rendyl surprised Himself when He thought He felt some piss coming from His shaft.  He wasn’t sure at first, but the delighted moan from the nurse told Him that yes, He was able to pee with an erection!  Bruno slowed its movements on His dick while the piss gushed into its throat, although its tongue continued to flick up and down.

Bruno swallowed contentedly.  As it explained yesterday, it was so used to much older patients who are on medication, it rarely got the chance to drink Superior piss.  There were some doctors at the agency office who used the whites, but the nurses were usually on assignment so the clerical staff was used as urinals and cumdumps more often.

Rendyl flexed His dick inside the white’s mouth to push out the last of His piss, then sighed when Bruno started to slide up and down His length again.  Damn, He could get used to this real fast!  Suddenly His prick popped out of its mouth and He snapped his eyes open to see what happened, to find Bruno looking up at Him.

“Sir, would You like to shoot down my throat again, or in my cunt?”

Rendyl’s eyes opened much wider.  He had a choice?  “Your cunt, whiteboy… definitely your cunt!”

Bruno grinned and pulled its legs up under itself.  Reaching back, it removed a cuntplug that Rendyl didn’t even realize it was wearing.  it straddled His thighs, grabbed His shaft and lined up the head with its hole.  Rendyl felt like His eyes rolled up to the back of His head when He felt that tight cunt enveloping His prick.  “Oh, fuck yeah!” He groaned.  He couldn’t keep Himself from thrusting up into that smooth hole, and within seconds He felt the white’s firm ass nestled against His curly pubic hair.

The nurse started to pull itself up, then let itself fall back down, stroking that Superior dick with its cunt muscles.  Rendyl reached down and grabbed its hips to help Him thrust deeper.  He couldn’t believe that just a couple of days ago He was wondering how long He would have to wait to be serviced by a white again, and here He’d been sucked off and drunk from one day, then He was fucking a hole the next.

Rendyl looked down to watch those pink cuntlips swallow His tool in and out.  He moaned each time the nurse flexed its cunt muscles, realizing that He wasn’t the only one who was moaning.  The white’s cage was struggling to contain the dripping clit inside.  He’d never been ridden like this before, and He put His hands back behind His head again to fully experience the sensation of being serviced before He’d even gotten out of bed.  Bruno took advantage of His exposed armpits and leaned forward, lapping at His right pit.  Rendyl grabbed it by the back of its head with His left hand and pushed it deeper, holding it place while it enjoyed the flavor of His hairy pit.

Bruno started to impale itself faster and faster.  “Fuck, boy… your cunt feels so fucking good!  Damn, fuck yourself on my dick!”

The nurse let out a muffled scream into his armpit, and Rendyl could feel something wet below His navel.  The muscles massaging His dick got tighter and He realized that the white was having a cuntgasm.  His prick was being squeezed by that white cunt, and He could feel Himself getting close to creaming the boy’s hole.  Bruno’s body was shuddering above Him, but it never stopped impaling itself on His tool.

Rendyl thrust harder up into the cunt, His balls pulling up to get ready to breed the hole.  Bruno sensed what was about to happen and they both sped up to get maximum friction.  Rendyl managed to fuck in and out about a dozen more times, then He lost all control and began to spew His thick, Superior cream all inside the nurse’s cuntwalls.  More liquid seemed to drip out of the clitcage, and through His barely focused eyes, Rendyl could see Bruno’s tight abs clenching and releasing.

They both kept up the in-and-out action of that thick piece of Black meat for a moment until the thrusts became slower and slower.  Bruno waited until they both caught their breath and His dick started to soften slightly.  it slowly pulled up and off, immediately dropping down to lap up the cum that was smeared all around Rendyl’s still throbbing prick.  The nurse moaned softly as it first licked up and down, then swallowed the delicious, Superior meat.  Once cleaned, it then licked up to His navel to gather up its own discharge.

Rendyl couldn’t help but drop a hand to the top of its head and gently ruffle its hair, then wrapped His big hand around the back of its neck when it started to rise up.  “Come lie here next to me for a moment, boy,” He said with a rasp.  “Let’s gets our brains back in order before we get out of bed.  I might just fall over if I try to get up now!”

Bruno chuckled softly and rolled over on its side, its head on His thigh, its tongue still flicking out to lap at His semi-hard tool, its hand rubbing up and down His hairy leg.  The occasional drop of cum that continued to ooze out of His Black dick vanished into the nurse’s mouth almost as soon as it appeared.

Rendyl sighed in contentment, then had to contain a bad thought.  As much as He didn’t want His father to be ill, there was a part of Him that wanted His dad to continue to need nursing for… well, for just a little while, at least.  Bruno was exactly the type of white He wanted to have living in the house.  Despite its medical training and experience as a nurse, Bruno knew how to please a Superior, and based on how eagerly it was still licking His piss slit, thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Bruno sighed and rose up from the bed.  “Sorry, Sir, but we have to get You ready for work.  Unless, of course, You would like to fuck some more,” it added with a wink.”

