Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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Buck joined us. He was a huge man. I felt the fur on his forearms while I looked at his erection in his pants. I heard him grunt. He picked me up and carried me while I grinned at him.

"Let's go," he said.

Digger led the way. I wrapped an arm around Buck's neck and just admired him.

"Damn, you're handsome!" I said to him.

He grinned at me.

"I asked to be your assistant if you need one at work," I said to him.

"I know. I was very happy when Harry told me. It will work out great. I have sex while I work."

I laughed.

"Yeah! You just sit down and think botanical thoughts, while I kneel between your legs, and nurse on your cock."

"Fuck, Eric! Or should I say, suck, Eric."

I smiled.

"I've fucked a lot of guys, but I haven't had nearly as much oral sex. I love how oral you are. I come quickly every time I watch that video of you drinking Alek's spunk. One stroke and I'm shooting—and wishing you were there to eat it."

"We should have a scene in our flik of you asking me to drink your spunk from a glass. Then you fill the glass and I drink."

Buck took a deep breath and let it out.

"How many times have you come watching that video with Alek's jizz?" I asked him.

"I don't know. Thousands, between that video and your fliks."

I smiled. I gave this hot, handsome man thousands of orgasms.

"I've wanted you for a long time, Eric."

It occurred to me then, that Buck wanted me because of the words George wrote about me and the fliks Alek made. It had nothing to do with my personality. None of my lovers were fans. They only knew the real me. When I met Alek, I assumed he made sex fliks all the time. In fact, he made two or three each year. I thought of him as a porn star, when in fact, that was only a small part of who he was.

"Did you want me because of the fliks or that drinking video?"

Buck frowned.

"I wanted you before you made a flik. I watched your interviews over and over. I read your autobiography three times."

I smiled at him.

Buck nodded his head, slowly.

"Have you had to deal with that a lot? People liking the star, but not the person?"

"Not really. I met all my lovers before I was famous."

"But the guys you slept with—"

"Eric has only slept with Alek and me," Digger said. "For one thing, we were on Beasthold."

"And I have six horny lovers who know exactly what I like and give it to me all the time," I added.

Buck's eyes froze. I looked at Digger. He had the same look. They were talking about me. Buck was probably asking what I liked. And nobody knew that better than Digger.

While they were talking, we entered our apartment. Buck put me on the ground, but he still seemed to be talking to Digger.

I knelt in front of Buck. He was wearing a pair of loose, elastic-waisted pants. I pulled them down and his enormous cock flopped up. It was by far the biggest cock I had ever seen. I thought Lucius was big, but Buck was a lot bigger. I wondered how he got it inside humans at the Bear's Den. Did they scream when he pushed it into them? Was that part of the show? His cock was leaking precum. I licked a line along the shaft of his cock and watched it bounce and throb. Copious precum began running from it. I backed up a little and watched a puddle of it grow on the floor. I thought of the humans at the Bear's Den lapping Jib's precum off the floor. That was nasty and disgusting, and I wished I been there to watch! I watched the clear fluid flow down the shaft to drip off Buck's low hanging nuts. Did Jib produce this much? Did he produce it all evening long? Did it drip onto the heads of the guys licking it off the floor? How clean was the floor in front of Jib at the end of the evening, after being licked by guys for hours? On slow nights, did guys lie on their backs with their mouths open, letting it flow into their mouths? Did guys ever fight over Jib's precum? I got down on my hands and knees and began licking Buck's precum off the floor. It was very tasty. It was a bit sweeter than Diggers, and surprisingly, it had a slight taste of fruit.

"Oh, fuck!" I heard Harry said.

"Oh, Eric! You can drink it right at the source," Buck said.

"That is too fucking hot, Babe!" Digger said. "Do you wish you could drink Jib's, too? No one could consider it sex to lick his stuff off the floor. Oh, wait. Harry edit that out. We don't want to embarrass Jib or piss off Midge."

"I'll erase anything with Jib's name," Harry said.

"You can change it to say my cousin, instead of Jib," Buck said.

"I'll do that," Harry said.

I felt precum dripping onto my hair. I rolled over on my back and opened my mouth to catch it.

"Oh, man! You like that stuff!" Buck asked me.

"Oh, yeah!"

"I produce a lot of it, just like uh, my cousin. Guys paid two hundred bucks to lick it off the floor."

"Do you take credit cards?" I asked Buck.

We all chuckled.

"I produce it whenever I'm hard, and you keep me that way," Buck said.

