Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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"Jeff?" I said, wondering how to ask a difficult question without having Jeff explode. "You seem to have changed, personality-wise since I last saw you. Am I imagining that?" As I expected, Jeff looked irritated.

I got a call from Buck.

"Everyone has noticed," Buck said.


"I'm sleeping a lot more than I was. Before, I was sleeping two hours a night. Now I'm sleeping four and a half to five hours. When I finished converting into my present body, I was very tired and I slept a great deal. I understood why I was tired and knew it was temporary, so I didn't resent it. The day I woke up, I realized that despite all the problems, I was happy. Harry was happy, too. He sleeps with me, which meant he was getting more sleep, too. After three days, I had my strength back. I resumed my old schedule. We began fighting. I was angry at being stuck on Beasthold. Harry wanted to run blood tests and on me. He compared my blood then to what it was the day after I exited the tank. He found much more adrenalin in my blood. Levels of a couple of other hormones were lower. Harry injected me with an adrenaline suppressor and supplemented the hormones whose levels were low. I immediately felt better and my anger receded. I've been skipping sleep since I was ten. I assumed my personality was abrasive. I could have depended on injections each day, but natural adrenalin and hormone levels have peaks and troughs. Those are lost with injections. I decided natural sleep seems preferable, at least for now.

"And there's another thing, Eric. I like you. At first, I didn't. You were Martin La Roche's son and you formed a relationship with Digger. I didn't think you deserved Digger. But as I came to know you, my opinion of you changed. You became wealthy, but you never used any of your money on yourself. I liked Midge from the start. I began to see you as Midge's child and not Martin's."

I looked up at Buck from the table. He smiled at me. I could see his balls when I looked up one leg of his shorts. I looked up at his face and saw a half-smile. He knew what I was looking at.

"How long will the reprogramming take?" Buck asked Jeff.

"It's done. We now need to test whether Eric's nanites attack yours as they did last night."

Harry walked into the lab.

"How do we do that?" Buck asked.

"You ejaculate inside him. Preferably in his rectum."

"I've...we've never...this is a bad..."

I knew what Buck was trying to say.

"We haven't made love yet. I was hoping for something a little more romantic for our first time," I said to Jeff. "Maybe Buck was, too."

"I was."

"It doesn't have to be on the table, but don't put it off," Jeff said.

I called Buck.

"Do you want to rush this?" I asked him.

"No. I planned to spend a long time stretching you while playing with your ass. Maybe feed you Bear milk while I do it. And I wanted to do it at the lake."

"Oh! That sounds wonderful, my big, beautiful Buck. What about having Lucius fuck me right now?"

"That sounds fine," Buck said. "I want to see you with a big Bear cock in your ass."

"I'll call him."

I disconnected the call to Buck and called Lucius.

"Hi, Lucius."

"Hey. How are you feeling?"

"Fine. Jeff thinks he has the problem fixed, but he needs Bear nanites in my ass, and Buck is too big to fuck me quickly. Will you fuck me?"

Lucius laughed.

"Are you kidding? Yes!"

"I'm in Jeff's lab. We'll do it here."

Lucius disconnected. He arrived a few seconds later, panting and smiling.

"I ran!" he said.

While he quickly undressed, I rolled onto my stomach. Lucius pulled my legs until my ass was at the end of the table. He pulled my cheeks apart and began rimming me. Lucius was very good at it. Within a couple of minutes, Lucius had his tongue inside me. Buck pulled his erection out. I sighed as I looked at it and the others laughed. Lucius had a big cock, but Buck's was like someone's forearm. I figured it would be somewhat like being fisted. I looked up. Buck was watching Lucius. He must have liked what he saw, because Buck's precum began flowing. I wiped some off and licked it off my fingers. After a few seconds, Buck wrapped his hand around his erection, coating it with precum. Then he rubbed my face with his wet hand.

"Damn, are you covering him with pre?" Lucius asked Buck.

"Just his face."

"Do you like that, Eric?" Lucius asked.


"You want mine the same way? I produce a lot of pre. All Bears do. My father said it was because we all have big dicks and they need extra lubrication."

