Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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A female Chimp walked into the bar. I let go of Lawrence's erection. Her eyes lit up when she saw me. Nex walked in right behind her. She turned and spoke to Nex. It had to be his wife.

"Take your shorts off," I heard her say to Nex.

"Bossy, isn't she," Lee said in my ear. I suppressed a chuckle.

Nex grew erect and licked his lips as he looked at me. I smiled at him.

She walked over and introduced herself.

"I'm Easy," she said.

"I know girls like you," Lee said to her. "I wish they were on Mars."

I laughed and so did she.

"It's actually short for Easter, not Esther. Guess when I was born."

I chuckled.

"I think you are pretty terrific," she said to me. "I'm a really huge fan. You literally completely changed my life—for the better."

Digger walked up to us.

"Well, uh, thank you," I said to her, a little embarrassed.

"You responded to one of my letters to you and even sent me a unique video," Easy said to me.

That meant she was a 'megafan'. There were only four of those, that I could remember. But none of them were named Easy.

"What name did you use when you wrote me?" I asked her.

"E. C. Campbell," she said. "Now it's Campbell-Ramos."

I looked at her in surprise.

"You were human!" I said.

"I was!" she said. "I told you that you literally changed my life!"

"You converted to a Chimp because of me?"

"I did. And the day after I got out of the tank, I met Nex. We started talking about you. I told him that you convinced me to become a Chimp. We married a month later."

"What was the video we sent. George filmed those and sent them out," I said.

"It's ninety seconds of you licking the head of Digger's cock," she said.

Again, I was embarrassed.

"But no cum shot," Nex said.

"You blush easily," Easy said. "You didn't mention that in your autobiography."

"Eric is a celebrity who has never been out in public," Digger said.

Easy shook her head. "I never thought about it, that way, but it's true. You're shy!"

I shrugged.

"Well, there are a lot of horny guys here for you," Easy said.

"Did you tell Eric about Sam?" Easy asked Lee.

"No. Sam is a Tiger. He's straight, but he wants to get sucked by you. I have just about convinced him to fuck you. I think you'll like him."

"Is he single?" I asked.

"No. He's married, but his wife is on the ship."

"I don't want to have sex with married men, unless I'm absolutely sure the spouse won't mind."

"She doesn't have to know," Lee said.


"There are more men here than women," Easy said to me. "And only two of the women here are single. Nex and I agreed to try to help one guy out, by letting him fuck me. But it got messy."

Nex nodded his head.

"Eric, we all know how you feel about having sex with guys in relationships, but you may want to reconsider. Sam might have to go without sex for a couple of years or more, if you refuse," Easy said. "And I think she would prefer that he have sex with someone who wouldn't consider trying to come between them."

"I agree," Digger said.

"Sam isn't just Lee's friend," Easy said. "With so few of us, we are a family. Now you've joined it."

"Hey! I'm here," Danny said. "They can have sex with me."

"That's true," I said, nodding my head.

I saw Lee and Lawrence grimace. Fortunately, Danny was behind them.

"Hello, Em, Richard," I heard Digger say.

"Hey, Easy," I heard Em say.

Easy and Nex sat down at a table.

To my surprise, Lee moved behind me and pushed inside me. He hadn't been there when we talked about having sex only in the back room. I didn't want to get fucked in front of Em! I was sure glad I was wearing a jock strap.

"Being slutty, I see," Em said to me.

"Lee is, but I guess I don't mind, if you don't," I said to her.

"I was talking to you, Eric. Poor Lee, like a lot of the guys has been practically celibate," Em said.

"Slutty is just the way we like him," Roy said to her. The other guys agreed.

"Never change, Eric," Roy said to me. "Unless it's to become more slutty, er, sluttier."

Em chuckled.

"We just left Jeff. He mentioned you," Em said to me.

I groaned; the others chuckled.

"I figured you would be in the middle of interviews," she said.

"I am in the middle of one. There's a sixteen minute wait between questions and answers," I said.

Em nodded.

"Is Jeff foaming at the mouth?" Digger asked her.

