Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.


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"Is it weird not wanting to talk about sex with her?" I asked Digger.


"Do you think I told my mother what I did at the Bear's Den?" Buck asked.

"I hope she doesn't ask me if I like Jib's spunk," I said.

Digger and Buck laughed.

"Or if you liked licking Jib's cum off Lawrence's asshole," Digger said.

I laughed.

"Jib asked me if you mentioned it," Buck said.

"You mean he wants to know if Eric liked it?" Digger asked him.

Buck nodded.

"Do you think he wants me to like it?" I asked.

Buck nodded.

"I didn't look up to see who was doing it. I was really surprised when I got that first facial," I said. "Well, maybe he'll give me one in another flik."

"Probably. You sound like you want him to."

"I think I'm over worrying about him. He wants me to lust after him. He wants to shoot on my face and in my mouth. My mother doesn't mind the fact that he was jacking off in front of me, although I don't know if he told her he shot in my mouth. He had three orgasms last night. He obviously enjoyed himself."

"And your mother said this morning that she wouldn't be surprised if Jib was bisexual," Digger said. "She probably knows he enjoyed himself."

"You're right," Buck said.

"I'm not going to pursue him, but if he wants to do it again, I'm not going to say no. I'm just going to enjoy it."

I carried my plate into the kitchen and put it on the cleaner.

I went back into the living room and sat between Digger and Buck on the sofa. They were both hard. I took their cocks in my hands and started stroking them.

"You know Jib very well," Digger said to Buck. "Do you think he's bisexual?"

"I don't, but I understand why Midge might think it. How many straight guys jack off naked in gay sex clubs?" I chuckled. "How many straight guys have three orgasms performing in a gay fuck flik? But it's not because he wanted the men in the club or the flik. I know he doesn't want to fuck Eric. He's asked me what it's like, but that's just curiosity, not lust."

"Is Lawrence bisexual?" I asked.

"He certainly enjoyed sex with a man," Digger said. "And he wants more."

"Yeah. But maybe it is because there aren't a lot of options for him," I said.

"That's definitely true," Buck said. "But maybe he's discovering a new part of himself."

I looked at Digger, who nodded.

"I just remembered he was wearing a wedding ring when we first met him. He wasn't wearing it last night. Shit! Why didn't I remember he was married?"

"Lust," Digger said. "Stop worrying. I asked him about that. His wife didn't come with him and now it looks like they are getting a divorce. He isn't upset about it."

"Good. You know, if my mother starts stopping by all the time, it's going to affect our sex life," I said to Digger.

He nodded. "I think I'll mention it to Jib," Digger said. I smiled at my husband. "I'll tell him how many times a day we have sex and make him jealous."



Luc walked back into the apartment. He grinned at us.

"I love Mars," he said.

We chuckled.

He moved in front of me. I put my hands on his crotch and felt him stiffen. I pulled his cock out of his shorts and kissed the head. Luc sighed. I ran my tongue over the head until precum was flowing profusely.

"Will you lie on the floor?" I asked him.


I stood up and straddled Luc. I lowered myself until I could grab his cock. I sat slowly down on it. I looked at Digger, who was stroking himself.

"Time to work up an appetite!" I said.

"Good plan," Buck said, as he stroked his cock with both hands.

I began fucking myself on Luc's big dick. I placed my hands on Luc's chest for leverage.

"You get more handsome every time I look at you," I said to Luc, after a couple of minutes. I meant it, too.

"It's his lipstick," Buck said.

We laughed.

"And eye shadow," Luc said. Then he smiled at me. "I'm glad you think so, baby."

I continued moving, bringing me closer to orgasm. One of the best things about my new body was that a cock moving inside my ass could give me an intense orgasm without anyone touching my dick. I began moving faster. Then I cried out as my cock began shooting. Luc grabbed my hips and held me still. I felt him twitch as his body pumped his jizz into me. My own semen splattered on his chin and neck. Digger squatted on the floor next to us. He bent down and licked my spunk off Luc. Then he kissed me and pushed my cream into my mouth with his tongue. Our tongues swirled over each other while Luc's orgasm ended. When the kiss ended, I saw Buck lying on the floor next to Luc. He held his erection up and grinned at me. I pulled off Luc and climbed over Buck.

