Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.



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The following morning, as I sat drinking coffee while responding to the thousands of messages I'd received, Digger came home, accompanied by Harry. I was glad for a reason to stop. I was getting discouraged, there were so many. Now that I was head of colony communications, I didn't feel I could just ignore them.

"Good news! We've finished the flik."

I looked at Harry and at Digger.

"How?" I asked, finally.

"By working all night," Harry said. "I'll sleep today."

"I'm not tired," Digger said. "But I got a little more sleep than Harry."

"Can we watch it?" I asked.

"Of course! That's why I'm here. I invited the performers here for a showing. I hope that's OK," Harry said.

"Of course it is! The first Martian premiere!" I said.

Harry nodded, grinning.

"Hey! Wait! What's the name of the flik?" I asked.

"We had two working titles, Midnight on Mars, and Martian Wild Life," Harry said.

"I like Martian Wild Life better," I said.

Digger chuckled. "I knew you would. That's what the credits show."


Jib arrived first. He grinned at me. I grinned back. He was wearing very little and he looked very hot. He sat next to me on the couch, his hairy leg pressed against mine.

Our relationship had changed. After dinner, the evening before, Jib came back with me to our apartment. Digger left to work on the flik with Harry. I spent a solid hour on my back, eating Jib's ass while I stroked his cock and fondled his balls. Jib groaned and told me how fantastic it felt. I asked Roy to take pictures and he'd taken over a hundred. While I rimmed him, Jib watched Buck, Luc, and Roy take turns fucking me. Jib's first orgasm was explosive. He shot so much and so fast that some of his semen sprayed out of my mouth and ran down my cheeks and neck. But Jib caught it with his fingers and he let me lick it off them. I came while I sucked his spunk off his fingers. Jib got a real kick out of that. After that, I sucked on his balls and ass until he fed me his tasty spunk a second time. After Jib left, I fell asleep in bed with Buck and Luc, while Buck kissed me and Luc fucked me.

I turned to Jib. "Damn, you look hot!"

Jib grinned. "Gotta keep you lusting after me."

I looked at his crotch. It looked like he was stiffening.

"Your hardon is going to poke out of those," I said.

"Now, is that a bad thing?" he asked me, grinning.

I almost said, 'it is if you're shy,' but Jib wasn't shy.

"Do you have any more clips of you in the club?" I asked him.

"I have a few I've never shared."

"I would love to see them."

I received them. I looked at the first one. It showed Jib being rimmed.

The flik zoomed in on the head of Jib's drooling cock. A drop of precum fell slowly from the slit. The view followed it down. A man was laying on the floor, on his back with his mouth open. The precum dripped directly into his mouth. He closed his mouth and grinned.

"Thanks again for the gift," Jib said to the man on the floor.

"You're welcome, stud," the man said. "Think of me when you drive it."

"Oh, shit!" I said. Had a groupie given Jib a car?

In the flik, Jib squeezed more precum out of his shaft. It dripped directly into the man's mouth, too. Jib stroked himself and squeezed out more precum for the man on the floor. Jib was feeding the guy precum, while he was rimmed. I understood why he didn't want to share the flik. He'd never mentioned being given gifts. But if some of his groupies were wealthy, it was not surprising at all.

Everyone showed up to watch the flik, including Easy, Eleanor, and a couple of men I hadn't met. One of them arrived with Sam, the straight Tiger in the flik. They seemed to be friends.

Richard walked up to me.

"Em wanted to be here. I told her you would be uncomfortable," Richard said.

I sighed. It was true.

"Don't feel bad. I'm not eager to see her reaction to the flik, either," Richard said.

I chuckled.

I was seated on the couch between Jib and Digger. I looked at Jib. I didn't feel comfortable jacking him off in front of so many people. But I enjoyed groping him.

He called me.

"I want a repeat of last night. I loved it," he said.

"I had a great time, too," I told him. "At the risk of disgusting you, I love the way your ass tastes. I'll eat it every day, if you'll let me."

Jib grinned.

"Oh, I'll let you. That's a promise! Your mother said I was glowing when I went back to our apartment," Jib said.

I grinned at him.

"I was pretty damn happy, too. Damn! You sure shot big loads!"