"Oh, yeah, Lucius. I want as much as you'll give me. Anytime."

Buck wiped some precum off his balls with his fingers. Then he showed me his wet fingers'

"You want more, don't you?" Buck asked me.

"Oh, yeah!"

Buck rubbed his fingers on my lips. Then Buck rubbed my lips with the wet head of his erection. I tried to get him in my mouth, but he pulled away, chuckling. He moved forward, but this time he slapped my face with his cock. Alek slapped my face with his cock all the time. We both loved it and it frequently made Alek come, which was something else we both loved. But Alek's cock was half the size of Buck's. It hurt, but it also made me come. It made Buck come, too. I groaned as I shot onto the table under me. Buck shot on my face. Lucius pushed hard into me and I felt his cock throb as he inseminated me. I looked at my ass cam. All I could see was brown, the shaft of his cock. He was too big, so Buck would be, too. That was disappointing. I wanted to see their jizz paint my insides. I either needed the cameras moved deeper inside me or I needed another camera. I thought the later would be best. The view from the existing camera was in the perfect place to watch Digger's and my other lovers' ejaculations.

Buck shocked me when he began rubbing his cum all over my head, even into my hair. I tried to think why he was doing it. Had Jeff told him? Were we testing whether his nanites attacked my hair?

Harry groaned as he watched and Jeff said, "Good grief!"

"I'm just having fun," Buck said.

So it wasn't medical, it was just very kinky. I loved it! I hoped Harry was shooting video.

"Damn, Buck! I can't believe you're doing that!" Lucius said.

While Buck had his fun, I had mine. I took Buck's giant erection into my hands and played with it. I decided it was probably the most perfect cock I'd had. I loved Digger's and Alek's, but there was just so much more of Buck's meat to love. And it wasn't just big. It was also beautiful. I loved everything about it. I started to wish Buck's cock was on Digger, but I stifled that thought, quickly. Digger was perfect just as he was, and there was more to a man than his penis.

Buck started playing with my hair, pulling and rearranging. I saw a camera floating next to me, which was good.

Lucius began fucking me, again.

"I'm giving you a new hairdo," Buck said to me. "I really need a hair dryer to do this right."

I burst out laughing, along with everyone else in the room.

"I thought we were testing to see if your nanites attacked my hair," I said.

Everyone in the lab laughed.

Digger entered the lab. His mouth dropped open before he started laughing. Buck displayed my head, turning it one way, then the other.

"What do you think? I used Bear mousse," Buck said.

"I see the Bear. Where's the moose?" Digger said, still laughing.

"How is he, Jeff?" Digger asked.

"Fine. Look at the wall," Jeff said. "The blue are Eric's nanites. Lucius' nanites are red.

Blue and red dots were all that showed on the display. My general shape was displayed as a series of blue dots. There were red dots near my waist.

Lucius had stopped fucking me when Digger entered the lab, but he was still inside me. Lucius pulled his cock out a little and pushed back into me. We could see a little motion of the red dots as Lucius' cock made the semen he'd shot into me move.

"As you know, Eric's nanites attacked Buck's last night. What we hope to see now is no motion of Eric's blue nanites towards Lucius' red ones."

We looked at the wall and nothing seemed to be moving after Lucius held still. But nanites didn't move quickly on their own. Digger stood next to me, opposite Buck. I pulled Digger's cock out.

"I wish Alek could see you right now, with your face and hair covered in spunk," Digger said to me. He looked up at Buck. "He would love it, Buck."

"Good," Buck said. "Hopefully he will be with us soon."

We all nodded.

"Hungry, baby?" Digger asked me.

"I am. I want you to fuck me, too."

The display zoomed into the area where the red dots were. The individual dots were clear.

"There doesn't seem to be any motion," Jeff said. "Al, will you verify?"

"Eric's nanites are not moving towards Lucius'."

"That's it, then," Jeff said. "You're fine, Eric. You can go."

