Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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Lee walked into the club wearing just a pair of shorts. He stepped out of those and was naked, except for a thick, gold-metal cock ring. It looked like real gold, but it could have been plated. He really was a very hot man and I wanted him. But I knew I wouldn't have much time for him and it sounded like he wanted to be the center of attention. He walked up to me.

"Are you leaving to go anywhere?" he asked me.

I smiled at him.


Buck was still buried inside my ass. His very big cock filled me like nothing had before. Buck ran his hands over my upper torso. It felt possessive to me and I loved that.

Lee took one of my hands and placed it on his cock. He took the other and brought it to one of his tits. While I stroked and tugged, Buck began jacking me off with one hand.

"May I kiss you?" Lee asked me.

I nodded.

Lee pulled our mouths together and we kissed. Lee's mouth tasted slightly sweet. He seemed to have a long tongue, too. When I felt it caress the back of my throat, I knew it was long. I let go of his nipple and his cock and pulled Lee closer. I ran my hands over his muscular back, feeling where the hair of his mane ended and skin began. I moved my hands to his chest, feeling the blonde fur and his muscles. Lee purred, again, and when he purred, his tongue vibrated on mine. Buck was still jacking me off, although it was a little difficult to do with Lee as close to me as he was. But when Lee purred, I came. I shot on Lee. I pulled away from the kiss and leaned back against Buck as I came. Lee purred even louder while my cum hit him in several places. He wiped some of it off with a finger and smelled it. Then he tasted it, gingerly. That surprised me; he was straight. But of course, straight guys could be curious, too. He leaned forward. "Will you clean me with your mouth?" he asked me, before purring, again. I wondered if that was a cat grooming thing. He was purring, after all. I had already licked his asshole, and planned to do it again, soon. I didn't mind a bit.

"Sure. I want to taste your spunk, too."

Lee grinned.

Once I finished licking my spunk off him, I began playing with his heavy erection and balls.

"Just a taste or a meal?" he asked, grinning.

"I guess these big nuts could feed me a meal."

Lee grinned and nodded.

"This is a beautiful cock ring," I said, fingering it.

"It cost eighteen thousand dollars," Lee said.

Several of us gasped.

Lee chuckled. "It's formal wear."

We all laughed.

"I didn't buy it. It was a gift from a wealthy woman. Human."

What a strange gift, I thought.

"Do you know that you are the only man I ever wanted," Lee said.

"Really? I bet a lot of men have wanted you," I told him.

Lee looked pleased. He nodded.

"Do you want to have sex here in the club?" I asked Lee.

"Of course. We are."

"I meant when there are customers present," I said.

"Do you want me to fuck you in front of strangers?" Lee asked, with half-opened eyes.

"Well, all these men will be doing it," I said, waving my arm around.

"Not me!" Danny said. He was still getting fucked by Roy.

I laughed.

"Danny, we may be the only bottoms on Mars, right now," I said.

"That's OK with me!" Danny said.

I chuckled.

"Do you think you would like to be in a flik with Eric?" Digger asked Lee.

"I'm not a performer."

Lucius barked out a laugh.

Lee glared at Lucius.

"You're a natural," Lucius said.

"I think what Lucius means is that if you act the way you normally do, in a flik, it would be perfect," Digger said.

Lee looked surprised.

"In a fuck flik, arrogance can be erotic," I told him.

"You think I'm arrogant? Is that why you walked away, earlier?"

"No. I left because I spend an hour alone with my husband each day and it was time."

Lee nodded. "I see. I wasn't aware of that. You should update your autobiography."

I almost laughed. I looked at Digger. He winked at me.

"I'll do that when we get the rest of the folks down from the ship. It's not really an autobiography. It's mostly written by George. I miss George—and the rest."

Roy began cursing and I figured he was shooting his load into Danny's ass. Danny was stroking himself, and a couple of seconds later, he shot his load on the floor.

"Yes. I understand there is a plan being developed, using compressed air for rockets," Lee said.

"What?" Digger asked. "We hadn't heard anything."