"Just a little worse than usual," she said. "He's mad at me, now. I asked him why he didn't tell us in the meeting that he wanted to keep it secret. I mean, seriously, if it is that important to him, he ought to let everyone know. Richard knew Jeff wanted to wait, but I didn't."

"I didn't know it was a secret, either," Nex said.

"I knew," Lee said. "But you're right, Em. Anyone who wasn't told could have mentioned it to friends or relatives back on Earth. Eric just happened to be the first."

Em looked behind me. Lee was still slowly fucking me. Meanwhile, my erection was resting between Lawrence's buns. I'm sure that made him uncomfortable. It was very embarrassing.

"Lee, I'd like to introduce you to my good friend, Eric," she said.

Everyone laughed but me. I loved Em, but right then, I wished she wasn't there.

I looked over and saw Luc was talking to Danny. Danny squeezed the huge lump in Luc's jock strap. Luc looked at me. Then I got a call from him.

"Will it bother you if I let Danny play with it, again?"

I thought about it. The answer was yes, but that was selfish.

"As long as you make it clear that it's just sex."

"I will," Luc said.

"And tell him he has to swallow. I don't want my lover's cum wasted. I certainly wouldn't waste it."

Luc grinned at me.

"I'll tell him it's swallow or no sex."

I got another question from my distant Sunvision interviewer.

"What are your immediate plans?" the interviewer asked.

I took me a couple of seconds to mentally switch from my surroundings to the interview.

"I'm planning to make fliks that will hopefully earn enough money for a ship. I am not planning to use any of my foundation's money, because there are people in desperate situations depending on it. The people on the ship are not desperate, they're fine. The ship has power, it just doesn't have a shuttle. But listen, because of the time delay, this interview could take all night, and it's after ten, local time. Why don't you submit your questions and I'll answer them in the morning. I'm ending the call," I said, and I did.

"I wonder if Harry is going to show up," Digger said.

"I'm sure he will," Richard said. "Both he and Jeff are very aware that Eric's fliks are our best way to raise money. Harry's trying to calm Jeff down."

Richard looked at Lawrence.

"Are you going to fuck Eric for one of the fliks?"

"I hope so, " Lawrence said.

I suddenly noticed a tent in Richard's pants. He had an erection. If Harry didn't show up, Richard and Jib wouldn't be shooting on my face for a flik. I wondered if that would be for the best. I hated taking the chance of hurting my two favorite women, my mother and Em.

"This is all about Jeff's ego, isn't it?" Buck asked Richard. "A disaster makes him look bad."

Richard sighed.

"There's some guilt, too. Jeff bought the shuttle. People died. He's still coming to grips with that."

"Oh. Poor Jeff," I said.

The others stared at me.

"Good grief!" Em said, looking across the room. "I think it's time for me to leave."

I looked where she was looking. Danny was on his knees, trying to suck Luc's cock, while Luc looked at me.

"You ready to dance?" Em asked Richard.

"See ya later," she said, as they left to go next door.

Lawrence turned around to face me. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking it.

"Does that bother you, son?" Roy asked me, nodding his head towards Luc and Danny.

"A little. I'm hoping Danny will have sex with a lot of guys. Maybe he won't fall in love with Luc," I said.

"Hmmm," Roy said, looking doubtful.

"If this is a sex club, I can't be the only person having sex," I said.

"You won't be. All of us will be taking turns filling your ass and your mouth with semen," Roy said. "I plan to shoot several loads into you tonight, and I expect the rest of the men here want to do the same. Even Nex here will be seeding you at both ends, won't you, Nex?" Roy asked him.

"If he'll let me."

"I will," I said.

"You were fucking him earlier. Will you fuck him for the flik?" I asked Roy.

"Nobody wants to see Danny in your flik," Roy said. "Besides, I don't think his father would approve."

Luc walked over to us. Danny looked very happy. Luc looked annoyed.

"Anybody want a drink?" Danny asked the others. Several of them ordered fruit juice cocktails.

"Lee, are you going to hog my boy's hole all evening?" Roy asked him.

Lee pulled out. Roy moved behind me and pushed inside me.

"Aah. Daddy's home," Roy said softly in my ear.