"Yeah, I do. When I got home, Midge asked me if I had fun. I told her I had and she was glad! I could tell she wasn't pretending. She is absolutely fine with what we're doing." Jib put his arm around my shoulders. "I'm glad we're getting closer."

I grinned. I was glad, too. Everything was in the open. Mother and I talked about the new flik at dinner. Jib told her what he did in the flik with me, and I wasn't nearly as embarrassed as I would have been two days earlier. She told me she was glad Jib was in the flik. She said that the intimacy Jib and I shared would bring all of us closer together. I had started to feel that way and I told her I agreed with her. She really surprised me when she told me that she and Jib had been offered a lot of money to be in a sex flik, over a million dollars. I was even more surprised when she said she'd given it a lot of thought before declining.

"I saw it as an opportunity to contribute financially to the foundation and the colony," she said.

Sam introduced me to his friend, Allen. Allen was the smallest adult Beast I'd ever seen; he was not even a meter and a half tall. The skin below Allen's eyes was dark, and the skin above his eyes was very pale, almost white. It reminded me of something. Then I got it.

"Are you a Racoon?"

Allen grinned.

"I am. My wife and I are the only ones in the colony."

"I've never seen a Racoon before!" I said.

Allen nodded.

"My wife is pregnant, so there will be one more, soon."

"That's great," I said.

"I guess you're my boss," Allen said.


"I'm the communications technician," Allen said.

"I'm not the kind of boss who ever discusses work," I said.

A lot of people laughed, including Allen.

"It's true!" I said. "If you can't fix it, what the hell can I do?"

"Eric knows a lot more about plumbing," Digger said.

Just about everyone laughed.

Sam and Allen sat on the floor to watch the flik.

I reached over and groped Jib, again. He was fully erect.

"I wish I could taste it."

"You will. Be patient."

"Please don't waste your jizz jacking off," I said, softly.

"I know you want it, Eric. Why would I jack off when I can have what we had last night? Your mother asked me what I wanted. I told Midge I'd have sex with you every day, if it didn't bother her. Actually, I want it several times a day."

I gasped.

"She seemed relieved," Jib said. "Once a day feels like a lot to her. But I'm hornier than that." He began rubbing my back. "I want you to make me come over and over and over. I just hope you don't get tired of me."

"Won't happen."

He leaned back and sighed as I squeezed and rubbed his erection through his shorts. The wet spot grew larger.

I got a call from Digger.

"Things certainly have changed between you and Jib." I nodded. "Luc and Buck told me about what you did last night. I'm sorry I missed it."

"Roy took lots of pictures." I sent the photos to Digger. "Jib wants to have sex every day. Actually, several times a day, so we can do it later," I said. "My mother seems to be OK with it."

"Great! You'll see in the flik how much he enjoyed sex with you."

We watched the flik on the wall opposite the sofa. Most people sat on the floor. I was very happy with how it turned out. Harry really knew what he was doing when he lengthened the scenes. It had been a bitch to film those tiny segments of scenes, but they integrated perfectly. Besides that, the flik looked different than my previous fliks. It took me several minutes to figure out why. Colors were very saturated and contrast was high. Those made closeups of erections really pop out of the image. The contrast made semen show up very well, too. It glistened so much, I wondered if it was artificially enhanced. We got to the scene where Louis' cock was covered with semen. It looked even better in the flik than it had during the sex. I started wanting Louis' cock, again, and I hadn't before. That's how good it looked.

"Amazing!" I said.

"Thank you," Louis said.

We laughed.

"I happen to agree with you, Eric," Eleanor said. "Is it all right if we have sex? Here?"

"Uh, sure."

I was pretty shocked when Nex and Louis began fucking their wives on the floor in front of me. But Nex's hairy, muscular ass looked very appealing as he fucked Easy. I wondered what it would be like to rim him while he fucked her. But I wasn't ready to try that. Maybe someday. All the other guys stroked themselves while they watched the flik.

We came to the part of the flik where Jib rubbed his cock on my face. I looked over at Jib. He grinned at me.

"Is that going to bother Midge?" Eleanor asked Jib.

"She knows about it. I doubt she'll ever watch the flik," Jib said.

Eleanor nodded.

