Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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"Hi, Jeff," I heard Harry said. "Is that the injection for Eric?"


I got a call from Jeff on meme.

"Have you changed your mind, Eric?"

"No. I'm not sure I'm ready to be a...mother, but my mother will help and we may hire a nanny."

"A nanny is a good idea. I know just the woman," Jeff said.

"So it will be a week before I can get impregnated?" I asked him.

"I think five days will be enough if I increase the dose, but I will have to closely monitor you. I want to do that anyway, though, since yours will be the first male-Beast 3.0 pregnancy. I'll want daily scans during the pregnancy."

"I want to do it soon, so I can stop worrying about whether I'm ready. I don't think I'm any closer to deciding that than I was a year ago."

"I've increase the dose. By the way, I would prefer you practice having sex outside before the impregnation to make sure everything works properly," Jeff said.

I could understand that. We wanted the impregnation to go flawlessly for the flik.

"Can we put a camera in my uterus?" I asked him.

"There isn't much point. Remember the egg and sperm are microscopic."

"Oh. Dumb question. Sorry," I said.

Jeff chuckled.

"Will I be able to have an orgasm outside?" I asked him.

"Yes. And it should be interesting. Your semen will freeze, of course."

Jeff disconnected the call.

"Roy, will you take your ass off Eric's face," Jeff said.

Every laughed, including me, as Roy moved off and away from me.

Jeff tapped my neck with a pen, and it was done.

Suddenly, I felt very tired.

"I think Eric needs a nap," Digger said. "I could use one, too."

"I am tired. Could that be a reaction to the injection?" I asked Jeff.

"No. You are pushing yourself too hard. Your liver is being rebuilt and you are just out of hibernation," Jeff said. "And now, your uterus will be growing. I would plan on at least one nap a day for the next week. Two might be better. We don't have to have the fliks today. Digger, make sure Eric gets enough sleep."

"I will."

"We can film the fuck scenes tomorrow," Harry said. "If you feel up to it."

I nodded.

"Have you decided who the father will be?" Jeff asked me.

"Yes. Digger."

"What?" Digger asked, surprised.

I laughed.

"You are never going to be ready," I said to him.

Digger looked a little sheepish.

"It's you or Buck and how will it look if I let a man I just met get me pregnant?" I asked Digger.

"Eric is right," Lucius said. I looked around, but it looked like Danny had left. "Everyone will wonder whether Eric loves Buck more than you. They'll wonder how you are taking it. And they will keep asking you about it."

"I think Lucius is right," Harry said.

Digger sighed and nodded.

"Right. I guess I knew all along," Digger said.

"Let's go home," Digger said to me.

I turned to Lucius.

"Do you want to live with us?" I asked him.

"Are you sure? Digger? How do you feel about it?"

"It's fine. We have three connected units. It isn't like we'll all be sharing a bathroom.

"I guess it will only be until the others are awake," Lucius said.

"All three of Eric's apartments can be enlarged," Roy said. "There's plenty of room."

I nodded. "If we're happy together, it could be permanent," I said to Lucius. He smiled.

"Maybe someday you will want your apartment to be connected to ours," I said to Roy.

"Son, I want that to happen yesterday," Roy said, as he moved next to me. He slid his hand between my butt cheeks. I wrapped a hand around his beautiful cock. Roy sighed.

"Digger, are you OK with putting a door in the wall?" Roy asked.

"Of course, Roy."

"Let's get you in bed. For sleep!" Digger said.

We left the agricultural cavern. Lucius said he wanted to get his things from his room. Buck offered to help and they left together. Jeff and Harry went back to Jeff's lab.

We walked into unit 107. Roy pointed out where he thought a door should be placed to connect to his unit. I didn't care where the door was, and neither did Digger. I thought it would be a very simple matter to put in a door. But Roy explained there was almost a meter of rock between all the apartments. It was mostly for safety, but it also provided complete privacy.

Digger took my hand and led me to a bed. The two of us lay down. Digger pulled me into his arms. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke, I was alone in bed, but not alone in the room. Lucius was sitting in a chair, stroking himself. His eyes had the out of focus look of someone watching video on their meme.

"What are you watching?" I asked him.

"What Harry shot earlier with Buck. It's very hot! I mean, I watched you beg him to stick his cock in you, not the toy, and I thought it was interesting. But the video shows the lust on your face. It's so intense, I almost came, just from that. And then when you kiss his cock! Wow!"