To my surprise, Roy wrapped his arms around me and lifted me. He carried me to a chair at Easy's table and sat down, with his cock still buried inside me.

"Suck Nex for his wife, will you, son?" Roy asked softly in my ear. I groaned as he began chewing on my ear lobe. I wasn't planning on doing it, but suddenly, Easy felt like family. She wasn't just Nex's wife. She was a megafan who converted into a Beast body because of me.

Nex stood up and brought his cock to my mouth. I swallowed it and began sucking. I heard his wife sigh. I supposed she was happy, but I didn't really understand how she felt. If someone else sucked Digger, I wouldn't be happy. But Nex tasted good and he had a very nice cock. I forgot about the wife, and just worked on the cock in my mouth. After a couple of minutes, I wrapped my hand around Nex's nuts and tugged on them. Nex groaned.

"Is it good?" his wife asked.

"Unbelievable!" Nex said. "I'm not going to last long, this first time."

I groaned at the word 'first'. Despite how many lovers I had, it was still a thrill to have a new sex partner.

"Should I hold off for Harry?" Nex asked.

"You can go ahead and shoot," Digger said. "Who knows when Harry will get here?"

"Aw, shit!" Nex said.

"Damn!" I heard a voice say. "And I wondered if there would really be sex going on in here."

"It's a sex club, Louis," Easy said. "Did you think they would be playing pool?"

I almost laughed.

"Can I shoot on your cock, like George did in the Second Day?" a male voice asked. I thought it was Lawrence, but I wasn't sure.

"I don't know..." Nex said.

"Come on, honey. Eric will clean you up," Easy said.

"Save your load for the flik," Lee said to Lawrence.

I wanted to talk to Easy. I wanted to understand what she was getting out of sharing her husband with me. Then it suddenly occurred to me that she might just feel the way Digger did. Digger enjoyed sharing me. Why couldn't she enjoy sharing Nex? She probably knew I would never try to steal Nex from her.

"This is some hot shit," Lee said. "Where the hell is Harry?"

"I'll give him a call," Digger said.

"I hope it's like this every night," Lee said.

"With so few people, it may not be, once the novelty wears off," Digger said.

"On the other hand, there isn't a lot else to do," Buck said.

"Amen to that," Lee said.

"I plan to be here for sex with Eric every evening," Lee said. "I can't think of a better way to end an evening than with an orgy."

I heard several people agreeing with Lee.

I sped up my sucking of Nex. He grabbed my head and held it still, while he stood motionless for about two seconds. Then his cock pulsed and it began pumping jizz into my mouth.

"I'm coming!" Nex cried.

I gulped his cream down. It tasted like Alek's. That made me miss Alek.

I heard footsteps.

"Well, finally," I heard Digger say.

Nex pulled out of my mouth. Some of his spunk shot onto my face. I looked around him. It was Harry.

"Did you get Jeff calmed down?" Digger asked him.

Harry shrugged.

I swallowed Nex again and sucked until his orgasm was ended.

"Does he hate me?" I asked Harry, after wiping my mouth on my arm.

"No. He is very aware of the fact that you wouldn't have mentioned it if you knew he wanted to make an official statement, first. He's angry about the situation. He's angry at himself. He's angry about the loss of control."

I sighed. There was nothing I could do about the situation.

"Do we have any extra internal cameras?" I asked Harry.

"As a matter of fact, we do. Why?" Harry asked.

"I thought we might put them in Digger, Buck, Luc, Roy, and Lee."

"That camera's not going to see any dicks in my ass!" Lee said.

"Mine either," Roy said.

"Why do you want them in us?" Buck asked me.

"I thought it might be hot if you guys got lined up and I rimmed each of you. We could get internal shots of my tongue inside you, and outside shots of me jacking you off while I eat you. Then you can shove your cock in my mouth when you are ready to shoot," I said.

"Oh, fuck!" Buck said.

"That is very, very hot!" Luc said.

"It is," Digger said.

Lee agreed.

"I noticed I wasn't on your list," Harry said.

"Or me," Lawrence said.