Rendyl laughed.  “You know I’d like to fuck your tight cunt some more, but I do need to get in the shower and get the work part of this day started.”  He watched with satisfaction as the nurse retrieved the cuntplug, rubbed the tip up its leg to gather up some of His cum that had started to slide out of its ass, then popped the thing back into place.

“I’ll get Your shower started, Sir,” it said, walking towards the bathroom.

Rendyl stared as the nurse walked away, His dick starting to plump up again at the sight of that bubble butt moving back and forth.  He smiled and stretched His tall frame along the bed, then swung His legs off to sit up.   He reached over to shut off the alarm before it could go off, stood, scratched the hair around His prick, then strode towards the bathroom.

“Please test the water, Sir, I’m not sure how hot You like it,” Bruno said, standing just outside the shower door.

Rendyl reached in and put His hand under.  “Perfect,” He said with a smile, and stepped in, surprised when the white joined Him.  it closed the door behind them, grabbed the soap and began lathering Him up, starting with the tips of His fingers, up His arms and into His armpits, then all up and down His front and back.  it dropped to its knees and washed His feet, legs and His backside, running a thick finger up into His crack with a smile.  Moving around to His balls and dick, it paid special attention to cleaning under His foreskin, and gave His length a few nice strokes before standing up to rinse off its hands.  A quick shampoo, then a thorough rinse, and Rendyl was done, having had the most pleasurable yet efficient shower of His life.

Bruno reached out, grabbed a towel and began rubbing Him dry, both of them chuckling at the renewed interest His dick had at all the attention.  The nurse quickly ran the same towel over its own body, then asked if He wanted it to shave His face for Him.  Rendyl readily agreed, loving all the attention.  He couldn’t help but wonder if His new friends Keon and DelVon had this same type of service every morning.

The shave was very neat and precise.  “You do a good job, boy!”

Bruno laughed.  “My training included shaving a crotch or other body parts to prepare for surgery.  I was especially fond of that, Sir.”  Rendyl joined in the laughter.  “The face is the same general concept, so You were safe the whole time,” it added.  “Now then, are you a breakfast person, Sir?”

“Not when I’m heading in to work, “Rendyl replied.  “I don’t really drink much coffee, and I can usually get some eggs or fruit delivered to my desk.”

The nurse shook its head.  “As Your medical professional, I am required to remind You to eat properly, Sir.  Eggs and fruit sound good, so I won’t nag.  Now, what will You be wearing today, and may I get that ready for you?”

Rendyl just smiled to Himself… yeah, this is exactly the kind of whiteboy He needed around the house.  He better start planting some seeds with His father to make that happen.  “I hate wearing ties, and it’s a factory, so just a button-down shirt with socks and slacks to go with.  No underwear.  I prefer loafers.”

Bruno moved to His closet and selected a shirt and pants that went well together, then pulled out a pair of shoes.  Turning to the dresser it opened drawers until it found a pair of socks that completed the ensemble, then brought everything to where Rendyl was standing.  It helped Him into the shirt then patted the bed and asked Him to sit.  It knelt down and pulled on His socks, then with a quick glance at the clock, leaned in and swallowed His dick down its throat.

Rendyl groaned and leaned back on His elbows to give the nurse full access.  He quickly hardened to His full 8 inches and shuddered at the sensation of his entire length surrounding by that warm, wet mouth.  The tongue wrapped itself around His shaft while the nurse bobbed rapidly up and down.  Rendyl couldn’t believe how close He was to blasting a load into that hungry mouth, even after having sprayed inside its cunt less than 15 minutes before.

Sure enough, within moments He was almost choking the white with another thick load, head leaning back and eyes closed in ecstasy. 

Another load of piss followed His cum down that throat, and He could hear Bruno swallowing.  Finally pulling off, the nurse used the edge of the sheet to pat Him dry, then helped Him pull on his pants, tucked Him in with a soft caress of His crotch, then knelt down again to assist with the shoes.

Rendyl had to stand still a moment to get his wits about Him.  “I think this has been my favorite wake-up call of my whole life,” he said.

Bruno chuckled.  “Well then, Sir, perhaps we should start every day this way then.”

Rendyl drove to work, making a note to Himself to include the need for a driver when reviewing the budget.  He doubted He could convince His father to obtain a driver for the household, but there was no reason the company couldn’t have a driver on standby for Him to use.  The new CEO of a company should look and act the part, after all!

Rendyl picked up the few messages from His Vynce, assistant on His way into His office, placing an order for juice and scrambled eggs to be delivered.  He closed the office door, sat in the chair behind what had been His father’s desk, and looked around.  Some changes were definitely needed in here as well, so He began making some notes of things to consider.