"Send it to me, will you?" I asked him.

Lucius sent it. I watched the video. Lucius was right; it was hot. But there was more lust on my face than I felt at the time. Harry had altered my face. That wasn't a surprise, but it was different from the types of alterations Alek did for our fliks. Alek insisted that lust had to be real in his fuck fliks. Otherwise you might as well watch a computer sex fantasy, where you create the characters and tell them what to do. I had never disagreed with him about that. He was the expert. But most of my family was stuck in a ship far above us, and this flik could help us rescue them. I was willing to go along with it, except for one small problem. My lust for Buck in this clip of Harry's seemed to be more intense than my lust for Digger in the fliks Alek made. People would notice that. Of course, I was about to make a flik of Digger fucking me outside, and I was sure more people would see that flik than this one. What should I do? I sighed.

"What's wrong?" Lucius asked.

It occurred to me that I could just ask Digger. Digger would know.

"Well, for one thing, your dick is way over there!" I said.

Lucius grinned. He ran a finger along the underside of the shaft.

"You want this?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm still mentally adjusting to the fact that you are available."

"What do you mean?"

"To me, you and Jerry just split up."

"Oh. Because you found out yesterday when you woke up. To me, it's been almost a year," Lucius said. "A year of jacking off while I watch your fliks and fantasize about you."

"From now on, when you jack off, make sure your cock is pointed at my face," I said.

Lucius grinned.

My meme showed an alert. It was the first day of the quarter, which meant it was time for my fan club address. George had created a lot to be sent out automatically, and there was one more he created. But I decided to send the message myself.

I started recording. Lucius was still stroking himself. I captured video of that.

"I'm going to send a message to my fan clubs," I told Lucius. "I'm going to tell them about arriving on Mars and you and Buck living with us. Can I include video of you?"

"Absolutely!" Lucius said.

"I want you to shoot on my face when I finish the message. I'm going to let them see me get a facial from you from my perspective."

While Lucius stroked himself, I explained to my fans what had happened to the Far View's shuttle, and how we planned to rescue the people in hibernation. I told them how I missed Alek, Jock, and Pan, and I told them about Lucius, Buck, and Roy.

A blast of cum shot out of Lucius, causing me to groan. I opened my mouth and three spurts went inside it.

"That's it! Eat that tasty Bear milk!" Lucius said.

I swallowed.

"It's delicious!" I said.

"Yeah! And I'm going to feed it to you five or six times a day."

"Oh, lord!" I said, grinning.

"I'd feed you more, but I want to fill your ass, too," Lucius said.

Lucius got into bed with me and began wiping his jizz into my mouth, while I finished my message to the fans.

"I think the fans are going to love this flik. You're such a stud, Lucius."

He grinned at me.

"Call me Luc."

I nodded.

I trimmed the video and posted the message. I wrapped my hand around his erection.

"It's sent," I said. "Roll onto your back, will you?"

Luc did that. I straddled him and sat slowly on his erection. He groaned as he slid inside me.

"Damn! I can't wait to see it! I'm in two of your fan clubs," Lucius said, as he began thrusting up into me.

I stared at him in disbelief.

"But we've been friends for a long time! We would have been lovers if you weren't married to Jerry."

"Well, Digger is in one club," Luc said. "Roy is in two."

I was speechless. Why was my husband in a fan club? I lay there on the bed, trying to make sense of it. What could Digger possibly get out of being a fan club member? I thought fan clubs were for learning more about someone you like. Digger knew absolutely everything about me. Then I realized everyone knew everything about me. Between my autobiography and dozens, maybe hundreds of interviews, I had no secrets. Of course, this quarterly message was going to have new information for my fans. It would be appreciated by them. But it wouldn't be news to Digger, Luc, or Roy.

"OK. I want to understand. Why are you in a fan club, Luc?"

"For the exclusive video clips. That's why Roy is in two. This flik we are about to make of me giving you a facial will only be seen by club members, right?"

I shrugged. "Only until someone posts it on a public server. That takes a few hours to a day. I don't copyright them."

"Yes, but when it arrives, fan club members have something unique and valuable—to them. While you were in hibernation, it was the only way anyone could get new, or at least unseen, Eric fliks. I was very happy when I got two during the trip here. It was lonely on the ship."

I did understand that.

"But why is Digger in one? Do you know?"