"Lee works in the communication center," Roy said, as he walked over to us. His cock was still erect and dripping. Roy grinned at me. He moved next to me and put his arm around my waist. "About an hour ago, Captain Stavros and Alene, the Far View's AI suggested we might use parachute drops, guided down with robot-controlled rockets, launched from here, and powered by compressed air. It's all theoretical, since we don't have robot-controlled rockets. They will have to be designed, manufactured and tested. Almost all the raw materials we need for them will have to come from the Far View, in uncontrolled drops. If the rockets work, we have to test actual drops from the ship. If all those tests are successful, we then have to decide whether to test it with live colonists. If we wake them to ask their permission, we can't put them back in hibernation if they say no. And there won't be food for them, up on the Far View, besides algae. Jeff thinks we will have a ship before all that is done. And we need a new ship, anyway."

I nodded.

"Well, it's always good to have a Plan B," I said.

Roy nodded.

"And that is just what it is," Roy said. "We are going to proceed with both plans, but plan B is always going to be riskier."

"Yes," Roy said, nodding.

"We put in a shower in the back room," Roy said. "I'm going to go rinse off."

Roy walked off.

"And it's back to me," I said. "I need to raise money from selling fliks. You can help, Lee, if you are willing to have orgasms for the colony," I said to him, grinning. The others laughed. "Does anyone know it there are many Lions in porn fliks?"

"I've never seen one," Lee said. "And I've looked."


"We need you, Lee," Harry said.

Lee sighed. "What will my family say? What will my father say?"

Lee looked worried and he began chewing on his bottom lip. I wondered if the arrogance he projected was an act.

"Are they on the Far View?" Digger asked.

"My sister is. My parents didn't come. My father is in the Majoratum."

That was a surprise.

"Does he disapprove of Eric?" Buck asked.

"No. Not at all. That doesn't mean he would approve of me in porn."

"I can alter your face, digitally," Harry said.

Lee smiled. "Then I'll do it!"

Harry rubbed his hands together, but I frowned.

"What is it?" Lee asked me.

"Well, several things. It's OK for someone like me, but not someone like you," I said.

"He doesn't mean it like that," Digger said.

"I would love to appear as me. I just don't want to make my father unhappy," Lee said. "What else bothers you?"

"It can hardly be an improvement to change your face," I said.

Lee looked very pleased. "I don't ever think I've had a compliment I appreciated more."

I smiled at him.

Roy walked back over to us. He became erect while he looked at me. Now that was a compliment!

"We've got some great ideas for fliks. There's the sex outdoors..."

"You are going to have sex outside?" Lee asked me, shocked.

"With Digger," I said.

"In suits?"


Lee looked amazed.

"The idea boggles my mind," Buck said.

"It does," Harry said. "But think how unique it will be. I think everyone, human and Beast will be curious and if half of them buy it..."

So much had happened, that the significance of having sex outdoors on another planet hadn't really sunk in. I had just thought the idea was interesting. But this was historic, in the same way walking off the shuttle naked had been. It wouldn't appeal only to the curious. It was a historic first, period.

"I want to get impregnated outside," I said.

All the others looked at me in shock.

"I'm serious."

"Jeff is going to love that idea," Roy said.

The others were speechless. Digger nodded his head. Then Jeff called me.

"Harry just told me what you said. I take it all back. You aren't an idiot. That's one of the best ideas I ever heard. And I'm me! Of course, I would have thought of it, but..."

"I know you would. Frankly I'm shocked I beat you to it, but you've got a million times more on your mind," I told him.

Jeff chuckled. "Maybe only a thousand. When do you want to do it? Richard and I have been working on a way to have the nanites produce the necessary hormones for impregnation and lactation, but we haven't got it perfected. The injections are still necessary."

"I have some questions I need answered, before I can answer that. I have to make the videos for the colony. I need to be able to have a lot of sex. Is Buck's erection going to disturb the embryo?"

"No. Your body has a partially developed uterus. The hormones cause it to fully develop and the nanites carry the sperm to the egg there. You can have sex up to the day of delivery. That's when the birth canal opens into your colon. It closes again after the birth."

"OK. Will Beast 4.0 be so dependent on nanites?"

"No. My goal is to not require nanites. But I'm impatient, and nanites are a lot easier to upgrade than whole organisms."

