Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.



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The next day, Jeff called all colonists together for a meeting in the auditorium. I sat between Digger and Buck. I groped them when no one was looking. Jeff told us he found a used, but only four-year-old ship that had just been offered for sale. It was classified a yacht and belonged to a wealthy man and his family who suddenly had more need of the money than the ship. It was big, for a yacht, though small for our needs. It could only hold about fifty people in tanks or about fifteen awake. However, it could land on the surface. We wouldn't need a shuttle. And it was faster than the Far View, almost twice as fast. He displayed interior and exterior pictures of the ship on the wall behind him. It looked very luxurious. I wondered what it cost.

"The downside, of course is the size," Jeff said. "About seventy people want to join us. It will require two trips. Or more, depending on how many supplies we bring on the ship."

"You haven't mentioned the price," Roy said.

"One billion, although the broker believes the seller is open to negotiation. We could buy it today," Jeff said.

"You should buy it," Buck said to me.

"I think we should," I said.

"No, you should buy it. You never buy anything for yourself," Buck said.

"He's right. That's a great idea," Digger said.

A Dog named Steve, who was sitting behind us, leaned forward. "You should, Eric," he said. I had met Steve, but did not know him at all. I frowned, irritated at first, that a near stranger was advising me to spend a billion dollars. But after the party, the day before, I knew all the colonists considered me part of their own families. They told me so. One man told me I was his hero. All the people nearby agreed with him, including Louis and Eleanor. Many of them told me they loved me, people I hadn't met. I was shocked, but I could see they were serious.

Do heroes have yachts? I asked myself. I made myself laugh. People turned and looked at me. I smiled at them. It made some sense that I would own a yacht and the colony would own a ship. I had the money. I thought about taking the whole family on a tour of Mars. Wouldn't that be fun! I looked at Digger.

"Do it."

"I'll buy the yacht," I said to Jeff. "Me. The transaction will be simpler and quicker that way. The colony will be able to use it, we will rescue everyone on the Far View, but I will own the yacht. If the colony needs a larger ship, we can save up for it. And maybe let the colonists we're rescuing chip in." A lot of people seemed to like that idea. "I'll still be happy to contribute towards purchasing a replacement for the Far View."

I got a standing ovation.

"Save up for it? You mean you'll make more porn fliks, don't you?" Roy asked me.

I laughed.

"Saving, coming, what's the difference?" I said.

We laughed for a long time.

Jeff asked for a show of hands. Everyone raised their hand. He offered nine-hundred thousand for the ship while we sat there.

"You all know how long a back-and-forth negotiation with Earth will take. You might as well leave," Jeff said.

Most people got up and left. They all seemed happy and excited. The people who stayed thanked me.

"I'm glad you are doing it," Mother said. Jib nodded.

"Once the others are rescued, we can tour Mars. Explore. Doesn't that sound fun?" I asked.

Everyone looked excited by the idea.

"Are we included?" Em asked me.

"Of course! Especially Roberta."

It was obvious Roberta didn't understand, but she liked being included. It suddenly occurred to me that Roberta had never been outside on Earth. Maybe we would visit there, someday.

I got a call from Lawrence. I turned to look at him.

"Can I go with you? I really want to see Mars. When I decided to move here, I didn't expect to be stuck in this complex for the rest of my life."

I got a call from Easy asking the same thing. I was starting to think we needed a bigger ship. I told Easy that I wanted to take a lot of people, including her, but that meant everyone couldn't go on every trip. She smiled at me and disconnected. Lee moved next to me. He squeezed my ass.

"Yes," I said to him.

He laughed. "I didn't ask yet."

"Well, you have your answer, anyway," I told him.

"Really? And what if I was going to ask if you will to divorce Digger and marry me," Lee said, grinning.

"I would still do it, but I would require you to switch brains, first," I said. "So there!"

Lee laughed.

I was still on the call with Lawrence, who looked really hot.

"If I let you go, will you let me suck you?" I asked him.

"Oh, yeah. In fact, you can suck me right now!" Lawrence said.

I looked at his crotch and saw he was stiffening. I disconnected.

"Lawrence wants me something," I said, to the group.

They all burst out laughing, including Mother.