"Yes. George created one because he wanted to control it. He doesn't agree with some of the things other fan clubs have done. He asked Digger to be a member. It makes that club the premier fan club, because Digger is a member."

I knew George created a club and I knew why. His was the 'official' Eric La Roche fan club. I just didn't know Digger was in it. But Digger was just there for his name.

"OK. It makes sense, now."

While I moved slowly on Luc's very large cock, I felt his chest, his shoulders, and his biceps.

"I can smell your lust for me," he said. I smiled. "I'm a little surprised how strong it is. I thought you were a little indifferent towards me."

I chuckled.

"Never that. First, you were unavailable. Then I began wondering if you would be happier with Danny. He's human, like Jerry, and you wouldn't have to share him."

"I don't mind sharing you. In fact, that's what I fantasize about. I never fantasize about just the two of us. It's always an orgy."

I grinned.

"I expect we will be having at least two a day," I said.

Luc grinned.

"Why didn't you invite Roy to live with you?"

"Hmm. I like Roy. I especially like how aggressive he is, sexually. But I don't love him. I'm falling in love with you. He's a sex partner and you're a lover."

"Oh, baby! I love you!"

I smiled.

"You want me to be more aggressive?" he asked.

"You can be. It does excite me."

Luc grinned. "Then I will be."

"If you are horny, pull my face to your cock, or push inside my ass. To me, that's a lot hotter than you asking for permission. You can always assume I want your cock inside me."

He smiled. I made him happy.

"Hey, Digger," Luc said.

I turned and looked at his husband. I watched his cock grow erect as he looked at us.

"I can see you are enjoying yourself," Digger said.

"We are," Luc said.

Digger got in bed, on his knees and pushed into my mouth. I began sucking him.

"Why don't you save this for the club?" Digger said, after a couple of minutes. "I want Eric to eat—food!" We laughed. "After he eats, we'll head to the club."

The three of us lay on our backs in bed.

Just then, Buck walked into the room wearing just a thick, red cock ring. He carried a tray. I could smell food and realized I was very hungry. To my surprise, there was a real steak, along with vegetables.

"Jeff told me you need extra protein. Your body is rebuilding part of a liver and a uterus. The steak is from his private stores," Digger said.

I tried to remember the last time I had a real steak. I realized it was before I met Digger. I'd had hamburgers on Beasthold. I never asked, but judging by the taste, I doubted there was much real beef in them.

"I'll have to thank him," I said. "He really is nicer, now..."

Digger, Lucius, and Buck all nodded their heads.

I began eating.

"Roy put in a room divider in the club. There's a front room with Eric fliks on the walls, where everyone is welcome, and a back room for sex," Digger said.

"That sounds good," I said.

"The back room is men only," Digger said. "Do you feel up to having sex?"

I laughed and reached for Buck's partial erection. It stiffened completely in my hand.

"I'd say that's a yes," Buck said.

"We're not supposed to tire him out!" Digger said.

I let go and began eating.

"Did you grow these vegetables," I asked Buck.

"I did."

I nodded.

The broccoli tasted...different. I decided it was the texture that differed. It was softer, the texture of pasta. But it was still dark green, as if it hadn't been cooked long. Growing on Mars had certainly affected it.

"Richard came by," Digger said. "Tomorrow, the first flower on Mars should open."


"Of course, Jeff wants you to make a speech outside about it," Digger continued.

I groaned.

"Richard should make the speech," I said.

"He's going to be out there with you, without a breather. Em isn't too happy about that," Buck said.

I got a little angry. Jeff sure expected a lot of me. But then I felt a little ashamed. While Digger and I slept on the ship, Jeff, Richard, Buck, and Lucius were all working. I sighed.

"OK...On this incredibly momentous occasion, the second one in two days..." I said.

They all laughed.

"Three days," Digger said. I chuckled.

"Every day here is momentous!" Buck said.

"Hey! My face is up here," Buck said.

I barked out a laugh and looked at his face. "I was looking at your other head," I said.

"Finish eating so we can fuck you," Buck said.

I grinned and got back to my food.

"Is Harry going to be filming at the club?" I asked, between bites.

"Yeah. He's thinking of making a flik comprised of just club sex," Digger said. "There hasn't been a flik of you having sex with strangers. Are you interested?"

That was true. "I guess. Depends on the strangers. There aren't a lot of strangers here."

"True. Would you be willing to suck Danny?" Digger asked.

