It all started when I graduated from high school early, at the age of 17. With no plans and nothing to do, my parents signed for me to go into the Marine Corps. Up until the present time, my life had been one filled with nothing but lies. I was gay and no matter how hard I tried to fight it, the battle was one in which I soon had to surrender to. At 17, I was sort of big for my age, standing 6'2" and weighed a solid 210 pounds with brown hair and green eyes. My name is really not that important, but everyone calls me Shawn.

After boot camp, I was stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. This is where my life of lies, living as a heterosexual male, would soon diminish. Up until this time, my only gay activity was one in which was lost only in my dreams. Not really realizing my weakness, but I was the kind of guy who was fascinated with a guy's hot butt more than the bulge in his crotch.

I had been in my platoon for about 6 months when a new Marine arrived. My heart jumped straight to my throat and my eyes watered from the purest of beauty as he walked past me. My nostrils caught his natural and breath taking aroma of his hot sweaty form as the wind from his stride raced up both nostrils setting my inner soul on fire. It was summer and it was absolutely hot outside and everyone in the platoon was drenched in sweat. From the corners of my eyes I studied every inch of his magnificent eye popping body, noting every intricate detail. With his horseshoe hair style, his natural blond hair was almost pure white. His eyebrows were long and thin with a light brown color adding to the blond tint. The bluest of eyes were held fast in their sockets, stealing your every breath as your eyes made initial contact. They were absolutely shiny, appearing to be coated with some brilliant crystal that sparkled as time moved on. His nose was like a button, small in form, but perfect in stature. His lips were like a thin line with the faintest of cherry painted over them. Standing about 5'8", he couldn't have weighed no more than 140 pounds soaking wet. Wearing his camouflage fatigues, his jutting bubble butt was globally pronounced. His butt was small, but just from a long fast glance, your eyes could tell those mounds were made of steel like muscle.

It only took a couple of days and I soon made friend's with our new arrival. My dream lover's name is Gary Clark. Sitting on my bottom bunk, my eyes always darted between his legs and my cock stayed hard in his presence. In my eyes and in my mind, Gary was the essence of all my dreams wrapped up into one. His voice was angelic and splashed through my ears like a raging ocean set off by a pissed of hurricane. Often times while we sat talking, I became totally deaf as to what he was saying, lost in my own world completely fantasizing about his beautiful body. I did my best to control my timing to catch a glimpse of Gary while he was in the shower, but my eyes only got to see his naked form from behind. His whole petite body was rippled with muscles from his shiny tanned back to the back of his heels. Being a butt man, my eyes studied the muscular mounds of his shiny wet mounds. Just as I thought at first sight, his butt was very muscular as each cheek rippled as he toweled himself dry. The little line we call a crack was amazingly gorgeous and mouth watering. From top to bottom, it curved perfectly in the middle of his tight mounds, darting between what appeared to be hairless thighs. His butt looked like someone had sliced each cheek open and put two small footballs in each one.

As each day passed, Gary and I became die hard friends. With him not having a car, I would drive us into town to party. We spent every afternoon and night together just enjoying each other's companionship. During our time talking and partying together, I quickly realized that Gary was into pussy. All he ever wanted to do was go to the strip bars. Just to be close to him, I joined him in watching the women do their thing on stage. One time we were confronted by a civilian on Court St. who asked us to partake in a sexual encounter with him, and Gary hit the ceiling cussing him out while calling him all sorts of names, like faggot, fucking queer, and sick fuck. Naturally, my heart dropped to my ankles after hearing him be so disgusted with any form of gay activity whatsoever.

A short time latter, our platoon was granted a 96 hour pass. Neither Gary nor myself wanted to make the drive home, so we decided to get a motel room in town and just party the whole entire time. The only room available was a honeymoon suite and since Gary was waiting in the car and I was paying for the room, I jumped on this once in a lifetime opportunity and took the suite.

Once I opened the door to the suite, with Gary standing behind me, Gary was first to speak, "Holy fuck Shawn, this must have cost a fortune!" What he didn't know was that I paid for the regular room rate and not the suite rate. The room was awesome to two young Marines. A king size bed was against the wall and a marbled Jacuzzi was just off to the right surrounded by mirrors with a television on a pedestal in front of it. The bathroom was down a small hallway and it wasn't not really anything extra special. Overall, my mind began playing out a fantasy with me and Gary in the Jacuzzi. After unloading my car and putting the cooler filled with ice and beer in the corner, both of us just sat on the foot of the bed. Gary was wearing a tank top and really tight blue jeans and my nostrils flared angrily in hopes of inhaling his every wonderful aroma. Every now and then, I could see his tiny blondish brown arm pit hair sticking out as he stretched or reached for another beer. Each time he leaned forward to get a beer from the color, I wished I was the fabric darting between his muscular ass cheeks.

After several beers, Gary stood up and dug through his overnight bag and departed to the bathroom. I sat on the edge of the bed still drinking, getting closer to the drunk stage with each swallow. In my young mind, and only in my mind, I honestly believed that Gary was incapable of taking a shit, and if he did, there was no way in hell it could possibly smell like shit. I was that overwhelmed with his beauty as well as him as a person. I was taking another drink from my beer when Gary walked out of the bathroom. I almost choked on my beer as he sauntered up to the cooler wearing the tightest and shortest biker shorts I had ever laid eyes on. They were white and almost see through. Not almost, they were! I could clearly see the outline of his soft cut cock as it lay peacefully to the left side of his cupped nuts. His cock looked to be about an inch or two flaccid, but my cock grew to its full 8 " totally erect length. When he bent over to open the cooler, his ass cheeks separated and for a split second, I thought I saw his bung hole. When he stood back up, the thin material darted hungrily into his delicious looking ass cheeks revealing the utmost muscular of bubble asses no man could ever possibly be blessed with.

His chest was tanned but smooth all over. My eyes shot onto his small, yet erect, nipples. They looked like little pale pink dots that craved for someone's attention, and they certainly had mine. His belly button was not protruding out, nor did it form a hole. It looked more like a couple of little lines where one's belly button would normally be. No hair guarded the area around his lower stomach, nor did he have a goody trail leading down to his shorts. As he flopped on the bed beside me, my eyes traveled to his thighs. They were kind of thin, but offset with muscular features that showed no signs of hair growth. The only hair I could visually detect on his body was on his lower shins. They were so light, it looked as if they were nothing more than peach fuzz with just a sparse hair growth here and there. Taking a sip of his beer, Gary smacked his lips and angelically whispered, "Ah yeah, this feels better!"