A soft knock came at the door.  “Enter,” He called out.

The door opened and a cart was pushed in with bottled juice and a dome-covered plate on a tray, followed by Eddie.  The white had followed instructions to the letter, dressed in sandals with its badge clipped to its clitcage.  Rendyl could see light muscles playing across its arms and legs as it pushed in the cart.  it picked up the tray and approached His desk.  Despite shooting 2 loads of cum already this morning, He could feel His prick taking notice.

“Good morning, Sir,” it said in a soft voice, coming to His side and placing the tray in front of Him.

“Good morning, Eddie,” Rendyl replied as the white placed a napkin over His lap.  “Was Animal Resources able to provide you with everything?”

“Yes, Sir, AR had a supply of plugs on hand, and gave me a couple to use, Sir.”  it turned and bent over slightly to show the cuntplug, which had a ring attached to the end for ease of removal.

“Very good, boy.  I’ll send out a memo to all staff on this floor so They know of the change.  I will include the fact that although You work for the entire floor, Your primary duties will be to attend to me.  You will let me know if anyone makes that difficult for you, do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir, thank You, Sir.  Will You be needing me for anything additional right now, Sir?”

Rendyl could tell by the hopeful look in its eyes that Eddie would have been very happy to crawl under His desk and pleasure Him if He told it to.  “Not at the moment, Eddie.  Come back in an hour to remove the tray.  I’m sure I’ll have some piss for you to swallow by then.”

Eddie smiled and gave a slight bow.  “Yes, Sir.”  it glanced at the clock to make note of the time.  “Thank You, Sir.”

Rendyl watched its asscheeks bounce as it walked to the door, pushed the cart out and closed the door behind.  He smiled at the eagerness the white had for serving His needs, just the way Keon and DelVon had explained.


Rendyl called Vynce in to the office to start the process of making changes, first advising Him of the new benefits of using whites.  The look on the assistant’s face told Him all He needed to know that Vynce was completely on board.

“Really, Rendyl?  I can fuck any cunt I want to?”

“Well, like I told the managers, You can stop and use any white for Your piss anywhere, at any time,” Rendyl replied.  “You can’t disrupt production to use a cunt, and I don’t want fucking out in the open… that would be too distracting, so for that You need to find a willing white who is on break, and find a spot that isn’t in the way.”

“Should we consider designating a couple of small rooms or areas for using whites?” Vynce asked.  Rendyl had to smile when He saw His assistant pushing His crotch with the palm of His hand, as if to keep His dick under control.

“That’s a good idea, but we’ll have to come up with some way to schedule all of this.  We can’t just have Men walking off the job in the middle of the day to pump a load into a mouth or cunt.  Why don’t You see if You can find out what other companies are doing.

Vynce smiled.  “I have some bros who work at other companies near Our size; I’ll check in with them.  I know They fuck on the job, but I don’t know how They manage it.”  He wrote some notes to Himself on a pad.  “I knew something different was happening here when I saw Eddie in just sandals and a nametag,” He smirked.

Rendyl had to laugh at the look on Vynce’s face.  “Yeah, I have a feeling You’re gonna be seeing more of that whiteboy coming in and out of my office with a smile.”

“Have You fucked its cunt yet?” Vynce asked.

Rendyl had to shake His head at how frank the conversation had become.  When His father was here, no one would have dared to speak like this.  “Not yet, but I did tell it to come back in about an hour to drain my piss.  Be sure You grab it after it leaves here if you need a draining.  Since Eddie is about the only white who accesses this floor, something tells me it is gonna drink, suck and spread its legs a lot!”

They both laughed at the visual they had in Their minds before moving on to other business.


Rendyl was engrossed in some sales numbers when He heard a knock at the door.  He glanced at the time and smiled.  Exactly an hour after its last visit, Eddie had returned to remove the breakfast plates.

“Come in,” He said.

Eddie opened the door quietly, stepped in and closed the door behind.  it looked a little uncertain, and Rendyl realized it wasn’t sure whether to approach Him, or to just take the plates.

He pushed His chair back from the desk, swiveled a little and spread His legs.  “Drink my piss, boy,” He said.

Eddie hurried over and dropped to its knees between His legs.  it reached up and unbuttoned His pants and pulled back the flaps of His fly.  Rendyl was already starting to thicken at the sight of this white on its knees waiting to take care of Him, and made yet another mental note to thank Keon and DelVon.  His dick flopped out of the fly from the sheer weight of the thick meat, and Eddie immediately leaned forward and sucked the head into its mouth.

