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In the story that follows all the sexual parts are pure fiction and should read as such. It does not mean the author promotes or agrees with sexual relationships between teenage boys. Please understand that this story is pure fiction/fantasy, don't try to make it anything else.

If you are not of a legal age where you live to read stories of this nature or are offended by homosexual behavior, man/teenage boy, teenage boy/teenage boy, relationships etc. etc. then please do not read any further. If you do then it is not the responsibility of the writer or the posting authority of any consequences that arise.

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Those that know me, know that I write about boys and men together. Although my writing is a fantasy, I have not been with a boy, since I was a boy myself.

All of my sexual partners, since I became an adult, have been adult, both men and women. I won’t lie and tell you that I have not seen some young men that I lusted over, but I have never acted on that lust. I know that laws are in place to protect kids from being exploited and taken advantage of, but let’s face it, they are out dated and should be amended. I think there will always be a need to protect the innocent. I just think that most teenagers especially once they reach their mid teens know what they want and are very capable of making a decision about how intimate a relationship they are capable of handling. Having said that, I do think that we need to educate our young people better. Not all countries are as backward as the US is in educating our young people about sex and their bodies, but the US on a whole is very lacking in this department. Hell some people still teach their boys that they will go blind if they masturbate. How ignorant can we be? No one thinks teenagers should be having children and everyone needs to know the dangers of unprotected sex.

I don’t intend to preach or to shove my beliefs or thoughts down your throats, but I need to let you know where I am coming from.

This is a story about someone very important to me. I have written several stories. My first story and still one of my favorites is called “Swim Kid”. This is a very old story and I was very surprised when a couple of weeks ago I got an email telling me he enjoyed reading “Swim Kid”. I answer all my email (at least the ones that get past the junk filter). Martin and I exchanged a few emails. Martin is from Brazil so we are worlds apart.

He said he was sixteen, later I found out that he was really seventeen. From my stories there is a good chance he thought I would more likely answer his email if I thought he was sixteen instead of seventeen. I like men, I would have answered him if he was an old fart, but that is beside the point.

He sent a couple of pictures and his awesome good looks hit me like a ton of bricks. Although he was awesome to look at, he is even more interesting to talk with. He said my story had an impact on him, I don’t know exactly how, but we exchanged emails every day for week or so. Over the week or so that we exchanged emails, it became evident that he hadn’t really had any sexual experience with a guy. His girlfriend rimmed him for the first time and he was so excited about it, I got excited about it too. He sent me a picture of his cute butt and believe me I wanted to rim his butt so badly, I had use that image in a very intense jerk off session.

Martin is tall, dark and very handsome. I would say he is cute, but cute is for kids and not for someone that conjures lust and passion into the forefront of your brain. I have described characters in my stories as perfect. Until I saw Martin, I wasn’t sure what perfection is. I am sure he is human, just like all of us, but there is nothing about this young man that I would change. To me that is perfection.

The first thing I noticed about Martin was his eyes. His eyes are big pools that seem to capture my attention and hold it. His long dark hair is also a characteristic that stands out. I am not usually a fan of long hair, but his hair suits him and doesn’t distract from his fantastic looks in the least. His lips just beg to be kissed and I have fantasized many times of doing just that.

Martin sent me a picture of him masturbating. It was not extremely clear and it had his big hard dick in the foreground. His dick is not a monster, but definitely a mouth full. His cock is perfectly shaped uncut blood and muscle that makes my mouth water every time I visualize it.

When he said that he would like to jerk off for me on camera, I immediately downloaded the software to allow me to chat with this young man that I was beginning to think of as a special friend. To say that he turns me on sexually is a vast understatement; he also turns me on as a friend. It’s hard to explain, but I just plain like the dude.

The first time he sent me his web cam invitation, I enjoyed just watching him sit and chat with me. I wanted to see him smile, but he said he had trouble smiling on queue. He smiled, but it wasn’t what I hoped for. A little later I got a not forced smile that was what I hoped for. I used perfect in my stories before I realized that I need to adjust that thinking. If perfection is possible, Martin redefines it.

When he took his tee shirt off that first night, I fell in love with his perky little nipples. I could only imagine tonguing and suckling those little nubbins until they were hard and standing up to be noticed. I wanted to bury my face in his arm pits to start on journey of pleasuring every inch of his beautiful body.

His fantastic little belly button looked so inviting that I couldn’t help but try to make my tongue pointed enough to pleasure that little hole. Although it was only in my head, it was so real that my breathing was ragged and my mouth was watering with desire. His treasure trail led to his teal colored bikini briefs. He grabbed his big dick to get it to harden up. He teased me showing little peek-a-boo shots of his pubic hair. When he pulled his hard cock out, I almost lost my load then and there.

He pulled his hard cock out of the way to give me a good view of his awesome balls. I imagined spending hours pleasuring those orbs holding what I know has to be sweet tasting ball honey. I know that I couldn’t type fast enough (one handed) even if I could find the correct words to tell him how much he was turning me on. I just hoped he could figure it out from the lack typing. I wanted to tell him, I just couldn’t find the words or the ability to type. Of course my fingers were busy because I had to work on my cock. I was just too turned on to leave my own cock long enough to type that much.

He bent over to show me his hot ass. It was too dark to see that much, but my imagination had me at fever pitch. I could almost taste that hot hole. My mouth was watering so much, I only imagine how wet I could make his hot hole.

There is not doubt about it he, knows how to turn me on. He was driving me crazy with desire to lick and taste every inch of his body. When it came time for us to cum, we came close to shooting together. However, I was just too turned on and shot a monster load almost as soon as I let myself cum.

He had cum on his fingers and all over his hand. I could almost taste that sweet ball honey and when he licked his cum off his fingers, I got hard again. We chatted for awhile longer.

A few days later we had another camera session. This was in the daylight and with much more light on his hot body, I saw more of the dark shadowy places that I missed before. Not that I didn’t use my imagination to fill in the blanks, I was even more in awe of this vision of human perfection. He had me so hard so quickly. He had just had a shower, so he was naked the instant the camera was on him. Again he worked hard to show me every inch of his beautiful body and my mind imagined me licking and sucking every inch of that body.

When he said that he was planning a trip to New York early next year and that he wanted us to get together, I almost left a load in my pants. I just hope that this beautiful young man doesn’t change his mind. I don’t understand why such a beautiful young man would want to let an old fart like me pleasure his hot body up one side and down the other, but I am very glad that he does right now.

I hope this is not the end of this story, but I won’t be writing more unless I can write about it from more than just my imagination. I could go on about how awesome and how close to perfection this young man is, if I can write more, it will be because I got to lick, taste and suckle his wonderful body, not just fantsize about it.

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