Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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"Yeah." I looked at Buck. "Put me down, will you?"

Buck put me down. I took his half-hard erection in my hand and began stroking it. It stiffened very quickly. Roy walked up to me. He pulled my mouth to his and kissed me. I felt for his cock and began stroking Roy, too.

"Guys? Why don't you save that for the club?" Digger said. "I think customers would enjoy watching."

We pulled apart.

I looked up at Buck. "Do you think we can get Jib to be the bouncer and lure customers to the club?"

Buck laughed.

"Do you think he still has his red cock ring?" I asked.

"I wouldn't know. Why don't you ask your mother about both?" Buck suggested.

I chuckled. "Maybe not."

"Buck, where can we get the ethanol and fruit juice?" Digger asked him.

"I'll get it for you," Buck said.

"Do you have orange juice?" Digger asked.

"Yeah. We've got orange, apple, mina, cranberry, grape, and dosifruit."

"Oh, great!" Digger said.

"I'll bring it," Buck said.

I called Lucius.

"Hey, Lucius!"

"Hi, Eric. What are you up to?"

Roy moved behind me. He wrapped his arms around me and began sliding his cock between my cheeks.

"We are going to open the club tonight," I told Lucius.

"I'm glad. I was wondering if I was going to be in bed by eight."

"I was wondering if you want to perform with me. And possibly help out at the bar. I want to have sex with Digger there, at some point. He wasn't in the last flik I made and I don't want people wondering about our relationship."

"Sure! I'd love to. Will I be fucking you?"

"I think tonight is going to be oral only. Is that all right?"

Lucius laughed.

"If I say no, you might not suck me. So yes! It's very all right!" Lucius said.

I smiled.

"Can I fuck you sometime?" Lucius asked.

"Of course! You can be in a sex flik, if you want. A three-way with two Bears might be hot. I've never done a flik with Bears. It would be you and Buck filling me at both ends with Bear meat."

"I would love that, Eric. I mean it. It's something I've fantasized about."

"Great. I think we are about to head over there to set up."

"OK. See you there."

Lucius ended the call.

"Maybe we should have two bars," I suggested. "One for people who just want to drink and listen to music, and then the sex club. That way everyone can come."

Digger nodded his head, slowly.

"Do you want to do that, Digger?" Buck asked.

"It sounds like a good idea. We just need to find a bartender for the other bar."

"Lucius said he would help," I told Digger. "But I'm pretty sure he would prefer to work the sex club bar."

Digger nodded.

"I just talked to Jib," Buck said. "He's willing to run the second bar, at least for tonight. He thinks it's a great idea. After all, there are a lot more straight colonists than gay and they are bored. He wondered if there is enough room for a dance floor."

"I think we better go look at the space," Digger said.

We all got dressed, except Roy. He hadn't brought any clothes.

"I'll see you soon," Buck said to me.

I touched his elbow. He bent down and kissed me. We both sighed as he stood back up. The others laughed.

"Uh oh," Roy said. "You better watch out, Digger!"

I hugged Digger.

"I love Digger twice as much as anyone."

Digger smiled and kissed me, briefly.

"Love you," I said to my husband.

"Love you."

Buck went after the ethanol and fruit juice.

I walked over to Roy.

"Do you have a jock strap?" I asked him.

"No. Why? Do you want it, or do you want to see me in one?"

"I want to see you in one. I think you'd look hotter in the club, because I can pull your cock out of it and just start sucking."

Roy grinned.

"Hey! That's a good idea," Digger said. "I wish I'd brought some."

"This is Al. I can make them in a matter of seconds if you'll tell me the style, sizes, and colors."

About two minutes later, they were delivered on a robot cart. Roy put one on. I pulled his cock out of it and stroked him a couple of times before I put it back.

"Works fine!" I said.

"Don't be a tease, boy!" Roy said.

I grinned.

"I plan to tease the cum out of your nuts all the time. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it."

He pulled my mouth to his and kissed me.

"Come on," Digger said.

I looked at Harry.

"Wow! You look hot!" I told him.

Harry was wearing a black jock strap with a very large mesh at the pouch. You could see his cock very well. He got hard while I admired him.

"I'm glad you like it," he said.

"I plan to pull it out several times tonight."

I put on a red silk jock strap that Digger wanted to see on me and we left. While we walked to the space built for the club, I squeezed the pouch of Digger's strap. His was an athletic type, also in red.

Digger and I were both surprised when we got to the bar. Jeff and Jib were waiting for us.

