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Five minutes late.

Of all the times for Eddie to be five minutes late to relieve Harry of his shift...this was the absolute worst.

Harry had been sitting in that cabin alone all night. Annoyed by the constant and repetitive tapping of his own pen on the desktop. The handheld radio chatter, mere background noise, as his thoughts were blurred together with an uncompromising feeling of anxiety. He couldn't be late. Not tonight. He had to go. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Something so....so wicked. And yet...so unbelievably tempting. A dirty deed that was right there within his grasp. Something real. Something he would remember for the rest of his life. It was the kind of risk that made one beg the question...'What if I had let something like this pass me by?' A temptation that was too strong to resist. A regret that he would carry with him the rest of his days and straight to the grave if he didn't take advantage of it now.

What would it be like? What would it feel like? People may deny it, but some of them dream about this sort of thing in the back of their minds. In dark places where most people fear to tread. Never to dwell on thoughts that ma uncover some hidden part of themselves that was better left alone. But...what will it really be like...to succumb to a fantasy that he never entertained before it was presented to him in such a brazen way? What would it be like to indulge in the dark naughtiness of it, just for a little while?

Before, the idea would have turned him off instantly. Had it been anyone else having these urges, Harry would have labeled him with a stigma of the most horrible sense of perversion. And yet...now that he was in the position to engage in the unholy sin of it...he's found an entire part of his personality that he never knew existed before. His own thoughts were now foreign to him. And yet, alive with this sensual pulse that made him even more impatient for his replacement to arrive.

Harry's feet were bouncing more frantically underneath his desk now. The more he looked over at the clock, the slower the digital numbers ticked by. Every single minute got two or three glances each. He should leave. Just up and leave. Eddie knows that he's supposed to be there at 11 PM on the dot. He should be there EARLY, if not on time. Being the groundskeeper for a campsite that hasn't even really been populated yet for the Summer can't be all that difficult. What the hell is he doing? Where the hell IS he???

As Harry's eager fantasies ran wild in his mind, his pulsing hardness began to leak copious amounts of nectar into the fabric of his underwear. His heart was racing. His lungs seemed to shrink down to half their natural size as his breathing became labored and unsatisfying. The arousal was beyond compare. A merciless sensation of unforgiving horniness. Harry was nearing his 40th birthday...and here he was, trembling with a carnality that he hadn't experienced since he was a nervous thirteen year old boy going to his first boy/girl mixed party. Who still has reactions like these at his age? That's what he kept asking himself. Hoping that he could somehow pull the answer out of thin air. But no answers were provided to him. Just the lustful anticipation of tasting forbidden fruit. Someone was waiting for him. Someone that wanted to pleasure him in ways that he had never imagined before. If only Eddie could get his lazy ASS there on time like he's SUPPOSED to!!!

Finally...a door opens behind him, and in wobbles Eddie. The smell of beer on his breath, and a ham and salami hoagie in his right hand. The sight would have inspired a look of disgust from Harry if he had taken the time to look for more than a quick moment.

"Jesus! It's about TIME!" Harry says, practically jumping out of his seat and immediately gathering up his things so he can go.

"Hey, hey, what's the big rush? The wife got you on lockdown or something?" Eddie said, a slight belch accenting the sentence at the end.

"Don't you worry about that. 11 O'clock means 11 O'clock. I'm tired of sitting around waiting for your ass to get here."

"Take it easy. I just stopped off to get a sandwich. That's all. I'm sure you've got plenty of time to get to the ball, 'Cinder-fella'."

Harry could have argued his point a bit further, but he had more important things on his mind. He wanted to get out of that place and on the road as soon as possible. He basically threw the keys at his relief and punched out in such a rush that he didn't even take the time to line up the printed stamp on the card. "I'm gone. Later." Harry said. Eddie tried to return the parting salutation, but turned his head to see only a closing door as Harry hurried down the small hill, away from the groundskeeper's cabin and straight to his car.

Harry fumbled with the keys. He was so jittery. But it wasn't fear that he felt. It was more like an adrenaline rush. Sometimes it feels good to be bad. Harry knew his wife would ask questions if he was too late coming home to her and his two children. But he didn't expect this to take very long. Maybe a half hour, forty five minutes tops. It's not like he was spending the night with someone. It was a 'hook up'. A random meeting in darkness. An unexpected sexual encounter. It had to be quick. Controlled and contained. He just wanted to...see what it was like. He never knew that he was curious about it before. But again, he had never been approached before. Not for something like this.

At first he balked at the idea. It was so...unthinkable. Why would he even consider such a wicked proposition? People go to JAIL for this kind of thing. People go to HELL for this kind of thing! As he drove down that dark road through the looming darkness of the surrounding woods...Harry's thoughts drifted to the horror stories he had read in the papers. The movies and the prime time cop shows, where people who engaged in such lewd and offensive acts were strung up and gutted publicly for the enjoyment of the masses. Visions of being dragged through the mud by the media, being sent to prison where he'd be beaten and raped repeatedly, possibly even murdered, ideas of being forced to register as a sex offender everywhere he went...being run out of local neighborhoods, disowned by his family, and fired from any job that was willing to do their research on the internet. Harry knew the dangers well. He knew the risk he was taking. He knew the awful consequences of getting caught. He even knew that there was a definite possibility that this whole thing was just a cheap prank, or a trap, or a sting operation set up by the local authorities before families begin populating the wooded area surrounding the lake for the Summer. One missed step...and his life could be over. Truly over.

So why didn't he stop the car?

Why didn't he turn around and go home to his family?

What was it that kept his foot firmly pressed on the gas, sending him barreling towards a mysterious rendezvous that could very well mean the end of everything that he held dear to him?

It was because...deep down inside...down in a dark, unexplored, region of his true self...there was a part of him that believed in the one credo that always leads men like him into peril. The words echoed in his very soul...urging him on. Telling him not to worry. The words were so simple. So alluring. So full of truth...

'Who's going to know?'

