Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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My mother came by with Jerold to see how I was recovering. We both put on shorts quickly before we let her in.

I took Jerold and held him while I asked her questions about caring for babies.

"Eric, the colony is depending on you to get everyone off the Far View. I know you need time to make fliks. You also have several lovers to keep happy and work at the club. If you are worried about not having time for the baby, don't. You have little time and I have nothing but time. I would love to care for my grandchildren. I can't remember if I ever told you, but my best friend when I was a child had a nanny."

"No. I don't remember you mentioning it."

"Her parents were not...parentally inclined. They didn't ignore their daughter. They spent a couple of hours with her every day, playing games or watching fliks and they all ate dinner together. But the nanny did all the work. Everyone was happy. I can be your nanny, if you like. Not only will I enjoy the work, but it will make me feel I'm finally contributing something to the colony—raising new colonists."

"I was worried about juggling everything," I said.

"I understand completely."

"Lucius had already suggested the possibility of hiring a nanny," Digger said. "He said there are people here with little to do who owe something to Eric."

"That is very true. Everyone in the colony owes Eric," Mother said, nodding. "I'll go through the personnel lists and see if anyone is qualified to be assistant nanny."

"So you'll be head nanny and granny?" I asked her with a straight face.

"Hmm. I don't think I want to be a 'granny'. I'll be a grand...mother."

"You already are," I said to her, smiling.

"Thank you, dear," Mother said, as she took Jerald from me.

"Everyone is excited about the club and the bar, including me. It will be wonderful to dance with Jib. Do you know we've never done that?"

"Come to think of it, I've never danced with Digger, either."

"Hmm," Digger said.

Mother and I laughed at his expression. He didn't seem eager.

"We're about to head to the club," Digger said. "Roy just called me."

"I'll be going, then," she said.

Mother left our apartment.

"What do you think about her offer?" Digger asked me.

"I don't know. I might still feel guilty about choosing to have sex over taking care of my baby."

"You know, the babies will have fathers. Buck can care for his baby while you are doing other things, like being the center of an orgy."

I laughed. "I didn't know orgies had centers, but I see what you mean. And you're right. That's a good point. The babies won't just be mine."

Digger nodded.

"I don't know how I'm going to feel about anal sex once there's a baby in my butt. Buck could give it concussions."

Digger slapped his thigh while he laughed. I grinned at him.

"Plus, spraying cum all over a baby is almost certainly illegal."

"I bet it is!" Digger said. "But that's not a problem. We can pull out and come in your mouth. Buck told me almost all his fantasies about you involve him feeding you. He fucked so many guys in the six years he worked at the Bear's Den that fucking is like jacking off to him. But feeding you feels very special to him. I love breeding your ass, but I love filling your stomach, too. I'll pull out and shoot in your mouth. It should be easy to find out how deeply we can fuck you without disturbing the baby Don't worry about it."

I nodded. I had mixed feelings about the fact that Buck probably wouldn't be fucking me that often. It felt like a loss of intimacy, but he was so big, it could be painful to get fucked or he could stretch my ass so much that it was less enjoyable for Digger to fuck me.

We saw someone in a spacesuit walking towards us in the hallway. As we approached, we saw it was Harry.

"I'm going to check the glare every hour or so. Would you rather I do it in one of the empty units?"

"No! Go ahead," I told him.

We continued on to the club. As we approached, I was surprised to see lit signs over the doors of the bar and the club. "Mars Nights' was the bar's name, and 'Mars Wild', the name of the club. In smaller letters below the name of the club, it said, 'A Gay Social Club'. I wondered why it said 'social' and not 'sex'. But Roberta, and later Harold would be wandering around. 'Social' was probably better.

Ray walked out of the bar. I grinned when I saw he was wearing his new jockstrap. It was an athletic-supporter type. The pouch filled and stretched away from his body while I looked.

"I'm glad you're paying attention, son," Roy said. I looked up at his face and smiled.

He walked over and stood next to me, while he put his arm around my shoulders.

"Lee said he offered you sex and you walked away," Roy said.

I turned and looked at Roy. "I—was he irritated?"

"Oh, yes!"

"I take it he has a big ego," I said.

