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From Part Five.

"Y'm a big boy now Huck," he wheezed, his whisky breath stealing over me, "time to learn `bout how to look after yo're Pa in a Big Boy way," his smile as he loomed over me was drunken and his eyes glazed but it was the pulsing thick pole that I could not take my eyes off, it hung in the air above me. I felt an inner tingle start up, a frightened tingle welling up inside me and I could not help myself from reaching out to touch the fleshy tube, the tip glistened and a dribble of liquid slowly started to fall from the slit. "Tha's my boy Huck," Pa's hand clasped over mine and he moved my arm so my hand moved up and down the sinewy shaft. I could feel the inner heat of the stiff yet spongy flesh. I saw the skin move as my hand was manipulated by Pa's hand. Up and down, up and down, the skin at the end slowly moving further down the engorging head, the dribble of clear liquid becoming a gush and despite my fear I was entranced. When Pa's hand let go I continued to stoke the manpole that was his pecker, making the smooth satiny skin move with ease and noticing how Pa reacted.

"Your Pa loves you Huck an' I'm gonna show yer how to luv yo're Pa back," Pa's head bent lower.

Part Six

Pa's heavy lips descended on mine, I felt his mouth suck me inside him, my head was reeling as I sought to understand, to make sense of what was happening. My lips were lost inside his hot moist wet mouth and my nose was full of the sour whisky stench that hung about him and yet there was something else in the air, another scent; an aroma of something new, something enticing. I inhaled the combined odours, the sour whisky making me nauseous whilst the other perfume, that was different, I felt the strange infusion invade me, my head reeled even more but this time from the effect of the heady aroma. Pa's body was on top of mine, his weight heavy an oppressive lump and yet I knew I had nowhere to go, I was pinned to the lumpy mattress in the bed. Helpless I felt something prod my body, something long and hot and wet, somehow I knew it was his pecker.

"Us Harker's have always been a loving family," Pa snuggled against my cheek, "an' it's time my boy learned how to love his Pa as a Harker boy ought," I felt his hand move between us and the grip around my boypecker was hard as he gripped my boyflesh. I shuddered as the slow stroking action of his hand was sending electric shocks running up and down my spine and I felt my hair rising up from my head. "Now boy my turn," his hand moved to mine and I felt it being wound around the warm sausage shape. I knew I was holding Pa's pecker and whilst I was shocked I was also intrigued, `Why was he making me rub his pecker' and then it came to me, `I had liked the thrills as he stroked my boypecker, Pa clearly wanted me to give him the same thrills, it made sense' I trembled and moved my hand of my own accord.

Pa shifted in the bed, he lay on his back and wheezed a long moaning groan, not one of bad whisky drinking, this was different, this was Pa being pleased. I rolled onto my side and clamped my hand around his stiff meaty shaft, his pecker juddered and jerked as I touched it.

"That's mi'boy, true Harker blood," Pa wheezed again, another moan of pleasure.

Slowly I explored the working of pleasuring Pa by rubbing his pecker, the strange aroma I had noticed became more stronger, more potent, it came from his pecker and I inhaled the pungent scent, enjoying the way it made me feel, a certain warmth tickled inside me and I purred as I rubbed Pa's pecker.

"Slide the skin back and forth at the top," Pa whispered and I discovered the way the loose fold of skin moved back and forth. As I watched, absorbed in Pa's jerking pecker I saw it grow bigger and wider, the tip, the bulb part started off pink and then as I rubbed it became darker, a deep purple colour. As well as the colour change the slit where Pa pissed from gaped open. A gloop of liquid appeared, I froze to the mattress, frightened that my Pa was about to pee all over me. "Hey boi whd'ya stopped?" Pa's bleary eyes looked at me and I trembled.

"You gonna pee all over me Pa?" I asked scared and hesitant.

"Nope, not gonna piss myself," Pa stared down at his pecker; my small hand was still clamped around the long shaft. "Oh I see," he grinned, his broken toothed smile familiar to my eyes, "No son that's not pee that's my manjuice," he grinned broadly.