Harry had to push down hard on the brake as he nearly missed his turn in the darkness. The road towards the lake was that way. He had almost been too lost in his thoughts to recognize it. He didn't want to be any later than he already was. Focus, Harry. You're almost there.

It had been an ordinary week for Harry at work. He watches the campgrounds and surrounding woods. He makes sure people aren't littering or starting campfires that could be harmful to the area. Unwanted or unregistered campers can be a problem in that area. But not so much of one that he had to stay forever vigilant to the point of having to leave the cabin every five minutes. It was mostly young punks trying to find a private gathering place to drink and smoke. Trying to scare each other with old ghost stories about Lady Margaret, the widow of Widow Lake. Silliness. Nothing he needed a badge to handle. Shine a flashlight on them and they scatter like pigeons in the park. So he really didn't have to do much patrolling in that area. Instead he stayed still. Only occasionally going out to check on things to make sure they were in order. And sometimes for a smoke himself.

But yesterday...was different. Yesterday changed things.

The boy was about 15 years old, judging by Harry's best guesses. It was getting harder and harder to tell these days. Some older teens have baby faces, and some younger teens have growth spurts that towered over him at nearly six feet. But this boy...he seemed almost dream-like in his appearance. There was something about his delicate beauty that made him look younger than he really was. But there was something in his eyes...something too devious to be considered even remotely 'innocent'. Slim and almost feminine in stature, yet his voice was too deep to belong to a girl. A boyish voice. A hazy voice. Seductively so. His hair appeared to be almost newborn baby soft. Harry had never actually 'touched' its silken texture...but even from a distance, he could tell that it was beyond the softness of the normal locks that most teenagers have cascading down the sides of their unblemished faces. An extremely light blond. Practically white, with a few golden strands for coloring...and yet, it carried with it the most inconspicuous hint of aqua green in it's already mesmerizing color. Harry had never seen anything like it before. Blond and light aqua green. At times he couldn't tell if it was the hair itself, or just a highlighted reflection of his stunningly beautiful eyes, which proudly sported a less subtle shade of the same amazing color. The boy was so breathtakingly beautiful that Harry was struck speechless the morning he first laid eyes on him by the side of the road. Long arms and legs, slender waist, flat stomach. An exquisite display of youth that made him nostalgic for a time when he too could reach even a fraction of that level of beauty. His thin, but lush, lips were blushed a shade of dark pink. His facial features so soft and graceful in detail that Harry almost felt that they would change if he stared at them too hard. Bashful features. Fragile features. Like ripples in warm buttermilk. Harry was enchanted by him at first glance, and it was a vision that he couldn't let go of. No matter how hard he tried.

That first night, it was Harry's wife that was rewarded with the extra affection. Kisses and hugs. Physical touching and petting. And eventually, a quiet romp in the bedroom while their children slept in their beds unaware. Ask...and Harry would have denied, even under threat of torture, that the young boy was the inspiration for such a wild burst of intimacy. But deep down...he knew. Some part of him understood. Even if it was hidden behind years of external brainwashing and protective mind chatter...and stored deep in his subconscious, where it was dark enough to refuse all knowledge of its existence. In his mind, there would always be another excuse for his sudden libido. Always. He could have gone the rest of his life without ever thinking about it again.

But....the boy came back.

He was waiting for Harry when he drove into work that afternoon. The boy hardly ever never smiled. It was almost as if he had no reason to. Not that he was an angry or a melancholy youth...not at all. It was just that his beauty didn't need the added smile to accent it. His appearance warmed Harry's heart either way. The boy's voice was like a soothing song in his ears. But Harry didn't hear it often. A word here or there. Nothing more. The very sight of him reduced Harry to a lump of anxious wiggles and infatuated tremors. He was soooo surreal. Harry had never been a homosexual. Never even considered it before. Not even to experiment, as most boys did at younger ages in his school and Boy Scout troop. No...Harry had never experienced feelings like this. This boy was special. He was something to be desired no matter what his preference was. He was definitely a boy worthy of unexplained craving. A wanting that pushed beyond all confusion. A problem to be dwelled upon...after.

Harry noticed the rest of the world rapidly disappearing behind his car as he began to take the last few necessary turns to get to his final destination. No one was around. No one could see. No one could hear. His heart pounded in his chest with a fury. Was he really doing this? Was it too late to stop himself?

He pulled over, coming to a complete stop, and turned off the ignition. There it was again. That thrill. That feeling of panicked butterfly wings vibrating in the center of his stomach. He sat in the car for another moment or two in silence. Where was his logic? Where was his strength? His manhood? Why couldn't he come up with a reason to not go through with this? Surely...something like this was never ever going to happen to him ever again. But so what? Is that a bad thing? He can easily go the rest of his life without being involved in something so wrong. But....

...Even as the inner conflicts raged on inside his head...he found himself removing the keys from the ignition, the growing lump in his pants flexing as he took his first step towards one of the most wickedly exciting things he had ever done. Or had even dreamed of doing. Lord, have mercy on his soul.

Harry walked towards the community shower house. A small building with sufficient lighting, and enough showers to support about 15 to 20 people before and after they went swimming in the nearby lake. The calm, rippling water could be heard in the background. Were it not for the glimmer of the full moon that night, the raven black waves would have remained practically invisible to anyone who wasn't standing directly on the lake's edge. The area was incredibly charming at night. The symphony of crickets and late night critters soothed Harry's mind as he thought back to the moment the offer was made to him.

The boy said his name was Io. 'Eye-Oh'. Not a usual name for a boy, but it seemed to fit him for some reason. Slightly exotic, just like the rest of him. With all of the lodges and surrounding Summer homes, Harry was used to a few hippie influenced parents giving their kids strange names. Dragging them along as they come back every Summer to commune with Mother Nature. It was no big deal to him. It was Io's eyes that truly were his crowning jewel. Every blink spoke with an eloquence that could lull you to sleep with their charm. Long lashes, and deep greenish blue color. When Io looked at Harry, he could feel his legs go weak. There was no shame in his stare. His look was penetrating...truly invasive. The kind of look that would force someone to confess everything they had ever done wrong without him having to ask a single question. There was a knowledge that went beyond the world in those eyes. And after only his second day of staring into them so longingly, Io approached Harry and lightly touched his arm. It was the first physical contact that he'd had with the boy....and it was electric. The words too beautiful came to his mind. It was simply too much to take in all at once. You had to literally stare to collect and process all the information given. Such a lovely boy. An androgynous fairytale prince...who's touch was as light as the first warm breeze of Spring. Harry's will power and secured sexuality was no match in the end.