We'd come to the part of the flik where Jib shot in my mouth. My mouth cam caught his orgasm beautifully. I had to have him. I reached over and pulled the leg of his shorts away. But Jib stood up and stepped out of them. Then he sat back down. Jib was wearing a thick cock ring. He was ready for sex. I bent down and began sucking him. I wouldn't have been surprised if he stopped me. We hadn't done that, yet. But he didn't. He leaned back and let me suck. I turned my head, so I could watch the flik while I sucked. Digger pulled my shorts off. Then he pushed inside me and began fucking me. Jib shuddered when I began fondling his balls. A spurt of precum shot out of his cock.

Buck knelt in front of us and stroked himself while he watched me suck Jib. Looking at Buck's beautiful cock while I sucked Jib made me completely lose interest in the flik. Not that I had that much interest in the first place. I never enjoyed watching my own fliks. Why watch one of my family fuck me in a flik, when they were always ready to fuck me, for real? If I watched a flick with Alek or Jock, it would just make me miss them more.

Buck moved closer, until his cock was brushing against my cheek. Jib grabbed my head, pulled me off him and moved my head to Buck's cock. I sucked him for a bit, then moved back to Jib. Roy moved next to us and stroked himself while he watched.

"Damn!" Harry said. "We should make another flik with the three of you."

"I don't know if Midge would approve of that," Jib said. "But I'll ask."

The two of them shared my mouth for a while. After that, Jib grabbed my head and began fucking my throat. I loved it.

"Are you willing to fuck him?" Harry asked. "His ass, I mean."

"I don't know," Jib said. "Maybe."

I was beyond being surprised, but I was aware that just the day before, the answer had been 'no.'

A couple of minutes later, Jib pulled me off him. He held onto my hair with one hand, while he stroked himself with his other hand. He proceeded to cover my face with his cum. That triggered Digger's orgasm and mine. I called Jib.

"Take pictures! Take pictures!"

Jib chuckled.

"I've getting video of it. You sure look cute this way. We can do this every day, if you like it that much."

"I do!"

Once he was done, Digger pulled me onto his lap. Digger and Jib both wiped Jib's cum into my mouth.

After we finished, Jib's cock was still stiff and drooling. I wrapped my hand around it.

"Can you come, again?" I asked him.

"Hell, yeah!" Jib said. "You want more of my cum in your belly?"

Jib stood up facing us and pulled my head to his cock. I swallowed it. I ran my hands over Jib's hairy chest and belly.

"That is so fucking hot," Digger said, as Jib began fucking my mouth.

I had to agree.

"Is this what your life is like?" Jib asked Digger. "Sex, sex, followed by more sex?"

Digger chuckled.

"Yeah, it is."

"You're a lucky man, Digger."

"Oh, I know," my husband said.

I called both of them.

"We're all lucky," I said.

Jib nodded his head.

A minute later, he sighed as he ejaculated into my eager mouth. Jib sat back down.

Roy sat between Jib and Digger, where I'd been sitting. He held his erection up.

"Sit on this son," he said.

"See?" Digger said to Jib, chuckling.

I got off Digger's lap and sat on Roy's cock. I stroked Digger with one hand and Jib with the other while we watched the rest of the flik. After a while, I fucked myself on Roy's cock until he shot inside me.

Once the flik was over, everyone stood and clapped. Harry looked both embarrassed and pleased.

People slowly left the apartment.

"I'm hungry," I said.

"I'll get some food," Digger said.

He came back with a tray covered with cookies, fudge, and cupcakes.

"From grateful colonists," Digger said.

I decided to sit at the table to eat. Digger and Harry joined me.

"Let's put the flik up for sale," Digger said to Harry.

"You sure it doesn't need any changes?" Harry asked.

"I think it's ready," I said. Digger nodded.

"Has Jeff seen it?" I asked.

Harry shook his head. I wasn't sure, but I thought he looked worried. But it really didn't matter whether Jeff liked the flik. He wouldn't be buying it.

"We're going to the communications office," Digger said to me. That reminded me that I hadn't seen Lee.

"See you soon," I said, as he and Harry left. Roy and Luc went with them.

I called Lee.

"Hey, babe," Lee said.

"You missed the flik," I said.

"No. I stayed up and watched them edit it. I want to learn the business. I just woke up."

"Oh. Do you want to get together this afternoon?" I asked him.

"Are you kidding? Of course!" Lee said.

"How about 3?"

"Sounds perfect. I'll be there. Why don't we go to the lake?"