"Jib told me about your idea for two clubs, side by side," Jeff said to Digger.

"It was Eric's idea," Digger said.

"Well, it was an excellent one," Jeff said. "I think it will really boost morale. Most of the people who've been here on Mars a while were expecting their families to join them today. It's quite a letdown, especially when they know they won't be seeing them for a while."

"I hadn't thought of that," I said.

"Me, either," Digger said.

I started to feel warm. I assumed it was just a little warmer in the area.

Lucius ran up to us.

"Are we ready to get started?" he asked.

"I think so," Digger said. "Here." Digger handed Lucius three different jock straps. "We weren't sure which one you'd want. Eric thought it would look hotter if he pulled our cocks out of these, rather than us just standing around naked."

"Sounds good to me, as long as he pulls something out of mine," Lucius said.

I smiled at him. "Count on it!"

Lucius was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. He pulled them off. His dark brown cock was half hard, but his foreskin still completely covered the head. I wondered if his cum tasted like Buck's. Lucius shook his cock.

"You like?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah!" I told him.

"Are you kind of hot?" I asked Lucius.

"I don't want to brag, but I'm incredibly hot," he said, grinning.

He moved next to me. He wrapped his hand around my bicep and pulled me a few feet away from the others.

"I heard you invited Buck to live with you," he said.

I hoped Lucius wasn't hurt that we didn't ask him.

"Does it bother you?" I asked him.

"No, but I was really hoping something could develop between us."

"Something has," I said, as I ran my hand down his hairy belly and into his jock strap. I felt him grow erect when I wrapped my fingers around his cock. "I really like you and you really turn me on. The thing is, I'm used to having sex with each of my family members several times a day. We spent hours at it—most of the day, although that was partly because there was nothing else to do on Beasthold. I expected it to continue on Mars. I already miss that, and it's only been one day. I hope we'll be having sex several times a day."

Lucius bent down and kissed me. We pulled apart after about a minute.

"Would you be willing to have three ways with Buck and me sometimes?"

"I'd love to. Roy wants the three of us to have them, too."

"That will be fun."

Lucius frowned. "You are really sweating, Eric. Do I have that effect on you?"

"I think it's just warm here.

"Who told you about Buck? I didn't think anyone knew, yet," I said.

"Your stepfather. I confided in him earlier that I hoped we could have a relationship."


I was a little worried what would happen when the rest of my family woke up. What if I had four or five new lovers? But I had three, three bedroom apartments, each of which could have two rooms added. That was a total of fifteen rooms. And Alek would love having big orgies every day. So would Digger. Pan might be glad because Jock could spend more time with him. I had no idea if Pan would be upset if we had sex less often. I wasn't sure what George would think, but I planned to continue sucking him off whenever he answered my fan mail. George told them what I was doing and he said the fans loved it. He would say something like, 'Eric is sucking my dick right now, so he asked me to answer your question.' He would take a quick photo of me blowing him and include it in the response. He didn't reuse the same photo, so each fan got a unique picture of his cock in my mouth.

Lucius put his hand on my butt. I smiled at him. His hand slid between my butt cheeks and then I felt a finger touching my asshole. I smiled again and he pushed his finger inside me. I pulled his cock out and bent over to suck him.

Someone cleared their throat and we pulled apart. It was Jeff.

"We have a lot to get done if we are going to open a bar and a sex club this evening."

I nodded. That was an understatement.

We joined them and got to work. Even Jeff helped. I was still getting accustomed to Jeff's body. Before, he looked like a horrible, giant bird. Since changing into a Beast 3.0, he looked like a very attractive, fairly young, Chimp-Gorilla hybrid. He looked like he was about twenty-five. It disturbed me that in his new body, he excited me. I had to keep remembering it was Jeff.

"Will any of the hetero colonists mind that the sex club is about an inch away?"

Jeff chuckled.

"I don't think so. If they are, they can leave and if they are so inclined, open another bar further away."

I nodded.

"Eric, you do realize that you aren't going to earn money from this, don't you?"

"Yeah. Do we need to pay for the fruit juice and ethanol?"

"No. It was grown and fermented for the colonists. It doesn't matter where they drink it."

"I didn't think of it that way."

"Are you planning to perform this evening?" Jeff asked me.

"I still haven't had sex with Harry. We were shooting the new flik. I'll definitely be having sex with him and with Digger. I'm not sure how—"

Suddenly, I got a lot hotter. I started to get dizzy.