Meet him in the North End shower house after his shift. That's what Harry was told. Nothing more needed to be said. The boy knew what Harry wanted. He had, undoubtedly, seen that look glide across his waifish frame many times in the past. So girlish in his looks, but not in any of his movements or mannerisms. Just a pretty, pretty, boy. An odd gesture, the boy took a hold of Harry's hand, and he positioned Harry's fingers in such a way. Bending the pinky, crossing the index finger over the middle finger, while the ring finger stayed straight. Then Angling the thumb. Harry had no idea what it meant and Io never told him, but the boy seemed satisfied with the symbol. Harry was given only the slightest of smirks as Io walked away from him with a light wave of his hand. Knowing that he would be there tonight. Knowing that the gift nature had given him had been used as a savage weapon against Harry's every vulnerability. Harry scoffed at the idea as soon as Io left his side...but he couldn't let the thought of it go. The thought wouldn't let go of him either.

Within the first hour, Harry was trying to convince himself that it was sick. Depraved. Downright fiendish to even consider it. He'd have no parts of it.

In the second hour...he was laughing it off as a joke. The idea...some teenager having a laugh at his expense. Ridiculous.

The third and fourth hours were spent wondering. Contemplating. Trying to find clues within their brief interaction that would tip him off as to whether the boy was being serious or not. It was during this time, that random flashes of the boy's smooth skin and velvet soft hair appeared unannounced as whispers in Harry's mind. Thoughts of the boy's sweet cherry lips. Thoughts of how flexible his youthful body would be, and how warm those arms and legs would be as they wrapped themselves around him. Harry would instinctively force himself to be disgusted by the thoughts in his head...

But by the fifth hour...he no longer saw a reason why he should. Let the thoughts come. It's just a stupid fantasy. It's not like he's really going to do anything. He was convinced that, by tomorrow morning, he would have forgotten the whole thing. He was certain that his wife was going to get another dose of romance that evening...just to relieve himself of the seductive energies flowing within him. But as time went on...and it got nearer to the end of his shift...Harry's thoughts went to places that he never thought they'd go. How can he be satisfied with the love of his wife...when there was something so new, so unknown, so ripe...just waiting for him out there in the darkness. A boy pretty enough to be a girl. An excuse that Harry thought he could use to justify his unbearable attraction to him. What would it be like...to hold that soft, slender, highly responsive, teen body against him? What would it be like to stimulate it in ways that maybe Io hadn't discovered yet? To feel every sensual shiver and twitch, reacting to Harry's gentle touch...skin to skin...the feel and taste of him...of innocence that was no longer innocent. What if it's real? What if it's possible?

"Just this once." Harry thought to himself. "Just once, and I'll file it away in my 'secrets that I take with me to the grave' folder. Nobody is going to know. Nobody."

It was thoughts of simply holding the slim body against him, and kissing those perfect young lips of his, that gave Harry the courage to open the car door, and go into the shower house where they were sure to be alone. Not only was he exited, but he had grown impatient to the point where the longing to see him again ached in his belly. He salivated at the thought of being so close.

Harry was walking quietly into the warmly lit area, peeking around corners, nervously awaiting the moment when he found out just how real or how fake all of this really was...so he could somehow get back to his life again. Did he want it to be a hoax? Did he want it to be an opportunity? He couldn't tell. But he found himself being relieved when he didn't see anyone in the showers. No young boys to molest, no temptations to be had, no regrets to be created for later. There might have been a slight pinch of disappointment in his heart, but it was so easily hidden behind his emotional barriers. If anyone asked why he was there, he could always say that he was checking the area for trespassers. Easy fix. Free from the idea, Harry sighed to himself, and walked through the small dressing area so he could turn out the lights and go home.

"You're late." Came a voice from the corner. Harry jumped a little as he turned around. And there was little Io...sitting on the floor with his back leaned up against the lockers. A pair of baggy jeans and a white long sleeved T-shirt. "I thought you wanted this." He said.

Harry was frozen. Just when he thought that his heart couldn't beat any faster, the teen pushed himself up to his feet, and gave him a friendly smile. That aqua green stare reducing Harry to a near epileptic fit of worrisome tremors.

The boy walked over to the speechless adult, and reached out a delicate hand to place, palm down, on his chest. Harry spasmed and took a step back, embarrassed that the boy's touch had actually caused him to gasp aloud.

"Don't be afraid." Io told him, his stare holding Harry's attention hostage with no signs of giving him permission to turn away. The boy's hand traveled slowly up to the man's collar, and his thumb traced small circles at the base of Harry's neck. "This will be fun." He said quietly. "I promise."

Harry felt helpless. So helpless. His sturdy barricades were being dissolved faster than he could build new ones. The boy was so stunning. So pretty. Had he the strength to pull away from the bewitching glory of his eyes...he would have only been able to look down at the dark pink lips directly beneath them. Lips that Io licked with a wry grin.

Io then turned around, and lifted his arms. "Undress me." He said. Harry's hands trembled. Afraid to cross another line. His hesitation caused Io to smile at him over his shoulder. "Harry?" He asked. "Undress me."

Harry was so hard that he swore he could feel the tension in his teeth. He became instantly paranoid of the situation, looking all around, keeping his ears open for some sort of a trick or a prank to happen. Wondering if there was some hidden camera lodged in one of the corners. But there was nothing. As far as he knew...they really were alone.

