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Jeremy stepped into the bedroom, still wet from his morning run.  Running always made him horny but this morning, for some reason, his hormones were pumping thickly in his blood.  Maybe it was because the rain had caught him halfway home, the sweet smelling water falling from the spring dawn, mingling with his sweat, soaking his t-shirt and shorts.  As he looked at Brandon, still tangled in the sheet, lying face down, arm outstretched as if unconsciously groping for Jeremy’s body, Jeremy felt his own cock pulse.

He pulled his t-shirt over his head and shucked off his shorts and boxer briefs, toeing off his running shoes as he walked to the bed.  Propping himself up on an elbow, Jeremy lay beside Brian, running his hand over the boy’s hot skin, feeling the muscle relaxed beneath the pale, cream skin of his back.  Jeremy moved his hand to close around his own cock, now fully hard.  He pumped it idly and then rolled over, lying face down on Brian’s back.  His cock nestled in the cotton-clad cleft of Brian’s ass, between the firm buttocks, as he propped himself on his forearms.

His blond bangs swung down from this forehead as he lowered his face into the crescent of Brian’s neck, just where it began to curve up from his shoulder.  He could still detect the faint, stale scent of last night’s cologne clinging to the boy’s stubble.  He kissed softly, working his way up to the exposed earlobe.  As his tongue traced along the cartilage, he felt Brian stir beneath him.  Jeremy sucked the lobe between his teeth and bit gently.  Brian moaned softly, then turned his head, pulling his ear from Jeremy’s mouth, still more than half asleep.  Jeremy shifted his weight onto one arm, and buried the fingers of the other hand in his boyfriend’s soft, brown hair.  Again, he softly licked the earlobe and sucked the fleshy bottom into his mouth.

Again Brian stirred, this time flexing slightly, thrusting his hips into the mattress as he barely realized his own stiffening erection beneath him.  Doing so flexed his buttocks and, in his waxing consciousness, he felt Jeremy between them.  “I want to fuck you,” Jeremy whispered softly.

For the first time, Brian consciously inhaled the heady, masculine scent of his boyfriend’s body.  It was an erotic aroma, a combination of sweat and rain, a touch of alcohol from their night at the club.  “Please,” he answered, and clenched his buttocks around Jeremy’s cock.

Jeremy smiled in spite of himself and rolled off.  He grabbed the lubricant from the table by the bed and began to extricate the sheet from the legs and torso of his lover, balling it up and tossing it into the floor.  The black cotton of Brian’s boxer shorts clashed starkly with the unblemished ivory of the boy’s skin.  Jeremy took them by the waistband and peeled them down, exposing first the perfect mounds, then the thighs, and all the way down over the sparse hairs of his calves.  They too were balled up and thrown to the floor.  Jeremy couldn’t help that his breath grew ragged as he spread Brian’s legs and knelt between them.  They’d lived together for more than two years, and each boy was as familiar with his lover’s body as his own, but Jeremy was still aroused by Brian.

Brian, eyes still closed, gasped at the touch of the cold lubricant on Jeremy’s finger to his hole.  “I’m cold,” he murmured.  “Fuck me!”  Jeremy lubricated his cock and added the tube to the pile sheet and clothing on the bedroom floor.  He held a cheek in each hand, pulling them apart to expose Brian’s hole, then obligingly moved the head of his dick to the opening.  In position, he lowered himself onto Brian’s back, warming him with his own still damp body, again resting himself on his forearms as his wrists crossed beneath the pillow.  Brian raised his hips, meeting Jeremy’s gentle thrust, as Jeremy slid home inside him.  They traded ragged breath as Jeremy stopped, fully embedded, and Brian lay impaled.

“Does that feel better?” Jeremy whispered mockingly as he resumed nuzzling Brian’s neck.

“Mmm, yeah,” Brian moaned, smiling.

Jeremy began the slow withdrawal, delighting in the hot, velvety texture of Brian’s ass on his cock as it moved inside him.  Brian groaned as the thick knob of Jeremy’s cock stopped just inside the rim of his opening, then slowly plunged inside.  “You like that, don’t you, little boy?” Jeremy asked.  Jeremy was five inches taller and three years older than the freshly minted college graduate beneath him.

“Stop playing around and fuck me!”  Brian pretended to complain.