"As big as his hair," Roy said.

Digger and I laughed.

"I'm certainly not going to apologize."

"I don't think you should."

"If he's that arrogant, I don't think I will ever want to have sex with him."

"It will be interesting to see what he does about your rejection. His pride is hurt."

"He's not violent, is he?" Digger asked Roy.

"Absolutely not! You should know how carefully Jeff screened all of us," Roy said.

I nodded.

"Danny came back for Lucius," Roy continued. "He asked Lucius if he'd changed his mind about sex."

My first reaction to that was annoyance. But what else did Danny have to do, besides think about Lucius? If he had friends, they were probably on the Far View. I wondered what we could do to help.

"Al, how many humans are on the surface?" I asked by meme.

"Just Danny Rogers."

"Are there any kids his age on the surface?"

"No. Those closest in age are Roberta and a Chimp named Margaret Hamilton, who is thirty-two."

Digger began waving his hand in front of my face. I held a finger up. He nodded.

"I was just checking something," I said to Digger and Roy. "Danny is the only human on the planet and the only teenager, too."

"That's sad," Digger said.

I nodded. "Being a teenager is hard enough."

"I went to see Danny's father," Roy said. "His name is Dan, by the way. He and Danny's parents were very close friends. Danny was even named after Dan by his human parents. They died in a Neo bomb blast. Anyway, I decided I should see how his father feels before I fuck him. He asked me if I was close to Danny's age. I wanted to kiss him."

Digger and I both laughed.

"What did he say?"

"He said Danny was old enough to decide for himself."

I nodded.

"There must be something we can do to help him," I said. I looked at Digger. "Could you use an employee at the club?" Digger frowned.

"I think that's a good idea. Wandering around aimlessly, with no job and no friends is no way to live," Roy said.

"I suppose he could do something," Digger said, shrugging.

"Why don't you make him the manager?" Roy suggested.

Digger frowned, again. "There's nothing to manage."

"Then it's the perfect job for him," Roy said.

"I have a feeling something is going to go terribly wrong," Digger said. "The last time I had this feeling was the morning I met Eric."

It took a moment for that to sink in. Digger laughed at my reaction. He hugged me.

"Who says you won't make a good parent? You're going all maternal and paternal over Danny." I smiled at him. "But before Danny becomes the manager of a sex club, we should see how his father feels about it. He'll be at the club every evening, and sometimes during the day."

"I'll check with Dan," Roy said.

I nodded.

We walked into Mars Wild. Buck and Lucius were sitting at a table watching a flik. On the table were drinks and an Eric La Roche Head.

"You didn't use that, did you?" I asked Buck. He grinned.

"No. I don't have any use for it anymore. I thought if Nex asks you to suck him, again, you can hand him the head."

I laughed.

"I figured he was going to participate in the facial and maybe the cum massage," I said. "If he wants to massage his spunk into my skin, it's fine with me!"

"We were wondering whether we will do those things if it's a mixed crowd," Lucius said.

I looked at Digger.

"It's up to you, Eric."

I wasn't sure.

"I'll decide when we see who shows up. And after I've had a drink. Or two."

Digger chuckled.

I sat at the table with Buck and Lucius. Digger and Roy joined us.

"Richard devised a way for us to have sex on the surface," I said.

"Harry told us, right before he ran out of the club. But how does it work?" Lucius asked.

"Nanites create a seal between our bodies using the leftover spunk in Eric's ass," Digger said, grinning.

"So it's a really big seal," Roy said.

I laughed.

"We need to fill you up before you go outside," Lucius said to me. "I like this plan."

We all laughed.

I scooted my chair closer to Buck and groped him. He pulled his cock out and I began stroking it. Buck leaned back and sighed.

"Damn, I love your cock!" I told him.

"I love you," Buck said.

I smiled.

Lucius stood up and moved next to me. He got his erection to my mouth by squatting a bit. I swallowed his cock and began sucking. I continued stroking Buck's big meat.

I heard the club door open.

"Hi, Danny," I heard Digger say. I started to pull off of Lucius, but he held my head where it was.

"Danny, have you ever been fucked?" Roy asked him.

"No. Are you going to fuck me, now?"