Lucius pulled slowly out of me. I got off the table. Some of Lucius' spunk ran out of my hole and down one leg. My ass felt cold, which meant my hole was still open. I had my own cum on me and the table. I looked for something to wipe myself with, but Digger began licking me clean. To my surprise, Buck kneeled behind me, pulled my cheeks apart and stuck his tongue inside my open hole. I moaned as his tongue moved around inside me. I was disappointed when he pulled out and stood back up. But only briefly. He titled my face up, bent down and kissed me. As he did, cum flowed into my mouth, Lucius' Bear milk. I groaned and came while our tongues danced in a pool of Lucius' creamy spunk. Digger took my load in his mouth. A minute later, Buck pulled away from the kiss.

"Did you enjoy that?" Buck asked me.

I swallowed.

"I loved it!"

"I can't believe you ate my jizz," Lucius said to Buck.


"You're so big!"

Buck laughed.

"I enjoyed it. When I hit puberty, I started sucking myself whenever I could. I always swallowed my spunk and I grew to love it. Yours tastes the same. I'll probably give your load to Eric again, if it doesn't bother you."

"It doesn't. I think it was hot."

"Why don't you go to your apartment," Jeff said. "I have other work to do."

Digger stood and I kissed him.

"What caused the nanites in Eric's arm to cluster? There was no Bear spunk," Digger asked Jeff.

"That was just a plain ordinary bug. That arm is where the IV that delivered the hibernation drugs was inserted. The nanites gathered to repair the tiny wound the needle made. Then the drugs caused his circulatory system to slow and then essentially stop. That turned the nanites off. The problem would have corrected itself once the nanites repaired Eric's arm. Of course, his arm didn't need to be repaired in the first place. The needle didn't do any damage. It's fixed, though."

I took Digger's hand and we left the lab. Harry came with us.

"I thought of something that might be hot in a flik and should also liven up the club," Harry said. "Digger, how would you feel about stroking the guys in the club until they shoot into Eric's mouth."

"Like milking them?" Lucius said.


"I'm not certain I want to give a bunch of strangers hand jobs, but I'll think about it," Digger said.

"Alternately, each guy could stroke himself and add his spunk to a glass that gets passed around," Harry said.

Digger looked at me.

"I don't know. Both of those involve me doing things with people I've never seen before. They may not be appealing at all."

"Jib said he wanted to check the club out," Buck said. "There may be other curious straight guys there who, like Jib, might want to briefly watch Eric in action, but have absolutely no desire to participate."

"You're right, Buck," Harry said. "I hadn't thought of that. In fact, for opening night, there will probably be lots of people who stop in the club before going to the bar. There might be more straights than gays. Are women going to be allowed in the club, Digger?"

I looked at Digger.


"Did you allow them at the Wild Life?" Buck asked. "Women weren't allowed in the Bear's Den."

"Normally they weren't allowed, but there were exceptions, like happy hour in the afternoon," Digger said. "But this club is different because a lot, if not most of the women may be fans of Eric's. How many gay men are awake here in the colony besides us? If there are only a couple more, there is no point in a sex club. We can just have orgies in our apartment."

"This is Al," the AI said to us.

"Yes?" Harry said.

"I think you are overlooking the fact that Eric has many hetero fans, both males and females. The females are probably aware they will never have sex with him, but some of the males may be interested. Roy has identified as hetero, up til now. Yet you've seen how enthusiastic Roy has been with Eric," Al said. I was dumbfounded by that. Did I turn Roy gay? "Privacy rules prevent me from disclosing names or details, but I can tell you that there are several hetero males who own Eric La Roche heads."

"But are they on the ship?" I asked.

"I was referring to men who are already here," Al replied.

Digger chuckled and nodded.

"If they picked Eric's head, instead of a woman's, I think we can assume they may be interested in sex."

Buck bent down and whispered in my ear, "Guess who has tried mine."

I looked at him in surprise. Did he mean Jib? I couldn't think of anyone else he would whisper about.

"I never thought Roy was gay, when I knew him before," Digger said. "Roy seemed very straight when I first met him. Harry, do you know why and how he switched sexual orientation?"

"We've had long discussions. There hasn't been much else to do here. He told me he's always been bisexual, but when he was married, he was faithful to his wife. They were married for forty-six years, but they divorced. After he changed into his new body, he saw one of Eric's fliks. He decided it was time to experience the other half of his sexuality," Harry said. "Preferably with Eric."