"With all this exercise, I'll be able to eat a lot of semen," I said.

Digger laughed.

"I thought the point was to increase your appetite to eat more food," Buck said.

"If he eats enough food, he can eat as much man milk as he wants," Digger said. "Otherwise, he has to cut back."

"Exactly!" I said.

Buck and I both groaned as I sat down. Luc's spunk eased the entry of Buck's huge Bear cock. I began moving on it. Luc and Digger stroked themselves while they watched. Digger wiped precum off his erection and stuck his fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them while I bounced.

I got a call from Harry.

"Hi, Eric. I would like to get some additional shots for the flik, tonight. Are you willing?"

"Of course."

"I've got good stuff, but some of the scenes could be lengthened, and I need additional angles on some of it. For example, I don't have any footage of Jib's or Sam's face. The cameras were focused on their cocks. I want to repeat the entire performance. Are you willing to get your tongue inside Lawrence, again?"

"Oh, yeah. Is Jib willing to shoot on my face three more times?"

Harry chuckled.

"When I asked, he said he would love to. That doesn't bother you? I mean, Jib?"

"No. I think I'm over that. He and my mother think of it as masturbation, which it is, from his perspective. If it doesn't bother them, there's no point in my worrying about it."

"True. Good!"

"I wonder if I could force some of Jib's cum inside Lawrence's ass with my tongue?"

"Damn! That's hot. I doubt enough would make it to show up on camera, though."

I nodded.

"Are we going to work on the Buck flik today?" I asked him.

"No. I want to release this one first."


Harry disconnected.

I resumed the fuck.

I came a second time and then Buck did. When I stood up, semen ran down my legs.

"Will you get me a towel?" I asked Digger. "I don't want to leave a trail of cum all the way to the bathroom."

Digger brought me a towel. I wiped the spunk off my butt and legs.

"The colony has a gymnasium. I'd like to see it. Why don't we go take a look at it? While we are gone, the room can be cleaned," Digger said.


We got dressed and left.

We didn't see a soul on the way there. I found it depressing. I heard an unusual sound.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Construction has resumed," Al said to us. "The colony is being enlarged."

"Why?" I wondered.

"Doctor Rosenbloom expects the ship he buys will be carrying additional colonists from Earth. He had heard from many who regret their decision to remain on Earth," Al said.

I thought of Luc and George, whose husbands had decided not to come. Would they decide to join us? If they did, would I lose Luc and George? But that didn't necessarily follow. In the small colony, we would see each other all the time. Even if the sex stopped, I had plenty of sex partners. That reminded me of Lee. I wondered what he was doing.

"So we really need that ship," I said.

I looked at Digger, who shrugged.

"We're doing all we can," he said.

I nodded.

I didn't seen anything unusual about the gym, but Buck pointed out that the machines were calibrated to Martian gravity.

"I think I'll use the treadmill," I said. "Maybe it will boost my appetite."

I got on one and set it for running.

"I need to check on work," Buck said. "I'll see you soon."

He left.

Digger got on the machine next to mine and ran alongside me.

"Are you happy?" I asked my husband.

Digger frowned.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because it's important to me."

Digger chuckled.

"I'm glad of that! But do I seem unhappy?"

"We live a weird life. Walking through those empty hallways depressed me, I guess. And I miss Alek."

"I understand. But it's temporary."

I knew I needed to focus on what I had, not what I was missing. But it was difficult.

I checked my messages and answered questions. The publisher of my autobiography wanted a second volume and was willing to offer and advance of one hundred million dollars! I was shocked. Volume one ended with us getting on the ship to Mars. We slept all the way here, which meant there wasn't even a full week to write about. I reread the offer several times. Many of the messages were about the new fliks. From all the interest, I could tell sales would be high for my new fliks. I corrected myself; they were Harry's new fliks. I kept expecting the public to tire of me. I had no idea what kept people interested in me. I got a video message from my bank. I watched it, hoping it wasn't bad news about my investments.