I stared down at his pecker, the tip gleamed in the moonlight and glistened as his pecker pulsed and jerked in my hand. Shaking I lay there as he gleefully dipped his finger in the gloop of liquid that formed itself into a shining bubble. I watched horrified and yet intrigued as he held up his glistening fingertip, the funny liquid oozed around his finger in a slow gentle sliding motion.

"This is what makes it easy to fuck a pussy," he beamed at me and to my horror and amazement extended his tongue and licked his finger. Pa smacked his lips. "Oh so sweet, that's Harker fuckjuice, the best fuckjuice," he smirked and dipped his finger in the bubble again. I trembled as he extended his finger towards me.

Curious and very much scared I cautiously sniffed his finger, I caught the sweet honeyed taint that emanated from his fingertip. My mouth filled with saliva and I gulped as I needed to swallow my excess saliva; Pa pushed his fingertip closer. I quailed and then he rubbed his fingertip over my lips. I felt the stickiness slide over my lips, involuntarily I licked them. The spicy honey flavour that swept over my tongue, activating my tastebuds made my eyes open and boggle.

"Tastes sweet!" I exclaimed aloud and Pa shook the bed with his laughter.

"Sweetest fuckjuice in the county, pr'bly the country,' Pa hollered and rolled laughing around the bed, he was still drunk and I was worried he might fall off.

I was also intrigued, Pa used the word `fuck' a lot, come to that so did Ma and a lot of other people but I knew that some, especially the churchy lot did not like it, but like most kids I had no idea what the word meant. In Mammy Rudd's kiddiegarten iffen you said such words Mammy Rudd washed your mouth out with soap and it was a steep but quick soapy learning curve. I was on a different steep learning curve and Pa had got my curiosity going with the addition of `juice' to the word `fuck'. I got a very hard curve at that moment.

Pa's hand came down and caught my neck, he shoved me right at his pecker, the glittering bubble shone right in my eyes. "Lick it," he said and I knew I could not argue, Pa could be real hard with his spanks when he thought it necessary. I licked his pecker.

The spicy sweet honey burst inside my mouth, it was a thousand times stronger than what I had licked of his finger and like any good ole county boy, I simply loved my sugar. I bent my head and licked again, the hot honey flavour strummed around my mouth and I salivated strongly. I did not hear Pa say `Suck it' but I sucked it and sucked it, the leaking sugary honeyed spicy juice only made me want more. I devoured Pa's pecker with boyish happy glee.

"Oh Huck yo're a true Harker," Pa grunted at me as I slavered about his pecker. I started to love it, love the way it jerked and pulsed in my mouth, love the way it moved against my tongue and loved the continuous dripping of the spicy honey juice that excited my tastebuds.

I soon had all of his bulbous part inside my mouth, it felt comfortable there, at home there and I drank the heady juice, my head swam and my mind sizzled as the sugar energised me.

"Yer good boy but there's much more to sucking pecker," Pa grunted.

I found myself on my back, my legs flailing in the air as Pa shoved me hard against the mattress. I stared at him; it was a mad moment, one that slows down in your head afterwards when you recall the details of an event. Pa bent his head down and sucked my boypecker, for a moment I froze and then the tingling tickle warmed through me. I felt my eyes fly wide open and I gasped as the warmth heated and flamed up inside me.

"Y'learn by showing, that's t'Harker way," Pa growled and swirled his tongue around my boypecker, I felt it stiffen and tingle and all I knew was I wanted more. Pa showed me how to suck dick and I was a horndog in full spate as I returned what he taught me, I so wanted that sweet fuckjuice bad!

Pa swung me around on the bed, I was placed upside down on his body; here I discovered we could both suck each other and I was a suckling pig in heaven latched hard onto his pecker as he taught me by example. I proved a quick Harker learner; I think all we Harker's are when it comes to anything to do with fucking. I was bobbing up and down on his pecker and enjoying his fuckjuice as well as his mouth. As I suckled his special manjuice I realised that Pa was simply lying under me and I was moving my hips, moving my own boypecker back and forth inside his mouth, it felt awesome.

"Okay let's make y'cum," Pa barked.