"He likes you a lot, Eric," Harry added.

"I like him a lot."

Harry smiled. "Do you mind if I tell him that?"

"Nope. But he must know I like him."

I looked at Lucius. "Would you want to have sex in front of women?" I asked him. I was pretty sure I didn't want to do it, but if I had Lucius in my ass and Buck in my mouth, would it really bother me?

"Not really," Lucius said.

"Me, either," Buck said.

I looked at Digger.

"I don't really want to, either," Digger said. "That's why they weren't allowed in the Wild Life. Why don't we show porn on the walls if women are in the club and only have live sex if it's all men?"

"I like that idea," I said.

"That sounds like a good compromise," Lucius said.

Buck nodded his head.

Digger squinted at me while his fingers touched my cheek. "What's that red mark on your face?"

"Is it shaped like Buck's dick?" I asked him.

"Is it sore?" Buck asked me.


"Buck hit my face with his cock."

"He could knock you unconscious with that monster," Digger said.

"I don't think I'll be doing it, again," Buck said. "Eric liked it when Alek and Bad Daddy did it to him in fliks, but I'm afraid I will hurt him."

Digger nodded.

"I haven't seen Roy lately," I said.

"He's working at the bar," Lucius said. "The space next to the club was going to be a shop. It wasn't big enough, so the wall between it and the next space had to come down. Then they are putting a dance floor in. He's supervising it as colony manager. He plans to spend his evenings at the club, though, not the bar."

"Roy is the colony manager?" I asked.


That was a big surprise!

"Jeff considers Roy the second most important person in the colony," Harry said. "Jeff and Roy have worked well together for decades."

"Are you number three?" Lucius asked Harry.

Harry chuckled. "Eric is number three."

I was surprised by that. But Jeff was the only person who had contributed more money to the colony than me. I supposed it was understandable that he considered me important, because of that. It probably didn't hurt that I almost always agreed with him. When I didn't, I mostly kept my mouth shut. Jeff was older and much wiser than me.

We continued walking.

"I'm really glad I'm not going to miss the club's opening night," I said to Digger.

"Me, too. It wouldn't have been much fun if I spent the evening worrying about you. Who do you want to have sex with?" Digger asked me.

"All of you and Roy. Oh, and Harry. I want to have sex at least once with you, Digger."

Digger nodded.

"Buck, getting Lucius' load out of Eric and feeding it to him was hot. Do you want to do it at the club tonight?"

"Sure. I'd like to eat yours out of him, too."

Digger grinned.

"Then how would you feel about doing it after all of us have fucked him?"

"It sounds hot. I think it would be hot if we all came on his face, and I licked it off and fed it to him."

"We should definitely do that for a flik," Harry said.

I smiled at Buck.

"Harry, do you want to fuck me in the club or do you want me to suck you?"

"What is this 'or'? Is it a club rule—only one orgasm per customer?" Harry asked.

We laughed.

"I want both anywhere. And maybe everywhere."

Lucius and I laughed.

I called Jeff. "Jeff, is it abnormal for me to fall in love with men so easily? I know Digger would just automatically say no, and I don't know who else to ask. The two psychiatrists are still on the Far View and I can't ask my mother."

As soon as I said it, I knew it was a mistake. Jeff had important things to deal with, not my love life.

Jeff sighed. "I'm the last person you should ask. If I thought you were a fool, you would know it. But if you are happy and they are happy, what are you complaining about?"

"Uh. Thanks."

"Oh. You are worried about Harry," Jeff said. "You are afraid of falling in love with him." Jeff sighed. "And I've pushed you together. Is that it?"

"Well, that's part of it."

"Stop worrying, Eric. I won't be upset if you fall in love with Harry. We can both love him. You should know that."

Jeff disconnected.

It occurred to me that I had not been thinking of Harry when I called Jeff. I was thinking about Lucius, Roy, and Buck. But of course, Jeff thought I was talking about him.

"I'm hungry," I said to Digger, Lucius and Buck. "I think I'll get something to eat and go see how the bar is coming along. Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I am."