Harry could feel himself holding his breath as his shaky hands reached out towards the bottom of the boy's shirt. Just a little too long for him, the shirt tail hung down to the back of his thighs, the sleeves bunched up slightly at the wrist, the rest of the fabric hanging loose on his narrow frame. He lightly grabbed the material, and ever so slowly began to lift it up towards the ceiling. Harry gasped the moment the backs of his fingers came into contact with Io's flawless skin. Touching the warm flesh just above the waistline of his pants was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was unreal. As if his skin had been created out of pure magic and nothing else. He raised the shirt further....the boy's tight little buttocks now in view. A tasty little 'hump', partially obscured by the extra material of his jeans. Io giggled slightly, his already serpentine hips contracting even more as Harry's fingers traveled up his sides. Harry felt as if he was truly falling in love at that moment. He knew nothing about him...and yet, was almost ready and willing to leave his wife and family...JUST based on the promise that he could forever remain in close contact with this skin.

Further up the boy's chest went Harry's excited hands. Now at his armpits, he felt the cutest tufts of light blond hair. Barely enough to take notice of, but definitely ready to bloom in the years, maybe even months, to come. Io allowed the shirt to come the rest of the way off of his arms, and Harry nearly lost his control as he saw the silken light blond hair fall gently back down into Io's beautiful eyes once the shirt was over and off. Turning back around, Harry saw two dark pink nipples, no bigger than a dime. Erect and pointing directly at him. A shallow navel, barely deep enough to cast a shadow from the lights above. No treasure trail, no chest hair. Just gleaming white, porcelain, flesh. And the temptation to go further.

Again, Harry hesitated. Now ashamed of himself for going this far. Thoughts of stopping and going home before he went too far to make it back to his sanity were spinning frantically in his mind. He looked down at the ground, but Io didn't allow Harry's guilt to get the best of him. No...it was much too late for that now.

Io took a hold of Harry's hands, and pulled them to his belt buckle. He didn't say another word, but the command was easily expressed. Io allowed his wiry arms to rise up to Harry's shoulders, and clasp gently behind his neck...allowing Harry to do all the work to finish undressing him. Harry felt tears welling up in his eyes, but it came more from trying to hold himself back than anything else. He just wanted to let go. Just for a little while. He couldn't help himself. He didn't want to help himself. As Io's pants came undone, he saw that the boy wasn't wearing any underwear. His manhood sprang out, pulsing with Io's rapid heartbeat. So excited. So alive. Literally tingling with electric arousal. Harry's bottom lip quivered as the rest of his will power gave way to lust. The five inches of hardened adolescence...the softer than soft garden of sparse hair at the base of his shaft...the neatly sculpted tip, leaking a single droplet of fluid, the flared head blushing the color of roses...it became the final straw for him. It was simply something that he couldn't stop. Not now. He'd never forgive himself if he stopped now.

Slowly....so slowly, Harry lowered himself to his knees, allowing the loose jeans slide down Io's coltish legs and puddle lovingly around his ankles. The boy stared directly into Harry's eyes from above. Waiting for his broken companion to finally tear away that last thin layer of pointless resistance. Once Harry got a taste, he could abandon all hope of taking back the action. Once the line was crossed...he'd have no further reason to deny his desire. Io knew that better than anyone. So with a boyish grin, he lightly teased the older man by pushing his hips forward, ever so slightly...gently bumping the side of the man's lips with his hardness. A soft, sensual, chuckle escaped his tender lips, and Io placed his hands on Harry's shoulders as he stepped out of his jeans and waited for the man to pay him his tribute.

Harry's conflicts were almost nonexistent now. Such a build up of expectation, and Io was every bit as impressive as he imagined he would be. Harry tuned his head slightly to the right, and gave the side of Io's shaft a lingering kiss. The flesh was warm. Softer than anything he had ever felt before. How can something so rigid maintain the softness of half baked bread? Harry slid his lips up to the tip to give it a kiss. His tongue reached under the rim of his head...and he used it to pull the boy an inch or so into his mouth. Just an inch or so. Enough for a first taste. All tip and no shaft, but delicious nonetheless. The spongy head felt as though it was melting in his mouth, his lips sucking a it as Io sighed above. His young fingers gradually tightening their grip on Harry's broad shoulders. Harry closed his eyes. He couldn't believe that he was actually committing a homosexual act. On a child, no less. But he closed his eyes and he tuned out the rest of his alarmed conscience...allowing him to continue. To focus on the bliss surrounding the moment. As he felt Io's tender palm slide up his neck, rubbing softly across his ear as it traveled up to tangle his fingers in his hair...he surprised himself with an involuntary whimper of delight. One that he couldn't contain. And with that, his suction increased, and his mission to engulf the rest of the teen's warm inches was well under way.

There wasn't a place on him that Harry wasn't amazed by when it came to the touch. It was almost unnatural, the amazingly textureless surface of his fresh young skin. He could feel the boy's sexual heat on his cheeks as his nose buried itself in the cobweb softness of his immature patch of hair. A scent, not unlike that of melted vanilla ice cream, proved to be an aphrodisiac that made him suck even harder. Back and forth. Slowly. Gently. Savoring the taste of him. The feel of Io's fingers in his hair. The subtle quivering of his legs as he pleasured him...hungry for Io's body in a way that frightened even him.

When he began, Harry's hands were positioned on either side of the teen's slender waist. But as the passion grew in intensity and the shame melted away...Harry's hands circled further backward, gripping the tight young mounds of ripe flesh behind him. It was as if there was no muscle at all to spoil the putty like feel of it. The round globes so squeezable, that Harry nearly forgot about everything else that was going on. Io's body was perfection. Head to toe. A divine poem personified. Harry nearly climaxed without any mutual stimulation at all. Something about this boy was the purest definition of raw addiction. Seductive. Frighteningly so.

It was only moments before Harry was about to reach the point of no return when Io put both hands on Harry's head, and pushed him back with a smile. Already, his mouth felt empty. He wanted more.

"Come...." Io said quietly, and he removed his socks to walk, completely naked, towards the showers. His throbbing erection eagerly pointing the way.