“Oh, so you want it like that, then?  Fine,” Jeremy replied.  He tore the pillows from under Brian’s face, and threw them to the floor as well, leaving only the two naked men on the bed.  He quickly rammed the rest of his shaft deep into Brian’s ass.

“Oh, God!” Brian panted, reflexively clenching his hole tightly around the girth of Jeremy’s root.  Jeremy quickly withdrew, then pounded his cock home again, feeling the firm bulge of Brian’s prostate on his glans as it passed.  Again Brian exclaimed, and Jeremy smiled as he saw his boyfriend’s fingers tighten on the sheet beneath him.  At last, Brian opened his eyes, seeking out Jeremy’s hands.  He moved his mouth to one, kissing the back of it wetly as he began to rock his ass up to meet Jeremy’s rapid, determined thrusts.

“Fuck me,” Brian pleaded.  It became a mantra driving Jeremy’s rhythm as they worked in tandem, Jeremy thrusting his cock into Brian’s ass and Brian thrusting his own into the mattress beneath them.  Both boys were panting to breathlessness as the minutes passed, Brian now kissing, now biting, at Jeremy’s hands, as they both began to sweat.  Subconsciously, Brian’s ass tightened on Jeremy’s dick each time the blond boy above him withdrew.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Brian continued, louder now and at a slightly higher pitch, in growing desperation with each passing minute.  He felt himself on the brink of eruption.  He sucked the forefinger of Jeremy’s left hand into his mouth, sucking it from tip to knuckle, licking it.  His incoherent grunts still set the beat for their sex.  At last, his teeth bit into the middle phalanx of Jeremy’s forefinger, and he felt himself cum, his cock spurting spunk into the sheeted mattress beneath his abdomen.

Jeremy felt the tremor of his lover’s orgasm ripple through his own cock, bringing him to the edge.  He set his jaw tightly and clenched down hard on the muscles at the root of his dick, fighting off the urge to climax.  Not now, not this morning!  Not yet!  He wanted to fuck Brian after the last wave of the bottom boy’s climax passed.  He felt Brian go limp beneath him and he slowed his pace.  He now established a much slower, much more leisurely rhythm of a slow, agonizing withdrawal, followed by a fast, forceful re-entry.  Now, half the knob of Jeremy’s cock exited the boy’s hole and re-entered.

It made Brian whimper, his own lust dormant, his ass sore from the frenzied passion.  Now he felt it, each motion of Jeremy inside him, especially at the tender sphincter, painful in his aching ass while he lay still, his own dick too sensitive after cumming to rub against the mattress in its own spooge even if only to escape Jeremy’s thrusts.

This was what Jeremy loved, this period of pain while Brian’s own hormones ebbed.  Jeremy wasn’t cruel: he knew that Brian, behind the whimpers of pain, loved it too.  He knew it was what Brian had asked for when Jeremy began to fuck him slowly, the coded signal between them that had grown from their years together.  Brian liked to be hurt sometimes, and, even though he had been long reluctant at first, now Jeremy relished it.  It was reaffirmed now as Jeremy felt Brian’s tongue softly on his forearm, tasting the sweat of their fuck and Jeremy’s run.

“No,” Jeremy thought, “it’s not going to be that easy for him.”  He pulled his arms away from Brian’s mouth, depriving him of taste.  He turned his wrists, exposing his palms, as he slipped his hands under Brian’s chest.  He found and took hold of Brian’s nipples, one between each forefinger and thumb.  Brian whined as Jeremy began to pull and twist his nipples.  Jeremy grinned as, never missing a beat with his cock grinding in Brian’s ass, Brian’s shoulders hunched forward in the useless attempt to mitigate the growing pain in his nipples.

“This is what you wanted, right?” Jeremy knowingly asked Brian.

There was a brief pause as Brian took in the pain.  “Yes,” he whimpered softly, his answer unconvincing.

“Are you sure?” Jeremy asked.  This time he rolled his fingertips forward, clenching the nipples between his fingernails.

“Ow!  Yes!  Oh fuck, yes!”  Brian exclaimed, writhing in pain, ass clenching again in reflex.  Jeremy smiled openly.  He glanced at the clock: 8:07 on a Saturday morning.  The day was young.  Yeah, he loved this part.