"Why don't we go to the restaurant?" Lucius suggested.

"Are you going to the club, afterwards?" Harry asked.

"I think so."

"I've got a couple of things to do. I'll meet you there," Harry said.

I needed to use the restroom, and the others joined me. I saw my hair in a mirror. It was stiff and spikey. I touched it.

"What do you think?" Buck asked me.

"Your semen makes a good hair gel," I told him. Buck grinned.

"If Alek saw it, he'd start selling his to his fans," Digger said.

I laughed, thinking of the special cookies Alek had made. Lucius knew about them, but Buck didn't. Digger explained to Buck what he meant.

"I think wearing it would be appropriate for the club, don't you?" I asked Digger.

Digger laughed. "It really would! It would probably make a few cocks stiff, if a few show up."

I looked up at Buck. "Do you want to do my hair tonight? With fresh hair gel, of course."

"Sure. It will be fun."

"I think I will rinse it off for now."

I stepped under the shower. Digger, Lucius, and Buck joined me. I was about to suck Digger when my stomach rumbled. Digger laughed.

"Food first," Digger said

We air-dried in about ten seconds. I was surprised. The driers on Beasthold were like the one in my little apartment in the Zone. They took about forty seconds. The Innstibble's were probably better, but we weren't in the Innstibble long enough to use the bathroom. I was finally finding out how rich people lived. Or at least how they showered!

We headed to the restaurant. It was a large space and our presence at one table among dozens was a little depressing. I looked at the menu on the table's surface. I saw entrees and sandwiches with beef and chicken artichokes.

"Are the vegetable meats grown here?" I asked Buck.

"They are. The week after next, tuna-chokes will be ready to harvest," Buck said.

"What about bacon?" Lucius asked.

"Do you mean vegetable bacon?" Buck asked.

"Yeah. I assumed we don't have pigs here," Lucius said.

"We don't. The bacon plants we brought haven't grown well on Mars. The texture is off. I am developing a new variety, but it will be months before any can be harvested."

I ordered a beef-artichoke sandwich and iced tea. It didn't matter to me whether we ever had real meat on Mars. I had been eating less and less since I'd met Digger. He was a vegetarian, and I was becoming one. So vegetable meat was fine with me. I loved beef artichokes.

I was sitting next to Digger. I placed my hand on his crotch and felt his cock swell.

"Is that what you want to eat?" Digger asked me, as he pulled his erection out. I wrapped my hand around it. Digger wrapped an arm around my shoulders and I leaned against him as I began stroking him.

"I think I'm going to sit on that side of the table," Lucius said to Buck.

"Me, too," Buck said. "It seems to be more exciting."

I laughed.

"Be careful what you say. My husband might overhear," I said.

All of them laughed.

I saw Roy coming up the escalator. I waved at him. He walked over to us.

"Hey, how's the bar coming?" Digger asked.

Roy stopped right behind me, where I couldn't see him. He rubbed the back of my head. I thought he was using his hand until I felt him grow erect. He was rubbing his crotch against my head.

"It's finished. Now we just need someone to run it. Lucius, you have bar experience. I don't suppose you want the job."

"I'll be in the club."

"Yeah. I figured. That's where I'll be, with my best boy," Roy said, as he squeezed my shoulder.

"Why does someone need to run it?" Digger asked. "Drinks are free and people can pour ethanol in their own glasses."

An erect, warm Gorilla cock brushed against my cheek. I turned my head and kissed it, earning a grunt from Roy. I peeled back his foreskin and gave the head a thorough licking, making Roy groan. Soon I could taste his precum.

"Oh, fuck!" Roy said. He pushed the head of his cock into my mouth and began stroking the shaft. I wrapped my hand around his balls and tugged on them, earning a grunt from Roy. I immediately tasted more precum. I continued caressing the head of his cock with my tongue.

"I love the Mars colony," Lucius said.

Everyone else laughed. My mouth was full.

"So this is what you meant by impromptu orgies," Lucius said to Digger.

"Yeah. If we were in our apartment, we'd all get naked and spend an hour together."

