Box Shaped Heart Ch. 4

By Laura S. Fox

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Gay Erotica

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Chapter Four It's None of Your Business!

"Would you slow down a bit? I thought you were still feeling a bit sick after all the medicine you took at the hospital," Aron eyed him warily, like he was on the point of giving him the Heimlich maneuver, if need be.

"I don't need to slow down," Carter shrugged as he stuffed his face with another slice of pizza. "Trust me, after you face your death like I did, you won't have any issue with eating a whole pizza either. You know, the things that make you feel alive. And satisfied," he groaned in delight, as he took another bite.

"Well, there are other things that can make you feel just as much alive, if not more," Aron wiggled his eyebrows in the worst attempt at sexual innuendo possible.

Carter wanted to say something that would sting Aron preferably in places not seen by the sun under normal circumstances, but eventually chose not to.

"All in due time," he replied, as he reached for another beer.

"It's funny, you know," Aron spoke, as he ate, too, but at a much slower pace than his husband. "I never thought I would do this with you."

"Eating pizza? Yeah, I know. You told me. I'm all against carbs. I promise I'll go back on a diet. Soon."

Preferably not, but he had to just say it, to confirm that he was Alex, not that Aron could ever suspect such a freakish thing as having his best friend trapped in his husband's body. Ex best friend.

Let's keep the facts straight, Carter. At least the facts.

"No, not just eating pizza. You know, stuff friends do. We played ball together, we're now having beer ... You never do stuff like this with me. And I get it," Aron added and looked away guiltily. "Your career is important. It requires a certain lifestyle. And I knew that when I proposed. When I fell in love with you."

"Hey, you don't have to explain it," Carter hurried. "Well, it's not like I'm going to stay young and pretty forever," he joked. "I'll have to give up on all these ... restrictions, eventually. And then you'll have me all to yourself."

At least, he hoped that was something Alex would have said. Aron looked a bit down, not like he was depressed or something, but like he was contemplating whether admitting to have his husband consider his personal vendetta against carbs more important than their life together was a good or a bad thing.

"Hey, you do know how to cheer up a guy," Aron chuckled softly and took another sip from his beer. "Thanks. But don't threaten me that you won't stay young and pretty forever. That's not what I signed up for."

Carter laughed.

"Well, honey, marriage is for life, and if you ever think of abandoning me in favor of some piece of fresh ass, I'll pull your eyes out."

Was that enough to sound like the diva Alex probably was? He hoped so. But Aron became serious again.

"Please don't speak like this. I've never cheated on you."

Oh, that. That was a sore point right there. He shouldn't have needled at it, but for some reason curiosity was eating him up inside.

"Yeah, I don't remember that either. Why would I think that? You're the perfect husband."

He was totally talking out of his ass right now, but he wanted Aron to stop looking like a beaten dog. The verbal thrashing Aron must have gotten from Alex would probably have been of biblical proportions. And, if Alex was suspecting Aron of cheating, he surely didn't think he was married to the most awesome guy in the universe.

"If you don't remember, that's probably for the best," Aron sighed. "Let's just bury the hatchet."

Carter shrugged.

"If you say so."

He was fine with everything either way, as long as Aron was okay with it, too. And he was pretty damn sure that Alex was an asshole to think his husband was a cheater.


They had spent the rest of the day watching TV and chillaxing. It was a tad unnerving how familiar it felt. Just another occasion to realize how much he was missing Aron's company. They had been best buds since first grade. They had always been together until that moment. Or, better said, he had always felt he had been left behind, ever since Aron went away, after college. Only that he didn't want to go there.

Why couldn't he live with the fact that Aron liked guys, not girls? He had never thought himself a bigot, someone ready to throw a bible at non-believers and whatnot. But he could still not explain it, why he had acted that way, that day. He wouldn't.

Shut up, brain. That's none of your business.