"I understand. Thank you. I'm ready to get the first injection."

"I'll prepare it," Jeff said, before disconnecting.

"Jeff likes the idea," I said to the group.

Dibber, Harry, Roy, and Buck laughed.

"I'm sure he did," Roy said. "I bet his eyes lit up like a kid's on Christmas."

Harry nodded.

"He said it was brilliant," Harry said.

"He didn't!" Roy said.

Harry nodded.

"So you aren't only going to have sex outside, but you are going to become pregnant, too?" Lucius asked.

"I think so."

"Why don't we make two fliks?" Harry suggested. "The first with just sex. Then a second with impregnation."

"Ah. Why sell one video when you can sell two, hmm?" Roy said.


"We could have three. One could be the first blowjob on Mars," I said.

Everyone seemed to agree.

"I think we are going to get that ship!" I said.

Buck began fucking me, again.

"I have an idea for the flik of you and Buck falling in love," Harry said. "Roy, you'll be showing Eric and Digger the colony. You'll show them the agriculture cave with Buck's office. They'll find you in your office, using your Eric La Roche head."

Buck chuckled.

"Like I did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that!"

Harry nodded.

"What do you think?" Harry asked us.

"I like the idea. It's impossible to make a flik of me actually falling in love with Buck, because I already have," I said.

Buck leaned over and kissed me. When he pulled away, I caught Lucius' expression. He looked sad. All the others were smiling. I reached for Lucius' cock. He moved closer.

"Am I going to have sex with Eric in one of the fliks?" Roy asked.

"Do you want to?" Harry asked.

"Sure. I've got a hot, new body that Eric appreciates," Roy said, grinning at me. I nodded my head.

"How about I show my gratitude for the colony tour by draining your balls?" I suggested.

"Let me think about it," Harry said. "Maybe I can come up with something more compelling."

"That's fine with me. Meanwhile, Roy and I can practice," I said.

Roy laughed.

"Son, I don't need to practice. I've been fucking for a century. But we can play. Anyway, I have an idea. While I'm fucking my boy, Eric, I'll ask him if I can adopt him. When he says yes, I'll ejaculate inside him."

I burst out laughing. The others looked shocked.

"You're joking," Lucius said to him.

"No. It's kinky. It will be notorious. And it will sell," Roy said.

"It's kinkier than the first flik of Eric drinking Alek's spunk," Buck said. Digger nodded.

"Are you saying you think it's a good idea?" Lucius asked Buck.

"Think of how the remaining Neos will react," Roy said. "Consider it revenge."

Lee started laughing.

"I don't think I can go along with it, if you aren't really going to adopt me," I said, joking.

"So I adopt you, legally. Think of how your autobiography will sell when it's updated to include your new, hot Daddy. And, of course you'd have pictures of me feeding you."

I laughed.

"Are you serious, Roy?" Harry asked. "Have you been talking to Jeff?"

"What does Jeff have to do with it?" Digger asked.

"Jeff has mentioned adopting Eric," Harry said.

My mouth fell open. The others reacted similarly.

"He told me he felt a little like my father-in-law," I said. "But why would he adopt me? He considers Digger and Pan more like his kids."

"He just mentioned it. He didn't say he definitely wants to do it. He doesn't ever plan to have kids," Harry said. "He knows they will almost certainly be intellectually disappointing, compared to him, and he knows he would be a terrible parent. But he likes the idea of having descendents, people who inherit his work and money. Your kids would all be his grandchildren."

I was speechless.

"Jeff is never going to fuck you, son," Roy said to me. "Not ever." Then Roy waved his erection at me. Digger and I laughed.

"If you want to adopt someone, adopt me," Danny said to Roy.

"You have a father who loves you, Danny," Roy said.

Danny sighed. He looked very unhappy. It was obvious Danny fell in love quickly, first with Lucius and then with Roy. It gave us something in common.

I called Harry.

"What is going on with Roy?" I asked him.

Harry laughed.

"I'm not sure. I have no idea if Roy is serious. If he is, is he doing it to piss Jeff off? Why would he want to do that? He and Jeff respect each other and are almost friends. By the way, Jeff also mentioned the possibility of adopting your mother, instead."