That didn't appeal to me at all. But I felt sorry for Danny. I remembered how horny and lonely I was at his age, and that was on Earth, surrounded by people. Here on Mars, there was no one his age, period.

"If I'm drunk," I said.

They laughed, but I was serious.

"You are right that there aren't a lot of strangers," Digger said. "We can't be too picky if we want a sex club flik. Harry hopes you'll suck Jeff." I gasped. "Harry is hoping to convince Jib to shoot on your face for the flik."

I gasped.

"You aren't serious!"

Digger nodded.

"Jib will never agree to it. My mother would never let him," I said.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Buck said. "You forget he's an exhibitionist. He jacked off in front of gay men thousands of times. He told me he's a little jealous that I'm going to be in your fliks." I was truly surprised. "Harry will disguise his face, if Jib agrees to be in the flik. Even if your mother watches the flik, which she won't, she won't recognize him. And he wouldn't be having sex with you, he'll be jacking off. Your mother knows he jacks off all the time. He needs a lot more sex than she does. And she knows he's going to the club."

"OK. You mentioned my mother and her sex life. Never do this, again," I said.

They all laughed.

"If he does it, he wants me to feed it to you," Buck said.

"But I don't want to lust after Jib!" I said.

"Even if he wants you to lust after him?" Buck asked.

"That's impossible!" I said.

"Look, Jib went through a phase where he was...not ashamed, really, but embarrassed by the things he did at the club. Now that he's approaching middle-age, he's getting nostalgic, and wondering if...he's still got it. Can he still make gay men lust after him? Is he just a middle-aged Bear, or is he still a stud? Your reaction answers that question for him."

"And if I don't lust after him, he's lost it, he's old and boring," I said.

"Right. If the most famous gay man on two worlds lusts after him, he's still a stud, in his mind. And believe me, you won't be the first gay man who's gotten a facial from him or eaten his cum."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"He was edging himself for hours every night at the Bear's Den. It was inevitable that sometimes he got a little too excited and ejaculated. When that happened, he gave his groupies a thrill and aimed at their faces and their open mouths."

Buck sent me a picture of three men on their knees with cum running down their faces. You could see semen on one man's tongue. All three looked very happy. The picture was taken from above. I guessed Jib took it. There was something familiar about the men in the picture. Suddenly, I recognized it. George had shown it to me once when we were talking about Bears. I searched through the porn on my meme and found the picture. I saved it because the cock was so big and beautifully shaped. I had gay porn with my stepfather! I wondered if he had any porn of me. But why would he? He was straight. I looked at one of the other pictures of Jib at Bear's Den. Lord, he was hot!

"Are you looking at Jib?" Digger asked me.


"We can smell your lust," Lucius said.

"You aren't going to believe this, but I already had a copy of that picture. I got it from George. I had no idea it was Jib."

Buck chuckled.

"That's hot!" Digger said.

"Digger? Do you think I should do it, if Jib is willing?" I asked Digger.

"Well, it will make me incredibly horny. And my birthday is coming up, and this would be the perfect gift...But I don't want to influence you," my husband said.

We all laughed.

"OK. But if I'm going to suck Danny and Jeff, I'm going to have to be drunk. And that means my liver will have heal first."

"What about Nex?" Buck asked.

"I'd much rather suck him than Danny or Jeff. Is he willing to do it in a flik?"

"Oh, yeah. He came by and asked if you'd changed your mind about having sex with him. I asked if he wanted to be filmed. He practically begged to be in a flik," Digger said.

"When someone says, 'please, please, please, please, please', I think they are begging," Buck said.

We chuckled.

I finished eating. Buck took the tray out of the room. I got up.

"How do you feel?"


We walked into the living room just as Roy walked in. All he was wearing was a jock strap. He walked up to me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. His hand slid between my cheeks, and half a second later, two of his fingers were inside my ass. He had his tongue in my mouth and two fingers in my ass two seconds after he entered the room. I laughed as we kissed. After a minute, he pulled away.

"The construction robots are going to cut the doorway while we are in the club," he said to me.

I smiled.

"The new sign is up," Roy said to Digger.

"New sign?" I asked.

"We decided to change the name of the club. It's going to be Wild Life," Digger said.


"How do you feel, sweetheart?" Roy asked me.

"Just fine."

"Good. I'd rather fuck you when you aren't sick."