It had just felt like something had just been stolen from him. Like someone was doing that so that Carter could not have Aron anymore. Would he have acted the same if Aron had been marrying a woman? He could not tell. His gut instinct was telling him that he would have just been happy for the guy. No hard feelings. As he had always thought. Aron with some nice girl, in a nice house, with nice kids, inviting Carter over for beers and watching a game on Sundays. That had been a part of life that he had thought he had all figured out. Until that horrible day.

The fact that Aron was marrying a guy had struck him with the force of a thousand lightning bolts, right in the head and in the chest, messing him up in a single moment. He had hated Alex without even meeting the guy. The fact that he had learned about him later, that he was in the fashion business and all that, had only come to confirm his suspicions that a douchebag had stolen his best friend away from him.

"Were there others before me?" he blurted out without thinking.

Aron's eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Look, Alex, I already told you that I didn't cheat," he said severely.

"Yeah, I know. But before me. Had you been with others?"

"What kind of a question is that? You well know I had," Alex exclaimed. "Are we going to go over all my past relationships now?"

"Why not?" This time, Carter was sure he didn't want to let go. "Not that I'm jealous or anything. I'm just curious." Curious how he could have been so blind not to notice his best friend liked guys. That went to prove what a head in the clouds could do, after all.

"Curious about new ways to fuel your paranoia?" Aron snapped. "You are always so obsessed that I might look at someone else in a way that you don't like. Drop it, Alex. Seriously, I thought you were going to be more honest about everything, after being married for two years."

Aron got up from the sofa, taking the bottle of beer with him. Carter stared after him, wondering. What kind of marriage did these two have? Sounded like a complicated one. Was he really going to intervene like this? All he wanted was to understand his best friend better. Ex-best friend. He had blown that all right.

And now he was just messing up the guy's marriage even more, only because he was curious. The point was, Aron had made pretty good efforts to seem hetero, for as long as he could remember. He had been dating girls, while they were in high school and college. Who could have suspected Aron of being gay? He certainly did not.

But whatever questions he had, he needed to just wait until he was himself to get the answers for. But what if he never woke up from that hospital bed? Well, maybe it was all about the punishment fitting the crime. He had been an asshole about Aron getting married to a guy, and now he had no right to ask the questions he should have asked that day.

And, on top of everything, Aron was pissed. Maybe he should have just stuck to benign things, like light conversation and handjobs. That seemed easy enough. Maybe the same rule applied to body swapping experience as to time travel. He had no right to change things, just like time travelers were not supposed to change the past.

Now, it was up to him to set things right with Aron. No matter how much of a douchebag Alex was, Carter had no right to pass judgement on a wrecked marriage, when they were going to go back to their own selves.


Aron was ready to go to bed, it seemed. Carter stopped for a moment and looked at the man. The guy probably slept naked, because all that Carter could see was his bare torso, as the rest was covered by a thin deep blue blanket. Aron was still pissed, and he was pretending to read something on his laptop.

"Should I just go sleep on the sofa?" he asked.

Aron's eyes snapped up, looking at Carter like he was seeing his husband for the first time. Ugh, this was growing old. Either Aron came to terms that the accident had forever changed his husband, or Carter learned how to Alex and fast. Both alternatives had a failure prognosis of at least 50%. Or more.

"No, just come here," the man said gruffly, but pulled back the blanket to welcome his supposedly better half to the conjugal bed.

Carter slid under the cover, decided to just be good from now on, and not try to mess up delicate things like Aron's marriage.

"You're going to be hot if you sleep like this. Stop acting like a primadona already and get undressed. I'm not mad, I promise."

Yeah, right. Carter was no fool. Aron was mad, and as his husband, Carter had to do something about that. A good start was to behave like he didn't mind being ordered around.

Well, he was supposed to get changed in some pajamas or something. Carter was sure Alex was the type to wear all silk and stuff. But, for now, to appease a miffed husband, he needed to do something else. He had a vague recollection of how one of his ex-girlfriends had shared with him the secret of how to tame a pissed guy. Well, he hoped gay guys were not that different when it came to bedroom affairs.

After all, it was just Alex's body, and it was no foul play if he decided to use it. So, he got up from the bed, and began to take off his t-shirt. How did those chicks do those striptease shows? He was supposed to have some languorous moves, right?