The longer I stared at him, it seemed the harder my cock became. I could literally feel the pool of pre cum soak through my boxer shorts. Though I was 17 and Gary was 18, it was I who looked much older and him looking much, much younger. Finally, I decided I needed to take a shower and just as I was fixing to open the bathroom door, Gary laughingly yelled out, "Don't go and jack-off!" I smiled and took my shower. My cock bounced and jerked the entire time while I was showering off and I decided, (not thinking) to wear just my boxer's.

I walked out and saw Gary had changed his position on the bed. He was leaning against the headboard with his heels almost touching his ass, knees arched high in the air. Just as I walked passed him, I stole a shot of his balls as they easily separated and was all bunched up inside the tight material. They looked sort of small, but appetizing now more than ever. I wanted so desperately to crawl between his tanned hairless thighs and devour him from head to toe, to taste my first cock and sample his beloved sperm. I crawled up next to him and we just sat there watching television and continued our drinking. He was so slender that his stomach was rippling with muscles and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was watching the movie and I was straining my eyes to cover his entire body. As careful as I was, the alcohol had certainly taken its effect on me. My cock was harder than steel and wearing just my boxer's left nothing to the imagination. My shorts were tented thanks to my twitching erection.

His voice startled me when he teasingly whispered, "Damn Shawn, you got a boner!" My only response was, "I can't help it." After a couple of more beers I became a little more braver and popped a question, "Gary, you ever had a blow-job?" His eyes never left the TV as he softly replied, "Yeah, a couple of times, but those girls only sucked my dick for a couple of minutes then wanted me to fuck them. It really sucked cause I ate their pussy for a long time." He looked at me with those intoxicating eyes and asked, "How about you? You ever had your dick sucked?" I felt like telling him a lie, but the truth came rifling out, "No, I haven't found the right person yet." His attitude became more electric as he shifted his body and said, "Damn Shawn, I'd have figured you would have fucked plenty of girls by now. I aint no faggot, but shit dude, from the looks of your shorts, you got a pretty big dick!" My eyes burned from straining them to the focus of my undivided attention, his flaccid outlined cock.

This was the closest I had ever came to being with a guy in anything remotely close to gay sex and I didn't want to screw this up, especially with someone as astonishingly beautiful as Gary Clark. Almost swallowing my tongue, I nervously blurted out, "Damn Gary, I'd have figured you would have people begging you to let them suck your dick!" His head rolled over to the left and our eyes met as he innocently asked, "Why would you figure that?" I knew what I wanted to say, but took a few seconds to reply, "I don't know. I mean, you are very good-looking and all, and I just figured that people would want to do that for you, that's all." I could tell he was pondering over my response and my inhaling nose began working overtime breathing in his freshly showered aroma. Without saying a word, Gary slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom with my eyes getting sea sick from watching his muscular buns gracefully wave up and down with each stride.

I had read a lot of gay stories and watched my fair share of gay videos while stroking my meat and had my own ideas of what all I wanted to experience. Prior to us getting a room, I had purchased a tube of lube from one of the adult stores in town and had hid it inside my carrying bag just in case. I already knew I wanted to taste Gary's sperm and even questioned my own bravery as to if the opportunity presented itself to swab his butt hole with my virgin tongue. Still, in my own perverse way of thinking, I honestly thought Gary was incapable of taking a dump. He was just too damn HOT to do anything like that. The more I thought of gay activities with Gary, the more pre cum my cock spewed out. It was twitching like crazy as if it were going into a fit of convulsions as Gary hopped back up onto the bed and lay beside me.

My body shook with violent surges of electricity as his left leg rested next to mine. My heart pounded and my head swam with confusion and alcohol. I wanted to tell him everything, but I had enough sense to remain silent and only wish. Gary spoke, "Shawn, you are so lucky to have all that hair on your chest. I couldn't grow hair on mine if I planted seeds." His hands roamed his chest freely as he spoke. With torrid thoughts scrambling my brain and the heat from his silky smooth leg burning my inner soul, I stupidly said, "Yeah, but I'm not the one who looks like they don't take a shit!" Just after I spoke, I realized what I had blurted out. Gary chuckled and with the most serious look on his gorgeous face, asked, "What in the hell do you mean by that?" Thanks to my stupidity, I had been busted and had no clue as to how to respond to his question. Apparently, I was taking to much time in answering him, cause he said, "Well..." Clearing my throat, I trembled with fear as I said, "Well uh, nothing really. I, I just thought that some people would think, thanks to your looks, that uh, you uh, you don't take a shit, okay." The more I spoke, the more foot I kept sticking in my mouth.

Gary adjusted his body and softly asked, "You keep saying people, but what I want to know is what you think. So, tell me what it is you are thinking?" Biting my lips and searching for the words, but nothing proper came to my mind as I deliriously spoke, "I didn't mean nothing by what I said. I think you are very good-looking and would never have a problem finding a date. You are the kind of guy who could walk into a bar and pick anyone you want to have sex with and they would be more than honored to oblige you in anyway." I could feel his eyes on me though I was looking down and away from him. He didn't respond, nor did he offer any kind of statement. We both opened a fresh beer and Gary activated the water into the Jacuzzi as I lay on the bed studying his every move.

As soon as the water level was just right, Gary cut on the jets and looked at me and asked, "Are you coming in? There's no sense in us wasting the opportunity to enjoy the Jacuzzi." My heart raced as I slid to the side of the bed. When I turned back around, as my luck would have it, Gary was already in the Jacuzzi and I knew he was naked cause his shorts was laying on the floor. His eyes were looking straight at me and I was caught in a dilemma as to wear my boxer's or simply slip out of them. My cock was as rigid as a piece of steel and Gary must have felt my trauma as he eagerly stated, "Come on Shawn, take your fucking boxer's off and get in. This thing feels great!" I slid my boxer's off and my cock slapped at the air as it sprang forward. Standing straight out from my body with a downward arch, it twitched at the new found freedom. To my surprise, Gary playfully said, "Holy shit dude, you got a fucking cannon, not a dick!" He was right. The water and jets felt great. He had poured some bubbles in the water and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't see below his neck line. We were sitting opposite of each other and we both sipped on our beers.

