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Alex stood huddled beneath the massive branches of the ancient oak tree and shivered. The storm had caught him unawares and he had made for the oak as fast as muscular young legs could carry him.

Alex was a couple of months shy of his fourteenth birthday and developing the kind of body that others--men, too--would someday envy. Truly even The Being who now watched the shivering lad had felt the same thing, hence his creating the rainstorm to drench the boy.

The Being had been looking for someone to share his bed with. A bed, he had found, was the best place to seduce then fuck. And, with luck, Alex would be willing to come back to his home.

Finally, when he sensed that the boy was cold enough to respond to a warm fire and an even warmer body, The Being rose from his bed and made a slight gesture with his index finger.

Alex was beginning to think the rain would never let up and that he would die out here of pneumonia when he saw the light shining a short distance from the tree. He blinked; he was sure it hadn't been there before. Before long he could make out that the light was coming from an open front door, the rectangle of light spreading around the man standing there. This person gestured and called to Alex.

`Come in lad and get dry. This storm looks as if it's going to last forever.'

Alex needed no second bidding. He took off toward the light and, seconds later, was inside and out of the pouring rain. It was then that he got a good look at the man standing beside him. His chest was bare and covered in a dense pelt of golden hair and this was married to the curls atop his head.

`Let's get you out of those wet things,' The Being said and, in the time it took for him to say it, Alex was in his birthday suit.

`Wh...what happened?' the boy gasped, covering his shrivelled genitals with embarrassment. `Where are my clothes?'

The Being placed a large hand on the youth's shoulder--it covered the whole area from neck to arm--and said, `Don't worry, my boy. They're in the tumble dryer.' He picked the boy up and moved toward a darkened room--a bedroom, by the looks of things, Alex judged.

He was right. However, on seeing the bed, the boy realised just how tired he really was.

`That's right, precious,' The Being said, `you have a nice long rest. Don't worry, I'll be here when you wake up.'

Alex fell into the soft downy mattress and The Being pulled the sheets over his naked form. The youth fell instantly into a deep, untroubled, sleep.


The beast entered the room and pulled back the sheets, exposing Alex to his lusty gaze. It was a Minotaur and its bull cock was jutting out monstrously from his loins.

The Minotaur climbed onto the bed, lifted Alex's legs into the air and draped them over his muscular bull shoulders. The cock nudged the young man's ass cheeks then pressed inward, impaling Alex to the bed. Alex moaned as the beast took him to the heights of ecstasy with a single thrust of his mighty organ.

The Minotaur folded his new playmate practically in half, lowered his massive torso and slid a thick tongue into the wide-open mouth in a simulation of a French kiss. Alex moaned around the oral invader as his anus was stretched mightily by the bull-man's thirteen-inch organ.

The pair writhed on the bed for the next couple of hours. The Minotaur's cock remained steadfastly hard and his stamina was incredible; he was capable of going for a couple of days before ejecting his bull-sac into the willing hole.

Alex was in heaven. The massively-built creature had taken him from freezing cold to boiling hot in seconds and he knew he would be unable to get enough of this mighty creature. The slap of flesh against flesh was as erotic a sound as he had ever heard in his young life.

Then the Minotaur lifted his muzzle from the boy's mouth and let forth a bellow as his balls ejected a copious amount of juice into Alex's ass.

Spent the Minotaur collapsed beside the boy, his cock still hard and buried in Alex's ass.


When Alex's eyes fluttered open he turned and saw that the Minotaur was gone and in his place was the man who had rescued him from the storm.

`Hello,' the man said. `Did you enjoy your dream?'

Alex smiled. `Yes. Very much. Was that you?' he asked, feeling the sticky cum that was plastered to his butt cheeks.

The Being nodded. `I have an ability that'll make all your dreams come true,' he said. `I'm able to make myself into any creature you might desire to mate with--even a woman, if such is your thing.'

At the mention of the word, "woman" Alex grimaced. `How did you know I'd been wanting to mate with a Minotaur?' he asked.

`I have other abilities,' The Being told him. `One is that I can read minds. I read yours when you walked by me. That told me how I would be able to mate with you. Now, I have a question for you. Will you come back to my home and be my lover? I promise you'll enjoy every second of your life if you do.'

Alex slid into The Being's arms and pressed his lips against his muzzle. `I will. No-one here will miss me and I think I'm going to be too busy in your bed to miss this area much.'

The Being picked him up and carried him out of the bedroom. Alex's eyes widened when he saw that there was no house outside the door but lush green trees and fields as far as the eye could see.

`Welcome to Mount Olympus. By the way, Alex, I don't think I introduced myself. My name is Zeus.'




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