"It's not what you think!" I said, lying.

"Yes, it is," Lawrence said to them, chuckling.

I took Lawrence's hand. We walked to the nearby restroom and entered a stall. I sat on the toilet. Lawrence was only wearing loose shorts, which was all most of the men in the colony wore. He pulled his cock out. I took it in my mouth and felt it stiffen. Someone entered the restroom. I looked up at Lawrence, who shrugged.

"Let me in," Digger said.

Lawrence unfastened the door. Digger entered the stall. He was naked, and carrying his shorts. I wrapped my hand around my husband's stiffening cock. I leaned forward and licked the head. Digger sighed. As I licked Lawrence's cock, someone else entered the restroom. I sighed.

"Maybe we should do this at home," I said.

"I agree," I heard Luc say. "I don't think we can fit in there, Buck."

We laughed.

"I might be able," I heard Harry say.

I laughed harder. We left the stall. Roy was standing next to Harry. His dick was already out. The door opened and Lee ran in. I started laughing, again.

"I just want to let you know that it's against colony rules to have sex in the common areas," Roy said, as he stroked himself.

We all laughed.

"So why are you doing it?" Harry asked him.

"Just to show there are no hard feelings," Roy said, as he moved next to me.

We laughed some more.

I wrapped my hand around his erection. "I don't know. You're feeling hard for no hard feelings."

"What?" Digger said, laughing.

"Now, put your toy away and let's go to the apartment," Roy said to me. I tucked him back into his shorts. "It's almost an hour and a half since you gave me an orgasm."

"Oh! That's a crime," I said, laughing.

Roy took my hand and led me out of the restroom. The whole group headed back to our apartment. I wished Jib was with us, but I didn't want him to neglect Mother. And I was sure he would be over soon enough. I'd given him five orgasms the day before, five tasty loads he pumped into my mouth. He told me he wanted to try for six in one day, if I was willing. I was more than willing. I was a little worried that I seemed to be getting addicted to Bear cock. I absolutely adored my three Bears' cocks and cum. I still thought Digger's erection was perfect, but I found myself craving Buck, Luc, and Jib. As soon as we entered the apartment, I pulled Buck's shorts down. He stepped out of them. I knelt and began kissing his cock and balls. Then I remembered Lawrence. By that time, he was sitting naked on the couch, stroking himself. I knelt between his legs, pulled his erection forward and swallowed it. Digger began fucking me on his knees.

"I'm not going to last long," Lawrence said.

"Good. Eric only has two holes," Roy said. "Don't hog them. Besides, Eric wants your spunk now, rather than later."

Roy knew me well.

Lawrence was right. He came after only a minute. That was fine with me.

"Don't swallow all of it," Digger said.

As soon as my mouth was off Lawrence, Digger pulled me back and kissed me. Our tongues swirled against each other in a pool of Lawrence's semen.

I got a call from Jeff while I sucked Buck.

"They accepted your offer for the ship."

"Hooray!" I said.

"You're premature. I haven't come, yet," Buck said.

We laughed.

"No. Jeff just told me we have the ship!" I said.

I went back to the call.

"That's great news, Jeff."

"Yes. Now if you'll just give me your bank information—"

"You already have it," I said.

"Do you have to argue with everything I say?" Jeff asked, angrily.

I was hurt. I didn't think that was fair. I had always made it a point to agree with Jeff on everything. He was a lot wiser than me. But there was no point in confronting him.

"Tell Harry to come home," Jeff said.

"I will."

"Are you going to be in for your daily scan?" Jeff asked.

I got a cold feeling. Jeff had scanned me a couple of hours earlier. If I told him that, he might think I was arguing again.

"Sure, Jeff."

Jeff disconnected.

"Harry, Jeff wants you," I said. "Is something wrong with Jeff?"

I got a call from Harry.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Eric, Jeff is experiencing problems with his short-term memory. He's convinced he's dying. I need to run tests on him, to see if that is true, but he won't allow it. He's sworn me to secrecy, but I told Roy. He needs to know as colony chief. Please don't tell anyone, not even Digger."

I didn't like the idea of keeping secrets from Digger. Plus, Jeff was very important to Digger.