We had been resting in the soothing water for about five minutes when Gary said, "Hey man, how about cutting on the TV and let's see what's playing." The remote control was on the ledge behind me and I stretched to retrieve it. While I was doing so, Gary slid over next to me so we both could watch whatever was on. I hit the power button and almost fainted as a porn movie was just getting into the first scene. It wasn't just a regular porn, it was a bisexual one. The first scene showed some guy eating this lady out and there was another guy kneeling behind the guy who was eating the woman, eating his asshole like tomorrow would never come. I really didn't care about watching the one guy eating the lady out, but I was in total awe with the guy tongue fucking the other guy's hairy hole. Out of the corner of my left eye, I could see Gary staring at the screen and showing no signs of disgust. We were sitting so close, our bodies were pressed against the other. His right hand was resting on his right thigh, but it was also touching mine. Like a fool, I kept my hand on my chest while my right hand softly massaged my die hard cock.

Neither of us spoke and it was Gary who asked, "I got to get another beer, do you want one too?" I just nodded my head yes as my eyes lost focus with the TV screen and zeroed in on the guy next to me who was just getting ready to stand up. As his tanned muscular body slowly drifted upwards, the objects of my long awaited desires graced my eyes revealing the prettiest cock any man could ever posses. Gary was just as hard as me and his golden cock was about 6" long, kind of slender with the mushroom head slightly thicker than the shaft. Closer to the head, it arched slightly upwards and the piss slit was small, but open enough to reveal a pearl drop of pre cum. He had a small perfectly shaped V light blondish pubic patch set off by two evenly shaped low hanging nuggets the size of a small egg. Even wet, I could easily see a few single strands of hair here and there on his beautiful nut sac. Taking his time, he stood in front of me and placed his hands on the side of the Jacuzzi, hiking his right leg up and over the edge. By doing so, his perfect ass cheeks separated, leaving me a direct shot at his almost transparent asshole. I could see that his tiny hole had just a few little light blond hairs just around the hole and nothing running up and down his slender crack. Even his butt was tanned and it looked like his butt hole was just a dot with the same tanned coloration.

Gary got our beers and re-entered the Jacuzzi, still sporting one gorgeous hard-on. The only words that seem to have fallen out of my mouth were, "Shit Gary, you got a real nice cock too!" He handed me my beer then said, "It's okay I guess, but I seem to be able to produce more pre cum than most people can shoot a built up load. The damn things leaks constantly regardless if it's hard or soft. I don't know about you, but when I bust a nut, I shoot gallons of shit everywhere." The more he talked, the more absorbed I became in listening and looking at his perfectly structured physique, as well as pre cum dripping hard cock. He sank back into the warm water, resting his body ever so close next to mine. Neither of us spoke as we watched the porno flick before us. The next two guys were in a 69 position and some lady was stabbing the guy on top with her tongue in and out of his spread ass cheeks. Within 30 minutes, the jet shooting water took its toll on us and we both agreed it was time to exit the Jacuzzi.

We lay on the bed flat on our backs next to each other, neither of us putting any clothes back on. Gary's hard cock was pointing straight at his chin and a thick line of pre cum was stringing its way from his open piss slit to his smooth muscle toned stomach. I had my own fare share of pre cum forming up on my stomach as well. The porn movie was still playing and I watched with one eye ensuring the other eye was on Gary's quivering pre cum spewing cock. Gary broke our silence by saying, "Man, I sure would love to have my dick sucked on right about now. We need to go to Court St. and get us a prostitute or something." I thought to myself, fuck the prostitute. I'd have willingly and lovingly slammed my mouth on his golden rod if only he would only give me the chance. I simply responded, "Fuck the prostitute! I'm not paying someone to suck my dick. I would just as soon jack-off before I pay anyone to do that." Gary lay silent and not a single word was said.

The movie played another hour or so and when we saw the one guy with the cock from hell start to fuck the other guy fast and furious, I accidentally said out loud, "Boy, I know he's got to be in a lot of pain having that big fat cock rooting his asshole like that." Gary eagerly replied, "What pain? The guy seems to be enjoying himself! The guy getting fucked has got the best of both worlds. Not only is he getting his asshole fucked hard, but the girl is sucking his cock too! Fuck yeah man, this is a hot scene!" I asked the question before thinking once again, "Gary, you ever thought about a dick going up your ass before?" A look of shock came over his face and now it was his turn to ponder the question at hand. When he spoke, his voice was soft but very nervous, "I, I have only been with two girls and they really didn't do a lot for me. I busted a nut, but I really wasn't into it if you know what I mean. I guess I was looking for something more, but didn't get it. In fact, in order for me to fuck them, I had to actually pretend that the girls where somebody else." Before I had a chance to say anything, Gary's next question floored me, "Shawn, be totally honest with me. When you jack-off, what kind of person do you fantasize about?"

With that question, he had me. Before I was able to speak, Gary offered the final question, "Better yet, I'll make it easy for you. The last time you jacked-off, who did you jack-off about?" Whether it was the alcohol, hungry for affection, or just plain fed up with this whole game, I simply said, "You, it was you who I jacked-off thinking about." I could feel the water in my eyes begin to build not knowing what his reaction would be. The truth was finally out and now he would know I was gay, to which at this time in the Corps, was strictly taboo. We lay there for nearly three minutes, but it felt like more of a prolonged eternity for me, without a word being said. Gary angelically asked, "So, you are gay, right?" Unable to offer any speech, I shook my head in agreement. Another minute or so passed, then Gary quickly uttered, "Me too!" The shock of me telling him the truth was conquered by the fact that he was just as gay as I was, but a hell of a lot more prettier than I could have ever have been. All I could say was, "Really?" Gary smiled his beautiful smiling revealing his abnormally perfect white teeth, then added, "Since we're being honest with each other, do you think that this whole night, must less weekend was just a coincidence? We got this suite because I had everything prearranged with the hotel management. Shit, I even went out and bought this movie and paid the clerk to put it in the VCR and placed the remote control where I had pre planned for you to sit in the Jacuzzi, so when you hit the power button, the movie was already ready to play. Damn Shawn, I wanted to crawl inside your pants the first day I met you. Fuck me, I even watched you take a shower every night! I'm a sneaky fuck and I know it, but you're the kind of guy I've always wanted to have sex with. And before you ask, I have never done anything with a guy before. Now, I've just told you everything, the entire fucking truth!"

Laying on my back, absorbing his every word while concentrating on his river of pre cum and his throbbing erection, Gary made the first move by rolling on top of me while straddling his silky smooth legs on either side of mine. His face, his lips, were within a fraction of an inch from my own and his breath beaded down on my nostrils causing them to flare and inhale his intoxicating inner aroma. Both of his hands tenderly unfolded through my chest hairs as my own hands became overwhelmed with the silky texture of his smooth tanned back. Lost in passion, absent of thought, our lips met for the first time. As our tongues battled one another for entry, my cock head danced inside his smooth, almost hairless, crack. His tongue was like a snake as it slid inside my mouth and my tongue was drunk with lust swimming around inside his fiery hot mouth. The faint sounds from the porn flick still playing were being drowned out from our own moans and groans.