"You are a hot man. I want to rim you," I said to him. Lawrence grinned. "But can you imagine how tired and limp my tongue will be after pushing into just the first virgin ass?" I asked.

Everyone burst out laughing.

"If you're gentle, you can stretch my ass with your fingers before you rim me," Lee said.

"You don't want Eric to fist you?" Buck asked Lee.


We laughed.

"Or we can use inflatable stretchers," Digger said. "That would be a lot faster."

"Yeah. I don't know why I didn't think of those," Lee said. "I've used them on girls before fucking their asses."

"I just had an idea," Digger said. "What if you just rim straight guys, Eric?"

"I love this idea," Lawrence said.

I laughed.

"You mean, like introducing them to gay sex?" Harry asked Digger.

Digger nodded.

"I have no idea whether that is something people want to see, but let's do it," Harry said.

"I don't really like the idea that I'm trying to convert straight people," I said. "Hell, that's what Neo-Puritans claim gay people do."

"Oh," Harry said, nodding. "There is that."

"How about if they agree to do it for my birthday, or something, or they are doing it because I begged them?" I suggested.

"That's obscene. I love it!" Lawrence said. "There has to be a birthday cake. I'm one of the party favors." We laughed. "Will you lick my cock if it has icing on it?" Lawrence asked me.

"I'll lick your cock any time you get it within licking distance."

Lawrence grinned and shook his erection at me.

Lawrence reminded me of someone, specifically, his cock did. It took a second for me to remember who it was: Stefan, from Attica. Stefan was the first man who ever sent me sex pics of himself. I still had the photos on my meme. I looked at one of Stefan's pics and nodded. Lawrence's cock looked exactly like Stefan's. I wondered if Stefan stayed on Earth. I checked the colony directory and saw his name. He was one of the colonists sleeping on the Far View. I looked forward to seeing him.

Harry moved closer to me. I reached out and groped him. He pulled his erection out and offered it to me. I began stroking him. He sighed.

"Jeff just called me. He isn't coming tonight," Harry said.

"No surprise, there," Roy said.

"He also said we shouldn't keep Eric up late," Harry said. "He's rebuilding his liver and building a uterus. And he's going outside tomorrow without a suit for the flower opening."

"Yeah. I figured we should get him in bed by midnight," Digger said.

"And he pointed out that a flik in a sex club doesn't have to be filmed at night."

I burst out laughing.

"He's right. I never occurred to me to do it during the day," I said.

Digger nodded.

"Louis, has Richard told you a time for the flower," Harry asked.

"He thinks it will be around 1, but he wants me ready at 9," Louis said. "I'm going to be ready at 7. After all, it is the first time this plant has ever bloomed."

"So who all will be there?" I asked.

"I'm not sure who, besides me, my wife, Richard, and you. Harry, does Jeff want to be there?"

"No. He wants Eric to be the face of the colony. Em was invited, but she'll be watching from the nearest window. Roy, do you want to go out?" Harry asked.

"No. I don't want to go suitless, and Jeff would be angry if I wore one."

"Well, I'll be in a suit, and so will my wife. I don't care how angry Jeff gets," Louis said.

"No. Strangely enough, I think he wants you and your wife to wear suits," Harry said. "You'll be representing Earth, with your questions. Suits make that point, visually."

"Interesting," Roy said.

I nodded my head.

Harry called me.

"Do you have any interest in making a flik about you, Nex, and Easy?" he asked. "I can smell Nex on your breath. I thought it might show Easy masturbating while watching her husband fuck you."

"Uh. A bisexual flik?"

"Yes. You don't have to watch her. You can focus on Nex."

Another thing Alek had taught me, besides not faking lust, was only appearing in fliks that I would want to see. Or maybe those two things were connected. If I didn't want to see it, how much lust could I have? I had no interest in a bisexual flik. On the other hand, if it sold, it would help the colony.

"I can see you aren't crazy about the idea," Harry said to me.

"Is she willing?" I asked.

Harry told Easy what he had in mind. She was clearly taken by surprise.

"Do you want to do it, Eric?"

"I guess, if everyone thinks it's a good idea. But I'm not enthused."