Rendyl lay His head back against the chair and let His piss flow into the white’s mouth.  The sound of it swallowing His piss here in the quiet of His office stiffened His dick, and He was hard as steel before He even finished.  He was very happy to know that He could piss with His meat hard!  He reached down and grabbed the back of its head and slid His dick in, only slightly surprised when His entire length disappeared into its mouth until His curly pubes were pressed into the white’s face.  The white moaned softly and immediately began running its tongue up and down His length inside its mouth.
Rendyl let it suck Him in and out at its own pace for a few minutes, enjoying the warm suction.  The light slurping noises echoed through the room.  Rendyl spread His legs farther apart, grabbed the white on both sides of its head, and began to pull it back and forth.  Eddie sputtered a bit for the first couple of thrusts, but quickly adjusted itself so the long dick went straight down its throat.  Rendyl watched His shaft getting wetter and wetter with the white’s saliva, and even noticed one of His curly pubic hairs stuck to its cheek.  Could there be any better proof that whites were hungry for Black dick?

Rendyl pushed the white’s head as far into His crotch as it could go and just held it there.  He could feel Eddie’s tongue trying to move around His shaft, and He smirked at how eager it was for His dick.  He could feel a little puff of air in his pubes each time it took a quick breath in and out.  When He finally released its head it stayed in place, so Rendyl had to pull its head off.  “Let’s see that cunt, boy, He growled.

Eddie quickly stood up and bent forward over the Superior’s desk.  It reached back and wiggled the cuntplug out.  Rendyl was surprised at how long the dildo part of the plug was.  He watched as the white pulled out about six inches of smooth, Black latex.  The plug was smeared with lubricant, so Eddie carefully held the thing in his hand, palm resting on the desk, while it spread its legs open for its Superior’s viewing pleasure.

The hairless, puckered hole gaped slightly from the cuntplug, and Rendyl couldn’t get over how easy fucking whites was going to be from now on.  He grabbed His dick, aimed the head at the greasy cunt, and slid slowly in.

Eddie pushed back into Him as both of them moaned in pleasure.  The hole hugged every inch, despite the stretching effects of the plug, and he could feel the boy tighten its cunt muscles when He began to fuck in and out.

Rendyl grabbed its asscheeks and began to thrust harder.  The white used its free hand to grab on to the other side of desk, allowing it to push back into the Superior’s crotch … it obviously wanted every bit of that Black dick!  Rendyl looked down to watch the cunt swallowing His prick, and had to smile to Himself when He saw another of his curly hairs stuck to the boy’s ass.

The desk creaked and moved a little as Rendyl began pounding into the hole harder.  “Fuck, boy, your cunt is tight!” He choked out.  “I’ve already cum twice today and I’m about to fill Your hole!”

Eddie just moaned in response, and wiggled His ass in encouragement.  Rendyl’s eyes glazed a bit when He felt His balls getting ready to fire another load. He reached forward and grabbed the white by its shoulders, ramming His dick in and out for four more thrusts before He slammed all the way in and just held Himself there as He creamed the cunt with His jizz.

He could feel Eddie using its cunt muscles to milk out every drop as He collapsed onto its back.  “Fuck!”  Rendyl lay there, his hairy chest stuck to the smooth back of the white with their mutual sweat.  He slowly caught His breath, unconcerned of how much of His weight was resting on the boy.  After a few minutes He could feel His dick start to soften, and even though His meat would still be too long to pop out by itself, He slowly drew Himself up off of Eddie’s back and pulled out of the hole.  He chuckled as he noticed some of His chest hairs plastered to its back.  ‘This is becoming a thing with this boy’, He thought to Himself.

The moment His dick was free of that moist hole, Eddie spun around and sank to its knees and began licking the cum from His shaft and balls.  It lapped its tongue all through His pubes, then sucked the entire length down its throat.  Once it released Him from its mouth it stroked Him a couple of times to be sure every bit of cream was accounted for, licking off a couple of drops that leaked out of the tip.

It wrapped its puffy lips around the head of His dick and looked up at Him, waiting to see if Rendyl needed to piss again.  Rendyl patted it on the head and pulled His meat back from the hungry boy.

“Is there anything else I may do for You, Sir?” Eddie asked.

“That’s all for now, boy.  Stop at Vynce’s desk on your way by; I’m sure He needs to piss by now.”  Eddie gently placed the Black meat back in His pants and buttoned Him before rising from the floor.

Rendyl sat back down at His desk to resume working.  Out of the corner of His eye He saw the white run a finger up its leg to gather up some cum that was leaking out of its hole.  He smirked as the boy stuck its finger in its mouth to suck off the juice, before sliding the plug back into its cunt.

Eddie removed the lunch plates, placed them on the cart and pushed it out of the office, leaving Rendyl to shake His head and smile.  Three loads shot inside two whites today, and the day wasn’t even halfway over.

Damn, he was going to like this!


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