My hands slid down his back and gently glided over his two muscular smooth mounds of his small firm ass. The soft delicate touches of his fingertips coursing their way on my chest, through the hair, set my loins on fire, driving me delirious with lust. My fingers slid from his smooth mounds and into the slender crevice of his crack, at which point, his beloved dot of an asshole graced my finger tips with its presence. Gary groaned loudly as my fingers toyed with his asshole and our tongues locked into a bitter, but loving, battle. It was like looking past the stars, straight into the graceful gates of Heaven, as his eyes shuttered opened and closed as our lips sealed themselves onto one another. Everything about Gary burned my body; his touches, the texture of his smooth flesh, his darting tongue, his wonderful body aroma, and his piercing hot breath.

Our heads turned as our tongues splattered inside the other's more than willing mouth. Our hands roamed the other's body freely and our echoes of moans danced throughout the room. My fingertips were unable to remove their touches from his delicate and miniature bung hole. The harder I pressed against it, the louder Gary moaned into my mouth. My own cock throbbed against his crack as if seeking oxygen from a life support system. I could only feel his hard cock and his warm pre cum as it pressed against our stomachs, leaving a trail of his pre cum smeared all over my stomach hair. Whatever fear, inhibitions, or inquisitive thoughts I once endured, no longer dwelled deep within my mind. Being with this perfect form of a man left me free from all doubts and I already knew that there wasn't anything I wouldn't do to ensure that his every pleasure would not be worshipped.

The lips that once sealed tightly over the other, broke their devastating seal and soon our tongues and kisses roamed the other's face like a swirling river. My tongue dove into his left ear and Gary moaned louder than ever as it plunged deep inside his super tasty ear. I felt his body shaking and my fingers still ravished his dry, but tightly sealed butt hole. I kissed, licked and nibbled all over his neck and throat area, ensuring not to miss a single tasty spot.

Using my strength, I rolled Gary onto his back, with me on top and his legs securely wrapped around my hips. His eyes were dazzling and sparkled from passion as I moved slowly down to his chest where my lips enclosed over his tiny erect right nipple. Gary's breathing was heavy and became even more heavier as I lightly bit on his nipple while increasing the sucking pressure. My tongue stabbed at the very tip causing Gary to groan while his body trembled in sheer delight. I pleasingly worked both erect nipples making sure to spend equal time on both of them. At one point, some might consider sick or abnormal, but I sneakily placed my fingertips up to my nose to inhale the fragrance of my fingers that had just been toying with his asshole. Renewed energy raced through my veins as the aroma shot through my inhaling nostrils. The fragrance was in no way foul, but was more like an animalistic aphrodisiac that caused my heart to flutter with convulsions. If the alcohol I consumed didn't get me drunk, the smell of his hot little butt hole did!

My tongue swam all over his chest, extending down to his rippled stomach. The closer I got to his pulsating cock, the more dizzier I became with lust. I stabbed at his transparent belly button while caressing his legs with my hand. The soft down of peach fuzz tingled my fingers and his innocent moans rifled through my ears. Looking down at the area just below his belly button, my eyes gazed upon the overwhelmingly large puddle of pre cum. His hard cock pressed against the left side of my face sending chills racing up and down my spine. The curiosity of his taste, the divine knowledge of tasting Gary's pre cum ravished my every thought. Using my tongue like a farmer's shovel, I scooped up the sticky slick substance and anxiously brought my tongue and his pre cum back into my mouth. Like fireworks shooting off inside my mouth, my every taste gland awoke. It wasn't salty by no means, but thick and sweet. I licked up the large puddle like a thirsty dog and the more of his pre honey I tasted, the crazier I became with desire.

Slightly turning my head to the left allowed me to soon get my first taste of cock, and what a cock he had. It was gorgeous in every way with only one vein running along the shaft on its underside. Electricity shocked my body as his precious cock entered my mouth for the first time. My tongue was immediately rewarded with more pre cum. This time, it was fresh from the source. Gary cried out as my mouth sank further down on his hard love pole. His hips instinctively shot upwards, driving the remainder all the way into my mouth. Unfortunately, I gagged a couple of times, but I soon found that I was more than capable of swallowing his perfect hard cock. His sparsely hair covered balls flopped against my chin as he arched his hips and my head bobbed up and down on his joy stick filled with pure honey. The soft angelic sounds piping out of his mouth drove me insane only making me want to please him that much more.

Gary screamed, "Oh fuck Shawn, oh shit, shit, suck it baby, suck my dick!" The tempo of my head bobbing up and down on his fuck stick increased as so did the pressure of my sucking. Upon each upwards rise of my head, my tongue swirled around his cock head and lovingly cleaned his pre cum from his gaping piss slit. His hands grasped the side of my head while his hips arched up and down, driving his hard cock in and out of my bobbing mouth. My right hand reached up his muscular stomach and onto his smooth chest where my fingertips tweaked each nipple. This only increased Gary's bucking motioned while his breathing became even more erratic. My left hand reached under and cupped his bouncing balls while one finger pressed against his puckering asshole. Somewhere in time, Gary used his hands to raise my sucking mouth off of his cock. While panting heavily, he said, "I, I was getting close!" My tongue slid the length down his hard cock and soon began drawing circles all over his small, but absolutely delicious balls. Opening my mouth, both of his balls easily fell into my mouth forcing Gary to explode with groans and moans.

His slender, but muscular legs spread even wider and he took turns biting his arms and slapping the mattress. I watched his cock twitch and jerk while I slow baked his balls inside my oven like mouth. My tongue slid all over his nuts, under and over. Gary's hot little body jerked and shook violently. The fragrance steaming from under his balls was slightly musky, but it controlled my every emotion, forcing me to relinquish his sweet balls and shove both of his legs high up in the air. It took very little doing, but soon, I had Gary's knees pushed back beyond his ears leaving his perfect ass jutting up towards the ceiling. Our eyes met as I lowered my head to the object that was secretly luring me into its web. Gary's arms wrapped around his legs, holding them in place as my tongue slipped out of my mouth and struck his creamy rose bud. As soon as my tongue hit his asshole, Gary screamed, "Oh my God, Shawn, Shawn, oh fuck yes, oh shit!" His eyes closed and his upper teeth clamped down on his lower lip as my tongue embellished upon his sweet aromatic asshole.