"I'd like that," I said.

I disconnected.

Digger called a few minutes later and told me the flik was officially for sale. I checked our official marketplace and watched as people began to buy it. It sold twenty copies the first minute it was available! I sent a message to the fan clubs about the flik. I told them it included new people, including my stepfather. After I sent the message, I wondered if I should have told them Jib was in it. Then I almost laughed. The whole world would know, soon enough. It might even make the news. Jib was almost as famous as my mother and me.

I joined Jib on the couch. I groped him and he grinned.

"Midge wants me to i you to lunch," Jib said.

I frowned. I had dinner there the night before.

"She wants to feed you."

I smiled.

Buck had to check on his plants. Luc went with him. Roy had work to do, too.

"Roberta keeps asking about you," Richard said to me.

"I think I'll go see her," I said.

I told Richard I would be over at his apartment in a few minutes. He left.

"I want to rim you," I said to Jib.

He pulled his clothes off, again. I felt his body, first. I'm sure he could smell my lust.

"I don't know why you want me when you have Buck, but I'm glad," he told me.

"I'm greedy. I want both of you," I said.

Jib chuckled.

I moved behind him and knelt. I began rimming him. He began groaning and urging me on. I stroked his very hard cock and pulled on one nipple while I ate. I watched another of the new clips of Jib at the Bear's Den. In this one, Jib jacked off into a man's mouth. I recognized him as the man who'd been on the floor in the last clip I'd seen. I didn't see Jib's cock touch the man, but it was right over the man's extended tongue. Jib groaned as a blast of semen shot out of him. The man closed his mouth to swallow. The next spurt hit his lips as he opened his mouth. There were six or seven powerful spurts. The view pulled away and I saw there were no other people around them. It must have been after closing.

"I hope we're going to do this tonight, too," he said.

"I'm one of your groupies, Jib. You can have me whenever you want me. Just come over when you want to...come. I'm always horny, and I'll always want you," I said.

"I'm glad of that. I'm always horny, too. Will any of your other lovers mind?"

"If they do, I don't think they'll be lovers long. But I can't see any of them complaining."

"I'm going to start working out, again," he said.

"Can I suck you while you do?"

"Hell, yeah! I had a girlfriend who used to fuck herself on my cock while I lifted weight."

"Do you think you'll ever be willing to fuck me?" I asked him.

"Is that something you want, Eric?"

"Yesterday, I would have said no. But things are different."

"Yeah. They are. Well, if Midge doesn't mind, I'll try it. Roy assures me I'll love it. He fucked pussy for years and says he likes fucking you at least as much as fucking his ex-wife."

"Really? Good."

"But right now, I want to fuck your throat," Jib said. He did just that, and shot a big load in my mouth. I squeezed every drop of semen out of the shaft of his cock. I kissed Jib's half-hard cock and then stood up.

"I want to visit with him at least two more times today," I said to Jib.

Jib chuckled. He looked pleased.

"Yeah. Give me a couple of hours to make some more of that treat you love so much," Jib said, grinning.

"I'm going over to Em and Richard's now," I told him.

"Don't forget about lunch," he said.

We left our apartment. I called Digger to tell him where I'd be.

Roberta wanted to show me her new favorite flik and favorite actor. I froze. Em and Richard burst out laughing.

"Be ashamed, Eric," Em said. "She doesn't see your kind of fliks."

"What are those, Mommy?"

"They have wild animals in them," Em said. "Scary, wild animals."

I tried not to laugh.

Roberta shivered.

"You'll like mine!" she said to me.

I watched it with her and while I can't say I enjoyed it, I didn't hate it. She talked the entire time, though, announcing what was about to happen. I couldn't hear the dialog at all. After a while, I looked at Em.

"Better you than me," she said.

I suppressed laughter.

She called me.

"I've seen that damn movie twenty times! You'll know what that's like soon enough."

"Yeah. In five years! Do tranquilizers help?"

"A shot of tequila might," Em said.

I laughed and Roberta glared at me.

"That wasn't funny. He fell down," she said, referring to the flik.

"I'm sorry. I was thinking of the joke the giraffe told," I said.

Roberta accepted that answer.

Mother called. Lunch was ready. I walked to her apartment and spent a few minutes with Jerrold.