"I don't know if I can do that," I said.

Harry sighed. He disconnected the call and left the apartment.

"You don't look very happy for a man who just bought a billion dollar yacht," Digger said.

I forced a smile on my face.

"Excuse me. I'm tired," I said.

I went to the bedroom and lay down. Digger followed me and closed the bedroom door. He got into bed with me.

"What's wrong? Why did you ask Harry if there was something wrong with Jeff?"

I told Digger what Jeff said to me and what Harry said.

"I'm going to talk to Harry," Digger said.

"No! He told me not to tell you!" I said.

"Tough. I'm going."

Digger got out of bed and left the apartment. I got out of bed and walked back to the living room.

"What's wrong?" Buck asked.

"It's about the yacht," I said, lying.

"Are you feeling rested enough for sex?" Roy asked, grinning.

I laughed.

"Yes, I took a nine second nap," I said.

"Sometimes those are just as effective as fifteen second naps," Buck said.

We all laughed.

Jib walked into the apartment. He pulled his clothes off.

"Do you need somewhere to sit?" I asked him.


"I was going to suggest you sit on my face," I said. Jib grinned.

I lay down on the floor. Jib lowered his ass to my face. I began tonguing his hole. Someone pushed my legs up in the air. A cock pushed inside my ass. It was Roy's. I took Jib's hefty erection in my hand and stroked it. I watched my favorite Jib-porn while I ate. There were some amazing scenes in the fliks Jib had never shared. Jib confirmed that one of his groupies, a man named Tom Mills, bought him an antique sports car that cost one hundred and fifty thousand dollars! Jib rewarded him by feeding him precum, giving him a full facial, and letting Tom rim him whenever he wanted. Jib also fucked Tom with a dildo that was shaped exactly like Jib's cock. That was incredibly hot. However, it was obvious Jib was doing it for Tom; Jib wasn't erect while he did it. But Tom had a very nice cock and the clip showed it shoot an enormous load while Jib reamed him with the dildo. I assembled clips of all those things into one super Jib flik.

Jib called me.

"Nobody does that like you," Jib said.

"What about Tom Mills? You sure seemed to enjoy his rim jobs."

"Some of that was acting. The stuff I did with Tom was out of gratitude, not lust. He shocked the hell out of me by giving me that car. What else could I give him? Everything I earned went to pay college expenses. There was one groupie who was almost as good as you. It wasn't Tom."

Digger called me.

"Eric, will you come to Jeff's lab?"


I disconnected.

"I need to go see Jeff."

"Is it about the yacht?" Luc asked.

"Probably," I said.

I left the apartment and walked to the lab. I dreaded what was about to happen. I didn't know what it would be, but I was certain it would be unpleasant.

"Have you told anyone else?" Harry asked me.


We stood there looking at each other. It seemed like no one wanted to speak first.

"Do I need to do anything about the yacht?" I asked.

"No. I found your banking information and I've already initiated the transaction. Modifications will be necessary for the tanks. Harry and Richard can handle that," Jeff said.

"I should to apologize to you," Jeff said to me. "But I won't."

"For what?"

Roy walked into the lab. Jeff looked furious when he saw him, but then, suddenly, his face went blank.

"I've run tests on myself," Jeff said. "I wanted to keep the results to myself. That's why I refused to let you test me," Jeff said to Harry.

Jeff was silent for a moment.

"My brain cells are dying. I estimate I have eighty-five percent function right now. I'm experiencing symptoms of senility."

I stared in shock. Then I started crying. Jeff looked annoyed.

"My brain is old. I've been lucky to live this long."

Harry hugged Jeff.

"Oh, Jeff. How long do you have left?" Harry asked. Tears dripped down his cheeks.

"I estimate six months. But I'll be non-functional in four to five months."

"But you have to live to get to Titan!" I said to Jeff.

"Oh, Eric. You are a real friend. Thank you," Jeff said.

Strangely enough, his words upset me because they were so un-Jeff-like. I began crying.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me.

"Aren't some of my brain cells very young?" I asked him.


"Couldn't you...remove...part of your brain and let nanites regrow it?" I asked.

Jeff sighed.