My first taste of ass was ever so rewarding and it only increased my impression that Gary was incapable of taking a shit like everyone else. The more I swabbed his delicate hole, the urge to make love to it increased, not just licking it, but I wanted to shove my raging boner deep within the realm of its pure darkness. Both of my hands held each of Gary's ass cheek, and as I became delirious with lust, so did the pressure of my stabbing tongue. Like on a miracle offered by the heavens above, his sealed bung hole opened slightly and my tongue stealthily snaked its way inside his beloved chamber. Gary groaned as my tongue slipped and shoveled its way deeper and deeper inside his hot untouched virgin hole. His body shook violently as if he were going into a seizure of some sorts. The muscles inside his hot little bung hole coiled around my penetrating tongue acting as if it were a hungry python. His eyes held me into their sexual trance as my tongue pillaged and fucked his sweet tasting asshole. His mouth formed a perfect circle as he pushed the oxygen right out of him, blowing his sweet hot breath straight into my face.

Not worrying about time, I dined on his delicious asshole for quite some time. Using my thumb, I slipped it inside his asshole while my tongue swam across his balls. My right hand guided his cock up to my mouth where I eagerly sucked the pre cum right out of his wide open pre cum spewing piss slit. The pressure on my thumb inside his butt hole was awesome, as well as the fiery heat completely surrounding it. With his every move, the muscles inside his ass strangled my thumb and his cock pulsated in my bobbing mouth, gushing out more of his sweet pre cum. The words easily flowing from his panting mouth were not ones from the English language. The taste and feeling I absorbed coming from his body was beyond any description known to mankind.

Once again, Gary used his hands to stop me from sucking the precious nectar that I knew would soon blow out from his hard cock and straight into my mouth. I already knew that when the time came, I would show no hesitation in holding his cock inside my mouth while he delivered his body shuttering orgasm. But, it was Gary who wanted to prolong the inevitable. I slipped my thumb from his asshole once again and replaced it ever so happily with my ass digging tongue. My right hand fell onto his throbbing erection and moved ever so gracefully up and down on the silk like flesh while superbly dining on his mind boggling sweet tasting asshole.

I had repeated this process many times until Gary shifted his body to the side and my heart almost stopped as his mouth encircled over my erect aching cock. Just the fact that this was my first blow-job, and the absolute fact that the mouth on my cock belonged to Gary, I almost shot my load immediately. Now, we were both laying on our side with each others hard cock slipping in and out of the others greedy mouth. The slurping noises from our mouths filled the room, as well as both of our moaning and groans. I wanted to see his asshole once again, so I used my strength and rolled onto my back, keeping both of our cocks in the others mouth. Gary began fucking my mouth while both of my hands grabbed his smooth ass and spread his muscular cheeks wide apart, revealing the tasty treat that hid so well between the slender crevice. His hands kneaded my balls while his mouth milked on about five or so inches of my thick hard cock. I could feel his saliva dripping down my shaft, but it was the heat from his mouth that was cooking my cock with the utmost of pleasures.

His cock was rifling in and out of my mouth at a rampant speed when he jerked his body upwards, sending his cock free from my sucking mouth. His mouth was still sucking on my cock when I reached up and forced his ass onto my face. My tongue wasted no time in plunging through the sealed entrance and snaking its way up the hot dark tunnel that up until now, had never been charted. With my tongue filling his asshole, Gary's mouth increased its pace as well as its suction on my soon to be sperm shooting cock. I was getting really close, and it was though Gary sensed it, cause he let my cock fall free from his mouth and it immediately fell onto one of my over sized nuts. His tongue splashed around, first the right one, then the left one. Only my right ball was in his mouth, but he took turns putting one, then the other inside his hot little mouth. The action on my balls caused my own tongue to pillage and plunder inside his sweet asshole like an alcoholic locked inside a brewery all by himself.

While sucking and licking my balls, Gary managed to hook my legs under his arms and sort of raised them upwards, exposing my never before seen by another man, other than a doctor, asshole. When I felt his tongue slither between my ass crack, my tongue inside his ass went into spermatic convulsions. Now I know what Gary had felt when I tongued his hot asshole. My brain was sending all sorts of mixed signals throughout my body causing shock waves to roll like a violent ocean. I felt his pointy fingers spread my cheeks wider and felt his tongue invade my asshole like a hot poker melting flesh. The stab of shocked pain was overwhelmed by instant gratification as his slippery tongue slid deeper and deeper into the depths of my bowels. His ass was rocking back and forth, grinding my tongue with his anal muscles while smashing my nose with his slender gorgeous crack. The moans of shattered joys were muffled, only sending the echoes into the others tongue fucked asshole.

Sometime later, after eating each others asshole and sucking our cocks, Gary slid off the bed and angelically whispered, "Lean your head off the bed!" I turned my body sideways while on my back, leaned my head off the bed, looked straight up at Gary and his magnificent erect cock. Gary turned around placing his ass above my face and squatted. My tongue slid easily up his saliva soaked asshole. Reaching around him, I latched onto his pre cum covered cock and began jerking his wonderful meat ever so teasingly slowly. Gary reached back with both hands and tore at his ass crack, spreading his cheeks to its widest point without tearing the flesh off. His angelic voice sounded, "Oh fuck yes, yes Shawn, eat my asshole, Oh God yes, your tongue, your hot fucking tongue, fuck yes, I, I fucking feel it!" The more he spoke, the harder I slammed my tongue further and further, twisting and contorting, up his super sweet and extra tight chute.

I had been happily tongue fucking his ass while jerking his meat and Gary had to stop my hand on his cock several times. A little while later, Gary groaned while saying, "Ah man, fuck, I want to fuck your face!" He stood up leaving my baked tongue exposed to the air in the room, turned around and pushed his cock downwards and into my anxiously awaiting mouth. His right knee came up beside the right side of my head while his hips forced his hard cock in and out of my mouth at a record shattering pace. Gary's balls slapped my forehead and rolled off my nose upon each forceful thrust. I was in Heaven getting face fucked by such a gorgeous guy with the most incredible cock in the world.

Gary continued his fast rhythm and I heard him yell, "Damn, damn, I'm, I'm, ahhhhhh!" I felt his cock expand to a greater width and my mouth was feeling jets upon fiery hot jets of his thick sperm as it torpedoed out of his swelling cock and landing directly into my mouth. There must have been eight to ten thick hot jets before his sperm subsided to a steady and constant flow. My mouth held his thick sperm awaiting for him to finish dumping his seed. Just when I thought his sperm was diminishing, several more thick bursts of sperm torpedoes shot out of his unbelievable cock. Leaving me without an option, I tasted my first ever sperm cell. As the first little bit trickled down my throat, I knew right then in there, without a doubt, I was and for ever more be, a spermaholic. The taste was five star rated with only a trace of salt mixed in with his pure honey ingredients. I sucked and swallowed, begging for more of his hot thick sperm. Gary pumped his cock in and out of my mouth until the last of his candy coated seed fell free. Like the greedy cock sucker I had become, I held his hastily softening cock inside my mouth, doing everything imaginable to resuscitate it.