Easy nodded.

"That's a relief," Easy said.

"Why?" I asked her.

"I don't particularly want to appear in a flik. My parents barely speak to me, now. They were very opposed to me converting. I mean I would do it, if the colony needed it..."

"OK. No bisexual fliks," Harry said.

"You can make fliks I'm not in," I said to Harry.

Harry laughed.

"You may not have noticed, but aside from your family, there is currently a dearth of porn stars on Mars."

I chuckled.

"There's a dearth of women!" Easy said.

"OK. Who here wants to be in a flik?" Harry asked.

Everyone but Louis and Easy said they did.

"That depends. What would we do?" Louis asked. I was surprised he was considering it.

"Are you willing to shoot on Eric's face?" Harry asked Louis.


"Do you need to check with your wife?" I asked Louis.

"No. I think she'll get a kick out of seeing me jack off in a porn flik."

"OK!" Harry said. "Let's get started."

"First, I want a gloryhole scene," Harry said.

"I cut the hole over here," Roy said, walking over to the wall that separated the front bar from the back room.

Harry looked at all of us while he decided what he wanted to do.

"How many times can you come?" Harry asked Lee.

"A lot of times. It's a characteristic of Lions. My record is eight times in an hour."

Lee's erection had softened, some. But while I looked at it, it grew fully erect.

"Wow!" I said to him.

Lee grinned. "See how happy I can make you?"

I chuckled.

"That's impressive," Harry said.

Harry and I walked into the back room. There was a stool next to the gloryhole.

"Just start sucking the cocks that appear," Harry said.

Harry stood in the doorway.

"Nex, you're first."

Nex's erection appeared in the hole. I reached in and pulled his balls through. I began making love to his cock for the cameras—and me. After several minutes, Louis moved next to me. To my surprise, he was naked. I was impressed by his balls. They hung very low. He started jacking off while he watched me suck Nex.

"Can you shoot twice?" Harry asked him.

"Sure," Louis said.

"Shoot your first load on the cock and balls of whoever Eric is sucking. Eric, you clean them up."

I grinned at Harry.

"Louis, your second load goes on Eric's face."

"Sounds good."

I was having trouble focusing. This was very different from my other fliks. In those, I was surrounded by family and having sex with family. I didn't know Louis or Nex. I called Harry.

"I was about to call you," Harry said. "You look distracted, and you don't seem to be having fun."

"I'm having trouble getting into it. How about having Digger fuck me while I suck?" I suggested.

"I want this to be you having sex with strangers. Louis has a nice cock. It's bigger than I expected."

But Louis was married and straight. Those things did not make me want him.

"Let's get Roy in here," I said. "He really knows how to get me hot."

"Roy is in the flik about meeting Buck," Harry said.

"What about Lee?"

"Lee wants to be in a flik with just you. It will be a seduction and romance flik, with him giving up girls to be with you. He has some ideas for it that I like. If you make him come eight times in a row, I think a lot of people will be impressed."

"Including me!" I said.

"Now, you look excited," Harry said.

That sounded great to me. But it meant Lee wasn't going to be in this flik, either.

"Let's stop. We aren't getting anything," Harry said.

"What about Richard and Jib?" I asked. "They'll be here soon, I think."

"You don't sound very enthusiastic."

The truth was, I really wasn't. I thought Jib was very hot—when he was single. Now he was my mother's husband. He might want me to lust over him. I did understand how he felt. But I didn't feel I was free to lust over him. And Richard was probably only doing it for the colony. Since he lost his faun body, his libido was apparently satisfied by Em. I was happy about that.

"Maybe I'm just tired."

"That could be it," Harry said. "If you feel like it, we can give it another try tomorrow."

Harry's face went blank. I assumed he was on a call.

"I just talked to Jeff," Harry said, after a moment. "I asked him if the hormones he injected in you could be affecting your sex drive. He thinks it's very possible."

"How am I going to make porn fliks to help rescue the people on the ship?" I asked, alarmed. "I'll be pregnant at least six months!"

"I think I know an easy way to tell. Digger and Buck, will you see if you can get Eric heated up?" Harry asked.