"Why don't you save it for the club?" Digger asked.

"We're in the club," Danny said.

"I mean wait and do it while customers are here," Digger said.

"Why not do it now and tonight?" Roy said.

"Are you going to swallow that stuff?" Danny asked. I assumed he was talking to me.

"He sure is," Buck said.

"It tastes gross," Danny said.

I smiled while I sucked Lucius.

"When I was your age, or a little younger, when I jacked off, I shot into my mouth and ate my own spunk," Buck said.

"Yuck!" Danny said.

"Look how big it made him grow," Digger said.

I pulled off Lucius and laughed.

"Is that why you're so tall?" I asked him.

"Yes, and I plan to make you taller too," Buck said to me.

I laughed.

"Roy's cum tastes very good," I said to Danny.

Roy winked at me.

"If you don't want my cum, Eric does," Roy said to Danny. Danny frowned. "Isn't that right, Eric?"


"Danny, do you think you would like to work here at the club?" Digger asked.

"Doing what?" Danny asked.

I stroked Lucius cock while I listened. A constant stream of precum flowed out of Lucius. I placed my tongue under the head and let it run into my mouth. I looked up at Lucius. At the same time, I got a file from him. I opened it and saw a picture of me that he must have just taken. It was a hot photo of my face with his cockhead in my mouth. I looked hungry and you could see some of the precum on my tongue. I swallowed what had collected at the back of my throat.

"Whatever needs doing," Digger said to Danny.

"How much would I get paid?"

"Nothing. The club has no admission charge, and drinks are free, so there is no money to pay."

"It would be something to do," Roy said to Danny. "Do you prefer sitting around doing nothing?"

"Never mind, Danny," Digger said. "I'm not sure you would be reliable."

I looked around Lucius at Danny's face. He looked conflicted.

"I can be reliable. I just don't know what's involved," Danny said.

"I don't think any of us do," I said. "We don't know how many will show up, or what they will want to see."

"That's right," Digger said.

"Why don't we make Danny the bartender," Roy suggested.

"I thought we weren't going to have one," Digger said.

"I think we should. What's a bar without a bartender? Same thing with a club. We need something to make it seem like it's not just a room we have sex in," Roy said.

"What would be involved in bartending?" Danny asked.

"You would ask them what kind of fruit juice they would like and whether they want alcohol added. I would let the customer decide how much alcohol you should add to their drink," I said.

"OK. That sounds like it would be fun!" Danny said.

"Let's go get some of the fruit juice and ethanol from next door," Roy said.

Danny smiled at Roy and nodded.

As they walked out the door, I watched Roy grope Danny's butt.

"Do you think they get along so well because they are both teenagers?" I asked. "Roy's what? A hundred and fourteen?"

We laughed.

I swallowed Lucius, again. After a couple of minutes of sucking, Digger swallowed my cock. Lucius groaned and his big dick got a little harder before spunk shot out. I could feel the tube under his cock pulse with each ejaculation. That sensation, plus the taste of his jizz made me come, even though Digger had only been sucking me for a minute or so. I pulled off Lucius and let three spurts hit my face before swallowing him, again. Lucius shot a lot and I swallowed it gratefully.

My love of spunk was a fetish. I'd spoken to a Beast psychologist on Beasthold about it and he told me that a fetish was normally treated only if it caused unhappiness. Since my fetish didn't, he told me not to worry about it. Then he told me he and his wife were fans. He said his wife swallowed his spunk for the first time after watching one of my fliks. I didn't know what to say to that! He then asked if I had ever considered doing a bi flik with Alek.

Lucius stopped shooting and I pulled off him. I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and he was smiling. He opened his eyes and grinned at me.

"Thanks, baby. Is it all right to call you 'baby'?"

"It is with me!" I said.

I backed my chair away from the table.

"Buck, will you stand in front of me and lean over the table? There's something I want to eat."

Buck grinned and did as I asked. His muscular, hairy butt was in front of me. I pulled his cheeks apart and proceeded to devour his ass. Buck was very responsive, wiggling and moaning in pleasure. I reached around and wrapped a hand around his cock. I stroked him while I licked and stabbed at his hole. The copious precum made his cock very slippery.