"How's your appetite?" she asked me.

"Better. My body seems to want more food. It's a relief."

"I'm sure."

We sat down. While we ate, Digger called.

"The flik has already sold more than one hundred thousand copies," Digger told me.

I gasped. "In two hours? That's incredible!"

I told Mother and Jib the news.

"I wonder if Jib's appearance in it will make it notorious. That's bound to help sales, isn't it?" Mother asked.

"I think so," I answered, a little uncomfortably.

Mother put both hands on the table.

"I think we've reached the point where we can talk about this, Eric," Mother said. I got nervous. "It's about you and Jib."

I cringed, but tried not to show it.

"We had more sex before Jerrold was born. I feel guilty about the fact that Jib's needs are secondary..."

"Don't!" Jib said.

"Let me finish! I know you need more sex, Jib. I...I just want to say, I'm happy you can be satisfied by Eric. I don't think I could ever accept you with another woman. Maybe that's sexist, I don't know." I wasn't expecting that. "If you both enjoy it, I'm really happy for both of you. It takes some of the pressure off me—not that you are putting any on me, Jib; I put it on myself. Eric, we're discussing sex and you aren't freaking out. I'm grateful for that. I just want to get this out in the open. I don't want us to pretend ignorance. If we're talking about it, then if one of us is bothered by it, we can discuss our concerns openly."

"Very true," Jib said. I nodded.

"I don't really care what the two of you do together," she said. "I don't want either one of you to feel guilty. Enjoy it. I lost my family when I moved to China. I want us to be one family, again. Once Jerrold isn't so much of a full-time job, I'll probably want more sex. But I'm not ever going to want it four times a day. So I'm thinking of this...arrangement as permanent."

"I love you so much," Jib said, sincerely.

"Ditto!" I said.

Mother laughed.

"You don't have to leave to have sex," she said. "I've had a bed put in the spare bedroom."

I really didn't want to have sex with Jib in Mother's apartment. But I didn't want to hurt her feelings. I decided I would talk to Jib about it later.

When I met Lee at the lake, it was obvious—and surprising to me that he wanted it to be romantic. There was a blanket with a real picnic basket. There were four red roses in a vase. On the other hand, he was naked and he stroked himself as I walked over to him. I'm glad he wasn't in a tuxedo.

"I brought champagne. Real champagne," Lee said.

I wasn't looking for that kind of romance from anyone but Digger and possibly Alek. Of course, Alek would never do it, which was fine with me.

"I heard what you said to Allen, that you aren't the kind of boss who talks about work," he said, grinning.

"I'd much rather talk about your cock." I said.

"Me, too!"

Lee pushed me onto my back, climbed over me and fucked my mouth. I held onto his hairy butt, while he did it. Now that was fun! It got even better. After he shot in my mouth, he sat on my chest and slapped my face lightly with his hardon, before rubbing my face with it. His cock drooled the whole time and all I could smell was him, his cock, and his precum. I loved it. He began stroking himself.

"I know what you want," Lee said.

He rubbed the head on my outstretched tongue. Suddenly, he spun around and sat on my face. I rimmed him for a while. He spun around again and shot his second load in my mouth. Then he pushed my legs up and fucked me, kissing me the whole time. He came twice in my ass. After that, we took a break and drank champagne. I wondered how much it cost him. He had to bring it from Earth.

"I heard you and Jib shocked everyone during the flik," Lee said.

A very brief feeling of panic hit me. But if Mother didn't care, why worry?

"They didn't act shocked."

"Well, I think a lot of people thought it was inevitable after the flik." I nodded. "It was obvious that Jib really enjoyed what he did in the flik."

"My mother said she was glad our...relationship has changed."

"Did she?"

" She said she felt guilty about not having sex more often. Jib wants to have sex five or six times a day," I said.

Lee sighed.

"Yeah. That's why I had so many girlfriends at once. Most of the women I've been with think twice a day is excessive. I'm like Jib. And you."

I smiled at him.

"I could see the fear in your eyes when you saw me," Lee said.

"It wasn't fear...or maybe it is. I can't give you full-time romance and I was afraid that was what you were after."

Lee nodded.

"You want to be fuck buddies," Lee said.

"No. Not that." I thought for a minute. Lee waited patiently. "I guess I want a harem, like you had."