Harry heard the water start up, and took a moment to catch his breath. He could still taste him. He was literally dizzy with a longing that had officially spun out of control. There were no more questions preceding his next action. No more thought given to the consequences that may follow. Only this one moment, and the raw ache for the sensual figure in the next room.

Harry took his clothes off, keeping his own cautious thoughts at bay. Io was so young, so beautiful. Harry felt a pinch of embarrassment as his own body came into view. Not that he was too far out of shape, but he was hardly the striking beauty that Io was. Patches of chest hair, love handles, the beginnings of man-boobs. Not like Io. Io was taut, his skin tight and smooth, his body lean and athletic. He had a 'glow' about him. A sexual arrogance that he couldn't hide behind the most modest of grins. Harry had forgotten what it was like to be so tasty.

Harry glanced around the corner, and saw Io with both of his hands pushing the water back through his whitish blond locks, his body displayed with all the grace of a stretching cat on a window sill. Gloriously naked under the spray of the shower nozzle. Almost untouchable. Harry approached him, and softly wrapped his arms around the boy from behind. Ohhhh, the smell of him. Intoxicating.

Io turned around without breaking Harry's embrace, and the boy stared silently into his eyes. A penetrating stare. One that would make most people uncomfortable. There was no emotion in it. At all. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul...but when Harry looked into those aqua blue orbs of his...he saw nothing staring back at him. Not even his own reflection.

Io stepped back slightly, lightly pulling Harry under the shower spray with him. Harry caught a sudden shock as he felt how abnormally cold the water was. Painfully cold. He didn't know how the boy could stand it. He instantly jumped out of the way of the frigid downpour and turned up the hot water to make it more comfortable. Still....Io said nothing. He kept his eyes focused on Harry without blinking. His ghostly silence creating the oddest feeling of tension in Harry. It was the way an animal in the wild looks at its prey...just moments before making the deadly pounce. To say that it was unsettling would have been an understatement.

Still, Harry didn't back away. Instead, he reconnected and tightened his embrace on the boy, pulling him close for a kiss. The water was now at a comfortable temperature, and Harry let the warm shower rain down on them as he reveled in the taste of the boys sweet lips and tongue. His kiss was angelic. Slow and sensual. Io's tongue slid over and under Harry's with a practiced elegance. Harry's hands roamed all over the boy's backside, squeezing the impossibly supple flesh while he moaned with gratitude. Io's kiss was so well delivered that not even Harry's very first kiss as a child could compare. So soft. Soooo sexy...

Io stepped back slightly, and pulled Harry with him, never breaking their kiss. Harry leaned forward to follow. He couldn't help but follow. The shower spray washed over their faces as their lip lock continued...but as the water was coming down over Harry's nose...it became difficult for him to breathe. Harry tried to lean to one side or the other, secretly hoping to get the water off of his face long enough to catch some air without interrupting their romantic moment. But Io just pulled him right back under to the same spot. His kiss intensified. Almost as if he were siphoning the oxygen right out of Harry's lungs. With his nose plugged up with the running water, and his mouth busy with Io's kiss. Harry had to lightly push Io's slim shoulders back to disconnect for a moment.

A few droplets of water went down the wrong way, and Harry began to cough and sputter from the irritation of it. He was gasping for breath, trying to contain it so that he didn't come off as looking old or sickly to his fresh new friend. He cleared his throat a few times, coughing up a bit of the rogue water droplets, and regaining his composure. Io caressed the sides of Harry's face...his concentrated stare working its way into Harry's very soul. Io tilted his head to the side, giving Harry such a curious look. Almost as if he didn't understand his need to breathe. He took Harry's hand, and once again...he silently worked to position the man's fingers in some sort of odd arrangement. Each finger had to be in a certain position to complete the symbol. Then Io looked up at him and smiled. "I...I'm afraid I don't understand. What does that mean?" The boy remained silent. He caressed Harry's cheek, then, with an evil smirk, he leaned in to kiss Harry even deeper than before. This time, the softness of his palm and long, feminine, fingers wrapping themselves around his hard shaft and slowly manipulating it with the most subtle of movements. Harry quickly returned to the hunger of the boy's kiss. The moist, cushioned lips dazzling him as the boy's slightly smaller tongue danced against his own. Harry didn't even realize that he was slowly being brought back under the spray of the shower again until it was once again cutting off his air supply.

Harry gulped. He gasped a bit. Then held his breath for as long as he could. His face was turning red. He couldn't take it any longer. He tried to pull back, but Io held him still. He wrapped his arms tightly around Harry's neck and kissed him with a fever. Harry was seriously in need of oxygen. He tried to physically pry the boy off of him but found it difficult. For such a waifish young man, Io demonstrated some serious muscle. No idea where he kept it hidden.

Finally, and only because Io was finished with his experimental tease, he let Harry go. Harry stepped back a few feet, his hand on his chest as his lungs painfully began to expand again. He wheezed for a few moments, and was about to ask Io what the hell he thought he was doing. But with a boyish giggle, Io simply slid his way down to his knees in front of the older man, and looked up into his eyes as his thin girlish lips spread over the erect shaft...taking it down half way in one swallow. That one...long...suck...was almost enough to cause Harry to lose consciousness. Never had he felt anything so amazing. This kid must have been well practiced at this because Harry found himself reaching aimlessly in all directions for something to hold on to. He was too far from either of the walls...and so he only had Io's frail shoulders to balance him. It seemed to be enough.

The suction was incredible. The movements of his tongue were mind-blowing. How was he even able to do that. It seemed inhuman to be able to generate that kind of movement with just one tongue. Very quickly, Harry found himself being brought to the edge of orgasm. He began to shake violently as the boys blushed lips milked him for all he was worth. "No..." Harry thought. "Not now. Please not now. It's too soon. I want more. I need MORE!" But there was no holding back. The boy's fingers reached underneath the shaft and lovingly stroked the hanging sack, running his fingers over the hairs and giving them a slight tug every now and then. Before Harry could pull out, the pulses began. The hardness throbbing wildly while Harry roughly gripped the boy's shoulders and held on for the ride of his life. He couldn't stop the eruption. Attempting to hold it back only increased the painful pleasure of it. And Io sucked so hungrily at the spasming rod that Harry couldn't have pulled away if he wanted to.