I looked up from his fat tool and licked a long drool of his juice. Next moment I was on my back and Pa was going at my boypecker like a calf at teat. I wriggled, I writhed, I mewled, I purred, I went through every twitching position possible as the warm tingling inside me responded to Pa's sucking mouth, lips, tongue and what I would discover was his throat but at that moment I was ablaze from heat to toe with the first of what would be many joys.

"Oh, Oh, Pa! Pa!" I shrieked as the strange but amazing heat bubbled and simmered and boiled over, "PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I yelped when the mad moment came.

I saw those special stars and comets for the first time, they never fail to astound and of course for the first time I felt my boy universe imploding. I shuddered and juddered as my Pa, excellent pecker sucker, mouthed me to a long protracted first boycum. I yowled, yodelled and yelled and purred and panted all the way through the blinding and out of this world explosion of orgasm.

"You like that," Pa grinned drunkenly at me and I nodded unable to speak. "Y're gonna love this too," he grunted and turned me over. I sprawled against the mattress, my boypecker was prodding the straw mattress and I shifted to find a comfortable position. My head busy with dealing with the effects of my first boycum and getting my abused boypecker comfy when Pa's tongue lavished my boypussy. I stretched and arched my back as the flashes of light stung across my eyes as his tongue licked my boyhole. I ground myself against the mattress as his licking made me thrust my body and my boypecker at the scratchy straw beneath the stained and worn material that covered the straw stuffing. I was being overwhelmed with new delights and sensations all taking place in my drunken Pa's bed. His tongue delved in deep where previous only stuff had come out and I yowled into the skanky pillow that stunk of Pa's sour whiskey and old sweat stench. I was writhing and wriggling and purring and panting again, the strange hot tingles that surged inside me roaring and seething as they invaded and dominated my small frame and like a true Harker I wanted more and more.

"PA! PA!" I shrieked, I did not know what to say or how to say it but sur'n hell I was loving it, whatever `it' was.

Pa's wet tongue pushed inside me, opening me up, I did not know that then all I knew was that when his slick dripping muscle licked its way through my hole I was yowling and writhing, the intensity of the sensations was completely overwhelming and I didn't mind nor care, I just never wanted it to end. Something else was pushed into me, this time I screamed, this was pain, acute and sharp shooting pain, I screamed my head off.

"Fuck I need to get you opened wider," Pa grunted but I was quiet; the unexpected and definitely unwanted pain had gone and for that I was thankful. I sobbed quietly into the stinking pillow.

I felt Pa's breath, the warm gust was welcome and its heat across my wet hole caused me to shiver and tremble but with hopeful anticipation. Pa's lips kissed my boyhole and I jerked as the tingle jumpstarted, but my joy was short lived as along with the wet and pushing licking tongue, I felt the other thing, the hard thing that grated against my boyhole entrance and sent shivers of agony rising, rising. I hunched my back and opened my mouth to grab a lungful of air to scream with, but something popped inside me and my scream became a growl of delight. The thing whatever it was moved deep into my interior and there it touched something, butted up against something that tingled and itched and flared and blazed and the more the thing touched whatever it was inside me the more the tingling and the hot itch heated up. I ground myself against the straw mattress, my body was on fire and I was all fired up, whatever Pa was doing was certainly okay by me.

I sensed another thing pushing in alongside the first thing, I could feel this was softer but was strong and firm. I tensed slightly as being opened up was not quite on the painful side of hurt.

"Urggh," I made my complaint.

"Ignore it boy, y're a Harker, when it comes to fucking pain is good," Pa grunted and felt the softer thing move. The hard object was pushed in to touch that special place and I arched my back again, my moans and cries, a mixture of pain and pleasure bleated out of me. I was aware that the soft moving thing was moving around my craphole, rubbing at the edges and sending little shocking tingles running up and down my bones. My weiner was throbbing and rubbing at the scratchy straw, pushing through a hole in the cloth, my boypecker was in amidst the wispy strands, some of the rough edges were tickling my peckerblob and this made my eyes roll even more. I lay helpless and yet excited and happy in a strange way, my blood was surging and stars and flashes of beautiful lights kept roaming over my eyeballs, even when they were closed. The pain pleasure at my rear increased at both levels and I grunted heavily into the pillow.