He was gasping for precious oxygen and trembling from head to toe as I slurped away on his soft morsel of sweet meat. Gary pulled his meat from my mouth and almost collapsed on top of me. His hot little mouth began working hastily on my steel like cock, bobbing up and down at a blistering speed. His hands coiled around my balls and squeezed ever so gently while massaging them to the edge of the boiling point. I fought with every ounce of strength within my body as to not bust my massive load. Gary's perfect ass was hunched up near my face with his knees closest to my shoulders. His little dot of a butt hole glistened from my saliva and just the mere sight forced my face closer and closer the glistening ring. He was sucking my dick and I was eating his asshole showing no mercy as my tongue disappeared inside and began swirling around, stabbing his muscular anal walls, diving to its deepest depth. The mouth on my cock brought me to the edge and I tried to scream out, but only the vibrations shot inside his fiery hot asshole causing Gary to slam his little mouth harder onto my throbbing cock. Blast after blast shot into his hot mouth and all I could do was tongue fuck his sweet asshole like a pile driver out of control. Gary gagged a couple of times, but I could vaguely hear his gulping as he was doing his best at swallowing my heavy load.

What felt like hours later, but was only several seconds, my cock fell limp inside his sucking mouth. With no sperm to offer, Gary rolled to his side and rested his gorgeous head on the pillow. Using what little energy I could muster, I lay next to him. Both of us were heaving for air, laying side by side, naked as the day we were born. We must have stayed like that for about fifteen or so minutes when Gary scooted off the bed on wobbly knees and headed for the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom, I got off the bed and retrieved the bottle of lubricant and placed it under my pillow. I wanting nothing more than to feel my cock sink into his fiery anal depths while lost in bliss at his total beauty. Gary returned and I went to bathroom. Upon my return, I lay next to him on his left side. We just lay there without uttering a single word.

Our cock were still somewhat lifeless when Gary asked, "Shawn, will you get up and sit on my face?" Not saying a word, I climbed up onto the bed, facing the headboard and slowly squatted. Gary's hands grabbed my hips and I lost it when his tongue slammed straight up my asshole. I felt his tongue slither in and out and really felt it when he stuck a finger up my butt alongside his stabbing tongue. Without even realizing it, I soon found myself humping up and down on his tongue and finger. My hole burned slightly from the mixture of finger and tongue, but it burned somewhat pleasingly. Gary slid out from under me while pulling my hips toward him. I was now in a doggie-style position with him fingering and tongue fucking me like a mad man. To my surprise, Gary began slapping my ass cheek, first kind of soft, but soon graduated to some hard and heavy slaps. The stinging on my cheeks and his finger and tongue up my hole sent my brain swirling with mixed feelings.

My head was placed on the mattress with my forehead pressing hard into it. He removed his finger, but kept his tongue up my chute. The exit of his finger felt kind of good, but that feeling was only temporary. His tongue was shooting in and out while his hands dug into my cheeks, spreading them wider than ever. A short time later, Gary withdrew his tongue and I felt his left hand slap and dig into my left ass cheek. Before I knew what was happening behind me, I felt the head of Gary's hard cock stab at my asshole. Just as I was about to stretch my neck sideways to see what was going on, I felt the head rip into my anal canal, sliding all the way to his soft down of pubic hair. It felt like a hot poker iron had been shoved up my asshole, burning all that it came in contact with. I bit hard into the mattress as Gary began fucking my shocked ass for all that he was worth. I know I was grunting and tears of pain flowed freely from my tightly sealed eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as I thought my ass was being pried open from the inside out. Upon each of his ravishing thrusts, the air inside my lungs shot out of my mouth with a vengeance.

His hands latched onto my hips and he began pulling me backwards while pounding his cock at an increasing pace. The pain kind of died down when I heard him speak, "Fuck yeah Shawn, take my cock, feel that mother fucker in your ass, ah yes, shit yeah man, oh fuck your ass is tight, yes, yes, fucking A dude, fuck YES!" Not only could I hear the words he spoke, but the thud of flesh striking flesh echoed off the walls. He began spanking my ass cheeks while driving his hard cock harder and harder into my once virgin hole. The pain that once tore through my body departed and I soon found myself aiding his pounding by thrusting backwards, greeting his every entrance. My cock grew to its hardest state while his cock felt like a piece of metal grinding its way up my anal highway. Between the fact of having his cock up my ass and his hands slapping my ass cheeks, I felt like I had died and gone straight to Heaven. Gary mixed up his pace periodically, but never once completely stopped.

After quite some time, I found myself laying on my left side with my right knee pressed against my chest and Gary was on his knees slamming his cock harder than ever up my bewildered chute. The only thing I could do was tense up my ass muscles while holding my right ass cheek apart for an easier entry. Gary pounded my ass for a rather long time before he held his cock in me and turned me on my back. I am not anywhere near as flexible as Gary, but my knees were grinding into the mattress on either side of my ear. With each stabbing thrust, I felt his hard cock go deeper and wider than ever before. Just looking into his contorting face brought me to ecstasy. His natural beauty along with everything about him left me filled with sexual anxiety. He continued talking while plowing my ass good and proper until I felt his cock expand and a loud grunt escaped his moist lips. Blast after fiery hot thick blast shot deep into my anal canal. With each spurt of his sweet sperm, Gary dug his cock into my ass harder and further. His hands ripped into my chest while he was spewing his thick load, shot after thick shot. He was whimpering while grunting and all I could do was manage a constant and steady groan. His hot sperm filling my anal canal was simply soothing. With the last of his seed clinging to my anal canal, Gary withdrew his still hard cock and a rush of cool air shot up my recently fucked asshole.