"I don't feel so well," I said. "Why is it so hot?" I started to fall, but Jeff grabbed me.

"DIGGER!" Jeff bellowed. That was the last I remembered.

There were faces and words in my dreams, but they made no sense. Suddenly I was awake. I sat up. I was in some sort of lab or medical room. Digger was standing next to me. I took his hand. Jeff and Harry moved beside me.

"What happened?" I asked them.

"The last update to your nanites' programming caused them to attack Buck's, which entered your body by way of Buck's semen. His nanites were clustered around your immune system cells, where they were in the process of adapting to your body. Your nanites attacked Buck's nanites and your own immune system, as well as your liver. We still haven't located the bug, so they have been switched off. No permanent damage was done, but the damage to your liver can't be repaired until they are fixed. It is not life threatening, but you shouldn't drink alcohol with a damaged liver."

"That's no big deal."

Jeff nodded.

"Does Buck know?" I asked. "I don't want him to blame himself."

"No. We didn't tell him," Jeff said. "He had nothing to do with it. It was a programming bug."

"How do you feel?" Digger asked.

I thought for a moment.

"Fine. Great, even."


I motioned to Digger. He bent over and whispered, "Does this mean I can't eat Buck's spunk?"

Digger chuckled.

"You can. The nanites are asleep."

"Lucius' semen is safe to ingest, too," Jeff said.

That was very embarrassing! I looked around to see if my mother was there. She wasn't. If she had been, it would have been even more embarrassing.

"Eric, the two of us have a lot in common," Jeff said, shocking me to the core. Did he really believe that? "And it makes me happy that Digger, who I often think of as my son, chose for his spouse someone who is similar to me in some ways. I sucked a man for the first time when I was thirteen. He was the father of a friend of mine. From the first time his cock shot in my mouth, I was hooked. I loved everything about it. He introduced me to a friend of his who had three teenaged sons. I began sucking all four of them. Once I began to attend college, it was very easy to find guys who wanted to be sucked. When I wasn't studying, I sucked cocks. That was what I did for recreation. It's what I did during lunch on school days. I sucked other students, some of my instructors, and a lot of strangers. In an hour, I could suck four or five guys and come a couple of times myself. If I went on a date, it would tie up a whole evening and I might have sex once. It was fun and efficient and it made five or six guys happy."

I smiled at Jeff.

"Frankly, I think you'd be an idiot not to suck Buck and Lucius. You made Buck very happy and you can make Lucius happy, too. All while doing something you enjoy. I love the taste of semen, but Bear semen is tastier than most."

"I thought you disapproved of casual sex," I said. "Some of the things you've said to Alek about fliks—"

"It's not the fliks. I disapprove of Alek's behavior because he doesn't do anything else. You are in the same fliks and you use the money you make from them to help people. Alek keeps all his money to himself even though he doesn't need it. Also, Alek is a genius. Alek's quite a bit smarter than you are Eric, although you seem smarter most of the time because you use your brain. You are a better person, because you try to be a better person. Alek doesn't try. I want him to try. He's used about two percent of his potential."

I didn't know what to say. I understood what Jeff was saying, but I loved Alek and felt I should defend him. I wondered for the first time how much money Alek had. Everyone in the family knew how much money I had. I didn't keep it a secret. But Alek? We were worried about the cost of the ship. Should we use Alek's money?

I wondered why Digger's behavior didn't bother Jeff. But with Digger right there, I couldn't ask.

Harry moved next to me, opposite Digger. I looked in a leg of Harry's pants and saw his cock. It grew erect while I looked at it.

"Jeff, do you think Harry's semen would speed my recovery?" I asked.

He laughed. "If that's your hypothesis, I think you should test it."

"I agree."

Harry pulled his cock out. I leaned up and licked the underside.

"I want it," I said. Harry grinned.

"Why don't you suck Harry and then go to sleep?" Jeff said.

"I am tired," I said.

"You can suck me tomorrow," Harry said.

I climbed off the table and knelt in front of Harry. I admired his cock before swallowing him. While I sucked, I tugged on his nuts. To my surprise, Digger began pulling on Harry's nipples with one hand. He pushed two fingers from his other hand into my ass and began massaging my prostate. Before long, I could taste Harry's precum. Harry pulled his erection out of my mouth. I lunged for it, making Harry and Digger chuckle. But Harry held my head and rubbed his wet cock all over my face. After about a minute of that, he thrust it back into my mouth. Harry's cock shot its first volley of tasty Chimp spunk into my mouth. At the same time, Digger pulled his fingers out of my ass. He thrust his cock into me which made me come. Harry moaned as his spunk was pumped into my hungry mouth. I swallowed it eagerly. When he was done, he pulled out. I squeezed the last bits out of him and licked it up.

