First Christmas From Home

By: 70's Child

NOTE: The following story is part reality and part fantasy. The people involved are actual people and does not imply whether they are gay or not, except for myself. I hope that you enjoy the story.

It was Christmas of 1976. I was an 18 year old kid far from home for the first time in my life. I had graduated from high school in South Carolina on the 1st of June and 6 days later I entered the United States Air Force. I was raised in the USAF and knew of the ways of the military. But then I was sent overseas and away from home. I was not sure on what I was going to do on this holiday, since I knew I could not go home. I did luck out though. I was sent to England, specifically RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk County.

The recreation center had placed a sign up list for people to go to an English home for Christmas. I figured that it couldn't hurt so I signed up. Well a couple of weeks later, I received a call from a family that lived 15 miles north of the base. They invited me to their home for a week for Christmas. Our squadron (supply) worked the holiday schedule out and I was given a week off from December 22 thru December 28. I explained this to the family and they said that would not be a problem. We had made arrangements for me to be picked up.

What I did not know at the time, I was not the only person that was invited to the family's home. The Flemings, the family that invited me, also invited a guy named Ted Baker. Ted was a tech sergeant in the communications squadron. We met at the rec center and shook hands. I looked at him and thought to myself, damn this guy is so fucking hot. He was 30, blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 6'0" and 175# and so hot. He told me that he was single but had a girlfriend back in the states. He had just arrived a couple of weeks after I did. I should describe myself. I was at the time 6'0" and 165#. I had dark brown hair and blue eyes. I had and still have thick hair on my chest and a 6" cut dick. What lie beneath Ted's clothing would eventually make me hot too.

We chatted for a few minutes and Mr. Fleming arrived to pick us up. It was a quick drive for 15 miles in England on its small, winding roads. As we arrived, what we did not expect was that we were the guests of a family who ran a Bed and Breakfast inn. That was a surprise and we were met by the family. Mr. Fleming introduced us to his wife, son, brother and his wife, and parents. We were shown to our room. If you have never been to an English house, the rooms seem small compared to what we are used to in the United States, but they are comfy and cozy. There were 2 twin beds in the room with large comforters and very soft.

Ted and I settled in and changed for dinner. As I saw Ted change, I noticed a wonderfully hairy chest with dime sized nips. He was well built, not overly muscled, but a nice 6 pak. He has hairy legs and a hot ass that I was able to make out through his boxers. My mind wondered on what lie beneath the boxers on the front side. We dressed and went to the restaurant that was part to the inn. I will say that we ate well during out stay and we were treated like family.

We settled for the night and Ted just wore his boxers to bed as I wore my briefs. I settled in and started to nod off. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the movement of sheets next to me and wondered what was going on. I will admit I was a late bloomer. I guess being Catholic I was not wise to the world of jacking off. I just learned to jack off only a couple of months earlier. What can I say, I'm not the worldly person ever. I turned and watched the hand moving up and down. I heard Ted's breathing becoming labored and a low moan. I figured what happened and kind of smiled. We both fell asleep and woke in the morning.

As I got up, I noticed Ted was already in the bathroom. I got out of bed and went to his bed. I noticed the wet spots on the sheets. Ted came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. We said hi to each other and I went to the bathroom. I got ready, but my dick was trying to out rule me. It was hard thinking of the night before. I quickly showered and dressed then went to breakfast.

The Flemings asked how we slept and we both said fine. I turned to Ted and smiled at him. He looked at me and got a look of curiosity on his face. The day progressed uneventfully. Ted and I went to the local village and got presents for the family that were kind enough to invite us to their home. It was a nice day and we had dinner, watched TV with the family and went to bed. This time I stayed awake and Ted turned and called my name quietly. I feigned sleep and listened to Ted. I heard him lower his boxers and start to pull on his dick. I turned and watched him jack his dick again. I knew he was close and heard him shoot his load again. He started to relax and then I surprised him.

"Night Ted." I said to him.

He looked and couldn't believe that I watched him. I turned the night table light on and looked at him. He had a look that was a mix of anger and embarrassment. I assured him that I didn't mean to spy on him, but I was just a young kid with no experience. I knew I was gay since I was 12, but I never took the initiative to do anything about it. And I entered the military long before "don't ask; don't tell." I knew that minimal result of being caught as a gay man in the military. But I knew this was a person I could at least ask about sex.

