Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2018 by Vic James

All rights reserved.



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The day Digger impregnated me, an hour before we were supposed to go outside, I suffered a panic attack. Jeff was in the hibernation tank, completely out of the picture. I was supposed to go outdoors, get fucked and get pregnant, while the man who invented Beast male pregnancy was unavailable.

"Why couldn't they have waited three days for him to go into hibernation?" I asked Digger. I gasped. "I can't breathe! Something's wrong! Can't you feel it?"

"Here. Drink this. It will help you breathe," Digger said.

"A drink? A drink?"

But I took it. From the smell and color, I could tell it was ethanol, with a dash of fruit juice. The smell made me a little nauseous, but I took a sip. It burned my throat, but it did calm me down. I could breathe easily, again. I took one more sip and handed it back to Digger.

Buck walked into the apartment. He frowned.

"What's wrong?"

"Eric has a bad case of nerves."

"Are you having second thoughts about having a baby?" Buck asked me.

"Jeff isn't around and no one has done this before," I said to him.

I took the glass back from Digger and had one more sip.

I got a message from Tom Lucas, the Bear who would be one of our pilots. He had been sending me lots of porn of himself, both photos and video clips. Tom liked to convince straight men to suck him and let him fuck them. He was good at it. Most of the fuck videos he sent me showed him having sex with straight humans and Beasts. I looked at the first photo he'd just sent. It was a picture of his asshole, with his large erection and balls hanging below. It was very hot, but I was in no mood to enjoy it. There was also a video clip that shocked me a little. Tom had shot it the previous evening. Tom slapped a human man's face with his cock, over and over. And he slapped it hard. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy's face ended up bruised. It was too violent for my tastes, but the man obviously enjoyed it. He kept begging Tom to hit him harder. The man enjoyed it so much, he had a spontaneous orgasm while he was being cock-whipped. After that, Tom shot an enormous amount of spunk on the man's face. He told him it would sooth the burn. The clip ended with Tom rubbing his spunk into skin on his face. Tom liked me to comment on what he sent. For the photo of his ass, I told him I couldn't wait to eat it. I wasn't sure what to say about the video. Tom was undoubtedly hot, but when he came in a guy's mouth, the guy usually got mad, because he was straight. That didn't make it very erotic for me.

"Something's changed his mood," Buck said.

I sent Digger and Buck Tom's picture and video clip.

"Your mother would like to enter," Al said.

"Let her in," I said.

"What's wrong? Digger said you are in a panic," Mother said to me. She sat next to me on the sofa.

"I want Jeff to be around," I said. "Who knows what can go wrong?"

"I understand, Eric. Women get panicky over pregnancy. I was extremely nervous. I was in a new body when I became pregnant with Jerrold. I knew what my human body was capable of, but not my Beast body. But you have to remember that Jeff didn't work alone. Harry, Richard, and Roy worked with him for decades. Richard is as brilliant as Jeff, he just keeps a lower profile. Giving birth to you was really dreadful."

I laughed.


"It has nothing to do with you. I was nauseated much of the time while I was pregnant with you. And the actual birth...well." She shuddered. "But giving birth in this body was effortless. I'm serious. Jeff told me that your pregnancy would be exactly as easy as mine. Five minutes after I gave birth to Jerrold, it was as though nothing had happened. All Beasts births are like that. Beast mothers don't realize how lucky they are."

I was about to ask what we'd do if something went wrong, but Mother would just say that nothing would go wrong. Maybe she was right. It occurred to me then that I was doubting Jeff's competence, the man who brought me back from death. He knew what he was doing. I felt better. All I had to do was trust Jeff.

Harry walked into the living room carrying cameras. I invited him to move in, after Jeff went into hibernation. I knew he would be depressed living alone.

"Are we ready for the orgy?" he asked.

I looked at Mother and then at Harry. I closed my eyes. I was past blushing, fortunately. Mother started laughing.

"Have you forgotten? I'm Midge," she said.

Mother had told me that when we were discussing sex to think of her as Midge, the kinky woman who liked sharing her husband with her son. Other times, I could think of her as my mother.

"OK...Midge," I said.

"I'll send my husband over, so you can give his plumbing a good draining. Oh. And a nice rimming, too. He knows better than to expect that from me."

Harry and Digger laughed. I just nodded my head, numbly.