Gary lay next to me heaving for air and I lay next to him feeling a little bit empty, void of his wonderful cock. Not a single word was said as Gary slid off the bed and retrieved his overnight bag and placed it at the foot of the bed. After unzipping the bag, his precious face turned at me and I clearly observed somewhat of an evil grin overcome his gorgeous face. He scooted himself towards my face, placing his left foot on the bed nest to my left side, keeping his right knee impaling the mattress next to my right shoulder. His face was facing my feet when he lowered his mouth and began sucking aggressively on my raging boner. My eyes stared at the scenery before me. His glistening asshole shining brilliantly and his small low hanging balls dancing back and forth at will. Gary's mouth was a more than welcoming feeling on my cock as I placed my left hand on his back and began enjoying the silky smooth texture of his tanned vibrant skin. While sucking my cock, Gary used his hands to spread my legs wider, keeping my knees arched in the air. Reaching back under my pillow, I retrieved the bottle of lubricant and poured some onto my right hand. Once my fingers were very well greased up, I began drawing miniature circles on his puckered tight asshole.

He was cooing and I was groaning and my index finger had toyed with his beautiful asshole to the point it had slid just barely inside his anal treat. I was trying to be careful, but it was Gary who pushed back on my finger, sliding it all the way to the last knuckle up his extremely tight anal chute. At this point, I really didn't have to do anything because it was Gary who was fucking his ass onto my stretched finger. Timing his rhythm, I placed my middle finger against his asshole and when he shoved his ass back down on the finger that was already inside him, the second finger dove in. He let out a loud groan as the second finger fought its way deep inside him. His anal muscles felt like they were trying to crush my anal invading fingers and the oven inside his ass felt as though the flesh of my fingers were being cooked on an open fire. He began gyrating his hips in unison as he slammed his ass up and down and back and forth on my fingers. In less than a couple of minutes, my ring finger joined the companionship of my two other fingers. He was groaning and whimpering upon each thrust and his mouth was making wonderful slurping noises on my throbbing cock.

With three fingers being choked and cooked alive inside his anal highway, Gary began fingering my cum filled asshole while increasing his speed on my cock. His fingers burned a bit, but he soon removed his fingers and began fumbling with something that was out of my line of vision. He held his mouth on my cock, stopping his bobbing motion and I quickly discovered a tremendous pain as a foreign object slowly sank inside my ass. The pain was intense and I know I had screamed out, but more of the intruder plunged deeper and definitely wider. Whatever he was putting up my ass was way thicker than his own cock and it felt like it was as twice as long as well. My breath was being stolen away as the object twisted and turned, snaking its way all the way inside me to where I thought it passed my anal canal and was digging somewhere inside my stomach. Apparently, he had reached the point that whatever the object was he was using had reached its mark, so he began slowly withdrawing it and slowly reinserting it at a steady pace while continuing his cock sucking adventure.

My body felt numb and Gary started bouncing his ass on my fingers lodged deep inside his butt hole. Stretching my pinky finger, it shot up his ass upon his downward stroke. Gary arched his back while letting out one long continuous groan. His body shook violently as four of my fingers spread his anal canal wide and began clawing their way to unknown depths. The fingers on my left hand dug sharply into his back while my head was spinning in total confusion, lost somewhere between pain and ecstasy. Gary began hastily shoving the foreign object in and out of my ass showing no signs of mercy while slurping away at my straining cock. My breathing had become more than difficult when all of a sudden my cock exploded. Even my own orgasm caught me by surprise as sperm balls after sperm balls flew out of my cock and into his hot little mouth. The more sperm I delivered, the more he increased his whimpering. His anal muscles really clamped down on my fingers while he quickly began drinking my sperm.

Gary greedily slurped the remaining of my powerful seed down his thirsty throat, grinding his hot butt on my anal invading fingers while continuing shoving that foreign object in and out of my ass at a mind blistering speed. Although the room was cool from the air-conditioning, both Gary and I were sweating profusely. His back glistened from his sweat and I could literally see beads of sweat slipping between his spread ass crack. Though my cock was spent from delivering anymore sperm, Gary sucked it like the last lollipop on earth, keeping my semi hard cock inside his amazing mouth. As his mouth worked on my cock, he began withdrawing the foreign object that was deep within my anal chamber. As the thing slipped free from my butt, I saw it for the first time as Gary just sort of placed it on the bed, away from both of us. The thing looked like a cock, but it was thick and pitch black with two make believe balls at the very base. It must have been at least 10" long, very veiny and super thick. My ass felt somewhat relieved that the giant poker was on the bed now and not still in my ass.

He had sucked life back into my aching cock to my own disbelief. Gary was still humping my fingers with his sweaty ass while cooing and whimpering the entire time. I felt him pour some lube onto his hand and he slipped his mouth off of my cock and began greasing up my cock. The look on his face as he stretched his head sideways to look at me was absolutely priceless. His eyes were glassy and his voice was pure angelic as he softly whispered, "Fuck Shawn, oh yes, I got to feel this mother fucker inside me!" As he lifted his body, my fingers fell free from its tight anal clutches and almost instantly, his little asshole returned to its almost non existent form. Quickly, he spun around facing me and placed his right leg over my body. While or eyes made contact, Gary was squatting, flat on his feet, reached behind him and took a good hold on my cock and placed it against his little pucker hole.

Several attempts were made, but all my cock would do was slip up and down his precious crack. I raised my right hand up and gently began jerking his rock hard boner as he continued to use my cock to pry his tight love chamber open. His balls were flaying all over as Gary grunted one last time and both he and I knew that the head of my cock pierced his anal opening. Gary bit his lip as the head dove in while his gorgeous face twisted and contorted, thanks to the new found pain never before experienced. Gary literally had tears sprouting from the corner of each eye and he soon began shouting things like, "Oh shit, fuck, it hurts, it fucking hurts!" He was doing his best to sit on my cock as I began slowly raising my hips. With each fraction of an inch spreading his anal chamber wider than he had ever felt before, Gary grunted and screamed with each penetrating inch.

With all the resilience like a gladiator in battle, Gary slowly, but painfully, managed to impale his glorious asshole onto my rock hard asshole penetrating cock. His firm ass cheeks squashed onto my thighs while he tossed his head back in a triumphant glory. His body jerked and convulsed as he began a slow journey up and down on my thick shaft. Both of his hands rested firmly on my chest and just watching him perform his anal ballet was beyond priceless. The heat burning from within his hot dark chamber was unbelievable as well as the constricting muscles biting at my cock. I began arching my hips in unison with his rhythm and it wasn't too long before Gary started bouncing on my cock like a crazed mad man. The tightness from his ass felt as though it was pulling the skin right off of my boner upon each and every upward thrust.

Every single inch of my cock was impaling his asshole and Gary leaned his upper body closer to me and our tongues started slapping one another feverishly. His heavy panting danced inside my open mouth while my hands roamed his ass cheeks, spreading them wider than ever before. I could feel his pre cum as it dripped all over my stomach as our deep kissing became more intense while matching his every thrust, using my hips to drive my cock harder and harder up his tight ass. Gary soon tired and it was I who was using his own little body to slam my meat fast and furiously in and out of his backdoor.