"Fuck!" Roy cried, as warm Gorilla spunk shot forcefully into my mouth. I swallowed a couple of times before Roy pulled out of my mouth. He shot two spurts on my face before pushing his cock back into my mouth. When he was done, I pulled off him and squeezed every drop of spunk out of his erection.

"Get it all, son. That's good stuff. Don't let it go to waste," Roy said. Then he fed me the spunk he'd shot on my face. I kissed the head of his cock before he put it back in his pants.

Roy pulled a chair over and sat next to me.

"I'm going to fuck you after you eat, son."

"You just fed him," Digger said.

I laughed, along with the others. "Hey! I need solid food, too!"

Lucius pulled off his shirt. He played with one of his nipples while he looked at me. He looked hungry. When he ran both of his large hands over his hairy chest, I groaned. I looked at Lucius' face. He looked pleased. Then I was shocked when Buck stood and shook his mammoth erection. Precum flew off it and some hit my face. "Is this solid enough?" Not to be left out, Lucius stood and showed me his cock.

"A liquid lunch is sounding better and better," I said, as I watched Lucius' cock begin to drip. "Let's go back to our apartment."

"Your liver was damaged by your nanites, Eric. You need to eat real food," Digger said.

Buck and Lucius sat back down. Buck began laughing.

"What?" I asked him.

"You look so disappointed!"

"I am!"

"Eric, you are going to get just as much of me as you want," Lucius said. "And I'm sure Buck and Roy feel the same way."

Buck nodded.

Once everyone's food arrived, we ate.

I looked around the table. I felt completely comfortable around each man and I planned to have frequent sex with all of them. Was what we had a family? It felt like it. If it was, did I have a bigger family, or two families?

"I guess you're right about the bar, Digger," Roy said. "Make it self-serve."

"Who's going to pick the music, if there's dancing?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe they'll vote," Roy said.

I tried to imagine voting for each song. Would they take ten minutes to decide to play a five minute song?

"Are you going to fuck Eric at the club, Buck?" Roy asked.

"No. Not tonight. Eventually. I want our first time to be pain free and a little romantic."

I smiled at Buck.

"You haven't fucked him, yet? What did you do all day?"

"It's just after noon. What do you mean all day?" Buck said.

"Oh, yeah. I got up very early," Roy said.

"And I slept late because of the nanites problem," I said.

Em and Roberta came up the escalator. I was glad we'd stopped fooling around.

"Mind if we sit by you?" Em asked, as they stopped at one of the tables next to ours.

"Of course not," Digger said.

"Hi, Roberta!" I said, waving my hand frantically.

She laughed.

"Hi. Mommy said you're an idiot," Roberta said. She turned to her mother. "Did I say it right, Mommy?"

"You did! Good girl," Em said.

I burst out laughing.

"Am I suddenly an idiot, or have I been one, all along?" I asked.

"Richard told me you want to get pregnant with Buck's baby," Em said.

"So I'm a new idiot," I said.

"Yes. You do know that you will have little time for your favorite activity, don't you?"

"Maybe your mother will babysit," Digger said to me.

"Babysit all day and all night? That's called parenting and you'll be the parents, not Midge."

I looked at Buck. Then I got a call from him.

"Em is right. Maybe we should wait a little while. What do you think?" Buck asked me.

"If we wait, Jerold won't have a playmate his age," I said. "But we have to be ready and I'm not sure I am. How can I be until I know what all it takes to care for baby?"

"I know some. But let's talk to your mother, later."

"That sounds like a good idea. Damn, you are a hot man!"

Buck smiled.

"So are you."

I disconnected.

"You could always have a nanny," Lucius said.

"There is a fine tradition of rich people paying poor people to love their kids for them," Em said, with a wicked grin.

"No. I'm serious," Lucius said. "There are a lot of people here who owe you, Eric. Some are only here because you paid their way. Why should you be the only one who gives?"

"Hmm. He's right about that," Em said. "And people are going to be bored, if they aren't already. Someone might jump at the opportunity."

"We should think about it," Digger said to me.

I nodded.

Roberta was excited when she saw she could order a peanut butter sandwich.

"Hey! Did you know I made the peanut butter, myself?" Buck said to Roberta.