"Collect it, when my mouth is occupied," I said. They laughed. "I'd like to lick Buck juice off Digger's cock."


"Digger told me you like guys to piss into your mouth," Buck said. I closed my mouth and looked at Digger. Digger tried to look serious, but he started laughing.

"I gave that up when I turned eight," I said.

Everyone laughed.

"Do you have any video of you and Jib working at the Bear's Den?" I asked Buck.

"Yeah. I had friends shoot videos and they sent them to me. I don't know if I should show you Jib, though," Buck said.

"Jib worked naked all the time with an erection in front of hundreds of strangers but Eric shouldn't see him like that?" Digger asked, incredulously.

I received a bunch of pictures and videos from Buck. There was collection of Jib's photos. I opened it, wanting to see guys licking the floor in front of him. But the first photo was a close-up of a cock with a red cock ring around the base. The head was half-covered by foreskin. Damn! It was nice! It was a cock that could make any gay man beg. Precum was visible on the underside. My mother was lucky, that was for sure. I wondered if she appreciated it. Had Buck taken the picture? And if so, why did he want such an erotic shot of Jib's cock? I looked at Jib's photo, again. I seriously doubted my biological father was half as well endowed. I looked at Buck's cock. I liked it better. That was a good thing. I didn't want to lust after Jib. I looked at more photos. Jib had been in fantastic shape back then. He looked young, too. I was reminded that my mother was quite a bit older than Jib. Then I remembered she wasn't! She'd changed into a younger Gorilla.

I skimmed through the Jib pictures until I found the one I wanted. Jib had his arms crossed over his hairy chest and was looking down at a naked guy on his hands and knees, licking the floor. I zoomed in on Jib's cock. It was extremely hard. The veins along the shaft were very prominent. I went back to the first photo, the close up of his cock. The veins were barely visible. It was pretty obvious that watching some guy lick his precum had aroused Jib. Was that normal for a straight man? I almost laughed. Nothing about the situation in the picture was normal for gays or straights. I zoomed into Jib's face. There was a very obvious smirk on Jib's face. And why not, considering what the guy was doing. There was a photo that showed a closeup of the guy's tongue on the floor. The man was looking at the camera and he looked like he might have been having an orgasm. I looked at another photo. It showed a different guy on the floor. But this one was on his back, with his head under Jib's crotch and his mouth open. I supposed he was waiting for precum to drip into it. The picture only showed the lower half of Jib's body.

"Holy shit!" I said.

"What is it?" Digger asked. I sent him the photo. It was a picture of Jib from behind. He was standing in the doorway with his arms stretched above him, grasping the top of the doorway, and his legs spread apart. His hairy butt made me want to rim him. You could see his nuts hanging between his legs. But as hot as that was, you could also see the faces of some of the people outside on the sidewalk, as they looked at a naked Jib, with his very impressive erection that was probably drooling. One was a woman, who was looking at Jib's cock (I assumed) with her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide. There was a guy in a floater who was barely visible, but he was looking toward Jib and looked shocked. There were a couple of guys looking at Jib who seemed to believe in love at first sight. That was four hundred-dollars in cover charges, right there. No wonder Jib was paid so much. The expressions on the mens' faces were hilarious. I understood why people paid the two hundred-dollar cover charge. If I'd been walking by and saw Jib like that, I'd have paid it. I wasn't sure I would have licked the floor, but I also wasn't sure I wouldn't have. Maybe if the floor looked clean!

"Damn, Buck! These are some hot photos!" I said.

Buck called me, privately. "Which ones do you mean?"

I told him.

"Jib seems awfully good at what he was doing. Did he ever let anyone suck him?"

"No. No. Jib is straight. The thing is, he really got off on being lusted after. He was an exhibitionist. We both were. He didn't only want to lure guys in, he wanted them to want him. I used to call him the world's biggest tease. He tried to excite them, but he got furious if anyone touched him. Let me show you something."

Buck sent me a video of Jib. It looked like he was standing next to the bar. Jib slapped his erection into one of his palms. Precum flew off it. "You want this?" Jib said to someone off camera.

"Oh god!" a man said. The view switched to him. He was stroking himself and jizz was shooting out of his cock. Then I saw Jib again. He had a very satisfied look on his face. The video ended.

"The thing was, he was perfect for that job. The boss didn't want him having any sex at the door. Customers needed to pay the cover and then buy drinks. You couldn't even get to the stage where I was without buying three expensive drinks, first."