"Very tasty!" I said.

"I knew you'd like it," Jeff said.

That was awkward. We'd just had a three-way in front of Jeff and it had given him an obvious erection. When Digger pulled out of me, I stood up.

"It's too bad about the bar," I said.

"No. It's for the best," Digger said. "You were tired before all of this. Now we can spend all day tomorrow getting everything set up, and then open tomorrow night."

"We need to get a lot more chairs and tables made, too. Al is working on that," Jeff said. "Between the club and the bar, I expect we will see almost everyone there tomorrow night."

I nodded.

Digger took my hand and we left.

"How long was I out?" I asked Digger.

"A couple of hours. It's eleven-thirty."

I nodded.

We walked into the apartment and Buck stood. He looked worried.

"Are you OK?" he asked me.


"What happened?" Buck asked.

"A bug in my nanites. The second one today," I said.

"That's right!" Digger said. "I forgot about the problem with your arm on the ship."

"What were the nanites doing?" Buck asked.

"Attacking Eric's immune system," Digger said. "They're turned off until Jeff fixes them. I'm sure Jeff will be up all night working on them."

We walked into the apartment.

"Am I still spending the night?" Buck asked.

"I was hoping you were moving in with us," I said.

Buck smiled. "I just wanted to make sure nothing changed."


We all got undressed and climbed into bed. Digger pulled me against him. I smiled at Buck. He leaned forward and kissed me. After that, I took his hand in mine and fell asleep.

I woke up in bigger arms. I could smell Buck before I opened my eyes. His arms were around me and Digger wasn't in bed. I was very comfortable, though.

"You awake?" Buck asked in his deep voice.


Buck lay his leg over my legs. It felt possessive and I liked it. Then he pulled me tightly against him. I liked that even better. Buck chuckled.

"What?" I asked.

"You are practically purring," he said.

"I'm happy.

"How did you sleep?" I asked him.

"I didn't sleep much. I was looking at you. Every time I started to drop off, I remembered that you were a foot away. I've loved you for a while, Eric."

"You didn't know me."

"Everyone knows you. You've bared everything, physically and emotionally. Besides that, I've learned things from your mother that you never mentioned in your books or interviews."

"Well, I don't understand why, but I'm glad you love me."

"Are you?"

"Yes. I want us to be lovers."

Buck kissed the back of my neck.

"Then we are. I want the same thing. I already love you."

"I'm falling fast for you. And I like the idea of having a relative of Jib's as a lover. It ties our two families together even more."

"Yes, I suppose it does." Buck paused. "Do you want Jib sexually?"

"Nooo. Well, maybe just a little. But I think you are hotter than him.

"Where is Digger?"

"He went to work on the club. He wants you to stay here and rest. He says he has plenty of help. Twenty people showed up this morning, ready to get to work."

"Do you have to leave?"

"Nope. I'll stay with you, if you'll let me," Buck said.

I snuggled back against Buck.

"Oh. And Roy has been here twice, wearing just a cock ring, ready to feed you breakfast."

I laughed. "I'm pretty sure he wanted me to have Gorilla milk for breakfast."

"Yes. And he told me he brought enough for both of us," Buck said.

I laughed. "That's my shy, shy Roy!"

"Yeah. He jacked off while he looked at you. Then he told me he wished you were his son."

"What?" I asked, laughing. I flipped over to face Buck.

"I'm pretty sure he was trying to shock me. He's tried, before."

I began stroking Buck's erection. He closed his eyes and smiled.

"How often do you think we will have sex?" Buck asked.

"I don't know. Four or five times a day, I guess. Unless you are too busy with your job."

Buck opened his eyes.

"Do you mean that?"

"Yeah. With Alek and Digger, we usually had sex in the morning before we got out of bed, and at night before we went to sleep. We usually had sex after lunch and in the evening, too. When I wasn't having sex with them, I was having it with Jock, Pan, and George. But none of us were working. Your job may interfere."

"My normal day consists of me tracking the progress of the crops and monitoring the machines that do the actual work. I keep an Eric La Roche Head in my office and use it, sometimes several times a day at work. If it's slow on the farm, occasionally I'll just leave my cock in it until I can't come anymore."