I asked him about jacking off. I explained that I was a virgin and that I was not experienced on jacking off. He looked at me and kind of gave a laugh. He saw the earnest look on my face and knew I wasn't kidding. He got out of bed and sat on mine. I then saw his dick. It was 4" soft and uncut. I looked at it and I started to get hard. He noticed me staring and just asked me if I was gay. I looked away and couldn't answer him. I wanted to stay in the Air Force and I knew if I told him, his duty was to report me. He looked and said not to worry. He was bisexual and loved a hot dick every so often. I told him that I never had been with anyone and all he said to me was no shit. I started to laugh and thanked him for being understanding. He said that he was willing to help me over the first steps of being gay.

Ted lowered the covers off of me and pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. He saw my chest and began to rub it. His fingers played with my nips. I never knew how sensitive my nips were and my dick was straining in my briefs. He then lowered by briefs and saw my dick hard against my stomach and leaking precum. He smiled and began to stroke my dick. He worked the shaft and head and my mind was racing. I was breathing heavily and could not believe what was going on. I looked and saw his dick getting hard and I began to reach out and tenderly touched the shaft. His dick jumped in my hand and withdrew my hand quickly. He just put my hand on his dick and let me stroke it until it was hard. I could not believe the length. It was at least 8" and the foreskin didn't completely pull back from the head. He then knelt down and took my dick in his mouth. The warmth and wetness of his mouth threw me into a head spin that I didn't think was possible. His mouth danced on my dick, taking it all the way down and making me squirm. My balls were telling me that I was ready to shoot, but my mouth wasn't working. I grabbed his hair and just grunted at him. He knew what I was thinking and lowered himself on my dick again and I shot into his mouth. It was the most intense ejaculation that I had ever experienced. I came 8 times and Ted never lost a drop. My dick became sensitive and I had to pull him off of me.

Ted looked at me and just asked how did it feel. I looked at him and smiled what he told me was a stupid grin that he ever seen. I guess any teen that had his first blow job had that smile. I reached out and started to play with his dick. Ted told me that I didn't have to reciprocate, but I told him that I wanted to and learn. I continued to stroke him and Ted stood in front of me. I then licked the precum that was on his piss slit. It has a slight salty taste, but I liked it. I licked the head some more and began to get the feel of a dick in my mouth. I was amazed on the stiffness of the dick but the spongy pliability of the head. I began to take it in my mouth all at once and began to gag. I pulled back faster than I went onto his cock. Ted told me to take it slowly and I would learn how to manipulate my throat muscles. I did as he said and was able to take 6" in my throat. He was amazed that I was able to do that. Ted then began to fuck my face and loved the taste of his dick. I took his dick and felt his balls. He loved my playing with his large orbs and felt them pull up to his body. I knew this meant he was going to shoot his load. I didn't know if I could take it, but I was ready for anything. Ted grabbed the back of my head and he unloaded a copious load into my mouth. I tasted it and I knew from that moment of the first load that I was going to be sucking dicks for my life. He kept shooting and I took as much as I could and swallowed what I could. But some escaped and it was dripping down my chin. I felt Ted's dick soften in my mouth and he withdrew. He leaned down and kissed me gently. I felt him on me and knew I was enjoying the feel of another man. We kissed until I fell asleep. Sometime in the night, Ted went to his bed. We rose and smiled at each other.

December 24th was a great night for two reasons. First, the Flemings were throwing a Christmas party at their inn. There was dinner, dancing with a live band, and my experience with a traditional English celebration. I danced with some of the ladies as did Ted. We laughed all night and finally the party wound down about 2 in the morning. We all went to bed. Ted and I went to our room and stripped down. We realized the we could enjoy each others bodies, so we shed all inhibitions and slept nude for the remainder of our stay. The second reason that Christmas Eve was great was that Ted introduced me to anal sex.