"My name is Alan Shepherd," the man from the bank said. "I'm the chief loan officer for Northern First National Anchor Bank. I'm also a big fan of yours. I read in your message to your fans about what happened to the Far View. We are very grateful to have you as a client. If you are willing to agree to remain our client for another five years, I can offer you an unsecured loan of five hundred million dollars at two percent interest."

I gasped.

"What's wrong?" Digger asked.

"Just a second," I said.

I backed up the video and heard that again. Unsecured. Half-a-billion dollars. Two percent.

At first, I didn't understand. Then I realized that the bank was betting I was going to get richer. They didn't think the public would tire of me for several years, at least.

"My bank just offered me an unsecured loan of half a billion," I said to Digger.

"What? Seriously?"

"Yeah. And only two percent interest."

I called Jeff.

"Hi, Jeff. I can provide the half-billion we need," I said. "You can order the ship."

Jeff was silent for a moment.


"My bank has offered me a loan at only two percent."

"There is a reason why I haven't gotten a loan for any of this. I don't want banks owning things here," Jeff said.

"It's an unsecured loan," I said.

"What? That's insane!" he said.

"That is what I thought. But as a condition, I have to remain their customer for five more years."

"Umm...I don't..."

"Also, the publisher of my autobiography offered me an advance of one hundred million for rights to volume two of my autobiography," I told him.

"Unbelievable," Jeff said.

Jeff was silent for several seconds.

"Eric, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes. Absolutely. The bank must feel certain that I will have no trouble repaying them."

"Very well. I'll order the ship."

Jeff disconnected.

I recorded a message for the bank, asking for the loan and thanking them. Then I sent a personal message to Alan Shepherd.

"Jeff is ordering the ship," I said to Digger.

"And I thought it would take you a whole week to manage that," Digger said, grinning.

"Let's go back to the apartment," I said.

"I wonder when Jeff will announce it," I said, as we walked back.

"You are head of communications," Digger said.

That was true, but it was Jeff's colony and Jeff's ship. Then I realized that while Jeff had bought the Far View, the new ship would be paid for by the colonists, including me. I called Jeff.

"Do you want to make the announcement about the ship?" I asked him.

"You can make it, but why don't you wait... Never mind. You are over communications. Communicate."

Jeff disconnected.

"Al, I would like to make an announcement to the colony," I said, outloud.

"Go ahead."

"This is Eric La Roche. I'm happy to announce that we have raised enough money to buy a new ship. It will be many months before it arrives. It may even have to be built. But it is great news, anyway.

"End the call, Al."


I got a call from Jib. Then Buck. Then several people whose names I didn't recognize. I accepted Jib's call.

"How did you do it?" Jib asked.

"I got an offer for a personal loan for five hundred million from my bank."

"Five? Fuh...You're joking."

"Nope. Unsecured, too."

"What's the interest?"

"Two percent."

"Amazing. Thanks."

Every other caller wanted to know the same thing. We stopped by a window. I made a second colony-wide announcement with the details. All the calls disconnected, except for Lawrence. I looked out at the red rock of the canyon while I listened to his call.

"Eric, I'm head of procurement. I wish you had let me know, first," he said.

Then I probably should have told Lee, first, too. At first, I felt bad about it. Then I got a little angry.

"How much notice do you require? An hour? Two hours? A full day?" I asked. I disconnected. I immediately regretted it.

"What's wrong?" Digger asked.

I sighed. "Politics, I guess. Or hurt feelings. Maybe both."

Before I could call to apologize to him, I saw Lawrence running toward us.

"I'm sorry I got mad," I said to him.

"I'm sorry I said anything. Are we still friends?" Lawrence asked.

I smiled and nodded.

"I'm not used to being an official anything."

"I know. It was dumb of me to get upset," he said.

I looked at his crotch. He was growing erect. Lawrence looked around before pushing the waist of his shorts under his balls, showing me his family jewels. He sighed.

"I can smell how much you lust after me," he said. "I couldn't tell in the club who you were lusting after."

His cock began bouncing and drooling. It was a beautiful sight. I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking it.

"Let's get to the apartment. You can exercise with that," Digger said.

I grinned at him.

"Maybe we should practice getting my tongue inside him, too," I said.