I laughed, but I guess Roy meant it. He moved behind me and pushed inside my ass. He began fucking me. Digger and Lucius began stroking themselves while they watched. I reached for Digger. He walked up to me. I bent down and began sucking him.

Buck walked into the room.

"Did you convince Jib to paint our boy's face?" Roy asked Buck.

"Yes. I just spoke to him. He's going dancing with Midge, first. After that, he's coming to the club with Richard. They are both going to do it, but they don't want their faces shown."

"Are you serious? Does Em know?" I asked.

"No. And we aren't going to tell her," Buck said. "They aren't going to have sex with you, Eric. They are going to jack off. And you need to remember it is for the colony. We can't have a sex club flik with only five or six men, especially when they are the only men in all the other fliks Harry is making."

I nodded. It made sense.

"I have to get facials from hot, straight men for the colony. OK. I get it. It's a lot better than giving a pompous speech about a flower."

Digger laughed. "Yes! It is! And you've had sex with Richard many times."

I nodded.

"It's a shame we can't show Jib's face. Can you imagine how well the flik would sell if it showed Eric's stepfather coming all over Eric's face?" Digger said.

"That's true," Buck said. "But forget it. Jib would never allow it. It could hurt Midge."

"I know. I don't want her to be hurt, either," Digger said.

"Are you moved in?" I asked Lucius.

"Yeah. I don't have much stuff. Bringing stuff here from Earth was very expensive." I nodded. More cargo meant fewer people could come with us. Not only was it expensive, it was also discouraged. "My final list of what I absolutely had to have was blank, but I brought a few things, anyway."

We chuckled.

"Eric's list had just me on it," Digger said, grinning.

"It's true!" I said.

Buck and Lucius began stroking themselves while they watched Roy fuck me.

"I do love the smell of lust," Buck said.

I got a call from Nex.

"Hi, Nex," I said.

"Hello, Eric. Um, have you changed your mind?"


"Hey! That's terrific! Digger told me that I might be in a flik. I'm really excited about that. I'm excited about the sex, too. I've never had sex with a man and I really want to try it!"

"It sounded before like you were only doing it because your wife wanted you to," I said.

"Oh. Oh! I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I said that because I know you don't have sex with married people, and I didn't want you to think we'd be cheating on her. In your autobiography you mentioned feeling strange having sex with Jock, because of his relationship with Pan."

I sighed. Everybody knew everything about me. I didn't keep secrets from my fans. I knew they liked that about me, and in fact, Alek and George thought that was one of the main reasons I had so many fans.

"Well, I'm more enthused about it," I said.

"Good! Can I send you a pic?"


I received a photo. I looked at it. It was a photo of Nex, on his back, naked. A pool of cum was on his belly and his cock was still dripping.

"Nice!" I said.

"You like it?"

"I do. But I don't think I can have sex in front of women, including your wife."

"Digger already told me that. She'll be able to watch the video as often as she likes."

"OK, then!"

Jeff walked into the room. I could tell he was furious.

"Eric, what the fuck have you done?" he yelled.

Roy wrapped his arms around my chest. It was reassuring and I was glad he did it.

I had no idea what he was talking about. But then my meme received a burst of messages and phone calls from Earth.

"I...don't know...what?"

"I was working on an official statement about the Far View's shuttle. I was waiting until we finalized official plans for rescuing the colonists. And you then you made an announcement in a fucking porn flik!" Jeff said. "Shit! They are showing a censored version on the news broadcasts!"

I cringed and squeezed Digger's hand. I didn't know what to say. I had never seen Jeff so angry. Digger pulled me against him.

"Well, I knew, but did you tell Eric you were delaying the announcement?" Roy asked Jeff.

"Well, any damn fool would know..." Jeff started.

"No. Not Eric. You know he has no secrets," Roy said. "He described Digger's balls in an interview."

I cringed and put my face in my hands. I heard several people chuckling. I was very sure Jeff wasn't one of them. Digger's arm tightened around me. That gave me strength.

"I'm sorry, Jeff. I assumed something so big was known...instantly."

Jeff turned around and left. So much for Jeff being nicer.

"Now he hates me."

"I doubt that," Buck said. "He owes you too much."

"And he needs you," Luc said. "How could he raise enough money to rescue everyone?"

I sighed. That was true, but it didn't mean he didn't hate me.

"Look, Eric. He'll get over it in a few days," Roy said. "Then he'll just remind you every time he gets mad at you."