"Feels y're about ready," Pa spoke, I realised he was talking to himself. The pressure inside me disappeared and I felt an empty and helpess sensation for a moment. "Turn over boi," Pa grabbed my shoulder and I was swung around, I lay back on the mattress and stared at my Pa. The first thing I noticed was the slim object in his hand, I made the connection and struggled to focus on the object, `that is what was in my hole, inside my crapper' I knew and eyed it with incredulity. Pa was weaving, his drunkenness was still there but I caught his arm and his hand stopped swaying.

"Pa, what are you doing with my candle?" I had recognised the object; Ma had decided that I ought to be christened in church and not in the barn as is usual with Harker's. I had heard the story several times; as it was the only time the Pastor had seen Pa sober in the church. I don't remember any of it as I was still a babe but Ma had long told me that, `this here candle is your light when all gets dark,' she would let me hold it for a few seconds before putting back on the top shelf where she kept things safe from Pa's drunken stumbles.

Pa looked at the candle and his eyes glassed over as he attempted to focus, "Needed something to open you up," he grunted and dropped my candle on the bed where it promptly rolled over the edge and I heard the dull flat sound as it landed on the bare floorboards. `I need to put that away for safe-keeping' I made a mental note to myself.

Suddenly I felt my legs being grabbed; Pa was kneeling between my open legs and stretching them wide apart. I gurgled with the pain as I was manoeuvred into the position he wanted. I looked up at him, I was afraid, yes, but something told me this was not one of those, avoid Pa's punching, smacking hands occasions, this happening was certainly something different. I blinked my eyelids as I lay there quivering. I could see Pa's pecker, it was huge and throbbing, the purple tip was dripping more of that honeydew liquid and my mouth salivated as I recalled how good it tasted. He were a'grinning down at me, his eyes were shining with more than from drinking bad whiskey and I felt a strange sensation tickle inside me.

"Thi'sms the bit tha' hurts Huck," he patted my leg where he was holding it down on the bed, "but a'once ye get used to it, then like a full bludded Harker, yo're gonna be a horny ol' horndog just like yr'e pappy." Pa was rambling and didn't make much sense to me, all I was worried about was his dripping pecker which was running to a near flood and I was worried he was going to pee all over me.

I watched avidly as he slicked his fingers around the top of his pecker, his fingers gleamed with the drippy stuff and then I sighed as he rubbed the sticky fingers over my boyhole; the tickling warm surges inside me made me tremble and quiver as his stubby fingers rolled over and inside my butthole. I sorta closed my eyes as I went into a dreamy state.

"Y're `bout ready," Pa repeat grunted and I blinked my eyes opened.

The sudden shift on the bed made me bounce slightly but then Pa was over me and leaning right down. I felt something warm and wet and spongy soft rub at my hole, the warm tingling effect became heated and then I tensed as I sensed something big pushing at me, trying to get inside me.

"F'Fucks sake Huck!" Pa bleated at me, "lie still o'rn this is gonna hurt real bad!"

I had not realised I had moved or wriggled, my head was in such a spin. I opened my mouth to protest and inhaled the sour whiskey pungent odour that was enriched by the other elements I could smell, my head reeled and I shook it from side to side.

"No! Not NO!" Pa lifted his head and looked at me right in the face, "lie still whipper-snapper or else," he raised the flat of his hand and I quailed against the mattress, but fright and fear kept me still. My nodding head had made him think I was saying `No' but I wasn't sure of anything at that moment except I was sure I didn't want a smacking.

The sensation of something moving between my legs became a pressure, Pa's weight was also coming down heavily on me and then the pain happened. I felt as though I was being spilt open as the pulsing thing speared me. I yowled and screamed.

"That's good boy, let it all out as I get my pecker in," Pa gristled at me and as he spoke I became aware of a radiating tingling heat, the tickle pleasure was starting from where the pain was and as I panted and yelped the pleasure tingle surged, it was so confusing; on one hand the sharp jutting pains were still searing upwards from my back passage and on the other, a tingling delight, so warm and excitingly expanding was slowly gaining pace and the hot blissful tingles were eroding away at the shooting pains. My eyes teared up from both sensations and I drummed my fists against the mattress, I dare not try drumming my heels as I was too scared of what might happen. The lancing pain joined forces with the spearing tickling tingle, the combination of acute pain and intense pleasure combining within me and flooding my head with tingles and flushes as the pain and the pleasure battled for domination.