There was a torrential flood being released. Harry was amazed that the boy could swallow it all. But even when he was finished...the boy continued to work his tongue and lips over the sensitive head in ways that made Harry delirious. What more could he want? Harry was spent. Empty. There was no more to be had. But Io kept going, and Harry remained hard. Amazing. It was more than Harry could have ever dreamed he was capable of.

Breathless with a sexual afterglow, Harry gently pushed the boy off of him. Io smiled warmly for a moment, but just went back to suckling at his shaft again. It felt so good...but Harry's body couldn't take anymore. He yanked himself out of the boy's puffy lips and put some distance between them. Io's silent smile faded.

He wiped his mouth and rose back up to his feet. The look he gave Harry...it was even more unsettling than the look he gave him before. Io slowly approached him. His soulless eyes holding him captive. Harry put his back against the shower tile wall, and inhaled deeply as Io stepped up to him and kissed his neck. The boy's slender hips rolled deeply into Harry's groin, and he felt a determined suck on the side of his throat. Harry knew that he'd have a hard time trying to explain a full blown hickey to his wife, so he raised his hands up to pull Io's head back. However, when Io was back in Harry's view...he smiled. And for a moment...Harry could have sworn that his eyes...that his eyes had suddenly turned gold. Fluorescent gold. The sight caught Harry off guard, but Io simply giggled wickedly at him, and hid himself by burrowing back into the man's neck again.

Harry gasped as the urgency in Io's rotating hips was nearly lifting him up onto his toes. And then....with a sigh, he felt the teen explode with long, sticky, streams of semen against his leg. A truly commendable load. And hot. Almost scalding hot. Harry...was feeling so light headed. Sleepy even. His thoughts began to go in and out of focus. As if drugged somehow by the passion alone. Finding the strength to 'fight', he was able to get Io to stop sucking at his neck, and was glad to see that his eyes were normal again. Perhaps something that Harry had simply imagined. After all, it had been a lifetime since Harry had an orgasm like the one he just shared with this lovely boy.

Io gazed into Harry's eyes again. He had barely spoken a full sentence since Harry came out there. His silence continued to bring Harry discomfort. He started to speak to see if the boy would at least 'respond' to him. "Listen...I know you said that this would be our little secret and all...but I have to be sure. I mean, my life would ruined if it ever got out that..."

Io raised his hand to cover Harry's lips. His stare deepened, and both of his hands slowly worked their way up to his eyes to blind him. Then he leaned forward, and he whispered something in Harry's ear. It was unlike any whisper that he had ever heard before. Something about it was so crisp. So alluring. Almost as if...it bypassed Harry's conscious mind completely and went directly to the very core of his being where he couldn't resist its influence. Harry didn't understand the words. It was...spoken with some language that he couldn't recognize. Hardly a language at all. More like...a strange manipulation of whispered breath. Both on the inhale and the exhale. With hardly any tongue movement at all. Quiet. So quiet. So strange. And yet the message was understood.


Harry felt Io pull his hands away from his face. But when Harry opened his eyes again, Io was gone. Just...gone.

Harry walked to the shower spray to wash Io's ejaculate off of his legs, but was disturbed to see a tiny river of blood rolling down his chest. It baffled him to think where it came from. He followed it all the way up to the side of his neck..but he hadn't felt anything. Not even a pinch or patch of broken skin. He remained confused about it, until the sound of that whisper seemed to call to him again. This time with even more of a pull than before.

He was mystified for a moment, but didn't hesitate to do what he was told. Harry began walking to the front door of the shower cabin, almost without thinking at all. In fact, he turned his head to see his clothes littering the dressing area floor...wondering why he didn't grab them on his way out. But Harry never slowed his steps. Walking on autopilot. His thoughts more of a nuisance than a ally to good sense.

Naked, Harry stepped outside into the night air. There was a moment where he wondered if he should at least grab a towel. Somebody could walk by. Someone could see him. But these small burst of self reliant will power was only delaying the inevitable. They were but a 'glitch' in his mental programming. He had been told to follow. He must follow.

Harry felt the harsh rocks and sticks of the dirt beneath his feet. A subtle pain than grinded on him with every careful step. Harry gave thought to the idea that the mosquitoes were probably looking at him like a juicy Thanksgiving turkey at this point. They'd devour him alive once they got a hold of him. He hoped his wife wouldn't notice them later. There are certain parts of the body that only get mosquito bites when you're naked.

Harry took a few more steps, and caught sight of Io in the distance. The thin boy was walking towards the lake, nude as the day he was born. There was no shame at all. No paranoia, not even a hint, about getting caught. He smiled at Harry over his shoulder as he reached the lake's edge. As dark as it was that night, Harry could easily pick out the bright, ivory white, cheeks of Io's perfect ass. The round bubbles bounced happily with every step, the expertly faded tan line highlighted what Harry believed to be his best feature. For an adonis with so many attributes...that was saying a lot. And with no exaggeration.

Harry picked up his pace a bit, the soles of his feet simply taking the sting of sharp rocks and twigs beneath them. He made his way through the trees just in time to see Io walking out into the water. Right where the trees ended, the dark, drooping willows that surrounded the lake on both sides, Harry made his way even further. Already excited again. Already hard again. He was starting to believe that he could keep doing this all night if he had to. The ground turned to mud under Harry's feet, and the water, while frigid...welcomed his footsteps as a gentle tide washed up around his ankles.

Io, his smile more menacing than ever, teased Harry from a bit further out. Giving that delicious ass of his a playful wiggle. Rubbing it with both hands as if to put it on display as an offering.