"So he's straight, but he likes being lusted after by men?"

"You have to understand what it is like to be a seven foot-tall thirteen-year old," Buck said.

"Oh. I can see how that would be rough."

"Yeah. It didn't make us the most popular kids in school. When we graduated, though, people started looking at us differently. Instead of clumsy giants, we were big, hot men. We liked being hot men. We liked being lusted after. Jib got a job at the Bear's Den and he got me hired. It was a phase we both outgrew, but back then, we both liked being lusted after, period. I'm gay, but I liked it when women flirted and lusted after me. Jib was straight, but he liked it when guys lusted after him."

As I thought about it, it didn't seem that strange. Alek was exactly the same, and practically for the same reason. Alek told me he wasn't popular in school, although he didn't go into details.

"Why didn't I hire someone like Jib!" Digger said. "I would have made shitloads of money."

"There aren't nearly as many gay men in Texico," Buck said. "There are almost a million in Chimhurst."

Digger nodded his head.

"Besides, there was only one guy in Texico as hot as Jib and Buck," I said to Digger. "And you had to run the bar."

Digger grinned and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around my hunky husband.

I watched some video of Buck. I watched him hold a man in the air, with his hands around the guy's waist. He was fucking the shit out of the guy. The man's arms, legs, and head flopped around while Buck used him like a sex toy. The view switched to the crowd. Everyone in the crowd was naked and jacking off. The place was full. There had to be at least forty people crowded around the stage, with more behind them, and at two hundred dollars a head, plus the price of three drinks, the place obviously made a fortune. The view switched back to Buck. He pulled the man off his cock and put him on his feet. The guy fell over and the crowd laughed. The man looked dazed, but happy. As he tried to stand up, Buck turned towards him suddenly and his cock hit the man's head with an audible thump. The man fell over, laughing. The crowd cheered. Buck asked him something, but you couldn't hear the question. I figured he was asking him if he was OK. Buck helped him get back on his feet. The man turned around, bent over, and pulled his butt cheeks apart. The crowd began cheering even louder as the man showed off his wrecked asshole and Buck's cum running down his legs. Buck wiggled his finger at another man who got up on the stage.

"I've been saving up for this!" the man said loudly to Buck. "Do you remember me?"

Buck shook his head. "No. Sorry," Buck said.

"You need loosening with a muscle relaxant?" Buck asked him.

"No. I've had a friend fist me earlier to stretch me enough."

He picked the man up off the ground. He positioned him and then pulled him hard against Buck's body. The man screamed. The camera switched to the crowd. Cum was spraying out of a lot of the spectators' cocks. The man's scream or maybe watching him get impaled had made them come. Buck began fucking the guy. I saw come shoot out of him. The fuck had made the man come, and the fuck had just started.

I'd seen enough and sent the video to Digger. I watched his expression as he watched it.

"Damn, Buck! Did you have many fatalities in your performances?" Digger asked.

I laughed.

"Just a concussion! But look at his expression," I said. "The guy loved it! He would have died a very happy man, if he had."

Digger shook his head.

"Man, Alek is going to go wild when he sees what you can do," Digger said to Buck.

"You think so?" Buck asked.

"Hell, yeah! You've got to plan on doing some of this with Eric, but maybe without the whiplash," Digger said.

Buck and I laughed.

"What are you talking about?" Harry asked.

I sent him the video.

"Oh, shit!" Harry said.

Digger laughed.

While Harry watched, I realized why the Neos targeted Buck. He seemed to be using humans as fuck toys. I didn't see it that way, and neither had the guy who saved money to be able to afford to be treated that way. But to a Neo, it was probably a moral outrage. Of course, their morals allowed them to shoot people and blow people up. I shook my head. Killing people was so much more moral than fucking them.

"Why didn't you make any sex fliks?" Digger asked Buck. "I think they would have sold very well."

"I was working to get my degrees. I wanted to be a Botanical Engineer, not a porn star," Buck said. "I don't think I would have been taken seriously by my instructors if I was making porn fliks. Now I have my degrees and I don't have to worry about what anyone—except Eric—will think."

Digger nodded his head.

I began running my hands over the parts of Buck I could reach. I felt his hairy chest, with muscles that felt like steel. I reached down and cupped his tennis ball-sized nuts in my hand. They were heavy and seemed especially masculine to me.

I looked up at Buck. "Whenever you're horny, let me take care of you, will you, Buck? Even if it is the middle of the night, if you need to come, please get your beautiful cock inside me."