"Oh, fuck! That feels good!" Buck said.

"Eric will rim you all the time, if you like," Digger said. "You just have to feed him his reward."

Lucius and Buck chuckled.

"Neither of us can fuck you while you sit in that chair," Digger said to me. "Is that deliberate?"

I pulled my head away from Buck's ass and laughed.

"Let's do it this way," Lucius said. He lifted me up effortlessly. That was a big turn on. He put me on the table, on my back, right next to my fake toy head. Lucius lifted my legs up and Digger moved between them. Buck lowered his ass to my mouth while Digger pushed inside me. After a minute or so, I felt Buck's asshole loosen. When I tried to get my tongue inside him, Buck stood up and turned around.

"No! I wasn't through!" I said.

Buck chuckled. "Does that mean you don't want your reward?"


I opened my mouth. Buck turned my head and pushed inside my mouth. He stroked himself a couple of times and began shooting. His first spurt must have lasted two seconds. It, and Digger's fucking triggered another orgasm in me. When Buck had just about finished, I felt Digger pull out of me. A bigger cock slid inside me. Lucius. I had two beautiful Bears inside me. When Buck was done, he left the head of his beautiful meat in my mouth and began stroking himself, again. I ran my tongue over the head of his cock and tasted precum. I continued licking and lapping at the head of his erection. Twice I swallowed the precum that collected at the back of my mouth. Lucius pulled out and another cock slid inside me. It wasn't Digger and it wasn't Lucius. I didn't think it was Roy, either. It had to be Harry. Buck came a second time, filling my mouth. I decided there was a faint cinnamon taste in his spunk.

"Are you going to do his hair for tonight?" Digger asked.

I would have laughed, if I wasn't swallowing.

"I...think...I should," Buck said, while pumping jizz into my mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Swallow that stuff, Eric!" Buck said.

"What do you think, Luc?" Digger asked.

"Eric looked very handsome the last time you did his hair. He smelled better, too," Lucius said.

I backed off Buck and laughed. A spurt of Bear spunk hit me right between the eyes. I wiped it off, to keep it out of my eyes and swallowed Buck, again. The flow of his spunk was lessening. I reached up, wrapped both hands around the shaft, and stroked Buck. A powerful spurt shot out of him, then another. Buck seemed to have another orgasm while his previous one hadn't ended.

Harry sighed, and I felt him throb inside me, as he flooded my ass with his spunk. Buck finished coming and after several orgasms—I lost count—he was just as hard as he was when we started. He pulled his cock out of my mouth though. That was fine with me, my jaw needed a rest. Buck left his cock resting on my face. I hoped Harry was shooting all this. Harry pulled out of my ass and Lucius began fucking me. I rubbed my face against the underside of Buck's erection. Someone swallowed my dick and began sucking me. Right away, I knew it was Digger. Wonderful, incredible Digger. He had convinced me that it was a good thing when I fell in love with Alek. I had my doubts, at first. But Digger was right. I loved him more than ever, despite, or maybe because of all my lovers. When Lucius came in my ass, I shot my load in Digger's mouth.

"We should save some of this for tonight," Digger said.

"Yeah," Lucius said.

I climbed off the table.

"I'm not going to be having sex here tonight," Harry said. "I don't need to save anything."

I grinned at him.

Roy was helping Danny who was setting up a drink station.

I walked over to Harry. He was stroking himself and I nudged his hand. He let go of his cock and I began stroking it.

"Was there any glare on the windows from outside," I asked Harry, as I pulled on one of his nipples with my other hand.

"Not enough to worry about."

"That's good."

Harry reached around me and pushed two fingers into my ass. Cum immediately drained out of me and ran down my leg.

"Fuck, that's hot!" Buck said. I assumed he meant the jizz running out of me.

Buck walked over to us. He wiped my leg with his hand while I continued to stroke Harry. Buck held his wet hand in front of my face. I leaned forward and licked it.

Buck sighed. Lucius said, "Oh, shit!"

"No, there's no shit," I said.

We laughed.

Buck wiped more spunk off my leg. He stuck two fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them. Buck then kneeled behind me. His pulled my ass open with two fingers and slid his tongue inside me. I groaned. Two cameras were floating by us, catching what Buck was doing.