He tried to move his hips as he pulled the t-shirt over his head. At that inopportune time, a sudden swing of the hips made him lose balance and he just ended up fighting against the t-shirt that was now refusing to let go, while trying to balance his entire weight on just one foot. The lamp on the night stand made a dangerous pirouette, but eventually settled, rattling back on its base.

"What on earth are you doing there, Alex?" Aron asked, exasperated.

"Just trying to get undressed," Carter finally managed to pull himself free from the evil t-shirt.

"Can you do it without hurting yourself?"

A hint of a smile could be felt in those words. That was good. At least Aron was no longer that pissed. And Carter sucked at striptease. So he just decided to push down his pants and throw them in some indefinite direction. Dressed in nothing but a pair of underwear that probably qualified as tiny and cute by gay standards, he climbed on the bed again. That small piece of clothing certainly didn't hide a thing.

Aron's eyes were on him, forcing him to look up.

"What?" he asked, but his throat was suddenly very dry.

"Take that off, too. I hope you don't think I'll jump you. And that kind of underwear may just excite me more than act like a barrier between you and what I want."

Carter opened his mouth to say something, but Aron seemed pretty serious about each and every word he had said. With a shrug, he shucked down his underwear and grabbed the blanket to cover himself.

With a smile that was saying nothing good was afoot, Aron put away his laptop and turned towards Carter.

"Are you going to sleep?" Aron asked slowly, his words dipped in honey.

"Well, I should," Carter replied, with a small frown. "But I suppose I can stay awake a little longer, for your sake."

"Oh, His Majesty thinks he's doing me a favor," Aron shook his head, like he could just not believe it.

"All right, what do you want?"

"Do you really think you have it in you to handle my answer? You can't handle the truth!" Aron spoke in a thunderous voice, and the worse impersonation of Jack Nicholson that had ever been made.

"Try me," Carter challenged.

In a second, Aron was sneaking towards him, navigating under the blanket like an U boat on a mission. The way the guy pinned him to the bed with a swift move was almost funny. Almost. Carter was not amused.

"Hey!" Carter protested, but the guy was way too strong for him.

He was pretty damn certain that their dicks were touching now. Alex was between his legs, and was grinding slowly against his husband's body. And no matter how detached about it all Carter wanted to be, he could not deny what he was feeling. The feeling of another dude's cock on his.

But the friction was nice.

"After pissing me off like that, the least you could do is give me some sugar," Aron punctuated every word with a push of his hips.

Carter groaned and closed his eyes.

"Do what you must, beast," he said theatrically. "Defile the poor innocent maiden ..."

Aron snorted.

"Trust me, baby, if I wanted to defile you, I would have taken you on a different tour right now."

Carter opened one eye, to stare at Aron. What could the guy mean by that?

"What, do you have some dungeon hidden somewhere?"

"No, but you're making me think that I should at least get a spanking paddle," Aron replied and grunted as he continued to rub himself dry against Carter's naked crotch.

"A spanking paddle?" Carter protested. "How will I explain my red butt at work then?"

"C'mon, Alex, it's not like you're showing your ass there. Or are you lately?"

"Yeah, right, everyone just loves my face. No one cares about my butt."

"Oh, I care about your butt. I care about your butt very much," Aron confirmed as he slid one hand to cup Carter's ass from below.

Aron leaned in for a kiss, and Carter let him. What was he to do anyway? Aron was such a great kisser, though. It almost made him feel no regrets that he was basically forcing the guy to cheat. Whatever, what he didn't know could not hurt him. So he decided to just wrap his legs around the guy, to help him.

Aron groaned into his mouth, but he didn't let go. Carter was starting to get the hang of it. The man had a pretty wicked tongue, and Carter was not going to deny that he liked it. He could suck on it, too, and that seemed to be something Aron definitely appreciated, by the way he increased the rhythm of his movements.