Buck closed his eyes and sighed. He nodded his head.

"That's what I want, Eric."

"I'm not ever going to be able to spontaneously kiss you, unless you are sitting down, am I?"

Buck smiled.

"Do you want to kiss me?"

"I think I'm going to want to kiss you all the time."

Buck picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Then I leaned forward and we kissed. His large tongue filled my mouth. I ran my own over it. I began running my fingers through his hair. Buck moaned, so I guessed he liked that. After a couple of minutes, I pulled away. I licked his cheek and whispered in his ear. "I'm falling in love, Buck. Will you start sleeping with us?"

"Yes, baby, yes!"

I called Digger.

"I asked Buck if he would start sleeping with us. Do you mind?"

"Of course not," Digger said. "I think it's a good idea. Do you want him to live with us? We have this big place and there are just two of us. I think it will be a while before we get our ship. First we have to raise the money, and then someone has to build it."

"Oh. I forgot about that. I was thinking that we'd have the ship as soon as we had the money."

Digger shook his head.

"Do you want to live with us?" I asked Buck.

Buck looked shocked.

" a family member?"

"Like a lover. Yeah. We have apartments 105, 106, and 107. Pan and Jock are going to live in 105. We're going to tear out that wall, there," I said, pointing. "If you want your own apartment, you can have 107. We'll tear out part of the kitchen wall."

Buck looked like he really wanted to move in with us, but he also looked concerned.

"Are you sure you want me to do this? We just met."

I wrapped both hands around his erection. Buck put his foot up on a chair, which brought his balls into view. I let go of his cock with one hand and held his nuts in my cupped hand.

"You are Jib's cousin and he knows you very well. And there is no way I'm taking a chance on you meeting someone else," I said. "I'm very sure."

Buck grinned.

I pressed my face into his crotch and took a deep sniff. Buck had a spicy scent, which I thought was very pleasant. I wondered if that was just him, or if all Bears smelled like that. I decided I would sniff Lucius when I saw him. Then I wondered what Lucius was doing. Had he picked out an apartment?

"I think I would rather live with you in this apartment, at least until we get the others off the Far View."

"That's great! And uh, Bears don't ever wear clothes in our apartment. That's a rule."

Buck chuckled.

"He can wear a cock ring, though," Digger said to me.

"Of course!"

"And here I was, looking forward to you undressing me all the time," Buck said.

"Good point!" I said. "Forget the rule."

Buck and Harry laughed.

Precum was flowing out of Buck's erection. I licked it up.

"Damn, that tastes good!" I said.

"Good enough to lick off the floor?" Digger asked me, grinning.

"Depends on how dirty the floor is! In here, yes."

Buck shook his head as he grinned.

"I guess you really like it!" Buck said. "I wondered why guys went crazy over Jib's dick snot."

"I can't eat it if you call it that!" I said, laughing.

"OK. What should I call it?" Buck asked.

"How about Bear ambrosia?" I suggested.

All three of them laughed.

"If Jack Hawes, the owner of the Bear's Den had known it was that good, he would have charged guys to lick it off the floor," Buck said.

I wiped more precum off his erection and licked it off my hand. Buck seemed delighted.

"You were worried about being able to kiss me. How about if you touch one of my elbows when you want to kiss?"

"That sounds good."

I touched his elbow. Buck picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. We kissed, again. I felt two of Digger's fingers slide into me. He began fucking me with them. Buck pulled away after a while and sucked on my neck and ear.

"Oh, Buck," I murmured.

"Yes, baby," he said, softly into my ear."

"I need...oooh." I groaned as he chewed at my neck. "I need your milk. I'm used to being fed by all my lovers, a couple of times a day."

"I can come many times a day. You said you wanted to be the one to meet my needs. I want to meet yours. Anytime you want a mouthful of spunk, let me feed you. Will you do that?"

I smiled and nodded.

"Right now, will you jack off into my mouth and just feed me?" I asked.

Buck growled. He put me down on the ground and began stroking himself. I wiped some of the dripping precum off his balls and rubbed it into my face. Buck groaned.

"Damn, Eric. This is so fucking hot, it may really make a half billion dollars," Harry said.

Digger took over and began rubbing Buck's precum into my skin.

I left my mouth open and looked up at Buck's face. Raw lust was obvious on his face.

"You want milk, baby?" he asked me. "Do you?"

"I do!"

"Ask Daddy for it," Buck said. "Beg."

I groaned.

"Please, please Daddy! Give me milk!"