"Wow! I know how many times you came at the Bear's Den. How many orgasms can the Head give you?"

"I never kept count. Ten or eleven times, I'd guess."

I pictured Buck sitting in a chair while his beautiful erection was milked over and over and over. But I wasn't a plastic sex toy. I'd never be able to give Buck that much sex. I told him I wanted to meet all his sexual needs, but eleven times in a row? My jaw and ass just weren't up to it. And I had other lovers to keep happy.

"What's wrong, Eric?" Buck asked.

"I was realizing that I can't give you as much sex as you want. Four or five times—maybe six, is the max."

Buck grinned.

"You won't be able to suck me twenty or thirty times a day?"

"Twenty or thirty?"

"Baby, four times sounds incredible. Once a day sounds incredible. I would much rather have sex with you once a day than twenty times with a toy."

I smiled.

"That image you being milked over and over by a machine is very hot, though."

Buck certainly had a juicy cock. My hand was wet with precum and the bed probably was, too. I let go of his cock and began licking my hand.

Buck grinned and shook his head.

"Tasty stuff," I said.

"Useful, too."

Buck got some on his own hand. He pushed a precum-coated finger inside my ass. He pressed his mouth to mine and I opened my mouth for his tongue. While our tongues caressed each other in my mouth, Buck began finger fucking me. Just his finger made me come. When I groaned, Buck pulled away and quickly swallowed my cock. He continued finger-fucking me while I came in his mouth. I grabbed his cock and began stroking it, but Buck pushed my hand away. My orgasm was ending as he got up on one knee and pulled my head to his crotch. I lunged for his cock, but he stopped me.

"Just open your mouth."

I did. He aimed his cock without using his hands or mine, just using his body. Suddenly, his cock erupted. Three heavy spurts entered my mouth in less than two seconds. But as Buck groaned, he moved enough to miss my mouth with the following three spurts. That was OK. They hit my face, which I loved, too. As it dripped off my face, I could feel and smell the proof that I made this hot stud happy. And what could be better than that?

Buck had me lie on my back. He laid his cock on my face and told me he was taking pictures. He sent me one of them. I laughed.

"I sure look happy!" I said.

Buck sighed, happily. "You do. And I'm the one who made you happy. Do you want more?"


"No. Bear spunk."

"The answer to that is always going to be yes."

"You should take it easy. Let me do the work."

I nodded.

Buck began rubbing his cock on my face. He placed one of his hands over his cock and fucked the space between his hand and my face. He fucked my face that way for several minutes. His other hand moved between my legs and found my ass. Buck slowly pushed a finger inside me and began massaging my prostate. The whole time, I could smell only Buck, his cock, his balls, and his ass. I loved it! I reached between his legs from behind and lightly stroked his nuts as they swung back and forth.

"Here's your milk," Buck said, as he pushed the head of his cock in my mouth. He began shooting. While I swallowed, I ran my hands over his muscular, hairy body. I looked up at him and into his brown eyes as he pumped his jizz into my mouth. Buck shot at least as much spunk as he had during his previous orgasm.

When he was done, Buck fell onto the bed beside me. I stroked the hair on the side of his head. Buck was handsome, sweet, and incredibly sexy. He reminded me of Jock in some ways. I missed Jock. And Alek. I missed all of them. But I needed to remind myself that they were fine and that we were doing everything we could to get them down to the colony. I forced myself back to Buck. I was certain that I loved him. Part of me thought it was a mistake to fall in love with someone so quickly, but it happened that way with all my lovers. I moved in with Digger a few hours after I met him! George had sex with me and never left. He was living with us and was one of my lovers before I even learned his last name!

"I love you, Buck. And I want you so much."

He smiled. He looked very happy.

"I can see it in your eyes. I love you, too. I've wanted you for a couple of years. I never even hoped to be your lover. I just wanted to have sex."

Buck wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. We kissed.

"Do you want kids?" I asked him, after the kiss ended.

"With you?"

I nodded.

"You bet. Life would be perfect, then," Buck said.

"I was planning to have Digger or Jock's first, but Jock could easily be stuck on the Far View for a year or more, and Digger keeps changing his mind about whether he's ready to be a father."

Buck nodded.

"We can talk to Digger later and make plans," I said.

"You'd like to have Digger's first, wouldn't you?"

"Only if he's sure he's ready. He's afraid of making mistakes."

Buck nodded his head.

"I can understand that," Buck said. "But your mother already knows everything we need to know."