Harry secretly thanked the stars above, and walked out into the dark waters before him. Io taunted Harry from afar. If Harry walked out until the water was knee deep, Io moved back even further out of his reach. If Harry moved until it was waist deep...Io continued to move further back. It wasn't until Harry's feet were barely touching the ground, and the water was up to his chin, that he heard the sweetest little giggle from Io's rose colored lips. "Oh, so this is fun for you, is it?" Harry smiled. Io nodded slowly. Silently. Then, suddenly his head went under the water...and in an instant, he appeared at Harry's side. How in the name of God was he able to swim that fast? It was practically instantaneous. He never even saw the surface of the water move. Thinking of the boy's lean muscle and body type, Harry figured he must be a swimmer at his high school or something. If so, he couldn't imagine his team ever losing a match. The World Olympic judges would be proud.

Io swam right into Harry's arms, staring longingly into his eyes. Using his hands to brush through Harry's hair over and over again. Almost admiring him. Studying him. Harry put his hands on the boy's ass beneath the waves, and Io wrapped his legs around Harry's waist. The long, sapling, limbs holding on to him as his arms folded around Harry's neck. Another breathless kiss was exchanged. Harry's whole body began to tingle with excitement. This night would definitely go down as one of the most explosive experiences he had ever had. Io was so affectionate. So delectable. Harry's heart was set ablaze from the contact. All previous thoughts of this union being a vile and sinful act had melted away. Harry's most primal impulses had completely taken over. Oh how he wanted to take this boy...in every way that he could be taken. His skin...so addictive. Untoughened by age. His kiss, the perfect balance of experience and inexperience. Of craving and bashful beauty. He clung to Harry so tightly. And soon...began to inch himself down to Harry's hardness.

There was a moment where Harry wasn't sure whether or not he'd hurt the boy if it came to actual penetration. The boy's as was small. Two tear drop cheeks, well padded, but possibly too tiny for an adult experience. Io didn't give him much time to focus on the question. Still clinging to his neck and waist, Io reached behind him beneath the waves, and angled Harry's stiffness to the warmth of his back door.

"Are...are you sure?" Harry asked. But Io only gave him a demonic grin, and continued his work.

A few tries at the narrow opening. And then...the release of the tightened ring. Both Harry and the boy gasped in ecstasy as the union was made complete. The boy's firm body constricted around Harry's inches, engulfing him little by little. The inner walls chewing at him from all sides. Io's body felt as thought it was actually vibrating with a steady sexual current from within. Lustfully trembling in his arms, as their tongues intertwined. Unable to control himself, Harry began to thrust up into the boy. It felt so damn good that Harry couldn't hold onto his kiss. Sliding in and out of that extremely snug tunnel was already bringing him over the edge for his second climax of the evening.

Harry was on his tiptoes in the water. It was hard to keep his head afloat. Occasionally he would be submerged in the water for a few moments, taking more pleasure from the suckling insides of his young lover than the need for oxygen. But after a few excited thrusts of his pelvis, he'd come back to the surface again. And Io was right there to cover his mouth with another kiss. The teen's quivering hole swirled up tight around his root, and the pleasure was so overwhelming that he gasped again from being squeezed like a vice. This time, some of the lake water was taken in to Harry's mouth, and he began to cough from the sudden attack.

But little Io's body didn't stop....

In fact, Harry felt his tender ass grip him with even more desperation than before. Io's lithe hips were gyrating in such a way that it was impossible for Harry to think about anything other than the sex. His body was losing control. Then it became clear...that Harry never had control. He could feel Io's hardness rubbing up and down on his stomach, the rippling waters turning into lust inspired splashes. Harry was shocked by the sudden aggressive change in the boy, and held on tight to his back to keep him from wiggling right out of his arms. The look on Io's face was completely different from the innocent beauty he had seen earlier that day. More intense. His appetite had overtaken him. Io's lips were clasped together tightly as he derived all the pleasure that he could, impaling himself on Harry's erection over and over again with muffled grunts and high pitched whimpers. The boy's skin was so smooth, so wet, that Harry could hardly hold on for all his squirming and grinding. The boy's hands held on to Harry's skin...almost as if 'stuck' there somehow. Like suction cups to a flat wall. Harry was fighting to keep up, but Io's sex was more than he could handle.

As his squeezable globes tightened and released with a maddening rhythm, and his tunnel fluttered expertly around Harry's hardness...the older man exploded with a shout that was much louder than even he expected. The youthful body took it all. It sucked the fluids right out of him, his inner walls throbbing with just as much orgasmic passion as Harry's overwhelmed shaft. Harry clutched the boy close to his chest, shivering all over, his legs weak, his heart beating wildly as a flood of adrenaline tried to calm itself down again. "Oh God....oh Jesus....fuck....sweet Jesus...." Harry panted, holding the young body in his arms. Io slid down a bit further, and with a few motions...the boy's insides began to work Harry's organ all over again. "No wait...whoah...hold on, kid. Hehehe...in case you haven't noticed, I ain't no teenager. Just...give me a couple of seconds..." Harry said, but Io only responded with a deep kiss on the lips. And then...he began to work his inner muscles around him again. The pleasure was insane for Harry. His over stimulated nerves began to reject the unneeded dose of extra bliss. "Hold on. Wait...don't move..." Io didn't listen. His body continued to grind. And Io silenced Harry's protest with an even more passionate tongue kiss.

Even though Harry had climaxed twice already, it felt as though a third orgasm was already well on its way. He was still reeling from the first two. But the sensitivity was turning to pain, and he needed a break.

"Io....Io, stop. Wait..." He said breathlessly. "STOP!"

Io quickly slammed his lips back against Harry's, and with a push on his shoulders, he pushed Harry's head down under the lake's dark surface. Harry felt himself being submerged, but Io's lips were still tightly pressed against his own. And that magic body of his increased its tightness, the warm hole gripping him like a fist as the slender hips continued to pump away...pleasuring him....draining him.