"I'm all t'way in Huck, relax son, wait it out," Pa's satisfied growly voice broke over the thoughts in my spinning head, his mouth was close to my ear and I blinked the tears away to see him right up close, his eyes shining and his sour acrid whiskey stink continuing to roll over my nose and mouth.

`All the way in? What could he mean?' my poor young mind was unable to comprehend what he was saying but the request to lie still, considering the anguish I was in seemed a very good idea. I took a deep breath and waited. As I lay there with Pa on top of me, and stinking I felt his weight as he breathed, I could feel his heartbeat vibrating through to my own. At the same time I was aware of the full feeling inside my backpassage, it was like I needed to take a dump but I knew that this was slightly different. I twitched as whatever was inside me pulsed and touched something; instantaneously I saw a shooting array of stars flash across my eyes, the pleasure tingle that accompanied those stars made me pant and mumble. The sharp pains slowed, died down, leaving the weird bloated sensation as the only thing I was aware of it. The bloated thing swelled and as I sensed it doing that I experienced another flashing starburst and a heated tingle pumped inside me. We must have lain there for several minutes, I was getting intoxicated breathing in Pa's raw whiskey breath and my head swirled again.

"Let's give it the ol' Harker try," Pa whispered and I felt him move.

I wriggled and writhed as the lancing pleasure soared inside me, there was a slight ache but it was nothing compared to the tickling tingle that soared and escalated inside my head; my young body quivered and part of me demanded that Pa do it again, whatever `it' was.

"Hmm," Pa chuckled and for the first time I felt his chuckle vibrate inside me as his body communicated his delight. "Y'm sure seem to like that Huck," Pa giggled and moved again. I cried out as the bliss rocketed inside and around me.

"Again," I mewled, my hands and arms and legs suddenly weak, but nicely weak.

Pa moved, thrust hard and deep, I groaned and purred as the pleasure surges started, the hot tinglings becoming flaming itches and somehow only Pa had the weapon to deal with the demanding wants that my head was telling me I needed, must have. Pa's weight dropped more heavily down on me, I was trapped within his arms and his torso and impaled on something, the something that was tickling at my tickle point somewhere deep inside me. Pa grunted heavily as he moved, the forwards and backwards motion sending me running inside my head, chasing the pleasure and ecstasy. I was barely aware of his weight, the intense sensations that surged and foamed inside me made me writhe and wriggle and pant and moan.

"So tight! so fucking tight, true Harker boypussy," I dimly recalled hearing Pa's words as he took me for his own but my head and thoughts only revolved around the hot warm tingles that itched and excited inside me. I twisted and turned as much as I was able, transfixed to the mattress by the thing inside me that was creating the ecstasy that captivated me and I just ever wanted the wonderful tingling tickling never, never ever to end.

As I squirrelled and quivered my Harker genes sprang or probably swam into action. My boypussy muscles commenced working, jiggling so that Pa's pecker was propelled more and more into and at my boynub, that special spot from which all the pleasure radiated. My boypecker, my tiny weiner grew and sprouted, the loose skin at the top sliding back so Pa's sloughing body rubbed it; I was excited and stimulated from so many different directions, Pa's tongue at work inside my mouth, his pecker battering my boynub and his stomach muscles roughing my weiner, all these amazing sensations happing all at the same time. Added to the morass was the occasional sharp pain that would happen when Pa shoved, his pecker probing harder and deeper. My backpassage entrance continued to be massaged and stretched; here the pain would be at its most intense and yet the heightened pleasure somehow transmuted that arching pain into a pleasurable exciter to all the other exciting things that were happening.

I inhaled Pa's horned up stench, as he was inside me his odour had altered, it's even headier musk and piquancy invaded my head creating another maelstrom of thinking, pleasure and more pleasure was the order of the day and like any young whippersnapper anything that was fun had to be repeated and repeated ad nauseum; Pa was excellent at repetition where his pecker was concerned, that was something I would learn all through that first night and all the other hot times since. At that moment it was all new and overexciting and I relished the blisses that washed over and over me as I drowned in the pleasure of being buttfucked for the first ever time.