Lawrence groaned. He pulled his shorts back up. We walked home. Lee was standing at the door. All he was wearing was a skimpy bathing suit that hid very, very little.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you first," I said to him.

Lee frowned.

"Tell me what?"

We walked into our apartment.

"I thought you might be upset that I didn't tell you first about the ship," I said.

Lee laughed.

"And here all I've been thinking about was how soon we would have sex! I should have been worried about the ship news, instead."

"It's my fault," Lawrence said to Lee. "I complained."

"You're just horny," Lee said to Lawrence.

We laughed.

Lee pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. I felt Lee's crotch. He got hard very quickly. I began feeling Lee's body while we kissed. He purred into the kiss. My shorts were pulled down and Digger's cock slid into my ass. I had Lee pressed against my chest and Digger behind me. Lawrence moved to my side. I took one hand off Lee and felt Lawrence.

"Hey! You shouldn't have started without me," I heard Roy say.

He moved to my other side. I pulled away from Lee. I looked at three stiff cocks, Roy's, Lee's, and Lawrence's. All three of them had spent a lot of time fucking pussies. But now they were mine, at least for a while.

"I need to enjoy these while I can," I said.

"What do you mean, son?" Roy asked.

"Once the women get down from the Far View..."

"I'm not going anywhere," Roy said. "I don't want a woman. I did that and it's done. I want you, son."

I smiled at him.

"I don't see any reason why I can't have both," Lee said. "I'd like to have a two or three girlfriends and you."

"Just make sure you wash your cock before we have sex," I said.

Lee chuckled. "I'll do that."

"I kind of like that idea, too," Lawrence said. "Although one girlfriend is plenty."

"Smart," Roy said to Lawrence. "You'll have a hard time finding a woman who wants to get her tongue inside your ass. Men are just naturally raunchier."

Lawrence nodded.

"I think I may be bisexual and just never realized it," Lawrence said. "You're the first guy I ever wanted to fuck."

"Alek told me once that one way to tell if a guy is bi, or just a horny straight guy is to find out whether he will kiss you. A bisexual will, and he'll enjoy it. A straight guy just wants you to make him come," I said to Lawrence.

"That makes me bi," Lee said. "I love kissing you."

I grinned at him.

Lawrence looked like he was thinking. He moved his head closer to mine. He tentatively pressed his lips to mine. And that was it. I pulled away.

"Well, that was like a kiss from my mother!" I said.

Digger, Roy, and Lee laughed.

"Hey, I wasn't through!" Lawrence said.

He kissed me, again. This time he stuck his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues connected. I guessed he liked it, because he wrapped his arms around me and continued the kiss. Digger began fucking me, again. A couple of minutes later, I pulled away. Lawrence grinned at me.

Buck walked into the apartment, followed by Richard.

Digger pulled out of me.

"Hi, Richard," I said.

"I see I interrupted the mid-morning orgy," Richard said. We laughed.

"I'm very glad Em isn't with you," I said.

"Al, will you give Eric and his friends time to look decent before admitting any women into this apartment?" Richard said.

"Of course," Al said.

"Thanks, Richard!" I said.

He nodded.

"This will only take a minute. I want to talk about the flower," Richard said.

I nodded.

"First of all, why do you call it the first flower?" I asked him. "The cacti outside seem to have flowers, although they don't look like any flower I've seen before."

Richard nodded.

"They aren't true flowers and those plants do not set seed. What looks like flowers are actually modified roots for collecting moisture from the air. This plant has true flowers and sets seed. It can spread on its own," Buck said.


We all sat and Richard told us all about this new plant, including the Earth plant it was derived from, and the changes that had been made to it. It was not only the first flowering plant to grow on Mars, it was also the first seed-bearing plant. If it thrived on Mars, seeds would be distributed by the weak Martian wind to other parts of the canyon and the planet. If conditions were right, the seeds would sprout and spread even further.

"That's terrific news!" I said.

"And since it reproduces sexually, it will evolve as it spreads," Buck said.

"Buck and I developed the plant together," Richard said.

I nodded.

"What do you want me to do besides ooh and aah over the flower?" I asked them.