I shook my head. This was bizarre. I understood how Jeff felt, but adopting Digger made more sense. Why didn't he want to do that? Was it because Digger's father was a good person and Jeff didn't want to take his place? But Jeff wasn't that thoughtful.

"We are going to have to have a lot more sex before I agree to be adopted by anyone," I said to Roy.

He grinned. "You want tryouts for daddy, huh?" he asked, before he thrust his tongue in my mouth. Roy was a good kisser. He'd had a century of practice. "You're my boy and I'm your Daddy," Roy said over meme.

"Yes, Daddy."

Roy moaned and the kiss became even more intense.

"Whether I adopt you or not, I want you to call me Daddy," Roy said. "Damn, it makes me so hot!"

"You're always hot, Daddy. You know you are breaking Danny's heart, don't you?"

Roy pulled away from the kiss and we looked at Danny. He looked like he was about to cry.

"I'll talk to him. I keep telling him it's just sex."

Roy walked over to Danny. He took his hand and they walked over to a corner.

"Shall we get started on the scene with Buck?" I asked Harry.

Buck began thrusting into me.

"Sure. When Roy comes back."

Jib walked into the club.

"I heard you are going to get impregnated out on the surface," Jib said to me.


"That's a terrific idea. I think easily half the people on Earth would buy a flik that shows it. More people might see it than the first one of you and Alec."

The others seemed to agree. I nodded my head.

"What about anal sex during pregnancy?" Digger asked.

"I spoke to Jeff about that. He said I have a uterus. It's only connected to my colon the day I deliver."

"That's a relief," Buck said.

Roy and Danny walked back over to us. Danny looked cheerful, again.

"Let's get started with the flik and the tour for it," Harry said.

Harry spoke to Roy, briefly, giving him an outline of what he had in mind.

"OK. What do you want on the tour?" Roy asked.

"Just the things on the way to the agricultural cave," Harry said.

We left the club. Harry instructed the cameras to follow us.

"This area is for shops and of course, your sex club, Digger," Roy said. We followed him while he pointed.

"Oh!" I said, trying to sound impressed.

"Eric, I don't want you to think I'm being forward, but I want to fuck your mouth and your ass," Roy said.

I burst out laughing. Digger laughed, too. Roy turned around and waved his stiff cock at me.

"You want this, boy?" Roy asked.

He was ad-libbing. This was a flik about meeting Buck. One of the cameras flew fairly close to Roy's erection.

"But you're the colony manager!" I exclaimed.

Digger laughed. Our laughter would have to be cut out of the flik. I was trying to be serious. Of course, a lot of my fliks had humor in them. Maybe it wouldn't be cut.

"If you think that means I don't want to pump gallons of cum into you, you're mistaken," Roy said.

"How much is that in liters?" I asked.

Everyone laughed. Roy's cock bounced up and down as he laughed.

"I don't think I ever saw a Beast cock—or human that I didn't want to suck," I said, grinning.

"Well, you'll be sucking on mine, soon, I hope," Roy said.

I smiled at him and licked my lips. Roy grunted.

"You've got a nice ass. Can I eat it—I mean, may I eat it?" I asked Roy.

"Yes, you may," Roy said.

We laughed some more.

We approached what looked like a train car.

"This will take us to the cavern," Roy said. "Put your seat belts on."

We got on. To my surprise, the car passed through a hole in the rock and began descending.

"The agricultural caverns are deep in bedrock," Roy explained. "In the event of a disaster in the living areas, we can retreat to the caverns to live while we make repairs."

I smiled at Digger. This was news to me. This was going to be educational porn. Come to think of it, the fliks on the surface of Mars and my impregnation would be educational porn, too. Maybe we were creating a new kind of pornography!

The car stopped in an enormous cavern. I guessed it was the size of at least four football fields. Crops were laid out in rows, with tree fruits at each end and shorter crops between them.

"This is cavern one," Roy said. "There is another cavern the same size. A third one is being excavated on the other side of that tunnel," Roy said, pointing.

"Wow!" I said, and I meant it. "Where does all the rock go?"

"Most goes into the Valles, although not directly below the colony.