The both grinned at me. They both began rubbing their semi-hard cocks on my face. I groaned and stroked myself while they stiffened. My cock was drooling, heavily. I tried to take their cocks into my mouth, but they didn't let me."

"You want this, do you?" Buck asked, as he thumped his erection on my face.

"Please! Give it to me?"

Buck grinned.

"Well, we have our answer," Harry said. "Your libido seems fine. Either you are just tired, or the scenario doesn't excite you."

"I bet it's because we are both married," Louis said to Harry.

"I think that's at least part of it," I said. "We should have used Lawrence," I said.

Lawrence grinned at me. He was standing near me, naked and stiff.

"He was going to be next at the gloryhole," Harry said.

That was no good. I wanted to have sex with Lawrence in person.

"Maybe the gloryhole is the problem. I want Lawrence to fuck me at both ends, and not through a hole. I want to look at his face while he pumps jizz into me. I want to hold onto his hairy ass when he coats my throat."

"Fuck! I want that, too!" Lawrence said.

"We all do," Lucius said.

I grinned at him.

Lawrence began stroking his cock with one hand and pulling on his nuts with the other.

"And the same thing applies to Nex," I said.

"You're certainly enthused now," Digger said to me.

I nodded and Harry nodded, too.

I noticed the cameras were still floating around me. I saw a sling hanging from the ceiling. I pulled on the cables and lowered it. Then I climbed up onto it.

"I want all of you to fuck me."

Lawrence practically pushed his way to the end of the sling. His enthusiasm excited me. He adjusted the height of the sling. Then he rubbed his drooling cock over my hole, pushing slightly, but not hard enough to enter me.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me!" I said.

"I've never fucked a guy," Lawrence said, as he continued to tease my ass with his cock.

"Please fuck me," I said, again.

"Oh, I'm thinking about it," Lawrence said.

He continued teasing me, by pushing slightly and pulling back. Once when the head of his cock was almost fully inside me, I thought he was going to finally fuck me, but he pulled back. I began begging him, telling him how much I wanted his cock inside me.

"I had a gay friend in college who wanted me—and my cock."

"I can believe that," I said.

"Once, on his birthday, when I was drunk, I let him suck me," Lawrence said, making me groan. "It was my gift to him, that and a mouthful of hot, thick, semen."

I groaned and my cock just started shooting. Only Digger and Alek had ever given me spontaneous orgasms like that. Two cameras were close to my cock, catching it for the flik.

"That's what I want for my birthday," I groaned.

"You've been a very good, very nasty boy. Maybe I won't make you wait," he said. "Here's something for you now."

Lawrence moved near my head. I expected him to stick his cock in my mouth, but he didn't. He shocked me when he pulled the sling lower and sat on my face. I moaned again and began rimming him. I grabbed his hips and held on, while I tried to get my tongue inside him. A cock pushed inside my ass and began fucking me. It didn't feel familiar. I decided it was probably Nex. I was shocked a second time when someone grabbed my hair and pulled my head down, away from Lawrence's ass. Cum hit my face from two directions. I had to close my eyes. I didn't see who was doing it, but when they finished, someone pushed my head back to Lawrence's ass. If it bothered Lawrence to get other men's cum on his butt, he hid it well. I could taste their semen as I licked and stabbed at his asshole. He ground his ass against my mouth. Whoever was fucking me groaned. I switched to the internal camera in my ass and watched his orgasm. That cock pulled out of me and another pushed inside. It did feel familiar. I was pretty sure it was Harry fucking me. He gave me another orgasm. Harry came quickly and pulled out. Another unfamiliar cock slid into my ass. It was a big one. I wondered who it could be. My head was pulled back, again, and I was given another facial. Meanwhile, another cock I didn't recognize pushed inside my ass. Lawrence turned around and smeared the semen into my face with his erection. I lapped at his cock when it passed over my mouth.

"You know what he wants," Digger said.

"Yeah, I do," Lawrence said.

"Are you going to give it to him?" Digger asked.

"I'm thinking about it," Lawrence said.