"Eat that juicy hole!" Digger said.

"I can't believe you are doing that!" Lucius said to Buck.

"I can't either," Danny said.

My ass was loose enough that Buck was able to fuck it with his tongue.

"You're a lucky man, Buck," Roy said. "Some of that spunk covering your tongue is mine."

We all laughed.

Buck had enough, apparently and stood up.

I noticed Danny and Roy had joined us. Danny was watching closely while he stroked himself. Roy turned to him and pulled Danny's head to Roy's erection. Danny knelt and began sucking. Roy looked at me and grinned. I felt a twinge of jealousy over Roy. But Danny needed Roy—or someone—much more than I did. Digger moved behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned my head back as we watched Danny and Roy.

"I can come some more now and tonight," Buck said to Digger.

"Me, too," Lucius said.

"I don't particularly feel like stopping, either," Digger said.

Digger turned my head to Lucius. His cock was drooling heavily on the floor.

"Suck Lucius. You need more Bear milk in your belly," Digger said from behind me, as he rubbed my stomach.

I grinned at him and did just that.

I looked at one of my internal cameras. I could see Buck's tongue. That was hot!

Digger knelt behind me. Buck pulled his tongue out of my ass and Digger slid his inside. Digger ate me for about a minute. He pulled out and Buck took over. The two of them shared my ass and the spunk inside it.

I sent all of them the video from my internal camera of Buck and Digger rimming me. Their tongues showed up well in the footage.

"Damn! I don't think I've ever seen a rim job from the inside," Digger said.

"I haven't," Buck said. "Did you notice how photogenic my tongue is?"

They laughed.

I wrapped my hand around Lucius' big nuts. He ejaculated when I tugged on them. He shot a lot of spunk into my mouth. I was beginning to realize that Bears were real spunk factories. And that was a very good thing for someone like me, who loved the feel and the taste of a shooting cock. No matter how many times it happened, it was always a thrill for me when the first spurt of a man's orgasm hit the back of my throat. Jock had really powerful ejaculations. We measured it once and his first spurt hit the ground over nine feet away from him. Jock had given me orgasms two different times, just from the feeling of his spunk violently hitting the back of my throat. Jock was aware of it and he was proud of the fact that he was the only person to give me orgasms that way. Thinking of Jock reminded me of Pan. I really loved getting fucked by Pan while I sucked Digger. Their cocks were identical, so it felt like having my hubby in me at both ends. But I missed Jock more than Pan.

I realized that the mouths on my ass had changed to fingers. It felt like both Digger and Buck each had two fingers inside me. I was being stretched. There was only one reason to stretch me and that was to get Buck's cock inside me. I was excited and a little scared. My ass had never taken anything as big as Buck's erection. But that wasn't what Buck had in mind.

"Holy shit!" I said, as Buck's tongue went deep inside me. I groaned loudly as what felt like inches of Buck's tongue lapped at my insides. I looked at the internal camera again, and it was even hotter. I looked down between my legs and saw Buck's cock bounce as precum flowed out of it and formed a growing puddle on the floor. Every time I looked at Buck's cock I was filled with awe—and intense lust. I felt a little disloyal to my husband, but I thought it was possibly the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

I could hear slurping sounds as Buck cleaned the spunk out of my ass. Lucius bent over and kissed me. Moments later, a mouth swallowed my erection. I assumed it was Harry, but it could have been Roy. Then a hand wrapped around my nuts. That was Digger. A wet finger was rubbed under my nose while I kissed Lucius. I smelled precum. The finger was removed, but a moment later was inserted into my mouth—while we kissed. I licked more precum off the finger and I came, in an intense orgasm. I pulled away from Lucius' mouth and gasped. Lucius stuck four of his fingers into my mouth. There was precum all over them. It intensified my orgasm. I moaned while Lucius wiped his fingers clean on my tongue. The fingers and tongue that were in my ass, left. I was disappointed, but suddenly, something large pressed against my ass and slowly pushed. I gasped as I was stretched around what had to be Buck's cock.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried.

"Is it too painful?" Buck asked.

"Keep going, but slowly!" I said.