"Let me introduce you to Buck. He is the chief of agriculture," Roy said. "Now, I have to warn you. Buck has a thing for you Eric. And by 'thing', I mean he wants to fuck you at both ends." I grinned. I'm not sure if it's a crush or an obsession. Just about every time I come in here, he's in his office, using an Eric La Roche head while monitoring to growth on the computer. Maybe if we sneak up on him, you can watch. He has the biggest cock I've ever seen."

I nodded my head, eagerly.

"Buck, you go into your office and start using the head," Harry said.

"Do you want me to shoot a load in the head?" Buck asked Harry.

"No!" I cried.

They all turned to me and laughed.

"Baby, I'm going to spend the rest of our lives pumping Bear jizz into your mouth," Buck said.

I nodded.

"That gives me an idea," Harry said. "Buck, start groaning before you come. Eric, you cry out, the way you just did. Beg him for his load." I grinned at Buck. "But I want to get several minutes of you using the head, Buck." Buck nodded. "Work that hot body of yours. While he's doing that, Digger, I want you to fuck Eric while he watches Buck. Talk dirty to him. Roy, I want you to jack off and shoot on Eric's face. When he begs Buck for his cum, I want his face to be covered with semen."

"Holy shit!" Roy said. "This is hot stuff."

"It is!" I said to Harry.

"You're really good at this, Harry," Digger said.


"Do you want me to do anything?" Lucius asked Harry.

"Not in this flik. I've got a couple of ideas for fliks with you, Buck, and Eric," Harry told him.

Lucius nodded, grinning.

"What about me? Can I be in it?" Danny asked.

"No, Danny," Harry said.

"Why not?"

"Because there isn't a part for you," Harry said. "Maybe another film."

Danny sighed, and looked disappointed.

Lucius pulled Danny against him and held him. Danny cheered up, instantly. Lucius pulled his cock out of his shorts.

"Why don't you play with this while we watch?" Lucius said to Danny.

I grinned at the look of ecstasy on Danny's face, as he wrapped both hands around Luc's erection. Lucius grinned at me. Then he pointed at his cock and then at me. I nodded.

Harry looked at Buck's office, which was really just a small area hollowed out of a rock wall. Harry situated us where he wanted us. Buck could easily see me, but he wasn't supposed to look at me. He was supposed to be engrossed in his fantasy. The head was already on his desk next to his computer. He sat, stretched his legs out, and stuck his giant cock into the head. I was instantly jealous. Digger, who could reliably read my reactions, chuckled.

"When Eric begs you for your spunk, you pull the head off. Eric, you fall to your knees and suck."

"Do you want me to come in his mouth or on his face?" Buck asked Harry.

"Are the internal cameras on?" I asked Harry.

"Yeah. I switched them on."

I nodded.

"Do you have a preference?" Harry asked me.

"Not really," I said. "Wait. I'm not begging him for a facial. I'm hungry for his cream."

Harry nodded.

"Feed him, Buck," Harry said.

Buck grinned.

"What about after Buck feeds him?" Digger asked.

"I thought the four of you could have an orgy," Harry said. "Eric, I want to get video of you rimming Buck, Roy, and Digger. I want all three of you to fuck him and shoot in his ass. Then I want Buck to eat the cum out of Eric's ass and feed it to him in kisses."

"Hot damn!" Roy said.

"I want to end it with me blowing the director for doing such a fine job," I told Harry. I did that in a couple of Alek's fliks and those scenes were popular.

"And I feed you a reward for being such a fine actor," Harry said, grinning.

We all chuckled.

"Why don't we have you shoot in Eric's ass, too? There will be more cum," Digger said to Harry. "The scene of the director fucking him can be a freebie for the fan club."

"Sure!" Harry said. "I know Jeff wants to see me fuck Eric."

I stared at Harry.

"Are you serious?"

Harry looked amused.

"What can I say? Jeff thinks I'm a stud, despite the evidence," Harry said.

"You are a stud!" I said.

I just assumed Jeff didn't mind if we had sex. I guess I should have known. Jeff suggested having sex with Harry several times on Beasthold. I thought it was because he felt guilty about not having time for sex with Harry, himself. Why on Earth did I think Jeff Rosenbloom felt guilt about anything?