"Once I replaced my brain, I would just be a copy of Jeff Rosenbloom."

"Are you saying I'm a copy of Eric La Roche?"

"No, he's not saying that," Digger said.

Jeff sighed. "Everything that makes Eric Eric, came from the nanites, from the copy of his brain's contents before he died," Jeff said.

"He's not making any sense," Roy whispered to me.

That wasn't true. Jeff was making perfect sense.

"You see, I'd rather die than be a copy," Jeff said. "And even if there was a copy, I would still be dead."

"Eric is exactly the same," Digger said.

"Eric is an exact copy," Jeff said.

The emotional part of me was rejecting what Jeff was saying. But I think intellectually, I realized he was right. I remembered how glad we were that the nanites had a recent copy of my memories; I remembered everything up to the shooting. But they weren't my original memories. For some reason, I had assumed I had my original brain, even though I knew it had been destroyed. This body I had come to think of as me, had nothing of Eric. It was a Beast body with a human brain, but it was a copy of my brain.

"Who am I?" I asked, aloud.

"As I said, you are an exact copy of Eric La Roche," Jeff said.

Digger was clearly furious, but he didn't say anything to Jeff.

"You need to stop thinking like that," Digger said to me. "Go ask your mother who you are? You know what she'll say."

Harry nodded.

"You are exactly who you think you are," Harry said.

"But I don't have my original body or my original brain. How can I be Eric La Roche? There's no continuity."

"Yes, there is," Harry said. "Your old body was reconstructed into your new one. That's how the process works. You look different, but there is continuity."

"So I have Eric La Roche's body, but not his brain."

"No. Your brain was reconstructed from the damaged brain. You brain has continuity, too," Harry said. "And not all of your brain was destroyed. A little over twenty-one percent was undamaged. Even if you want to think of yourself as a copy of Eric La Roche, you are only partially a copy."

"You see?" Digger said to me.

I felt better. I nodded my head. Digger looked relieved and hugged me.

"We can do the same thing with you, Jeff. We can repair or replace only the dead cells. There's no reason they should all die, right now," Harry said.

Jeff was silent. I could tell he was thinking.

"Richard and I can develop a way for the nanites to monitor and repair cells as they die," Harry said. "There wouldn't be a wholesale replacement of tissue."

Jeff looked doubtful.

"Possible, but not in six months," Jeff said. "More like six years."

"So it takes longer. We can put you in hibernation and work on comp models until we perfect it."

"Please consider it, Jeff. I love you," I said. "We love you."

Digger, Harry, and Roy nodded their heads. Digger squeezed my hand.

Jeff looked shocked. I was a little shocked I said it. But it was true.

"You saved me," I said to him. "Please let us save you."

Jeff sighed.

"We can take yacht rides to Titan, if you do," I said.

Jeff chuckled.

"You've created this wonderful future for us," Roy said to Jeff. "You need to be around to gloat."

We all laughed, including Jeff.

I looked at Digger.

"Maybe we should wait for me to get pregnant."

Digger nodded his head slowly.

"Harry can handle anything that comes up," Jeff said. "Remember that your reproductive system was carefully designed. Ask your mother about her pregnancy and birth. The baby will just be ejected. You'll be able to resume all normal activities within a couple of hours after the birth."

"Are you willing to let us save you?" Harry asked Jeff.

Jeff looked like he was considering it. That was good news.

"I suppose there is no harm in going into hibernation." Jeff nodded his head. He was silent for a moment. "In fact, that's an excellent idea. Even if you aren't able to correct the problem, I can still be awakened for important events, and then go back into the tank. My six months can be stretched over years."

"That's very true," Roy said.

Jeff seemed very happy. Then he sighed.

"I suppose it was ridiculous for me to think I could hide this from all of you. I'll blame it on my dying brain."

Richard walked into the lap.

"What do you need?" Richard asked Harry.

Harry and Jeff explained Jeff's problem to him.

"Do you think you and Harry can do it?" I asked Richard.

"I'm certain of it, but I don't know if we will have enough time," Richard said.

"That we do have," Jeff said.

Jeff explained Harry's idea about hibernation. Richard nodded his head.

"Should work."

"You know, I probably have lost brain cells," Roy said. "I'm very old, too. You can test your cure on me."