Ted climbed into bed with me and held me to him. I instantly got hard and felt Ted's dick poking me. I thought we were going to have the same fun, but Ted said that he was going to show me a new thing. He took the pillows off his bed and told me to turn on my stomach. At that point I knew what he was planning and I became scared. He stroked my face and assured me that he was not going to hurt me. I trusted him and turned over to my stomach. Ted placed the pillows under my hips and my ass was sticking up. Ted had pulled out a bottle and put something on his hand and rubbed it all over both hands. I felt him spread my cheeks and worked a finger into my ass. My ass tightened hard on his finger. He wiggled what he had in my ass and it began to tickle. This loosened my ass and he pushed more of his finger deep into my bowels. It began to hurt again, but then it eased and I loved the feel. Ted began to move his finger in and out of my ass. My instincts took over and I pushed back. He then pushed a 2nd finger in my ass and after I got used to it, felt the fingers open my hole up. I loved the feeling more and more.

Ted then removed his fingers and placed his hard dick at my hole. He told me to push my face into the pillow. I grabbed the nearest pillow and buried my face into it. He pushed the head into my ass and the pain was so excruciating. I screamed into the pillow and tears began to flow from my eyes. Ted remained there and allowed me to grow accustom to the thickness. He was a patient and wonderful man. I felt the pain ease. He asked it I was alright. I nodded into the pillow and he pushed more into the tight virgin hole. I tensed again and Ted stopped again so I could accommodate his dick. The pain this time didn't last as long and I loved the feeling that he was giving me. He pushed more into me and I pushed back. Finally he had all of his 8" in my ass. I couldn't believe that I was able to take the dick in my ass, let alone 8". I loved the feel and Ted knew it as I relaxed my ass. He began to slowly fuck me like a lover. I knew that this could never be, but he was as gentle as a lover. His dick slid in and out of me like I was a woman's pussy. Ted then pulled me to my knees and I pushed up on my arms. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck me in earnest. I loved it and felt my dick dripping precum on the bed. I then felt Ted's hand on my dick and began stroking my hard dick. His rhythm in my ass and on my dick gave me a rhythm and I began to match his. He was so wonderful and I knew that I loved the feeling of a dick in my ass. Ted fucked me for 20 minutes until I knew he was ready to shoot his load in my ass. He pushed all the way in and I loved the feeling. He released his load into my ass and I felt every drop in me. On the first volley, it threw me over the edge as I began to release me load on the bed and on Ted's hand. We kept shooting and finally we exhausted ourselves. We both fell on the bed, me on the bottom and Ted on my back. Both our dicks finally softened and Ted's came out of my ass.

I turned and faced Ted and began to kiss him. My tongue found past his lips and into his mouth. I loved the taste of him and I looked at him. I told him that I knew that we could not be a couple, but I appreciate him in showing what it meant to be loved. My eyes began to tear up and I held him close. Ted told me he was glad that he could show me what love is between two men. We fell asleep and stayed that way the rest of the night. We had locked the door so on Christmas morning a knock came to the door and said time to get up for breakfast. We did and showered together and made sure we were clean. We went down the stairs and found the Flemings around the tree and wished us a Happy Christmas. We in returned said Merry Christmas. Gifts were exchanged and I received a glove and scarf set and a tin of sweets. Ted received a liquor chocolate gift set and a pair of gloves and scarf also. I had given the Flemings a nice painting of the seaside that I had found. Ted gave them a nice glassware set. We enjoyed the day that I was worried I was going to be alone. I met a wonderful family and a man who was loving and a great teacher. The Flemings' son was fun as he got an emu puppet that was popular in the mid-70s. He asked if I had ever saw the emu puppet before and I said yes and he asked me to show how the emu was on American television. I did and we all had fun.

That night, Ted and I went to bed. He showed me how to have sex on my back and I wrapped my legs around him and loved the feeling of him in my ass. The rest of our stay, Ted and I made love twice more and he loved my ass. Finally the day arrived for us to leave and Ted was a great person. I would see him on the base occasionally and we chatted on our stay with the English family, but not what happened at night. That was our secret and we knew the consequences if we were found out. I rotated back to the states in 1978 and lost contact with Ted. I would love to tell him how much what he taught me was worth the cost of what would have happened if caught. I hope that his successive Christmases were just as memorable as my first away from home.

I hope that you enjoyed this story. As I said that this story was based on fact and part in fantasy. Yes I was in the Air Force. Yes there was a Ted. Yes I spent my first Christmas with an English family. But I hate to say, no sex between Ted or myself. But Ted did tell me he was bisexual and I did tell him I was gay. We kept each other's secret and I did wish I had made love with Ted. He was a special person and a caring person. If you wish to comment please email me at