Lee frowned and then he changed the subject.

By the time I went to sleep that evening, Martian Wild Life had sold over four hundred thousand copies. And this wasn't the flik we thought would make the most money, the one where Digger would fuck me outside, without spacesuits. If this flik sold that well, how would the first fuck outside on a planet other than Earth sell? One thing was certain. I didn't have to worry about paying back the loan.

The next day, we finished the flik about Buck meeting me. Harry edited it in about twelve hours, and it was ready. Deciding whether to wait to sell it took longer. After all, Martian Wild Life was still selling like crazy and we didn't want to hurt sales of it.

Two days later, I stood next to Digger at the door to outside. We were going to have sex outside while Harry shot video. We didn't know if we could even do it, but if we could, we could make a flik. Harry was outside already, in a pressure suit, getting background shots.

"You have nothing to worry about," Digger said. "If it doesn't work, we just release more fliks made inside. I think the three-way with Jib will sell huge. 'Eric La Roche gets fucked by his stepfather for the very first time!'"

"I wish he would fuck me, now."

"No," Digger said, patiently. "Fucking you now is my job."

I laughed.

"I meant, I don't want to wait. How will anyone on Earth know it isn't really the very first time? Jib might not enjoy it, and I won't know, because he'll be acting."

"He'll love it. Stop worrying. He wants to do it sooner, too."

"I didn't know that."

"Yeah. But he thinks it will be better to catch his real first reaction."

I shrugged. Maybe he was right.

Mother was talking more and more openly about sex. I was getting used to it, but I still cringed mentally. She told both Jib and me that she wanted to hear how Jib compared fucking her to fucking me. I just prayed I wasn't in the room when he finally told her!

"We're ready," Harry said, over meme.

We entered the airlock. Fortunately, we were alone. I was nervous enough without having to deal with the whole colony gawking at us.

My mouth snapped shut. I wondered if my ass did! Would Digger be able to get inside?

The outer door opened. Harry had picked the spot and we walked over to him.

Digger took me in his arms. He pressed his mouth to mine. My lips tingled, almost painfully as my new nanites and his tried to create a seal between our mouths. Jeff had upgraded our nanites the day before. He claimed the new ones were faster at creating the seals needed for sex outdoors. It was at least four minutes before I felt his tongue on my lips. It was another couple of minutes before he could get his tongue inside my mouth. The new nanites might be faster, but they definitely weren't fast. I checked my mouth cam to see what the kiss looked like from inside. It seemed perfectly normal. I reached down and found his cock. It felt strange. Cooler than normal and slippery, but not because of moisture. It was the weird scales covering our skin. They became thicker outside. But the important thing was he did get hard.

"Do you think I should try sucking him?" I asked Harry. "It will take time to break the seal between our mouths and create a new one between my mouth and his cock."

"Don't worry about the time. I'm going to edit almost all of that out."

I tried to nod. It pulled Digger's head, since our mouths were attached. We both started laughing, which was painful for our lips. I very slowly pulled my head away from his. Breaking the seal was much faster than creating it. I should have known it would be. In breaking the seal, all the nanites had to do was make sure my lips were together.

I knelt. It was briefly disorienting because it happened so quickly! I pressed my lips to the head of his erection. I didn't know how Digger stayed erect. I certainly wasn't hard. About ten minutes later, his cock was in my mouth. My lips sealed to tightly to his skin in one spot. I worried briefly if it would prevent me from moving on it, but it didn't. I began sucking him.

"Damn! This is amazing," Harry said. It was his first comment. I looked at my mouth cam and saw the scales on the head of Digger's cock.

"How does it feel?" I asked Digger.

"Fine. Good. Not as good as inside, but I'll be able to come."


I was still not hard. I closed my eyes and watched a clip Harry had shot of me sucking Buck while Digger fucked me. I got hard quickly. I began stroking myself, while Digger fucked my mouth.

"I'm close," Digger said. "Here it is! Aw, shit! Aah! Aah! Fuck!"

A couple of seconds later, his spunk shot into my mouth. I was able to swallow it normally.

"I think my cock was sealed when I started to come. I felt a weird, painful pressure," Digger said. And there went my erection!

I watched another flik and tried not to think about Digger's painful orgasm. But I didn't get hard. I was worried about him.

"How does it feel now?" Harry asked.