"You did? Wow!"

Roberta's eyes were wide.

"You didn't say 'wow' when I made your birthday cake," Em said to her daughter.

"You're a mommy, Mommy."

"Now, you can't deny that, Em!" I said.

She laughed.

"Sounds very sexist to me," Digger said.

"It is!" Em said. "I must get Richard to stop talking to her. On his way to work."

I laughed.

"Ever?" I asked.

"No good can ever come of it," Em said, shaking her head.

I laughed.

"Just don't have Richard make her next birthday cake," I said. "It would probably have a pulse." I was referring to Richard's talent at making non-human creatures, like fairies.

Em laughed for a long time.

I got a call from Digger.

"Lucius asked me if I knew what kind of relationship you want to have with him. Do you want to be fuck buddies or lovers?"

"I really like him and I'm pretty sure I'll love him soon."

"Yeah. You don't have any fuck buddies, Eric. You like having lovers."

"I guess I do." I looked at Lucius. He was very handsome. And hot. "Lovers."

"OK. Do you want him to live with us?" Digger asked me.

"If the others were going to be down from the Far View in two or three months, I'd say no. But—"

"It's going to be longer and don't forget we have three apartments, with nine bedrooms. There's plenty of room."

"Then yes, I want him to live with us."

I watched Lucius' face as Digger asked him to live with us. He seemed very happy. Lucius called me.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked me.

"Do you think you can love me?" I asked him.

"I figured you could tell I already do."

"Then I am absolutely sure. I wish we were having sex right now."

"I'll give you plenty before the day is done."

I grinned and disconnected.

We finished eating and said goodbye to Em and Roberta.

"I'd like to see the club," I said.

"Sure," Digger said. I took his hand and we headed there.

"Nice ass," Roy said from behind us.

"Digger's ass tastes good, too," I said.

Digger chuckled.

"I'll take your word for it, boy. It's your ass I want to eat."

"It's full of spunk," I warned.

"That's OK. I once ate six loads out of Buck's ass. I'm not sure how many men plugged him, but that's Buck for you," Roy said.

Buck laughed.

I turned around in shock.

"He's joking," Buck said to me. "He's trying to get back at me because I refuse to fuck him."

"You lie!" Roy said.

Buck laughed.

"Well, you started it!"

"Boys!" I said. "If you don't behave, I'll send you to bed with no dinner and no sex!"

"Hey, son. I'm the Daddy," Roy said. "You're the boy."

We stopped at the bar, first. It was a large rectangular room, but it was divided up with sectional walls. One area had tables and chairs. Another had sofas with low tables in front of them. Then there was the dance floor. That area was empty. You could tell it was the dance floor because of the colored lights hanging from the ceiling. The bar was a simple counter with beverage dispensers. Jib walked up to us. He was wearing just a pair of shorts. He'd lost the impressive muscles he'd had when he worked at the Bear's Den. He waved his hand in the air.

"Whoa! That's a hell of a lot of lust in the air!" Jib said. "I think these men all like you, Eric."

I laughed.

"Good! I like them!"

Jib nodded.

"I wonder what dancing under Mars gravity will be like," I said to Jib.

"It should be interesting."

"Hmmm. Maybe we should use the next space and make this bigger," Roy said, looking around the bar. "There are enough chairs for everyone in the colony right now, but people might not want to sit four to a sofa."

Jib nodded his head, slowly.

"Some colonists will be in the club. But how many?" Jib wondered.

Roy stood next to me. He took my hand and pushed it inside the waistband of his shorts. I felt his cock stiffen. I reached under it and felt his balls.

"You ready to get fucked by Daddy?" Roy asked me.


Jib winked at me.

Roy pulled away from me. I was disappointed, but he was merely moving behind me. I looked around and didn't see anyone who'd be offended. Roy reached around and pulled my pants down. He pushed inside me and began fucking me in the hallway, in front of my stepfather. Lucius pulled his cock out and stroked himself while he watched.

"You won't be able to do this out in the open, once Roberta is walking around on her own," Jib said.

"Yeah," Roy said. "I'm going to take advantage of it while I can."



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