"You want more cum, baby?" Lucius asked. I was amazed. He'd come only about two minutes earlier. But Lucius' cock was very stiff and it was dripping.

"Oh, yeah! Give me more Bear milk from those beautiful Bear nuts!"

Lucius took my head in both his hands and pulled it to his cock. The second my lips wrapped around the head, and to my surprise, Bear milk began shooting into my mouth. And he had just come several times! What a stud! Lucius was definitely a spunk factory. While he came, Lucius began pinched and twisted my nipples. It distracted me from the pain of Buck's entry, and I thought that was probably what Lucius intended. Buck moaned as he slowly pushed inside me.

Buck had said he wanted our first time to be romantic, but we were in the middle of an orgy. I also knew he was burned out on fucking. I wondered what changed his mind. Maybe the heat of the moment. I wasn't sure I should complain, though. If he wanted to fuck me right now, why should I refuse him?

Lucius grabbed my hair and pulled me off his cock after he was done. I stood up. I watched as Lucius squeezed more spunk out of his cock.

"Eat that good stuff, baby," Lucius said to me. "You love it, don't you?"

"I do."

I bent over again and licked him clean.

"I'll give you plenty, all day long," Lucius said.

"And don't think he won't take you up on that offer," Digger said. "Alek and I estimated that Eric likes to drink a quart of man milk every day."

"I just assumed you did it for the fliks," Harry said.

"No," I said.

"I can't believe Jerry let you go," I said to Lucius. "I never will. Consider yourself warned."

Lucius smiled before he bent down and kissed me.

I heard a groan. Lucius and I pulled apart. I looked over and saw Roy kneeling behind Danny with his face in Danny's ass. Danny's eyes were closed.

Buck was still pushing into me. He was moving very slowly. As he did, the pain in my ass became more intense. I felt like I had someone's forearm arm stuck up my butt. I looked behind me and saw there were about three inches of Buck that weren't inside me.

"Do you want me to stop?" Buck asked. "I've been waiting for you to tell me when."

"Yeah. I think that's far enough. You're in far enough that I should be able to taste your spunk when you shoot."

Digger, Buck, and Lucius laughed.

Buck pulled out and pushed back in. It hurt, but it was also very pleasurable. He repeated and I groaned. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. "If it hurts, we don't have to do this."

I called him on meme.

"You are going to be impregnating me soon. We do have to do it. I need to be stretched."

"Soon?" he asked.

"I spoke to my mother earlier. She offered to act as the baby's nanny--if we want that. She wants Jerold to have a friend his age and she wants to contribute to the colony. Mothering our kids will make her feel she is. How do you feel about it?"

"I'm not sure. It sounds like you are glad," he said.

"It means I don't have to worry about messing up too badly. And I won't have to worry about whether I have time for a baby. It's possible I may want to spend all my time with the baby. I have no idea how I will feel after I've given birth. But if I don't want to spend all my time with the baby, I won't have to worry I'm neglecting it when I want to do something else. Like have sex."

"I understand," Buck said. "I'm not in a big hurry to have a kid, but I understand how your mother feels about Jerold. He will need friends, and how else will he get any?"

"Roy, but he seems to be hitting it off with Danny," I said. I looked at Danny's face. He looked very happy.

Buck pulled out and thrust again. He repeated it. "Oh, fuck!" I cried, as I came.

Lucius bent down and swallowed my cock.

"Damn! You made him come on your third thrust!" Digger said. "Now fuck him! Make him shoot again."

Buck pulled me against him with one arm. He tilted my head up and thrust his tongue into my mouth. As we kissed I could taste cum in Buck's mouth from when he'd eaten it out of my ass. That excited me even more. His thrusts sped up. His cock was doing wonderful things inside me and Lucius was sucking me. A minute later, I came, again. Lucius swallowed my load.

I got a call from Buck.

"I love you, baby," he said.

"I'm grateful for that. I love you, too. Are you enjoying this?"

"I am. Fucking you is completely different than fucking in the Bear's Den. That was meaningless. This is not."

Buck cried out as he shot inside me.

I heard the door open.

Buck pulled away from our kiss and groaned as his orgasm continued.

Lee the Lion was back.




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