"Aw, fuck!" Buck groaned as a thick rope of semen shot out of his cock and into my mouth. Then another and another and another, in quick succession. I closed my mouth to swallow when it was full and two spurts hit my face before I could open it, again. Digger grabbed Buck's cock and began aiming it. Unbelievably, my face was soon completely covered. I couldn't open my eyes and I sure hoped Harry was catching all of this. But Buck wasn't done. Digger put his hand behind my head and pulled me onto Buck's cock. As I took him into my mouth, I was shocked by how much cum he continued to shoot. Then I realized I shouldn't have been surprised. I'd just watched a video that showed how much spunk Buck had pumped into one human, and he said he fucked a couple dozen men each night at the Bear's Den. I checked the camera in my stomach. A pool of white cum glistened, while more flowed into the pool. I sent the video feed to Buck. He groaned, audibly.

"Isn't that beautiful?" I asked Buck. "Your cum in my body."

I pulled back to get his spunk on my tongue, so I could really taste it. It had a slight fruity flavor to it that I hadn't tasted in Gorilla or Chimp semen. I liked it quite a bit. A minute later, the flow slowed, then stopped. His orgasm lasted a lot longer than my own. I knew Bears were the youngest race of Beasts, but I never heard sex was enhanced for them. Maybe my next body would be a Bear. But I had my own enhancements. My mouth (and ass) could open further than in my human body. because otherwise, trying to get Buck into my mouth would be a little like taking someone's forearm into my mouth, starting with their clinched fist. Buck started wiping his cum off my face and feeding it to me while I played with his cock and balls.

"You love that tasty stuff, don't you?" Buck asked as he fed me.

"I do. I want more."

"Jib is at the door and would like to enter," Al the AI said.

"Let him in, Al," Digger said.

Buck continued wiping his cum off my face and sticking his fingers in my mouth, to clean. His erection was pressed against the side of my head. I stroked it lightly with my fingers.

Jib looked at me and then at Buck.

"I just gave Eric a snack," Buck said to Jib. I started to get embarrassed. Then I remembered what Jib's cock looked like with a red cock ring around it. This was the man who liked watching guys eat his precum.

Jib grinned. "Did you like it, Eric?" Jib asked me.

"It was delicious, and I mean that seriously."

"You did gobble it all down," Buck said.

"Oh, yeah."

"Here's some more of it," Digger said. Digger wiped some that had dripped onto my chest and held his fingers in front of me. I sucked Buck's jizz off them.

"Eric and Digger have invited me to live with them," Buck said.

Jib looked delighted. He walked over to us and hugged his cousin.

"That's terrific!" Jib turned to me. "Your mother is going to be glad," Jib said to me. "She is very fond of Buck."

"I understand why. But I figured she thought I had enough lovers already," I said.

"She's said more than once that she doesn't know how you do it, but she's also mentioned how happy you all seem. I think she's proud of you, after all, some people can't keep one spouse happy. but I don't think she will ever tell you so."

I nodded.

"The reason I came, is that I met the person who will be assisting me at work," Jib said. "He is a very young, possibly stupid human named Danny. I asked him what he knew about pipes. He said they were yucky."

Digger laughed.

"I'm not a professional. Is that a technical term?" Digger asked Jib.

"Pipes made from the yucca plant," I said.

Jib and Buck laughed.

"I was really hoping to get you two to help me," Jib said to Digger and me.

"You can't have Eric. I need help with my pipe," Buck said.

Jib looked at Buck and then burst out laughing.

"He can do that at home," Jib said.

I smiled at Buck.

"Seriously, I don't think I will need Eric very often at work, except as company," Buck said. "How often will you need their help?"

"A couple of times a day, maybe an hour total."

Buck nodded.

"Are the times constant?" Buck asked.

"Yes. At around 9:40 am and 6:30 pm. The times don't have to be precise, but they can't be too far off. I'll need them every day for a week to ten days, and then just occasionally after that."

"If I need Eric, I'll work around that," Buck said.

"Is it all right with you two?" Jib asked us.

"It's fine with me," I said.

"Of course. It isn't like our schedules are busy!" Digger said.

"Good!" Jib said.

"Roy would like to enter," Al said.

"Let him in, Al," I said.

Roy walked into the room. He was naked.

"Are clothes optional?" Digger asked Roy.

"I asked Jeff the rules about nudity and sex in the colony. He said that since there is only one kid here, Roberta, he didn't think we needed rules. He didn't think there were any prudes here, but if someone complains about public sex, we'll have to stop," Roy said.