"Louis and his wife will interview the three of us, although Buck's interview will be inside," Richard said. "You and I will be going outside." I nodded. "I would like you to just give your thoughts."

"Jeff provided me with my thoughts for the arrival interview," I said. Everybody laughed. "Do you want me to wing it?"

"Yes, but don't downplay the significance."

"I won't."

Richard held up a finger. He was on a call.

"It's opening early!" he said. "We need to get outside!"

We left the apartment in a hurry. We found Louis and Eleanor standing at the airlock.

"It's about ten meters to the right of the airlock," Richard said.

A large group formed around us, including my mother, Jib, and Jerrold. Em was holding two breathers in one hand and holding Roberta's hand with the other.

"Are you coming with us?" I asked her.

"Not unless Richard starts suffocating."

"Mommy, can I go with Daddy?" Roberta asked.

Em's eyes flashed.

"Hell," Em started to say. She changed to, "You're too young."

I suppressed a laugh.

"Who is Hell?" Roberta asked.

We laughed.

I walked into the airlock with Richard, Eleanor, and Louis. Louis and his wife were wearing suits. We waited for the air to clear. My jaw snapped shut as the air was evacuated. I heard Richard's teeth click as his jaw did the same.

"Why isn't Buck coming with us?" I asked Richard over meme.

"The ledge where the plant is growing is not large. The four of us will barely fit."


That was a very good reason.

The airlock opened and we walked outside.

I looked over the edge. If any of us fell, it was about ten or fifteen meters to the next lower ledge. That was quite a drop, but with the low Martian gravity, it might not be lethal. That ledge was planted, so I assumed apartments were below us. We followed Richard to the plant.

"It looks very ordinary," I said. "If I'd seen it on Earth, I would never have noticed it. Just another weed. But on Mars, it's really extraordinary."

Richard smiled at me.

"That is very true," Louis said.

The flower bud was partially open. I could tell the flower would be yellow.

Eleanor asked Richard to explain how the plant was developed. I looked around while Richard talked to her. The yellow flower would show up very well among the mostly red rock of the canyon. Not far from the new plant was one of the cacti. I got a close look at what I'd thought were reddish flowers. Up close, they looked more like clusters of red pine needles.

Richard was doing all the talking, so I took the opportunity to look around. I saw sunlight reflecting of something on the other side of the canyon. I wondered if it was ice. That reminded me of the temperature.

"Al, what is the temperature where I'm standing?" I asked the AI.

"I don't have a sensor at your location. But the closest one reads minus eighteen C."

"Thanks. That's good enough."

I was perfectly comfortable. And that was just as extraordinary as the little yellow flower.

"It's fully open," Eleanor said.

I looked, again and saw that it was true. Louis asked me for my thoughts about the flower. I gave them.

"In a way, I am like that flower. We've both been tweaked to live on Mars. I'm told the temperature is about minus eighteen C. But I'm standing out here naked, not even in the sun, and I'm comfortable. Terraforming Mars will be nice, but it isn't necessary for humans and other life to thrive here."

Richard called me after I stopped talking.

"Did Jeff tell you to say that?"

"No. Why?"

"It sounds exactly like something he'd say."

"Oh. OK."

"OK," Louis said. "I think that's it. Eric, you can go back inside. Richard is going to give us a tour of the other life out here."

"Great," I said.

I walked back to the airlock. Once inside, I stood next to Digger, Mother, and Em. My stomach growled.

"Hey! I'm hungry! Going outside must use a lot of calories. Oh no!"

"What?" Digger asked.

"Does this mean I have to eat even more?"

Digger laughed.

"Fat people hate you, you know," Em said to me.

I laughed.

"Maybe, but at least one frog likes me."

Mother and Digger laughed.

"Uh. No comment," Em said.


"No. Nothing."

I frowned. Maybe the frog was dead. He probably was. I didn't know their life expectancy, but there were animals in and around the pond that ate frogs.

"OK. Then tell me why fat people hate me."

"Oh, pleeeeeeeeeeease don't make me eat anything I want!" Em said.

I laughed.

"Yes, but they aren't forced to go outside naked in the freezing near-vacuum while growing, uteri. You think I volunteered?"