Jib arrived, carrying Jerrold. Mother took the baby from him and left. Jib pulled his clothes off as Buck, Luc, and Roy joined us.

"Now, I know I don't need to remind you, but I will, anyway. No fucking," Harry said. "We don't want Eric getting impregnated in here, or by anyone but Digger."

"What if Eric doesn't want to suck us?" Jib asked.

Everyone laughed, including me.

"That means Eric is dead," Harry said. "And you still can't fuck him."

We laughed some more.

I sucked Harry first. That way, he could concentrate on directing while I sucked the others. Harry was in performance mode, he did things he didn't do when we weren't filming. Like slapping my face with his cock. I immediately thought of Tom's video, but Harry slapped my face lightly. After that, he put his hands on his hips and told me to jack him off and give myself a facial. I looked up at him and grinned while I stroked him. I stopped a couple of times to kiss his cock, which I knew Harry loved. Before long, his cock spurted cum all over my face. Harry wiped some of it off my face with his fingers. Then he turned around and rubbed it on his asshole.

"Lick it off."

I did, happily. Of course, I got cum all over his ass. He stepped away after I licked him clean. I sucked Digger, then. We didn't want him to come, though. We wanted him to shoot a big load in my ass. I pulled off his cock and looked up at him.

"Maybe for one of my pregnancies, I should let all of you fuck me. We won't know which one of you impregnated me," I said, joking. "The baby will have eight fathers."

Most of the men groaned. Luc and Roy got especially excited by the idea. They both stepped up to me and shot on my face, which wasn't really the plan.

"Damn! You should do that!" Lawrence said.

"You should, you really should," Roy said.

"I don't know how Midge would feel about it if I got you pregnant," Jib said. "Of course, she might like the idea."

I doubted that. But then again, 'Midge' was kinky, by her own admission.

I called Digger and told him I was joking.

"I know. I'm surprised the others didn't realize it."

"I don't want a child of mine to not know who his father is," I said.

"You can find that out with a blood test after it's born," Digger said.

That was true.

We finished the easy part of the flik, the indoor part. We then left the apartment and headed for an airlock. Harry wanted to film it in a different location than the first outdoor flik, which I thought was a good thing. Sex outside was easier and less stressful than the first time, both because we knew what to expect, and because Richard had improved the nanites behavior. Kissing and fucking were still lengthy processes, but there was no pain. Digger fucked me for several minutes before ejaculating.

"Great! I never want to have sex outdoors again," I said by meme, when he finally pulled out of me. Digger chuckled and nodded. "It may be a scientific marvel, but it isn't much fun."

We went inside. We were greeted with another surprise party. I suppose I should have expected it, but I didn't. I laughed at a banner that they'd hung. 'Happy Pregnancy Day, Eric'.

"I made the cake, this time. Your favorite, Boston Cream," Mother said.

"Oh! Terrific! Thanks!"

"Wait until you hear what Eric suggested," Jib said to Mother.

"If it's about another pregnancy, I was joking," I said to Jib. "I can't believe you guys thought I was serious!"

"I thought it was a very interesting idea," Buck said.

"Well, it was a joke."

"What was a joke and interesting idea?" Mother asked.

"I can only tell Midge," I said to Mother, annoyed.

Mother laughed.

"May I tell her?" Jib asked me.

I shrugged.

"I wish I hadn't said it, but go ahead. She still looks like Mother to me," I said.

Mother-Midge laughed.

Jib told her. Mother shook her head.

"It would give all of us an equal chance to be a father," Buck said.

Roy and Luc nodded their heads. Then I noticed Lawrence nodded, too. I hadn't thought of that way.

"It's like a lottery," Luc said.

"That's exactly what it is," Roy said, nodding his head.

"Just think about it," Buck said.

"I guess I can. But I think my next child should be Jock's. Jock has wanted a child for years, and I promised to give him one," I said.

"Do you want to take a chance at Eric's lottery?" Mother asked Jib, surprising me. "You can. As we've discussed, I'm not sure I want a third child. If I do have one, it won't be soon, in any case."

She gave me a toothy grin. "You see, I'm Midge."

I laughed. "I am absolutely certain of that now!"

I could see Jib was considering it. I was absolutely amazed.

"I might," he said. "We've got plenty of time to think about it."