"True. Well, we'll talk about it. This colony needs more people and I think I'm ready to start helping with that."

Buck pulled me close and kissed me.

"I'm starving! I'm going to call Digger," I said, as I connected to him.

"Hi. How is it coming along?" I asked.

"Fine. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine."

"That's good, but Jeff wants you to take it easy today and stay in the room, if you can. He's concerned that your nanites malfunctioned twice in one day, when there hasn't be a malfunction in anyone else in over three years," Digger said.

I had been about to say I was fine, but those were disturbing statistics. It was just me? But then I was the only person to be changed from human to Beast 3.0. I was the only Beast 3.0 with a human brain.


"Yeah. I was thinking. I will stay in the room."

"Good. There is a device Jeff brought on one of the living room tables. He said it's a reprogramming device for the nanites. If he calls or comes by and asks you to, you place your palm on the palm print on the device. He wants to try a couple of things."

"Does he have any ideas, yet? Is it because I have a human brain?"

"Well, I'm sure he thought of that first. He hasn't said anything, so he must have ruled that out." I nodded. "Harry reminded him about your internal cameras," Digger said. "He thought they might be interfering with the nanites."

"Oh, yeah! Not a lot of other people have those!"

"But Jeff said they operate on completely different frequencies. Still, it could have something to do with them," Digger said. I nodded. I felt a little better.

I'll be there in a few minutes. I'll bring breakfast. What would you like?"

"An omelet and biscuits. And coffee, of course."

"Is Buck there?"


"Good. Someone needs to stay with you. I wish it was me, but you have no idea how excited all the colonists are that we will have a nightclub open tonight. I think every single person in the colony will be in the club or the bar tonight, possibly including Jerold and Roberta!"

"I think babies should stay in the bar," I said, laughing. It just sounded so weird!

"You don't want Roberta to ask what you are doing while you're in the sex club?" Digger asked.

I laughed.

"Ask Buck if he wants breakfast."

I did. Buck wanted what I was having, just more of it.

"Harry and Jeff will probably be there soon," Digger said.


"What did you think about what Jeff said about Alek?" I asked Digger.

"It wasn't news to me. Jeff has felt that way a long time. The problem is, Alek is not very motivated. He's happy coasting along. We can either accept him the way he is or get mad at him like Jeff. Trying to change him is futile. He's the most stubborn person I know. I love him anyway."

"I do, too," I said.

Digger disconnected.

I got out of bed. Buck got out, too. I took his hand and we walked into the living room. Buck sat and patted his lap. I chuckled as I sat on it. Buck wrapped both arms around me. I leaned back against him and sighed.

"That's how I feel," Buck said.

"Completely contented?"


"What's going to happen when the others wake up? What if they don't like me or they don't want to share you with me?"

"I'll introduce them to our baby. What are they going to do? Besides, I seriously doubt any of them thought I would stop at five lovers. Anyway, Alex will be delighted. Having you in the family will probably give him ideas for more fliks."

Buck didn't say anything. I turned and looked.

"This is really happening," he said. "I think I'm still in shock. You're my lover and we're going to have a child together. Yesterday, I was hoping to meet you."

"You seriously underestimated yourself," I said. Buck hugged me tighter.

"I guess I did. It's not the first time."

Buck ran both hands over my body.

"I was thinking of another way of raising money. People paid two hundred dollars to see Jib wearing a cock ring."

Buck laughed.


"There ought to be some way to use that."

"If he and my mother—"

Buck laughed for a long time.

"Are you going to suggest that your mother and Jib make porn fliks?"

"Well, no one ever paid two hundred dollars to look at me naked! Sure, they'll pay ten dollars for a flik, but two hundred for a single photo? No."

"For one thing, some of your photos have sold for over a thousand dollars."

"They have? Why?"

"There was one of George's cock resting on your face, with his cum on your face. He auctioned it off. I bought it."

"You did?"

"Yup, for eleven hundred and twenty-five dollars. I knew the money was for the colony, so I didn't mind paying that much. And I love that photo. Your toy head sucked me off many time while I looked at the picture. That's why I took the pictures of my cock on your face."

I remembered, then. There were several photos and George sold them to raise money for the colony. George suggested making a flik and auctioning it off the same way. I wondered if we did. There were usually cameras floating around whenever I had sex, so I really didn't know.

"I expect we are going to get visitors soon. I'm going to get my shorts," Buck said.

I got off his lap. We both put on shorts. I put on a shirt, too.



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