"If having sex with you will make Jeff happy, I'll make him very happy!" I said to Harry.

Harry grinned.

"If Jeff adopts me, are you my stepmother?" I asked him.

We all laughed.

"I'll be your stepfather," Harry said.

"How many stepfathers can I have?" I asked. I already had Jib for a stepfather.

"Six," Digger said.

I laughed.

"I'm going to adopt you and then I'm going to get you pregnant," Roy said, grinning lecherously. "And I'm going to send video of me inseminating my new son to your birth father."

I laughed.

"OK. But I don't think he will like it!"

Roy laughed. "That's the point!"

"I thought you loved me!" I said.

"I do! And I lust after you, intensely!" Roy said.

Roy pulled my mouth to his and kissed me.

"Let's get started. I'm hungry and we have to open the club," Digger said. "Don't forget you can fuck Eric at the club, Roy."


We all got in our places. The cameras floated around us.

"Action!" Harry said.

Buck had taken the head off and put it back on his desk. He stroked himself a couple of times. He did something on his computer and then pulled the head onto his cock. It started noisily working on his cock. When Alek was awake, I planned to talk to him about making a new one that was less noisy. Buck sighed and played with his nipples. I stepped out of my shorts and started stroking myself. Buck was good.

"Look at the size of that cock!" I whispered. "It must be half a meter long!"

"I bet you wish you were sucking it," Digger said, softly.

"I do," I said.

"You've never had sex with a Bear," Digger said. "I heard there are a couple of Bears here who want you."

"Oh. Good!"

"Most of the men in the colony want Eric to suck them," Roy said.

I wondered if that was true, or just for the flik.

Digger pushed inside me and started fucking me slowly. Roy moved next to me and stroked himself. Then, to my surprise, he stuck his fingers in my mouth. I sucked his precum off them while I watched Buck.

"Son, you must really want that Bear cock," Roy said to me.

"I'm sure he does," Digger said.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes, while the cameras floated around us. I heard a grunt behind us and turned around. Danny was licking Lucius' erection. Lucius' eyes were closed. I felt a pang of jealousy, but then felt guilty. Maybe they could make each other happy. Lucius lost his human lover Jerry when he came to Mars. Maybe Danny could replace him. Lucius opened his eyes and looked right at me. Then he called me.

"Does this bother you?" he asked me.

"A little. But Danny needs sex and maybe you two will hit it off. And let's face it. A proper orgy needs more than one bottom."

"Even if something develops with Danny and me, which is doubtful, I'll still want to have sex with you, Eric."

"If Danny keeps himself clean, maybe you can pull out of his ass and come in my mouth," I said.

Lucius groaned and ejaculated. He pushed his shooting cock into Danny's mouth. Danny reacted violently. He pulled away and started spitting Lucius spunk out of his mouth. He acted like it was poison, and Bear spunk is delicious! Danny wiped his mouth on his arm and then glared at Lucius.

"Just like Jerry," Lucius said over meme. He shook his head.

"But isn't that good?" I asked him.

"No, it isn't," Lucius said.

"Well, I love you, Lucius," I said.

Lucius grinned.

"I love you, Eric."

"Do you want to live with us?" I asked him. "We have plenty of room."

"Hey! We're making a flik here," Harry said to me.

"Oops. Sorry!"

I turned back to Buck. He was putting on a great show.

"OK, Digger. If you want to come, go ahead," Harry said. "Roy, start jacking off and shoot on Eric's face."

"You got it."

I watched Roy's hairy hand slide back and forth on his beautiful cock.

"Look at Buck, not Roy, Eric," Harry said to me.

I did as he asked. A minute later, Roy grabbed my hair with his fist. He pulled my face down to his crotch. Then thick ropes of hot semen shot out of his cock and onto my face. I groaned, but then suppressed it. I heard Buck groan. Digger pulled out of me.

"No! Don't shoot in the toy! Don't waste it!" I cried, as I ran to Buck. I fell to my knees between his legs. I clasped my hands. "Please let me eat it!" I pulled the head off him and swallowed the end of his cock. He began pumping an enormous amount of spunk into my mouth.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Buck cried, as I gulped down his spunk. "My favorite fantasy is coming true! Eric La Roche is eating my spunk! Damn! I hope he likes it!"