"And me," Richard said. "I will probably be facing the exact same thing in thirty years."

"I should have thought of that," Jeff said. "Eventually every one of us will need this."

Harry nodded his head.

"We've got quite a task. Let's get started," Richard said to Harry.

I tried to hug Jeff. He frowned and moved away from me. I tried not to feel rejected.

Digger, Roy, and I left the lab. We went back to the apartment. On the way, I thought about whether I was a copy of Eric La Roche. Harry was right. I was at most, a partial copy. And it didn't seem to make any difference what percent of me was a copy. Harry said more than twenty percent of my brain was original. I realized I wouldn't be happier if fifty percent (or even more) was original. It didn't seem to matter to me. But maybe it did to Jeff. We entered the apartment and told everyone the bad news. Jib called Mother and Em. They joined us.

"I think I've been assuming he's immortal," I said.

"I know I have," Digger said.

"Well, we have to keep a positive attitude," Mother said. "Jeff fixed your brain. He can fix his own. Oh. But he can't."

"Right. We're depending on Harry and Richard."

"Hey! My husband is brilliant. Don't forget Jeff admired Richard's work so much, he changed into that horrible Harpie body that Richard designed. For some reason."

I chuckled. It really was horrible. I wondered how Harry put up with it.

"And Harry is brilliant, too," Mother said.

I started thinking again about the fact that Jeff thought I was a copy of Eric La Roche. I understood his logic. But if Harry was right, I was eighty percent copy and twenty percent original. I was mostly a copy of me—him. But what did that mean?

I received a message saying the purchase of the yacht was finalized. I had spent almost a billion dollars. It was a scary thought. To reassure myself, I checked flik sales. The sex club flik had sold twenty-nine million copies. And we had completed two more fliks, the one with Buck and the one outdoors.

"So Jeff said you are a copy of my son," Mother said.

I guessed Digger told her.

"A copy?" Em said. "What does that mean?"

"My real brain was mostly destroyed. I guess I'm only a partial copy, since I do have some original parts."

"That's crazy. People regrow parts of their bodies all the time. Look at what happened to Jock. Is he a partial copy?" Em asked.

Mother nodded her head.

"I think that is how Jeff thinks of it. It upset me when he said it, but after thinking about it, it seems a little...irrelevant. No. That's not the word. Or maybe it is," I said. I shrugged. "There's nothing I can do about it. Certainly, I'm glad it was done. And I'm glad I'm at least partially original."

Digger nodded his head.

"It is," Em said. "The parts of Jock's body that had to regrow are just as much him as the originals. I can't help wondering if Jeff would think that way if he didn't have this problem."

"That's a good point," Mother said.

"I agree. It really didn't sound like Jeff," Digger said. "He never mentioned any of this while he was saving Eric's life. There was never a mention of making a copy. He never implied that he was creating a replacement, and that is how he was talking today." Mother nodded her head. "An exact copy, as he just called you, would be a replacement."

"I agree with you, Digger. Jeff and I spoke many, many times about Eric," Roy said. "He never mentioned that or implied that Eric was an artificial copy. I think he's scared, maybe terrified. What is Jeff, without his brain?"

We all nodded our heads.

"An asshole," Lawrence said, shocking us.

After a moment, I started laughing. It was true!

"Besides, we watched you change in that tank, Eric," Mother said. "If you are an exact copy, where is the original? You can't be both."

I nodded.

Jerrold started crying. Mother picked him up and walked into the kitchen.

"I knew something was wrong with Jeff," Roy said. "I overheard Harry telling Jeff that he had never once mentioned making an official statement about the loss of the shuttle. That was when Jeff was mad at you, Eric, for spilling the beans. And yesterday, Jeff told me the same thing twice. He became furious when I told him he'd already told me.

"Roy, you are a scientist. Do you think Jeff can be saved?" Digger asked.

"I'm certain of it. Eric had much more extensive brain damage. We know we can do the same thing to Jeff."

"But he's obsessed by the idea of being a copy," I said.

"His brain isn't working," Roy said.

"Jeff could be...healed the same way as Eric? Harry and Richard should do that," Mother said.