Desiring a new position, Gary raised his hips and my glistening cock looked increasingly angered as it slowly appeared into my view. On wobbly legs, Gary slid off of the bed and walked over to the night stand. Not knowing what he was fixing to do, I lay on my back and watched with the fullest of intentions. After placing the one night stand where he wanted it, he walked over and slid the other night stand a few feet opposite of the first one. A look of excitement crossed his face as he placed one knee on one night stand, then the other. By the time Gary finished, he was completely straddling the night stands with the top of his head resting on the carpet offering his ass a straight shot for my cock to travel. His lower body was jutting straight at me and by this time, I was standing behind him, and his upper half was aiming towards the floor.

Taking a grip on my slippery cock, I stepped in behind him and guided my thick cock to his shiny asshole. With one slightly forceful stab, my cock began sliding up his chute. Gary was whimpering and groaning as my cock journeyed all the way up his ass while my hands found his hips and began thrusting like a bull, slamming my meat hard and heavy in and out of his extremely spread ass. The force of my thrusts were so powerful his dangling balls began slapping the underside of my withdrawing cock, then slapped his own cock upon each penetrating thrust. After having just busted a couple of nuts, the urge to shoot another load never once crossed my mind. The only thing I wanted to do at this point was to fuck this gorgeous angel all night long. The heavy sound of flesh pounding flesh echoed in the room with each and every powerful penetrating thrust. While I was tearing up his asshole, Gary was stroking his raging boner.

A long while later, Gary signaled me to stop, so I did. Backing off caused my still very hard cock to slide out of his well fucked asshole. Helping Gary as best I could, he got off the night stands and was barely able to stand on his own two feet. I was standing behind him with both my arms wrapped around his heavy breathing chest and my cock automatically slipped inside his butt cheeks. Without making the first intentional move, my dick climbed back inside the hot fiery chamber of his sore asshole where I immediately began bucking my hips, smashing my pubic hair against his trembling butt cheeks. Gary seemed lifeless as my cock repeatedly darted in and out of his hot ass. I was holding him and the back of his head was resting peacefully just under my chin. His natural intoxicating body odor, mixed with the shampoo on his hair and the musky scent of his sweat caused me to fuck him in overdrive. Upon each and every upward stroke, his breath was being knocked right out of his body.

He broke my clutches and lowered his upper body to the point that his hands were flat on the carpet. I began pounding his ass with animalistic passion, listening to the music spewing from his vocal cords. Soon enough, Gary began matching my rhythm and started driving his ass onto my invading cock. We stayed in this position for a rather long time and he periodically begged me to bust a nut, but busting a nut was the furthest thing on my mind at this point. This was my first piece of ass and I wanted to show him my thanks by fucking him like a pro. I could tell he would jerk his cock to the point that he got real close, then he backed off, but I showed no mercy in slamming my meat inside his fiery hot hole.

The more he begged for me to shoot my load, the harder I plowed his sweet ass. His legs began buckling at a more frequent pace, so I pulled my aching cock from within his bowels and Gary wasted no time by crawling onto the bed and flopping on his back. His eyes were closed and his chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace. His nude body looked like a fresh oil painting as it was shiny from his pouring sweat. Crawling between his tanned legs, using my hands, I pushed his thighs over his head to where his knees impaled the mattress on either side of his ears, just beyond his head. Before he could utter a single word, I shoved my boner all the way inside him causing Gary to let out one long and steady groan. with the weight of my larger body, I grinded and plowed his asshole with some vengeance. I wrapped the back of his head with both of my hands and held him tight while I fucked the remaining oxygen right out of him. We were both making a lot of noise as I pounded my cock deep, hard, and heavy in and out of his muscle clamping asshole.

I was covered in sweat, some my own, some of it was Gary's, but when our tongues touched, the fire burning somewhere from within my ankles unleashed, splashing tons of sperm deep inside his hot bowels. Never before had I ever experienced such an orgasm. With each thrust, bursts of sperm flew out of my cock, lining his anal walls with the thick gooey substance. It felt like my orgasm lasted for fifteen minutes or so, and as I was screaming in triumphant glory, so was Gary. His magical ass swallowed my cock and his bowels sucked the shooting sperm. The more sperm I shot, the tighter his boa like anal muscles constricted around my cock. The feeling was awesome and the orgasm was definitely powerful.

Still lodged within his bowels, my cock fell deafly asleep. Nothing more than a limp noodle, my dick sloppily slipped out of his sperm filled asshole. Both of us were heaving for air, but before Gary could lower his legs in relief, I picked up the slippery real life looking huge black cock that was still laying on the bed. The thing was longer than my own cock and nearly twice as big around. It was rubbery and veiny, but kind of rigid at all points. Before he could utter a single word, I returned the favor by shoving the massive instrument all the way up his ass while slamming my mouth onto his pre cum soaked pulsating cock. His body shuttered and jerked as the huge black cock sunk deeper and deeper into his already well fucked ass. My mouth happily absorbed his delicious pre cum while choking the hard as steel shaft. My tongue ravishingly danced all over his cock and extremely sensitive cock head. His right hand grabbed my head and held it tightly while his left hand grabbed a handful of bed sheets.

The huge black cock slammed inside his ass at a mid boggling pace and within three or so minutes, Gary's tasty, sweat and pre cum covered cock, gushed out gallons of hot, thick, creamy sperm. My mouth quickly began filling up and I had no other choice but to start drinking straight from the source. Just as delicious as his prior offerings, I greedily devoured the salt free globs of pure protein. Holding the black cock all the way inside him to where the make believe balls pressed firmly against his sweet cheeks, I began twisting and turning it while he was bucking his hips and spraying his overly heavy load into my more than willing mouth. By far, this was his biggest load of the night and probably the biggest he had ever experienced as well. Tears of joy fell from his eyes while he bit his lower lip as his deep body twitching orgasm continued.

As the last of his chewy seed entered my throat and his cock rapidly began softening, I continued to keep his precious meat safe, keeping it tucked away inside my mouth. Both of us were covered in sweat and panting as if we had just ran a three mile race. Darkness fell upon both of us and sometime the next morning, I awoke only to find his sweet peaceful sleeping cock still confined to the lodging s of my mouth. Even the make believe black cock was firmly lodged deep inside his miraculous asshole.

This was far, a weekend to remember and not to ever forget. Both Gary and I fucked and sucked all weekend long, bringing new adventures to our brand new sexual discovery.