"Will I have a chance?" Lee asked.

"You want to have a baby with me? But you said you want a girlfriend! She could have your baby."

"Why would I prefer a hypothetical woman had my baby?" Lee asked me.

I didn't know how to answer that. Lee called me. At the same time, he sent me photos. I looked at them. There were Lion-Gorilla children. They were cute.

"You've thought about this," I said to Lee on the call.

"I have. I didn't think it was likely until you raised the possibility an hour ago. All of us talked while you were outside. We all like the idea, darling, even Jib. We are your family, and all of us want an equal chance of impregnating you. We hope you do it for each pregnancy. By the way, Nex and Easy are talking about it, right now."

I looked over at the two of them. They smiled at me.

"Um. If I did it, which of you want to participate?" I asked.

It looked like everyone I had sex with, even Nex and Jib, although I didn't see Louis or Eleanor. Harry's hand was up. I had no idea he wanted kids, much less with me. Then I noticed one of the hands belonged to a Chimp I didn't know! He'd just overheard. I had to laugh. It was so absurd.

"Why on Earth or Mars do you have you hand up, Nex?" I asked.

"Because it will make us permanent members of your family," Easy said.

"Because it thumbs our noses at any and all Neo Puritans, especially your father," Mother, or possibly Midge said. "That's half the reason Jib has sex with you. Don't think I don't want to show them that they can't control us."

"We all want to show that," Easy said to Mother.

"Just imagine how your father will feel when he finds out about us. My husband having sex with my son and filming it for others to watch," Midge said. "My husband impregnating me and my son. And he doesn't even believe in divorce," Midge said, with another toothy grin. "How else can we get revenge on him for what he did?"

They all nodded their heads.

"If it is that important to all of you, I'll do it," I said.

Lawrence joined us.

"Eric just agreed to have a lottery for his next pregnancy!" Lee said to him.

"Can I participate?" Lawrence asked me.

I laughed.

"OK. That's going to be one messy hole!" I said.

Everyone laughed.

It was strange having people walk up to use and congratulate us for our baby, when we didn't know for certain that I was pregnant. It was several days later before Harry confirmed I was pregnant. Until then, I only let Digger fuck me. Once we knew for certain I was pregnant, I got in the sling at the Wild Life and got fucked for three hours, straight.

The following day, Harry filmed a new flik. In it, Jib would fuck me for the first time. I was nervous. It wasn't the fucking that made me nervous. Mother, as Midge was fine with it. But Harry wanted it to be romantic. Jib and I had a wonderfully satisfying sexual relationship, but it was definitely not romantic. I was not in love with Jib and I didn't want to be. I was afraid if Jib spent an hour making love to me, I would fall in love. I wasn't an actor who expressed emotions, but didn't feel them. Considering how many fliks I made, I wondered why it had never occurred to me to take acting lessons.

I looked over at Digger. He was watching me with a lopsided grin.


"Every time you are about to take a step forward, you stop and worry, first."

"Maybe I want to go in a different direction. Maybe I want you to carry me. Maybe I'll get an ulcer."

Digger laughed. He moved next to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Think about what's the worst that can happen."

I nodded.

"Jib leaves Midge," I said.

"You are assuming you are irresistible. Your ego has really grown," Digger said. I frowned. "Maybe you shouldn't talk to people in relationships. Talking to them could make them dump their partners." I could tell he was baiting me. But there was a bit of truth in it. Did I really think I could break up Mother's marriage? Was I convinced I was better than her? Sucking Jib and eating his ass hadn't done it, but fucking me would? Was that what I thought? It wasn't, but I wanted to avoid the possibility it could happen.

I have to admit, I loved making that flik. Jib was a terrific lover. I gave him seven orgasms in the flik. Jib shocked me by saying in the flik that he hoped it didn't upset my father that he was fucking me and my mother. I stared at him, speechless. Jib later told me that was Midge's idea. She hoped my father would hear about it. I wasn't surprised that Mother wanted revenge, but she had never mentioned it. Harry called the flik 'The Stepfather', and it sold well, even better than Harry's first. Jib was amused when he started receiving fan mail. One message was from Tom Mills, the groupie who had bought Jib the antique sports car. He told Jib he would come to Mars and give him five million dollars if Jib would fuck him. Jib declined.