I began begging and Lawrence laughed. I had a feeling this was going to be a hot flik. Then he began slapping my face with his erection, laughing as I flinched. He called me to make sure he wasn't really hurting me. I told him he was getting me hot as hell and to keep it up.

"I have trouble keeping a girlfriend. They don't like it when I do this," he said, as he continued to slap my face. I just groaned. "They don't like it when I do this, either." Lawrence pushed his balls into my mouth. I wasn't sure if he was making it up for the flik or if what he was saying was true. It didn't matter. I sucked on his balls and felt his precum dripping on my neck and chest. The man in my ass came. He pulled out and another unfamiliar cock slid into me. He began pounding my ass and I came for a second time. I was focused on Lawrence, though. While I sucked his balls, I tried to stroke his cock. He slapped my hand, away. Lawrence pulled his balls out of my mouth and more cum hit my face. I pulled Lawrence's ass back down onto my face and my tongue penetrated his ass. Lawrence howled. He lifted off me, shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my throat as he came. He pulled out and shot some on my face, before plunging back into my mouth. He shot an enormous load into me. I came for a third time. Suddenly, I could feel my energy drop. I was exhausted. I called Harry.

"I'm about worn out."

"I bet," Harry said. "This is some great stuff. I'll have everyone give you a facial, if you can make it a few more minutes. You can just lie there."


Harry disconnected.

Lawrence moved between my legs. He pushed his cock inside my ass, finally! He just left it there, though. Men gathered around my head. I saw three Bear cocks, but I didn't look at the faces. I didn't want to see Jib. And maybe it wasn't Jib. Semen came at me fast, hitting my hair, face, and neck. The flik ended with several of the men wiping the semen into my mouth with their fingers.

"And cut!" Harry said.

Digger helped me get off the sling. I was unsteady on my feet, and he picked me up. I grinned at him.

We walked out of the back room. I saw Jib, Richard, and three men I'd never seen before, a Dog, a Gorilla, and a Tiger I guessed was Sam, Lee's friend. Video of what we'd just shot was playing on the walls.

"That was amazing!" Easy said. She was sitting at a table with Eleanor, Louis' wife.

"You were great!" Eleanor said to Louis. "Let's go to bed, er...home," she said. Louis laughed as he was practically dragged out of the club by his wife.

"I know what they're about to do!" Easy said.

Then she stood up and hugged Nex.

"You were terriff!" she said to Nex. She turned to me.

"Thank you for letting us be part of this."

I almost laughed. She was thanking me for letting her husband fuck me.

"You are very welcome, Easy," I said, looking at Digger. He almost laughed.

"You may have helped save the colonists by having three orgasms!" Easy said to Nex. Nex laughed.

They left together.

"Nex must have been excited if he came three times," I said.

"We all were," Lee said. "I came four times. I may not miss girls at all." I grinned at him.

"I had a blast," the Tiger said to Lee.

"And you thought you wouldn't be able to keep a hardon," Lee said to him.

"Sam here came twice," Lee said to me. "Once in your ass and once on your face."

"You fucked me?" I asked Sam.

"That was OK, wasn't it?" Sam asked.

He turned to Lee. "You said it was OK!"

"It's fine," I said. "I'm glad you did it."

Sam grinned. His cock was big, almost as big as Lucius'.

"I'd like to suck you, if you'll let me," I said to him.

"Sure, Eric! You can suck me whenever you want. I would really appreciate it. I'm already tired of jacking off. How about tomorrow?" Sam asked.

I nodded.

"Maybe I can convince Lee to fuck me while I suck you," I said to Sam.

"We'll plan on it," Lee said.

"You like Sam, don't you?" Lee asked, softly.


"He's never been rimmed before. Watching you eat Lawrence's ass got him really hot."

"I'll rim him tomorrow while you fuck me."

Lee groaned. Then he kissed me, before turning back to Sam.

I yawned.

"I'm taking you home," Digger said

"I want to talk to Lawrence for a second. I'll sit down."


Digger put me down.