It was clearly a far shot to come from just this kind of humping, but Carter was more than willing to give it a try. It was all just happening because he was trapped in a gay guy's body, anyway. He wasn't the one liking it, but Alex. His body, his pleasures. Sounded like a great rule. The golden rule of being gay.

Aron withdrew and pushed himself back on his knees, in a half sitting position. Carter watched in fascination how the man was pumping his dick. It was a sight to behold, and even he, a not-gay guy, could admit it. The man's bulging muscles, the strong grip on that fantastic big cock ...

Aron was a handsome man, good muscles everywhere, nice body hair, and the face of a sinner. Yeah, Carter could see it. He wasn't blind. Any guy in the universe could have said the same thing in his place. And it was pretty nice to see a good looking guy like this going about his business, with a small frown on his face, his long fingers wrapped around his cock, trying to bring himself to shoot a load.

"Turn," Aron said curtly.

That sounded dangerous. If he turned, he was going to be exposed to the guy's cock. No, his ass was going to be exposed. So he remained there frozen, saying nothing.

"I won't fuck you," Aron promised. "I just want to see your ass. Come on, baby, don't keep me hanging."

That was supposed to sound like a plea, but it was actually an order, with an underlying hint at how much the guy was strung right now. Whatever, he had tried earlier to do a striptease show. This was even easier to do.

He turned and pushed himself up on his fours, without being told to. Probably that was how Aron was normally taking his husband, from behind, doggy-style. He only had to behave like his girlfriends from before. Show some ass, wiggle some tail. Easy-peasy.

Aron's hand was hard and demanding on his ass cheek, as the man was trying to push it aside. Oh, he wanted to see the asshole. The tiny asshole that wanted no dicking. Carter sighed, but grabbed his other butt cheek to spread wide. There was a strange tickling sensation and he could feel something like a small vibration right under his cock, only at the thought of being watched like this. By now, Aron had to have a pretty cool view. Not that he could call that a pretty view. How could he tell? He hadn't had the time to stare at himself, now that he was inhabiting the body of a fashion icon or something. Local fashion icon. Not like an international one. But still.

"Grab your ass with your hands, and keep it open like this," Aron ordered, and Carter obeyed.

He could feel his hole twitch, and by the way Aron was whispering dirty encouragements, he was doing a pretty good job. Now he only needed to think of something else. Not of how his ex best friend was staring at him like he was a sex object, and how much his dick seemed to appreciate the situation.

What did his girlfriends think about while they had been staying like this, while he had been in the same position as Aron right now? Had they been wishing that the guy should just hurry up and fuck them? Or they had just been bored and already thinking about how much nicer would have been to be on the phone and play Candy Crush Saga?

Aron's labored breath behind him did not let him concentrate. What was he supposed to do to avoid thinking of dangerous stuff? It felt kind of weird to keep his asshole open like that. It was like he could feel a little breeze.

He caught his breathe as he felt something warm and liquid hitting his backside and pouring down his ass crack. A small shudder crossed his body. Well, at least Aron seemed to be easy to satisfy. That was good to know. Until Alex was back, ready to take care of his husbandly duties, he could act as a passive replacement. Oh, no, he had just thought the word passive? It was like he was getting gayer by the second. Was it possible to become contaminated with gayness?

A quick slap on the ass made him purse his lips and groan.

"Thanks, baby," Aron spoke and lay down on his side of the bed. "Good night."

Carter stared at his husband feeling a little robbed of something, for some reason he could not exactly pinpoint. So he was left with jizz pouring down his ass, while the fucker was just turning on one side to sleep. With a murmured curse, he stood up and traipsed toward the bathroom. Alex probably didn't usually sleep with jizz all over his asshole, so it was all right to take a short shower.

By the time he got back to the bed to sleep, Aron was already in the land of dreams. With a shrug, he just sneaked under the blanket. Well, it did feel nice to sleep naked, and, somehow, the steady rhythm of Aron's breathing was making him feel relaxed.

Tomorrow, he was going to see what the hell was going on with this weird body swap thing. After that, maybe he was going to be friends with Aron again. Provided that he wasn't going to act like an uncontrollable jerk.


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