I began speaking to Ed Stavros on a daily basis. He sent me lots of hot photos of himself and told me things he wanted to do to me. Someone told him about my 'lottery' and he told me he hoped I would let him participate. I told him I needed to know him better before I committed to that. One day, Ed repeated something he had been told about a company. He told me if I had any money I wanted to invest, he thought it was a sure thing. I had never been privy to that kind of tip, before, but I knew of people who'd made their fortunes that way. I decided to take a chance. The first video Harry had made, the one in the club was selling very, very well. I took the money I'd made off it as well as fifty million dollars from my savings and put it into the stock of the company. A month later, I had tripled my investment. I sold my stock and paid off the bank loan. The yacht, already on its way to Mars, was mine.

Next, Harry released the flik of Digger fucking me outside. None of us were prepared for the reaction it received. Excerpts from it ran on all the networks news programs. While some experts claimed it was faked, other experts explained how it was done. The fact that the flick also showed lizards mating on the surface was just as newsworthy. People claimed that Jeff and Richard had made the concept of terraforming obsolete. Harry was interviewed many times. I didn't envy him, but he told me he enjoyed being famous. I didn't agree to any interviews, neither did Richard, but I sent out regular announcements to the fan clubs and Sunvision. When sales of that flik started to slow, Harry released the flik of Digger impregnating me outdoors. Oddly, Harry included scans of the baby inside me. That was not porn! But Harry knew what he was doing. The scenes showing the baby were shown on several news programs, providing free publicity. That flik sold phenomenally well, too.

Two months after I got impregnated, it was very visible. I looked fat and I hated it. Mother told me lots of women felt that way and to think of the baby and not my appearance. I wasn't fat, I had Digger's beautiful child. It helped, but I was still uncomfortable with the way I looked.

The next flik that Harry released was the one with Buck, which had been finished for months. It didn't sell. We weren't expecting it to sell like the previous two fliks, but we hoped it would at least sell as well as Harry's first. It didn't come close. It only sold about half as many copies as the sex club flik. It seemed people expected more, whether is was more partners or more ground-breaking. We talked about it a lot. It didn't bother me a bit. I had more money than I'd ever had, and not much to spend it on. No one seemed to be in any hurry to replace the Far View. Buck didn't seem to care that the flik was a flop, either. But it bothered Harry. I know his pride was involved. I pointed out that we had saturated the market. He couldn't disagree with that. Harry postponed the flik with Lee and me, both because it probably wouldn't sell any better, but also because the pregnancy was becoming obvious.

Mother had been right and wrong about my pregnancy. I wasn't sick and there was no pain. But when I was standing I constantly had the feeling I was going to fall on my face. And I couldn't stand my body. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I looked repulsively obese. I couldn't see my dick, anymore, either. Easy became pregnant not long after me, so I had someone to share the annoyances with. Toward the end of the pregnancy, I lost most of my interest in sex. Harry said that was to be expected.

Coincidentally, I was due to give birth the same day my new yacht arrived. The ship carried seventy-nine new colonists in tanks, which meant that by evening, the population of the colony would more than double. And the following day, we would begin bringing our friends and family down from the Far View.

"Something's happening," I said to Digger.

"What do you feel?"

"It's strange. My insides are moving around."

Digger laughed.

"That's not your insides, it's the baby's outsides."

"I mean more than that. It isn't the baby moving."

"This must be it. I've called Midge."

Mother arrived about three seconds later. Em was with her.

"Can Roberta watch?" Em asked.

I cringed.

Just then, I got a call from Alice, one of the pilots of my yacht.

"We are about fifteen minutes from landing," she said.

I laughed.

"Uh. Why are you laughing?"

"I'm less than fifteen minutes from giving birth. I mean it's happening right now!"

"Oh, my! What timing!"

"Yeah. Excuse me for not being there to meet you. I'll send someone."

"Sure, Eric. Good luck!"

"Roy, I just got a call from the yacht," I said. "They are landing in fifteen minutes. Can you send someone out to meet them?"

"Of course, son."

I let my head fall back. I was on my back in bed, wearing a shirt, with no pants. Harry and Richard ran into the bedroom, followed by lots of other people. Soon the bedroom was packed. I wanted to scream at most of them to get out, but didn't. Harry threw cameras into the air. I put my hand over my face and tried not to be even more annoyed.