"As a last resort, I agree. But the same thing will probably happen to me. I would much prefer to have cells replaced as they died, rather than removing my brain, growing a new one, then copying the memories."

"Right. I understand," Mother said. "It's good to know we have options."

"Do you think I should make an announcement to the colony about Jeff?" I asked Roy.

"I'm sure Jeff would prefer that you wait until he's in the tank."

"Everyone will know by then," I said.

Roy shrugged. "He didn't want to tell Harry. Imagine his reaction to everyone telling him how sorry they are, and wanting to talk to him about it."

I nodded.

"Well, I own a yacht," I said to the group.

"Congratulations! My son, the yachter," Mother said.

I laughed.

"I need to hire a pilot to fly the thing. I wonder how one goes about doing that," I said.

"Put it in a fan club message," Buck said. "Hot, horny, gay Bear pilot needed."

I laughed.

"He does not need another Bear," Jib said. "What are you trying to do, ruin it for us?"

Mother chuckled.

"I forgot about Ed Stavros," I said. "If he doesn't want the job, I'm sure he knows pilots."

"Good idea," Mother said.

I called Ed.

"Hello, Ed. This is Eric. La Roche."

Ed chuckled.

"I know."

"I just bought a large yacht that I plan to use to get the colonists off the Far View. And you, of course."

"That's wonderful news!"

"Later, we'll replace the Far View. I need someone to bring the yacht here. I also need a permanent pilot for it. I plan to use it for pleasure after everyone is off your ship."

"Hmm. Are you offering me that job?"

"Are you interested in piloting such a small ship?"

"Do you envision being fucked by the pilot?" he asked me.

I was surprised by the question.

"Well...I wouldn't complain, if he was a Beast, appealed to me, and wanted to."

"I was watching your latest flik when you called," Ed said. "I was surprised to see Lawrence in it. He seemed to be having a great time. I love the flik. I was just about to shoot."

Ed sent me video of him stroking himself. I noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding ring, anymore.

"I wish you could shoot in my mouth," I said.

"So do I, Eric. Would the captain of your yacht get to do that?"

"He would, if he was you," I said.

"Then I would like to be your captain."

"You're hired!" I said.

"Good. How much are you willing to pay a pilot to bring the ship here?" Ed asked.

"I have no idea. Why don't you decide what's fair? If it's someone who wants to emigrate, that's good, because we do need a replacement for the Far View and you may want to pilot it."

"Yes, I see. Well, it will be harder to find someone who wants to live here. We will probably have to pay more."

"I was thinking of mentioning needing one in a fan club message. Those have a wide distribution," I said. "A fan might be more willing."

"I'm sure he or she would be," Ed said.

I hadn't even thought of a woman, but there was no reason the pilot couldn't be a woman.

"Let me know if anyone contacts you," Ed said. "If no one does, I'll find someone."

"Great! Thanks, Ed."

"Thank you, Eric. What's the name of the ship?"

I checked. Yuck!

"It's named the Party Hearty," I said, laughing. "What a stupid name!"

"And I know the ship. It belonged to a real asshole, but it's a fine ship. It's enormous for a yacht. Do you mind telling me how much you paid?"

"Eric, what are you doing?" Mother asked.

"I'm on a call with Ed Stavros about a pilot for the yacht."

"Oh. Good."

"I paid nine-hundred thousand dollars for it," I said to Ed. "He was asking a billion."

"He must be desperate. And that couldn't happen to a more deserving asshole."

I chuckled.

"Would you like to see me shoot?" Ed asked.

"Yeah, I would."

I watched Ed stroke himself a few times. He shot into his palm and showed me a closeup of his spunk.

"Nice. Now you've made me hungry," I said.

Ed chuckled. I disconnected

I began working on a message for the fan club. I told them I was happy to announce that I had bought a yacht to rescue the folks on the Far View. I told them I needed a pilot who would bring it to Mars from Earth, someone willing to live on Mars. I sent the message to Digger to look over. "Should I add anything else?" I asked him.

"Ask for credentials," he said.

"Oh, yeah! How dumb of me!"

"Tell them photos of themselves will be appreciated. If they're naked in the photos, you'll know they'll fit in, here," Digger said. "And they aren't terrorists."