"You were good," Jib was saying to Lawrence. I could tell he was trying to reassure Lawrence, who didn't seem nearly as confident as he had during the sex. "And I've seen a hell of a lot of porn." Jib was wearing just a cock ring and Richard was naked. Richard had an erection. Jib did not. I decided not to think about them and their wives.

"You made Eric come three times," Harry said to Lawrence. "If you excited him that much, you'll excite viewers."

"Did you ad-lib all that?" I asked Lawrence.

"I watched Bad Daddy and wanted to do something like it, but not as extreme. A little pain and a lot of dominance. Harry liked the idea."

I nodded.

"There was so much lust in the air, I couldn't tell if you were really responding, or just acting," Lawrence said.

"The begging was real," I said. "The lust was mine."

Lawrence looked very pleased.

"Was that true about your gay friend?" I asked him.

"Yeah. I felt bad about it, later. He fell in love with me, and I just wanted a friend."

"Well, you know what I want for my birthday," I said.

"You're different Eric, and we're on Mars. I hope we are going to have sex often. Will you be here every night?"

I smiled.

"I don't know. Most nights, I would think."

He nodded.

Digger pulled up and chair and sat next to me.

Jib turned to me.

"Are you OK with me being here?" he asked me.

"Of course," I said, lying. "It's for the colony." That was true. Jib nodded. I remembered what Buck had said about Jib wanting to know if he was still desirable. I decided to look at him as if I didn't know him. He still looked very good. His cock started to stiffen while I looked at it.

"I wish I had met you at the Bear's Den. Of course, you would have ignored me," I said.

Jib grinned.

"I didn't ignore the customers. They were the reason Buck and I were being paid so much. I tried to give them a really good show, good enough to make them want to return often."

"Did they jack off while they looked at you?" I asked him.

"Oh, hell, yeah. Sex was encouraged at the door, so guys walking by would enter the club. Some guys spent the whole evening in front with me. There were disposable cups for them to shoot in. There was a trash can for them to toss the cups, but there were always cum junkies standing around, waiting for the warm spunk. Some of the junkies didn't wait for the cups and sucked the guys watching me. And if a Beast fucked someone at the door, he got a free drink, so there was a lot of fucking, too."

"That would have been me. Watching you and drinking the jizz."

"I know," Jib said, grinning. He had grown fully-erect. His cock began drooling while I looked at it. I looked at his face and could see he was pleased. He might have smelled my lust.

"You didn't fuck me, did you?" I asked.

"No. No penetration. I have no desire to do that. Plus, Midge would not tolerate it."

I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Would you two be willing to do the same thing again, if we need you to?" Harry asked Jib and Richard.

"Sure," Jib said. "If Eric doesn't mind. I mean, I jack off every day. I don't mind if Eric sees me do it. Thousands of men already have."

"I don't mind. I kind of wish I had been aware of what the two of you were doing," I said.

"You'll see it in the flik," Harry said.

I smiled. "That's true."

"Eric, I'm very fond of you, and I'm also proud of you. I want you to know that. I've told you this before, but I'll say it again. I am very, very happy that you and Buck have connected," Jib said. "He and I have been very close since we were kids. After I met and fell in love with Midge, I hoped Buck could find someone like her. I would never have guessed it would be her son."

I smiled at him.

"And if you feel bad about me jacking off in there, don't. I told Midge I might jack off here. She told me to have fun. I'm sure she realized you would see me do it." I was surprised, but relieved. "I better go," Jib said. He turned and got a pair of shorts. He put them on.

"You made the front door of the Bear's Den sound like a hell of a lot of fun," I said to Jib.

"Well, I had fun," he said.

"Do you have any more videos of any of that?"

"Good lord. I had thousands of clips of both the door and Buck on stage, but I gave them to Buck. I had no use for them, anymore. Buck probably still has them."

"See you tomorrow," Jib said and left.

Lawrence was looking at me with obvious lust. He was hard and he looked horny, unlike every other man in the club.

"You only came once," I said.

Lawrence nodded.

"You can give him lots of orgasms tomorrow," Digger said.

Lawrence grinned at me.

Suddenly, all my energy was gone. Digger stood, then picked me up. I fell asleep before we got to our apartment.



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