"We can have sex in public?" Buck asked.

"I don't think there is a 'public'. Not yet, anyway. The public is on the Far View."

"What about the kid, Danny?" Buck asked.

"Danny isn't a kid," Jib said. "He's eighteen or nineteen. He just acts like a kid."

"Yeah. And I just left Danny. He was flirting with Lucius," Roy said. "He asked Lucius why he didn't have a bigger part in your autobiography, Eric."

I didn't know what to say. I looked at Digger who began laughing.

"You'll have to revise your autobiography and give Lucius a bigger part," Digger said.

I laughed.

"Should I say he shared your bedroom over the Wild Life?" I asked Digger.

"Maybe you should make Lucius the owner of the club," Buck suggested.

We laughed.

"Who are Danny's parents?" Buck asked.

"I don't know," Roy said.

"I'll see you later," Jib said. "I'll get in touch with you in the morning."


We said goodbye and he left.

Roy rubbed his dick against my cheek until precum began wetting me. I laughed the whole time. I looked up at Buck.

"Does Roy do this to you?"

Digger and Harry laughed.

"No. He can't reach my cheek."

Buck picked me up. As was now usual, I wrapped my legs around Buck's waist and my arms around his neck.

"Hi," I said, grinning.

"Hey, cutey!" Buck replied.

"If you'll lower him a little, I'll be able to fuck him," Roy said to Buck.

I laughed. "Roy is so shy. He'll never find true love until he comes out of his shell," I said.

"I found true sex. That's more fun. Speaking of fucking," Roy said to Digger. "Jeff asked me when you were planning to open your new sex club."

"I hadn't given it much thought, since almost everyone is still on the Far View," Digger said.

"There are fifty-eight people in the colony with almost nothing to do," Harry said. "Jeff asked me to ask, but I'm busy directing the highest grossing porn flik of all time. At least it better be!"

"There's the lake," I said.

"The lake isn't big news to most of us," Roy said. "We've been here a while. Only twelve arrived on the Far View, like yourselves."

Digger gave it some thought.

"We don't have any liquor. What would we serve them?"

"There's plenty of ethanol and fruit juice," Buck said.

Digger looked at me.

"What do you think?"

I didn't say what I thought. The fact was I had never performed in public before and I was very nervous. Fliks were different. Alek filmed them and I performed with my lovers.

"Why don't we open the bar? If the crowd is interested, we can show porn on the walls. I'd love to perform with Buck, but I'm not ready for that."

"I'll perform with you, if you are interested, and I'm pretty sure Lucius will too," Roy said.

"I don't normally fuck the way I did at the Bear's Den," Buck said.

All Bears had fairly dark skin. The color of their hair varied from medium brown to almost black. Lucius was a shade darker than medium brown, but Buck and Jib had dark brown hair. I stroked Buck's stubbled cheek. He closed his eyes and smiled. Everything about Buck excited me. His handsome face, his height, the size of his cock, his muscles, and the way he fucked.

"Let's do it! I'm not sure I want to perform tonight. I want to have more energy when I perform. Otherwise, it will look like I'm not really into it."

Digger nodded.

"That's a side effect of the hibernation. You'd think you would wake up rested, but you don't," Buck said. "I slept fourteen hours the first night I was here."

"I've got a question. What are we going to do about the internal cameras?" Harry asked. "Buck's cock will go past them and all you'll see is part of the shaft."

"That's true," Digger said. "I wish Alek was here. He's the one who installed them."

"I don't have to push all the way in," Buck said. "Once I get a feel for how deep I should go for the cameras, I can just use that much of my cock."

"You could deep stroke him until you are ready to come, and then go shallow," Digger said.

"That's what I was thinking," Buck said. "And I've never been able to push all the way down anyone's throat. The base of my cock is too wide. Besides, I have this fear that if I did, the head of my cock would be in stomach acid."

"Ouch!" Digger said.

All of us but Buck laughed.

"I would feel the same way, Buck," I told him.

"Eric, if you don't feel up to theatrical fucks, we could all feed you the way Buck did. All you would have to do is hold your mouth open," Harry suggested.

"Yeah! Having you beg for cum on your knees while a line of guys waits for their turn is plenty hot. What do you think?" Digger asked me.

"That's a good idea! I like it! Harry, I hope you will be in line."

Harry grinned. "I will!"

"I guess we should go there and set things up," Digger said.



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