The internal heat and tingling intensified, escalated; I was shaking and trembling with increasing pace and tempo. Pa seemed to understand and he tensed his body, he was ramrod straight and his pecker inside me was ramrodding at my passionnub. I quailed and shouted and mumbled as the searing delight flared and blazed until I was on fire from the tips of my hairs to the ends of my toenails. I screamed and rocked beneath Pa, my body responding to the driving need inside me and I had my first dry cum impaled on a pecker. Once I had screamed and went quiet Pa went to work, his weight dropped back down, his body relaxed its tensed hardness but his pecker remained solid and steely. I panted and grunted as the flames were stoked by his special meaty poker and the brilliance flooded through me again. My head told me smugly that `it' was happening again and I relished the fact as the tingling delights exploded within and about me. Pa fucked me right over the edge; in seconds I was screaming and twisting as yet another blissful drycum enveloped me.

"Pa! Pa!" I shouted as the starry flashes across my eyes multiplied and everything went white and then dark, the sensations were too much for my young mind and I fainted. I lay limp and yet internally twitching, Pa being Pa did not stop, his own dissolute pleasure was peaking and he rutted away at my boyhole with drunken and horny glee.

I woke up, another tingling joy was zooming around me; at the same time Pa's grunts became deeper and more urgent sounding, his thrusting body delved deep and heavy, I was panting with the exertion of dealing with the extreme pressure of his body on top of me and his lancing pecker inside me.

"Here it come boy!" Pa shouted; his whisky bleared voice excited and triumphant and then as my own pleasure evolved and dynamited I felt something different. Pa's pecker was a'pulsing and a'bloating and something wet and wild was shooting inside me, Pa's hollers of joy became a crowing rooster cawing cackle and I felt his pecker throb as more of the spitting wetness spread inside me. The warm wetness washed against the membranes, adding another extra sensation of strange pleasure as Pa's pecker continued to caress me and excite me.

"Y'm a true Harker now my boi," Pa whispered in my ear, "an we're a gonnna love each other more an' more. Y'm gonna look after y'Pa's pecker now ym'Ma's up and gone," his lips closed about mine and we kissed slow and passionately, as much as a young boy can be passionate

Pa fucked me three times that night and again in the morning afore Mammy Rudd came by to pick me up as well as dropping a couple of loads into my stomach.

"Yo're Ma come back?" she quizzed as I sat on the doorstep, half asleep and dozing from my fucked night.

"Nope," I croaked and went to school my boypussy filled for the first time with Pa's manjuice and my stomach varnished with his seed. If Mammy Rudd noticed anything she never said, I musta stunk like a pig in heat but we were hillbillies; smells were a natural part of our existence.

After Pa and Grub had comforted me in the only way they knew and in truth the only way I wanted I feel asleep with Grub's teendick deep inside me. Pa grudgingly allowed him to stay the night and to fuck me first in the morning; then it was Pa's turn. Grub sat up in the bed, he leaned against the bedpost and stroked his fat pecker as he watched me with Pa; it got me another fuck afore school.

School that morning was a needy distraction; I liked learning, Ma's genes at work as it was not a Harker thing to want education outside of a bed. Missy Jarvis sensed my knowledge lust and she kept me hard at my books, I even missed morning break to work through some hard sums she put on my slate for me; it kept the continually rising lust demand inside me from taking over. Lunchtime Grub took me over to the big tree where we ate the bread and cheese that Pa had sent us in with plus Ma Dunker had sent a big basket along with Grub's brothers for Grub and me. I was ravenous by then and Grub was the same, we sat with our backs against the tree munching the bread and cheese and a big piece of Ma Dunker's meaty pie.

"One of Ma's best," Grub grunted as he took another bite of the luscious pie.

"Hmm," my mouth was too full to answer properly.

We sat there listening to the others at play the other side of the tree, we were left alone; I never knew if Grub or his brothers had said something but we were not interrupted by our schoolmates. As we sat there after eating the huge meal I felt a twinge and I looked at Grub.