Harry's toes were still barely touching the lake's floor. With a bit of a kick, he came up for air. He gulped down a few big swallows of oxygen, and tried to stand up. "What are you doing??? That's it!" He said, attempting to be forceful with an authoritative voice that he was hoping the boy would have come to fear and respect from an adult. But as he tried to get Io to stop sucking him dry with the taut muscles of his ass, he found that it was a lot harder than he expected it would be. Io's magic hole was wrapped around the most intimate part of him...so air-tight that it just wouldn't let go. His long, slim, legs were wrapped around Harry's waist to the point where it became hard to breathe from the compression of his stomach. Harry fought to pull his arms away, but his palms...his palms were fastened to Harry's skin. Almost if they were super glued into place. Harry struggled with all his might, but soon felt as though, if he did remove Io's hand from his back and shoulders...that huge chunks of flesh might come off with it. What was happening here??? What's going on???

Harry's feet kicked out, reaching for solid ground, hoping to swim to a shallow spot where he could stand on his own. But when he saw Io's face again...it seemed almost angry. Sinister, even. His eyes flared, and with a sneer, Harry heard what sounded like a string of vulgarities in that whispered language of his. Io's breathing was heavier, his grip ever tightening. And with a single thrust of his powerful legs, Io dragged Harry further out into the lake, and away from the shore. It was so fast that the rush of water caused by the movement nearly covered Harry's head completely. Just one kick, and this teenage boy had pulled a full grown man nearly 30 feet away from the lake's edge.

Now, Harry had nothing below him at all. Nothing to stand on. He was too busy treading water to fight Io's rapidly constricting embrace, nearly crushing him from the outside. Meanwhile, another orgasm was stolen from his loins. The sexual energy was sucked right out of him against his will, making his breath even shorter, his limbs weaker. Muscle spasms caused him to lose his coordination, and Io took the opportunity to push his head back underwater again. With some struggling, he was able to grab some more air, but it wasn't much. Io's legs were soooo very strong. Harry just wanted it to stop. Why won't he STOP??? In a desperate attempt to get free, Harry had the idea to take as deep a breath as he could, and he pulled Io under the waves with him. He figured that Io was just a boy. There was no way that his lungs would be able to last as long as his could. Beneath the silent water, Harry waited. His cheeks puffed out. His eyes unable to see much more than Io's light colored hair floating in the murky depths of the lake. More energy was being siphoned from Harry by the second. To the point of panic. And Harry continued to wait. But Io was having no trouble under the water. None at all. In fact, Harry caught the glimpse of a smile, as Io let him know that he wasn't going to need another breath of oxygen for quite some time. He seemed almost amused by Harry's plan of action, and his insides trembled frantically around him...searching for orgasm number four.

In desperation, Harry gave up on his original plan and frantically kicked his way back to the surface. He coughed and gasped, but Io only giggled...and kissed him again on the lips. "No! Get....GET OFF OF ME!!!" He tightened his arms around Io's lean body and kept the boy's head over his shoulder, attempting to kick and paddle his way back to land. Io's ass churning and swallowing and pulling at him with every labored breath. But with no effort at all, Io flipped them both over and gave him another sweet, boyish, laugh. One more thrust of his legs...and Io dragged Harry out even further away from his goal. Another 50 feet away from salvation. The wake of the water behind them spread out wildly in all directions. It was obvious that reaching the shore was no longer an option. Harry fought angrily to get free, but the boy was wrapped around him in a way where trying to resist was an exercise in futility. Harry reached up and pulled at the boy's hair, hoping the sting of it would at least give him an opportunity to let him go. But as the pain hit Io, Harry saw a frightening vision before him. The boy's eyes flared a bright gold, and his angry lips peeled back to show a set of what looked like...tiny shark's teeth. Harry was too terrified to scream...not that Io gave him much of a chance. He saw the boy's face turn a sickening shade of dirty green...the eyes became black as shadows...and his jaw stretched to an unnatural length. Almost like that of a serpent. A loud hiss escaped his throat, and Harry felt himself being dragged underwater. But this time...he didn't stop by just pushing Harry's head beneath the waves. This time, Io kicked and quickly took Harry far below the undulating surface. So far down with a single kick that Harry could have sworn that he felt the freefall. He felt closer to the very bottom of the lake than to the surface, which now seemed to shimmer innocently far above his head. Unaffected by the struggles going on below.

Panic set in. Harry didn't know what to do. Where to turn. His only focus was air. He HAD to have air! His stomach heaved, his chest almost forcing him to open up and let the waters rush in. He was being betrayed by his own body. It was commanding him to drown. Harry tried to kick and claw at Io with all of his might, but the boy held on. Small fibers emerged from the boy's flawless skin. Almost like tiny little tentacles, no thicker than a single strand of spaghetti. Little leeches under his control. Harry felt them crawling over the surface of his skin. Attaching themselves to his arms, legs, chest, neck...even his face. He wanted to scream for help, but the surface was soooo very far away. Out of his reach. Almost out of sight. And all the while...Io's desire knew no boundaries. Still sucking at him, still pulling him even deeper into his constricted hole. Harry shivered from the stimulation, wishing that he could stop it from feeling so good. But he couldn't. God help him...he couldn't let go.

The tentacles attached to Harry's body began to crawl up under his skin...and they spread. Slithering quickly to connect to every part of him, like a second set of arteries beneath his flesh. They began to drain his blood and energy even faster. Harry held up his hand, and he could see it getting weak. He could see the skin begin to sag and deflate as he was literally being devoured from the inside. And it was then that Io smiled down at him, and tongue kissed him deeply on the lips. Now sucking what little oxygen he had left directly out of his lungs.

Harry heard something in the distance. Laughter. Boyish giggles from afar. He could hear them so clearly under the water that he thought it was just his imagination. But sure enough...another pair of golden glowing eyes appeared in another part of the lake. Followed by a second pair. And then a third. The children laughed tauntingly as Io took the rest of Harry's remaining air reserves, and Harry began to accept the helplessness of the situation.

Io's smile was the last thing that Harry saw. That beautiful, graceful smile. Looking down on him. Satisfied with the energy Harry had given him. And just as Harry entertained one final thought of his wife and children...he surrendered to his heaving stomach and the burning pains in his chest...

He weakly opened his airways...

And Harry let the waters rush in.

He let the waters rush in.

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