I sucked until his orgasm ended. I pulled off him.

"Please stop using that toy," I said to Buck.

"Uh. OK."

"Whenever you are horny, find me and stick your cock in my mouth. Or my ass."

"Fuck!" Buck said. "Whenever?"

"Even if it's the middle of the night! I mean it!" Buck chuckled. "That toy won't ever be grateful. I will be."

Buck grinned.

"That toy won't ever love your cock."

I began kissing his erection, up and down its length, and I continued kissing it until Harry called, "And end!"

The cameras flew back to his hand.

"Damnation! Did you pick up the lust in Eric's eyes while he kissed that huge tool of Buck's?" Roy asked Harry.

"I did!" Harry said. "No one is going to doubt he loves it."

We all gathered in Buck's office. I laughed as Roy began wiping his cum off my face and into my mouth. I stroked him while he did that.

"Now let's do the orgy scene," Harry said. "Eric, I want you to climb up on Buck's desk and lay on your back. Then ask Buck if he will please let you rim him. Buck barked out a laugh.

"I've never been asked that question before, but I can't imagine ever saying no!" Buck said.

"Buck, you climb on the desk and lower your ass to Eric's mouth. While he rims you, work that big, beautiful cock of yours with both hands." Harry turned to Roy. "If you can, talk dirty to him and tell him what you want to do to him."

Buck grinned.

"While they are doing that, Roy, I want you to ask Digger if he thinks Eric would rim him, too. Digger, I thought you might say, 'You are the colony manager and Eric will do anything for the colony."

We all chuckled.

"Or I could say, 'stick your ass in his face and see if he licks it'," Digger suggested.

We laughed.

"That will work!" Harry said.

"Now, you and Roy stroke yourselves while you watch Buck and Eric," Harry said. They nodded. "And action."

I got up off my knees. I cleared off a space on his desk. I climbed onto it.

"What are you doing?" Buck asked me.

"I want to ask you something. It's a special favor," I said to Buck, as I rolled over onto my back, with my head slightly over-hanging the edge of the desk.

"What is it?" Buck asked.

"Will you, um, um, will you please let me rim you? Please? Please, Buck?" I begged.

Buck looked shocked, and he completely sincere. I suppressed a chuckle.

Buck got up out of his chair. He moved around the desk to where my head was. Then he slowly lowered himself. When my tongue touched his ass, Buck let out a long moan.

"Does he do this to every man he meets?" Buck asked Digger.

Everybody laughed. The laughter would be edited out.

"No. I wouldn't be surprised if Eric hasn't fallen madly in love with you," Digger said.

"Good, Digger! Remember this is a love story," Harry said.

"Does that bother you?" Buck asked Digger.

"Noooooooo. When he falls in love, he gets even hornier. All he wants to do is have sex twenty hours a day. That's how it was with Jock and George. I never had so much sex. Since the rest of the family is still asleep on the ship, I'm afraid you are going to have to spend a lot of time with us. Otherwise, my cock is going to get friction burns," Digger said.

Everyone laughed, including me.

I rimmed Buck for several minutes.

"Oh, yeah! Eat my hairy ass."

My tongue finally slipped inside him.

"Ah, fuck! Eric La Roche's tongue is inside my ass!"

Buck got off me suddenly. He pointed his erection at my face and began shooting. I moaned and opened my mouth. Several shots went directly into it.

"Beautiful!" Harry said. "Let the cameras get it."

After Buck finished, he smeared his spunk on my face with the head of his cock.

"Roy, now ask Digger about getting rimmed," Harry said.

"Do you think Eric would rim me?" Roy asked Digger.

"OK. Move away from the desk, Buck," Harry said.

"Let him see it," Digger said.

Roy moved next to me and turned around. I reached out and pulled his ass to me. He laughed as I began rimming him. Then he sighed.

"My wife would never do this to me," Roy said.

Digger and Buck laughed.

"I bet she never gave your cock friction burns, either," Buck said.

"Nope. Once was enough."

I continued rimming Roy. He wiggled around on my face.



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