"We are not putting this into a porn flik!" I said.

"We could put it in a nature documentary," Mother said, brightly.

I laughed. "Not that, either! What comes out of my butt is private!"

"The whole world has seen what and who comes out of your butt. That's how you made most of your money," she said.

"That's true," Digger said. "Everyone on two planets can recognize your asshole. Oh, sorry Roberta."

"Grrrrrrr!" I said to Digger. Then I calmed down. He was trying to get my mind off what was happening. He knew I was scared. I took Digger's hand and held it. He kissed me on the forehead.

"Eric, you know this pregnancy is significant," Harry said.

"Aaah," I said, as something happened. I was horribly embarrassed when, as the baby slid out of me, I had an orgasm. I hadn't had sex for a couple of days and made a big mess. I pulled my shirt over my dick, but cameras caught the beginning of it. Fortunately, Roberta didn't see. I definitely didn't want to explain it to her. I knew I should have realized an orgasm was possible. My ass could give me orgasms when I was fucked. But a baby? If...when we got Jeff back, I needed to find out if something could be done about it. I could just see the headline, 'Eric La Roche has orgasm giving birth!'"

"Oh, dear," Mother said. "And you thought only I could embarrass you."

I laughed.

"Who says giving birth isn't exciting?" Roy said.

I laughed and glared at him. He winked at me.

"We can apply a topical anesthetic for your next delivery," Richard said.

"Oh, thank you!" I said.

Digger handed me a towel. I wiped some of the semen off my shirt. It didn't occur to me until later that while giving birth, I was trying to clean my shirt! Then the baby was completely out. My mother caught her on towels, wiped her clean of a little blood, then wrapped her in a blanket. She handed her to me. I looked at the little thing and wondered just how I managed to be a mother.

"She deserves a better mother," I said, mostly to myself.

"Well, don't worry about that. She has plenty of fathers," Buck said. The men nodded. I smiled at Buck.

"And she has me. I told you it was easy," Mother said to me.

"I'm pretty sure it was Digger, not her."

Easy laughed.

"Did you decide on a name?" Mother asked me.

I looked at Digger. He already knew her name.

"Yes. She's Miserly," I said, joking. "Dear little Miserly."

Everybody laughed.

"That's a joke, right?" Mother asked.

"No. I took 'Midge', 'Easy', and 'Emily' and munched them together," I said.

"I appreciate the thought, but the name sucks," Em said. "Don't munch your baby."

I laughed.

"OK. Then I'll just call her Emily," I said.

"That's a beautiful name," Mother said.

"Oh, Eric, you don't have to do that," Em said. But I could see how pleased she was.

"It's either that, Midge, or Easy. If I name her Midge, I might call her Mother and confuse her." Everybody laughed. "And I refuse for my daughter to be easy."

We laughed.

"No, we wouldn't want her to be like you," Em said.

"Hey! I love that he's easy," Digger said.

All the men in the room agreed.



"Do you think it would be a mistake to help them?" Peabody asked Lin, his alien lover of almost three centuries. They sat in their underground home on opposite side of Mars. "I know it was my idea to break off relations with humanity. But it would be so simple to transmit an upgrade to their nanites that would cure Jeff Rosenbloom. After all, Ban invented nanites to keep me and my brain functioning. Weren't nanites the last bit of technology we sold to Earth?"

"Yes, but programmed only to destroy cancer cells, Lin said.

"It might take years for them to figure it out. Meanwhile, Richard Jensen's brain cells are dying while he works on a solution," Peabody said.

Lin smiled. He glanced over at his brother Lan, who nodded his head. They were both delighted that Peabody was taking such an interest in humans, and especially in Eric La Roche and his family. Their human lover hadn't been enthusiastic about anything for many years.

"It doesn't matter if it is a mistake, my love. You want to help them. If saving lives is a mistake, it's one worth making," Lin said.

Peabody smiled. Those were his feelings, exactly.

"If you like, we can do it as part of your three-hundredth birthday celebration," Lan said.

Peabody smiled and nodded his head. "That's perfect."




The End of Part 2


Note to readers: If you want to know who Peabody is, read my story Peabody and the Host. You can click on this link There will be a Beasts III, and Peabody and his Alaphin family will be in it.




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