"Well, I can't argue with that," Em said. "I don't get the whole naked thing. People don't generally go around naked on Earth, but Jeff wants you naked outside, here. You're even bare-footed."

"Did Jeff force you?" Mother asked.

"No. If it bothered me, I would have dressed and worn a breather. But I know I'm the walking, talking Martian billboard."

Em and Digger laughed. Mother frowned, though.

"It's OK," I said to her. "We all have to do our part."

"I just wish that was true," Mother said.

"What do you mean?" Digger asked.

"I mean that Eric's part seems to be about eighty percent of what has to be done, while the rest of us do twenty percent," she said.

"Hmm. More like sixty," Em said.

"Maybe," Mother said.

"Who else could get a half a billion dollar unsecured loan, though. For some reason, I'm popular," I said. "So I'm the unofficial spokesperson."

Jeff and Harry walked up to us. I really hoped Mother didn't complain to Jeff.

"Well, done, Eric. I thought your little speech was very effective," Jeff said.

"Thanks, Jeff."

"Don't forget about lunch," Mother said to me, before excusing herself.

"It would be nice if we could speak outside," I said to Jeff.

"I know. It's one of the things I'm working on. But we lose air when we speak."

"Oh. I didn't realize that."

Jeff nodded.

"Air expelled from the lungs passes over the vocal folds, which vibrate, creating sound. Try holding your nose and mouth shut and try to speak. It may not be possible until I develop lungs that can breathe Martian air."

"That's Beast 4.0, right?"


Jeff walked over to Buck and began speaking. I felt tired.

"I'm going to take a nap before lunch," I said to Digger.

"Good idea."

We walked back to our apartment. I took a quick shower before getting into bed. I woke to the smell of food. I was very hungry. Digger walked into the room.

"That smells great," I said to him, as I got out of bed.

"Your mother just brought it."

I walked into the living room.

"Howdy, Ma!" I said to her. She burst out laughing

"How ya doin, sonny boy?" she asked.

"Hmm," Digger said.

I laughed.

"We're simple country folk. Didn't you know that?" I asked him.

"And I thought you were aliens from another planet," Digger said.

"Yup. Simple, country, alien folks," I said.

We all laughed.

"It's a game we used to play," Mother said.

"Sounds like an awful lot of fun," Digger said.

I nodded. "Too much fun, really. It's dangerous."

Digger laughed and shook his head.

"I've never seen you like this," he said.

"It's probably the uterus," I said.

Mother laughed as she put a plate of food in front of me.

"Where is everybody?" I asked, as I started eating.

"Lawrence is with Jeff. Buck, Luc, and Roy are working," Digger said.

"Jeff is ordering the ship!" Mother said, as she sat.

"That's great!" I said.

"This is really good! I can tell you used real cheese."

Mother nodded.

"I guess once it's gone..."

"We have a ship coming from Earth, thanks to you," Mother said. "It can bring whatever you want to eat."

"And lots of it," Digger added.

"I wonder if they will have to build the ship from scratch," I said.

"That's a good question," Digger said. "I expect Jeff is finding out about that right now."

I nodded.

Digger tried the macaroni and cheese. He liked it quite a bit. I didn't enjoy the bacon that much. My tastes had changed since the last time I had any. But it was full of calories and that was good, I guessed.

"Harry is at the door," Al said.

"Let him in, please," I said.

Harry walked in and sat at the table.

"How are you doing, Midge?" Harry asked.

"Fine. Would you like something?"

"No. Thanks."

Harry turned to me.

"Have you seen the message from Versatile Media?" he asked me.

"No. I haven't looked at any messages since this morning."

Harry nodded.

"They sent us both messages. They heard about the new flik we're making from your fan club message. They are interested in distributing it."

"We don't use a distributor," Digger said. "We sell direct."

Harry nodded.

"They are offering fifty million up-front and eighty percent of the profit. It's worth thinking about."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Mother said. "It isn't as though we need them to promote it."

My face froze. 'We need them,' she said.

"I agree," Digger said, as I tried to adjust to the fact that my mother apparently thought she was part of my pornography career. Her husband was in the flik. Was that why?

"I need a drink. A really, really big drink," I said.




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