"You ok...?" I never gave him a chance to finish, I jumped him, landing heavily on his package which quickly swelled and bloated as I kissed him.

It was the work of moments to spring his fat pecker from his dungarees, it shot upwards, the tip drooling with expectation. I felt down inside my dungarees, the two hidden buttons that kept the hole in the back opened with practiced ease, Pa had made the hole, I had sorted out the buttons, it allowed us to fuck clothed when the need took us. I worked Grub's teen pecker through the hole and handled him inside my boypussy. The sensation as his fat pecker filled me up was so satisfying and comforting. Gently I rode him, just enjoying the sensation of having Grub alone inside me. His pecker swelled and bloated and throbbed, despite the long night he was still hot and ready and I pinched his nipples, the hard teats peaking in-between my fingers.

"Gruummpphh," he grunted and his hand slid between us, his stubby fingers caught my stiff boypecker and he slowly rubbed it, his pace close to my slow riding of his own teencock. "S'nice," he purred as we rode at each other in the soft sunshine that flickered through the leaves of the overhanging branches.

It was a slow satisfying fuck and did a lot to take away the recurring stirring memories of my rampant desire for Red's humungous boywraddler.

School over I accompanied Grub back to his farm, I helped but was not much use with his muscle needing chores. I spent most of my time drooling over him as he barewaisted swung the axe to chop wood for the fire. His young hard muscles gleamed in the late sun and his special aroma kept drifting over towards me as I sat on the topmost rail, my hand kept slipping between my legs to caress my boypricklet; an increasing demand was once more rising and surging through me.

"Dinners Up!" Ma Dunker's rasping howling meal time call made Grub stop and wipe his brow and his still stance banished my dream. "Y'm alright Huck?" Ma Dunker looked at me with shrewd motherly eyes.

"He had a run in with some of the ranchers from the LazyQ," Grub was quicker than usual with his half-truth.

"That Rancher Jacob's ought to have them cowpunchers o'his under better control, al'aways drunk and al'aways womanising," Pa Dunker plonked himself down on his seat and attacked the pile of steaming potatoes.

"PA!" Ma Dunker shot her husband a warning hellhound scowl and we all tucked our heads low over our plates.

"What's a womaniser?" Walt Dunker Grub's ten year old brother whispered in Grub's ear.

"Shut up and eat!" Grub caught the look on Ma Dunker's face and cuffed Walt into his plate, the only sound the rest of us made was the scraping of spoons on plates.

"Grub need you to help me with the North Field fence, them pesky cows rubbed a'gin some of the posts and they needs resetting," Pa Dunker wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Ma you and the boys'll have to cope with the evening milking. Grub and I can then mend the fence whilst the cows are busy."

"I was a'going to ride down to Missy Jarvis, got a basket o'provisions in respect of schoolin' fees," Ma Dunker said, "I promised them for today," she pursed her lips thoughfully and then she turned to me. "Hunk you okay with riding the errand for me?"

"Sure," I nodded my head, Pa was ever late with his fees but Missy Jarvis never took it out on me, she saved her reprimands for Pa direct and she was one who could make him quail; I respected her for that.

Pa Dunker saddled the old grey mare for me to ride, with the basket covered over and strapped to the saddle I happily trotted back down to the schoolhouse. Missy Jarvis was sat on the porch, a mug of coffee in her hand, she was watching the sunset which was just turning rosy pink.

"Thank Ma Dunker fer me," Missy Jarvis smiled. "You did well today Huck, I can see you have the makings of a scholar, I hope you make it to college someday boy, you keep on an' you'll have a future beyond Suckers Creek, if'm you want it."

I was filled with hope and pride at that, not many in Suckers Creek made it to college and she set of a long train of thought in me so much that I forgot to turn the mare back towards Grub's home. The mare her head nodding plodded on further into town as I had not directed her back to the Dunkers. The sounds of shouts and calls woke me up as she lumbered into Main Street.

`Damn we're in town,' I realised as I brought the mare to a halt. I intended immediately turning her right back around and heading back when a sight made chills run up my spine.

"Red," I sighed heavily as my eyes followed the tall red headed figure as he strode into the saloon bar.

End of Part Six

To Be Continued...???????????????????????


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