"OK. It feels fine."

I would have breathed a sigh of relief, if I could breathe!

Twenty minutes later, his cock was inside my ass.

"This is the least pleasant sex I've ever had, and I had some bad sex before I met you," I said to Digger over meme.

"We'll have all the pleasant sex you want once we're done," Digger said.

Fucking was actually much more pleasant than sucking. Feeling him push against my ass for a couple of minutes was exciting, rather than almost painful. By the time he was making short thrusts into me, I was hard without trying. Of course, short thrusts were all he could make. My ass was sealed to the skin near the base of his dick. Since it was going well, Digger ended up fucking two loads into my ass. I was excited enough to jack off. I let Harry know when I was ready to shoot, so he could catch my semen hitting the Martian soil. I let myself come once two cameras were hovering next to my cock. While my semen shot out, I told Harry I was inseminating the virgin surface of Mars! Harry ended up including my comment in the final flik.

Harry wanted us to kiss again when Digger was out of me. I groaned, but did it. It was just as unpleasant as the first time.

Once we were finally inside, I collapsed onto the floor and leaned against the wall. I watched Harry start to pull off his pressure suit. I heard clapping. I turned and saw the colonists, all of them. They waited until we were done, to join us. Digger and I put on our shorts. Every one of them wanted to congratulate and thanks us. I was a little stunned as the ones I hadn't met introduced themselves. It turned into a party. Buck even brought a cake. After he put it on a table, he moved next to me. I took his hand and held it.

Mother and Jib walked up to us. Mother was pushing Jerrold's stroller. Jib was wearing a very short pair of shorts. I expected his balls to flop out. In fact, I hoped they did. I had to stop myself from staring. Jib was hotter than ever. He'd only been working out four days, but he was noticeably more muscular.

Jib called me.

"I'm glad you aren't losing interest in me," he said.

"Hell, no! I want to lick you all over and suck your balls dry. You're so fucking hot!"

Jib smiled. He was happy.

"What was it like?" Mother asked.

I was disoriented a moment. I had licked Jib all over, and we both enjoyed it, but that wasn't what she meant.

"Uncomfortable," I said.

"Kissing, especially," Digger added. I nodded.

"Are you still planning to get impregnated outside?" Mother asked me.

I thought about it. While I did, Harry and Jeff joined us. I hoped Jeff didn't get angry. He got angry very easily, lately. Fortunately, he didn't single me out for his anger. He was angry about everything and everyone.

"You did very well, Digger. Three orgasms!" Jeff said.

"I don't know what the point of getting impregnated outside will be," I said to Mother. "It will look exactly like what we just shot."

"That's true," she said.

"Eric, it's true if you only watch it as porn," Jeff said. "But it is historically significant. Not only are you getting impregnated on the surface, but yours is the first male Beast pregnancy. It's significant, it just isn't great porn."

I supposed that was true.

Digger told Jeff about the problems we experienced. Jeff was surprised when he heard the kiss was painful and the pain Digger had at the beginning of his orgasm. I didn't have pain when I ejaculated. Jeff was certain it was because I was Beast 3.0 and Digger wasn't. He told us he would fix the problems before we went out, again.

Jerrold started crying. I knelt next to my little brother and stroked his forehead. He looked surprised and looked at me intently. I spoke gibberish to him, which he somehow seemed to understand.

"We have news," Mother said. She looked happy; it was good news.


"I'm pregnant," she said.

"But you told me at least twice that you didn't want any more kids!" I said.

Mother called me.

"I felt guilty about neglecting Jib. I knew if we had another baby, I would have even less intimate time with him. But things are different. He's happy with once a day, and I can manage that, even with a newborn. You weren't planning on stopping, were you?"

"No. I plan to have several kids," I said. "I want Buck to impregnate me as soon as I give birth." I looked up at Buck. He grinned at me.

"I didn't mean that. I meant you and Jib, what you're doing together."

"No. I wasn't hoping to stop. But I'm ready, whenever you give the word."

"Thank you, but I won't be giving 'the word' anytime soon. Jib's happier, I'm happier, and you're happier. Believe it or not, he's more affectionate with me. He tells me he loves me, constantly, and I know he means it. Jib wants a daughter, and I do, too. Our daughter will be born about the same time as your first."

I nodded.



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