Digger chuckled.

"But I've never seen him like that," I said.

"I've seen him madder," Digger said. Roy nodded.

"Much madder," Roy said.

"Should I have known it was a secret?" I asked Roy.

Roy shrugged.

"He told some people. He didn't tell you. I think the mistake was his. He'll never agree he made a mistake, but that's Jeff," Roy said.

"Thanks, Roy."

I looked at the messages and calls I'd received. They were all interview requests.

"I've got requests for interviews. Should I give them? What should I say?" I asked Roy.

"Well, the cat's out of the bag. Just don't announce plans, since they aren't finalized."

I nodded.

I responded to the Sunvision request, first. It was going to be an extremely awkward interview because of the distance from Earth to Mars. It would take almost sixteen minutes for a question to reach me, and another sixteen minutes for my answer to reach Earth.

I put on the red, silk jock strap. Then we left our apartment and walked to the club. I saw the new sign, Wild Life and smiled. Then I remembered what happened to the original and stopped smiling.

My first question from Sunvision arrived as we walked inside: "Are you worried about your family?"

"No. Once sabotage was ruled out, I stopped worrying, and started planning how to make money to get them off the ship. They are asleep and are at least as safe as we are, on the planet. They are certainly worrying less than us. I do miss them, though and hope it doesn't take too long to get them," I replied.

I looked around the club. Lee was there. He was seated. He stood when he saw me and grinned. He was wearing his gold cock ring and nothing else. I watched his cock grow erect. There were two other men present, a Dog and a Chimp. They both looked very familiar, but I couldn't place them, just then. Then I remembered the Dog was Louis, who filmed my arrival at the colony with his wife. The Chimp stood up and walked over to me. He was wearing just a pair of shorts.

"I can tell by your expression that you are trying to remember my name," he said, with a half-smile.


"I'm Lawrence. I helped you out of your hibernation tube."

"Oh, yeah! You used to have a name badge. That's what threw me!"

He laughed. Then he turned serious.

"I was supposed to go back to the ship to revive the other colonists. Now, Captain Stavros will have to do it.

"Is it difficult?"

"Not unless something goes wrong," Lawrence said.

"But you can tell him what to do, can't you?"

Lawrence nodded. He leaned forward and whispered, "I want to have sex with you."

"Why are you whispering?" I whispered back. "We're in a sex club to have sex."

I squeezed the bulge in his shorts. He sighed.

"Take it out, please."

I pushed my hand inside his shorts and felt him grow erect in my hand. Lee moved next to me. I wrapped my other hand around Lee's erection and began stroking it.

"And I wondered if there would be any sex in here," Louis said.

"This club is where Eric will have the opportunity to have sex with all the rest of the men in the colony," Roy said.

Digger and I both laughed.

"Is that true?" Lawrence asked me.

"It seems to be," Lee said.

"I guess it is," I said, chuckling.

Lawrence pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them.

"Are you gay?" I asked him.

"No," Lawrence said, as he put my hand back on his cock. "Not really. But I want to have sex with you."

I frowned.

"Like me," Lee said. "I've never had sex with a man, before, but I've fantasized about having sex with you. I've got to say, it's as good as I imagined it."

"I don't get it," I said.

"I think you'll find your straight male fans want you to suck them and may even want to fuck you, but they have no interest in sucking your cock," Roy said to me.

Lee nodded.

"That's true," Lee said. "I was on a soccer team on Earth. Almost all of us were straight, but we'd all seen at least one of your fliks and wanted to get sucked by you. Who doesn't want the Eric La Roche to worship his cock and beg for his cum? Our girlfriends sure never did it."

Lawrence chuckled and nodded his head.

"Eric rimmed me, earlier," Lee said to Lawrence. Lawrence groaned. "He just met me and he rimmed me. It was bloody fantastic."

I still didn't get it; if a guy liked pussy and tits, why have sex with me? But Lawrence's dick was hard as a rock, and lust was plain on his face.

"Suck that pretty Chimp cock, son," Roy said to me. "Let the big daddy feed you."

"I thought you were my daddy," I said to Roy. "Don't tell me I have three!"

Roy chuckled.

I turned to Lawrence. "I want to suck you, but I want it in a flik," I said. "You look pretty horny. You'll probably shoot a big load."

Lawrence grinned at me while nodding his head. "I'd love to be in a flik."




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