I hadn't thought of that. But I could get Ed's help with the final selection. He might know them.

I added that and sent the message.

We went to Mother's for lunch. We ate almost every meal there. She enjoyed cooking for us. And I got to know Jerrold a little. I even changed his diaper.

After lunch, I answered messages. There were far too many of them, more than I could anwer. But I gave priority to fans and Sunvision.

"Do you want to see the outdoor flik?" Digger asked me.

I was grateful for a diversion.

"I would!"

Digger sent it to me. I was very surprised by it. It was nothing like any porn flik I'd seen. It began with scenes of the canyon. Then it focused on the plants and animals with closeups of both. I was shocked when I realized Harry had caught footage of two lizards mating. Lizard porn! Finally, about ten minutes into it, I saw us walking out of the airlock. Digger and I embraced. From that point, it seemed more like a porn flik, but we caught by multiple angles that showed the canyon off very nicely. All in all, it was a lot more like a documentary than a porn flik. Was that good? I didn't know. It was different, though. I felt pretty certain Alek would hate it. I mentioned that to Digger and he agreed.

"What do you think?" Digger asked, when it ended.

"I don't know. It's unique, but that isn't bad. It's not very erotic."

"I know. Harry wants it to be distinct from the flik where I impregnate you."

"Oh. That's a very good idea. Otherwise, there is no reason for someone to want both."

Digger nodded.

"In that one, he wants to show us having an orgy in our apartment, and then you and I will go outside for the impregnation."


We went back to our apartment. I checked my messages. I'd gotten two messages from pilots. I opened the first. I laughed out loud at the photo he sent. It was a naked Bear, holding his large erection up with one hand. With the other, he held up his pilot's license. His name was Tom Lucas. Tom said he was gay, single, and a top and that he was sure his cock could make both of us happy, hopefully for many years. I received a second message from him. It had a photo of him holding a glass with semen in it, next to his dripping erection. He was going to be impossible to beat, but I looked at the second message. That pilot was a human woman, named Alice Jones. She was dressed, fortunately, but behind her on a wall was an image of me sucking Alek. The rest of the photos she'd sent were sex pics of her husband. He was a very attractive Gorilla, named Robert. There was a photo of him using an Eric La Roche head. Another one showed him after orgasm with his cum on his chest and belly. There were closeups of his cock and balls. Without realizing it, I began jacking off while I looked at them. Both Robert and Alice sent messages. Hers told of her experience as a pilot and their wish to live on Mars. She said she planned to become a Gorilla so they could have kids. Robert's message said that he was bisexual and that his goal in life was to pump his jizz into me on a regular basis. He told me I would love the taste and I believed him. I was surprised to find I was as interested in Robert as I was in Tom. Maybe I wasn't addicted to Bear cock. I forwarded both messages to Ed and Digger.

A couple of minutes later, Digger offered me his cock, and while I sucked him, he said he wanted to watch both of them fuck and feed me. After Digger came, while I was sucking for a second load, I got a call from Ed.

"Hi, Ed."

"Hello, Eric. I know Alice fairly well. I don't know Tom, personally, but I do know he graduated from the same flight academy that Alice and I attended. I think either pilot would be fine. Do you have a sexual preference?"

I laughed. "Sexually, I want both. Now."

"There's no harm in having a spare pilot. You can alternate among us when you take personal trips," Ed said.

"How would I pay them? Would I put them on salary?" I asked.

"I would pay by the trip. It sounds like they are planning to live on Mars. You could help pay the price of their apartments."

"I like that idea. Do you need one?"

"No. I have one reserved. Are we going to have sex?" Ed asked.

"Yes, I hope so," I said.


"Will you contact them?" I asked.

"Yes. Do you need me to do anything else? I'm very bored."

"Yes! There are about seventy people who are ready to move here. I don't know who they are, or how the ship will need to be modified to bring all of them. We may need to bring them in tanks. If so, we'll have to buy them."

"I'll handle all of that for you."

"Great. Spend whatever it takes, up to a couple hundred thousand. If it will be more, let me know."

"I wish I could say things like that," Ed said.

I laughed and disconnected.




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